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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 08/06/14--18:52: AnnE Wears These Jeans

  • She usually looks like a flawless knockout on the red carpet.

    But on Wednesday afternoon Anne Hathaway revealed just how far her casual off-duty style can stray. While enjoying a coffee at Brooklyn Roasting with husband Adam Shulman and their two dogs Edward and Esmeralda in tow, the 31-year-old actress covered her slender legs in unflattering denim jeans.

    But the Les Miserables star still managed to look cute by pairing the boyfriend-jeans-gone-wrong look with a bright blue T-shirt that matched her bright blue ballet flats.


    Comin for that second oscar with interstellar

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    this dork

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    Debra Granik spoke to Indiewire on the various stages of developing her latest film "Stray Dog," which was filmed over three years and edited over ten months, and treading that thin line between narrative and documentary forms.

    A self-described child of the northeast corridor, Debra Granik has nevertheless dedicated her last two films to the small town struggles of the Ozark backwoods.

    In the first -- 2010's stirring, Academy Award nominated "Winter's Bone"--, Ronnie Hall convincingly portrayed the dangerous drug supplier sought by the protagonist (Jennifer Lawrence, in her breakout role) in a longer journey to find her father. Hall is now the charismatic centerpiece of Granik's first venture into documentary filmmaking, "Stray Dog," named for its subject's nickname. Granik continues to display an impressive eye for captivating protagonists, and Hall is as watchable and magnetic as Lawrence. Rising out of the drug underworld, Granik here remains focused on the minutiae of rural life, while extending her thematic reach to the trauma of war as well as the struggles of adapting to life in the United States as both an immigrant and returning soldier. A consistently engaging account of Hall's experience as a Vietnam War veteran, "Stray Dog" premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and took home the event's prize for Best Documentary Feature. The film follows Hall through a definitive and transitional moment in his life, when he is finally coming to terms with combat guilt—tearfully recalling to his therapist having worn an "enemy" ear around his neck—and embarking on a new life with his Mexican wife of two years and her twin sons, who immigrate to the States midway through the documentary. The honest, sharp Hall becomes an intriguing gateway to a multifaceted, insular and little-seen community.

    Granik spoke to Indiewire on the various stages of developing the project, which was filmed over three years and edited over ten months, and treading that thin line between narrative and documentary forms. We learned, for example, that it was not until late in production that the decision arose to include no interviews or voice over and that she had attempted but ultimately failed to reenact Hall giving his dog CPR. She also gave us hope for a promising reunion; having given Lawrence perhaps the best role of her career, which has since then flourished with an Oscar win for "Silver Linings Playbook," Granik says a potential second collaboration is a definite possibility. The film's editor, Tori Stewart, joined Granik for the following interview.

    When you first met Ron, what most drew you to him? How did you know he would make this great subject?

    Debra Granik: You don't know until you try and film a kind of sample. Filming a little with him is what gave us a feeling that we could do something with him, develop it, and learn more about him. There were a lot of themes in his life that were rich, loaded, and unexpected to us. You can see someone in a setting and make assumptions about them, but it is not until they start to tell some anecdotes and explain some connections, that there starts to weave an interesting fabric. Ron is also a natural storyteller. We learned that some of his stories he uses as icebreakers, as ways to meet someone he doesn't know—a kind of regional generosity. Some of those stories show that he had a colorful personality.

    Do you think the fictional aspects of the film come from your history with narrative film?

    Granik: I do. We are influenced by examples from world cinema where there is a final line between documentary and narrative. The narrative is constructed, but the people are real. We always tried to get a lot of coverage.

    The boys were already very photogenic. They were two attractive, emo twins. It was very touching how they did everything as twins. They were stunned by those first few months, and the footage gave us that. You couldn't write it differently. These were twins who were physically connected, surviving with each other in the room. The image of them dictated the story.

    What were the most striking differences between directing "Winter's Bone" and this?
    Granik: You have so much more time to observe and learn with a documentary because of the time between the shoots. You get a much deeper understanding of day-to-day life and its themes. It's also much more of a mess after three years; you have to comb it out carefully and see what fits together and makes sense.

    How was it for you as women, seeing as it is a very masculine setting?

    Granik: I think it helped. We aren't jaded. It's not just yesterday's news for us. Everything they did was of interest to us, which became comical to them. I think there were times, however, when they must have experienced some kind of chasm.

    Stewart: On our side, the desire to know was truly there; and on theirs, the desire to explain was also there. There was a mutual desire to reach an understanding.

    Granik: At a lot of festivals, people ask why the subject would consent to being in a documentary. It can be a very meaningful and powerful form of reflection. You feel that you are being truly seen and something about the decisions you've made and the things you've experienced have a place in history. Someone for some reason is asking you about them. That exists for both male and female documentary filmmakers. It stops being about the gender of who's asking but the fact that you're a person who has a sincere interest. Many times, the person needed that opportunity to reflect on their life, and sometimes that experience alters them. I think people want to put out information and questions about their existence.

    You have a great eye for rich characters and the ability to bring out the full potential in actors, as not only with Ron but also Jennifer Lawrence in "Winter's Bone."

    Granik: I'd like to think of myself as someone who can do that. It's very contingent on a lot of things, however. Jennifer Lawrence has done so much since then; she was so hungry to push herself and experiment. There are moments in time when things just synch up in the right way, so you have to be really humble about it. There's what you bring to it but also timing and circumstance, and that goes across all filmmaking. There's an element of chance in all filmmaking, which is part of what makes it a queasy profession.

    Stewart: And fun!

    Granik: Yes, and fun.

    Lawrence, in your film, was the best I have ever seen her. Will you work with her again?

    Granik: I would never say no, but I would have to think of a good project. The protagonist in "Winter's Bone" was a really good role for a female. She was strong; she didn't have to conform to something or be a sidekick to any man. That's part of what you're responding to; it's a woman-centric situation. Her value in the film was not reliant on any man.

    Rest of the interview in the source.

    Smh at this article raising my hopes up but I'm glad for Granik, we need more filmmakers like her.

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    Smokey Robinson
    recruited the help of his friends Miguel, Aloe Blacc, and JC Chasez for a new version of the song “My Girl,” provided exclusively for a premiere on JustJared.com!

    The song was written by Smokey back in the 1960s and originally recorded by The Temptations. This new version will be featured on the legendary singer’s upcoming duets album Smokey & Friends, out in stores and iTunes on August 19.

    John Mayer is also featured on the song playing guitar!

    The full album will launch next week via iTunes Radio and Smokey will be appearing on a bunch of television programs this month so look out for a lot more of him!


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    It’s always amusing when people criticize Walt Disney for being sexist because of the way he ran his company over 70 years ago, while completely overlooking the contemporary Disney Company’s abysmal track record of promoting women into top creative positions.

    While Walt Disney’s behavior can at least be understood (slightly) in the historical context of mid-twentieth century America, the company’s actions today are indefensible.

    Take, for example, Disney Television Animation. Launched in 1984, the division has produced over 50 half-hour series in the past thirty years, and of those half-hour series, only one—let me repeat that, ONLY ONE— was created solely by a woman.

    And it has been 17 years since the premiere of that series—Sue Rose’s Pepper Ann.

    Disney TV has finally deemed a second woman worthy of helming her own half-hour series. ‪Star Vs. The Forces of Evil,‬ created by Daron Nefcy, a 2009 CalArts grad, will debut on Disney Channel and Disney XD in 2015.

    Disney teased the show at the San Diego Comic-Con last month with this footage;

    The scarcity of women show creators at Disney TV Animation isn’t a unique phenomenon within the Los Angeles TV animation boys’ club.

    Disney competitor Cartoon Network produced animated TV shows for twenty years before greenlighting a show created solely by a woman. That show, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe, premiered only last November.

    Perhaps someday the industry will address the lack of woman show creators in a meaningful manner, so we won’t have to treat news about such shows as major events.

    For now, the animation industry’s attitudes towards women—not to mention minorities—remain mired in outdated paradigms and the evolution happens at a glacial pace.

    Yes, ‪Star Vs. The Forces of Evil‬ is a sign of progress, but it’s also a reminder of how much further the major animation studios have to go until they begin to consistently judge creators on their creative potential and not their gender.


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    Need a vacation? How about a nice, relaxing stay at Warren Jeffs' mansion, now know as America's Most Wanted Suites and Bed & Breakfast.

    With its scenic location, cheery website and the promise of “quaint comfy rooms,” you might never suspect the complicated past of Utah’s newest inn. Only the name offers a clue. The compound was originally built for polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs, who is serving life in prison for sexually assaulting two girl he took as a child bride.

    Constructed by his followers at the self-proclaimed prophet’s request in 2011, the Hildale, Utah, property now belongs to Willie Jessop, Jeffs’ former bodyguard-turned-hotelier. It opened to the public last week, allowing guests to get a glimpse of some of the mansion’s menacing features, such as double thick walls, solid doors that require extra hinges and a 12-foot-tall concrete fence that surrounds the property.

    “I left it there so people could go and see how paranoid he was,” Jessop, 44, told NBC News about his former boss. “It was my hope that the walls would help be a reminder to the community that if you need walls like this, you’re probably doing something wrong.”

    Jessop, who once served as a spokesman for the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), said he refused to defend his former boss when he found out what Jeffs had done and was excommunicated. He bought the compound for $3.6 million at an auction last year after winning a lawsuit against church leaders, the St. George News reported. Jessop had accused them of ruining his excavation business and harassing his family.

    Since Jeffs was already behind bars when the compound was built, he and his followers never lived in the building. Still, Jessop knows that Jeffs' notoriety is part of the hotel’s character, thus the nod to “America’s Most Wanted” in the B&B’s name— a reminder that the polygamous sect's former leader was once listed on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.

    Some of Warren Jeffs' 78 wives, including his known child brides, Brenda Lei Fischer [first row, fourth from left, married Jeffs at age 13], Ida Vilate Jessop and Merrianne Jessop [second row, fourth and fifth from left, married Jeffs at ages 13 and 12] Loretta Barlow [second row, third from right, married Jeffs at age 13 and had a child by him at age 15] Veda Keate [third row, first on left, married Jeffs at age 13 and had a child by him at age 14] and Amy Draper [fourth row, fourth from right, married Jeffs at age 13]

    According to court documents, Jeffs, 55, who is now serving a life sentence in prison, has at least 78 wives. DNA evidence presented during the trial proved Jeffs had fathered a child with a 15-year-old child bride. Audio recordings were played on which jurors heard him sexually assaulting a 12-year-old and instructing other minors on how to please him sexually.

    “I didn’t feel like it would be very honest to try to cover up the past, but I didn’t want it to be about Warren either,” Jessop said.

    Travelers won’t find many mementos or hints of the hotel’s link to the FLDS. Jessop prefers to focus on what he proudly calls a “world class bed and breakfast.” There are 14 rooms available to book, including a king suite with a private kitchen. Each room has a bathroom, climate control, a smart TV and access to Wi-Fi, Jessop said. Rates start at $85 per night for single occupancy, with the king suite going for $200 per night. There’s also a spa and an exercise room.

    He also took down all the “No trespassing” signs around the property — he counted seven — and replaced them with “Welcome home” signs.

    “We’re just trying to attract people of all walks of life who’d like to come to the community and feel welcome… (it’s) something that could be positive instead of sinister,” Jessop said.

    Haunted by what happened at Jeffs’ Yearning for Zion Ranch in Texas, Jessop said his main goal was to prevent anything similar from taking place at the Utah compound. “My number one concern was that it not ever be used to violate little girls in the community,” Jessop said.

    All the attention he's getting for the B&B has been a pleasant surprise, he added.

    “It would be fun if people come and stay because it’s in the heart of a national park and because it was in a unique community that treated them well.”


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    Warner Bros has made an announcement of release dates all the way to 2020, besting Marvel by a whole year. They've staked out a lot of territory, but right now it's all just "Untitled DC Movie" hogging up their calendar - and often outside of the traditional (and clearly metastasizing) summer season, including a second movie in 2016 and two every year thereafter.

    I'd place money on the June 2017 movie being Justice League, and Justice League 2 being the June 2020 movie, but what about everything else?

    And for those who want to see your Big Two releases for the rest of the decade (Fox and Sony included), here you go:

    Avengers: Age of Ultron 05/01/2015
    Fantastic Four 06/19/2015
    Ant-Man 07/17/2015

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 03/25/2016
    Captain America 3 05/06/2016
    X-Men: Age of Apocalypse 05/27/2016
    Untitled Marvel Film (probably Doctor Strange) 07/08/2016
    Untitled DC Film - 08/05/2016
    The Sinister Six - 11/11/2016

    Untitled Female Spiderverse Film - TBA 2017
    The Wolverine 2 03/03/2017
    Untitled Marvel Film - 05/05/2017
    Untitled DC Film (probably Justice League) - 06/23/17
    Fantastic Four 2 - 07/14/2017
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 07/28/2017
    Untitled Marvel Film 11/03/2017
    Untitled DC Film - 11/17/2017

    Amazing Spider-Man 3 - TBA 2018
    Untitled DC Film - 03/23/18
    Untitled Marvel Film - 05/04/2018
    Untitled Marvel Film - 07/6/2018
    Untitled Fox Superhero Film - 07/13/2018
    Untitled DC Film - 07/27/2018
    Untitled Marvel Film - 11/02/2018

    Untitled DC Film - 04/05/2019
    Untitled Marvel Film - 05/03/2019
    Untitled DC Film - 06/14/2019

    Untitled DC Film - 04/03/2020
    Untitled DC Film - 06/19/2020


    and more will be probably be announced later on, lbr. you ready for this, ONTD?

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    Grace Helbig is a busy woman. In addition to producing videos for her It’s Grace channel, the 28-year-old comedienne spreads her creative efforts across books, films, and TV shows. Helbig’s latest announcement is a big one: She’s officially coming to TV via the E! channel, where she will host a hybrid comedy program/talk show pilot.

    Deadline officially announced Helbig’s TV show today, but it has been in the works for several months.
    Back at March’s South By Southwest festival, Helbig revealed that her TV show would be produced by Embassy Row, the studio behind Talking Dead and Watch What Happens: Live. The Deadline report confirms that detail while adding in a tentative title for the show: The Grace Helbig Project.

    More exact details about the show, such as its launch date, its timeslot, and its specific format, have not yet been revealed. However, Deadline suggests that Helbig could fill the late-night talk show slot that Chelsea Handler will vacate when she ends Chelsea Lately on August 26th. Handler has been attached to a separate project that will debut on Netflix in 2016.

    Helbig is one of YouTube’s most popular and likable vloggers. She counts 1.8 million subscribers on her personal channel, which she built up after severing a long-running partnership with the My Damn Channel network at the end of 2013.


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    Bottom 4:
    Bridget, Jacque, Emilio, Zack

    Sent home:
    Bridget & Emilio

    All-Stars returning next week!:

    Nick Lazzarini (Season 1 - with Tanisha)
    Ryan Di Lello (Season 6 - with Valerie)
    Allison Holker (Season 2 - with Rudy)
    Twitch (Season 4 - with Jacque)
    Jaimie Goodwin (Season 3 - with Ricky)
    Comfort Fedoke (Season 4 - with Casey)
    Will Wingfield (Season 4 - with Jessica)
    Mackenzie Dustman (Season 10 - with Zack)

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    When it comes to hard-core fans of different franchises, there are not many that are more hard-core than the Star Wars fans, so it was rather interesting to see their response and reactions when Disney announced that they had bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise and were releasing new Star Wars movies. While some were excited about the news, there were others who were disappointed that people could not just leave the Star Wars franchise alone.

    Anyway, talk soon turned to which former Star Wars characters we would see returning for the new Star Wars movies and, while there have been a lot fantastic Star Wars characters down the years who we would love to see making a return, there are some that have been awful, to say the least. One of the least favourite Star Wars characters ever would have to be Jar Jar Binks but could we see the character making a return?

    British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood over the past few years and during a recent interview, Benedict gave us a few impressions, including one of Jar Jar Binks. The Benedict Cumberbatch impression of Jar Jar Binks was so good that we could actually see the actor playing the character in Star Wars: Episode VII with the use of motion capture.


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    On Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese turned the intensity up to 11 with the first real fight of the season.

    How did things go from zero to sixty so quickly? Well, if you ask Nicole's twin, Teresa Aprea, the blame lies squarely on Amber's shoulders.

    "Out of respect for Bobby and his home, I was actually quite calm when Amber approached me in full-blown phoniness," Teresa wrote in her Bravo blog.

    "I calmly walked over to Nicole so that she and Amber would rectify this matter. All Nicole expected was for Amber to apologize. However, Amber lost control, raised her voice, snapped her fingers, and made demands for us to 'get upstairs.' Is she kidding? I will never be spoken to that way, nor will I ever respond to the verbal condescending abuse of a bully."

    Teresa clarified some details of the physical fight, saying that "I saw what happened that night between them. Amber grabbed Nicole’s arm. Nicole pushed her hand off and pulled her hair. There was physical contact between them both."

    We totally buy that the fight was physical on both sides — it certainly seemed that way on screen — but we're not as convinced that the escalation was all Amber's fault.

    Amber was totally rude to snap at the other women, but leaving the room to talk things out was probably a good idea... But less fun for us viewers at home than what we got!

    Is Yolanda's Daughter Fucking Justin Bieber?

    Gigi Hadid is speaking out against rumors claiming she flirted with Justin Bieber.

    Months ago, Hadid, who stars alongside her mother Yolanda in Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was photographed on a yacht with the singer and right away, rumors began swirling that the pair could be dating. However, Hadid claims that is far from the case.

    “There are websites that are saying, ‘Justin Flirts With Gigi Topless’ and then you click on the picture and it’s me and Justin sitting on opposite sides of the boat,” Hadid fumed of the reports, according to an Aug. 6 post by Wetpaint Entertainment. “I’m looking one way and he’s looking another and he doesn’t have a shirt on because we’re on a boat. And flirting? What part of that picture says we’re flirting? Show me one sign that we’re flirting.”

    Up until this past April, Hadid was in a committed relationship with singer Cody Simpson, but sadly, the couple broke up in order to focus on their careers.

    Adrienne On Why She Returned To RHOBH!

    After leaving the hit Bravo show in 2013 after three seasons -- and famously failing to show up at the reunion special taping -- the Palms Casino businesswoman tells Us she's finally ready to make a comeback on the reality show. "I was approached by the producers to come back," Maloof says. "I'm coming back in cameo roles," adds Maloof, who will join vets Lisa Vanderpump, Kim and Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster and newbies Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson.

    So why exactly is the mom of three, who filed for divorce from her husband Paul Nassif after leaving the show, returning to the snakepit?

    "It just made sense to maybe take this and come full circle from where I left off last time," she tells Us. "I’m coming back, also, a bit wiser. I know what to expect now. There were some unfinished situations that I felt the need to kind of mend and come full circle."

    "A lot has happened in my life," she continues. "So with each experience, I think I’ve grown. I’m at a point now where it’s a new chapter. I can really focus and think clearer on what to expect, and there’s nothing like experience to kind of get you to where you know you want to be. And I know that I want to come full circle with the rest of the women, some closure, and I feel like I have a better grasp on how to do that now."

    Shannon: Tamra Is Fakest Housewife!

    In an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Shannon Beador didn’t hold back when a viewer asked her who she thought was the “fakest” housewife in her season of Real Housewives of Orange County.

    Despite taking a second to think about her answer, Beador answered definitively: “Sorry. I’m going to say Tamra.”

    But Beador teased the final two episodes: “They’re jam-packed full,” she told eager Moss. But the show’s host gave a few more specifics.

    “Some stuff goes down in the finale between your husband and Terry Dubrow that’s really fascinating,” he said.

    sources: RadarOnline, USmagazine, Examiner, WetPaint

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    Source 123

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    Wentworth Miller is a silver fox with his new grey hair on the set of his upcoming series The Flash on Wednesday afternoon (August 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

    The 42-year-old actor will be playing the villainous role of Captain Cold, an enemy of The Flash. One of Captain Cold’s main superpowers is his ability to have a beam of cold that freezes anything it touches instantly.

    It was just announced that another villain will be added to the show. In episode six, the recurring character of Tony Woodward aka Girder will be introduced, according to TV Line.

    Here is a description of the character: “Woodward was a bratty steelworker who upon being dunked in a vat of molten metal that had been tainted by S.T.A.R. Labs waste emerged as a mass of iron, impervious to most anything.”

    MORE pictures @ the SOURCE

    This ageless sexy bastard.

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    In a continuation of the renewed "Weird Al" Yankovic fervor that has swept the Internet in the past few weeks, one fan has petitioned the NFL to consider Al for next year's Super Bowl halftime show, which will take place in Glendale, Arizona on February 1.

    "Having him headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show would not only be overly accepted by the millions of views," the fan writes, "but it would remain true to the standards and quality of the show business we have come to love and respect out of this prestigious event." The petition has already amassed close to 4,000 signatures at publication time.

    Last month, Yankovic released his 14th album, Mandatory Fun, alongside a series of accompanying music videos, including parodies of "Fancy" and "Happy," that set fans and new listeners abuzz. To commemorate the occasion, SPIN ranked all of the entertainer's videos in order.

    And, in honor of the "Weird Al" petition, SPIN has put together a potential set list, with guests, for the NFL to consider.

    SPIN's Dream Set List for a "Weird Al" Super Bowl Halftime Show:

    "Perform This Way" with Lady Gaga
    "Handy" with a new verse by Iggy Azalea
    "Amish Paradise" with Coolio
    "Eat It" with hologram Weird Al
    "Another One Rides the Bus" with Queen as backing band and Adam Lambert as guest vocalist
    "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch" with Cyndi Lauper
    "Tacky" segues into "Happy" with Pharrell as all the special guests come out wearing the rapper's signature hat as a grand group finale. (ehhhhhh no)


    This should happen.

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    HARD Events founder and HOLY SHIP! cruise captain Gary Richards returns to his Destructo production moniker for the aptly titled, "Party Up." The pulsating, over-the-top debauchery anthem is perfect for riding a buzz or, say, in a party bus packed with strippers. For both the song and the video, our host taps reigning ratchet-rap king YG, who holds forth over EDM instead of the clappy beats of his SPIN Essential My Krazy Life.

    With ladies of the evening losing inhibitions, decadent lechery abounds in the video, as the lyric "I keep bitches on a party bus" captions the aesthetic. Watch his behind the scenes video to get in the heads of the sorcerers who conjured this strange magic. Stay tuned for more music from Destructo, with his upcoming West Coast EP (Insomniac/Interscope) followed by the 'West Coast World Tour."


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    On tonight’s episode of “Teen Mom 2,” we see Jenelle faced with a scenario that leaves her a bit overwhelmed. Her boyfriend Nathan has been sent to prison for a DUI, and Jenelle, who is pregnant, must take care of his dog, and her own, plus her young son Jace— all at the same time. It’s a lot for one person to handle, and in the midst of it all, Jenelle finds herself very frustrated.

    “What I learned from this experience is that you always need to be two steps ahead,” said Jenelle when I spoke to her about the incident. “You need to have your dogs trained well, and they need to listen to you as owners.”

    When I asked Jenelle what advice she would give to “Teen Mom 2″ viewers about pet ownership, she said, “They should definitely make sure they can handle it — it is not as easy as it seems— and make sure to start out with one dog first, not two. What I usually do before I get a pet is go on Google and search for different breeds and see how they are around children — you want to make sure they are going to get along with all your family members.”

    Speaking of family members, Jenelle pointed out that part of being a good pet owner is making sure your kids understand the responsibilities that go along with taking care of an animal.“You need to show your kids how many times you take the dogs out a day,” said Jenelle. “They need to appreciate you taking out the dog, so they know what it is like before they decide to get an animal for themselves. Kids can’t take care of pets by themselves, so if you get your child an animal, you need to be prepared to take care of it too.”

    Jenelle said that she regrets the way she handled the incident, and that she wants people to know that she loves her dog. “He’s so loyal, so protective, he’s kind of goofy, and he’s so clumsy and dopey. He’s definitely part of the family.”


    For those who haven't seen the episode, basically this article is damage control after airing footage of Jenelle screaming at her dogs and treating them badly. She kept them locked in crates that weren't big enough for them to stand up completely straight, she tried dragging one by the collar when it wouldn't cooperate and just kept screaming "I hate this dog so much" over and over. She kept two large dogs in one crate while she went out shopping to buy new ones, then flipped out because one dog bit the other while they were in there. Then out of frustration she opened the crate and let them both run out into the streets and basically said "bye" and "I'm not gonna look for you".

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    A win for a "Raging Bull" heiress also becomes a win for the Egyptian objecting to a sample in one of the hip hop star's biggest hits.

    History might record Jay Z as being one of the first victims of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last May to allow Paula Petrella to sue MGM and 20th Century Fox over the Martin Scorsese film, Raging Bull.


    What does Jay Z have to do with Raging Bull? It's summed up by one word: laches.

    The hip-hop star is involved in a lawsuit that's now seven years old over his sampling of "Khosara, Khosara," from the 1960 Egyptian film Fata Ahlami, used in his 2000 mega-hit song, "Big Pimpin." The plaintiff in the case is the nephew of late Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi, who believes that Jay Z mutilated the original song.

    The long-running case is a complicated one that has taken many twists and turns.
    Last December, U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder affirmed that Osama Ahmed Fahmy couldn't claim copyright damages between March 30, 2001 and 2006. The first date is when "Big Pimpin" producers executed a settlement with EMI, which once asserted rights to "Khosara, Khosara" based on an agreement with the Egyptian outfit Sout El Phan. The latter date is when the deal between EMI and Sout El Phan expired.

    Judge Snyder ruled that laches — or an unreasonable delay in pursuing a right or claim — barred Fahmy from challenging rights during this period. She allowed Fahmy to pursue discovery about whether Jay Z and other defendants (MTV, Paramount, Warner Music, etc.) were aware after 2006 that they were infringing plaintiff’s copyright. Evidence of willful infringement would beat a laches defense.

    Here's where the Supreme Court's Raging Bull ruling comes in--

    In May, in a 6-3 majority opinion by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the high court ruled that in most instances, the equitable defense of laches can't be invoked to preclude damages claims brought within the applicable three-year statute of limitations. Petrella, the daughter of a man whose works allegedly became the basis of Raging Bull, was allowed to claim damages back to 2006 after filing a lawsuit in 2009. The decision seemed primed to usher in more copyright liability. Now, we've got proof.

    In a new ruling that was issued in late July and entered on Monday (see here), Judge Snyder says the Petrella decision "represents a substantial change in the law governing laches," and applying it to the lawsuit over "Big Pimpin," opens the door to the Egyptian recovering profits from the recent exploitation of "Big Pimpin." She vacates her prior holding that laches bars plaintiff's claims.

    The Supreme Court said that in "extraordinary circumstances," laches could still bar a copyright plaintiff from obtaining certain types of relief, but Judge Snyder rejects the defendants' arguments that the death of a key witness nor the substantial investment in "Big Pimpin" rises to that level.

    Judge Snyder won't bar Fahmy from pursuing Jay Z's profits at this stage, but won't rule it out at a later stage after further investigation in the case. The seven-year-old case continues.

    It's not all bad news for Jay Z. On Tuesday, he along with Dr. Dre and Rick Ross beat a copyright lawsuit from a gospel group alleging the song "3 Kings" improperly sampled a 1976 song. The judge ruled that co-defendant Universal Music was a co-owner of the older song and couldn't be sued for infringement.


    Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/jay-z-can-thank-supreme-723743

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    We already loved Colton Haynes a whole bunch and now we just love him even more after he made our evening so much entertaining by live tweeting a couple’s awkward first date.

    “I am sitting next to the a couple on their 1st date who met online and it’s a conversation I have to live tweet about right now. Stay tuned,” the 26-year-old actor tweeted to kick off his live tweet.

    After about forty-five minutes and more than twenty tweets, the date finally ended and by the sound of it, there isn’t going to be a second date!

    We surely do hope Colton has a second date with live tweeting though.


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    If ‘90s star Tia Mowry thought she was hurt when Oscar-winning diva Charlize Theron was “mean” to her at a spin class recently, Mowry could have a more eye-opening experience in store, that is if Theron gets her way.
    Following the exchange at a SoulCycle class in Los Angeles where Theron, who is busy dating Sean Penn these days, was allegedly rude to Mowry, the “Sister, Sister” star ran to “In Touch” magazine with the story. That might have been the end of it, but the story went viral, and now, Theron is actively working to get Mowry banned from the upscale spin studio.
    “Charlize came in so pissed off after Tia went to the tabloids about her, and she demanded we bar Tia from ever coming back. When the manager refused Charlize just got angrier and said she’d go to the top to make it happen,” said an insider at SoulCycle.
    Mowry told “In Touch” that she approached Theron to say hello and was met with an eye roll and Theron saying, “Oh my god.” Theron took the issue of the privacy breach to SoulCycle management and raged that she has zero expectation of anonymity during her workout with Mowry around. Management refused to ban Mowry and Theron got even angrier.
    “This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can’t expect you to protect me from hangers on in your studio?” Theron said, according to employee.
    Management said it would handle the situation, but a decision has yet to be made.
    “This just feels like a vendetta because Tia spoke up. Charlize used to be kind of quiet and chill when she came to spin, but it looks like dating Sean Penn isn’t doing her any favors.”


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