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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Some highlights:
    -talks structural problems
    -addresses the fact that 140 character tweets are not nearly enough & basically calls tweeting slacktivism
    -essentially calls Obama a coward for calling for gradual reform rather than full-fledged change
    also he manages to plug a number of his projects but lol w/e

    If you weren't aware, there's actually legislation gaining traction all over the US that would make it illegal to record police officers without their consent-- absolute insanity. Mandatory video cameras on police is a basic first step, not the thing we should be running from.

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    The foundation-coated muppets of Chelsea will be back next Monday at 9pm for another round of "Where Has Your Dick Been?", a game which has been running for a solid 8 series.

    If you've failed to keep up with the latest hijinks of the 20-something jobless elite, a bunch of guys had sex with girls who they weren't dating. The girls they were dating found out and confronted them. They denied it for a few episodes until there was a major party where it all came out, and then Louise had sex with a random dude once and was accused of being a slut by all of the guys with perpetually wandering dicks who can't and shouldn't talk.

    And, for reasons that escape everyone, both Alik and Stephanie Pratt remain on the show despite being alternately creepy and incredibly boring.


    But seriously, how creepy is Alik, ONTD?

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    MTV's "Scream" series is still about a year away from debuting, but news broke today that the show plans to recreate the iconic opening sequence from the first film, in which Drew Barrymore became the horror franchise's first casualty. So which young starlet will have that same honor next year on the show?

    Former Disney Channel starlet Bella Thorne ("Shake It Up!") revealed during a Facebook chat with Yahoo Celebrity that she will be "reenacting" Barrymore's "famous scene" in the show's pilot.

    The 10-episode "Scream" series is set to premiere on MTV in October 2015.


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    Russo Bros. want to produce Sony's Spider-Man films, and they will be directing Infinity War. They start off the email with, "A pity that negotiations with Marvel did not work." They go on to say that they will still be able to direct The Gray Man, and are willing to produce the Spider-Man films through Bullitt, their new production company.

    I wonder if Marvel would so inclined to allow them to work with their competitors. But that might not be a problem now that Marvel and Sony are in close contacts with each other regarding Spider-Man.

    So if y'all remember (if not, go through the leaks tag), there is a potential 60/40 split deal (with Marvel on the higher end) for the rights to Spider-Man, if Sony keeps treating Spider-Man and the entire universe like a bag of shit (both story-wise and promo wise).

    Well, Sony is now sent into a topsy turvy of a shitastic roller coaster with their leaks, and with these leaks, even more was revealed!

    If the merger happens, Sony will handle distribution and Marvel will take on creative control over characters and story line because they know Sony can't do jack shit right. Marvel hates the idea of an Aunt May solo film. Who wouldn't, when there are a TON of other characters in this universe (especially female characters that deserve the spotlight more than Aunt May, sorry, not sorry).

    If Marvel gets their way, they will be erasing everything from The Amazing Spider-Man movie series, so they are doing a complete overhaul.

    They state that the new films will put romance on the sidelines, and focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero, which, you know, is the whole point of these movies.

    Say goodbye to Andrew, Emma, and everyone involved with Sony, and say hello to a brand new ensemble if Marvel (hopefully) gets their way.


    Please work...doing this from my phone so it's a struggle.

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    European Nicki Minaj fans are reporting that physical copies of the Deluxe version of "The Pinkprint" feature a shortened instrumental version of "Anaconda" instead of the version with Minaj's vocals. Minaj and her label have not yet commented on this.

    Listen to the instrumental version of "Anaconda" below:

    SOURCES 1 + 2 + 3

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    (Skip to 4:36) - clip source is here

    If anyone here is missing Panto this Christmas, don't worry. The trainwreck that was Question Time last night has got you covered! Dramatis personae include: Swivel eyed horse faced motherfucker Nigel Farage (MEP, unfortunately), The so-called Revolutionary 'lol I don't vote' Russell Brand, Labour MP Mary Creagh, Conservative MP Penny Mourdant, Sunday Times columnist Camillia Cavendish. Yes, three women on a panel, I'm shocked too.

    The clip above shows an audience member challenging Russell Brand to stand for parliament, after accusing the latter of useless preaching following an attack on the distribution of wealth in Britain.

    Russell replied, and the conversation that followed must have sent half of the UK into a concussion due to the amount of heavy facepalming:

    "I don’t like people preaching that I am in any part responsible for anything. I’ve never heard him [Nigel Farage] criticise the disabled, OK, never, and you are a campaigner, yeah?" the man said.

    "I'm a comedian mate," Brand interjected.

    "Stand," the man told him. "Stand for Parliament. If you're gonna campaign, then stand, OK? You have the media profile for it."

    "My problem would be mate, I’d stand for parliament but I’d be scared that I’d become one of them," Brand replied, to boos from the audience.

    "You fought addiction, and you’ve beaten it," the man told him. "You can’t preach that – that is rubbish. You cannot preach that. You've attacked him [Farage] attacked everybody that stands for his party… they are people on the street."

    Additionally, if you're interested in watching the whole thing, you can find it here on Youtube:

    (Second vid Source)

    You can read more about this mess on the Independent (Article Source).

    Mess IMO. Dimbleby looks ready to tear what's left of his hair out half way through. I hate Farage and everything that his party stands for, but I also thought Russell was very disappointing and weak. He's well intentioned but too obsessed with his ego to see clearly, and not educated or informed enough. Also, ugh at him trying to shout and speak over the female panelists.

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    Captain America arrived in Newburyport yesterday afternoon, raising over $3,000 for The Pettengill House.

    “I have never been up here before. This is great, this is great,” said Chris Evans, the Hollywood actor who plays Captain America on the big screen. “It’s nice to be able to do things like this. We talked about doing this over Thanksgiving, but then you see it come together and it is very rewarding.”

    “It is an honor to be able to bring any type of happiness to people, especially at this time of the year,” Evans said. “I know that is kind of cheesy, but I am a sucker for Christmas and I like to give back. That feels good.”

    Assisting her son while he signed autographs, his mother said she is still getting used to having a superhero in her life.

    “This is a little bit phenomenal,” Lisa Evans said. “This is a little bit bizarre from my point of view. But kids are his bliss. He loves kids. I’ve been with him when he is on set and you will be standing there and people are screaming and all of a sudden he will look over and see a little guy with a shield and just walks right over. That is his comfort level because it is pure, it is innocent, it is sweet, it is that hero stuff. He takes his role very, very seriously. He had those feelings for heroes when he was a kid. He still gets shaky knees about Tom Brady. So he gets it.”

    Quotes from the kids @ the source

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  • 12/12/14--11:05: ONTD Roundup
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    • The third entry in Dreamworks' third flagship franchise has been moved from Dec. 23, 2015, to March 18, 2016.

    • This coincides with another movie they intended to release on that date, Boss Baby.

    • Why? To avoid competiton with Star Wars; The Force Awakens beause let's be honest...it would have gotten killed.

    • At this rate Home is probably their only movie in 2015

    • Because B.O.O; Bureau of Otherworldly Operations is rumored (though not officially) moved from June 5th to avoid competition with just about everything else in the month.

    • The Good Studio is still trying to find a home after negotiations with Hasbro and Softbank fell through. They're owned by FOX.

    Unbulleted source

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    Performing "Steal My Girl"

    ODE interview

    CBBC interview


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    In "well this is depressing" news, days after being released from an involuntary psychiatric hold (did we even have a post about that? That happened.) Scott Stapp's ex-wife, Jaclyn Stapp, called 911 alleging that Stapp was shirtless, riding a bicycle around the neighborhood and wearing a backpack filled with 400-600 CIA documents and numerous tools (such as a screwdriver and a hard drive). According to the ex-wife he claimed to be a CIA agent who was tasked with killing President Obama.

    In the call she claims that Stapp is a paranoid schizophrenic who is not on his medication and has been trying to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

    While she attempted to get him into a psychiatric hold again after this, her request was declined.

    All of this comes after he called his son's school claiming ISIS was targeting it, and he threatened to kill himself and his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. His ex-wife claims he's been pawning all of his possessions to fuel his drug habit.

    You can hear the full audio of the call Jaclyn Stapp made here.


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    Taylor Swift brought in her birthday with a bunch of stars. Stars like Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Timerberlake, Selena Gomez, and more joined Taylor to ring in her birthday!


    I will be so mad if someone beat me to this post after I did this.... :)

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    The answer to the riddle is of course, DIAGON ALLEY. The trivias unlocked are about THE LEAKY CAULDRON (!!!!!!) and FLOREAN FORTESCUE's Ice Cream Parlor.


    lol of course, you can trust me to update the blog right on time. go @ starlordisamutant on tumblr to read the trivia. specific pages on the blog here: 1, 2. thank you for your time! xx

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    src 1 | 2
    dedicated to flawless stan meghan_trainor!

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    source: https://twitter.com/TMZ


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    So this leak is affecting everyone. This time, the emails are revealing that MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America) were planning on taking down Google. Universal, Sony, fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Disney. They're mad that people are pirating their films instead of being ridiculous box office prices or buying DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

    They plan on blocking sites and contacting customers of major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in order to minimize the effects of pirating. These emails reveal that their attack was planned as soon as SOPA failed. It's just another attack on the freedom of the Internet. Year after year, they keep trying to take put up barriers, and year after year, they keep failing. They keep trying to fight this battle the same way, instead of thinking outside of the box and offering alternatives to pirating.

    Now, this is where Google comes in. The MPAA is trying to take down Goliath, aptly titled Project Goliath. Goliath is presumed to be a stand-in for Google.

    There is a beautiful timeline on the site, and it goes more in depth as to what's going on.

    So basically, Andrew Garfield is fired. He pissed off the wrong people, and he got the boot. Pascal also made some comments with interest in having Spider-Man in Captain America, but she had a list of questions. All this may put the Sinister Six movie in jeopardy. They like the possibility of this merger helping the SS movie, but honestly, if they manage to come to an agreement and get Spider-Man into a Marvel movie, then it can only be good for everyone involved.

    "what is our fee and our back end.
    need script approval, casting approval of sm and aunt may and consultation of mays house in queens and any other spiderman locations we may need in future movies.
    also approval of new spiderman costume>
    how long is he is the movie?
    how closely does it follow the civil war story line?
    does the world find out who spiderman is? are there any other characters from the spiderman universe they are using?
    can we use one of the marvel characters in our future spiderman movies not produced by marvel.can we use cap to set up ss?
    can drew work with the russos to get this done? are we renting him out?"

    Credit to just444 for this Spider-Man news.

    Yet another reboot, but this time, it won't be an origins story. By this point, everyone and their ducking mother know how Peter Parker became Spider-Man.

    There are two angles. One, we will see his life as an adult. With grown up issues. Like taxes. Another angle may be the death of Spider-Man by Kraven. Not gonna go into depth with that because it's spoilerific, so you can do that search on your own.

    Credit to nalaa1906 for this Spider-Man news. Gotta set up a Kickstarter to give her 32 ducking k.


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