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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    "[Frank] Miller wasn’t the first to claim Daredevil was Catholic. But he was the first to bring Murdock’s religion to the forefront, making it essential to his identity.

    Netflix’s version understands this, which is what makes the show work: It tries to reconcile the lawyer who defends the law with the Daredevil who breaks it. Murdock’s brutal justice is more than his way of taking personal responsibility for the sins of others; it’s his way of atoning for his own. Murdock’s real superpower, and also his biggest foe, is his Catholicism."

    I know next to nothing about Daredevil aside from the very basics, but the Catholic guilt inherent in Matt really surprised me. I'm a sucker for that sort of thing in characters, so I'm hft. Anyway, how far along are you with your bingewatch?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Marina on stage now with @cleanbanditpic.twitter.com/87nFsS943n

    source + source + source

    wow i hope they release the studio version today

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    Press tour is ON

    sources: RDJChris Haccesshollywoodaccesshollywood2MTVJarettSayskylebuchananadambvaryFluffalo

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    QUEEN of everything that is good and true in this world, Jennifer Lynn López, a mother of 7 year old twins, showed off her amazing, unreal and flawless abs while celebrating her current ex boyfriend's birthday. Beau 'Casper' Smart, rumored homosexual, celebrated in Vegas his 28th birthday yesterday.

    More pics @ the source

    do you party with your ex lovers, ontd?

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    Jay Z has a very close relationship with Rihanna and he has a separate phone just for ha! BEYONCE was “livid” when she discovered about the special line according to reliable source femalefirst.co.uk

    “Jay has several phones, one of which he keeps reserved for Rihanna, supposedly to discuss business interests. It’s obvious when she calls because he’ll interrupt meetings, even walk away from the dinner table to speak with her. ”Beyonce has always been aware that he has several different numbers, but when she discovered Rihanna has a hotline to her husband, she was livid. She absolutely hates how close they are but feels powerless to stop it,” a source said.


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    Britney's long awaited song, produced by legendary electronic producer Giorgio Mororder, has been revealed! Britney will be covering Susanne Vega's Tom's Diner.

    According to reports, the video is being co-helmed by director David LaChappelle, who is also responsible for JLO's (flawless and underrated) Do It Well, Christina Aguilera's Can't Hold Us Down and Britney's own Everytime video. This is the first time the pair has worked together since 2004.

    Also, Iggy posted and then deleted this pic on instagram, featuring some impressive makeup. Do you think the video might have a sci-fi feel to it?

    Finally, here's a hot snippet of the chorus from Pretty Girls. Sounds like a #bop

    S1: http://britney-galaxy.com/david-lachapelle-directing-prettygirls/
    S2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-26hsZqwveA
    S3: https://twitter.com/britneyspearsau
    S4: https://instagram.com/bpproductions01/
    S5: https://instagram.com/luisblackout/

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    She visited the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God in Yerevan, Armenia and her security team tried to close the doors to keep journalists out. This bothered the local bishop who refused to close the doors and keep worshippers from entering. The bodyguards didn't have a choice but to keep the doors open.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - An arrest warrant has been issued in Argentina for Bieber in connection to a 2013 assault.

    - Photographer Diego Pesoa accused Bieber of ordering a bodyguard to attack him while he was taking pictures of the singer as he left a club.

    - Bieber was order to appear in court in November, but he never showed prompting the judge to request the assistance of Interpol Argentina.

    source // youtube

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    Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix are starring in Woody Allen's next film "Irrational Man". Joaquin looks so old now??

    Other actors starring in "Irrational Man" include Parker Posey, Ben Rosenfield, Ethan Phillip, and Jamie Blackley. The film's plot centers on a student (Emma Stone) who falls in love with her philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) lulz

    The film will be released on July 17. Did anyone even watch Magic in the Moonlight?

    source: variety

    Will Emma Stone get her 2nd oscar nom?

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    - James Wan is apparently the frontrunner to direct WB's Aquaman film, which has a release date of July 27, 2018
    - Jason Mamoa is attached to star as Aquaman, and will also appear in Batman V Superman
    - Furious 7 just passed $200 million at the domestic box office
    - Universal Studios has not chosen a director for the sequel to Furious 7 yet, but it is unsure if James Wan will return to the franchise
    - James Wan will be directing The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist this fall
    - THR notes his incredible career trajectory from directing low budget horror films (his debut film was The Saw)

    source: thr

    Who do you want to direct FF8? and what do you want to see in an aquman film? 

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  • 04/11/15--17:40: Spring 2015 Anime Chart

  • Fate/Stay Night Unlmited Blade Works preview for part 2

    See the full chart here - http://anichart.net/spring

    source: yt, atxpieces

    General anime post? What are you watching for Spring season? What did you watch for Winter?

    some notable series for spring: new Gintama series, fate/stay night unlimited blade works pt2, Lupin III, Nisekoi season 2, Sidonia no Kishi season 2

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    -When she was at school, 17-year-old Cara, who had no real acting experience, made an audition tape and sent it over
    -She was a finalist for the role and met Tim Burton, but it ended up going to the more experienced Mia Wasikowska
    -Has six movies coming up this year including Tulip Fever, a Harvey Weinstein-produced adaptation of the Deborah Moggach novel, and Suicide Squad.


    do u think cara would have done a good job as alice

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    Dove set-up signs above doors in major cities across the world & filmed women as they chose which door to walk through.

    The social experiment is going viral & is opening up discussion about how women view themselves & how they believe the world views them.

    Would you choose to walk in the "Beautiful" or "Average" door, ONTD?


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    Ten-episode run starts on June 21. Focuses on a geopolitical crisis and three men: Secretary of State Walter Larson, Foreign Service officer Alex Talbot, and Navy fighter pilot Zeke Tilson.


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    A television critic for Salon confused Pakistani-American actor/comedian Kumail Nanjiani for Kunal Nayyar,a British-Indian actor who looks and sounds nothing like Kumail.  The critic quickly apologized to Kumail for "conflating him with another Indian actor" even though Kumail is not Indian.  Oops!

    The M.Night Shyamalan* twist is that the critic's name is Sonia Saraiya.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the name Saraiya - nah, not going to take my chances.

    More Tweets behind the cut.

    SOURCE, 2

    *M.Night Shyamalan is an Indian filmmaker, who is also not Kumail Nanjiani .

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    Last night ABC aired the Mary Kay Letourneau interview with Barbara Walters.

    Follow up to this post

    • Mary is 53 and her husband/victim is 31. They will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. They have two daughers who are both older than Vili was when he became their father.

    • They wanted to the do the interview to clear things up and let everyone know how happy they are.

    • Vili dropped out of high school to raise his kids and admitted that he experienced depression and suicidal ideation in the years after their affair began. He saw psychiatrists but didn't like taking medication so he stopped. He feels that the system failed him and left him isolated.

    • Mary Kay says Vili was not faithful while she was in jail.

    • They live in the same school district in Seattle that Mary Kay worked in while she was Vili's teacher. Mary did not want to leave the area. They both claim that their daughters have never been bullied.

    • Mary has 4 other children from her first marriage. She claims that they are all very close and supportive of her relationship. Vili thinks its weird being a stepfather to people the same age as him.

    • Mary Kay is still on the sex offender list but wants to go back to teaching since it was her passion. She is petitioning to have her name removed. She works as a legal assistant, and teaches piano lessons.

    • While her daughter was in a children's hospital, Mary Kay was not allowed to visit because she is a sex offender.

    • Vili works at Home Depot and is a DJ at night. He goes by the name DJ Headline and wants to eventually become a producer.

    • They basically never told their kids about how their relationship began and the girls figured it out by rumors around town and looking it up on the internet.

    • Vili says he does not want the girls to have boyfriends at all, and would never support a relationship between them and someone much older.

    “A relationship could lead to something that you think you wanted back then. You don't really want it, maybe, years later.” “I don't support younger kids being married or having a relationship with someone older,” Vili said. “I don't support it.”

    Did you guys watch? What did you think? Should MK be taken off the sex offender list?

    SRC& my eyes

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    On saying in 2012 that she doesn't want to be the cliche pop star saying "I love my gays!" and on when appreciation of gay fans becomes a cliche:
    It's not that it's a cliche - it's more that, perhaps, I was cynical about it. I felt that people in pop use that to express themselves in that way for calculated means because they know the gay fan base is extremely loyal and extremely expressive and is a tastemaker demographic. You know what I mean? It's like, "Oh, god." It's insulting to both sides.

    I kind of feel the same way now, because, yeah, of course I have a really strong gay fan base, and the fact is that it is a really enjoyable factor for me to have a really strong demographic because it makes the shows a lot more fun, for one, and because they are really expressive. But all types of people should be appreciated. I'm sure the gays would back me up on that!

    On whether appreciation can turn into pandering:
    On Twitter, I don't really like it when I see loads of messages from an artist saying (talks in baby voice) "I love you guys! I love you guys! I love you guys!" because I don't think there's any kind of intelligence in that. Also, how can you be genuine and say that so many times? Maybe that's when it becomes pandering, when you're dumbing down your fan base.

    On why she went stopped trying to make mainstream pop music after Electra Heart:
    Because I felt like this is the essence of who I am as an artist. Pre getting signed, that was the music I was creating, and it's not like "this is the real me." It's more that I feel like with "Electra Heart" it was very conceptual and I wholeheartedly embraced working with big writers and big producers in American pop to further my fan base and to expose me to a lot of new people. I did that because you literally can't get on the radio in any other way.

    So, for me, doing another album like that again would not make sense because I didn't enjoy the experience of trying to try to fit into this mold. I felt that, though there were so many really enjoyable parts to "Electra Heart," particularly with the visuals that we were creating, there were also parts - the everyday stuff, the kind of interviews that I was having to do, and the perception that people had of me - that I just felt really uncomfortable. With this one, I just wanted to try it on my own.

    Will she try to make mainstream pop music again?
    Umm, probably not. Not for myself, no.

    read complete interview at the source

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    Blake Lively is setting the record straight on who her baby's Godmother is, after it was rumored her co-stars from The Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants, Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel were the baby's Godmothers, it was all originated after Amber gave an interview saying that they were the baby's Godmothers.

    Turns out the baby's real Godmother is Blake's sister Robyn:

    "I never named them my godmothers," Blake said while promoting her new movie The Age Of Adeline"They're my dear friends. I would say my baby has a lot of fairy godmothers."

    And if something were to happen to her or Ryan...

    "My sister [Robyn] would be the one to take care of my baby."


    lol oop. Also, The Age Of Adaline opens in theaters April 24th.

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    April 12, 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of Mariah Carey's comeback album, The Emancipation of Mimi. After a slew of career lows, Mariah Carey came back on top, debuting at #1 with 404,000 copies sold during the first week, becoming Mariah's highest first-week sales debut (her follow-up album E=MC² would top Emancipation's first week sales).

    Emancipation was Mariah's first #1 album since 1997's Butterfly, and it would go on to be 2005's best selling album, selling 5 million copies that year. Let's take a look back at what is undoubtedly the best comeback ever.

    The Videos

    It's Like That (Billboard Hot 100 peak = #16)

    It's Like That was the first single from The Emancipation of Mimi. It's Like That was Mariah's most successful single since 2001's Loverboy. The music video was filmed by Brett Ratner and featured actors Eric Roberts and Wentworth Miller.

    We Belong Together (Billboard Hot 100 peak = #1)

    We Belong Together, the second single from The Emancipation of Mimi, was the number one song of 2005, as well as the decade. It stayed at number one for fourteen consecutive weeks, placing second to Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men's One Sweet Day, which achieved sixteen consecutive weeks at number one. The video, also shot by Brett Ratner, was a continuation from It's Like That. We Belong Together won Mariah two GRAMMYs.

    Shake It Off (Billboard Hot 100 peak = #2)

    Shake It Off was the third single from Emancipation. The song peaked at #2, and it didn't reach the top spot because it was held off by Carey's We Belong Together. Mariah Carey became the first lead female artist to hold both top spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Get Your Number (International single, never released in the U.S.)

    Get Your Number was released internationally as the third single in Europe and the fifth in Australia, while Shake It Off was the third single off of Emancipation in the United States. The song samples Imagination's Just an Illusion. It wasn't as big of a hit as her previous offerings, although it was a top ten hit in the United Kingdom.

    Don't Forget About Us (Billboard Hot 100 peak = #1)

    Following the success of The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah Carey decided to re-release her album. The Emancipation of Mimi (Ultra Platinum Edition) was released seven months after Emancipation came out, and the lead single was Don't Forget About Us. Don't Forget About Us became Mariah Carey's seventeenth chart-topping single, tying her with Elvis Presley as having the most number one singles by a solo artist.

    Say Somethin' (Billboard Hot 100 peak = #79)

    The final single off of The Emancipation of Mimi was The Neptunes-produced Say Somethin'. The single featured Snoop Dogg, and the video was filmed in Paris, France. The single wasn't a considerable hit for Mariah, only peaking at number 79 on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Sources: Wikipedia + YouTube

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