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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    She's playing the wardrobe. Hopefully she gets a solo from the deleted "Human Again" song.

    Production begins in May at Shepperton Studios in London.

    McDonald joins a cast that includes Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast/Prince, Luke Evans as Gaston, Josh Gad as Le Fou Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, and Kevin Kline as Belle's father.

    The live-action film, directed by Bill Condon, is aligning itself closely with the 1991 animated classic.


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    ONTD ORIGINAL: 10 Of The Hottest News Anchors

    Ever find yourself pining over who's telling you whether or not it's gonna rain today?

    Or imagining yourself under the desk of your favorite local news anchor?

    The news isn't the typical place to find hotties, but sometimes anchors just cant help but serve quenched thirst.

    Here are 10 of the Hottest TV News Anchors

    Mike Woods
    WNYW Fox 5 New York
    *if you live in NYC chances are youve seen the childrens place tee wearing sis fuckin it up on the sidewalk/subway, word on the street is he's about the vanilla gworls tho

    David Muir
    ABC World News Tonight
    *he kinda looks like Jimmy Fallon but fuck if ha cant take a good selfie

    TJ Holmes
    CNN Newsroom
    *fuck me

    Chris Cuomo
    *younger brother to the boyfriend of Food Network Royalty/Culinary Goddess/Kwanzaa Cake Queen Sandra Lee

    Jim Cantore
    Weather Channel
    *ooh bitch, come thru daddy issues

    Dan Bowen
    WNYW Fox 5
    *let us take a minute

    Kristine Johnson
    WCBS New York
    *she has a ton of lookalikes out here but kristine is the reigning racially ambiguous queen of daytime

    Jennifer Lahmers
    WNYW Fox 5 New York
    *i never seent ha but bitch come thru

    Liz Cho
    WABC New York
    *queeeeeeen, always pregnant but always servin and comin thru, ha hubby on the news too, liz snatched kaite tong-povich scary asses asian news anchor title

    AJ Ross
    WABC New York
    *never seent ha either, i think shes upstate new york

    Diane Sawyer
    ABC World News
    69 (bittch)
    *bitchhhhh shes the queens sry babs

    Source is Me, Fox 5&WABC New York

    Who are the hottest journalist on tv/news anchors in your area?

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    Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and their lesser sibling, Hollyoaks. All these British Soaps are home to some of the worst actors on British Television - with a few gems hidden in Pat Butcher's earring collection and Gail Platt's divorce papers. Countless soap stars have flown out to America, clutching their Sexiest Soap Star Awards declaring they'll be the next best thing in Hollywood. Ten months later they're back on the Square as glorified extra number 3, regretting ever leaving the cobbles. But sometimes, the most unlikely of soap stars have made it: let's take a look at a few.

    Michelle Ryan

    Who can forget the #iconic ‘you ain't my muvva’ scene? Michelle Ryan played Zoe Slater in Eastenders from September 2000-June 2005, arriving with her boisterous band of sisters. Raised believing that Kat Slater was her sister, it came as a massive bombshell for her when it was revealed that Kat was actually her mother – who had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by her Uncle Harry. After months of stereotypical soap storylines: dating the man your sister/mother is in love with; almost falling into prostitution; allowing Dirty Den to manipulate you into fathering his child to scupper your relationship with his estranged son until his wife finds out and encourages you to abort the baby then murders Den and blames you for it. You know, a typical Friday in Walford. Zoe left Albert Square in 2005, heading off to Spain to recapture her youth, probably running into about twenty ex-residents of Walford who’d ran to Spain to escape the law. Michelle starred in numerous flops and the obligatory Doctor Who episodes before landing a role in the US series Covert Affairs in 2013, which was cancelled early 2015 due to low ratings.

    Ricky Whittle

    Ricky Whittle has three American series under his belt as of 2015, Mistresses, NCIS and The 100, where he’s somehow managed to convince the fandom that he can act. As somehow who sat through Hollyoaks in 2010, I find it hard to believe but you do you Ricky. Described by many soap magazines as ‘gorgeous with his shirt off, but misogynistic, patronising and whiney as fuck’ Ricky played hopeless Calvin Valentine from 2006-2010 before leaving from greener pastures (aka Strictly Come Dancing). Calvin started as a kind hearted policeman, but in true Hollyoaks fashion, ended his run on the soap as a drug dealing crime boss who managed to sleep his way through half the village. Murdered by ex-lover Theresa Mcqueen on his wedding day to her cousin Carmel Mcqueen (after also shagging her sister, Mercedes Mcqueen), Calvin died as he lived – shirtless (I kid I kid)

    Nathalie Emmanuel

    Nathalie is another Hollyoaks alumni who played Ricky Whittle’s sister, Sasha from 2006-2010. Sasha was, putting it as nicely as I can, a bit of a mess – described by Nathalie herself as ‘very immature’. Sasha’s storylines involved becoming a heroin addict, a prostitute, victim of a series of violent attacks and a gangster's moll in one of the worst storylines to grace Hollyoaks in 2010. After she was axed from Hollyoaks many of her fans honestly held no hope that she would progress any further with her acting career but she thankfully proved everyone wrong, giving us a great butt shot in Misfits then playing the delightful Missandei in Game of Thrones.

    Robert Kazinsky

    Robert Kazinsky played fan favourite Sean Slater in Eastenders (2006-2009). Sean was the local bad boy and obligatory hot guy who has sex with every female character in Walford. Sean was a raging psychopath who the audience couldn’t get enough of, leaving fans gutted when he landed roles in True Blood and Pacific Rim, signalling that he and Eastenders are never ever ever getting back together. You’ll always be Sven from Basil Brush to me, Rob.

    Emma Rigby

    Emma Rigby was nominated for Best Actress at the Soap Awards in 2008 for her portrayal of Hannah Ashworth (Hollyoaks). One of the only decent Hollyoaks actors to grace Hollywood, Emma carried Hannah’s devastating anorexia role and attracted attention from the press and viewers along with the storyline resulting in the death of a character from the illness' which was a first for British soap. Emma landed the role of the Red Queen in 2013 mess Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and has stayed a regular on British television.

    Roxanne Mckee

    Roxanne Mckee is also another Hollyoaks favourite who managed to gain a role on Game of Thrones. She played Louise Summers, Warren’s first wife, who also slept with Ricky Whittle (God I hope all these Hollyoaks stars have to meet up on a red carpet one day). She shared a similar exit storyline with Ricky, being murdered by her fiancé Warren on her wedding day. Ouch.

    Anna Friel

    While most Americans might know her as Charlotte Charles from the ABC comedy Pushing Dasies, UK soap lovers will always remember her as troubled teen Beth, who murdered her dad and buried him under their patio (he did deserve it, mind).

    Barry Sloane

    What the hell is with all these Hollyoaks actors landing US deals? Revenge star Barry Sloane played villain Niall McQueen, who most will remember for his psychotic plan to murder his mother who had given him up at birth. I, however, remember him for being the bastard that killed Max in a hit and run. Fucking prick. Niall kidnapped his multiple siblings in 2008 in an episode that was going fine until Hollyoaks added a terrible CGI dove scene, ruining all and any credibility they ever had. After killing sister Tina (who was mourned for five minutes then promptly forgotten), Niall disappeared and was finally killed off in Hollyoaks Later when he jumped off a cliff. The response from the McQueen’s was a resounding ‘meh’ and he’s never been mentioned again. Good.

    Emmett Scanlan

    Emmett Scanlan is well on his way to a nice American debut, after playing Guard Number 3 in blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. Emmett played problematic gay fave, Brendan Brady, from 2010-2013. Brendan was supposed to be Warren’s successor as big ass villain, but his famous moustache killed any fear factor and he swiftly became known as an anti-hero following his troubled relationship with Ste Hayes. Brendan/Ste probably rivals John Paul/Craig for most fan videos and delusional fanfictions, it’s almost too much for my JP/C heart to take.

    Honourable Mentions: Martine McCutcheon (Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders to Natalie in Love Actually), Max Brown (Hollyoaks to The Tudors) and recent Ex-Eastenders Ben Hardy, Sam Strike and Joey Branning (I’ll be fucked if I can remember his real name) who are rumoured to be headlining some big American franchises in the next few years.

    Source: Yearsof academy training

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    The original Dynamic Duo will be the voices for an upcoming animated special(s) which will most likely coincide with the TV series 50th anniversary special. There may be two and they'll be 90 minutes each.

    Vid of the announcement:

    Twitter Source

    Main Source


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    It has been 20 years since the tragic loss of Tex-Mex singer Selena Quintanilla (d. March 31st, 1995). Her rise to stardom came when she released her "Ven Conmigo" album, which was the first Tejano album recorded by a female artist to achieve gold status. In 1992 another hit came with "Como La Flor" from her "Entre A Mi Mundo" album. Selena received a Grammy for Best Mexican-American Album for "Selena Vive!" Although Selena's life was cut short, her music legacy lives on and is still remembered fondly by fans today.

    I listed some of Selena's best songs (in no particular order) behind the cut. Come rank your own favorite songs, performances, interviews, etc. in the comments section! (:

    Peak Billboard position:
    No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks and No. 11 on Latin Pop Songs.

    Peak Billboard position:
    No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks.

    Peak Billboard position:
    No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks and No. 13 on the Latin Pop Airplay.

    Peak Billboard position:
    No. 1 on the Hot Latin Tracks and No. 13 on Latin Hot Airplay.

    Peak Billboard position:
    No. 6 on the Hot Latin Tracks.

    UGH i get chills watching this video, she was just too damn nice dancing with all the fans just walking up onstage like that and kissing them. Ay, Selenas :((


    source 1, source 2

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    ONTD Favorite™, Nick Jonas, recently sat down with Têtu magazine and said: "Everyone should have the right to love and marry whomever he wants. And the more there are straight artists who defend these ideas, the more they will be admitted."

    The quote is taken from Têtu magazine’s April 2015 issue, which Nicky J is also on the cover of.

    Sources: @Queerty and their site
    @Têtu, 1, 2

    That Nick Jonas reign just won't let up.

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    Here's the full promo video:

    The press conference happened in NY at 5pm EST.


    • artist owned, including Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Jay Z, Kanye West, Jack White, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Usher

    • $10/month non-lossless (96kbps, potentially 320kbps), $20/month lossless (1411kbps, 16-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC and ALAC music streams)

    Per this review of Tidal, Spotify offers 160 kbps for free and 320 kbps for Premium, while Tidal's $10/month option maxes out at 96kbps(does anyone on ONTD know if Tidal's $10 option allows "High" quality/320kbps?)

    source: press conference, yt, me actually listening to this ridiculousness

    i'm surprised taylor wasn't there tbh

    ONTD: are you going to abandon spotify and/or your torrenting ways and follow these rich artists into the light?

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    Ryan Reynolds is showing off his buff arms in this new workout photo he posted to Twitter on Monday morning (March 30).

    Ryan is currently training to reprise his role as Deadpool in a stand-alone movie. He recently shared the first photo of the character’s costume and now he’s commenting on the rating he wants the movie to get.

    “I want #Deadpool to be R. Always have. Fighting the good fight still. Lotta yelling today,” Ryan tweeted.

    “This stud out-benched me in the gym Sunday. Nice meeting you Adley,” the 38-year-old actor captioned the photo.



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    Pink was spotted out in Malibu, CA doing a little shopping.

    stans is she rumored to be pregnant again or just chilling in between projects? haven't heard much from her lately.

    pics source

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    Paraphrased from various sources:

    - Daily Fail says Aidan Turner is not engaged, but is very much into his girlfriend. Sarah Greene is on Penny Dreadful right now.

    - Someone who doesn't understand the thirst on Twitter (shame on you, BBC) did an #AskPoldark thing, inviting fans to ask him questions, and it went as well as you'd expect. (Sources have specific tweets, but I tried to embed a tweet for another post and it went heinously, so not trying this time.) "Please scythe my lawn," "You know there's a Twitter for your hair, right?" and etc.

    - Warren Clarke, who played Uncle Charles Poldark, died several weeks after filming. RIP.


    Dicussion post, I guess, since no one's made one. I apologise for breaking tradition with the top photo.

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    Look who are friends now? Remember back in 2013 when Kim made Jaime cry? No? Well let me refresh your memory. When Kim went to the Met Gala for the first time and wore that awful floral dress while she was pregnant with North, the criticisms were a bit harsh. Jaime, who was also pregnant at the time, took some of the comments directed at Kim personally. "I remember going back to my hotel room and crying for like 5 hours because I kept seeing all these things come up online, all of these horrible pictures and GIFs," Jaime recently told Elle. "I couldn't stop crying because there was this beautiful glowing pregnant woman who is probably so excited to be attending the Met ball for the first time with the man that she loved, and she had this beautiful dress made for her that was very daring and very gorgeous, and she has a beautiful growing child inside of her, and yet everybody bashed her and called her a whale or said she looked like a couch or drapes. It was so stunning to me that people thought that was okay - not only okay, but they condoned it."

    "Is Jaime pregnant with EdwardCullen's spawn?" - truexillusions

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    The Maleficent star gave an inspirational speech when she accepted her award for 'Favorite Villain' at the 2015 Nickolodeon's Kids Choice Awards."I want to say that when I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different. I felt out of place," she told the audience, made up of mostly kids. "Too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And then one day, I realized something, something that I hope you all realize. Different is good. When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up, and be proud ... Cause a little trouble. It's good for you."

    Amber Rose instagrammed this photo in support of Shiloh:

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    Ciara Renee will play Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl in the spinoff.

    She joins Captain Cold, Heatwave, The Atom, Dr. Stein and the original (and lbr the only one worthy of the title) Black Canary Caity Lotz as an as yet unnamed character.

    Renee has played in the Broadway adaption of Big Fish and Pippin.

    Twitter Source

    Main Source

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    this post is dedicated to sereniti_ii!


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    On March 28th, Karreuche's interview with Inyala had aired where they talked about everything Chris Brown. She revealed exactly how she found out about Chris Brown's daughter Royalty. "Honestly, [I found out] through social media. Actually, at the moment that I found out, he was texting me saying, 'I need to talk to you in person.' Then I got online and I saw that."

    How she currently feels about Breezy? " I still love him. I've tried to get him help. Go to church, pray, yoga, meditate. If he wanted to change, we'd be in a better place. But that's the problem. He is damaged but .. I'm damaged too."

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    Queen of the earth, Razzie winner, and Native Tiger Megan Denise Fox appears on the April 2015 cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. She looks literally flawless, and has a pretty good interview attached!

    Interview Highlights:

    • Knows she is viewed as attention seeking by the general public, doesn't care.

    • Quentin Tarantino told her he liked her performance in Jennifer's Body.

    • She had no idea what she was doing in her career or as an actress when she filmed Transformers

    • She hates the red carpet. It's high stress and she feels like a mannequin.

    • She doesn't stress about her career and follows her intuition lol megan please!

    • Isn't a harsh parent; thinks of herself as an expansive force in her children's lives. She believes she can learn from them as they can learn from her.

    • Her son Noah loves to wear kimonos (?)

    • She likes to feel magical and dress "tribal" because she's 1/16th Cherokee MEGAN PLEASE!

    Read the full quotes at the Source!

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    It seems to us Rob's role on Keeping Up With the Kardashians is getting smaller and smaller. If you saw last night's episode, then you'd know Rob was missing from the episode entirely. Production sources say Kim is playing a big role in Rob's shrinking role. "She just calls him an extra now," an insider told Radar Online.

    Kim shares the title of executive producer with Khloe, Kourtney and her mother, Kris Jenner, but it is said Kim calls most of the shots. Kim, still upset over Rob bailing on her wedding last second, decided to slowly phase Rob out of the show. "They've always been at war," says the source. "It started from when he split from her wedding and they haven't really talked since ... Kim and Rob used to be the closest, then she became hugely famous and leaves her brother in the dust with nothing."

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    Son, I am disappoint.

    After years of financially supporting him, not to mention giving birth to him, Laurence Fishburn has left his mother high and dry. Hattie Crawford Fishburne, 80, is unable to pay the rent and will be evicted from her Los Angeles apartment Tuesday.

    She said she can’t reach her wealthy son, who last spoke to her more than a year ago when his father died. For 20 years, she funded his Hollywood career, with the promise from Larry (I say that as a pejorative because he hates it) he would take care of her. Well, he hasn't. Not one Christmas present or a ‘Thank you, Mama’ present.

    First Montana going into porn, now this. Morpheus, you are a fail as a father and a son.


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