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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -The 68-year old stopped by the Today Show to talk to Matt Lauer while promoting her new book
    -Says she knows she's not skinny, but isn't going to accept kale as a meal
    -"I'd rather not go on, if that's what I have to eat to fuel myself."
    -"I am fat"


    Are you fat ontd? Do you like kale or do you like cookies?

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    Over 300 new emojis were just released on iPhone today! iOS 8.3 fixes some other bugs, and improves Wi-Fi, app launching, Bluetooth to Messages, CarPlay, and more stuff 90% of us don't use. But emojis! Our bread and butter to emote our emotions properly! One day, they will figure out how to pull an MSN and add custom emojis.


    ONTD, do you feel well-represented?

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    - Her father told her she was gonna end up working on a fast food restaurant and she wouldn't make it as an actress.
    - She also talks about how she loves being in Game of Thrones.

    Source:The Mirror

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    Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk spends its 14th week at #1 on the Hot 100, and is now tied for 2nd longest #1 single on Billboard Hot 100. It will probably finally get its wig snatched by Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again', next week, as that song jumps 74 spots on the Hot 100 to #10(because Wiz knows how important streaming is for the charts *cough*)!

    Meanwhile, my fav continues to fuck her singles over with this Tidal vs Spotify mess(as the most streamed artist on Spotify) because of Jay Z(edit: this was a joke...I'm not actually blaming Jay Z).


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    Summary of article:

    - Apparently had some meeting with former CEO Karp about who he wants to report to.

    - No changes have happened yet, but because the "first steps" have been taken there are likely to be changes soon.

    Source:Business Insider's Twitter

    How do you feel about the new Tumblr dash, ONTD? Will Ello finally rise up?

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    - nothing more being said that Disney's planning a live-action version of Pinocchio, thanks to previous fantasy live-action movies like Cinderella and Maleficent doing well.

    Sources: https://twitter.com/Deadline/status/585893940026421250

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    she looks so great omg


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  • 04/08/15--15:40: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    it's a boy named Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies

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    Entertainment Weekly Twitter

    with some new footage

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    It was announced just last month that the former Teen Wolf actor is set to star as a lead in CBS' potential up-and-coming medical drama LFE and now new details have emerged on what we can expect. From what can be gathered from Season Zero, if you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy and/or ER then this show may be right up your alley. LFE focuses on the lives of the residents of a prestigious hospital in New York City who struggle with their own personal lives as they fight to save those of their patients. As you'd imagine, given the theme, the surgical scenes are described as graphic, but that's not all that you MD fanatics have to look forward to. It's been said that a generous amount of time will be spent following the Doctors in their lives outside of the Hospital and on the streets of the city as well.

    Character Descriptions

    Joe (Daniel Sharman) is described as a young man with a load of burdens on his shoulders. Stuck with the responsbility of caring for his ailing father (Reid Bierney) and the slacker that is his younger brother (Luke Slattery). He's been referred to as appearing rather dull, but evidently grows an edge to him in what's been reported as a particularly unsettling scene.

    Mae (Ana Kayne) is Joe's ex-girlfriend who is presented as being lighthearted and fun. The word quirky was used, so take from that what you will.

    If you're interested in finding out who else will be roaming the halls of this hospital with Joe and Mae, find out here.

    Script Excerpts

    SCENE 1

    • Joe:I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I don’t want to harm anybody. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t decided whether I wanna do this or not.

    • Broker: With a broker like me, everybody benefits. I find a donor willing to give a kidney. There is no drugging of people and stealing of organs like you see on the news. The donors walk away healthy as they were at the start, the money helping them to build better lives for themselves. The recipients - they live.

    • Joe: That’s amazing.

    • Broker: The thing is Joe, even if you decide that you want to do this, I’m not sure I feel comfortable working with a doctor, especially one who got my information from an expatient of his from two days ago.

    • Joe:I told him about my dad and he told me how you helped his wife.

    • Broker: Sure, but as a member of the medical community, you must know that a lot of people, and I don’t just mean the Feds, I mean your people, are against someone like me, the organ trade.

    • Joe: A lot of people think that this is not within my rights… going through a broker to buying organs that’s wrong. But they’ve never been through what I’ve been through. They’ve never had to hold their parent’s hand while they wither away because their stomach was so weak that they couldn’t swallow a mouth full of water, all the while they could be doing something about it. And they never had to watch their mother die of cancer before being forced to watch their father’s organs fail, all the while they could be doing something about it. You see, these people who say that I don’t have the right - well, they’re right. Legally I don’t. But I’m a doctor and as far as I can tell, they don’t have the right to tell me that I can’t do everything within my power to save a person’s life. My father, he has the right to live his life.  

    • Broker: Sounds like you’ve made up your mind.

    • Joe:So, what happens now?

    • Broker: I find a donor who matches your father, we do the surgery and your father walks away. I still need the funds first. $ 160,000.  

    SCENE 2 

    • Bobby (brother of Daniel Sharman’s character):Get off of me!

    • Joe: You’re screwing up your life!

    • Bobby: It was a nothing fight. I’m fine!

    • Joe: You’re not fine! You’re a punk! You’re no longer welcome to live here if you keep acting irresponsibly!

    • Bobby: This is dad’s apartment!

    • Joe: Not for long! You’ve made your peace with it, now I’ve made mine.

    • Bobby:WOW. So your new plan didn’t work out, huh? I’m out of here, I don’t need this shit.

    • Joe: You think I’m only concerned with what you need, huh? Where do you think I’m going to be when dad dies?! YOU ARE MY BROTHER. You are going to be the only thing I’ve got left of a home.

    SCENE 3

    • Mae: Got any snooze last night?

    • Joe: Dreamed of a new cell phone case… and world peace..  and you know what: I think it’s doable.

    • Mae: I got home late. Still managed to do yoga this morning. Sugarland’s tonight.

    • Joe: That’s still going on?!

    • Mae: Maybe you and I could go together… for old time’s sake.

    • Joe: Well, we went once. You got mad cause I wouldn’t dance.

    • Mae: You never dance! Coffee this weekend?

    • Joe: I can’t.

    • Mae: Come on! You can’t ostracize me forever, Joe. It was three years ago!

    • Joe: I’m not going to be over it till I’m over it. 

    • Mae: The guy had literally come from space. He was an astronaut. Look, I admit it. What I did was wrong. I’m not making excuses. It was wrong of me to sleep with him when you and I were still together. … Oh, wait… Hold still, you’ve got soap all over your pants … Life’s too short for this! I care about you! And I miss you!

    • Joe: I can’t introduce another volatile thing into my life right now. It’s just a precarious mess… Go to Sugarland and have a great time. You deserve to have some fun.   

    • Mae:But so do you…

    SCENE 4

    • Mae: Nice anterior, Ry! You got a trainer?

    • Ryan:Flirting is going to help your case?!

    • Mae:Why is kindness often mistaken for flirtation ?

    • Ryan:Listen, you’ve got a lot of personal issues to work through - but judging by those cheesy yet inspirational quotes you’ve been posting on instagram, you’re working on them and I support that. Joe is a turtle - hard shell, supersoft interior and you cut him!

    • Mae: I was young and stupid in Med School.

    • Ryan:I remember!

    • Mae: … and I would never do that now!

    • Ryan:I need you to be at the hospital right now! I have a patient presenting with severe rapid fire muscle twitches in his legs. It’s been going on for ten months.

    • Mae: Will you at least say something to Joe?

    • Ryan: THE PATIENT! Any thoughts?  

    Behind the scenes

    Season Zero for the information
    Daniel Sharman's Instagram for the photos
    Translation (Words): Mine as always

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    - talks about "Montage of Heck"
    - refers to her father by his name
    - doesn't really like Nirvana that much, prefers Oasis


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    One of the best women's prison shows, your not watching [seriously watch this show!]  is currently starting it's third season. Wentworth is an Australian production and is a prequel to one of the most popular prison shows depicting women Prisoner or Prisoner in Cell Block H as it was known in the US .BBC's Bad Girls was a successful knock off of H.

    Wentworth is set in modern-day Australia and focuses on Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) when she first enters prison after being charged with the attempted murder of her husband.[1] Bea is separated from her daughter and sent to Wentworth on remand, where she lives in "an uncertain limbo" until she is sentenced. Bea is then forced to learn how the prison works.

    Recap of season 1 & 2

    Season 3 Trailer

    Preview for Ep 2

    You may be able to see the first two seasons in the US and Canada on Netflix. As for the current season, there are other ways to peek a look,lol.


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    Yvette d'Entremont, who blogs as Science Babe, is an analytical chemist doing her part to debunking pseudoscience. She recently wrote an article on Gawker where she exposes Vani Hari, known to her followers as Food Babe.

    article highlights:
    - d'entremont was driven to start her blog when she saw hari's posts raging against pumpkin spice lattes (she was angry because apparently there are no pumpkins in pumpkin spice lattes....just pumpkin spice)
    - hari has apparently tried to wage war on more than 600 products and companies
    - hari once wrote an article where she explained to readers that airplane air is pumped full of nitrogen. the horror!!!!
    - hari advocates for detoxes and is against vaccinations, suggesting instead that her readers "encounter the flu naturally" so they can put themselves at risk of becoming one of the more than 31,000 people in the united states who die annually of the disease
    - "if a third grader can't prnounce it, don't eat it" #rip quinoa and açai

    science babe's post + food babe's response

    as one of the commenters put it, food and health paranoia is the strange limbo where religious zealots and the crunchiest of hippies co-mingle

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    -Will play the leading role as Casanova
    -Will explore when Casanova served as a spy after escaping from prison and fleeing to Paris
    -Also stars Miranda Richardson, Bojana Novakovic, Ben Daniels and Amelia Clarkson
    -Available on Amazon Prime later this year


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  • Chinese GOSSIP GIRL will begin filming this May, airing later in the year
  • Park Ming Young (SYUNGKUNKWAN SCANDAL, CITY HUNTER, ❤HEALER❤) has been cast for Serena
  • Will be set on Shanghai, about the 1% elite~
  • No high school
  • Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage will be involved in production *hisssss*


    Park Min Young is so charming and pretty great so Serena might be interesting. I only hope this post will end up being a K/C-drama post, tbh :D

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    Mariah Carey is going to star in an untitled holiday film led by RatPac Entertainment.

    The film will center around Christmas and how the power of music can transport you back in time to your truest and most authentic feelings. The plan is to include feature songs from all different artists in addition to songs by Carey.

    Carey's 1994 "All I Want for Christmas is You" has sold over 14 million copies globally.


    true fans know this has been a work in progress for years!

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    They married last year in a private ceremony, but obviously the public didn't know until today(that's not the only thing I didn't know).

    Congrats to them!! I always wondered how celebs are able to pull off these private weddings.


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