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    NCIS spoilers suggest that Cote de Pablo could be reprising her role at Ziva David in Season 12. According to TV Guide, the show’s creator Gary Glasberg revealed some interesting things about the new season, and fans are super excited for things to get underway. Glasberg said that the new season is going to be “character-driven.”

    Apparently Dinozzo is going to move on from Ziva this season. Actor Michael Weatherly explained that Season 12 is going to be great for his character, who will have “more fun” than ever before.

    “I think he’s moved past the wounded bird [phase]. It’s really exciting. I don’t think I’ve been this excited since maybe Season 3…. I think Season 12 is going to be a revelatory year. He’s probably going to have more fun than he’s ever had.”

    If Ziva comes back, Dinozzo might have a change of heart.

    As most fans of Cote de Pablo know, the actress has been working on a miniseries called Dovekeepers, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The show is on CBS, which means Cote didn’t leave the family so-to-speak, so her return may not be that farfetched of an idea.
    Read more @ Inquisitr

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    Nick Cannon's name is being tossed around as a trigger for Amber Rose's divorce from Wiz Khalifa ... but Nick is telling people that just isn't the case.

    Sources close to Nick tell TMZ ... Nick and Amber -- who just recently got into business together -- have kept things strictly professional. Nick insists ... NOTHING happened in the cheating department.

    Nick claims he only learned about Amber's domestic problems through her lawyers last week when he signed her on as a client. That's when Nick says he found out her marriage was on the rocks and only then did the two share break-up stories.

    Multiple sources tell TMZ ... Wiz and Amber are each accusing the other of cheating.


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    The Walking Dead, both comic and show, is filled with moments that have regularly shocked readers into stunned submission. Whether its decapitation, dismemberment, torture, zombies gnawing on flesh, or something far, far worse, the series never seems to stop amazing us with its sheer brutality. You could almost call it snuff.

    Still, there are plenty of instances in which Robert Kirkman and friends have expertly pushed the shock factor to 11. Headed towards the fifth season, we suspect that won't change.

    Season 5, for reasons we'll get to below, seem to promise us a whole new kind of enemy -- and a chance for the showrunners to get McCarthy-ian with there approach. Of course, that would put Judith in WAY too much danger for cable TV series. But rest assured, the Hunters are coming...It's a storyline from the comics we were definitely hoping the showrunners would roll with.

    As the long wait for the new season continues (and it's almost over!), we've decided to share a list of our favorite moments in the comics that should make their way into the TV show:

    1. Rick Needs a Hand

    The Walking Dead #28

    When readers first met the Governor, it was clear that there was something off. Just how psychotic the one eyed despot was became clear as he coldly, suddenly, and gleefully cut off Rick’s hand. This moment set up the Governor as the world’s biggest villain but also gave Rick a shocking vulnerability. Rick is the backbone of the group, (remember in the comic, there is no Daryl and at this point Michonne just joined) so as Rick lies bleeding without his hand, it begs the question, how will his group survive without their savior intact?

    Odds It Will Happen?

    Not good. The hand removal thing was already played perfectly with Merle, so doing it again with Rick would just seem like a retread. Having a physical handicap did serve to make comic Rick a more internally strong character, something the show is doing differently by having Rick battle severe mental illness. Plus, the Governor is deader than dirt, thank the Lord above. Perhaps the next villain will establish himself by making Rick stumpy.

    2. Negan and Lucille

    The Walking Dead #100

    If the Governor is The Walking Dead’s Joker, Negan is the book’s Ra’s Al Ghul. Negan is the anti-Rick, a character that uses violence as a means rather than an end. He loves to intimidate and cause pain to others, all in the name of bringing his people, the Saviors, a better life. He revels in the violence he causes with his signature weapon: a barbed wire baseball bat named Lucille. He exists to see others suffer in order to spread the message of his Saviors.He is a sadist, gleefully cruel, and his arrival to the show would mean very, very bad things for Rick’s group, particularly Glenn. The war with Negan is very similar to the war with the Governor, except the Governor’s people just wanted to survive, while Negan’s group has a very master race type vibe that reeks of social Darwinism and small scale post-apocalyptic imperialism.

    Odds It Will Happen?

    Very good. Some of the survivors have already made up their mind to head to Washington D.C. by the end of season 4. Many feel that Eugene Porter, the scientist with a mullet, is the last hope for mankind. Apparently he has a cure. Do we believe that? Well...But on their way to D.C., the survivors will undoubtedly run into the Alexandira Safe-Zone, where the worst of their troubles lay in wait. And with the Governor gone, the show will need a new antagonist. Plus, the arrival of Negan will lead to one of The Walking Dead’s most signature and polarizing characters, Ezekiel!

    3. Ezekiel and Shiva

    The Walking Dead #108

    Like any great villain, Negan comes with a built-in adversary. Ezekiel is the leader of a community of survivors called The Kingdom, and he possesses a seething hatred of Negan and the Saviors.

    The war between the two groups can be considered a holy war between two pseudo-religious leaders. Ezekiel becomes an ally to Rick in the struggle against Negan and is a fascinating character in his own right. He has a light flirtatious relationship with Michonne and lives to see the day Negan falls.

    Bringing Ezekiel into the show is a must, as he acts as a great foil for Negan, and is a dynamic and rich character...And he has a freakin’ tiger. Shiva, the tiger in question, is the one being that Ezekiel loves most in the world.

    The question is, can viewers of the show buy a domesticated tiger in the usually grounded (other than, y’know, the zombies) world of The Walking Dead? One would have to believe a tiger tearing apart zombies would just up the cool factor to eleven, but if not handled perfectly, it could be a jumping the shark moment that would change that tired phrase to jumping the tiger.

    Odds It Will Happen?

    Very good. Negan is a must, and there can’t be one without the other. Shiva would be hard to sell, but handled in the right way, a man and his tiger cutting a swath of destruction through hordes of undead could be the show’s defining moment. And honestly, we've seen enough ridiculous zombie/human deaths on this show to know that AMC isn't afraid to be bold. We suspect we'll see that tiger by late season 6.

    4. Eye Can’t Believe They Did That

    The Walking Dead #83

    So young Carl seems to be quite the bullet magnet. During a zombie invasion on the community of Alexandria, poor Carl is hit by friendly fire, taking out his eye and part of his face. The Grimes boy is made of stern stuff, as he again survives the ordeal and even grows some more hair on his chest as a result. In the comic, this moment was Carl’s true loss of childhood. Plus, Carl now looks super badass with an eye patch, like a little Bizarro Governor who uses his anger for good.

    Odds It Will Happen?

    Not too good, as it’s hard to imagine a kid losing a good chunk of his face to a stray bullet on television. The Walking Dead seems to be comfortable breaking taboos, but that kind of bodily atrocity done to a child might be a bit much. Besides, in the comic, this is the inciting moment that leads Carl to leave his childhood behind, something that has already been covered in the show, as Carl is one of the most badass zombie killers in the group.

    7. The Death of Glenn

    The Walking Dead #100

    Pregnancy is a bad sign in The Walking Dead. When Maggie reveals tht she's pregnant, Glenn decides to step away from the war with Negan and keep his family safe. Of course, any time new life springs up in the series, that means someone else is gonna face the music. Unfortunately for Glenn, the music comes in the form of a bat named Lucille. Negan ambushes the group, lines everyone up, and states that they must sacrifice someone in retribution for the Saviors Rick and friends have killed in their bloody war.

    Negan seems to choose Glenn at random, and in front of all of his friends and family, bashes his head open with the bat, which is covered in barbed wire. What proceeds is one of the cruelest, most sadistic moments in the series. We even watch one of Glenn's eyeballs pop out of its socket...Hell of a way to celebrate the 100th issue.

    Odds It Will Happen?

    While we have a feeling this won't happen for a while, Glenn's days are absolutely numbered (aren't everyone's?). This would be a big ending to season 6 or 7. Glenn has already escaped death several times on the show (if things go according to the comic, Glenn will face his almost-doom once again in season 5), and we don't think he can keep getting lucky for much longer.


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    Over the summer, FOX released a trailer for their crossover episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy. That 4-minute trailer featured a scene where Bart, Stewie and Brian call Moe the bartender. If you’re familiar at all with The Simpsons, you’re familiar with this prank sequence.

    Is there an Al there? First name Al, last name Coholic.
    Is there an Oliver there? Oliver Closeoff.

    And so on and so forth.

    In the crossover episode, Bart pulls another fast one on Moe and then Stewie jumps in and tries one of his own.

    “Hello Moe, your sister’s being raped.”

    And now everyone’s flipping out about it. Tim Winter of the Parents Television Council (I can’t believe that’s a thing) has stepped in.

    “I was blown out of my shoes when I saw the scene with the rape joke in it,” Winter said. “It really troubled me.”

    Hmm, maybe not in good taste but “troubling?”

    He said he found it particularly offensive in the context of stories about sexual assaults on college campuses and, most recently, talk about abusive treatment of women by some players in the National Football League. He said when rape is accepted as a punch line for a joke in entertainment, “it becomes less outrageous in real life.”

    Winter has not received a response from creators Matt Groening or Seth MacFarlane and as far as we can tell, the joke will air on Sunday.



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    9-24-2014 2-59-49 PM

    The outspoken activist and former NFL player took to Twitter last night to share his support for gender equality and the #HeforShe campaign kicked off by actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson. After tweeting that he was about to "make brownies with minimal clothing on", Kluwe then tweeted an image of his bare torso with "#HeforShe" spelled out in brownie batter: "Had some leftover brownie batter. Kinda spilled it on myself. Oops. #heforshe." Kluwe elaborated further on his support for the new campaign:

    Why do I support #heforshe? Because I have a wife, a sister, daughters, a mother; and they are just as capable and valuable as I am.

    — Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) September 24, 2014

    And there are those, if I was a woman, who would've called me a whore for posting that picture, but because I am a man, they are silent.

    — Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) September 24, 2014


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  • 09/24/14--16:00: Tabloid Cover Wednesdays
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    Flawless commercial ad tbh I love Kirsten Dunst!


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    And you can check out a further sneak peek on MTV


    I was ready to give up on this show but the last 5 minutes of last night's episode (ep12) sucked me in.

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    Trigger warning for rape

    In "Big Driver," Tess Thorne (Bello), a famous and revered mystery and thriller writer, faces a long drive home following a book-signing engagement. But while driving on a lonely stretch of New England road, her tire blows out, leaving her stranded. Relieved when another driver stops and offers assistance, Tess quickly discovers her savior is actually her assailant, a serial killer who repeatedly assaults her. Left for dead in a drainage pipe to rot with the bodies of his other victims, Tess escapes and makes her way safely home. With her fragile mind beginning to unravel, she is determined to find her rapist and seek revenge, as payback is the only thing holding her together.


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  • 09/24/14--16:01: First Clip from Gone Girl

  • Take a look at this first clip from David Fincher's Gone Girl wherein Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) meets future wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) at a party. The movie, which is based on author Gillian Flynn's best selling novel, comes out in theaters on October 3.

    third time's the charm, mods?

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    Former "Jersey Shore" cast member Mike Sorrentino pleaded not guilty today to failing to properly pay taxes on nearly $9 million in income, including cash payouts for a steady stream of appearances at nightclubs, bars and liquor stores, federal prosecutors said.

    Sorrentino’s attorney entered the not guilty plea on his client’s behalf during a brief appearance in U.S. District Court before the star dubbed “The Situation” was released on an unsecured bond of $250,000.

    Sorrentino, who arrived in court in a white BMW, left in a gray Kia driven by his attorney, Richard Sapinski.

    "The situation will sort itself out," Sorrentino said.

    He faces up to 11 years in prison and fines totaling $600,000 for charges that include conspiring to defraud the U.S. by filing false income tax returns from 2010 to 2012, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said.

    His brother, Marc, was charged in the same seven-count indictment and is facing up to 14 years in prison for the conspiracy charge as well as three counts of filing false tax returns.

    read more @

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    The Mean Girls actress-cum-tabloid fodder made her stage debut in David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow in London. It was decidedly not fetch.

    LONDON-- Lindsay Lohan only has one major speech in the David Mamet play that marks her West End debut. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember how it went.

    On the first night of previews, a work-in-progress feel is to be expected. But halfway through the second act of Speed-the-Plow, the audience was openly laughing at Lohan’s struggle to grasp Mamet’s sharp, trademark dialogue.

    After her first audible prompt, which came shortly after the interval, the audience sat patiently. The second led to titters in the stalls. Unfortunately for Lohan, the next line delivered by Richard Schiff (Toby from The West Wing) was: “You have done a fantastic job!”

    The laughter grew louder.

    Although she was sitting staring at a book, which may or may not have contained clues, a third prompt from the wings had Lohan smirking, and she raised her hand to her heart apologetically. By now, even her serious lines were being greeted with laughter. “I know what it is to be bad, I’ve been bad,” her character Karen emotes. More laughter.

    “Oh my god, it’s so embarrassing,” said a woman in the crowd during an unusually long set change. In truth, Lohan remained charming throughout.

    The chaotic second half had not started promisingly when the occupants of the box closest to the stage tipped a glass of champagne over someone in the front row. It ended with a minor wardrobe malfunction as Lohan’s blouse puffed out—untucked—below what was supposed to be a smart new outfit.

    This theatrical debut from Lohan in London, where she claims to have moved for good, marks a modest return to the spotlight after years of court appearances and tales of unrest on set. She has been a regular fixture in the British gossip pages despite a hectic schedule of rehearsals.

    Contrary to some of the Twitter reviews, this was no car crash. If Lohan can nail her lines in the coming days, this somewhat pedestrian interpretation of the Mamet classic certainly could find its stride. The action focuses on the decision-making process of a movie studio hotshot. How do you decide which films to make? How are Hollywood careers forged and broken?

    All of this, of course, has personal echoes for Lohan, a child star who burned out in the public eye. Perhaps her naive but ambitious character, desperate to make it in Los Angeles, has too many resonant lines for the audience to fully forget that this is Lindsay Lohan on stage.

    When she says, breathily, “I’m serious, I’d do anything,” it’s going to be difficult for any audience to keep a straight face.

    For all of Lohan’s discomfort, Schiff revels in Mamet’s edgy, witty lines. His movie producer character, Bobby Gould, is restrained but still crackling with energy. The West Wing alum is by far the best thing in the play. Though a consummate professional and far more gifted actor, Schiff doesn't share the multimillion-dollar Hollywood prospects of Lohan, whether she manages to rebuild her topsy-turvy career or not.

    There was one line Schiff seemed to spit out with extra relish: “Life in the movie business is like the beginning of a new love affair: it's full of surprises, and you're constantly getting fucked.”


    Why is Richard Schiff in this? Oh Toby.

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    Female MC Rah Digga isn’t a big fan of Iggy Azalea. The former Flipmode Squad member recently spoke with ThisIs50 about the current state of the rap game and she let it be known that she doesn’t like her music.

    “Iggy Azalea, I can’t really get into her. Because it’s just not real to me,” said Digga. “There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into. Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo… We’re not going to believe you if you’re trying to convince us that you’re out here trap shooting.”

    Digga explained how she felt where Nicki Minaj was coming from when she gave her infamous shady speech at the 2014 BET Awards.

    “That’s the problem. They’re too many passes being given,” said Digga. “When did it become wrong to call out people that don’t write their own rhymes? When did that become a crime in Hip-Hop?”

    The rapper went on to add that she doesn’t consider Iggy hip-hop. She claims that, “hip-hop is representative of this: to inform and empower inner city youth. I’m fine with anybody’s race, creed, or color participating, but don’t ever forget what it was created for in the first place.”

    Check out the full interview above.


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    Desperate times have fallen upon the Glee Cast...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Come join us for my Halloween Costume Pawty October 18th. SPECIAL GUEST Jenna Ushkowitz from GLEE and her dog Bear will be there taking photo opps. We are proud to add Bear to the Manny and Friends clan! We will also be raising money for UNICEF !! Limited Spots so please Register to secure a spot.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    I love frenchies, but poor Bear he's an odd looking pup.

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    The internet was unhappy with the casting of 'True Detective' season 2, so the creators have started from scratch with an entirely new show.

    It's Funny or Die so you know how this goes, watch video at the source. Why are you still reading this OP note??


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    Whoa! Talk about a shocking break up! Jordin Sparks and Jason DeRulo have reportedly called it quits. The two were romantically linked in 2011 and confirmed their relationship in January 2012. We can’t believe this!

    So much for “Marry Me!” Jason DeRulo, 25, and Jordin Sparks, 24, have split, sources close to the couple told E! Online on September 25. The split was reportedly amicable, and the couple have decided to stay friends. We never saw this coming, and are totally heart broken!

    Read the full story at the SOURCE
    Is true love dead, y'all?

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    Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has run 144 laps around a museum in Amsterdam in what has been described as a conceptual art performance.

    The 28-year-old completed the feat dressed in purple leggings and a green vest and said nothing to reporters while he completed his run.

    LaBeouf ran his "marathon" around the Stedelijk while a 12-hour artistic conference took place inside.

    The actor has hit the headlines for a number of outlandish stunts recently.

    Earlier this year, he took part in a conceptual art performance as he sat in a room wearing a paper bag over his head while visitors were invited to enter.

    He also appeared on the red carpet at the Berlin premiere of Nymphomaniac, also wearing a bag over his head displaying the message "I am not famous anymore".

    The actor appeared in court in June, admitting disrupting a performance of the musical cabaret on Broadway.

    Hendrik Folkerts, public programme curator at the Stedelijk Museum, said the run - undertaken by LaBeouf and two other performance artists - was staged to mirror the long debate taking place inside the building.

    Some 600 artists and philosophers gathered to consider how the world is perceived by the social media-savvy generation born in the 1980s.

    "As we are having a 'marathon' conference inside the Stedelijk, we also wanted a reflection of that outside. Nobody can do it better than Shia and the other artists at this performance," said Mr Folkerts.

    LaBeouf, whose film credits include Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and playing Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movies, will next be seen on screen opposite Brad Pitt in World War Two drama Fury.


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    werq that choreo, jessica!

    jessie's instagram

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    Tere were rumblings in France back in March that Karlie Kloss was “worth it.” L’Oréal Paris posted a suspicious photo of the American model alongside Lara Stone and Liya Kebede to its Instagram account. While the beauty giant didn’t confirm (nor deny) that Kloss was part of the family, I saw the writing on the wall. As of today, however, I’m happy to report that it’s official. Along with Nike and Victoria’s Secret, the St. Louis supe has landed herself yet another big brand. “It’s a dream,” said Kloss. “I’ve had the privilege of working for the past seven years, and if I’ m totally honest, toward this.” Not that earning her wings on the VS runway meant nothing—those were also a to-do: “On my list I had a number of things, some I can’t tell you because they’re so embarrassing—I think I said marry somebody ridiculous,” laughed the catwalker of the “life dreams” she jotted down in high school. “But I had L’Oréal, American Vogue, and Victoria’s Secret.” Check, check, and check. Here, the model and social media darling sat down exclusively with to discuss her best advice for beating jet lag (hint: sneakers are involved), the Parisian snack she smuggles through customs, and the bestie she’s dubbed Chef Boyardee.

    What are the top three beauty rules you abide by?
    My rules are very simple. I am constantly having makeup and hair products put on and taken off, so for me, my rules are to just take the day off every night before I go to bed—no matter how late. I make sure I really cleanse and get everything off, so skincare is key. I try to moisturize to keep my skin and hair in its best condition, but even more than what I do in that sense, I really try to take care of myself in every way possible—that’s why I’m so passionate about fitness and health. I think it trickles down to every other aspect of beauty: your skin and hair quality, how you feel, and your energy.

    I'm sure you have a few must-have products and beauty strategies up your sleeve at this point.
    I multitask when I’m in the shower: I brush my teeth and I cleanse. I use a Clarisonic with a mild cleanser, and really that’s it. But then for my hair, there’s this one conditioner and shampoo that volumizes [ L’Oréal Paris Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner].

    I believe your fellow blond and spokesperson Blake Lively likes that one, too.
    It’s so good. My hair has taken a beating through the years, so it helps plump it up. Plus, it smells really good.

    Speaking of your hair, did you know Garren cutting it into the bob—which is now known simply as “The Karlie”—would be such a big deal?
    Not in the slightest. I never cut my hair—I had baby, virgin hair—and I was really traumatized! Garren will tell you, I cried when he cut my hair! It was a total shock. I had not planned for it to become a thing, but I think for me, it was fun to experiment. And I just went blond recently.

    Is the saying true—are you having more fun as a blond?
    Well, I did it right at the beginning of summer. So this whole summer, I’ve been having more fun because of my blond hair—I’m convinced. I was hesitant about it at first, but I think the blond worked with a tan. I’m always basic with my makeup, and have always stuck to a little bit of blush, a great mascara, and really moisturized skin. I feel like blond accentuates your eye color and the quality of your skin really stands out. I’ve had to just adjust how I do makeup, and outfit-wise, I think it just sort of changes the way that you feel. I don’t know what it is, but when you have a great hair day, you just have an extra pep in your step.

    No doubt. It appears that your cut influenced the celebrity crowd, too—including your friend Taylor Swift. Has she taught you any good beauty tips?
    She does a killer red lip. I’ll give that girl credit. She can whip a red lip on like nobody else, and it’s amazing. Even if we’re working out, she’ll have on this gorgeous red lip. She’s not human!

    Are you ever tempted to wear a red lip to the gym as well?
    You know, I think I would end up having the red lip from ear to ear. I’m not as graceful with a red lip as she is.

    Do you push her at the gym, or does she push you? Who is more competitive?
    We’re a good team because we kind of push each other just to get there, just to get to the door! It’s important to have a good friend that challenges you—even if it’s simply to get to the gym.

    Who is better in the kitchen?
    I love to bake, because I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My Gran—she taught me how to bake my whole life, but cooking was never something I ever took the time to learn. I would always rather have a cookie than make some complicated dinner! But Taylor is an expert [chef].

    What is Taylor’s signature dish?
    I’m vegetarian, so I don’t eat meat, but she makes a mean Brussels sprouts and cauliflower side dish that is tasty, and grilled fish. She’s Chef Boyardee!

    Since you’re the newest face of such a famous French brand, do you raid the Parisian pharmacies and bring back beauty souvenirs?
    My souvenirs tend to be edible objects…Now you can have Ladurée in New York, so the charm is gone, but there is another kind of macaron that JPG [Jean-Paul Gaultier] told me about: Pierre Hermé. I order them by the dozen and then I smuggle them in my suitcase, so don’t tell customs.

    I think your cookie trafficking might be out after this. Do you have any tips for falling asleep on a transatlantic flight?
    I’ve trained myself to sleep on a plane. I’ve got a whole method.

    Do tell.
    I always take the 8 p.m. flight to Paris. If you get on the 5 p.m., you’re not going to sleep a lot. It’s not enough time. I don’t drink caffeine anytime after noon—so no coffee. I bring an eye mask, fuzzy socks, and a really comfortable outfit—like a sweater and comfy pants.

    But not pajamas, right?
    Not pajamas! I don’t take it there—you’ve got to keep it chic! You never know who you’ll run into on the plane. I always find that I run into Marc Jacobs and everyone else that shouldn’t catch you in your pajamas.

    So these comfy and chic plane clothes you speak of, what are they? I need them.
    I have these amazing cashmere Stefanel sweatpants that are just so obnoxious. They’re heaven. They’ve gotten a lot of use!

    What about beating jet lag? Any cure-alls?
    I beat jet lag, funnily enough, by exercising. I feel like whenever I’m in another time zone and just feeling out of it, I force myself to go for at least a mile run and wear myself out. That helps me go to sleep.

    Somehow, I just can’t see myself jumping off an eight-hour flight and going for a run.
    My other secret is liquid melatonin because it’s instant. It wipes you out. It’s the best. And that’s another thing: physical exercise, eating well, and good sleep make all the difference in your skin and your energy. Everyone always asks, “What’s the secret to beauty?” and I really find that for me, I feel most beautiful when I feel like I have energy and I feel confident. I think all of that comes back to taking care of yourself, and sleep is a huge part of that.

    I could get on board with liquid melatonin and some beauty rest.


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