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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    (Sorry mods, please disregard the previous submission)

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    The One Direction hunk and the blonde singer - who were pictured enjoying a skiing break in Utah over the weekend - won't be spending the festive period together as Harry will be in his native UK while Taylor will be in Australia.

    A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Harry and Taylor have spent a lot of time together recently as they really enjoy each other's company, which is why they decided to go on the skiing mini-break together this weekend.

    "They're both massive stars and Taylor already had the commitment to go to Australia and Harry's family were really keen to see him over the holidays. But they're already planning their next meet up - Taylor has suggested to Harry that he flies out to Australia to meet up with her there."

    However, Taylor isn't too disappointed about spending time away from Harry because it will be hot in Australia and she can work on getting a tan.

    She said: "It's gonna be non-stop sun. So it will be weird to have a tan around Christmas but I'm really excited about it."


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    Robert Pattinson was spotted by a number of fans at London’s Sun Inn pub on Dec. 24. Sadly, Kristen Stewart was not with Rob for Christmas.
    Twitter user @bugzzb said,  ”R patts at the sun inn #wotusayintwilight.” Another user, @ChloeLoubet, said, ”Standing next to Robert pattinson in a pub.”
    Other fans noted Rob’s sexy jawline and complimented his black hat. (He must still be hiding his new short haircut!) @Mazdem said, “Yes, that’s Robert Pattinson in the black hat in my local!”
    @Benbogle91 added, ”Just clocked Robert Pattinson at my local. Great jawline. #Starstruck #RPatz.”
    In the photos, Rob, 26, looks to be having a great time on Christmas Eve, laughing with friends and enjoying himself. After spending months promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2, Rob deserves to kick back and relax during the holidays!
    Rob recently spent a week in New York City, shooting a commercial for his new men’s Dior fragrance

    source \ pic 1 \\ pic 2 \\ pic 3

    he better get some rest before he starts shooting all those 62542728 movies he's got lined up for 2013.

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  • 12/25/12--09:51: CHRISTMAS MIRACLE Y'ALL!
  • Confirmed: J. Simpson Expecting 2nd Child

    It’s official: the stork is once again headed to Jessica Simpson‘s house!

    Just seven months after the singer and actress delivered daughter Maxwell Drew, Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting their second child, the couple announced via Twitter Christmas Day.

    Amid growing pregnancy speculation online, the Fashion Star mentor, 32, shared a photo of her baby girl wearing holiday pajamas and smiling in the sand atop the words, “BIG SIS.”

    Recently, Simpson has been spotted around Los Angeles in loose-fitting clothing. She also appeared, in a figure-hugging black dress, at best friend Cacee Cobb‘s recent wedding to Donald Faison, where she served as maid of honor.

    Simpson also had been touting her recent post-pregnancy weight loss of 60 lbs. after starring in commercials for Weight Watchers and working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.



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    NEW YORK - On a recent airplane ride, actor Peter Billingsley - you know him as the blond and bespectacled fourth-grader Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" - was almost recognized. Almost.

    "I had a flight attendant come up to me and say, 'Boy, you look so much like the kid from "A Christmas Story," but you can't be because that movie was shot in 1940,' " Billingsley said.

    Actually it was filmed in 1983. But Billingsley, who chuckles remembering the encounter, didn't bother setting the record straight. "I just said, 'Oh, that's so sweet,' " he said.

    "A Christmas Story," which the television network TBS still broadcasts on a 24-hour loop every Christmas eve, traces Ralphie's December-long quest for a Red Ryder BB gun. The cult classic captured the essence of 1950s main-street America so well that plenty of people mistakenly assume the movie was made back then, a coup for filmmakers constrained by a "very low budget," Billingsley said.

    "A lot of people don't realize we had to do creative things to get the production value," he said. "We asked downtown Cleveland to keep their Christmas decorations up - we shot in January - so they did. But it was like Christmas morning every morning going to work, which was fun as a kid."

    Three decades later, Billingsley is producing the musical adaptation of the story on Broadway. "A Christmas Story: The Musical" is showing through Dec. 30 at Manhattan's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

    Many have tried reviving "A Christmas
    Story" before but Billingsley says he has had "zero" participation until now. (Instead, he's been busy writing, directing, producing and acting in various movies and television shows.) One 1994 sequel focused on Ralphie - played by another then-child star, Kieran Culkin - and his summer vacation misadventures. Another, which was released straight-to-DVD this year, depicts a different actor as teenaged Ralphie as he tries to get the car of his dreams.

    "There have been a lot of bad ideas out there," Billingsley said. "I never wanted to participate in anything. But this [musical] was so inspiring, I just couldn't be more proud."

    Reviews have been good. "You'd have to have a Grinch-size heart" not to warm up to the tale, New York Times theater reviewer Charles Isherwood wrote last month. But fans often get uneasy when a beloved story is rejiggered. Billingsley says you have to be especially careful to find the right balance between featuring parts of the story people love and want to revisit, and adding enough so that you're not just producing a weaker duplicate.

    "There are certain things the audience wants to see, so there are certain iconic moments: The flag pole is there, the leg lamp becomes a leg-lamp kickline,"

    Scott Schwartz (tongue stuck on poll) and Peter Billingsley in a memorable scene from the movie "A Christmas Story," made in 1983. (TNT Network)
    he said. "There are also some moments that aren't in the film. You get to go deeper and really understand some of the characters, like the mother."

    The adaptation works so well, he says, because there were already daydreamy sequences built into the original. A series of cutaway moments in the film made for a seamless way to add music and dancing numbers. But the underlying tone at the heart of the story - Ralphie's persistent earnestness, his mother's concerned refrain of "You'll shoot your eye out," the family's sweet dysfunction - remains the same.

    The original film felt authentic largely because it was based on writer Jean Shepherd's own memories of growing up in the Midwest. Shepherd, who narrated the film, died in 1999. On Broadway, actor Dan Lauria takes his place. (You know Lauria as Jack Arnold, the dad from "The Wonder Years," another nostalgia-heavy favorite.)

    "I was taught that no actor ever leaves the theater so this is like my 59th play," Lauria said. "Especially with all the computers and the iPads, all of the sudden things swing back to where when something's live it becomes very, very special."

    Lauria says he has watched the film "at least every Christmas," and that the fictional family in "A Christmas Story" reminds him of his longtime TV family.

    " 'The Wonder Years' was very much a real family, a realistic family," he said. " 'It's a Wonderful Life' has a very real family. And this has a very realistic family. That's why we return
    to 'A Christmas Story' every Christmas."

    Yet Lauria and Billingsley both agree that the movie isn't really about Christmas.

    "It happens to be over the holidays, but so many of the moments - trying to cook a turkey, trying to deal with school, daring your friends to do something that they shouldn't be doing - it's just all those things and they become such heightened things when you're a kid," Billingsley said. "It's just so relatable."

    At the end of the "A Christmas Story," Ralphie finally gets his wish: a Red Ryder BB gun complete with a compass and a sundial. Billingsley says he got to keep the toy gun after filming ended.

    "You know," Billingsley said. "I still have it."

    Merry Christmas ONTD !!! Feel free to use this poast to talk about ur gifts and things like that


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    And speaking of foolish video, Chad Ocho Cinco apparently has a sex tape that has hit the net. And he actually gave authorization for it to come out (at some point)--because his production company shot it!  Yes, he agreed to shoot a porno with intent to sell...at some point recently.  And his co-star is a tatted up Latina chick.  Surprise surprise.  When your NFL career is kaputz...apparently this is what we do.

    Chad says the tape is indeed real and was shot 3 years ago.  But he wasn't behind it leaking.  And he's getting on it ASAP to get it removed from the web.  Where have we heard THAT before?

    We see how well a produced sex tape, made to sell to the highest porn company bidder, works out for certain celebs. So we guess Chad was trying to get a piece of the sextape-to-celeb-status pie too...

    Video @ the source, since it won't embed

    SOURCE: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh8H7gZh3tN8jO4F49

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  • 12/25/12--14:36: Love Triangle Continues
  • Well...we said Rihanna would have a comeback any minute now after Karrueche posted her "support" for Chris Brown by snapping a pic of herself rocking his new Bathing Ape collabo tee this AM...in bed. Check out Breezy & Rih Rih boo'd up at the big Lakers vs. Knicks Christmas game happening as we type...

    This was Chris Brown yesterday in LA

    and Karrueche posted this picture on her Instagram this morning but later deleted it once it was known that Rihanna and Chris were at the LA lakers game


    I don't think it's a publicity stunt, because why would Rihanna want this nobody to get famous off her name when she clearly doesn't like her? I think Rihanna is holding on, and Karrueche is getting back at Rihanna for interfering in her and Chris' relationship. Kae was def blind sided by the LA Lakers game. Plus Karrueche has a clothing line and is still getting financed by Chris. Despite rumors, SHE IS NOT his stylist, that was never confirmed by anyone.

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  • danportrait_2436456b

    Dan Stevens looks shaken. We are in an empty restaurant in New York and I have just
    become the first outsider he has ever told about his death in Downton Abbey.
    “It is very odd,” he says.

    After the Christmas special yesterday, the entire world knows that honourable, handsome,
    happy Matthew Crawley has died at the wheel of his car, reducing a nation to
    tears of dismay and disbelief. At the time of our interview last month, there
    was a lot of speculation, but no actual confirmation. “It is very strange to
    make it official especially since we are talking about it in the future
    perfect,” he says, with a laugh. “I am not sure exactly what tense it is, but
    it is something very weird.”

    That is an almost perfect Dan Stevens joke. He is the charming, well-spoken,
    Cambridge-educated actor who has become as famous as any movie star thanks to
    his role as the romantic lead in Downton. But his literary aspirations, his
    desire to be more than just another TV sensation, meant that though his fans
    wanted him to stay, they knew that he would probably choose to go.

    In fact, he made the decision in February before he even started filming the third
    series. “We were always optioned for three years,” he explains. “And when that
    came up it was a very difficult decision. But it felt like a good time to take
    stock, to take a moment. From a personal point of view, I wanted a chance to do
    other things.

    “It is a very monopolising job. So there is a strange sense of liberation at the same
    time as great sadness because I am very, very fond of the show and always will

    As yet, he can’t say what future projects he will take on, though “there are some exciting
    opportunities”. Until February, he is on stage in New York, playing opposite
    Jessica Chastain and David Strathairn in The Heiress, an adaptation of Henry
    James’s Washington Square. Stevens is Morris Townsend, who may or may not be a
    fortune hunter. He has sideburns and an American accent and when he walks on
    stage, there is the strange frisson of seeing him play someone who is not
    Matthew Crawley – and convey the ambiguities of a darker character very well.

    This ambition to do something different is what has spurred him on. “It is a desire
    for freedom really,” he says. “I don’t see money or a particular status as an
    actor as a goal but I want to do the best work I can in as interesting a range
    of roles as I can. And I think a moment like this is quite unique and presents
    those opportunities more than ever before.

    “That may not be the case,” he adds, with another laugh. “I genuinely don’t know exactly
    what is around the corner but I hope it will be something a little bit
    different. Morris Townsend is a little bit different, and that for me is good

    His voice
    trails away, and he looks down at his hands. When he is talking about books or
    theatre, there is no stopping him. When he talks about Downton, he is more
    cautious. At the time he signed up, Stevens was mainly a theatre actor familiar
    on television for his part in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty. But he
    was neither a household name, nor a heartthrob. Downton, playing on his boyish
    handsomeness and his passionate affair with the stand-offish Lady Mary, has
    made him a star, both in the UK and America. When he walks on stage in New
    York, he commands a round of applause just as great as that of his movie-making

    ‘None of us had any idea of how successful Downton was going to be,” he says. “I thought
    I was signing up for another period drama that had a slightly modern feel. It
    had a freedom about it because it was coming out of the head of Julian Fellowes.
    Anything could happen and generally did.”

    Its appeal, from the first, was its company feel – rare in TV. “There was no main
    character. Everybody owned their storyline. And it was fun. It had a tongue in
    cheek element which set it apart. I had done quite a few period dramas at that
    point and I was ready not to do another one and then these scripts came along
    and the Matthew/Mary relationship was just such fun – I am really glad I didn’t
    turn it down.”

    Stevens’s affection for Downton is unmistakable – he generally tweets “Hound’s bum abbey
    time” as each episode starts, a reference to the dog’s bottom that opens the
    credits. “In terms of its popularity,” he explains, “there is a kind of ironic
    enjoyment as well as a serious enjoyment. One of my ways of coping with the
    attention that it has received is to join the ranks enjoying the mania of
    Downton rather than take the whole thing too seriously. But that is my way with
    most things. Not to take them too seriously.”

    That much is clear. He laughs a lot while he talks, and makes rather good jokes. But he
    also uses this charm to deflect questions. If he has felt any frustration, he
    does not show it: but he did make his decision to leave after the second
    series, the one in which Matthew – apparently paralysed in the war – was forced
    by the plot to rise from his wheelchair like Lazarus from the grave.

    “I think it was harder for the people who had to react to me getting out of the chair,”
    says Stevens, with a grin. “That was a particularly strange point in the
    narrative. I think there were some justifiable criticisms of series two and its
    pace. I think from what I have seen, series three has been a lot stronger. But
    from the actor’s point of view all the bombs and the mud and everything were
    great to film and I had a great time.”

    Nevertheless,for so intelligent a man, it must have hurt when his peer Benedict Cumberbatch
    was quoted as describing that second series as “f------ atrocious.” “From what
    he has told me, and from what I understand, he was misquoted or certainly
    quoted out of context,” says Stevens, loyally. “But the thing that upset people
    was that there is a sort of unwritten rule that whatever you think of other
    people’s shows you don’t diss them to journalists.”

    He insists, however, that it is Downton’s capacity to surprise – whether it is a
    Turkish diplomat expiring in Lady Mary’s bed or the unforeseen death of Sybil
    in childbirth – that sets it apart. “You think you are trotting along with a
    nice Sunday night drama and something happens. It wouldn’t be Downton if it
    wasn’t for all the big twists and shocks.”

    Now Mathew’s death is the melodrama that has left viewers reeling. “It was very
    emotional shooting the end of this series, because those guys are like family.
    We have been living together for three years and have been on the most amazing
    journey. I don’t think any of us, with the possible exception of Maggie, have
    had this kind of explosion in our career paths, and may never again. It has
    been so bizarre, and only those who have been through it can understand it.”

    His closeness to the Downton tribe is obvious: he describes Hugh Bonneville and
    Allen Leech (Branson) as being like “hilarious brothers” to him and the
    experience of working with Maggie Smith as a joy. “There are certain takes
    where you can see us still half-chuckling from some remark she has made just
    before ‘action’.” He will miss Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) because “after
    everything we have been through it will be sad not to see the relationship

    “On the other hand, I won’t be sorry to see the back of that dining room,” he says,
    with a roar of laughter. “It may have held some of the key plot points, but it
    is just a nightmare to shoot in. There are so many angles and edits and it gets
    very airless and stuffy – and it is blacked out so even at 10 in the morning we
    are in the dark.”

    For all his expressed sadness, he almost glistens with the excitement of what is to
    come. He has left after what he describes as the “busiest year I have ever had
    professionally. I hope I never have another year that is quite like this.” Even
    listing what he has done is exhausting: seven months of shooting Downton, being
    a judge for the Man Booker prize, producing the film Summer in February, in
    which he also stars, co-editing an online literary magazine (thejunket.org),
    writing a column for the Sunday Telegraph, passing 30, becoming a father for
    the second time (a son, Aubrey to join Willow, aged three), starring on

    This may have had some effect on his choice. “I was in Cornwall producing my first film.
    I had 145 novels on my plate with the Booker, I was writing and editing, we had
    our second baby on the way [his wife is the jazz singer and teacher Susie
    Hariet] and things were getting kind of crazy.”

    His natural curiosity is revealed by the way he talks about each aspect of the
    year. The Booker judging, in particular, allowed the bright boy who sailed out
    of Croydon via public school and Cambridge to fulfil his intellectual
    ambitions. “Whenever we met as judges it was like some of the finest supervisions
    I had at university, talking about literature with brilliant people.” On the
    other hand, in the early stages of trying to read so many novels, “I can’t even
    begin to describe the depths of despair I was in at some points.”

    He feels he can reveal that thanks to his liking for the experimental, he was
    particularly fond of Will Self’s Umbrella. “It is without question an
    extraordinary novel but ultimately the question was, are we choosing the most
    ground-breaking book or the best work of literary fiction that year. Hilary
    Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies is a brilliant, brilliant novel. And if you have
    written the best work of literary fiction you should win the prize, so in that
    sense it was unanimous.”

    Next on the cards, I suspect, though he is guarded, is not theatre or literature, but a
    big film. “I haven’t done as many films as I would have liked,” he says. “A lot
    of my contemporaries have done more. I don’t have ‘I will be a movie star’
    emblazoned on anything, but I’d like do a bit more screen stuff and then when
    the time is right come back to theatre. When it is good, theatre takes a lot of
    beating both to watch and perform.”

    It is possible, I suggest, that his life will never again reach this high point of
    fame. “Oh it is quite possible that none of us in Downton will ever again get
    the ratings this has had,” he smiles. “But from a career point of view, it has
    opened so many doors.

    “I genuinely don’t feel ‘I must play this role’ or ‘I must take this much at the
    box office’ in order to fulfil my happiness quotient. As long as I am given the
    opportunity to keep performing and keep exploring in whatever medium, I’ll be
    happy. As long as I get to spend time with my family, I’ll be happy. As long as
    I can write in some form, I’ll be happy. It is the essential things like that I
    equate with happiness.”

    However sad the end of Matthew Crawley, the happiness of Dan Stevens is likely to grow
    and grow.


    Sorry Mods for all the missteps.

    Long Ass post...who else is looking forward to Flopchins Stovens appearance in Vamps 2..Also this is an excuse for a discussion of the Downton Christmas Episode. I have so many feelings....

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    These charming greetings cards from Marvel might just help to get you in the mood! The artists responsible for the Christmas themed artwork below include Mike del Mundo, Dean Haspiel, Neil Edwards, Jose Mossa, Pepe Larraz, Terry Dodson, Reilly Brown, Paco Medina and Carmine di Giandomenico.
    Which is your favourite?


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    North Pole sources tell E! News one of these two might not have been on Santa's nice list this year.

    Still, that didn't stop Rihanna and Chris Brown from spreading some Christmas cheer Wednesday.
    In a gratuitous Instagram pic of the tumultuous twosome, Rihanna smokes a cigarette on the hood of a car while Chris (shirtless but wearing a jacket? Cool combo, bro) stares at the camera.

    Ri-Ri captioned the pic "ThugLife" and hashtagged "#merryChristmas."

    The 24-year-old Barbadian beauty and Breezy, 23, spent the holiday courtside at the Lakers game in L.A. Rihanna really got into the Christmas spirit, though, by donating $1.75 million to a Barbados hospital in honor of her late grandmother.

    They don't call her a good girl (gone bad) for nothing!


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  • 12/26/12--08:42: STORY OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!
  • According to court papers filed by a totally sane, drug-free individual with no ulterior motives, Britney's son Sean Preston Federline was not fathered by Kevin Federline! (dun dun dun!)

    It's Christopher Federline!!!
    Who, as you can see, looks totally sane and drug-free, just like his big bro!

    Radaronline.com, the most legit source ever, based their story on information from the National Enquirer, the second most legit source ever, which asserts:

    Kevin Federline's brother Christopher says in bombshell court papers that he slept with the pop star during her marriage to his brother -- and fathered her now-7-year-old son Sean Preston -- and we've got all the news right here for you on RadarOnline.com.

    Christopher Federline, as first reported by the National Enquirer, filed for a temporary restraining order against Britney December 18 in U.S. District Court in Tampa, Florida, claiming The X-Factor judge has stolen from, blackmailed and harassed him.

    “She is out-of-control and a maniac,” he said in the court docs.

    In the papers, Christopher says Britney recently “went to Kevin’s house to pick up Sean Preston and Jayden James, and [his] wallet was on Kevin’s coffee table when Britney opened it up and stole [his] Capital One credit card.”

    Christopher claimed in court docs that when he followed up on the alleged theft -- which accounted to more than $4,500 in charges -- “Britney … laughed at me [and] told me my brother Kevin ruined her life. Britney made fun of me and told me I have a small penis.

    “She also blackmailed me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card, that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin.

    "I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know," he admitted. Good job putting it in public filings there, buddy.

    A source told the Enquirer that when Christopher contacted Britney about the credit card, she "just laughed at him,” and "threatened to tell Kevin she and Chris had sex while she was married to Kevin ... and tell everyone that."

    An insider says that “Chris says the fling was a mistake. He says he always felt bad about it and kept it to himself because he didn’t want Alisha, his wife at the time, to find out.”


    0 0








    joe also spent some time in Europe with his girlfriend, posted cute smileys of her, etc.

    and last week was kevin & danielle's 3rd wedding anniversary (:



    source 1 2 3

    0 0

    Country singer Tate Stevens won on "The X Factor" U.S. in 2012, but he isn't the only contestant from the show who's getting a record deal with Sony Music. Sources say that Carly Rose Sonenclar (second place), Fifth Harmony (third place) and Emblem3 (fourth place) are also getting deals with Sony Music. The announcements will officially be made in early 2013.

    Stevens, Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Emblem3 will be signed to Syco Music, the record company co-owned by Simon Cowell and Sony Music. Syco will then partner with a larger Sony Music label (Epic Records or Columbia Records) to market and promote the "X Factor" alumni's music.

    Sonenclar, 13, was already an experienced entertainer before she auditioned for "The X Factor." She had starring roles in Broadway shows and traveling theater production, such as "Les Misérables," "Wonderland" and "Little House on the Prairie: The Musical." She was a featured actress on the TV series "Electric Company" and has had small roles in several movies, including "The Nanny Diaries" and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2."

    Emblem3 is a male trio, two of whom are brothers: 19-year-old Wesley Stromberg,16-year-old Keaton Stromberg and 20-year-old Drew Chadwick.

    Fifth Harmony is a girl group whose members originally auditioned as solo singers: 19-year-old Ally Brooke, 15-year-old Camila Cabello, 16-year-old Normani Hamilton, 15-year-old Dinah-Jane Hansen and 16-year-old Lauren Jauregui.

    An insider says, "Simon is determined to prove that he can find the next big girl group in America. He missed out on a chance to sign the Spice Girls and he's regretted it ever since. Little Mix [2011 winner of 'The X Factor' U.K.] might not have crossover success in America, so he's hoping Fifth Harmony can fill what he likes to call 'the gap in the market' for a superstar all-female pop group.

    "Emblem3 has always been Simon's biggest priority out of this year's contestants. He thinks Emblem3 can be as big as Hanson was in the late '90s. And with Carly Rose, Cowell wants to use a marketing strategy that was similarly used for ["America's Got Talent" 2010 finalist] Jackie Evancho, who's been very successful for Syco. Carly's first album will be more pop than Jackie's music, which is is more operatic."

    And there just might be some Sony Music in-fighting for Emblem3.

    "Epic and Columbia both want Emblem3," reveals the insider. "L.A. Reid [chairman/CEO of Epic Records] is hot to sign Emblem3, but don't count out [Columbia Records], because Columbia has One Direction. Syco has an interesting dilemma on which label to choose."

    It's an interesting dilemma indeed. On the one hand, Epic so far has not had success getting big hits in the U.S. for any of the "X Factor" U.S. artists who are signed to Epic: Melanie Amaro, Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and Astro have yet to make it onto Billboard's Hot 100 chart. On the plus side, Epic has been successful in helping make "X Factor" U.K. 2010 finalist Cher Lloyd a breakthrough in America, but can Epic make her more than a one-hit wonder in America?

    As for Columbia Records, One Direction is an obvious success story, since the group has now become the biggest worldwide seller of any act to emerge from "The X Factor." Under Columbia's guidance, One Direction also became the first British group to have its first two albums debut at No. 1 in the United States. But does Emblem3 want to go with Columbia, where Emblem3 will be overshadowed by One Direction? Or will Emblem3 go with Columbia precisely because the record label has a proven track record in making an "X Factor" music group a hit?

    We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, a record deal with a major label does not always guarantee success. It remains to be seen if any of the contestants from "The X Factor" U.S.'s second season will have any big hits in America. So far, the contestants from the show's first season (which got higher ratings than the second season) have yet to have a big breakthrough hit in the United States.


    Season 1's contestants were SO boring it's no wonder everyone is flopping...like if the only memorable thing is a 13-year-old's meltdown.....

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  • 12/26/12--10:11: Big Time Rush Megapost
  • Big-Time-Rush-recording-next-album[1]

    "Big Time Rush" star Logan Henderson was in a nasty motorcycle wreck last week ... and might've James Dean-ed himself into the history books ... if not for a lucky jacket he was wearing ... TMZ has learned.

    According to sources, the Nickelodeon boy bander was cruising through the Hollywood and Vine intersection on his way to the studio ... when a car turned right in front of him.

    Henderson swerved at the last second to avoid an accident ... and was violently chucked off his bike in the process.

    Remarkably, he was able to stand afterwards ... scraped and bruised from frisbeeing across the blacktop ... but still alive, we're told, thanks in part to his Marc Jacobs jacket ... which he claims saved his back from becoming a mangled mess.

    The accident understandably put the kibosh on his trip to the studio ... but Henderson's gonna be just fine.

    His bike, on the other hand? Not so much -- it's in the shop for the foreseeable future.

    Alexa Vega (24) has just finalized her divorce with her ex-husband Sean Covel (36). The “Spy Kids” stars’ divorce was announced over the summer, so the divorce took a while to finalize.

    Alexa has been dating Big Time Rush member Carlos Pena for a bit now. [...]

    Alexa and Carlos are spending the holidays together – aww!


    We have some awesome Big Time Rush news for you!

    Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan will ALL be guest-starring on Nickelodeon's TV show, Marvin Marvin!

    It gets even better...they will also perform a song as well!

    The BTR guys will guest-star as themselves and their Marvin Marvin special is set to be an one-hour event. The episode they will be on is called "Big Time Klerg."

    They will start shooting their scenes next week! Check back here, as we hope to have some behind-the-scenes footage for you!

    There hasn't been a release date for the BTR special, but you can expect it sometime in early 2013!

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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    Charles Durning, a World War Two hero who became one of Hollywood's top character actors in films like "The Sting,""Tootsie" and "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," has died, a New York City funeral home said on Tuesday. He was 89.

    Durning, who was nominated for nine Emmys for his television work as well as two Academy Awards, died of natural causes at his New York City home on Monday, his agent told People magazine. Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in Manhattan confirmed Durning's death to Reuters. Durning also was an accomplished stage actor and once said he preferred doing plays because of the immediacy they offered. He gained his first substantial acting experience through the New York Shakespeare Festival starting in the early 1960s and won a Tony Award for playing Big Daddy in a 1990 Broadway revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

    Durning did not start amassing film and TV credits until he was almost 40 but went on to appear in more than 100 movies, in addition to scores of TV shows. Durning's first national exposure came playing a crooked policeman who gets conned by Robert Redford in the 1973 movie "The Sting." He got the role after impressing director George Roy Hill with his work in the Pulitzer- and Tony-winning Broadway play "That Championship Season."

    I loved Charles Durning, a lot of people recognize him from O Brother Where Art Thou but I grew up watching Evening Shade and always thought he was so funny. RIP :(

    Durning had everyday looks - portly, thinning hair and a bulbous nose - and was a casting director's delight, equally adept at comedy and drama. Durning was nominated for supporting-actor Oscars for playing a Nazi in the 1984 Mel Brooks comedy "To Be or Not to Be" and the governor in the musical "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" in 1983. "Whorehouse" was one of 13 movies Durning made with friend Burt Reynolds, as well as Reynolds' 1990s TV sitcom "Evening Shade."

    Other notable Durning movie roles included a cop in "Dog Day Afternoon," a man who falls in love with Dustin Hoffman's cross-dressing character in "Tootsie,""Dick Tracy,""Home for the Holidays,""The Muppet Movie,""North Dallas Forty" and "O Brother Where Art Thou?" He was nominated for Emmys for the TV series "Rescue Me,""NCIS,""Homicide: Life on the Street,""Captains and the Kings" and "Evening Shade," as well as the specials "Death of a Salesman,""Attica" and "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom."

    Durning was a fan of Jimmy Cagney and after returning from harrowing service in World War Two he tried singing, dancing, and stand-up comedy. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts until he was kicked out. "They basically said you have no talent and you couldn't even buy a dime's worth of it if it was for sale," Durning told The New York Times.

    He worked a number of make-do jobs - cab driver, dance instructor, doorman, dishwasher, telegram deliveryman, bridge painter, tourist guide - all while waiting for a shot at an acting career. Occasional stage roles led him to Joseph Papp, the founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival, who became his mentor. "Joe said to me once, 'If you hadn't been an actor, you would have been a murderer,'" Durning told the Times. "I don't know what that meant. I hope he was kidding. He said I couldn't do anything else but act."

    Durning grew up in Highland Falls, New York, and was 12 years old when his Irish-born father died of the effects of mustard gas exposure in World War One. He had nine siblings and five of his sisters died of smallpox or scarlet fever - three within a two-week period.

    Durning was part of the U.S. force that landed at Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion in June 1944. A few days later he was shot in the hip - he said he carried the bullet in his body thereafter - and after six months of recovery was sent to the Battle of the Bulge. Durning, who was wounded twice more, was captured and was one of the few survivors of the Malmedy massacre when German troops opened fire on dozens of American prisoners. In addition to three Purple Heart medals for his wounds, Durning was presented the Silver Star for valor.

    At an observation of the 60th anniversary of D-Day in Washington, Durning told of the terror he felt and carnage he saw when hitting the beach on D-Day. He said he had to jettison his weapon and gear in order to swim ashore and saw mortally wounded comrades offering themselves as human shields. "I forget a lot of stuff now but I still wake up once in a while and it's still there," he said. "I can't count how many of my buddies are in the cemetery at Normandy."

    Durning was married twice and had three children.


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    Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia De Rossi hold hands while taking an afternoon stroll along St. Jean’s Beach on Monday (December 24) in St. Barts.

    The 54-year-old talk show host and the 39-year-old actress were seen having lunch at the Eden Rock Restaurant earlier in the day.

    The ladies were nice enough to stop and take a picture with a fan during their walk on the beach.

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