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    St. Louis Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, who also owns the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, announced plans to build an 80,000 seat stadium in Inglewood, a suburb of Los Angeles. Even though the NFL has prevented any team moving to the country's largest market outside of New York, Kroenke's bid is the first time an existing team owner has controlled a site large enough for a stadium. The stadium could also house soccer or basketball teams. While the NFL says there will be no relocations for the 2015 season, Kroenke's proposal would not require tax dollars and could be ready as soon as 2018.

    Ever wonder what it would be like for a NFL player to sweep you off your feet? Have impure thoughts while watching the Broncos pummel their opponents? If you're yearning for something to satisfy your thirst for fiction, sports, and "action", look no further than A Gronking to Remember by Lacey Noonan. Promising "a super-sexy, sex-filled story of wanton lust with a super-sexy, sex-filled happy ending," this 38 page novella was published December 31st, 2014 and is already #782 in Paid in Kindle Store AND #1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Erotica > Paranormal. It is available for the Kindle price of $2.51 and also available on Amazon Prime, so you can enjoy sexy surprises with free shipping.

    Official Description:

    Leigh has a serious problem. And it’s driving a “spike” between her and her husband Dan.

    When Leigh wanders into the room where her husband and his friends are watching a football game, her life changes forever, because at that exact moment, NFL’s one-man wrecking ball, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, scores a touchdown and does his patented “Gronk Spike”—his notorious monster smashing of a football. When the ball shoots into the stratosphere, Leigh’s heart goes apitter-patter and she becomes seriously turned on.

    Now normally-sheepish Leigh can’t stop thinking about it. She’d never given a second thought to football, but now the primal power of the Gronk Spike, and this raw monster of a man, Rob Gronkowski, is all that she wants, and she’ll stop at nothing until the romance of a lifetime is hers!

    Find out the lengths people will go to fulfill their fantasies in this super-sexy, sex-filled story of wanton lust with a super-sexy, sex-filled happy ending.

    If you read one book about Rob Gronkowski this year, make it “Growing Up Gronk.” But if you read two books about Rob Gronkowski this year, make the second one “A Gronking to Remember!”

    Warning: Contains some sexually graphic scenes as well as the misuse of American footballs that will leave you wet, hard and everything in between. Sports!

    ONTD, what football players tickle your pickle?



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    lmfao this is killing me

    Behind the scenes vid


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    Rah-Rah Raisins: Hearty oatmeal cookies packed with plump raisins and Greek yogurt-flavored chunks. Made with whole grain oats.
    Toffee-tastic (gluten free): Indulgently rich, buttery cookies with sweet, crunchy golden toffee bits.
    Trios (gluten free): Chocolate chips nestled in a gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie. Made with whole grain oats and real peanut butter.

    Not all varieties are available in every market though.

    Source 1, 2

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    Chris Lowell weighed in on the topic of gay stereotypes when talking abt a gay couple in his directorial debut Beside Still Waters.

    'I get very frustrated at how LGBTs are portrayed in movies and on television,' Lowell says. 'Often times, they’re just broad, foppish, loud caricatures.'

    He kept in mind not to use stereotypes when it came to the gay characters in his new film.

    'I wanted to have a character in the film that went against those tropes,' he says. 'On top of that, I didn’t feel it necessary to explain why he “has to be gay,” which is something, for some stupid reason, that film and television seems to think they need an explanation for.'


    mods i did not copy or paste. i paraphrased and cut a lot of shit out. and there are direct quotes.

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    Twitch has reported that three actors from The Raid and The Raid 2, Iko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman, are all set to appear in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. All three are known for being highly skilled martial artists.


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    -Got married tonight at Cameron's Beverly Hills home in front of 100 guests
    -They started dating last May, and got engaged a few days before Christmas
    -Guests in attendance: Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, Goop, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Reese Witherspoon.

    SOURCE 2

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    - It's totally different but kind of incredible 🌟
    - It's also kind of tragic and sad and beautiful
    - All shows in the current run are sold out, sorry NYC fans
    - Courtney says she's thinking of releasing another single to follow up "You Know My Name"
    - EMPIRE starts on Wednesday and she's featured in the new TV spot

    Source: 12

    When was the last time you performed in an underground pop rock opera, ONTD?

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    David Tennant said that he has talked to Bryan Fuller about starring in Hannibal. "I would love to work with Brian on anything - I think he's a rare talent- so it would be lovely if something worked out. But there's no immediate plans."

    "We had talked about David being a guest star in season two," said Bryan Fuller. "Once again, it's a schedule issue. He was filming the American Broadchurch for our dates in season two, and he's also a very busy man, so it's about finding that window... I love David Tennant, I think he's a wonderful talent and I've been dying to work with him for many years now, so one way or another it's going to happen."


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    Fox's long-gestating Gambit solo film starring Channing Tatum film finally has a release date - Oct. 7, 2016. The film will come a mere three months after the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.


    Will you watch Channing as Gambit, ONTD?

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    -The thigh gap was posted to Urban Outfitters' UK website
    -The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ordered UO to remove the image
    -Statement from ASA: ""We considered that the model was very thin, and noted, in particular, that there was a significant gap between the model’s thighs, and that her thighs and knees were a similar width."
    -UO's response was that the model is not underweight and has a 23.5" waist

    The gap in question:

    SOURCE 2

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    the new campaign was shot by mert and marcus last year.

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  • 01/06/15--14:37: Introducing LJ Maps!
  • Hi ONTD! LiveJournal recently launched a new way to explore all over the world - LJ Maps!

    Use the map to submit stories and photos from concerts you’ve been to or celebrities you’ve sighted. You can also use LJ maps to view photos of various cities, parks, beaches, historical landmarks and other attractions around the world!

    To celebrate the launch of LJ Maps, LiveJournal is giving away limited-time, special V-gifts to anyone who adds one of their entries to the map. You can find more details over at lj_maps, and read more about how to use the map in the LJ Maps FAQ.

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    • returning to his trademark style of having a strong female protagonist
    • it won't star penélope cruz or antonio banderas
    • he thinks american tv series are the closest thing to reality right now


    thanks for reading the most important film news of the year

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    -Bradley said in a recent interview: "“Of course I have [thought about having kids],” he said. “I really hope I have that experience in my life. I saw how much joy fatherhood gave my own dad. So I hope it’s part of my journey. You go through stages in your life, and fatherhood seems like a natural stage.”
    -Bradley wants their relationship to be PRIVATE!!
    -so here are some recent pics of them walking around


    my favorite private moment of theirs is when they were sitting around reading lolita together

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    Despite being one of the busiest people in Hollywood, director/jack-of-all-trades Steven Soderbergh still found time to watch Jaws twice in less than two weeks, sing along to Peter Pan Live!, and get really into Veep and In the Thick of It the way everyone should get really into Veep and In the Thick of It.

    In total, Soderbergh "watched 122 movies and 214 TV episodes, read 35 books and [saw] 17 plays (most of which were his own)" (538).

    Below is January 2014. You can find the complete catalogue on Extension 765, Soderbergh's website.

    SEEN, READ 2014
    JAN 05, 2015
    All caps, bold: MOVIE
    All caps: TV SERIES
    All italics: Book
    Quotation marks: "Play"
    Italics, Quotation marks: "Short Story"


    01/04 Want Not, Jonathan Miles,

    01/05 “The Library”

    01/11 HOUSE OF CARDS (5)


    01/12 GIRLS


    01/16 30FOR30: THE PRICE OF GOLD

    01/18 HOUSE OF CARDS (5)

    01/19 HOUSE OF CARDS (2), GIRLS


    01/23 HOUSE OF CARDS

    01/26 Cat Sense, John Bradshaw

    01/27 THE KNICK (3)

    01/28 THE KNICK (3)

    01/29 THE KNICK (4)

    01/30 Roth Unbound, Claudia Pierpoint Roth

    01/31 GIRLS

    Have you been meticulously cataloguing all the pop culture you have consumed in the past week, ONTD?

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    According to this embedded Tweet from a source that is not banned, Covert Affairs has been canceled. :(

    In my own words: Covert Affairs started out pretty legit, but then they wrote out Annie's sister and made Auggie weirdly obsessed with like twenty past lovers its ratings have gone steadily downhill. Unfortunately, the last episode of this season left on a non-Annie/Auggie note (okay, you know what, they actually sucked together, but I still wanted the show to end with them either together or bffls), and there was also a cliffhanger - McQuaid (yaaaaaaas daddy) proposed to Annie, and she never gave a definitive answer! Still no justice for Jai, either.


    What did you want to see happen on Covert Affairs, handful of ONTDers who still watch it?

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    Directed by Guy Richie and starring Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. adapts the classic 1960s TV spy series about a KGB and CIA agent who are forced into a joint mission to stop a nuclear threat.



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    -sophia grace one of the kid duo that ellen forced down our throats after their super bass video went viral has a new single
    -her and her cousin rosie, the blonde one who doesn't do anything, recently had a nick tv movie come out
    -they also have 2 children books out and one is an NYT best seller. plus a doll line
    -raps and sings in this FEMINIST ANTHEM!

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    Kit Harington has repeatedly said that he is not allowed to cut his hair under contractual obligation while he's doing Game of Thrones. The contract being so strict that Kit has had to wear wigs for other roles that require short hair, so what exactly does this mean for Jon Snow....?

    spoilers at SOURCE

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