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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE!!!! Thank you @selenagomezfor nominating me!!!! I nominate: @zackbraff@joeyking@keeganallen You have 24 hours!!


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    Veteran television and radio announcer Dominick “Don” Pardo, best known as the voice of Saturday Night Live, has died. He was 96.

    Pardo’s daughter, Paula, confirmed the news to CBS Radio.

    Pardo retired from NBC in 2004, but continued to provide the introductions for SNL — most recently, pre-recording them from his home in Arizona. He had only missed one season of SNL — the show’s seventh — giving him a longer tenure than even Lorne Michaels (who stepped away for five seasons).

    “I can’t imagine the show without [Don],” Michaels once said, “and as long as he’s there, I stay young.”

    Pardo — a 2010 Television Hall of Fame inductee — also lent his voice to game shows The Price Is Right, Jackpot and Jeopardy! He and iconic entertainer Bob Hope were the only two people to have lifetime contracts with NBC.


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    Well, that was luath, which I’m pretty sure means “quick” in Scottish Gaelic. The new Starz series Outlander, which got more than 5 million views across all platforms in its first week, has already been renewed for a second season — before a second episode has yet to air (that’ll be on Saturday night at 8).

    Starz officials say each season will be based on a single book of Diana Gabaldon’s hit eight-book series, which debuted in 1991 (the first book is now back on the best-seller lists, no doubt because of the frenzied attention to the TV series). She’s currently in the early stages of writing Book No. 9, and says she has no idea how many there will eventually end up being. The series has sold more than 20 million copies.

    The first book, Outlander, tells the story of English nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall, who while on a “second honeymoon” with her husband Frank after World War II, has an “encounter” with a humming, standing stone in a Stonehenge-like circle and finds herself transported back to 1743 Scotland during the Jacobite rebellion. The first person she meets there? Frank’s lookalike ancestor Jonathan Wolverton Randall, known as Black Jack (for entirely uncomplimentary reasons), a captain in Her Majesty’s dragoons.

    For complicated reasons, Claire ends up marrying a young Scottish warrior named Jamie Fraser, Black Jack’s sworn enemy … and, that’s all I’m going to tell you. Season One is a split between eight episodes this fall and eight next spring.

    The second book, Dragonfly in Amber, like the first, takes the characters across both geography and time, and the main actors will have to do some serious aging. Both Caitriona (pronounced like “Katrina”) Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie) are now in their 30s, playing characters in their 20s, so it seems entirely feasible that next season they’ll be playing people in their 40s. The second season will be at least 13 episodes, according to a Starz press release.

    A couple of weeks ago, I talked with Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, and showrunner/producer Ronald D. Moore (of Battlestar Galactica fame, among other shows).

    Heughan, 34, grew up in New Galloway in the Lowlands of Scotland, and was in Glasgow when we talked, “about to have a quick beer with a mate.” He says he’d never heard of the Outlander books before being called to audition, but read “went online and read about it in a whirlwind, and quickly speed-read the relevant sections of the book.” Ironically, the series has been compared to Game of Thrones, and Heughan had auditioned multiple times for that show without success. (We who adore his portrayal of Jamie are admittedly glad of that.)

    Since then, at San Diego’s Comic Con and in other cities, he’s had a crash course in Jamie-mania. Outlander fans are, shall we say, a bit obsessive — there are “Pocket Jamie” cutouts available online and fans carry them around with them in a sort of adult version of Flat Stanley, taking pictures with them on outings and travels. If you want to get in on the discussion, just search for Outlandish Texans, Heughan’s Heughligans, Caitrionation or any of many other fan outlets on Facebook and Twitter.

    When Diana Gabaldon was in Dallas in June to promote the newest in the book series, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, at the Dallas Museum of Arts’ Arts & Letters Live, she had her biggest crowd on the book tour, with more than 1,200 people turning out. They often cheered so loud she couldn’t be heard over the fan-demoniumn.

    Heughan says all the attention is “certainly flattering,” although he had not yet invested in any “kilt security” to preclude fervent women fans from getting a little too up-close-and-personal. (We suspect he may have hired burly escorts since since Comic Con.) About those kilts: Each character has one with specific modifications according to the characters’ and actors’ preferences. The “great kilt” is actually a piece of tartan fabric anywhere from 7 to 10 feet long, and it’s “used like a tool — it can be a coat, camouflage, a bed, whatever,” says Heughan. The Victorian-style kilts that one sees mostly today, in British regimental attire and at cos-play events, mimic the original idea with built-in pleats, but are much quicker to get into. Hueghan says he can don his great kilt in about three or four minutes now; at first it took him 15 minutes or longer.

    After living in Los Angeles for some time, he says, he’s glad to be back in Scotland for filming. “This is my home and I’m proud of it; it’s a joy to come back. I’m seeing parts of Scotland I hadn’t seen for years and years.” He says working with Caitriona Balfe is “just terrible, awful, couldn’t be worse,” before he breaks out laughing and corrects himself. “Honestly, she’s brilliant. I couldn’t be more blessed with a co-star. We laugh a lot, maybe a bit too much.”

    What’s something most people don’t know about Sam? He plays the trumpet. “I started when I was about 18. I’m looking at it right now, and it’s got a lot of dust on it. I need to get back to it — I love jazz music and the blues.”

    Heughan says it’s interesting to be playing the “other side” in the Jacobite rising of 1745, which was a movement by the Highland Scots to put Charles Edward Stuart, or “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” of the exiled House of Stuart back on the British throne.“My family were lowland Scots, and lowland Scots saw themselves as really a different race, more modern. Lowlanders thought the Highlanders to be quite backward. It was sort of like the American Hatfields and McCoys, and it was horrible when the Highlanders were defeated at Culloden — it was the end of the Highland way of life, the clans, the tartans.”

    Even though born a Scot, Heughan had to learn a different accent for the show, and also to speak Gaelic. “It’s amazing that we’re only talking about a difference of 100 miles or so, but Lowland and Highland accents are completely different.”

    As for the supernatural aspect of the show (time travel, the occasional ghost, the appearance of the Loch Ness monster in an 18th-century scene), Heughan says he spoke with Gabaldon at length about that, and he thinks he has had his own such experience. “My grandfather had bought me a metronome for my music. He and I were very close, and when he passed away, it had been sitting on a shelf for maybe five or six years. It hadn’t been touched in all that time, was totally still. And after he died, suddenly, it started to tick.” Oooooooooh.

    Heughan says he looks forward to taking Jamie forward through the years. “He’s got a lot of secrets about him that make him intriguing. Everyone who’s read the books has their own idea about him, but I hope I can make them see new things, and of course bring in those who are completely new to the series.”

    Ronald D. Moore was in LA when we spoke, just back from shooting in Scotland and getting ready for Comic Con. Moore, 50, said he heard about the series five or six years ago at a dinner with his wife and his producing partner in Vancouver, just as Battlestar Galactica was winding down. “They were such big fans, I immediately grabbed the book and I could totally see it onscreen. I like interesting female characters, and Claire’s amazing. It’s just a great story. I could see how to break it down into episodes, the sweep of it, everything.”

    For Gabaldon’s part, she’s said that Moore’s treatment of the story (which had been considered for movies or mini-series for years) was the only one she’d seen that didn’t want to make her hurl the script against the wall, or to literally hurl.

    Moore says Gabaldon has been instrumental in the TV series (she even has a cameo role coming in Episode 4), making sure that the spirit of the book remains true even as adaptations are made for the sake of working in a different medium. For instance, a scene where Jamie early on tells Claire that as long as she’s with him, she’ll be safe, was originally cut. Gabaldon lobbied for its return, as it’s a favorite scene among book fans. Back it came.

    Moore says some people seem to think the timing of the series was intentionally aimed to coincide during the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence from Great Britain, which Scots will vote on Sept. 18. Internet rumors are circulating that the show hasn’t been bought in Great Britain for that reason, the idea that it’ll turn some people toward independence who might have been on the fence (which is odd, because the Jacobite rebellion wasn’t about Scottish independence, it was about the restoration of a certain king to the entirety of Great Britain, but whatever). Bollocks, says Moore. “It’s coincidence, nothing more, and there simply hasn’t been a deal made for Starz to distribute the series there yet. We’re pretty sure that’ll happen, we just don’t know when.”

    Moore says he and his family have immersed themselves into the feel of ancient Scotland, renting a 400-year-old house to live in while filming. Hiring the three main actors — Heughan, Balfe and Tobias Menzies (Frank/Black Jack) was almost too easy, he notes. “We knew almost immediately with all three of them, oh, that’s Claire, that’s Jamie, no doubt about it. With Tobias, it was really hardest, because he has to play two completely different roles, and he’s jut perfect. The body language, the way each speaks, there are such fine shadings.”

    Moore and the crew are also committed to as much perfection in 18th-century and mid-20th-century detailing as possible, he says. In a weird sort of dichotomy, he says, “If you’re going to tell the audience a fantastical tale, you should make it feel as real as possible. Then they’ll go along with you for the emotional ride.”



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    Only a birthday party celebrated at a luxurious villa with famous friends would do for Madonna.

    The Material Girl hit-maker took to Instagram on Sunday to share snaps from her 56th birthday bash in Cannes.

    Madonna's epic festivities were complete with decadent treats and a giant M display adorned with lights just for the birthday girl.

    In one picture, Madonna poses with model Kate Moss, captioning the snap: 'Bow down B***hes! #whatitfeelslikeforagirl'

    Clad in a beaded black, flappers-inspired dress, Madonna completed her vintage look with her blonde hair pulled back into elegant curls, along with a sparkling headband.

    Madonna's children were also present at the event, with her son Rocco dressed in a smart black-and-white blazer, and what appeared to be her adopted daughter Mercy posing beside the M display.

    A family affair: Madonna's son Rocco was also spotted dressed to impress in a tuxedo featuring a white blazer

    Strike a pose: Madonna's daughter Mercy posed beside the M display while wearing a 1920's themed outfit

    Pure luxury: The party took place in a gorgeous villa in Cannes

    Happy birthday! Madonna posed beside DSquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten at her birthday festivities

    From Natalia Kills' Instagram

    Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy

    Nelly Furtado was there

    And someone gave madonna a nice ring


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    Extraordinary sprite of amazing pop, Florrie, has delivered a magnificent acoustic version of her new single, Little White Lies. Little White Lies was released earlier this week, and its EP package (buy HERE!) contains several remixes including one by Florrie herself, as well as new edits of her classique songs - Give Me Your Love, and Left Too Late.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Katharine McPhee seems to have no problem mixing business and pleasure.

    The former American Idol contestant was photographed playfully kissing and hugging actor Elyes Gabel on the set of their new CBS show, Scorpion.

    McPhee, 30, filed for divorce from husband Nick Cokas in May – months after she was caught locking lips with her Smash director, Michael Morris.

    Though McPhee and Cokas were reportedly separated at the time, Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack, with whom he has three daughters.

    Gabel, 31, is a British star who is also slated to appear in the sci-fi thriller Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain.

    McPhee's rep had no comment on the photo.


    he's so cute

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Setrakian, Eph, and Nora formulate a plan to find the Master using Jim as bait.

    Eichhorst and Setrakian's pasts are revealed.

    At the Luss home, Neeva struggles to protect the children while encountering a mysterious stranger whose help she may not want.

    Teleplay by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; directed by Charlotte Sieling.

    Guillermo del Toro’s vampire series has been infectious, to say the least. From the original novels with Chuck Hogan, to the comic adaptations from Dark Horse Comics, and now the current hit TV series on FX, The Strain is going viral.

    The Night Eternal is the third volume in The Strain Trilogy, building toward the ultimate conclusion of the vampiric apocalypse that began in The Strain and The Fall.

    The first issue of The Strain: The Night Eternal is on sale this Wednesday, August 20. Check out the cover artwork and exclusive 10-page preview below:

    It’s been two years since the Master’s plan succeeded and a near apocalypse coated the world in darkness. Now able to roam freely, the Master’s legion of vampires rule the world—a horrifying police state where humans are harvested for blood. As humanity despairs, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and an unlikely team of heroes continue their fight against extinction and hope to unlock the secret to the Master’s demise.

    rest of the preview at the source!

    source: EW, YouTube

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    It is easy for parents to misfire when treating their grown-up children on their birthday. But Demi Moore hit the bullseye when she sent daughter Rumer Willis a gun-shaped cake to mark her big day on Saturday.

    The 26-year-old beauty was absolutely delighted with the cunning confection, which paid tribute to the actress' star turn in a Quentin Tarantino themed musical.

    In the caption to her Instagram photo she wrote: "Best birthday cake ever. Thank you mama..." The beauty's pistol-shaped chocolate treat was adorned with the words "Happy birthday Rumer" and "bang bang!"

    Of course, the latter was a reference to the song Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), which she performs in the thrilling show For the Record: Tarantino.

    Rumer, whose father is action hero Bruce Willis, sings the tune while dressed in wedding attire while in character as The Bride from Kill Bill.


    Clever or tacky? You be the judge.

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    Do you think you have the talent, the looks and charisma to be a leading man? Then here's your opportunity.

    This Saturday, August 23rd, at the Harlem School for the Arts, located at 645 Saint Nicholas Ave. in New York City, from 10AM to 1PM, the casting and production team for Steve McQueen's still untitled HBO pilot, will be conducting what they say will be its only casting call in New York.

    Holding the open call is casting director Cindy Tolan. Tolan will run the open call auditions, which McQueen, it has been emphasized, will not be present for. According to Tolan, “No experience is necessary. They are just looking for a quality individual."

    All black men between the ages of 20 to 40 are invited. Casting directors will also look at dancers, musicians and anyone with any interest in being a part of the project.

    The HBO pilot is centered around a young African-American man's experience entering New York high society.

    Good luck.


    I'm not a man, black or even New Yorker but I wanna goooooo ;_;
    Do you have any friend or family? Spread the news and good luck!

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    ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is back for Cycle 21! This time, it’s another face-off between the guys and the girls — and it looks like an action packed season full of love affairs, high fashion challenges and even some twerking from Tyra Banks! Will you be tuning in?

    Tyra Banks, producer and host of America’s Next Top Model, is presenting yet another installment of the world famous model competition. In this season, Tyra welcomes back respected runway coach Miss J. Alexander, and we can’t wait to watch it’s premiere on August 18 at 9pm! Click below to watch the trailer for this highly anticipated season!

    America’s Next Top Model Welcomes Back J. Alexander

    The 21st season of ANTM kicks off by welcoming Miss J. back to the judging panel alongside Tyra and fashion public relations maven, Kelly Cutrone.

    The show begins with 31 potential contestants rocking the runway to earn a spot in the house by taking the best selfie, followed by a unique competition in a bowling alley!

    In the end, only seven men and seven women will live under one roof to battle it out for the title of America’s Next Top Model.

    Read the rest of the article at the source.

    So who watched the premiere? Thoughts? What about this mess below?

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    "haven't watched the taylor swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful"


    Tonight, Taylor Swift announced her upcoming album 1989 with a Mark Romanek-directed clip for her new single "Shake It Off". Among other things, the video features her singing and dancing alongside twerking women and breakdancers. Earl Sweatshirt jumped on Twitter to criticize Swift for her "inherently offensive and ultimately harmful" video.

    He wrote:


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    Korea's most-followed person on Twitter is doing his part to raise awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has officially hit Korea. K-pop star Siwon, a member of long-running boy band Super Junior, shared a video where he dumped two vats of water on himself to spread awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease.

    And with 4.17 million Twitter followers, Siwon is Korea's most-followed person on Twitter making his voice particularly loud in the country. Siwon posted his challenge on Twitter and his Instagram account, that's amassed 273,000 Insta-followers since he opened his account on Aug. 2 this year.

    Dressed in a sharp blue button up and white slacks, the singer/actor get doused in public with a crowd of screaming fans huddled around him recording the challenge with their cell phones and cameras.

    Via the Instagram video's comments, Siwon wrote that he nominated his Super Junior bandmates Donghae and Eunhyuk to participate next in the challenge. Both stars are also extremely popular on social media, so undoubtedly Donghae (with 4.06 million Twitter followers and 1.5 million on Instagram) and Eunhyuk (2.47 million on Twitter and 474,000 on Instagram) will help spread the message with a fun video. Or end up making a donation to ALS. Either way, everybody wins.

    Siwon is one of the latest music stars to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, joining the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and many more.


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    Controversy is the best free publicity.

    The mere idea of prohibiting a film from being seen speaks to the power of the medium to address subjects ranging from politics and social issues to religion. In many cases, governments and other authority figures find certain cinematic voices threatening to their beliefs and lifestyles. They would prefer to keep those images away from the public consciousness rather than encouraging debate or promoting tolerance. Recent examples of such practices are the cases of Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof -- whose latest courageous works, "Closed Curtain" and "Manuscripts Don’t Burn" -- have faced strong government sanctions. Exposing the extreme oppression under which artists must attempt to work, these films were seen as direct attack against the regime. Both films were defiantly created in secrecy after their directors were banned from making movies. Needless to say, while prohibited in their homeland, both films are currently having a theatrical run in the U.S.

    Here are 17 more films that have been banned around the world for various distinct reasons.

    1."The Interview" (2014)

    Why is a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen at the top of the list? Because it is absurdly hilarious and equally terrifying to think that such a film could endanger world peace. Not only is this politically-charged bromantic comedy never reaching Pyongyang -- hard to know if there are any theaters there anyway -- but it has also pushed Kim Jong-un's kingdom to threaten "merciless" retaliation against the US. In all honesty, everyone should have expected the not-so-subtle Asian nation to do just that given the film's premise. Certainly the team behind the film must be grateful for such a "flattering" reaction. The story follows the two friends, playing pop culture journalists, who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate none on other than North Korea's supreme leader. Outraged, the country's UN ambassador called the production of "The Interview" an "act of war," which are strong words by anyone's standards. Especially when they refer to a Hollywood flick that hasn't even been released. On the other hand, when your movie manages to ignite the possibility of nuclear warfare, then you know your PR team has done well. By that, of course, we mean the uncredited PR team: the North Korean government.

    3. "A Serbian Film" (2010)

    In the dark passages of brutally violent and exploitative entertainment there are gore porn movies and then there is "A Serbian Film," a film so senselessly abhorrent it has become, by far, the most infamous production in recent cinematic history. Described by its director as both a statement about the post-war psyche of the Serbian population and a parody on the country's film industry, the shock-horror production revolves around a retired porn star forced to commit the most depraved sexually violent and murderous acts in order to save his family's life. Outright banned in almost a dozen countries including Spain, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand, and released with major edits in others like the U.K, Germany, and the U.S, "A Serbian Film" has achieved an unsettling cult status amongst horror fans. Viewing the film serves more to gain bragging rights for having endured the heinous collection of blood-splattered sequences than to provide any revelatory insight on the Balkan state. Do not look for it on Netflix, the company refuses to carry it both digitally and in its physical version.

    7. "Cruising"  (1980)

    After receiving the stigmatizing X rating from the MPAA, director William Friedkin ("The French Connection") was forced to cut around 40 minutes of the most sexually explicit material in his homosexual-themed psychological thriller "Cruising." The film follows Al Pacino as detective Steve Burns who accepts to go undercover and immerse himself in the underworld of leather bars and S&M clubs to uncover the identity of a serial killer targeting this community. Controversy aroused long before the release with several outraged groups within the gay community protesting at several locations throughout NYC where the film was being shot. Stating that the film promoted violence by depicting homosexuality as a deviant lifestyle, furious protesters attempted to disrupt the production of what they considered a homophobic attack. On the mythical deleted footage Friedkin has mentioned he believes it was destroyed at United Artists, and that it mostly included graphic sexual acts that might have clarified the ambiguity of Pacino's character. Departing from such intriguing occurrence, James Franco and Travis Matthews set to make an experimental reimagining of those missing images in their film "Interior. Leather Bar." Added to the polemical reception at home, the film was banned in diverse countries such as Finland, Iran, and South Africa.

    9. "Noah" (2014)

    Darren Aronofsky's recent biblical epic starring Russell Crowe in the eponymous role managed to bring in close to $360 million in spite of mixed reviews and unwelcoming reactions from diverse groups. Even though most Christians felt that film was a valuable and poignant reimagining of such an important passage in the scripture, others weren't as pleased with the director's take. During the film's promotional campaign Aronofsky mentioned that his intention was to highlight the fact that Noah was the "first environmentalist" rather than focusing on the spiritual qualities of the story. These comments didn't sit well with some Christian leaders. In the Arab world, "Noah" was met with even harsher reaction because Islam prohibits the artistic portrayal of prophets and other important religious figures. Indonesia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and even China banned the film. Here in the States, the controversy was based on diversity concerns given that the film lacks the presence of any racial minorities. For some of the film's critics, the fact that only Caucasian people survive the divine flood is a cause for concern in terms of the message it sends to society.

    13. "300" (2006)

    Incessant bloodbaths and animalistic sex scenes could have definitely been cause for alarm regarding Zack Snyder's visually stunning adaptation of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley graphic novel, however, trouble aroused for more ideological reasons. In the film, the great ancient Spartans warriors go to war with the Persian Empire, who follows the orders of Xerxes, an effeminate king whose divine power is as grotesque as it is menacing. Offended by such unflattering characterization, the Iranian government banned the film considering it a revolting example of American propaganda. Not satisfied with preventing the film from screening there, Tehran submitted a complaint denouncing the production to UNESCO citing that it misrepresented and hurt the country's national identity and historical legacy. In addition to this, "300" also came under media scrutiny because of the hyper-masculine behavior of its heroes set against their unmanly enemies, in response Snyder said it was done to play into the homophobia of the film's target audience: straight young males. Obviously such statement did not sit well with many who considered it promoted such discriminatory fear. On top of all this, the idealized vision of war and superhuman fighting skills showcase, which were hidden under numerous historical inaccuracies, were also criticized. Despite it all, the film became a moneymaking pop-culture success and a sequel entitled "300: Rise of an Empire" was released earlier this year.

    Rest at source.

    First pic belongs to The Crime of Padre Amaro and it wasn't banned (that I know) but Catholic groups were so offended by this film.
    I just post it here because Gael García Bernal looks hot af as a priest.

    Do you know any movie that was banned in your country?
    Did you saw A Serbian Film? :D

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    Capaldi's debut series will end with a The Thick of it reunion. Meanwhile, Addison is the bookies' second favourite to take over as a full-time companion should Jenna Coleman leave the show.

    Chris Addison will once again share the screen with his former The Thick of it co-star Peter Capaldi, but this time in a Doctor Who guest role.

    The comedian, who appeared alongside Capaldi in political comedies The Thick of It and its big-screen spin-off In The Loop, has a role in the series eight two-part finale, Dark Water / Death In Heaven. Addison himself is keeping tight-lipped on the size or nature of his role, but told RadioTimes.com:

    "'Would you like to be in Doctor Who?' is the easiest question I've ever been asked. It's a 35-year dream come true. Seven-year old me would be going off his nut and I'm not far behind.

    "It's a great way to spend a couple of weeks, working with people I've always wanted to work with on a show I've loved all my life. My bucket list is quite a lot shorter now."

    Addison and Capaldi last clashed on television in their respective Thick of It roles as the wily special advisor Ollie Reeder and foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker.

    Addison joins a long list of guest stars in Capaldi's debut run as the 12th Doctor, including Keeley Hawes, Frank Skinner and pop star Foxes. Following tabloid speculation that companion Jenna Coleman is leaving the show this year, Addison has also found himself the bookies' second favourite – behind Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie – to succeed Coleman.

    Doctor Who returns to BBC1 with feature-length series eight opener Deep Breath on Saturday 23rd August at 7:50pm.


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    Lady Gaga & Tony Bennet - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

    Stream here:
    Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - I Can't Give You Anything But Love (CDQ).mp3

    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have released another song from their upcoming jazz album Cheek to Cheek!

    Fans in North America can now download the song on iTunes and pre-orderCheek to Cheek, while for the rest of the world, the new music will be available tomorrow, August 20th. Here’s the tracklisting:

    1. Anything Goes– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    2. Cheek to Cheek– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    3. Don’t Wait Too Long– Tony Bennett
    4. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    5. Nature Boy– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    6. Goody Goody– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    7. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye– Lady Gaga
    8. Firefly– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    9. I Won’t Dance – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    10. They All Laughed– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    11. Lush Life– Lady Gaga
    12. Sophisticated Lady – Tony Bennett
    13. Let’s Face the Music and Dance– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    14. But Beautiful – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    15. It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    16. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Live from Jazz At Lincoln Center] – Lady Gaga


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  • 08/19/14--04:49: Ella Henderson - Yours
  • From her debut album 'Chapter One', out September 22nd (Pre-Order).

    Yassss queen Adella!!


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    Zac Efron keeps up the pace of his run while on the set of We Are Your Friends in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (August 18).
    The 26-year-old actor, who stars as Cole in the upcoming flick, rocked out to some tunes with a pair of headphones.
    Deadline reports that Wes Bentley just joined the flick and will play James, a wealthy, binge-drinking DJ who takes Cole (Efron) under his wing and mentors him to success in the world of EDM.



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  • 08/19/14--05:32: Jessica Alba Ultra Post
  • Jessica Alba has been doing tons of promo, plus living her life, and to avoid making twelve posts a day, I've gathered them all here for you, ONTD.

    Table of contents

    • Jessica throws her first pitch at a Dodgers game

    • On Watch What Happens Live with Demi Lovato (photos + article on Demi mentioning Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas)

    • Interview on Latin television

    • On Good Morning, America

    • Maxim Magazine cover shoot

    • Jessica VS. Whitney Cummings in a game of charades on Live With Kelly & Michael

    • Candids

    Jessica Alba shows off her sports skills while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium on Sunday (August 17) in Los Angeles.

    The 33-year-old actress gave a high five to Scott Van Slyke, Dodgers outfielder, after throwing the pitch.

    Click the cap to see the Vine video - it's autoplay, so I'm not embedding it.

    Demi Lovato seem to be Selena Gomez on the outs—for now, anyway.

    The "Really Don't Care" singer appeared alongside Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star Jessica Alba on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday. While there, Lovato, 21, agreed to play a round of "Plead the Fifth." Host Andy Cohen reminded the pop star that she could only skip one of the three questions.

    Cohen's first question: "Shag, Marry, Kill: Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell."

    "I'd kill Bieber. I'd kill Simon. F--k, I'd kill Joe, too!" Lovato said. "No, Joe and I are good friends, so I wouldn't kill him. I'd keep him around." Alba asked, "Who would you shag?" Lovato replied, "None."

    The next question was hard to answer."Not including your own behavior, what is the most scandalous thing you ever saw a Disney Channel star do?" Cohen asked. "And you don't have to name a name."

    "I can't answer that!" Lovato said. "I plead the fifth."

    Perhaps she should have saved that option. For Cohen's third and final question, he asked, "You recently unfollowed your BFF Selena Gomez on Twitter. So much speculation about this! Can you tell us why?"

    "Um, I plead the sixth, if that's in the game," Lovato said. Cohen continued to probe the Camp Rock 2 star, asking, "Are people reading too much into it? Are they reading into something that doesn't exist?"

    "I think it's just one of those things where people change and people grow apart," Lovato answered.

    (0:23) On her career as an actress:"Yeah, I mean, I, for sure, don't work for the paycheck anymore. And I don't do it for the stability that I used to do it for. Now, it's really just about the love of it."
    (1:21) On being a mom while working on a film:"I struggle with it all the time. I mean, I missed my kids all day today. And, you know, Honor came in my room last night and we cuddled. [...] You know, I can't wait to bathe them and read stories to them tonight, so. You've just gotta steal those moments when you can."
    (2:05) On the Honest Company:"It's been nice to be able to deliver on something that I believe so much in."

    Jessica explains why she got a choreographer for this movie, unlike for the same role in this last Sin City; “I’m not that comfortable — I’m not a dancer. And I’m not that comfortable on a stage, so I wanted to work with someone to help me fake it.”

    She also digs into how comfortable she feels with herself now, in contrast to back when she first played Nancy, "I just have so much that's so important to me that I love, and it allows me, when I'm working - when I'm acting, to really be free and take risks and go to the next level."

    On how it's different from the first time she was on the cover of Maxim:"I was, I think, 19 years old? And I remember, I didn't know how to pose, I was so insecure, I had no idea what I was doing."
    On since her last shoot with Maxim:"Well, since my last Maxim cover shoot, I'm very different; I'm now in my 30s, I have two kids, I have a company, and I feel very confident and happy, and really content with where my life is now."
    On her character in the Sin City sequel:"Nancy's a pretty dope character, and in the first one, she was really bright-eyed and kind of a victim. And in this one, it picks her up and she's... a hot mess. [...] If there's a Sin City 3, I would be down to play Nancy again. For sure."
    On being a business owner:"I never knew I would speak at so many business and technology conferences in my life. [laughs] Um... there's a lot of dudes there, we've gotta get more women in technology!"
    On what she likes in a man: "I like a man who is driven and confident. I like someone who appreciates good food. I like someone who doesn't always have to win every fight, and I like a man who is chivalrous. Boys, good manners go a long way."

    Jessica Alba at LAX (August 14)

    Leaving Trump Soho Hotel (August 14)

    Leaving her hotel for 106 & Park (August 13)

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    Katie Holmes leaves CBS Studios after giving an interview for her movie The Giver in New York City. “Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and I have such fond memories of every single Christmas. So, what really hit me in [The Giver] was seeing Jonas go sledding, because I remember that so distinctly in my childhood; that sense of freedom, wonder, and awe. [Laughs] It usually meant a snow day and just so much fun,” Katie shared to Refinery29.

    She recently commented on the tragic death of Robin Williams to E! News: “It’s so awful, so awful. It’s just shocking. I’m just so sorry for his family and friends. He made us all ride so high. He brought such laughter and joy to us for so many years.”

    In a black turtleneck and Strom jeans while catching a departing flight at LAX (August 15):

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