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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 03/06/15--08:22: #BlackOutDay models post

  • -Jourdan Dunn has one of the covers for Vogue Turkey's 5th anniversary

    -Riley Montana, Cheyenne Carty & Leila Ndabirabe are featured in Vogue Italia's 'The Last Chic'

    -Joan Smalls, Riley Montana, Ajak Deng & Maria Borges were photographed by Steven Klein for V Magazine's 'Fight Fire With Fire'

    -Leila Nda, Aya Jones, Imaan Hammam, Malaika Firth, Tami Williams & Kai Newman for Vogue US


    keep it up with the #blackoutday posts, ontd

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    ontd, are you confirmed for Cap 3?

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    Lorde: Flicker (Produced by Lorde, Joel Little, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstei)
    Kanye Remixed & Reproduced Lorde's track from the Hunger Games, "Yellow Flicker Beat" into "Flicker"-- is this stripped down version an improvement?

    Madonna: Illuminati (Produced by Madonna, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Charlie Heat)
    Kanye produced a handful of songs on Madonna's new album "Rebel Heart," including the leaked-then-released track "Illuminati."

    Rihanna - FourFiveSeconds (Written by West, McCartney, Kirby Lauryen, Mike Dean, Ty Dolla Sign, Dave Longstreth, Dallas Austin, Elon Rutberg, and Noah Goldstein, production credits not on Wikipedia)
    Of course, we can't ignore the song that's already out-- Kanye has executive produced all of R8, so his touch is certainly all over this song. With these other songs, we can hear the areas Kanye is reaching into with his music in 2015.

    Big Sean - I Don't Fuck with You (featuring E-40) (Produced by DJ Mustard, Kanye West, Mike Free, DJ Dahi, KeY Wane)
    Much like Rihanna, Big Sean's entire album "Dark Sky Paradise" was executive produced by Kanye, and has met with extensive critical praise. The album is now OUT, so you can stream it on spotify for a good idea of what Kanye MIGHT do with Rihanna.

    Tyga - 40 mill (Produced by Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jess Jackson and Dupri)
    Another album that's executively produced by Kanye is Tyga's upcoming "The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty". The album isn't out yet, but there are a number of singles out, and they point toward the same dark, almost industrial sound Kanye seems to have made his own during 2014 and 2015.

    Kanye's been producing a LOT recently, and has been in charge of producing a lot of albums released in 2015. Do you think Rihanna's album will be received as well as Big Sean's? Will Tyga finally get critical acclaim? Will Rihanna move away from top 40 completely and live in Alternative/R&B-Hip-Hop?


    ONTD, have you listened to Dark Sky Paradise? What do you think of Kanye's recent production work?

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    "Nothing in principle is bad about a Björk show, or even about a little pop-culture populism. But the pop turn raises challenges that have to be thoughtfully addressed. It has to be done right. You need to nail it, and MoMA has instead stepped on a nail, or rather, hot lava."
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Björk Show at MoMA Is Bad, Really Bad - artnet.com

    "This undertaking does not treat Björk as the “era-defining artist” that [MOMA] claims she is. [It] lack[s] the ambition to do her ambition justice."
    Björk, a One-of-a-Kind Artist, Proves Elusive at MoMA - The New York Times

    "I felt sad and embarrassed leaving the museum. Embarrassed for Björk.. who deserved better than this."
    State of Emergency - artnews.com

    Source / Source / Source

    OP note: I saw the show and I agree with nearly everything the reviews say :/ However, "Black Lake" is absolutely stunning and heartwrenching, and I've been listening/watching her old videos non-stop since seeing the exhibition. It was fun to see all those things in real life, like the Swan Dress, but the presentation/curation doesn't live up to her artistry (MOMA's fault, not hers).

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    "Funky little monkey, she's a twisted trickster / Everybody wants to be the sister's mister / Coca-Cola rollercoaster," Chad Kroeger sings in Nickelback's new single "She Keeps Me Up."  The music video was released on Wednesday and it's pretty silly.  Everybody in the band is wearing sunglasses and playing instruments with disco ball mirror tiles on them, which I guess was done because the song is about cocaine.

    Music critics are unsurprisingly unimpressed, but many of Nickelback's own fans are also voicing their disapproval for their new sound (fickle bitches!).  Watch and judge for yourself!

    SOURCE, 2

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    "Find out in my new... kidding. I'M KIDDING. #NotAPrequel"

    BTW, McGonagall: Working with Dumbledore 2 was 'hair raising'

    Dame Maggie Smith told The Sunday Times: "It was about time [Michael Gambon] admitted it, because it was hair-raising doing things with him. Mind you, I defy anyone to learn Harry Potter-speak. It'd probably be easier for him to learn Shakespeare."

    Source + more HP cosplay at @jk_trolling

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    So Fistopher finally broke his silence on Royalty, his alleged baby girl on instagram...

    Lol, nice. Mom Breezy (of Micheal-Jackson-died-so-Chris-Brown-can-live!!! fame) also commented on twitter, saying she couldn't speak on it. Welp. You know Chris would've denied this rumor immediately if it wasn't true, so I'll take it that bb girl is probably his...poor thing.

    source: http://madamenoire.com/516623/how-bout-yall-kiss-my-a-chris-brown-finally-responds-to-people-who-want-him-to-speak-on-secret-child

    do you think chris will finally clean his act up and be a good dad, ontd?

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    Dakota arrived in Paris this week to attend some events for Fashion Week. Here are some of her best looks at different events and at the airport.

    At the airport arriving in Paris

    Leaving a Balmain Party

    At the Dior Show

    JustJared | JustJared2 | DJD

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    The good sis Gabrielle Solis aka Eva Longoria recently received the Artist of the Year award from Harvard University. She talked about how education is important and how she was once considered an underachiever when she was earning millions during the heyday of DH.

    Accepting the award, Eva said: “When I was on Desperate Housewives, it was the number-one show in the world, and I was ranked really high [on the] Forbes list, I said to my mom, ‘Look,’ and she said ‘Right, when are you getting your Master’s?’”


    Are you an underachiever, ONTD? Cry your heart out tonight tbh.

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    - it's coming back on September 27th [probably]
    - also there was "tremendous debate" about Carrie/Quinn hooking up (and they didn't quite say whether they're still together in the new season)
    - Dar Adal offered Saul the videotape of himself as a prisoner and Saul made a "hard decision" about it in the final scene in the backyard
    - they tried to kill off Brody "many many times" before they actually did (lol)
    - (they also discuss the super-intensity of the Haqqani/Saul scenes, etc)

    Ugh, NOT happy about those two big aspects. That seems lazy to me. (why the fuck did this need "a picture or something"; it's a few brief-ass pieces of info)
    source: @paleycenter

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    AKA the flop known as Serena that's been sitting on a shelf for a few years

    Serena, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as newlyweds in the Depression era hits the Google Play Store before its theater run. You can currently rent it for $9.99 in SD or $10.99 in HD. It's set be released in US theaters on a limited basis on March 27 (it has already been released in theaters across Europe).

    It's directed by the award winning Susanne Bier.


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    I've never seen him so happy and he's surrounded by so many people trying to get selfies with him. His smile/facial expression is cracking me up.


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    Demi Lovato is hard at work on her fifth studio album, which she has said is going to have a new, more authentic sound.

    When asked who she'd collaborate with, she said she'd love to work with her idol Kelly Clarkson (duh), and Eminem.

    "I would love to work with Eminem actually," she told ETonline. "I can relate to him with being in recovery and things like that so I think we could make something awesome together.”


    ONTD, would you like a Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2 featuring Demi?

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    What did you think of act 17, ONTD? I thought it was great, except for that goof (if you can even call something so obvious a goof) with Usagi using her previous staff when she did the Moon Princess Halation. I really love the pacing and the balance between serious and fun that we've gotten with the second arc so far.

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    this is days old but i haven't seen it posted (i backread lol). also, that plane drop scene can already rival Fast Five. bless.

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    dedicated to tuggernuts&hope_remains tbh! ❤❤❤

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  • 03/07/15--06:13: Zendaya x Timbaland
  • It looks like Zendaya is working with Timbaland on her upcoming album. The producer and hitmaker posted a picture of the future grammy winner GoodGal!Zen with the caption: '@zendaya !!!! Welcome to teamtimbo!!!!! Get ready!!!!!!!'

    Timbaland is known for working with the biggest singers in the business like Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Rihanna, Madonna, Keri Hilson...

    Capture d’écran 2015-03-07 à 2.31.32 PM


    What's your favourite song produced by Timbaland?!

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