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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Meghan Trainor

    Jason Derulo

    Ella Henderson

    Iggy Azalea

    Florida Georgia Line


    Charli XCX


    Gavin Degraw

    Elton John

    Lady Antebellum


    Idina Menzel

    One Direction



    Taylor Swift


    Who are you most excited about seeing?

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  • 12/31/14--16:29: WHERE IS MY HOVERBOARD?

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    I don't know what to tag this with.

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  • 12/31/14--17:08: Tabloid Cover New Years Eve
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    source/hayley's twitter

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    This season will also feature a 56-year-old woman who claims to have been married to a 70-foot 60-ton carnival ride. She has named him Bruce. Although they have been married since 1981 she has also previously been involved with a train and a plane. And no I'm not kidding.

    Source:YouTube and also Zap2It
    Way to be behind the times, TLC

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    • Rinko Kikuchi is now married to actor Shōta Sometani.

    • They announced their marriage on Sometani's website on New Year's Day.

    • Who da fuq is dat lucky dude? Sometani plays Shinichi Izumi in the live action movie of Parasyte and will also play Eiji Niizuma in the upcoming live action movie of Bakuman. He also voiced Tanabe-sensei in Wolf Children.

    SOURCE 12

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  • 01/01/15--08:16: more lana st barts candid
  • Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini couldn't wait for the strike of midnight to kiss on New Year's Eve in St Barts.

    The 29-year-old singer appeared spellbound as her 32-year-old beau passionately embraced her near the shoreline Wednesday.

    The two-time Grammy nominee - born Elizabeth Grant - is clearly smitten with her new Italian stallion.


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    source 1 / 2

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    What are your New Year's resolutions, ONTD?

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    Kylie Jenner's busy being the dancing queen, but she needs to wait four more years before she can legally drink. However, the selfie queen and makeup icon is pissed that she isn't allowed to enter clubs even though she is famous.

    In an insider tip, a close family friend said that Kylie and 25 year-old Tyga “love to party together, and Kylie is pissed because she cannot go clubbing on New Year’s Eve like everyone else she knows.”

    The insider added: “She is telling her sisters that it is not fair that she is so famous because she cannot get a fake ID or go out to a club or bar without people automatically knowing who she is.”

    Kylie really, really loves to stay close to her new boyfriend Tyga, and she is deaf to her family's disapproval of their relationship because she believes in true_love_o!nk_ft_lily_allen.mp3. “Her ego has really gotten out of hand lately. She is looking forward to 2015 because she will finally be 18 and will be allowed to do whatever she wants and can finally go public with Tyga since she will be an adult.”


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    Kat Dennings and boyfriend Josh Groban hook arms while enjoying a romantic stroll on Wednesday (December 31) in New York City.

    On the same day, the 28-year-old actress and the 33-year-old singer were seen grabbing a bite to eat together at Bubby’s. Looks like the cute couple will celebrate the new year together!


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    Hilaria Baldwin wrapped up a year of daily yoga poses on Instagram with a surprise move - the exposed bump.

    "The sun has set on 2014 and on my year of daily #hilariaypd ....2015 is going to be very exciting as we are thrilled to announce we are expecting another little addition to our family! (tadasana) #yogapostureoftheday,"the happy mom, 30, captioned the sunset picture.


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    -Has been in Vegas this week performing with Tony Bennett
    -Spotted: engagement ring on New Year's Eve and earlier in the week with Taylor playing craps
    -Someone instagrammed Gaga & Taylor kissing at midnight & the ring is big as hail

    Spies say Gaga, with a low-key security detail, “had a hot hand as a shooter. A small group, including apparent regulars at the table, were cheering her on as she rolled the dice.”

    The “Born This Way” singer was “cheering and hugging Taylor after numerous wins,” we’re told.

    Gaga was overheard exclaiming, “This is the best thing that’s happened all week.”
    The pair called it a night around 2 a.m., when Kinney was seen gathering a large stack of chips.

    -Performed Tuesday with Tony & then met up with Taylor at the craps table
    -wearing an engagement ring?

    Taylor and Gaga have a cheeky little kiss at midnight for New Years Eve😍

    Un vídeo publicado por GOVERNMENT HOOKER (@melaniegermanotta) el


    Link to the instagram video in case the embed doesn't work

    What kind of wedding ring do you want, ONTD?

    Did you kiss your sweetheart at midnight?

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    Britney ringing in the new year with her boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol!

    Many celebs attended the special New Year's Eve show of Britney's Piece of Me residency!

    Miley Cyrus came back


    Sofia Vergara with her new fiance Joe Manganiello was also there. The couple were joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger and his girlfriend Heather Milligan.

    SV, JM, AS, HM and friends, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.JPG

    Additionally, Kelly Clarkson attended the show the night before!

    Britney wore a new lavender wig for her NYE show and the night's Meet and Greet session with fans.

    Show pics and videos

    Happy New Year everyone!!


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    Glee is trying to regain relevance by casting Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong as Brittany's (Heather Morris) parents. Apparently they are a comedic masterclass and watching them perform together is like 'gold'. No word on how many episodes they will be in or what their exact storyline entails.


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    -JLO's much anticipated tour documentary titled "Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again" premiered yesterday on HBO.
    -The film went behind the scenes of her first world tour which visited 65 cities across five continents, reaching more than one million fans.
    -Jen had this to say about her time on the road: “I had just gotten divorced, was a single mom for the first time (and) decided to go tour the world,”.
    - The show also became a chance for her to really sit back and reflect on her life: “Looking at all my music and putting this show together and seeing, ‘Who was I as a person? As an artist? What did I want to say with this show?’ … It was self-reflective,”.
    -The doc included many special moments such as Jennifer's kids missing their father, Jen herself deliberating whether to sign for another season of American Idol, dealing with a dancer leaving mid-tour and also trying to approach her ex Marc Anthony to join her on stage for the tour's final date.

    Did you watch? Fave moments?

    Source: http://www.pressherald.com/2014/12/31/lopez-tour-show-peaks-behind-curtain/

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    She was at Diddy's NYE yacht party.


    She's been in hiding there so I'm glad we finally got some pics.

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    Remember when MMA fighter (and failed porn star) War Machine (born Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver) attacked and raped his exgirlfriend Christy Mack, leaving her with 18 broken bones, missing teeth and a ruptured liver?  The brutal assault (or, attempted murder, as some of us like to call it) took place on August 8, 2014.
    Spending a few minutes on Mack's Instagram page, it would appear that she has recovered well these past few months.  Friends, family and fans raised money to cover her medicial costs.  Doctors have offered their services to Mack for free as well.  She plans to donate the remaining fundraiser money to a women's charity.
    Meanwhile, War Machine is STILL playing the victim behind bars.  Spending the holidays behind bars has caused him to realize how much he cares about the lives of others, like his grandpa's life and his pets' lives and his gym friends' lives, but not the life that he almost took from Mack. Sigh.
    FULL Tweets behind the cut, but here are some tl;dr highlights from this low-life:

    "I can forgive her for cheating, I hope she can forgive me for my wrongs… But I can't forgive her for this. I can't forgive the lies, the exaggerations, and the ongoing threat to my life."

    "Had I not found the girl I loved in bed with another man, perhaps I'd have lost her to cancer after 40 years of marriage, like my grandpa."

    "I'll be over Christy in no time at all, my grandpa will never recover."

    "I dream of my pets often, my pets and the gym… Sorry that daddy is no longer there; sorry that you're short a training partner, a coach, and a student."

    "All that makes me wonder about Hitler and the nazis; what's the truth? Why did America really wait so long to intervene?"

    DEC 28 via Twishort:

    "It is the duty of the historian to restore to the past the options that it once had." -Unknown
    Why do our history books lie so much, doesn't that defeat the purpose? Why is Genghis Khan remembered as nothing more than a mindless, blood thirsty, barbarian...when he was so much more? He was the first "People's Champ"; while the kingdoms and churches of the entire western civilization were burning people at the stake, keeping masses poor and uneducated, and all sorts of ridiculous shit, Genghis was doing the exact opposite. He abolished torture, allowed freedom of religion, he allowed peasants the opportunity for advancement, he held ALL Mongols accountable to the same law, he integrated all races and ethnicities, and, under Kublai, the Mongols even initiated public education for the peasants. Where is the evil barbarism? Sure, he conquered, but every kingdom conquered... What else? You know why they thought him so evil and beast like? Because, the first thing he did upon conquering a people, was kill off the royal family and the nobility. The royalty thought that they were "appointed by God", so to kill them and allow only the "inferior" peasants to live, was the worst crime imaginable. Spreading rumors about the Mongols and horrifying the masses, was big time propaganda. If they didn't spread that fear, the masses would have likely overthrown their kings and joined the Mongols, long before they came knocking at the gates. Genghis' open-minded ness was one of the main reasons he was so successful, he was like a sponge. He learned from every culture he conquered and integrated their strengths into his arsenal. Genghis may have been one of the greatest men who have ever lived, no bullshit, and instead we have him down in the books as a huge villain. If you are interested in learning more check out "Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World" by Weatherford. All that makes me wonder about Hitler and the nazis; what's the truth? Why did America really wait so long to intervene? Why did Time magazine make him "Man of the Year" ? Why did Princeton freshman vote him "the greatest man alive"? While Einstein came in 2nd? I don't know what the truth is, but I believe nothing we are taught 100%. I read a book last month called "Lies My Teachers Told Me" and it exposed all sorts of bullshit inside of our high school history books. Why do the people in power lie so much? Why do they want us to believe that all great things came into existence via Europe? What does it even matter? And what really happened on 9/11? What percent of Americans believe the official story? It's all a bunch of bullshit - shit pisses me off - from Genghis to GMO's - lies, lies, lies! Fuck you! Lying brainwashing fucks! Long live The People's Champ! W.W.G.D.

    DECEMBER 29 via Twishort:

    For the past two days I've been waiting for tonight: store night. It's my weekly mini Christmas, now I'm sitting here with two honey buns and two packs of pop tarts in my stomach…depressed. This is what my life has come to? In the blink of an eye my awesome little life became worthless. The woman who wanted to marry me now actively tries to ruin my life; she even adds lies to an already fucked situation, and she does so without remorse. Throughout my life I may have hurt loved ones while in fits of rage, but I could never even imagine hurting them with premeditation, cold calculation, and lies. That takes a sicker person then I. I get lost in good books, in daydreams… But they always end, leaving only cinderblock walls in their place. Newtonian physics is dead, quantum physics says that solid objects aren't solid at all…Broken down to the molecule…to the atom…to the electron- it's just energy. Then I should be able to find a way to reach right through those cinderblocks, walk right through them… Maybe somewhere, some monk knows how? I've seen photos of Indian yogis levitating; maybe they know how to move through walls as well? Maybe if you took a baby, and told them that they could, maybe their mind wouldn't be held to the same constraints as ours and they'd be able to walk right through the walls. If I were a king, I'd take a group of babies and raise them with the belief that they could do all sorts of things… See what type of magic unfolds. There is magic. Google: The Coral Castle in Florida; that guy knew the magic needed to build the pyramids; how? Who else knows magic? I wish I knew some. I'm a good person, I truly am, but I've made mistakes… I wish I knew magic so that I could go back and fix those mistakes; I hope I'm strong enough to never make those same mistakes again. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made, I'm sorry to all the love ones I've hurt, sorry to all the loved ones I've let down... I never meant to. I dream of my pets often, my pets and the gym… Sorry that daddy is no longer there; sorry that you're short a training partner, a coach, and a student. I hope I never see any of you behind these walls; think long and hard before you act, there's no rush; don't allow any room for regret to infiltrate its way into your life.

    DECEMBER 30 via Twishort:

    "The good times only count while things are well; once things turn bad they only serve as specters -which torment you in the night" War Machine

    Fuck a memory. I just received the most gut wrenching letter ever from my grandfather. I'm nauseous. I have been dreading the day that we would finally make contact; I've had nightmares about him. My grandma died last time I was here… He'll die this time. I'll share just one line with you: "My time is running out, and I know I will never be able to share another Christmas with you and give you a hug." Fuck... Every time I read that I muster up fresh tears. He's been the greatest grandpa that a guy could have. He's had to deal with too much loss in his life, I hate to cause him more pain. Ah... I'm so sad. None of this is right. I can forgive her for cheating, I hope she can forgive me for my wrongs… But I can't forgive her for this. I can't forgive the lies, the exaggerations, and the ongoing threat to my life. If I were only charged with what I deserve I'd be able to be out on bail… I'd be able to say goodbye to my grandfather in the way that I couldn't do so with my grandmother. I'm not a monster, nor do I deserve to be treated like one. I wish I were a monster though, I wish that I had no heart. I can't adequately describe my pain. This isn't about love, I can deal with a lil heartbreak. This isn't about fear, I can face any fear. This is something all the more horrible. I'm scared of the TV, I'm scared of the newspaper; I hate phone calls and visits, I can only find moments of peace in the little bubble of my cell… While lost in books. I fear the endings though, the endings always suck. In life there are no good endings. Had I not found the girl I loved in bed with another man, perhaps I'd have lost her to cancer after 40 years of marriage, like my grandpa. All things end, and they end fucking bad. I can't even say that I prefer his road; I'll be over Christy in no time at all, my grandpa will never recover. 40 years of happy marriage… My grandpa said it best: "Memories aren't real; you can't hold them." Fuck a memory. The key to life maybe to die a young, violent, sudden death… Save yourself from witnessing too many bad endings. Growing old is a curse; so many memories to be haunted by. Fuck a memory.

    SOURCES: War Machine Twitter / Christy Mack Instagram / Me

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