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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has confirmed a New York Fashion Week: Men's in July. Will be sponsored by Amazon Fashion, East Dane and MyHabit. The Men's fashion week will feature Collections for Spring 2016, starting July 13 through July 16, 2015 at Skylight Clarkson Sq.

    "There are many reasons the CFDA is launching New York Fashion Week: Men's. It gives the designers a business platform to show during their market dates and is an opportunity to demonstrate the collective talent of an important segment of our industry," CFDA CEO Steven Kolb said in an announcement.

    New York Fashion Week Men's will follow every other menswear show (London, June 12-15; Milan, June 20-23; Paris, June 24-28) as well as couture (July 5-10).

    The CFDA's post confirmed Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Rag & Bone, Public School, Billy Reid, Todd Snyder, Michael Bastian, Ovadia & Sons, Robert Geller, Duckie Brown, Patrik Ervell, and Orley & Kent & Curwen. More names are to be announced.


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    Iggy Azalea is Not Worried About Grammy Backlash!
    'I think backlash comes no matter what skin color you are,' Iggy tells MTV News.

    Iggy already knows that some people will not be thrilled if she wins the Grammy award for "Best Rap Album". Iggy is prepping for the GRAMMY awards tomorrow by attending the annual Clive Davis party tonight in LA! When MTV News caught up with her and asked if she's ready to deal with the backlash (following Macklemore's wins last year) here's what she had to say...

    She told MTV News "I think backlash comes no matter what skin color you are”.

    She went on to say: “Success is polarizing and you just can’t have one without the other,” she continued. “That’s something that comes with it. It’s the price you pay for having all the amazing things that you’re afforded and if that is the price you pay for a Grammy, I will sign that check.”


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    The other night, the queen of Walking Posts uploaded a clip on her Instagram account teasing a new song that she is working on in Sweden. The black and white video that Hilary uploaded is very short , but you can hear her sing three words: “like everybody else.”Hilary captioned the clip, “Remember when I said I’d die for you.” Hilary has been in Sweden working with Jason “Ginni” Gill and Tove Lo as well as Max Martin's Camp Wolf Cousins.

    More people Hilary has worked with while in Sweden

    Max Martin & Shellback Camp
    Tove Lo
    Elina Stridh
    Jason Gill
    Oscar Ozgo
    Chris Barba
    Ilya Salmanzadeh
    Oscar Holter

    Jet lag recording... #swedenKissing face with closed eyes

    Uh oh. I'm on sleeeep!!! Day 3 recording in #sweden lovin it Heavy black heart️

    #studio time w/ @jsongill he's alriiight 😛 #stillinsweden

    #Stockholm #syndrome #redlip @Face Without Mouth

    In the studio today with up and coming songwriter from Sweden Nadia Nair

    Meeting fans Stockholme

    Stopping by Sony Sweden

    Instagram Twitter

    I just need her album nowww. Happy she ditched the indie folk sound though.

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    More than 30 years after Tobe Hooper's Poltergeist frightened audiences, Director Gil Kenan conjures up a reboot that is expected to live up to the legacy of the original.

    The film will star Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell as parents who seek the help of a clairvoyant and paranormal researcher played by Jared Harris. Harris takes over the iconic role as the "cleaner" played by Zelda Rubinstein in the original. The film also stars Jane Adams.

    "Unlike the traditional horror film, I wanted to put together a cast to give weight and reality to these characters. It's the way to anchor the family," says Kenan. "It's such an emotional story at the core. Parents fighting to get their child back from the beyond."

    Kenan says that although the original film gave subtle references to the idea that television culture is getting out of control, this idea will be featured more in his 2015 version because of smart phones and tablets.

    Strange occurrences happened during and after the filming of the original 1982 film. These incidents became known as The Poltergeist Curse. For more info on the curse, click here.

    Kenan seems not to be scared of the possibility of a curse surrounding the reboot, and says, "This is why I showed up. How great. You go through life looking for a curse. And here’s the opportunity to step right into one and make a movie. I have been trying to catch a curse since I was like 11."

    He goes on to say that a paranormal occurrence did happen during the filming, "I honest to God rented a house that was haunted. I have never been in a haunted house. But there was a woman ghost in the house I rented while I made this movie. She liked me so there was never a problem. I was conscientious of it. There was a third floor that was locked and we did not have the key to. But as we walked past it, my daughter would casually point and say. ‘That’s where the ghost lives.’ And I believed her. I felt her the whole time. And people outside would ask sometimes if there was a woman staying in the house. They would see a woman in a black dress going up and down the stairs. It was super crazy and real.”

    Poltergeist will be released in 3-D on July 24, 2015


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    • Former 'The Following' actor Nico Tortorella has been cast in a new HBO comedy. Mamma Dallas is about a Texam family who hire a drag queen as a Nanny (Played by Augustus Prew💖).

    • Nico will play Jesse, Liberty's boyfriend, who doesn't want his friends to know that he is dating a drag queen.

    • 12 Years a Slave producer, Dede Gardner, is an executive producer along with Mike White, co-creator of Enlightened.

    Read original at the source

    Will you be watching Mamma Dallas, ONTD?

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    • The cake was made by baker Rosie Dummer from Rosie Cake Diva, and it already garnered so much attention from the rabid fans of the movie and books.

    • Rosie didn't base Christian Grey's appearance on Jamie Dornan, however, she based it on her imagination of what Mr. Grey would look like based on E.L. James's description of him. "My team member Annabel, who made the head, was not trying to model Jamie Dornan at all but was basing him on the character from the book, who is ginger and a little more rugged."

    • The cake for Christian Grey "is composed of white chocolate ganache and sugar paste with a Genoese sponge."

    video | mtv.co.uk

    why does Christian looks like he came from the set of The Walking Dead tho?

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    So this list is basically something that came out of boredom after marathoning America's Next Top Model during a blizzard. The show is a hot mess now and has been for a while but there was a time when it was genuinely entertaining and a lot of people can rattle off a few of their favorite contestants. So I decided to come up with a ranking of the winners from all 21 cycles. This ranking was not done by personal preference and instead done using math (assigning points to call out order, challenge wins, etc.) because sometimes math is fun and at the very least it is objective.

    21. Whitney Thompson (Cycle 10)
    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'10"
    From: Atlantic Beach, FL
    International Destination: Rome, Italy
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 54

    When you ask most ANTM viewers who the worst winner of all time is the two most common answers you'll get are either Saleisha or Whitney. Well, it looks like half of them are right. Whitney's win was pretty ridiculous and obvious all at the same time. Even before hearing the gossip about show producers approaching Whitney (who had previously not been a plus-sized model) to gain weight to be on the show people had been calling for a plus-sized winner for years. On top of that this cycle was just a few after Tyra's whole "KISS MY FAT ASS" ordeal. What makes this win shitty is not only that their have been better plus size models in the series but this cycle produced some amazing contestants including arguably the most successful ANTM alum Fatima Siad. Anyway Whitney came up with the lowest score by a longshot. To point out how much of a joke her win is, Cycle 10 runner up Anya Kopp's score was so high that it actually would have made her #5 on this list if she was a winner (Anya also never appeared in the bottom two). That's right, Whitney's runner up performed better than 16 cycle winners. Anyway since her time on Top Model Whitney has modeled for Fashion Bug (which I think has since gone out of business), Torrid and Jacksonville Magazine. She attempted to launch a line of candles that I'm pretty sure no one bought and also recently decided to open a restaurant despite having no experience in the field whatsoever which I'm sure will end well for her.

    20. Nicole Linkletter (Cycle 5)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'9" 1/2
    From: Grand Forks, ND
    International Destination: London, England
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 67.67

    Nicole Linkletter is probably more known for her complaining during ANTM and for the whole Granola / Red Bull argument than she is for her actual photos. Nicole did alright once the competition moved to their international location but it's worth pointing out that she never won a single challenge. This is another case of the runner-up (Nik Pace) performing better than the winner consistantly in the competition in both photos (3 first call-outs compared to Nicoles 2) and challenge wins (2 vs 0). The judges would eventually say that Nicole was chosen as the winner because they wanted a "more high fashion" winner this cycle. Post show she ended up working for a little bit in Asia before she ended up modeling for Forever 21 five years ago which is the last real update to her wiki.

    19. Adrianne Curry (Cycle 1)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'10" 1/2
    From: Joliet, IL
    International Destination: Paris, France
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 69.4

    In all fairness there was really not much of a chance of Adrianne getting a very high ranking due to the first cycle of the series being a short one so she didn't have as many opportunities for challenge wins and photo shoots (though the scoring did make adjustments due to cycle lengths). Adrianne is often called the forgotten winner since Tyra basically never talks about her and she made noise about not receiving the prizes that she was entitled to. There's not a whole lot else to say about Adrianne because she's probably been the most visible winner due to her time on The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady which followed her relationship with The Brady Bunch alum Christopher Knight. The couple divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage and Adrianne is now probably best known as a comic con staple.

    18. Danielle Evans (Cycle 6)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'11"
    From: Little Rock, AR
    International Destination: Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 79.33

    Danielle Evans, known as Dani Evans post win, was a fan favorite during her cycle. She's also the second person on the list to never win a challenge. During her cycle the judges questioned if she would ever be able to be a CoverGirl due to her accent and the gap in her teeth... Dani got the last laugh though being one of the few contestants to actually have her CoverGirl contract renewed and have ads that were seen outside of commercials during ANTM's airing. Since the show she's walked during New York Fashion Weeks a few times as well as done work for Victoria's Secret and Baby Phat.

    17. Laura James (Cycle 19 - College Edition)

    Age (at win): 21
    Height: 6'0"
    From: Cambridge, NY
    International Destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 81.27

    I'm going to be perfectly honest... I remember next to nothing about this cycle other than the fact that it brought in Social Media Scoring and their whole stupid point system which is incedibly frustrating and makes no sense whatsoever. Anyway Laura is the daughter of Dynast star John James and a former Miss World runner-up Denise Coward. According to Wiki she is a certified pilates instructer and the face of the ANTM fragrance which I have never actually seen in a store or seen an ad for outside of ANTM so way to go Laura.

    16. Yoanna House (Cycle 2)

    Age (at win): 23
    Height: 5'11" 1/2
    From: Jacksonville, FL
    International Destination: Milan, Italy
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 83.91

    Looking back at cycle 2 Yoanna has a pretty obvious winner's edit as a lot of time is spent talking about her deep love of fashion and her struggle to lose 50 lbs so that she could fulfill her dream of being a model. Her body was talked about constantly (pointing out that her body needed considerable work after not booking any go-sees) and Camille trying to start a rumor that Yoanna was bulemic. Ultimately Yoanna came out on top and even took a picture that's often ranked as one of the best in the show's history (it's the pic on the left in case you were wondering). Post series she had a gig hosting a short lived series called Queen Bees and did some other hosting gigs. It doesn't seem like she's done a lot of work in the past few years but her win was 11 years ago which is a ridiculously long time in model years so it's understandable. She also had a son in 2008.

    15. CariDee English (Cycle 7)

    Age (at win): 21
    Height: 5'11"
    From: Fargo, ND
    International Destination: Barcelona, Spain
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 86.67

    CariDee was probably best known during her cycle for being kind of a cornball and having poor impulse control. Case in point her joking with Nigel Barker about if he removed the stick out of his ass since the last panel almost ended up costing her the competition. However despite going way over the top and making ridiculous faces on the runway during the final challenge she came out the winner over control freak Melrose after Melrose was unable to regain her composure after Cari "accidentally" tore her dress. Cari has actually worked a lot post win both on the runway and with a few hosting gigs on TV... though the thing you have probably seen her in the most is a PSA for psoriasis.

    14. Lisa D'Amato (Cycle 17 - All-Stars)

    Age (at win): 30
    Height: 5'9"
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    International Destination: Crete, Greece
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 88.62

    I debated whether or not to include Lisa because she really only won by default after actual All-Stars winner Angelea Preston was stripped of her title due to having previously worked as an escort. So Lisa was crowned winner in a re-taping - meaning that fan favorite Allison Harvard has officially lost out on the ANTM title three times - making her the oldest winner on the list. Best known for peeing in a diaper as a joke during her original cycle she hasn't done much modeling since her win (though it is worth noting that she did work quite a bit between Cycle 5 and Cycle 17). She has a YouTube channel and apparently still makes music (you might remember her song "Ace of Spades" back from the days of MySpace). Anyway she married a rich guy and gave birth to her son Dax in 2013.

    13. Eva Pigford (Cycle 3)

    Age (at win): 19
    Height: 5'6"
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    International Destination: Tokyo, Japan
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 90.5

    You would think that the shortest winner of the series would come from the short cycle because you know that would make actual sense but the shortest ANTM winner ever was actually Eva the Diva. After dropping Tyra as her manager in 2006 she also dropped her last name, Pigford, and decided to be known professionally as Eva Marcille. She also shifted from modeling to acting landing a gig on The Young and the Restless. She has some kind of horror mini-series coming out this year and had a baby a year ago.

    12. Saleisha Stowers (Cycle 9)

    Age (at win): 21
    Height: 5'10"
    From: Los Angeles, CA
    International Destination: Shanghai and Beijing, China
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 93.17

    To be perfectly honest I was shocked to find out that Saleisha was this high on the list because I thought she was really terrible on the show. As previously mentioned, Saleisha is often considered by fans to be one of, if not the, worst winners of the series. In addition to some generally lackluster photos and not the greatest attitude (although to be fair a lot of people would probably bitch if they were given her makeover) she knew Tyra. Not only had she attended Tyra's "self-esteem" camp but she had modeled on both The Tyra Show and in Cycle 6 of Top Model. Her eligibility was further questioned since right before appearing on the series she was in a national campaign for Wendy's which is against the rules of the show... but the final interpretation is up to Tyra and Tyra wanted Saleisha to win so there you have it. She is another winner that has decided to make the jump from model to actress post-win and got a gig on All My Children. She also now goes by Sal .

    11. Brittani Kline (Cycle 16)

    Age (at win): 19
    Height: 5'10" 1/2
    From: Beech Creak, PA
    International Destination: Marrakech, Morocco
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 93.62

    Brittani Kline is the redemption story winner of Top Mode. During her cycle she got into a fight with fellow contestant Alexandria that was witnessed by Nigel Barker (who was also the photographer during the shoot) and the client. Her piss poor attitude was brought up during judging and she was chastised for it. The argument landed her in the bottom two and Tyra said she wanted to kick her out for said attitude problem but she was "overruled" by the rest of the panel (surejan.gif). In the end the girl that Tyra wanted nothing more than to go home ended up winning it all. Since her series wrapped Brittani decided to go back to college where she is studying both the Spanish language and English writing. She's all for taking modeling jobs if they happen but has decided writing is her true passion. She's scheduled to graduate next year.

    10. Keith Carlos (Cycle 21 - Guys vs Girls 2.0)

    Age (at win): 26
    Height: 6'1"
    From: Bridgeport, CT
    International Destination: Seoul, South Korea
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 94

    Keith is the current reigning winner of America's Next Top Model and the only guy to ever hold the title. While his overall performance was incredibly inconsistant and he seemed to be held to a different set of standards than the rest of the potentials (his picture on the right was actual praised by Tyra while another model in a similar pose was chastised for looking dead). Ultimately the former Philadelphia Eagles player won pretty much because Tyra was thirsty for him.

    We see through your bullshit Tyra...

    9. Ann Ward (Cycle 15)

    Age (at win): 19
    Height: 6'2"
    From: Dallas, TX
    International Destination: Venice, Milan, Verona and Como, Italy
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 102.7

    Ann was another obvious winner from the moment that she appeared on the show. Although she receivied a ton of criticism and outrage pre-series for having "the tiniest waist ever" the 6'2" Texan native would go on to have top photo six times which is the most out of any winner. Despite her great performance in photoshoots she never won a single challenge. The "high fashion cycle" winner took some pretty nice pictures post-series but hasn't done much since 2013 outside of talk about comic books on her Twitter.

    8. Naima Mora (Cycle 4)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'9" 1/2
    From: Detroit, MI
    International Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 109.8

    The soft spoken former ballerina almost seemed to come out of nowhere with her win during initial viewing. She earned her spot by tying for the winner with most challenge wins (four) and is another one who kicked up her photos once they reached their international destination. Naima actually worked just about everywhere immediately after her win from doing ads for Wal-Mart to walking in New York Fashion Week. Like a lot of the other girls though she then shifted from modeling to acting and also making music. She had a band called Chewing Pics until they disbanded in 2009 and she then joined Galaxy of Tar. She's returned to modeling though she still makes music and also wrote a book called Model Behavior

    7. Sophie Sumner (Cycle 18 - British Invasion)

    Age (at win): 21
    Height: 5'9"
    From: Oxford, England
    International Destination: Macau and Hong Kong, China
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 113.4

    During cycle 18 the girls weren't only competing US vs UK but new models vs old as all of the UK contestants had previously been featured on Britain's Next Top Model. Sophie's win actually came as a surprise to me, not because she did poorly during the competition (in fact, Sophie never appeared in the bottom two), but just because I thought Tyra would never crown someone that she didn't "discover" as the winner. Since her win she's done some print work and also walked in a show on Asia's Next Top Model which I believe makes her the only contestant to appear in three incarnations of the series. Her makeover during cycle 18 is also what inspired Helen Mirren to temporarily dye her hair pink.

    6. Jaslene Gonzalez (Cycle 8)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'8"
    From: Chicago, IL
    International Destination: Sydney, Australia
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 113.5

    Having auditioned for cycle 7 but ultimately not making the cut Jaslene came back to take it all a few months later. Jaslene ended the series with four first top photos and having never once landed in the bottom two. She was also one of the few girls to renew her CoverGirl contract and found some success outside the series walking in New York Fashion Week several times for a number of designers. She was also featured on the cover of Nylon in Mexico and in Marie Claire in India.

    5. Teyona Anderson (Cycle 12)

    Age (at win): 20
    Height: 5'9" 1/2
    From: Woodstown, NJ
    International Destination: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Come to Brazil......                                                          
                                                              Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 115
    When this cycle first aired I thought Teyona's win was complete bullshit since I was rooting for runner-up Allison Harvard the entire time but when I went to make this post and looked through her photos she really didn't take any bad pictures. She ended up with top photo three times and won two challenges. She's done a ton of work in South Africa in both print and runway and has since changed her name to Asia Anderson.

    4. Jourdan Miller (Cycle 20 - Guys vs Girls)

    Age (at win): 19
    Height: 6'1"
    From: Bend, OR
    International Destination: Bali, Indonesia
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 122

    Jourdan Miller was married at eighteen and divorced at eighteen. If you watched any of the first Guys vs Girls cycle you might remember this because she mentioned it at least once every fucking episode and would talk about it as if this happened decades ago and had given her such wisdom when in reality it was just the year prior. Anyway she performed well in an overall pretty lackluster cycle so she ended up earning this spot by being the best in a mediocre bunch. It's kind of like saying you're the fastest one at solving problems in a remedial math class... impressive in your group but not so much in the grand scheme of things. She had a few good pictures, like the one on the right, but this was the year Tyra discovered gifs so everything moved like it was a Hogwarts portrait and overall things were embarrassing. Since winning Jourdan has had a couple of magazine covers in Malaysia.

    3. McKey Sullivan (Cycle 11)

    Age (at win): 19
    Height: 6'0"
    From: Lake Forest, IL
    International Destination: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 123.2

    McKey, whose real name was Brittany but this was one of the Cycles where Tyra decided people couldn't have the same name even though sometimes she doesn't seem to give a shit, Sullivan is another winner who never once appeared in the bottom two. During the show she also booked all of her go-sees despite being disqualified from winning the challenge due to getting back to the location late. McKey, who has previously been named one of People's Most Beautiful People found work in both runway and print after the show and was one of two ANTM alums to walk for Mr. Jay's clothing line which is apparently a thing that exists. She gave birth to a daughter in 2013.

    2. Krista White (Cycle 14)

    Age (at win): 24
    Height: 5'9" 1/2
    From: Pine Bluff, AR
    International Destination: Auckland and Queenstown, New Zealand
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 126.9

    So... awkward... I really don't remember a whole lot about this cycle other than Angelea being all bitch I work at a bank and them doing a photo shoot in the Shire. That being said just looking at the numbers Krista clearly earned her space. She's tied with Naima for most challenge wins (four), had top photo four weeks in a row and never once landed in the bottom two. It's also worth noting that for a series that has a tendancy of sending girls home for being "too old" Krista is the oldest winner to ever win a regular cycle of Top Model. Post series she's modeled for Betsey Johnson.

    1. Nicole Fox (Cycle 13 - The Short Cycle)

    Age (at win): 18
    Height: 5'7"
    From: Louisville, CO
    International Destination: Maui, HA
    Point Total (based on call-outs/challenges): 132.2

    As previously stated despite being the winner from the short cycle of ANTM, Nicole is not the shortest winner (that title goes to Eva) however she is the youngest winner. Nicole had top photo three times and like a few other winners on the list never fell into the bottom two. She's also done a pretty good amount of work post series modelling for Steve Madden and House of Harlow to name a few. She's also recently jumped from model to actress most recently starring in the 2014 film Redlands where her performance was praised by critics.

    Source: Me, Excel and Wikipedia

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    Natalie attended the EE British Academy Awards Nominees party in London this saturday. This week she was pictured walking in London in casual clothing sans makeup.



    The outfit is cute, but I'm not a fan of the boots

    source 1, source 2

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    Rob Pattinson will be coattailing joining Mia Wasikowska and Guy Pearce in the upcoming Western thriller Brimstone. No details are known at this time, other than his role is called "Outlaw."

    Patts is no stranger to his costars: he played alongside Pearce in The Rover and Wasikowska in Maps to the Stars.

    Synopsis:Brimstone is a suspenseful tale of guilt and retribution that unfolds in America at the end of the 19th century. A dark, violent and epic western/thriller about a young woman (and her family) whose lives change drastically when a new preacher comes to town. The story, told in four chapters, shows us how the young woman has to fight for her life and those of her loved ones, but also portrays the horrible past that led up to these events.


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    Nick Cannon, whom you may better know as host of the 2005 Kids' Choice Awards, has never been afraid to speak out about his relationship with Mariah Carey. But now, it seems he wants nothing to do with his ex. The former The Nick Cannon Show star (2002-2003) recently "flipped out" at Chris Paul's L.A. charity bowling tournament at AMF Bowl-o-Drome on Jan. 8. when one of Mariah's songs was played. According to a close source, "Nick looked irritated -- he was cringing. He had a publicist go over to the DJ and demand he stop playing Mariah's tracks."

    In September 2014, Nick posted in a series of messages to his Twitter account,"What infuriates me most is to hear people slander @MariahCarey. I will forever be in debted to her for blessing me with our children."



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    Showtime in 5 minutes. Drop other streams if you have em.

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    "What Happened and What's Going On" S05/EP09
    After the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour could be the solution they've been waiting for.

    Here are the first 2 minutes in case you missed it:

    The cast is answering questions right now! #AskTWD


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    Source: http://youtu.be/M3s1ZYl4AS8
    Madonna with her dates Nas & Diplo as her dates


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    Poor Igloo Australia can't even order a cheese pizza without getting into a new feud.  The pear-shaped marble mouth is none too pleased with American pizza chain Papa John's after one of their drivers gave her personal phone number to his friends and family.

    Rather than have her people handle this gross violation of pizza privacy (like a normal celebrity would), Iggy cracked her knuckles and started Tweeting again.  "It's always helped resolve issues in the past," she probably said.


    kydeon posted the Twitter response from Papa John's in the comments. It looks like their social media expert is just as professional as their delivery drivers!

    Pizza post, ontd?

    SOURCE: Iggy Azalea Twitter

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    Behind The Scenes

    Go behind the scenes for a look at Better Call Saul – AMC’s new original series from the creators of Breaking Bad.

    The characters of Better Call Saul

    The cast and crew of Better Call Saul introduce fans to the characters of the new series.

    Catch the two-night series premiere of Better Call Saul, Sun., Feb 8 at 10/9c and Mon., Feb 9 at 10/9c!



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  • 02/08/15--18:28: Martyrs remake is back on

  • A few years ago the producers of Twilight were planning a remake of Martyrs. The producer said he would like to see Kristen Stewart as the lead and the director promised a happier ending (not joking, look it up). Then that fell through apparently.

    Now it's set to be remade from the producers of Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring. The following poster appeared at Fantastic Fest.


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    Time to be brave. Watch the all-new #Insurgent TV spot! Tickets on-sale 2/25, in theaters 3/20. https://t.co/UVYpPBz7C2

    — Insurgent (@Divergent) February 9, 2015


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