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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Things are looking up. Please don't fuck this up showrunner people.

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    Complex posted this with the caption, "Could it be?"

    complex twitta

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    A decision in favor of same-sex marriage in Alabama will allow hundreds of people to carry out free marriages next week in Huntsville, AL. The event is being called 'Wedding Week'.

    Starting on Feb. 9th, ordained volunteers will marry anyone for free during the entire week, outside the Madison County Courthouse. Couples have to get a marriage license inside the courthouse first.

    You can read the rest of the article at the source.

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    Is my problematic queen coming to slay with Ice Princess? It's being spun on radios a lot.


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    Ann Mara, aged 85, slipped on ice in front of her home on two weeks ago and had been in hospital since. The family had hoped for a full recovery, but complications made that unlikely. She passed away Sunday morning.

    Rooney was reportedly "downcast" in between filming a new film, 'Secret Scripture' the day after.




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    To no one's particular surprise, BBC One's moderate hit, The Musketeers, has been officially renewed for a third series as of yesterday. The announcement also promised that, due to the fact that the show can financially support itself, the network plans to come back for another series with "improved value for the license fee payer." This is hopefully implying that they know their fanbase, because nudity is free and, therefore, a great value.

    A quick reminder that this week's episode was bumped for rugby, which should serve as a hint to the BBC that moving the show from its cozy Sunday spot to a Friday one was a mistake since it's chopped up the series and made it hard for viewership to grow (or to even be maintained). But the show will return with an Athos-heavy story on February 13th just in time for Valentine's Day (you're welcome).

    bad girl

    Next up is an interview with Maimie McCoy who argues that her character shouldn't be simplistically labelled as a "bad girl," but rather that she feels she's earned a certain amount of empathy from the audience, saying: "I think whenever there's a character who's had that much abuse and heartbreak in their past, you should start to feel some kind of empathy towards them, or an understanding." She also teases what's next for her character in the series: "[S]he goes to a place which I don't think a lot of people will expect... so it's brilliant for her on that level. It takes her so far away from that initial 'She's kick-ass and she's bad and we love to hate her', which seems a bit corny in my book. I'm trying to make her really visceral and fragile and complicated."

    Finally, for those of us wondering if the most-anticipated Angry Sex of the century (so far) will happen, the answer is... probably:

    "It's fascinating - that meeting in the forest was not expected from [either her or Athos], so there wasn't enough time to process anything. But I think she relishes - having been thrown out with her tail between her legs - that she can come back and she uses it to taunt Athos in many ways, but also they're constantly drawn back together. It's about trust with those two. There's various moments where they experiment with trying to trust each other and if they can do that, if they can believe what the other's saying, almost to get onto a path of forgiveness. It surprises them as well because it's not what they're expecting to happen. Her allegiance changes so much through this series as a means to survive - that survival instinct is very powerful within her and it brings her into contact quite a lot with Athos.Their relationship becomes even more painful and more raw than they've explored before. There are a lot of truths which neither of them particularly want to face, but they have to."

    She goes on to pretend that Milady might actually be attracted to the King which, girl. No. But then carries on by side-eyeing the art direction that had her looking fresh n' fabulous while in the thieves' camp: "Well, I mean, it's family BBC. To be honest, if I'd had it my way, it wouldn't have looked like that. But that's telly for you! I did find an old fork in the tent and I decided that's what I would've stuck in the fire and curled my hair on… But it's The Musketeers so, come on, everyone's very glossy! I don't think they'd allow me to do my 'full Jimmy McGovern' on this show!"

    She'd also like to let Peter Capaldi know she's out of work at the moment (so... not coming back for Series 3?) and would happily work with him again on Doctor Who.

    Anyway, the interview goes on for a bit and she seems pretty cool, so I'd recommend reading it in full without my intervention.

    How did you guys enjoy the God soup episode?

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    Plot: "The strippers take a road trip from Tampa to Myrtle Beach for a stripping convention."


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    Sources: Video, Images

    Sorry! Video should work now!

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    Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks is coming clean about his love for the Rihanna. The football stud spoke with E! News exclusively during the Super Bowl Weekend.

    "She is pretty and cute. She is self-made as far as getting herself off that island. She is successful. I heard she has a crazy aura and people's energy are just drawn to her and she has the ability to attract other people's energy."

    How would he romance her?

    "I always imagined I would see her at a club and go over there with full confidence and go up to her," he explained. "I am just trying to put a smile on her face….If I took her on a date, I'd probably take her go-cart racing cause I am a kid at heart."

    "We for sure have to eat," he added. "I would take her to one of my favorite steak places. Del Friscos is pretty good."

    "If you have a weave, I mean everyone wears them but please don't let it look like you have it in your hair," he advised. "That is a no-no. I can't do that! "

    Over a year ago, Rihanna called Kendricks her MCM (Man Crush Monday) after a tough game. Just this week, Kendricks made Rihanna his WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)!

    He says, "We had just lost the day before. We were out of the playoffs and it was really sad around the facility because we were doing so good and we showed lots of promise and then we lost"

    "[Then] this Rihanna post happened to me and I was not sad and mad and upset or however they were feeling. I was the complete opposite."


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    Liza (Sutton Foster) is a 40-year-old recently divorced mother looking to get a job, which proves difficult for a woman of her age. After a compliment from a much younger man, she decides to get a makeover, courtesy of her friend Maggie (Debi Mazar), in order to look like she is in her mid-twenties. Ultimately, she becomes an assistant to Diana (Miriam Shor) in a publishing firm, who pairs her with co-worker Kelsey (Hilary Duff).

    Youtube, Younger Facebook

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    She’s an actress whose time has come, the performance of her career. Except… no one seems to be all that happy for her, and certainly not those who’ve worked with her, especially the actor who worked with her on this particular film. He keeps telling people that she’s that good because she’s actually that horrible – cold, mean, unforgiving, not generous. Which is why you hardly ever saw them promoting together. It was evident on the press circuit initially too… but the excuse then, or the one people kept giving her, was hormones. She was a bitch about her interview camera angles. She was constantly unpleasant, impatient, and dismissive. And this, apparently, is her natural state.

    popular guess:

    actress Rosamund Pike
    actor Ben Affleck
    movie Gone Girl


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    Last week, there were posts floating around everywhere except ONTD regarding Joss stating Comic Book movies are sexist and Fox has the best female characters.

    “There is genuine, recalcitrant, intractable sexism, and old-fashioned quiet misogyny that goes on. You hear ‘Oh, female superheroes don’t work because of these two bad ones that were made eight years ago’. There’s always an excuse.”

    “Hunger Games is a different structure and aesthetic to a certain extent, but these narratives where people are bigger than life and they’re in these terrible, heightened circumstances, it’s all part of the same genre.”

    “Marvel is in a position of making a statement simply by making [a female-led] movie, which I think would be a good thing to do. But it has to be a good movie, it has to be a good character, and most of the best characters in Marvel are owned by Fox, let’s face it!”

    Well, turns out those comments were made six months ago, before the announcement by Marvel regarding Black Panter and Captain Marvel.

    Now Joss is rethinking his original statements and has a lot to say.

    “I sounded very harsh, and then Marvel announced, ‘We’re going to make Captain Marvel. We’re going to make Black Panther. We’re going to shake it up.’ I was just like, great! Now I just sound mean and bitter. But, you know, there’s a lot to be mean and bitter about.”

    “That’s something [Captain Marvel] that Kevin Feige has been working on for a while. And I obviously was a cheerleader, but he had to get all the ducks in a row and get all the minds in agreement. I think being a part of Disney maybe makes it easier, because they’re open to it. And Marvel now is in a position to shake up its own paradigm, because it’s got such a success record.

    Honestly, you know, Guardians might have helped it, just because that was outside what was considered to be their box and did so well that. Let’s put it this way: If a raccoon can carry a movie, then they believe maybe even a woman can.”

    “The X-Men was the next evolution of the Marvel paradigm back when I was reading it. And, you know, because of the metaphor — they were dealing with these oppressed people, so there really wasn’t a gender bias in the books. As soon as Marvel Girl became Phoenix, the most powerful person in the universe, everything was on the table. It was all multicultural and there was no real question of gender in the book. Now, you can look at it and say, ‘Well, this attitude is dated.’ I’m sure that’s the case if I went back to them. But the fact is it was kind of a utopia. I didn’t know it at the time, because I just assumed that’s how things should be done.

    I do remember very specifically my best friend and I trying to find a girl in the comic books to have a crush on because we were that desperately nerdy. We were like, well, there was that one girl in that one issue of Swamp Thing who seemed cool. Literally. We were fighting over the girl from the one issue of Swamp Thing for our pretend girlfriend. And then Kitty Pryde came along.”

    “I’ll say one other thing. I don’t want to sound like I’m just dissing on my tribe. The source material is great, but ultimately, we know we can only draw on the resonance of the stuff that we knew as kids for so long. It’s about whether or not they come to life in the movies. That’s still the storytelling thing. That’s why I’m excited to go and create something that isn’t based on resonance, because then, you have to earn it more.”

    Source 1, Source 2

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    Trina is set to appear in a season two episode, Girl Meets Hurricane. For some reason, Shawn's still seeing Ghost!Chet so Blake Clark is also coming back. And William Russ is directing the episode.

    Variety, Ben Savage's Twitter

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    Shakira left the hospital a few days after giving birth to baby boy, Sasha Piqué Mebarak.

    Lionel Messi, girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo and baby boy Thiago enjoyed some quality time in Parador Canaro, Andorra today.

    Hermoso día en la nieve con mis dos amores/ beautiful day with my two loves❄️⛄️

    sources: 010203

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    Rita Ora and Jennifer Hudson have been given guest roles on Fox's hit new series, Empire.

    The show is an hour-long drama and revolves around two hip hop music-production moguls, played by Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. Averaging more than 10 million viewers each week, Empire is officially a huge hit and has already been renewed for a second season after just four episodes.

    It's likely that Ora and Hudson will be playing themselves. Producers tried setting up a guest spot for Iggy Azalea, but scheduling conflicts wouldn't allow it.


    Are you watching Empire, ONTD?

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    The wait is almost over! Releasing my collab with @quayaustralia February 14th! ❤// wearing "Vesper" from my line, in the shot above! 👆😎 #thisshitQuay

    I'm in the same position in my bed at home but it doesn't feel the same... 😩 #goinggoingbackbacktobalibali

    Sunday's are for snuggling... even if it's your teddy bear... Night night 💋✨

    @bigshot and I are basically two big kids.

    Had so much fun on the @meredithshow ! Check out #YouTubeShay tomorrow for a behind the scenes look backstage while I answer your questions ☺️ Oh and incase you were wondering, we're drinking CAESARS aka Canada's version of a Bloody Mary 🍹🍁


    sources: 1&2

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