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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    "He was white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is, was. But now [they are] suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton, rather than a white from Scotland. But that's not who James Bond is, and I know it’s racist to probably point this out."— RL


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    Everyone is all like "oh, Kim Jong Un is like, the supreme leader or whatever," but like, who? He's never had a podcast. He's never guest-starred on Law & Order: SVU. And he certainly has never been linked to Taylor Swift so...he ain't relevant. However, there are a lot of people in the Interview who are way more important than ol' Kimmy Juju but are simply not given their due by the media elite like E! News and Mario Lopez. So, to make up for their offensive lack of press coverage, here are the top five comedians currently appearing in a minor roles in The Interview.

    1. Anders Holm
    Best Known From: Workaholics, The Mindy Project, being really hot, Top Five
    Anders Holm has been sort of crushing it in 2014, his show Workaholics, which he also sometimes writes and directs, will soon be premiering it's fifth season. He appeared in The Interview, Top Five, Inherent Vice, Neighbors, and The Mindy Project, and even had time to bang his wife so they could have a lil baby boy. Up next, he appears in the Sundance fave Unexpected, with Colbie Smulders, and The Intern, featuring up-and-comer Robert De Niro. Baby, he's a firework whose about to show you what he's worth.

    2. Ben Schwartz
    Best Known From: Parks & Rec, House of Lies, general podcastery, This is Where I Leave You
    Ben Schwartz plays Eminem's publicist in the much talked about opening scene. Tina Fey once called Ben, or as he is known to Comedy Bang Bang fans, Benny Schwaz, "an American treasure...unless he's from Canada, I don't know.". He is currently working on a new film with Seth Rogen because who ain't hitching a ride on the Schwazy Train? He's a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again.

    3. Joe Mande
    Best Known From: Parks & Rec, Kroll Show, mocking celebrities on Twitter, that one episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine he did, eating pot cookies and going to a Fox New taping"
    Joe's flawless Twitter-feuding abilities make Kimmy JuJu's warmongering look like a Real Housewives of Atlanta episode. In addition to his Twitter career, Joe is a writer for Parks & Rec and Kroll Show, which if the rules of Millionaire Matchmaker apply, make him responsible for Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll going to pound town on each other. Although he is still a relative unknown to non-comedy nerds, Joe just has to ignite the light and let it shine, and soon he will be owning the night like the Fourth of July.

    4. Tim Simons
    Best Known From: Veep, Veep, Veep, and Veep
    Listen, if you watch Veep, you know why he is on this list. If don't watch Veep, "you need to fuck off". You are already buried deep, six feet under, screaming but no one seems to hear a thing.

    5.Randall Park
    Best Known From: Veep, Neighbors, and being Asian Jim from The Office
    Randall plays Kimmy JuJu, the Supreme leader of North Korea, in The Interview. In real life, he is the Supreme Leader of my vagina. His new sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, premieres on ABC in February. It's a far cry from when had to play second fiddle to the Guy Fieri of former child stars, Nick Cannon, on Wild n' Out. We shall see if ABC actually gives it a shot or cancels it like every other good show they've ever had (RIP Selfie, Don't Trust the B, and Happy Endings). Long story short, Randall's future is even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

    Honorable Mention: The puppy.

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    Would you date a 14-year-old? Controversy has erupted in Brazil over football icon Ronaldo's son & a kindergarten teacher.

    - 27-year-old Lu Bernardi defended herself: "He lied and said he was 18. I swear his age did not cross my mind. He had good conversation, he was not immature."
    - She is very upset that people are calling her a pedophile when she walks on the street.
    - She says she respects her job as she works with kids & has a 6-year-old daughter.
    - She met Ronaldo (Nazário)'s son at a nightclub where he was "DJing". She knew he was Ronaldo's son.
    - They hooked up at least 4 times.
    - She ended it, but would like to continue when he turns 18.
    - Age of consent in Brazil is 14.

    More at the Source&S2

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    Khloe Kardashian: "I Don't Crave Sex, I Just Want To Cuddle"
    Khloe Kardashian is on Cosmopolitan UK sayin she don't need sex, sis ....
    nrm_1418900325-khloe_kardashian1_branded (1)

    Source is Me, My Scanner & Khloe's Instagram

    ONTD,How long can you go without sex?

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    Legendary actress and iconic Christmas hitmaker [buy Santa Tell Me on iTunes!] Ariana Grande hates the holidays! She tells the Daily Star: “My song might sound cheerful, but it’s really quite sardonic and depressing. I’m like saying, ‘Santa, what is your deal, bro?’ I’ve had my heart broken multiple times around this time of year. I feel although it’s one of the most cheerful times of the year, I see tons of heartbreak and they make movies about it. It’s like a (Wham!) Last Christmas vibe.”

    Do you hate the holidays, ONTD? I never hated it until now tbh.

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    After being accused of dissing Lady Gaga in her latest leaked track and subsequently responding to the accusations in an angry Instagram post, Madonna is facing criticism from a long-time nemesis who most recently said that he would never interview her, even if she begged him.

    On Sunday, Piers Morgan tweeted a link to a Daily Mail article about Madonna's latest Instagram outburst and struggling album sales, saying "Madonna can't even spell." Piers Morgan's tweet comes the same day the Daily Mail published Piers' list of his most notable celebrity interactions of 2014. At the top of his list is Madonna. Piers Morgan calls Madonna "gloriously embarrassing" for her Instagram posts, and he calls her the "most cringe-making parent" of 2014. Other celebrities who made his list include Harry Styles, Cindy Crawford, and Rod Stewart. Read his tweets below behind the cut:

    SOURCES 1 + 2

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    Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a link to an Instagram picture with the caption "Before I got chikungunya 😥😰😪 use Big spray please 🙏 God bless." Lindsay has been vacationing in French Polynesia these past two weeks, where she could have contracted the virus. According to the CDC, the virus causes fever and joint pain, and can sometimes include muscle aches, headaches, joint swelling or rash. The virus does not often result in death, but the symptoms can be severe and cause disability. There is currently no vaccine or specific treatment for infection.

    SOURCES 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

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    'The Voice' host Emma Willis finally admitted that she's shy around the presence of British superstar and fashion icon Rita Ora [buy I Will Never Let You Down on iTunes now!], who will join the next series of The Voice UK. The famous host said: "I'm used to interviewing people like that and sometimes you feel there's a line between interviewer and interviewee. So, sometimes I feel a bit like: 'Ooh, maybe they won't want to talk to me'. I feel shy, totally. I feel like they're the superstars and I'm this little thing tottering around in the background."

    read more @ source

    Are you afraid of Rita Ora, ONTD?

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    Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary wanted to do a 15 minute Twitter Q&A about Madonna’s latest album “Rebel Heart”, but it went on for hours. And obviously somebody asked him about "Two steps behind me" track, possibly meghan_trainor , he responded -

    - The second single has not been chosen
    - The “Living for Love” video hasn’t been recorded yet and should be released in the first week of February
    - “Ghosttown” might get its own video, but nothing decided yet.
    - Original release date of the album was April 2015, but was changed to March 2015 due to the leaks
    - Initially “Rebel Heart” was considered a double album, half Rebel + half Heart
    - The album is almost done and will be promoted!
    - The album will contain 19 full tracks, no interludes
    - The album booklet may include the lyrics
    - Nothing to report about the tour… yet
    - Guy Oseary’s favourite track is Ghosttown (for now…)
    - Guy Oseary thinks a new Madonna/Britney Spears collaboration would be great
    - No Katy Perry collaboration planned


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    So, apparently polls don't work with ONTD layout or something, because I have been trying for hours yesterday to post the poll and couldn't do it, so I am gonna do it this way. I posted it on my journal and opened it for public, so you can all go vote HERE. and HERE

    I wanna thank snowweisz for writing up the code and helping me, and also I wanna thank all of you for your patience.

    Now, finally, have fun voting!

    You can chit chat here!

    Happy Holidays!

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    ''I wish I’d never written the story. It’s just been the cause of hassle and problems and irritation since the film came out. Before the film it was all right… In Wyoming they won’t read it. A large section of the population is still outraged. But that’s not where the problem was. I’m used to that response from people here, who generally do not like the way I write. But the problem has come since the film. So many people have completely misunderstood the story. I think it’s important to leave spaces in a story for readers to fill in from their own experience, but unfortunately the audience that Brokeback reached most strongly have powerful fantasy lives. And one of the reasons we keep the gates locked here is that a lot of men have decided that the story should have had a happy ending. They can’t bear the way it ends — they just can’t stand it. So they rewrite the story, including all kinds of boyfriends and new lovers and so forth after Jack is killed. And it just drives me wild. They can’t understand that the story isn’t about Jack and Ennis. It’s about homophobia; it’s about a social situation; it’s about a place and a particular mindset and morality. They just don’t get it. I can’t tell you how many of these things have been sent to me as though they’re expecting me to say, ‘Oh great, if only I’d had the sense to write it that way.’ And they all begin the same way — I’m not gay, but?.?.?.?The implication is that because they’re men they understand much better than I how these people would have behaved. And maybe they do. But that’s not the story I wrote. Those are not their characters. The characters belong to me by law.''

    — Author Annie Prouix explaining to Paris Review the response to her short story Brokeback Mountain that was adapted into the Academy Award-winning 2005 film.


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    Johnny Manziel, who made his full game NFL debut in the Browns' 30-0 loss to the Bengals (where he was sacked 3 times and threw 2 interceptions), threw a rager Friday night. Since he missed his treatment for his injury and failed to answer his phone, Browns security showed up at his apartment. Manziel was also reprimanded for getting in a fight at his apartment last month.


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    A fire broke out on the car deck of a ferry carrying 466 people from Greece to Italy early Sunday, forcing authorities to order an evacuation.

    Nearby ships have been instructed to take passengers and crew members from the ferry Norman Atlantic, west of the island of Corfu, said Merchant Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis.

    "This is a complicated rescue mission ... The visibility is poor and the weather conditionas are difficult, but we are confident because there are a good number of ships in the area,» Varvitsiotis said.

    According to Greek news stations (which are taking calls from passengers on board) as of 11:40 AM EET:
    -Ships/helicopters/etc can't get close to the ferry due to the bad weather conditions
    -The fire hasn't been extinguished and passengers from a nearby ship say they can see it
    -It is unclear whether all the 150 passengers from the one lifeboat that was dispatched have been collected or they only managed to get 35 people
    -All the passengers are outside on the top deck (where it's raining/hailing/and strong winds are blowing)
    -The rescue operation is officially under Italy's jurisdiction but it's a joint operation
    -Meteorologists are predicting the weather conditions will improve toward the evening

    According to Greek news stations (which are taking calls from passengers on board) as of 9:00 PM EET:
    -165 out of the 478 passengers have been rescued
    -All the children have been rescued
    -1 man is dead
    -Alleged disagreements between Greece and Italy whether the boat should be towed to Albania or Italy
    -Passengers are getting panicked saying the media is lying and nothing is being done fast enough, they're afraid they'll burn alive and they want to jump ship
    -Allegedly the fire is partially controlled
    -The operations will continue throughout the night

    Source: ekathemerini + reuters @ yt

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    justjared via twitter

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    Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz welcomed their second son on Saturday, December 27 at 1:52am.

    What's his name? Genesis Ali Dean.

    Congrats to the couple!!


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    uproxx via twitter

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