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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    2014 has been a massive year for pop artist Ariana Grande. On the heels of a pair of hit songs and another No. 1 album, the singer also announced her first North American tour last week, which will run over three months from February through April of next year. The news of the 25-show Honeymoon Tour comes just three weeks after the release of her sophomore studio album, titled My Everything, that dropped on August 25 and marked the second consecutive time the “Problem” singer has released a top-selling album on the Billboard 200.
    While her 2015 tour will run primarily through the U.S., the 21-year-old Grande will make two Canadian stops in Toronto and Vancouver over her three-month stint on the road. The hype surrounding the tour has already drawn price parallels to other solo female pop artists in Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, who have toured extensively this summer and will continue to do so this fall. Such a comparison does seem justifiable, however, as secondary market prices for Ariana Grande tickets have already started to accumulate since last week and prices continue to rise.
    According to TiqIQ, Grande’s Honeymoon Tour currently has an average price of $225.24 on the secondary market. This is an impressive statistic for a debut tour, but the considerable amount of media coverage and overwhelmingly positive album sales back it up. Secondary market tickets will continue to appear in the coming weeks after primary tickets go on sale this Saturday, but the singer’s most expensive date of tour is currently at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on March 20. The average secondary price for Ariana Grande tickets at the Garden is currently $341.42, 51% above the tour average, with a get-in price of $120. Grande’s cheapest date on the secondary market is currently at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, which she will play on April 1. The average secondary price for the April Fool’s Day show is $190.94, 15% below the tour average, with a get-in price of $75.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    “Tyrant” will continue its reign on FX.

    FX has renewed the drama for a second season, the channel said Thursday. Production on the 13-episode second season is scheduled to begin next spring, for a summer 2015 premiere.

    The series, from executive producer Howard Gordon, stars Adam Rayner as Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed, the son of a Middle East dictator whose life as a doctor living in America is turned upside-down when he returns to his homeland to attend a relative's wedding and is drawn into a political crisis.

    “Tyrant” premiered in June to 2.1 million total viewers, with 775,000 viewers in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic. With linear, time-shifted and non-linear viewing taken into account, the first season of “Tyrant” averaged 5.1 million total viewers weekly, with 2.3 million of them in the demo.

    “We're so proud of ‘Tyrant's’ performance throughout its first season,” said Nick Grad, president of original programming for FX Networks and FX Productions. “Howard Gordon is one of the best and most successful producers in this business. His ability to combine intelligent, edge-of-your-seat storytelling with events from the current geopolitical climate is truly groundbreaking. We look forward to seeing how ‘Tyrant’ grows in season two.”

    The “Tyrant” renewal follows the August renewal of FX's other big freshman drama, the Guillermo del Toro vampire offering “The Strain.”


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    Keanu Reeves had his chance to reprise his famous line from "The Matrix" -- "I know Kung Fu" -- because we've learned a woman broke into his house while he was sleeping and plunked herself on his library chair.

    Reeves was snoozing at 4 AM Monday when he heard sounds coming from his library ... yes, Ted "Theodore" Logan has a library.

    The actor got up, walked in and saw a woman in her mid-40's sitting in his chair, not uttering a peep.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Keanu calmly approached her and began speaking to her. She explained she was there to meet him. He very calmly called 911 and obtusely told the dispatcher cops needed to roll quick.

    Police came and took the woman into custody. She was taken for a psych evaluation.

    It's another amazing story of an obsessed fan gaining entry into a celeb's house. It recently happened to Sandra Bullock ... the fan ended up at her bedroom dooras she was sleeping. Interesting ... that's Keanu's "Speed" co-star.

    Keanu lives in an area in the Hollywood Hills tour bus drivers call "Hunk Alley." Leo DiCaprio is his neighbor. Tobey Maguire used to live next door to Keanu. The drivers call out Keanu's house -- which is built like a fort, so it's just amazing someone broke in.

    Here's what's even more amazing.  Apparently he didn't set his alarm.


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    The actress will appear alongside Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello

    Amber Heard will star in the male-stripper sequel Magic Mike XXL, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

    The actress will appear with the first installment's cast of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer (though not Matthew McConaughey). Gabriel Iglesias is also returning to the ensemble.

    Magic Mike XXL, which began production several weeks ago, follows the lives of a group of male strippers. Gregory Jacobs is directing from a script co-written by Tatum and Reid Carolin, who penned the first installment. The first film's director Steven Soderbergh is returning as editor and cinematographer (though under his pseudonyms Mary Ann Bernard and Peter Andrews, respectively).


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    Game Of Thrones has clocked up a staggering number of bodies over the last four seasons with King Joffrey, Ned Stark and The Hound just a few of the huge characters who have met a bloody end, but have you ever imagined the impossible would happen, that they’d come back to life? Well, for one recently deceased character, it may be a reality. MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD!

    In the awesome season four finale which aired on HBO in June, viewers watched as Tywin Lannister, played by Charles Dance, was dramatically killed off by his own son Tyrion who used a crossbow to shoot him dead while he was taking a dump on the toilet. Not the best way to go.

    While producers have left us believing that it was the end of the road for Tywin, Charles has hinted that there may be a way back for his terrifying character in the upcoming season. But just how will he reappear? In an interview with MTV to promote his new movie Dracula Untold, Charles revealed: “Well, I have to tell you as I keep saying to people I’ve spoken to today, we’re trying not to have any spoilers as there are a couple of people who haven’t seen all of Game of Thrones. I think it’s a suitably ignominious end. I'm not completely missing out on the new series. More than that I'm not going to say.”

    In case you need further clarification of exactly what Charles means, he adds: “You haven’t seen the last of Tywin Lannister is all I’ll say.”

    For those who have read the books, there’s apparently a chance of Tywin returning in a flashback capacity although Charles’ coy answer doesn’t reveal if this is how it happens. Our minds are officially blown!

    Two characters who are still alive - as far as we know - but aren’t returning for season five are Hodor and Bran who are confirmed to be taking a break from the show for the entire season. Sounds like season five will be full of even more shocks than we’re usually used to! Sadly, GoT isn’t returning until 2015. *Cries*


    Meanwhile Arianne has still not been casted....fml

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    Corey Stoll has been busy. The actor jumped from a stint on House of Cards as debauched Congressman Peter Russo to roles in The Normal Heart and the upcoming Reese Witherspoon drama The Good Lie. He currently plays a defacto vampire hunter on FX series The Strain, which was recently picked up for season two, and has a role on the new season of Homeland. Plus, Stoll co-stars in the family dramedy This Is Where I Leave You, out tomorrow, alongside heavy hitters such as Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, and Adam Driver. Somehow, in the middle of it all, he found time to call us to chat about how all these projects came about—and what it's like to be a now-iconic bald man in Hollywood.

    It’s hard to know what to talk about with you first since you have so many projects right now.

    Uh, yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff.

    Over the past few years, was there a certain type of project you wanted to pursue?

    The goals were more about things I hadn’t done. And those things sort of presented themselves to me when they did. It was basically, 'I just want to keep doing new things and working in new genres with new people.' So when each project presented itself, whether as an offer or something I could pursue, that was the mantra. I have succeeded in that the stuff I’ve done over the last year—and will be doing—has been really varied. Which is really fun and keeps me on my toes.

    What was your experience like doing House of Cards?

    It was great. It was very hard work, but the best kind of hard work. The challenge was living up to the scripts and living up to the character. It was so much fun. I was really spoiled by that because of the way that character evolved. Every scene had an intense experience. Every scene was really eventual and dynamic.

    Did you connect personally to anything about that character?

    Wanting to avoid conflict! Although his conflict-aversion was fatal. If he had just fessed up to his mistake he might have been able to stay in the Senate. Instead, he got himself in deeper and deeper.

    Have you ever engaged in debauchery that rivals his?

    He has gone very far beyond anything I’ve ever done. That’s the great thing about acting–you get play at very intense experiences, but you can do it very safely.

    When the possibility of being on The Strain arose, what drew you to the role?

    The most exciting thing was the arc of the whole story we’re telling. The plan is to do it around five seasons. [My character] starts off very dynamic and in a certain sense shares some qualities with Peter Russo, in that he can be charming and frustrating in his self-centeredness. But he really is a hero. He’s not an antihero. He’s working from a place of nobility. We’re going to really play with that. He’s not Walter White, but he will be in a very different place in five seasons than he was in the beginning.
    And finally there’s a show about vampires that depicts them as horrific creatures instead of sparkly sex objects.

    There’s a reason the vampire character has endured so many iterations and different genres. They can represent so much in terms of sexuality and being an outcast in society. This show is starting off in a place of real supernatural monstrosity, but what’s great about it and what’s so smart about what Guillermo [del Toro] and Carlton [Cuse] are doing is that they’re exploring other political and militaristic metaphors that extend from the vampire lore.

    Are you so tired of being asked about your wig on the show?

    Uh, yeah. At Comic Con I came out with this hideous mullet and that was my polite way of saying that I’m done talking about it.

    Have you found that there’s a certain type of woman who’s attracted to bald men?

    I don’t know! I’ve been bald for so long that I don’t have anything to compare it to. I love transformation: I love being able to have my hair as it naturally is; I love being able to completely change that look. It’s incredible how much it does change the way you’re perceived. It changes the way I walk and talk. But so does costume and accent. They’re all elements.

    Did you shoot The Strain before or after making This Is Where I Leave You?

    After. And I think it did affect the character. I had just gotten off of shooting that film and there was an incredible playfulness on that set–more than anything I’ve ever made. It was the kind of set where you didn’t dare show up with a plan of this is how you’re going to play your big scene. There was so much rich, diverse talent on set. The best thing was to just be as present as possible and as loose as possible, and know who your character is in relation to all those people. So when I showed up onset for the pilot of The Strain I was sort of in that mode. It’s a fun place to be.

    How cool is Jane Fonda?

    I had never met her. I was nervous. I was intimidated. Everyone before had told me, 'Oh, she’s really nice,' but she’s a legend. Just from the very first second that I met her, she really extended herself and was constantly curious. After the first couple of weeks, I was embarrassed when I realized that, up to that point, every conversation had been about me. Because that’s what she does. That’s the key to her incredible success and longevity and diversity of her career. She’s so outwardly directed. She’s so constantly curious. She just asks questions wherever she goes.

    Did anyone else in the film teach you something by example?

    Well, just being around Jason Bateman and watching him work is a clinic in specificity of thought. He’s so smart. He’s so alive in his thought process and so generous with sharing it with audiences. That’s an incredible gift. I don’t know if I can necessarily do what he does, but as opposed to somebody who prepares a bit in order to get a laugh, he is constantly listening. The humor comes from really taking in what the other actors are giving him and honestly reacting to it in character. That was really great to see–that humor doesn’t have to be a bit. It can just be about being present to ridiculous human behavior.

    Are you allowed to tell me anything about the new season of Homeland?

    I think I’m allowed to say my character description. I’m the station chief for the CIA in Islamabad. I think that might be it.

    You’re allowed to say one sentence?

    Yeah. But we shot it in Cape Town, which was a great experience. Just such a beautiful place. And with what’s really a great cast and crew to hang out with. That job was the perfect time. It was three weeks in the cool country. I got to go on safari. And I did it all on Showtime’s dime. Every job is not like that!

    Everyone loves Corey ^_____^


    source fixed, mods.

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    Rob Kardashian has been going through some personal stuff of late, but has he become a father too? The star took to Twitter last night and wrote that he was with his "baby mama," making us think the star might have started a family.

    But is this another case of Rob just playing around on Twitter? Back in July he claimed he was spending Independence Day with his son, however later said that it was a joke. So is Rob a daddy? He's ignored the fans who asked him to explain although did retweet a congratulations to recent new dad Ryan Gosling, so maybe he's got babies on the brain.

    The only guy in the Kardashian clan has been working on "issues" over the last 18 months and has fought to stay out the spotlight. He even missed his sister Kim's wedding in May, after getting upset because of comments about his weight gain.

    After not being seen out for months Rob was papped on his way to Paris for Kim and Kanye West's marriage celebrations and he didn't like the response. In the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim admitted she was pretty upset about her brother missing her big day, but that he was too self-conscious to go to the ceremony.

    She said during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s 'Watch What Happens Live' in August: “He sent me a long email the morning of that he was gonna leave and there was no fight,” she said, “I just thought, ‘You know what? This is my day. I’m not even gonna worry about it. I hope he’s OK. I totally understand that he wouldn’t want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable,’”

    Kardashian added: “You can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on more memories in life ’cause life’s about memories. So, fix the problem. That’s just how I am, but we didn’t even have a conversation about it.”

    Rob hasn’t appeared in the last few series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kim admitted she’s a fan of “tough love” as he goes through his problems, she went on: “My brother and I are so close. He’s one of my best friends.”

    “I try to encourage him and once you don’t make that change for so long, and it’s not happening, I get frustrated. My patience runs out,”


    He is so useless... We all know what Mama Kris should have done with him years ago

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    Mama June and Sugar Bear Thompson are done -- separated -- because she's convinced he's been cheating on her ... sources tell TMZ.

    We're told Mama June has repeatedly caught Sugar Bear trolling on online dating sites.
    One of them is plentyoffish.com, in which Sugar Bear -- with the handle Georgiafighter31054 -- says "i love to hunt fish and ride 4wheelers and have a good time. i luve muddy Boggs and love to ride in the mudd."

    Mama June has stopped wearing her wedding ring (technically the couple was never married, but they did have a commitment ceremony).

    Our sources say Mama June plans on taking the kids and moving out -- once the latest round of filming "Here Comes Boo Boo" is done ... so she can be closer to her relatives. She hasn't fully decided on the move.

    We're told the producers of the show are scrambling to try and figure out what's next.

    June and Sugar Bear tell TMZ, "Sugar Bear and I have decided to take some time apart to figure out some things in our relationship. We are taking things day by day but regardless of what happens the girls will always be our #1 priority. We want to thank ya'll for your support."

    Say what you want about them but this family really seems to love each other very much. :(

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    One of the big stories this week concerned the Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper period-piece drama Serena, which has languished without an US distributor for two years. As of Wednesday, the film will be distributed by Magnolia Pictures, which means in all likelihood most would-be moviegoers will sample the drama not in theaters but on Video On Demand. The film will debut on VOD on February 26th of next year, followed by a limited theatrical run on March 27th.

    If you think it’s odd or unexpected that a Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper drama couldn't get a major studio distributor, you’d be correct save for the fact that it’s a straight period drama that isn't considered Oscar material and is thus considered a commercial risk even with two of the bigger stars around. But Video On Demand distribution network has basically exploded over the last three years, with more and more indie-minded studios using it as a primary revenue stream for the kinds of films that are both explicitly art-house and the kinds of films that would have arguably been mainstream multiplex releases just a decade ago. If you’re the kind of moviegoer who complains that Hollywood only makes superhero sequels, dystopian action franchises, youth-skewing comedies, and animated spectaculars, then you are only half-right. Hollywood, or related production companies and distribution companies, still make them. It’s just that they often end up premiering on your television or smartphone as opposed to a theater near you.

    Magnolia was at the forefront of the pre-theatrical VOD distribution system. Back in 2006, they released Steven Soderbergh‘s Bubble in theaters, on DVD, and on Magnolia’s HDNet cable channel on the same day. For the next five years, Magnolia and IFC released a number of their films prior to theatrical release via Video On Demand, be they star-centric vehicles like Flawless (with Demi Moore and Michael Caine), The Killer Inside Me (with Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba among others), and All Good Things (with Kirsten Dunst). The would-be game changer was the late 2011 release Margin Call, from Roadside Attractions (which often works with Lionsgate). The all-star drama (Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore, etc.), concerning a fictionalized version of the 2008 financial meltdown, earned strong reviews and a whopping $10 million in revenue from VOD sales. Just as The Matrix legitimized DVD during the format’s relative infancy, Margin Call signaled that films debuting on VOD were not “unworthy of theatrical release” but often times the sort of middle-ground movies that seemed to have been swept away in the decade-long obsession with tent poles.

    Over the last three years, we’ve seen a giant boom in the quantity and quality of content on the various VOD platforms (Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Market, etc.). The films that debut pre-theatrical via VOD, or exclusively on VOD are not presumably racking up blockbuster business, because frankly in most cases the actual sales figures are not released to the public. But the VOD marketplace has become a secondary distribution network for feature films. The films that make up the VOD options, aside from the blockbusters that premiere on VOD before they debut on DVD (an arena where, by the way, the art-house gem Belle that barely cracked $10 million in theaters can be one of the top-rented/viewed movies of last week alongside Divergent and Captain America 2), are precisely the kind of old-school star-driven, adult-skewing films that we all claim have been lost Hollywood’s all-blockbusters, all-the-time mentality.

    If you were to scroll through the new Video on Demand options on your online store of choice right now, you’d find films are precisely what we say the industry isn't making enough of. You’d find glossy star-driven thrillers like The Two Faces of January (with Viggo Mortsensen, Kirsten Dunst, and Oscar Issac). You’d find mind-blowing puzzle boxes like the trippy romantic comedy The One I Love (with Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass). If you want to know more about that unknown who will be starring in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken this December, you might do well to check out Jack O’Connell in the British prison drama Starred Up. If you like musicals that aren’t necessarily star-studded adaptations of the biggest Broadway shows, you might want to check out Stage Fright (a charmingly twisted horror musical set at a theater camp) or God Help the Girl (yes, Emily Browning can sing).

    If you want to see Robin Williams’s last major starring role, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn premiered on VOD way back in April of this year. And if you want to see an engaging true-life breast cancer drama starring an absolute murderer’s row of talent (Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul, Corey Stoll, and a bazillion others), rent Decoding Annie Parker. If you’re a horror film fan, then VOD is absolute heaven, as there are copious offbeat and original horror titles like Cheap Thrills debuting on the format each and every week. It’s not that every VOD release is some kind of would-be critical gem that was cruelly ignored by the major studios. I wasn’t a fan of the Clive Owen/Mila Kunis 70′s crime drama Blood Ties and Elizabeth Banks’s Walk of Shame lives up to the title despite its good intentions. But there is plenty of diamonds in the so-called rough.

    You might say that a $5 million action comedy starring Patrick Wilson, Jessica Alba, and Chris Pine and directed by Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) is the kind of pulpy genre entry that would qualify as a low-cost/low-risk Saturday night at the movies too, but Universal (Comcast Corporation) disagreed. Stretch was scheduled to be released this past March, only for Universal to pull the film in January, claiming that it would cost $20m-$40m to market the picture. As of now, the Blumhouse production will debut on Video On Demand on October 14th. I saw the film last night, and it’s a delightfully goofy After Hours-type romp, one with decent production values and strong performances by recognizable actors.

    It’s also, quality aside, exactly the kind of film that would have been a wide theatrical release ten years ago, or in this case ten months ago. That Universal chose not to put it in theaters may say less about the studio’s priorities (especially in a period when they will go well-over 12 months without a conventional tent pole) and more about the sheer cost of advertising a wide studio release in an environment where frontloaded box office has made the opening weekend the all-important goal. But the end result is that audiences nationwide will get the chance to rent or purchase Stretch in a relatively high quality presentation on October 14th of this year.

    At this point, it’s merely a matter of which artier distribution companies (IFC, Magnolia, Roadside Attraction, etc.) use VOD as a date-and-date or pre-theatrical exhibition platform and which distribution companies (Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics, etc.) do not. We can all debate the reasons why Weinstein Company dropped Snowpeircer onto VOD three weeks into its limited theatrical run (where it earned $11m on VOD alone, as Dorothy Pomerantz covered in much detail two weeks ago), or why their period drama The Immigrant (with Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jeremy Renner) ended up on Netflix in mid-summer in the middle of its limited theatrical run, or why Magnolia decided to take their theaters-only release Frank and release it onto VOD a few weeks into its run. But the end result is that millions of moviegoers who otherwise would not have had access to said films prior to their eventual VOD/DVD release many months from now got to enjoy said films right alongside the film critics and LA/NY moviegoers.

    The fluid nature of Snowpiercer‘s swift theaters-to-VOD journey (it remained in limited theatrical release after its VOD premiere), as well as the limited theatrical run of Lionsgate’s Leprechaun: Origins five days prior to the film’s VOD release, is arguably changing the very nature of what constitutes a theatrical release. It also raises a question of for how long, and for what kinds of movies, will theatrical distribution remain the preeminent mode of exhibition. And there is a dark side to the streaming revolution, as physical media is somewhat forcibly removed as an option and older and more obscure films are threatened with glorified extinction. But for the moment, film lovers living well outside the conventional art-house districts are being given access, at pretty much the same time as critics and big-city film nerds, to the very kinds of films that they claim Hollywood won’t deliver to their local multiplex.

    The vast majority of moviegoers who want to see Jennifer Lawrence’s Serena, Shailene Woodley’s White Bird In A Blizzard (debuting next Thursday on VOD and in limited theatrical release on October 24th), or Kristen Stewart’s Camp X-Ray (October 17th) will find what they seek not at a theater, but on a television or a smart phone or a laptop. As a champion of the theatrical experience, I will admit that this breaks my heart a little bit, as the multiplex that I so love threatens to become the exclusive domain of so-called event pictures during much of the year. But as a film fan who champions the notion of a more diverse marketplace, as well as the means for audiences nationwide to see said films in a timely manner, the emergence of Video on Demand as a major distribution platform may be what we’ve been waiting for. The more that audiences catch on to this option and seek out the kinds of films they desire alongside the conventional blockbuster fare, the more attractive said films will become to the producers who fund them and the studios that might distribute them.

    I’m not thrilled at the notion of a future where my ten-best list is filled with films that I watched on my smart phone or my television, or where the newest Martin Scorsese film premieres on Amazon Prime instead of a national theater chain, but that’s a highly plausible future. Come what may, Video On Demand has quickly lost much of its stigma. The films that we claim to crave are being made and they are being offered nationwide to anyone with a decent internet connection and a credit card. I don’t know how this will all end. But having the option of watching Guardians of the Galaxy on a Friday night and then staying home on Saturday and watching The One I Love on your HDTV sounds like a pretty terrific place to start.

    If VOD can bring money or more attention to independent directors, writers and their films, then bring it.
    What do you think about VOD, ONTD? When was the last time you went to a movie theater?


    Mods, I nominate the "film - video on demand" or "video on demand" tag :D

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    Former Beatle and current vegetarian Paul McCartney has teamed up with the Meat Free Monday campaign to "catalyze transformative change" and bring awareness to the global footprint that meat production has on our environment. McCartney, along with Greg Barker, the Energy and Climate Advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has asked people around the world to pledge their support to the initiative, which will be among the topics at the Climate Summit in New York on September 23rd. McCartney's not telling fans to give up meat completely, but said he'd appreciate it if they could turn into temporary vegetarians to kick off the week.

    Meat production is responsible for at least 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, so eliminating meat consumption for even one day would significantly decrease that number. For the first time since 2009, the United Nations will discuss climate change at the New York summit, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is looking for fresh ideas how to approach the problem ahead of next year's Paris Climate Treaty conference.

    "Hi there, Paul speaking. Listen, I need your help. All I want you to do is just log in on pledge.meatfreemondays.com and pledge your support to the idea of Meat Free Mondays," McCartney says in a video message to fans. "That's all you need to do, I need your help. Please do it. We'll send all these pledges to the politicians and then they'll do something about it." McCartney ends the video by turning "pledge.meatfreemondays.com" into a song. You can also pledge your support by using the hashtag "#MFMclimatepledge" on social media.



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    The White House launched an ambitious branding campaign Friday aimed at ending sexual assaults on college campuses, in part by enlisting the support of major college sports leagues and prominent celebrities.
    President Obama and Vice President Biden launched the initiative, called "It's On Us," at an event in the White House's East Room. Lilly Jay, who introduced Biden and spoke in stark personal terms about what it meant to be raped as a student at Amherst and try to "reclaim college."
    "Recalling rape always hurts," she said, adding that having "allies" decry sexual assault makes things easier. "They help carry the heavy truth that colleges can, and should, be safer."
    Both Obama and Biden emphasized that men needed to join the effort to make sexual assault socially unacceptable.
    "This is not your fight alone. This is on all of us, every one of us, to fight campus sexual assault," the president said. "You are not alone. And we have your back and we are going to organize campus by campus, city by city, state by state. The entire country is going to make sure that we understand what this is about and that we’re going to put a stop to it."
    Biden, who will hold a roundtable discussion on domestic violence Friday afternoon in Denver, addressed part of his remarks directly to America's men, declaring, "So step up, you guys. Speak out."
    "It’s on all of us to change the culture that asks the wrong questions, and our culture still asks the wrong questions," Biden said, his voice growing louder as he got more emotional. "It is never the right question for a woman to ask, 'What did I do?' Never. Get this straight: never is it appropriate for a woman to ask, 'What did I do?' The question is, 'Why was that done to me, and will someone do something about it?'"
    One in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college, according to studies, many of them during their first year by someone they know. The first 15 weeks of college can be the riskiest; the group Futures Without Violence just launched "The Other Freshman 15," a letter-writing campaign aimed at getting college and university officials to address the issue.
    Lonna Davis, who directs the group's children and youth program and attended Friday's event, said the White House was taking the right approach with men "to invite them, and not indict them, into the conversation, which is exactly what we need."
    As part of the administration's new effort, the Justice Department Office on Violence Against Women will also award more than $6 million to 18 colleges with grants to develop comprehensive campus sexual assault prevention and response programs.
    Student leaders from nearly 200 college colleges and universities across the United States have agreed to participate in the campaign, which is being done in coordination with Generation Progress, a division of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress. It will have its own brand and logo, which can be adapted for individual campuses.
    Several prominent celebrities will participate in public service announcements aimed at enlisting public support for the campaign, administration officials said, including Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love and actors Jon Hamm and Connie Britton. A slew of other organizations including the NCAA, Big Ten, Atlantic 10, U.S. Olympic Committee, Viacom, Tumblr, the American Association of University Women and Electronic Arts, a leading video gaming firm, have also endorsed the initiative and will feature it prominently in online advertising and in other venues.
    The campaign came out of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, which issued a set of findings in April on how to prevent rape on campus. The task force conducted focus groups with a broad range of groups, including members of Greek organizations as well as student leaders, in crafting its strategy.
    Calling campus rape "an affront to our basic humanity," Obama said everyone from the "the captain of the basketball team" to the "drum major and the band" to stop it.
    "As far as we’ve come, the fact is that from sports leagues to pop culture to politics, our society still does not sufficiently value women," he said. "And this is a personal priority, not -- not just as a president, obviously, not just as a husband and a father of two extraordinary girls, but as an American who believes that our nation’s success depends on how we value and defend the rights of women and girls."

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    When Outlander premiered on Starz this summer, it was an instant hit. And for good reason—the show features complex, female-driven plots, sexy scenes, and two entirely different eras of costuming. And, speaking of those costumes, we've got an exclusive video for you with details on exactly how it all come together.

    Click the image above to watch the video.


    'Outlander' Sneak Peek: Say Aye to the Wedding Dress

    Put a bow on your best live pig and wash your formal kilt because everyone's invited this Saturday to witness the wedding of the century — the 18th century that is. On the next all-new episode of Outlander, the slowly smoldering relationship of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) is about to be taken to the next level.

    In the last episode, Claire had a painful and creepy run-in with Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), who still suspects she sympathizes with the Scottish enemy and knows more than she will admit about the Clan MacKenzie's plan to raise a Jacobite army. When Dougal (Graham McTavish) interrupted the interrogation and insisted on taking Claire back under clan protection, the sadistic girl-puncher demanded that she be delivered to Fort Henry for further questioning by sundown on the following day, or Dougal would be accused of harboring a fugitive from English law and punished, regardless of his ward chief status.

    In an attempt to outsmart Randall and save Claire from further beatings or worse, Dougal and Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson), the lawyer whose asthma the English nurse alleviated during the annual rent collection, have found a loophole. "I can only legally refuse to hand you back to Randall if I change you from an English woman to a Scot, and the only way I can do that is for you to marry one," Dougal explained.

    And so the big day's preparations have begun, but when you have only a few days to tie the knot and become a Scot, you have to get creative with the wedding prep, and as seen in the above exclusive clip, that strategy even extends to the dress. Ned has found a suitable gown in the most random of places — a brothel. Fortunately for Claire, she won't be wearing some harlot's hand-me-downs, because the lady of the night who had procured the latest in London couture as payment for her, ahem, social services had not yet tried it on.

    With only two episodes left until the series returns in early 2015, will they pull of this "hail marriage" plan?

    Outlander airs on Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.


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    Despite the fact How I Met Your Mother ended last May, there are still some new tidbits being released about the show. This week? The full, real, explanation of the Pineapple Incident.

    It troubled many viewers for nearly a decade by now. Ted wakes up one morning, hungover, with no memory of the woman lying in bed next to him, and a whole pineapple standing tall on the nightstand.

    During the final season last year, viewers thought we would find out the origins of the pineapple, but the episode ultimately led to a disappointing flashback of Ted evaluating a cork-board of NCIS-level detective work. Over the years, as with all of the other HIMYM mysteries (like, who was the mother?) the show has eluded to how Ted acquired the pineapple, but never specifically addressed the question head-on.

    Well now, we finally have a real answer to the question. The DVD set of the How I Met Your Mother series comes out next week, September 23, and BuzzFeed obtained an exclusive deleted scene. It’s a minute long, and still somewhat confusing, but at least now we know…

    It was the Captain’s pineapple.

    Ted notices the pineapple while leaving the Captain’s house in season 9, and asks why it’s there. Turns out, “it’s an old sea captain’s tradition, you put a pineapple on your porch as a symbol of hospitality. I keep one here and one outside my townhouse in the city.” Flashback to 2005, Ted, stumbling drunk happens upon said pineapple, and the mystery is solved just like that.

    Now, does this mean that since season 1, the creators knew where they were going? No – they’re said to have planned only a few seasons in advance, not eight years. But, working with hindsight in mind, they could have just thrown that answer into the story, recreated a season 1 Drunk Ted, and let us sit here and go ‘huh. Okay’ while they killed off the Mother. But even that didn’t have to happen, according to the the alleged alternate ending that was released a few weeks ago.

    The video won't embed but you can watch the whole scene here.

    article source
    whole buzzfeed article

    This was one of my favourite episodes so I'm glad we got an explanation. Drunk!Ted is forever the best.

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    "There Must Be More to Life Than This" is one of three unreleased tracks on upcoming compilation 'Queen Forever'

    Thirty-three years after they first began work on the track, Queen will finally release "There Must Be More to Life Than This" - featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson - on their upcoming compilation album Queen Forever, which hits shelves on November 10th. The song was written during the Hot Space sessions, but they never finished it and Mercury eventually released his own version on his 1985 solo debut Mr. Bad Guy.

    Producer William Orbit, best known for his work on Madonna’s Ray of Light, was brought in to finish "There Must Be More to Life Than This." "When I first played it in my studio, I opened a trove of delights provided by the greatest of musicians," he said in a statement. "Hearing Michael Jackson's vocals was stirring. So vivid, so cool, and poignant, it was like he was in the studio singing live. With Freddie's vocal solo on the mixing desk, my appreciation for his gift was taken to an even higher level." In contra
    st ​to
    Mercury's solo, stripped-back version, the new Orbit-produced version adds strings, guitars and a lot more bombast.

    Queen Forever will also feature a new version of "Love Kills," which Mercury recorded with producer Giorgio Moroder for a restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in 1984. "They took out all the disco production and turned it into more of a traditional Queen arrangement," says Adam Lambert, who played the tune with Queen on their summer tour."It's an amazing song, very dramatic and powerful with a beautiful melody."

    Also appearing on Queen Forever is "Let Me in Your Heart Again," a Brian May-penned tune that dates back to the sessions for 1984’s The Works. Mercury put down a vocal track, but the song was never finished. May and Roger Taylor recently went back into the studio to record new guitar parts and backing vocals.

    The LP will be available as a 20-track single CD and an 36-track two-CD set. Skipping obvious hits like "We Will Rock You" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," the collection focuses on lesser-known tunes like "Mother Love," "The Miracle" and "Drowse."

    Queen and Adam Lambert wrapped up their 2014 world tour with a show in Auckland, New Zealand on September 4th, but future shows remain a possibility. "I’m definitely down," Lambert told Rolling Stone in June."I’m having so much fun.&quo

    Here’s the complete track listing for both editions of Queen Forever.

    Single CD:

    1. "Let Me In Your Heart Again"
    2. "Love Kills – The Ballad"
    3. "There Must Be More To Life Than This" (William Orbit Mix)
    4. "It’s A Hard Life"
    5. "You’re My Best Friend"
    6. "Love Of My Life"
    7. "Drowse"
    8. "Long Away"
    9. "Lily Of The Valley"
    10. "Don’t Try So Hard"
    11. "Bijou"
    12. "These Are The Days Of Our Lives"
    13. "Las Palabras De Amor"
    14. "Who Wants To Live Forever"
    15. "A Winter’s Tale"
    16. "Play The Game"
    17. "Save Me"
    18. "Somebody To Love"
    19. "Too Much Love Will Kill You"
    20. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

    2-CD SET


    1. "Let Me In Your Heart Again"
    2. "Love Kills – The Ballad"
    3. "There Must Be More To Life Than This" (William Orbit Mix)
    4. "Play The Game"
    5. "Dear Friends"
    6. "You’re My Best Friend"
    7. "Love Of My Life"
    8. "Drowse"
    9. "You Take My Breath Away"
    10. "Spread Your Wings"
    11. "Long Away"
    12. "Lily Of The Valley"
    13. "Don’t Try So Hard"
    14. "Bijou"
    15. "These Are The Days Of Our Lives"
    16. "Nevermore"
    17. "Las Palabras De Amor"
    18. "Who Wants To Live Forever"


    1. "I Was Born To Love You"
    2. "Somebody To Love"
    3. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
    4. "Friends Will Be Friends"
    5. "Jealousy"
    6. "One Year of Love"
    7. "A Winters Tale"
    8. "‘39"
    9. "Mother Love"
    10. "It’s A Hard Life"
    11. "Save Me"
    12. "Made in Heaven"
    13. "Too Much Love Will Kill You"
    14. "Sail Away Sweet Sister"
    15. "The Miracle"
    16. "Is This The World We Created"
    17. "In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited"
    18. "Forever"


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    Would you see a full-length Popeye movie, ONTD?

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    It's awkward when your grandma asks about your exes. It can be even more uncomfortable when celebs are publicly prodded about the topic. And, that's exactly what's happening to Juliette Lewis as she's making the rounds to promote her new film, Kelly and Cal. Lewis is a consummate professional and great sport about it, especially in this HuffPost Live interview.

    Not only did host Ricky Camilleri ask the actress about her ex, one Brad Pitt ("You guys famously dated in the '90s."), he showed Lewis the above picture of the two of them from back in the day. The actress took the opportunity to reminisce about a more carefree time, when one could leave the house without first donning an Instagram-worthy #OOTD.

    "This is what I love about old photos...I was wearing [Brad Pitt's] shirt and some just random pants from my closet...There's no styling," Juliette said of the laid-back era during which she cavorted with dreamboat Brad. "You're just doing it. It's like if you look at those old Oscar pictures, and people are wearing like ruffled prom dresses."

    The HuffPost host wanted to stick to the script, though. He asked about Brad Pitt getting married, and by jove, he was going to get Lewis to talk about her former boyfriend getting married. Again, she was totally cool about it.

    "But yes, he did get married, and how awesome is that?" Lewis said diplomatically. "What do you want from me? This is always how I answer these questions...Do you want to talk about Rodney Rozene, my seventh-grade crush?"

    Touché, Juliette — until the host does want to talk about her seventh-grade crush. You've gone too far, dude. Rein it in.

    More pics of them together + the source.

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    Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn are ghost whisperers.

    The “Wish I Was Here” actress, 35, revealed that the mother-daughter duo “can see dead people.”

    “It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy,” she told Alan Carr on the “Chatty Man Show” on Friday (via E! Online). “I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.”

    She goes on to instruct viewers how to get rid of ghosts.

    “When you see something, you are supposed to tell the energy what year it is and that they don’t belong there,” she explained.

    She even recalled a time that she saw a spirit that had no face. “That was really creepy,” she told Carr.

    Share your supernatural experiences.

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    Ariana Grande has been really busy on Twitter the last couple days denying that she insulted a group of fans, saying out loud that she hoped they effing died, and as someone who’s seen this cycle of hers before, I’m gonna have to order one Grande Bullcrappucino, please. To go.
    Because this is all she knows how to do! Haven’t you learned this yet? Ariana (allegedly) does something heinous, gets called out on it, and then instead of apologizing, takes to social media to assure her fans that it never actually happened, and that the big bad media fabricated everything. It’s become so overwhelmingly obvious at this point that I’m honestly getting irritated with her fans for not picking up on it.
    In case you’re not caught up, this current cycle of the Ariana Grande PR machine is stemming from a comment she allegedly made about a group of her fans. According to a source:
    “She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator. And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all fucking die.’”
    Wow, rude. Very Mean Girls and ‘that is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen’ of you, but also not terribly out of character! This is, after all, the same person who called her fans ‘assholes’ just because they didn’t think Marilyn Monroe was a particularly good role model. (A sentiment we happen to agree with, as it happens.) But anyway, in true Ariana style, she laughed off the rumor on Twitter without ever actually mentioning it, and then spammed everybody’s Twitter feed with like 45123954985 posts telling us how much she loves us.
    And those were all from THE SAME DAY. You know when you were in middle school on AIM and all of a sudden your parents came in so you had to type a bunch of different lines to push the offensive stuff offscreen? I feel like that’s what Ariana’s doing on her Twitter — just trying to flood our feeds so we forget all about that pesky other stuff where she’s a total diva who’s not only too big for her britches, but too big for her entire fanbase.


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    Jonathan Bennett, the actor currently on Dancing With the Stars, has never officially come out.

    And now he may not have to. One of the show's judges, Julianne Hough, made the public announcement for him during an appearance on the syndicated entertainment show Extra.

    Hough, chatting with host Mario Lopez, said of Bennett: 'He tweeted me last year and said, like, I had a nice butt, but he also tagged my trainer. And so I was like, Oh, he's hitting on me. I should try to go on a date with him.'

    Lopez asked if anything came of it. 'He's gay,' Hough said. 'I was like, that's not gonna work.'

    Bennett, 33, is best known for playing Aaron Samuels in the 2004 film Mean Girls and reportedly previously dated actor Matt Dallas who is now out publicly. In addition to Mean Girls, Bennett's other film credits include Cheaper by the Dozen 2 with Hilary Duff and Lovewrecked with Amanda Bynes.

    Part of Bennett's motivation for competing on the show is because it was a favorite both his parents. His father died of brain cancer in April and his mother died two years earlier.

    source: GayStarNews

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    A&E Network has found the path of “Nino Santo” and is developing multiple scripts for an adaption of the Mexican series of the same name that was created by Mauricio Katz, Pedro Peirano and Pablo Cruz and executive produced by Cruz, Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.

    The series follows a group of young doctors who are sent to a remote village to vaccinate the locals, only to encounter an unusual cult headed by an enigmatic faith healer. The doctors decide to become involved with this group in the name of science, but as they witness Nino’s “miracles,” they begin to weigh scientific impossibility against the possibility of faith.

    The team who created the Mexican version will be adapting the series for the U.S. and it will be produced by A+E Studios in association with Amblin Television and Canana. Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey will serve as executive producers for Amblin Television, along with “Fringe’s” Jeff Pinkner, who will also serve as executive producer and showrunner.

    “We are in constant pursuit of projects featuring great characters, compelling drama and the outstanding storytelling uniquely suited to the A&E brand, and ‘Niño Santo’ fits all of those criteria,” said David McKillop, gm and evp of A&E Network. “What sets this apart from other format adaptations is that we have the original creative team in place guiding the process to ensure their authentic vision remains intact for the American audience.”

    Amblin is currently producing seven series airing on five different networks, including Fox’s new “Red Band Society,” ABC’s midseason supernatural thriller “The Whispers” and the upcoming drama “Public Morals” on TNT. It is also working with Fox on a TV adaptation of “Minority Report.”

    A+E Studios’s slate includes “The Returned,” a new series adaptation of the French hit “Les Revenant,” for A&E Network.


    bless this duo

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