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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    In a conjoined family of over ten people, there's bound to be some awkward moments between step-siblings... But some things should just never happen.

    During a family trip to Thailand, Kim Kardashian was putting together a sexy photo shoot for Kanye West (who couldn't join in on the trip due to prior obligations), wearing a wet, see-through white gown that showed all her goodies... But she gets interrupted when stepbrother Brody Jenner accidentally walks in on her--And yes, catches a glimpse of what only Kanye should have seen.

    What's worse? Brody admits he got a little turned on by the whole thing. (Insert vomit here).

    After running off to his brother Brandon Jenner to explain what happened, his sister-in-law Leah Jenner can't help but notice he looks a bit flushed and seems a little too worked up.
    "You just saw Kim naked?" Leah asks. "Brody, did you get turned on by Kim?"

    His response: "Maybe just a half-chub."

    EWWW!! But we're sure he's only kidding... Right?

    Watch the full awkward moment in the video and decide for yourself!

    Video here (won't embed)

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Avril Lavigne signed on the dotted line for a huge gig that was supposed to pay her a whopping $500,000 -- but nearly a year after her performance she's still waiting for most of the cash ... so she's suing to get it.

    Avril filed the lawsuit against 2VLive -- a live concert streaming company -- claiming it agreed to pay her the half million bucks in exchange for promotional appearances, and a concert in New York City on September 25.

    The company agreed to pay Avril in 3 installments -- according to the docs filed in L.A. and obtained by TMZ -- $125K, $300K, and finally $75K. Problem is ... Avril says she only got the first payment.

    Additionally, Avril says she got into bed with an affiliate of 2VLive that produces video greeting cards. In the docs, she says she was supposed to get 15% from that deal, but again ... she's still waiting for a payday.

    The suit is 23 pages, but could've been way shorter -- for instance: Why'd they have to go and make things so complicated?


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    Adult Swim has announced their new half-hour live-action scripted comedy "Black Jesus" from writer/producer, Aaron McGruder ("The Boondocks"), will premiere on Thursday, August 7th at 11pm (ET/PT).

    The series finds Jesus living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood, with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.

    The series stars newcomer Gerald "Slink" Johnson as "Black Jesus."

    Charlie Murphy, Corey Holcomb, John Witherspoon, Kali Hawk, Andra Fuller, Antwon Tanner, Andrew Bachelor, Angela Gibbs, and Valenzia Algarin round out the starring cast.

    McGruder is executive producer through his 5 Mutts Productions, along with director Mike Clattenburg, LEG's Norman Aladjem, John Bravakis and Stu Schreiberg, with Robert Wise and Meghann Collin.

    Watch the new series' first trailer below for a glimpse at what to expect:


    so excited for this

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    I'm going to start this real slow and lay out the facts: Knotting is a popular trend in fan fiction. It involves men having sex with men like wolves. And it often leads to male pregnancy, which leads to male delivery. And the people giving birth to feces-covered babies are often members of One Direction.

    I first learned about Knotting (which is part of the Alpha/Beta/Omega universe — more on that in a bit) when I read about the failure of Dash Con, a tumblr-related fan convention that just went horribly wrong. Among the myriad of issues at the con, one was that minors were being allowed into a panel title "Can You Knot?" which was supposed to be 18+ only. Not familiar with the term, I googled it, expecting to see something about people asphyxiating each other, but what I found was something much more interesting: Fictional characters from music, movies and TV fucking smelling each other's glands and biting each other's essays. And, of course, having anal intercourse that results in the creation of more heirs ready to do the same. And because I know about it, now you have to know about it too.

    The term knotting is a reference to the reproductive organs of canid animals. If you're not familiar with these reproductive organs, it's really pretty simple: The wolf penis has what's called a Bulbus Glandis, commonly known as a knot, that swells when the wolf is aroused and allows the animal to lock their penis inside an orifice immediately after penetration. Unlocking occurs only after the wolf has completed sexual congress. In the animal world, knotting is a biological mechanism necessary for breeding. In the fan fiction universe, it's something completely different.

    Knotting exists in a world called the Omegaverse where humans follow the hierarchical structure of wolf packs: Alphas are dominant, sexually aggressive, and able to breed, betas are submissive but may possibly breed omegas, and omegas are the lowest-ranking characters in the pack, existing to be bred. In this universe, Alphas may form special bonds with betas and omegas and the pairs (or groups) may form special relationships or telepathic powers. In addition, the omegas are sometimes prized because there are either few of them or because they are good breeders. Sometimes, omegas can be found in breeding camps. For instance, the omega Sherlock Holmes' mother found him to mate with in Mummy, No Thank You came from such a camp and was brought specifically to help Sherlock A) solve mysteries and B) breed with one of the Holmes brothers. Here's an excerpt:

    Sherlock pauses. "The case. I need data. You have it. I need to smell your gland, and see it, too, if I can." He says this like it's the most obvious fact in the whole world.
    "You're leaking out so much. Is that unusual?" Sherlock asks. His voice is deep, controlling, but it isn't steady. John can hear the ferocious edge to it. He wants to know if anyone's ever done this to John before.

    "I—I—" John catches his breath. "I don't know. No one's ever—not like this." Sherlock presses even harder, and John cuts off with a groan.

    "By eyeballing it, I think you might have filled a ten millilitre graduated cylinder. Maybe more."

    According to Fanlore, knotting became prevalent in Supernatural fan fiction (due to the werewolf aspect) but has found its way into many other fandoms. And while it's still not as popular as other fan fiction out there, it certainly has a following. For instance, statistics show that knotting stories make up less than one percent of the stories on A03 (a popular fan fiction site), but A03 encompasses 15,688 fandoms and has an archive of over a million stories.

    So why knot? According to those who read/write this type of fiction there's an element of loss of control that's not possible in other situations. Since the knot won't release until the alpha has finished and can't be controlled by either party, the sex has to go on until it's done. There's literally nothing anyone can do.

    Many stories involving knotting fall under the heading of "dubcon," an abbreviation of "dubious consent." Both parties may be willing, but they might also not be. But no one can stop the sex and who really knows who wants what? And then there's the power imbalance. Due to the hierarchy, the alpha is always in control. As one user puts it "I like a certain amount of power imbalance in my porn, so I kind of like the 'I'm gonna fuck you hard and afterwards you're gonna stay impaled on my cock for a good long while' idea."

    Here's an example of dubcon fiction from the Teen Wolf universe:

    He resisted as hard as he could, but the change overcame him after a second, ripping his skin. As soon as his teeth had grown, he sank them in the meat of Jackson's shoulder, blood surging into his mouth, too much, slick spilling out around his lips. It tasted like the ripest part of Jackson's body.

    Derek's cock started to fill, and Jackson moaned, sated and agonized at the same time, trying to shrug off Derek biting him, with no conviction.

    "Derek— Derek, what-" he could barely grasp words, "-what're you doing, oh fuck, what're you—"

    Derek just bit harder, until he'd knotted and was coming too, forcing himself in deep.

    But it's not always like that. One Direction knotting fiction, while no less explicit, is often consensual. For instance, here's an example of a multi-chapter story about Harry and Louis.

    "God, Harry so big, knot me –" Louis groans, arms collapsing from underneath him so he falls into the pillows. "Fuck – splitting me open on your cock-" he cries, as Harry nails into his prostate, his knot swelling further, catching on Louis' hole as he draws back.

    "Wish I could knot you all the time, just stay in you, knot you over and over," Harry chokes out, "Keep filling you with my cum, my babies."

    Harry tugs Louis up so his back is flush to Harry's chest, slick skin pressed together. He puts one possessive hand over Louis' pregnant belly, the other reaches around to tug on Louis' cock; dripping with pre-cum. He draws back once more, before circling his hips, forcing his knot through Louis' hole, locking them in place as he starts to come. Louis keens high in his throat as he comes moments after, Harry's fingers getting slicker with the ropes of Louis' cum.

    If you're wondering what this pregnant belly business is about, you have to know that mpreg (or male impregnation) is another popular trope of knotting. And while that deserves a whole post on its own (it exists both inside and outside the world of knotting and fan fiction) its connection to knotting can't be denied. And while the power dynamics inherent in mpreg deserve their own post (the omega who's been impregnated often comes across as weak and helpless while the alpha remains in control), it's just another reason why the world of knotting is so fascinating — professionally if not personally.

    Of course knotting isn't as visceral in the same way something like extreme pornography may be due to the fact that it's not only fictional but also (technically) impossible. But fiction of this nature is also becoming a mainstream staple of internet culture, which always bears discussion. Today it's a panel at a failed convention; tomorrow it might be the subject of a semester-long university course.


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    About 10 mins in she talks about how she knew Hoechlin before TW because their friends set them up on a blind date. It didn't work out. She loves Colton and the twins and talks about Crystal and implies Crystal left the show because she didn't want to play a teenager anymore.


    Bonus Crystal - she's back in Australia

    She only comes here for the coffee. #AussieCoffeeRocks #Coffee #ReedieInTheHouse #AmericanInOz #Will&Co #Porch #Bondi

    Dylan O'Brien is in Italy fsr


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    It’s been a little while (at least a month!) since Kim Kardashian posted a sexy swimsuit snap, but no need for concern — she’s back at it. The 33-year-old reality star is vacationing somewhere tropical (yes, again!) and shared some photos to make us all wish we were sun-bathing right next to her.

    Kardashian put her famous beach bum on display in a tiny yellow bikini as she lounged poolside with a pregnant pal. “#OurLovelyLadyLumps,” she captioned the above photo, a nod to the famous Black Eyed Peas song “My Humps.” She followed up with a swimming shot, again putting her backside in focus.

    Baby North also joined her mom on the trip, as did the family nanny. The star has been very open about loving life as a mom, and has been choosing her career moves carefully.

    “You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family,” she said recently. “You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy!”

    Part of Kardashian’s “me time” is working out — she hit the gym big time to prep for her May wedding to Kanye West, but she recently shared that she’s still striving to shed a little bit.


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    @selenagomez: I am so sorry I couldn’t get to all of you!! ❤️ you very much. And be safe!!

    Sources: 01. 02. 03. 04. 05.

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  • 07/18/14--20:44: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!!!

  • General Hospital's Nancy Lee Grahn and William deVry Dish Everything About Julexis!

    It all started in the backseat of a Chevy Camaro when they were kids over 30 years ago —now they're so insanely popular they have their own army. TV Guide Magazine took General Hospital's William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn to lunch and had them explain the soap-opera phenomenon that is "Julexis."

    TV Guide: Your characters, mobster Julian Jerome and lawyer Alexis Davis, are the most buzzed-about love match in soaps right now, a true social-media sensation. And they're grandparents, for crying out loud! How do you explain this?

    Nancy Lee Grahn: Alexis is a very relatable character who has been without a man for a long, long time and, suddenly, she's intoxicated by this guy. The women in our audience like seeing her excited. [Laughs] It also helps that, when Will kisses me, he acts like he really wants to.

    William deVry: They conceived a child in that Camaro all those years ago. When they met up again decades later, it was like coming full circle with your first love.

    TV Guide: Some fans think smart, kickass Alexis is being an idiot for falling, yet again, for a bad guy. Thoughts?

    Grahn: Hey, I do that in my own life! I'm smart. I'm successful. I'm not an idiot. But my last relationship was very similar to all my other relationships. I keep picking the guy who isn't available. We all have our flaws.

    deVry: And Julian is experiencing emotions he's never felt before. He really wants to leave the mob for Alexis. Of course, he can't. If he does, everyone he loves will be dead. The fans understand why he's lying to her.

    TV Guide: So we should trust him? Is there any chance he's leading her on?

    deVry: When I first came on the show, I played him very carefree, indifferent to everything, no real ties. That's not him anymore.

    Grahn: Enough of con men! That dynamic has dried out. If she gets played yet again, by yet another douche bag, then it shows there has been absolutely no evolution in the character.

    Teresa Castillo Reveals Her Imminent Return To General Hospital!

    On ABC’s General Hospital, after having a mini nervous-breakdown and needing some R&R in Puerto Rico to recover the death of her son baby Gabriel, Sabrina was written out of the canvas for now to allow actress Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) her maternity leave. But the maternity leave is coming to end as revealed by Castillo herself on Twitter yesterday!

    Teresa tweeted, “18 days till I go back to work and I cannot wait! Miss my GH fam so much.” That would put her return to General Hospital’s ABC studios at around July 28th.

    And on yesterday’s episode of GH, Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and Patrick (Jason Thompson) discussed whether or not to tell Sabrina that now brain-dead Rafe (Jimmy Deshler) was the driver who ran their car off the road that eventually caused the premature birth and death of Patrick and Sabrina’s son.

    In addition, rumors have been spreading that when Sabrina returns to Port Charles she will not be paired romantically with Patrick, but with someone else on the canvas.

    Tyler Christopher Chats On Nikolas Love Life!

    Things will be heating up in the coming weeks as Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) amps up her game plan against Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to win the affections again of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher)! And even as recent as the fourth of July, Britt found a way to get some reminiscing time with the Prince! But just who will end up the victor?

    On-Air On-Soaps caught up with one of our favorite gents, Tyler Christopher on the red carpet at the recent 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards for a video interview where we had the chance to ask him a few select questions.

    We asked Tyler: who he thinks Nikolas should end up with romantically, what does he think of his scenes with on-screen son, Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), and if he would like more Cassadines to be resurrected and return to Port Charles and more! Here’s what Tyler had to say, then watch the video of our conversation following it!

    So, who do you want Nikolas to end up with? Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) … or someone else perhaps we don’t even know about?

    TYLER: Oh, you’re not going to get me to play favorites! They have both worked on-screen and that’s what we hope for. You basically have a 50/50 split with the fans. Half of them want Elizabeth … and half of them want Britt. So, we have done our job in that regard.

    What has it been like working with Nicholas Bechtel as your on-screen son, Spencer Cassadine? The two of you are hilarious together … you must have fun with him?

    TYLER: Oh, my God. We totally have fun. Our take with each other is: he does not treat me like a grumpy old dad, and I don’t treat him like a nine-year-old kid. We talk to each other on the same level. I don’t know if that means he’s really mature, or I’m like a child… I don’t know what that means. (Laughs)

    Do you want to have more Cassadines come back to GH?

    TYLER: I do! I have always lobbied for more Cassadines to come back on the show. Unfortunately, we did our diligence in killing them off quite hastily… and making sure they were dead, after they were already dead! But if the team wants to bring them back, I am all for it.

    Are you enjoying your time back at GH? When you were on the soap previously, you were carrying a lot of story. Is it different for you this time, because the way they do the show now, and tell story, where it’s more spread out among the characters on the canvas?

    TYLER: It is! It’s a lot of work in a short amount of time, but it was always like that, but more so now then ever. But you do get a welcome break every once in a while were they do focus on different areas of the show. It all works out, and everyone is happy, and we are doing better than ever.

    The Doctors Coming to Retro TV Later This Year!

    Luken Communications today announced the addition of the classic daytime soap opera The Doctors to Retro TV. Set in Hope Memorial Hospital in the fictional New England city of Madison, The Doctors' storylines revolve around the hospital's Chief of Staff Dr. Matthew Powers (James Pritchett) and his dedicated staff. Several well-known actors and actresses passed through the halls of Hope Memorial during its run, including Academy Award nominee Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Academy Award winner Kathy Bates (Misery), Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist), Emmy Award winner Ted Danson (Cheers), Emmy Award winner Terry O'Quinn (Lost), Brooke Shields (Suddenly Susan) and Academy Award nominee Kathleen Turner (Peggy Sue Got Married).

    The Doctors ran on NBC for 19 years, spanned 5,280 episodes and won several Daytime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series (1971, 1972 and 1974), Lead Actor (James Pritchett, 1978) and Lead Actress (Elizabeth Hubbard, 1974).

    Matthew Golden, Luken's Vice President of Production, said "The Doctors is one of the greatest examples of the soap opera format in its prime, loved by critics and audiences alike. We're thrilled to return this classic series to the air, and bring its exciting, engaging storylines back to our audience's daily lives."

    The Doctors will debut on Retro TV later this year, joining a lineup that includes The Lucy Show, Highway to Heaven, Dragnet and (starting this summer) Doctor Who. Retro TV will air The Doctors starting with the 1967 season.

    Maurice Benard Surprises ESPN First Take Host And GH Fan Stephen A. Smith!

    ESPN sports reporter/host extraordinaire Stephen A. Smith got the Port Charles surprise of his life on this morning’s edition of his morning show ESPN’s First Take (10AMEST weekdays on ESPN 2), when none other than Daytime Emmy winner and General Hospital stalwart, Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) came by the studios for an unexpected visit to Smith!

    Benard tweeted moments before he stepped on to the sports show set: “Stepping onto the ESPN First Take stage right now. Tune in to ESPN2 to watch. #StephenASurprise”

    To which Smith responded via Twitter after the Sonny shocker: “Nothing in the world can ruin my day today. My man @MauriceBenardMB from General Hospital came on @ESPN_FirstTake today. I’m in HEAVEN. Haa”

    Later Benard tweeted some pics with the ESPN First Take co-hosts Skip Bayless, Cari Champion along with Smith relating: “Seriously 3 of the sweetest coolest people I had the best time @RealSkipBayless @stephenasmith @CariChampion”

    Benard is getting set to debut his new film,The Ghost and the Whale, as well as always in the middle of major story on General Hospital!

    Y&R's Special Guest!

    Longtime THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS fan Connie Knight will be making an appearance in Genoa City in the episode slated to air Wednesday, August 13. But she's not just any ordinary soap fan — she's the mother of sports superstar Deion Sanders!

    The athlete visited the Y&R set with his mother and his girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, as part of the taping of his reality series, DEION'S FAMILY PLAYBOOK. Daniel Goddard (Cane) is a big fan, and posted this photo of them with Bryton James (Devon) to his Facebook page, writing, "What a super nice guy! It goes to show, you can be a legend and still be down to earth."

    So after you've seen Knight's appearance on Y&R, you can see the flip side of their visit when DEION'S FAMILY PLAYBOOK returns to the air this fall on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network!

    Gaskill Delivers Quite A Speech!

    Soap hopper Brian Gaskill (GUIDING LIGHT's Dylan, AS THE WORLD TURNS' B.J., THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Oscar, PORT CHARLES' Rafe and ALL MY CHILDREN's Bobby) has just released a dramatic short film called The Speech. "I'm very excited about getting this film out there," he says.

    Gaskill not only stars in the short opposite actress Clea Rivera, but also wrote the script and co-directed it. "It takes place at a wedding reception," the actor explains, "and is about a couple exploring their past together and what that means to their relationship now. Soap viewers will be super comfortable with the romantic setting and wedding wardrobe," Gaskill adds with a chuckle before warning: "But it definitely takes a turn away from standard soap fare... it may get a little racy!"

    The Speech was funded through Kickstarter with donations from friends and fans, and you can watch it now below. "I couldn't have done it without Ambika Leigh, Garrett Robinson and the whole gang at the film collective and workshop, We Make Movies," Gaskill declares proudly.

    GH Star Gets Scary!

    Maura West (Ava, GENERAL HOSPITAL) is featured in a new horror movie called Come Back To Me, but she may not make it to the end credits alive! The film tells the story of a woman who begins suffering memory lapses and blackouts, then discovers that she's pregnant — but her husband is sterile! She sets up a hidden camera to keep track of what she's doing during her fugue states, and is shocked by what she discovers!

    From the trailer, which you can see here, it seems that West's character, Eileen, has some kind of psychic abilities. Not that they seem to help save her life, if these clips are any indication!

    The film is adapted from the book The Resurrectionist by Matthew Guinn, and is written and directed by West's former AS THE WORLD TURNS co-star, Paul Leyden (Simon). Look for it in theaters, on iTunes, DirecTV and iN-Demand starting Friday, July 25... if you dare!

    GH's deVry Takes On Primetime!

    While some of William deVry's GENERAL HOSPITAL co-stars are spending their three-week summer break touring Europe or Africa or just hanging out on a sandy beach, he's spending it working!

    The actor has left behind GH's Julian Jerome just long enough to travel to Vancouver, Canada, and film a two-episode arc for the Hallmark Channel drama CEDAR COVE, starring Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal (ex-Dylan, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL).

    A Hallmark rep tells Soaps In Depth that deVry will play the boss of villain Warren Saget when his episodes air on Saturday, September 27, and Saturday, October 4.

    Lucero Signs With Telemundo!

    Lucero, best known for her work in telenovelas that Univision airs stateside, has signed a contract with Telemundo to host their brand new talent show, Yo Soy El Artista. The Por Ella Soy Eva and Soy Tu Dueña actress will be the face of the new Sunday primetime reality competition as master of ceremonies.

    Lucero will not only host, but have en effect on the competition as she will also be in on the action to decide the hopefuls future. “I am extremely happy to be the host of ‘Yo Soy el Artista,’” she said. “It is a powerful reality concept with all the necessary ingredients to discover great new talent and develop them. I love that aspect of the show. These types of programs are attractive for the audience and very important for so many artists who are waiting for a great opportunity. I also am thrilled to work with such a great team of professionals who are fully committed to such an important project.”

    “Lucero embodies the essence of what we call a true Artist,” said Jesus Torres Viera, EVP of Programming at Telemundo. “Her successful career in acting, singing and performing, together with her charismatic and charming on-stage persona make her the ideal MC for this revolutionary show.”

    Yo Soy El Artista will make its debut in September. Lucero's contracting by Telemundo is a major blow to Univision who has had the singer as host in various award shows like Premios Lo Nuestro and Latin Grammy Awards.

    This hosting gig will also mark her return to a project after the animal hunting photo scandal at the beginning of the year.

    GH Fan Club Weekend Events!

    General Hospital Fan Club Weekend in 2014 is almost here, which means for the avid or casual GH fans from around the globe a chance to meet the stars of the ABC soap opera up close and personal!

    But to kick things off on Friday morning August 1st, Your #1 Fan event organizers have brought together Ryan Carnes (Lucas) and Jimmy Deshler (Rafe) for a breakfast get together! Get ready for good stories, tons of laughs and more!

    This event will be held, from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. at Sportsmen’s Lodge Event Center 12833 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604. Tickets are $105 per person for Jimmy’s fan club members, $110 for non-members. Fan club members may purchase only one non-member ticket for priority seating.

    Later on August 1st, it’s real-life lovebirds Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) and Bryan Craig (Morgan) event starting at 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tickets are $105 per person for Kelly/Bryan fan club members, $110 for non-members.

    Fan club members may purchase only one non-member ticket for priority seating.

    For how to purchase tickets and for more GH Fan Club Weekend Events log on to yournumberonefan.com!

    Thaao Penghlis Releases Memoir!

    Daytime favorite Thaao Penghlis has been in the media this week with the announcement of the release of his book, The Journey Of My Days, My Lives Penghlis who is returning to General Hospital as Victor Cassadine this summer and played Tony and Andre DiMera on Days of our Lives, talks about his world travels, his journey, and his rough and tumble times at NBC’s DAYS.

    The book contains three sections about the different aspects of Thaoo’s life and career: from his beginning as an actor and his mentors along the way, to part two which discusses his run on Days of our Lives -being fired, then returning, et all, and part three- about his journey’s around the globe and learning and experiencing the different cultures and more!

    According to the official book description: “Thaao Penghlis enjoyed tea for two with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and fitted Robert Redford for a suit—suggesting that the then­–matinee idol shed a few pounds—before landing career-defining roles on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. He pursued a career as an actor to fund his unyielding desire for spiritual and exotic travel and became one of daytime television’s most enduring characters on Days of Our Lives. His memoir weaves his deep Greek and Australian heritage with Hollywood escapades and captivating journeys to places few visit.”

    To get your copy go to barnesandnoble.com or Amazon.com.

    B&B’s Executive Producer & Head Writer Brad Bell Chats!

    The Bold and the Beautiful has been globe-trotting all over the world! And why not? After all, they are the most watched soap opera in the world set against the backdrop of the world of high fashion! After its most recent stops in the United Arab Emirates and scenes shot in Abu Dhabi, where viewers saw Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) take quite the fall to the waters below, thanks to Justin (Aaron D. Spears) and Bill (Don Diamont), the fallout from that has been playing out on current episodes of the series. From Abu Dhabi, the show set up shop in Paris, France last month for some key scenes to air later this summer!

    So, when On-Air On-Soaps had the opportunity to chat with series executive producer and head writer Brad Bell recently, we wanted to discuss his winning formula which has kept B&B as the number two soap in the ratings in the U.S and a huge success worldwide. Plus to get some insight into what might be ahead for the rest of the summer, and the emergence of some new and old faces … Hello, Ivy! And … Oh, hello Deacon! Here’s what the boss had to say!

    The way in which you worked the recent Abu Dhabi location shoot, and the angle of that into the soap is one good example of what has now become a staple of your show. And that, along with the key ingredient of B&B which is romance, romance, and romance has been a consistent winning formula for you! Wouldn’t you say?

    BRAD: Yes! We have so much fun, and when we bring in these exotic locations it makes me want to see Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) as a bit of a James Bond who just goes from one place to another and just pulls of amazing feats! (Laughs) It’s fun. I actually had my son with me in Abu Dhabi and he was amazed at how things come together. He said, “Dad, you do everything last minute!” But when Bill (Don Diamont) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) were going to get married, the man who was supposed to build the little wedding pagoda didn’t show up! So we went to the local sort of “Best Buy” there, and we bought some bamboo and sheets, and we made it on the beach, and there you go! It came together nicely!

    Then you went and shot scenes in Paris, France in June that we will see beginning to air in the U.S. the week of August 6th. Is there perhaps a wedding you would like to tease? (Laughs)

    BRAD: Paris was amazing. It’s romance, fashion, and Kim Matula (Hope) looking gorgeous … and the Eiffel Tower figures in it prominently!

    Don’t tell me! Somebody falls from the Eiffel Tower? (Laughs)

    BRAD: Of course! (Laughs) We are going to do a compilation reel of people who fall on our show, starting with Darlene Conley (Ex-Sally Spectra)!

    This year, B&B did not win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, but you were nominated for episodes which truly show what the heart and soul of what a good soap is, and that is dramatic and emotional complex relationship drama. Did you feel that about your submission which had Katie finding out about Bill and Brooke sleeping together via Taylor, and the fallout from that?

    BRAD: I thought these scenes and the way they were performed, and the twists and turns in them is really what my father (B&B and Y&R creator, Bill Bell) taught me to do. As he would say, “That was executed very well.” From top to bottom: Heather Tom (Katie) who was amazing, to the directors, to Hunter Tylo (Taylor) and Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont, and everyone who was in the room … it was just great soap opera.

    What can you say lies ahead for the rest of summer? You now have Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy added into the mix!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    BRAD: It is an exciting summer. We have new characters joining the show such as Ashleigh Brewer as Ivy. She is awesome, gorgeous, unique, and so poised. Ashleigh is bringing something very special to the show that we have not seen in a long time. So we are really igniting the Forrester and the Logan conflict, and it feels like a new beginning.

    And Deacon’s back! Sean Kanan returns to B&B … once again!

    BRAD: Deacon’s back, father of the year! (Laughs) So it’s fun, and we have another location shoot coming up this fall planned for Europe in a location we have never been before. It’s a good time to be bold and beautiful!

    These 5 Telenovelas are the Best Latino Soaps of All Time!

    Sometimes we all need a little dramatic pause in our lives, and there's only one place to get such a thing: telenovelas.

    That's right, folks. Latin soaps are everything ever. They're full of escandalo! and heartache, and the over-the-top antics are just the right dosage to cure whatever's ailing ya.

    So if you're in need of some drama in your life, flip to one of these good old soaps. It'll fix things right up.

    Here are the top five most awesome telenovelas of all time. Just make sure you don't get too suckered in, all right? Otherwise you might start a fire from all that on-screen heat, and nobody wants that.

    5. Dos Mujeres un Camino

    Dos Mujeres was the best because it was...well...just the best. Everything about it was dramatic and over the top, from Johnny, the Mexican truck driver, and his complicated old love life on down.

    Good old Johnny was a truck driver during the time when NAFTA was a relatively new thing -- so he's traveling back and forth from Mexico to the U.S. -- and he falls in love with this super young waitress named Tanya. Only thing is? He's married, and he didn't bother to tell his chickie on the side.

    Oh, and not only that, but Johnny's enemies in Tijuana are kind of awful, and they blame him for the death of this young kid he didn't actually kill. It's all very dramatic, and (spoiler alert) Tanya dies while Johnny is trying to decide whether he loves her or his wife better. But it all works out in the end (not really) because he reconciles with his wife, Ana Maria, who then leaves him after he calls out Tanya's name in her sleep.

    Only Dos Mujeres could have a plot line where the wife is so jealous of a dead girlfriend that she takes off. Seriously.

    4. Marimar

    90s soaps for the win! Well, especially 90s soaps that showcase the inimitable Thalia, who was cast as Marimar, the namesake of the show.

    So Marimar is set basically on the beach in this hut -- as you can tell, this already starts off being quite awesome just from the scenery -- where the young chick Marimar falls in love with rich ol' moneybags Sergio. But Sergio's evil stepmother Angelica isn't going for that whole thing -- Marimar is way too broke for her taste -- so she sets her up for "stealing" Angelica's bracelet, and poor old broke Marimar gets sent to prison.

    It gets very confusing from there -- Marimar gets released from prison, realizes she's pregnant, finds her birth dad, has a baby, gets all fancy, and etc etc etc -- but the one thing that's not confusing is that it's awesome.

    Also, at the end of it, Angelica gets into a bad car wreck and is all burned and on her death bed, and she requests Marimar be burned alive in her house as her dying wish. Uh, could you get any more wicked? Nah. This soap was the best.

    3. Pasion de Gavilanes

    So, Pasion is a Colombian soap, but the show ran in more than 100 freakin' countries, which means it was like, bigger than big. You know?

    Perhaps that's because the show was like, epically dramatic.The plot follows around a group of siblings, all of whom are tragically flawed, as any good soap would have it. There's Libia, Franco, Oscar and Juan. Oh, and Libia dies after she jumps off of a cliff into a like all dramatic-like. But we'll get to that. (Or not. That would take forever because this show went on 188 episodes.)

    We'll just tell you about Juan Reyes instead. Juan is Libia's brother and he falls in love with Norma while attempting to avenge his sister's death. She's married, but her husband is this wicked old dude who forced her into it so it's fine.

    However, she's terribly traumatized from a brutal rape years before and she can't let a man touch her --even her husband -- at least until that stud Juan shows up. They hook up, marry, and have a baby. The end, basically.

    2. El Senor de los Cielos

    If we were ranking solely on hotness, El Senor de los Cielos would be number 1, time and time again. Have you seen this guy? He's amazing.

    But we're not, so it's in the second spot. But that's pretty good, considering how many telenovelas there actually are floating around out there. Here's why it's awesome.

    This show follows the "life" of Amado Carrillo Fuentes as he works his way up to becoming a Mexican drug lord and leader of the Juarez Cartel during the '80s and '90s . He's "Lord of the Skies" because of this big old fleet of aircraft he uses to transport all those drugs -- he's pretty fancy, you know -- and that whole plane setup cost him about $20 million bucks, so you know he's rich and pretty.

    What happens is that the DEA decides he's one of the most dangerous drug lords in the world and they go after him. He tries to change his appearance with plastic surgery to skirt authorities and he dies under the knife. But really, it's kind of the universe telling him not to mess with such a pretty man-face, no?

    And that's pretty much the end of it. The hot man dies, but he was super rich and hot while he was alive, which is good enough for us.

    1. Corazon Indomable

    Ooh, ooh! Wild at Heart! Corazon Indomable is the best because it's a remake of Miramar, only better.

    Miramar becomes Maricruz, and this time she's in love with Octavio, who is of course rich, while she is dirt poor. Those rags-to-riches stories get us every time. Octavio is awesome cause he defends the poor Maricruz, despite her beef with his sister, Lucia.

    Pretty much the same thing happens in terms of Maricruz being set up for robbery by Lucia, what with the whole jail thing and whatever, but in the end Maricruz ends up all right. Well, perhaps more than all right, since she's hot and runs a casino by the time she gets through all her dramatic years.

    DAYS Rob Scott Wilson On Taking On The Role Of Ben!

    What a whirlwind few years Rob Scott Wilson had had in the daytime television and soap opera landscape! Starting off as the first male model of the iconic CBS game show The Price is Right, to next landing a primo role as Pete Cortlandt on Prospect Park’s reboot of the iconic All My Children, to now landing on the longest-running scripted television show in NBC history, Days of our Lives!

    As fans know, Rob replaced Justin Gatson in the role of Ben in Salem. And this week with the arrival of Ben and Jordan’s (Chrishell Stause) dangerous dad Clyde on the scene, it looks like trouble is ahead for these siblings!

    To say Rob has had a bit of a charmed life over the last couple of years is something that the earnest and sincere Wilson knows full well, and his appreciation of it shows through whenever you speak with him. On-Air On-Soaps had a few minutes to catch up with Rob during Daytime Emmy weekend!

    Rob on how he landed the role of Ben on DAYS:“Well, I found a new home… someone picked me up off the street and gave me a new job! (Laughs) I was actually back home for Christmas, and DAYS had asked me about an audition for this right before I left, and I had already changed my flight two times for other projects, and so I needed to just go home. So I went home to reconnect and recollect myself, and I got a call and they offered me the role! I started a week after Christmas.”

    Rob on his time with All My Children:“I loved everyone at AMC. It was such a family. I am very happy where I am with DAYS, but obviously, I miss those faces at All My Children.”

    Rob on working with Chrishell Stause as his on-screen DAYS sister:“Chrishell is Awesome … she is like my sister! I work with her all the time and again, I got very lucky to work with such great people, who I have such great rapport with.”

    Rob on the secrets that Ben is running from:“Ben is a good guy and he is running from his past, but he has a temper, and that temper can possibly land him in some trouble. We shot so much and we are so far ahead at DAYS, but I can say …. there is so much to learn about Ben and a lot of story and I can’t wait for everybody to see it.”

    The Week In The Year 2013!

    Caroline interjected more steamy fantasy scenes into the Room Eight series. Carter admitted to Maya that working closely with her was having an effect upon him, and she advised him to try cold showers. Hope revealed her suspicion to Wyatt that he could be Liam's half-brother. Quinn said Hope was crazy and advised Wyatt to stop seeing Hope. Determined to prove that he wanted a life with Hope, Liam asked Hope to marry him. Karen and Katie took over Spencer Publications. Bill tried to talk some sense into Katie, and when it didn't work, Brooke made her own appeal. During a bitter argument, Katie called Brooke a slut from the valley, and Brooke slapped Katie.

    Brady overheard Kristen tell Jennifer how much she loved him but also that she knew that things were over for good between them. Kristen bumped into a nearly naked Brady at the lake, where he accused her of manipulating him. Later, Brady realized that he was still attracted to Kristen and decided to ask John about what had happened that night in her hotel room. John told Brady that Kristen had been the one to pull back. John lied to Kristen about what he had told Brady. Brady tried to talk to Kristen about what John had told him, but she was distracted and focused on her scheme to destroy Marlena through Eric. Kristen tracked down the bishop to show him the sex video of her and Eric. Kate felt that she was to blame for Rafe's setback. Nick made his annulment to Gabi official. Adrienne discovered the video of Sami and Bernardi on her cell phone and planned to use it as a way to control Sami. E.J. hinted to Father Eric that Nicole had romantic feelings for him. Eric told Nicole about his talk with E.J., but she assured Eric that she thought of him only as a good friend. Abigail was shocked when she realized that Theresa was smoking pot in Jennifer's office. Marlena told Sami that she was worried about Sami and the children. J.J. played on Jennifer's guilt and managed to keep her and Daniel apart.

    Alexis talked to Sam about Sam's father. Sam was devastated when Brad revealed that no one had been a bone marrow match to Danny. However, Brad added that the results of Franco's DNA test were not in. Franco suffered a violent seizure. Afterwards, Franco claimed to be his twin brother, Jason. A brain scan showed that Franco had a tumor on his frontal lobe. Franco spirited Danny out of the hospital to keep Danny safe from harm. Sam confronted Franco with a gun and demanded to know where Danny was. A shot rang out when Franco and Sam struggled over the gun. Silas confronted Ava about his suspicions that Kiki was his daughter. Ava lied when she informed Silas that Kiki was too young to be Silas' daughter. Morgan overheard Ava's conversation with Silas, so he asked her if Silas was Kiki's father. Ava confirmed that Silas was Kiki's father, but cautioned Morgan not to tell Kiki because Morgan would lose Kiki to Michael. Kiki was stunned when Morgan proposed marriage to her. Michael decided to drown his sorrows at the Floating Rib, where he bumped into Felix. Felix offered Michael some advice and introduced Michael to two young ladies. Elizabeth became concerned when she saw Nikolas spending time with Britt. Britt accused Elizabeth of having a case of "buyer's remorse" for picking the wrong man. Monica caught Lesley trying to access Luke's medical records. Olivia stepped aside when Connie decided that she wanted Sonny back. Olivia accused Connie of only being interested in Sonny because Olivia wanted him.

    Summer and Jack comforted one another. Jack and Phyllis vowed to get through things together, and Jack planned to propose. Abby encouraged Kyle to be there for Summer. Sharon fantasized about being back together with Nick. Avery promised to stand by Nick. Summer refused to tell Faith that they weren't sisters. Phyllis overheard Sharon tell Cassie that Sharon had changed the DNA test results. Chloe spotted Billy talking with his sponsor, and she encouraged Victoria to take Billy back. Victoria agreed to let Billy spend time with Johnny. Victoria threatened to spill the truth about Chelsea's baby unless Chelsea got Chloe to back off of Billy. Chelsea paid off Jeffrey to keep quiet about her baby's paternity. Chelsea was concerned when Dylan became increasingly distant. Tyler and Abby dated. Cane was upset by Lily's reaction upon seeing Tyler and Abby together. Hilary spied on Cane and Lily. Nikki prepared for her charity gala. Victor demanded that Billy stay away from the fundraiser, while Nikki pushed Victoria to forgive Billy. Billy suggested that he and Melanie help one another. Victor and Adam conspired against each other. Carmine posted the sex video of him and Lauren online, and he sent it to Fen. Kevin used his hacking skills to take down the video, but not before many people had seen it. Michael threatened Carmine at gunpoint, and Paul arrested Michael for aggravated assault. Carmine offered to drop the charges in exchange for another night with Lauren.


    EJ makes another attempt to get through to Sami.
    Eric and Nicole experience a sexually fraught moment.
    Jennifer has a confrontation with Daniel and Eve.
    Paige begins to wonder just how well she really knows JJ.

    Caroline questions Sami, causing her to break down.
    Jennifer blasts EJ over his affair with her daughter.
    Ben makes a massive confession to Abigail.
    Hope is flustered when Kayla thinks she fancies Aiden.

    Sami and Will have a huge argument when he demands that she drop her quest for revenge against Abigail.
    Jordan is deeply shaken after an encounter with Clyde.
    Rafe realises Kate likes him a lot more than he thought!

    Eric learns drastic measures must be taken to clear his name.
    Short on options, Theresa makes a desperate decision.
    JJ and Paige's night out takes a horrible turn.

    Friday, July 25th
    Kristen returns – and she’s up to no good!

    Patrick fights for his job

    Patrick explains to Anna that he needs to move forward

    Rafe's tragedy spurs Scott's determination to shut down the drug trade in Port Charles

    Lucy and Bobbie squabble over who is better for Scott

    Scott is forced to make a choice

    Spencer gets carried away with his scheming

    Ava reaches out to her brother for help

    Julian wants answers in exchange for his assistance

    Sonny makes a startling discovery

    Sonny asks Shawn to find out who Mickey Diamond is

    Passion flares between Shawn and Jordan

    Julian has concerns about Jordan's relationship with Mickey

    Mickey reminds Julian that there's a price to pay for walking away from the mob

    Jordan shares her plan with Anna

    Mickey continues to dig into Jordan's past

    Maxie makes an announcement

    Morgan and Rosalie spend time together in the park

    Silas and Sam's strained relationship is tested

    Sam turns to an old friend for help

    Nina and Franco share a close moment

    Nina tries to heat things up with Silas

    Alexis urges Molly to move back home

    Tracy checks in with the imposter she believes is Luke

    Ned spends time with Olivia

    An explosion rocks Port Charles

    Monday, July 21
    Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) works to prove his suspicion about Bill's (Don Diamont) involvement with his fall into the Persian Gulf; Deacon (Sean Kanan) tries to redeem himself in Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) eyes.

    Tuesday, July 22
    Bill deflects Brooke's doubts about his innocence; Katie (Heather Tom) works to confirm Ridge's mistrust of Bill is founded.

    Wednesday, July 23
    Wyatt (Darin Brooks) returns to work with a gift for Hope (Kim Matula); Bill plans to wed Brooke immediately.

    Thursday, July 24
    Bill is joined by an unwelcome companion on his trip to Catalina; Katie makes a plea to Brooke.

    Friday, July 25
    Ridge visits Brooke and Katie with Bill; Deacon comes up with a plan to get back into Brooke's life.

    Barton tells Stitch that rumors about him are in the air

    Stitch braces for the worst but is offered a promotion instead

    Victoria tells Stitch that the paternity test will be done tomorrow

    An increasingly panicked Stitch tries to control his anxiety

    Kelly phones to let Stitch know that she told Jack everything

    Stitch is relieved when Kelly promises that Jack won’t tell Billy

    Nikki asks Victoria if she can trust Stitch

    Kevin tells Chelsea that he knows Stitch’s real name

    Victoria and Stitch enjoy a pre-paternity test lunch date

    Billy learns what Kevin found out about Stitch

    Stitch’s digestion is disturbed when Billy arrives and forces him to confess his past to Victoria

    Austin demurs when Summer asks him to escort her to dinner at the Abbotts

    Summer tells him that her family will warm up to him once they have a baby

    Traci tries to smooth the waters at a disastrously awkward family gathering

    Kevin disregards Michael’s advice

    Tension continues to plague the Williams marriage

    Kevin learns something about Stitch

    Victoria mulls the merits of the men who may have fathered her baby

    Victor pays a secret visit to Phyllis’s doctor

    The doctor explains that Phyllis is still mostly unresponsive

    Victor explains that Phyllis may be a candidate for experimental treatment that may wake her up, but not quite guarantee a return to her old personality

    Dr. Burnett insists that Phyllis’s family be informed before her records are sent to Switzerland

    Victor smoothes the way by promising a generous endowment for the clinic

    Summer visits her mother

    Billy demands answers from Chelsea

    Michael asks Nikki if she’s sure she wants to use her diary in her defense Devon presses Hilary to be honest about her feelings

    Nikki warns Dylan that the details of her past could be very upsetting

    Christine worries about Paul’s health after he’s harassed by a tabloid reporter

    Paul agrees not to testify in Nikki’s trial after Christine points out that his testimony could hurt Nikki’s case

    Christine and Paul’s show of support touches Nikki

    Ian goes on the attack as the trial gets underway

    David uses Nikki’s past against her

    Nikki’s worst nightmare comes true when her diary reveals secrets that hurt the people she loves

    Devon presses Hilary to be honest about her feelings

    Stitch decides to tell Victoria the truth

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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    Paramount is gearing up for a third installment in The Ring franchise, tapping F. Javier Gutierrez to direct.

    The horror franchise centering on a mysterious cursed videotape began in 2002 with The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski and starring Naomi Watts. The film, a remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film of the same name, earned $249.3 million worldwide. A sequel, The Ring Two, came out in 2005 and earned $161.5 million. There's been talk of a third film for several years, and Paramount has been eyeing a 3D threequel back in 2010.

    Walter Parkesand Laurie MacDonald are producing the third film.

    Gutierrez first made a name for his himself with his feature directorial debut, the Spanish-language sci-fi thriller Before The Fall (Tres Dias). The film, which he also wrote, was popular with the genre movie crowd and was lauded in Spain. He's attached to direct the reboot of the comic book adaptation of The Crow for Relativity and The Weinstein Company.

    He's repped by WME, Farah Films & Management  and Lichter, Grossman.


    time for a creepy post...

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    Those of you that play Kim Kardashian Hollywood might have noticed that the game has been down for most of the evening (supposedly due to high traffic in part from the special this weekend where you receive double money / rewards for completed jobs).

    What you might not have noticed is the hundreds of people flocking to Kim's Instagram in outrage demanding that she stop vacationing and fix the issue.

    Kim's most recent RT-


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    looks qt & fun. let's discuss how Emily Browning should be a superstar !

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    The Queen of Pop acting like she's poor.

    Oh hi #Madonna.

    Flying to London again. This time with Lourdes and Rocco! Mum's further up front obviously... #ny #nyc #ldn

    One more. What #Madonna looks like at the end of a night flight #ny #nyc to #London

    Do you travel first class or coach like Madonna?

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    How does an actor know when he has finally made it? When they stop picking every script, and let the good scripts pick them!

    That sounds much easier than it actually is, because with more offers and opportunities there comes even more responsibility to make the next project better than the last, and that all depends on which roles you accept.

    It stands to reason then that the top dogs have their own set of rules and standards when it comes to picking roles, as they have been explaining in a video interview released by BAFTA .

    Benedict Cumberbatch has had TV and film offers flooding his inbox since rising to fame playing the title role in the hit BBC detective series, Sherlock.

    But, while some of the new projects he has embarked on have been a tad on the questionable side, he has explained that he will only pick roles that he thinks will interest him, explaining:

    “Usually when I look for a role I haven’t done before I just like to throw some fresh stuff out, and I like to think about how important is this character full stop.

    “Not just how big, but how important, how interesting is this going to be to watch, and bring to life.”

    Meanwhile Colin Farrell, who starred as Peter Lake in Winter’s Tale, says it is all about the writing.

    Hugh Dancy, who stars as Will Graham in the television series Hannibal, shares the same sort of theory as Cumberbatch, revealing that he likes to be intrigued by his character.

    “I suppose what I am looking for is to be intrigued in some way, and maybe have a question raised isn’t immediately answered for me,” he said.

    “It’s not often that it is necessarily the case that you realise something like that as you are reading it, it might be over the following few days."

    James McAvoy, who started out in the Channel 4 comedy drama Shameless before being snapped up by Hollywood, says that a good narrative is what is most important, explaining:

    "A really well told narrative is really important I think because often at times when you are standing about on a film set rehearsing, it’s not really rehearsing that you are doing, it is devising.

    "And that is because the narrative is sort of forgotten a little bit sometimes."

    Finally Jim Broadbent, of Moulin Rouge and Bridget Jones Diary fame, admitted:

    "I think I have always been a bit of a cherry picker from the word go. I was quite strict myself about doing jobs which meant I would find out something that I didn’t know before.

    "Saying NO is the only real control you have over it at all."

    Watch the full interview for yourselves in the clip below;

    In other Dancy News:

    Hugh Dancy movie The Happy Prince to be shot in Munich
    The Hannibal actor will star in Rupert Everett's directorial debut

    Dark comedy The Happy Prince follows Oscar Wilde's final days and sees Hugh Dancy play Robbie Ross, Wilde's best friend and the object of his affection.

    The Importance of Being Ernest actor Rupert Everett has written the script, and will direct and star as Wilde in the movie, alongside a meaty cast – including Pride and Prejudice’s Colin Firth, War Horse’s Emily Watson and The Fully Monty’s Tom Wilkinson.

    Principal photography will start in October at the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich and then move on to other European locations including Italy, Belgium, France and the UK.

    BBC Films, Lionsgate UK Raindog Films are heading up the €10m project.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Miley and Demi have a lot in common. They both had their break out roles on Disney Channel, they both have successful music careers, and they clearly share the same taste in swimwear! Who do YOU think looked better in the suit? VOTE and let us know!

    It’s the battle of the bikini babes with Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Both of the 21-year-old stars looked fierce and fit in the exact same bathing suit! While Miley donned the suit in an Instagram post on June 14 in Barcelona, Demi rocked it on the cover art for “Really Don’t Care.” Both singers looked fabulous, and we can’t decide which look we love more! Can you?

    Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus — Same Bikini:

    Demi and Miley are up against each other again, but this time it’s not for the top of music charts! Both were spotted in the same sexy bikini, but their looks couldn’t be more different!

    Miley wore the bathing suit top with solid black bottoms and…that’s it! This is probably the most wearable look as most of our poolside get-us don’t require much styling. She flashed her toned abs and a pink lip in her closeup.

    Demi, on the other hand, wore her bikini top in a less conventional way. She rocked it with a sheer bomber jacket and a pair of skintight leggings. Her hair was pulled back and she wore a ruby red lip and a smokey eye for a very edgy look — in this instance the top wasn’t meant for simply swimming!

    The bathing suit top is a piece from TRIANGL. This shockingly affordable swimwear line that has been seen on stars like Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens, so it was no surprise to see Miley and Demi both sporting the brand!

    Both of the looks were gorgeous! Miley looked so carefree and natural in her Instagram photo while Demi looked much more smoldering and serious on her cover art. We love that both girls had the confidence to rock the bikini top regardless of how they wore it, but tell us which look you like better!


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    It's taken Elly Jackson five years to follow up her debut album, and by all accounts it was a pretty torturous process – but the end result is well worth the wait

    Elly Jackson last released an album in 2009. Once, a pop star leaving five years between their debut and its follow-up would have been unimaginable – so much would have happened in the interim that it would be almost impossible to keep up, to seem like anything other than a relic from a lost past. Even today, when rock and pop develops at a far slower pace, five years seems a very long time to wait. In fact, it seems like prima facie evidence, as the website Popjustice sorrowfully concluded late last year, that "something has clearly gone very wrong", a judgment underlined by the curious, stuttering updates on the album's progress. In late 2009, it was announced that Jackson and her collaborator Ben Langmaid had started writing the album. A year later, it was suggested that she was now working with a mysterious "established indie band"– which could theoretically have meant anyone from Arctic Monkeys to Milky Wimpshake, but rumour insisted it referred to portentous doom-mongers White Lies. A year after that, she was said to be working with Nile Rodgers. Then in 2013, she played a series of low-key comeback gigs, followed by another 12 months of ominous silence.

    As it turned out, almost everything seemed to have gone wrong with La Roux's second album. In the wake of her debut's success, Jackson suffered from anxiety attacks that eventually prevented her from singing. At one point, she thought she had throat cancer. Langmaid – who never appeared on stage, but co-wrote and co-produced every track on their eponymous debut – acrimoniously departed midway through the album's making. Clearly, there have been a lot of false starts: judging by the credits, whatever Jackson was working on with White Lies, Nile Rodgers, or indeed Milky Wimpshake, appears to have been left on the cutting-room floor.

    It all sounds like a disaster waiting to be listened to, which makes actually listening to it a pretty startling experience. It's not just that Trouble in Paradise is a better album than her debut, although it is. That album boasted plenty of great songs, not least the chart-topping Bulletproof, but it also boasted a sound so obsessive in its recreation of the early 80s as to border on the parodic. There were moments when La Roux sounded worryingly like a Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch about synthpop: furthermore, the tinny production was thrown into stark relief by remixes like Skream's version of In for the Kill, which sounded as appealingly forward-thinking as the music Jackson was pastiching had done 25 years before. On Trouble in Paradise, however, La Roux's sound has expanded its horizons. That audible love of the 80s is still present, but the synths are bolstered by scratchy funk guitar, the steady pulse of the dance music that held sway in New York's gay clubs between the decline of disco and the rise of house, and luscious pop textures drawn from a couple of the decade's more off-kilter hits. If Nile Rogers himself isn't present, the influence of Carly Simon's astonishing, Chic-produced 1982 hit Why still hangs heavy over Tropical Chancer (the frantic, angular guitar solo at the end of Let Me Down Gently, meanwhile, sounds like a nod to the sound conjured up by Rodgers for David Bowie's Let's Dance). Elsewhere you can hear the influence of Grace Jones' stately epic Slave to the Rhythm. Jackson's voice – previously striking in a way that was rather a mixed blessing – now feels far less shrill. The whole thing seems lithe and supple, where its predecessor was willfully stiff: you're no longer haunted by the sensation that Mel Smith is about to appear in lipstick and eyeliner, causing the audience to bust a gut. But the real surprise is how unforced it all feels. When an album has suffered a tortuous gestation, and when it's been labored over as intensely as Trouble in Paradise has apparently been – "14 to 16 hours, six days a week, sometimes longer, for two years," Jackson recently told the Observer – you can usually tell just by listening to it. But if someone didn't inform you of Trouble in Paradise's backstory, you'd never guess. The only hint of hard work comes with the track listing's labored puns (Tropical Chancer can take its place alongside Kiss and Not Tell and Sexotheque, every one of them a song as fantastic as its title is rotten), while the only suggestion of discord is in the lyrics of the lengthy Silent Partner, which appear to address both Jackson's illness and Langmaid's departure, the latter in pretty withering terms. It sounds airy and confident and effortless, a state of affairs aided by the fact that, at some point in the last five years, Jackson and her various collaborators have hit on the knack of coming up with songs that somehow sound as if they've always existed, as if you've stumbled on a selection of old hits that you'd forgotten about but are delighted to be reminded of. Conjuring up that weird, false sense of instant familiarity is one of the most potent and difficult tricks in pop music. It's what lies behind the mammoth success of both Daft Punk's Get Lucky and Pharrell Williams's Happy, and it happens over and over again on Trouble in Paradise, most arrestingly on the opening trio of songs: the single Uptight Downtown, the Abbaesque Kiss and Not Tell and Cruel Sexuality, which it seems fairly safe to say, is the most sublimely euphoric exploration in recent pop history of the pressures placed by society on the individual who declines to define themselves as either straight or gay.

    In truth, the songwriting quality never really dips. Almost sickeningly overburdened with fantastic tunes, Trouble in Paradise may well be not just a triumph against the odds, but the best pop album we'll hear this year. Listening to it, it's hard not to feel that whatever agonies went into its creation were worth it.

    • Alexis's original score was amended on 18 July from 4 stars to 5 stars

    Me RN


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    Hip Hop Motivations The Barber Walters interviews Damon Dash About Aaliyah and what she meant to him. "The Secret To Ballin" coming September 2014.

    Youtube: Damon Dash "Aaliyah": https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zv5p7FkECbM
    & taken from: The Secret to Ballin: http://www.thesecrettoballin.com/video/

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    Badass Digest has revealed ten scenes in the movie that have been changed and even removed based on the original script of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

    A previous report from IBTimes mentioned that Shailene Woodley was supposed to appear as Mary Jane in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." She had also already filmed some of her scenes. But fans were surprised to see that she was cut from the movie.

    1) Mary Jane

    Fans who saw "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" probably thought the film was bad in ways that it had greatly deviated from the original comic book story. Now reports have revealed that there's a lot going on in the original script that was evidently changed in the movie. Shailene Woodley's scenes are also explained and so much more.

    The original script actually tells the story of Mary Jane as a waitress who lives with an abusive and drunkard of a father. She also builds motorcycles as a hobby. Similar to the comics, MJ is Peter's neighbour who obviously idolises Spider-Man as evident on a Spider-Man tattoo on her wrist. She also has a crush on Peter. At one point in the script, Peter confronted her dad to stop abusing her.

    The end of the script also revealed Mary Jane having a friendly chat with Gwen. Gwen wanted to say goodbye to Peter before she leaves for London. Unfortunately, he had already left the house. MJ then asked Gwen what she can do to get a guy like Peter since she said she tends to attract "dickheads." To which Gwen replied "date a nerd," hinting that she has given her the greenlight to be with Peter. MESSSSS

    2) Oxford

    There was a one year gap after Peter Parker and Gwen Stacey graduated from high school. This gap revealed the pair is already in college. It also made sense to Gwen's application to Oxford.

    3) Electro's mom

    Electro's scenes depicted him as a loner and living on his own. However, the original script was written to also show him caring for his wheelchair-bound mother, who could care less for him. After getting electrocuted and gaining power, he went home to discover that his mom could actually stand. She was also reaping money off from his "death." In anger he stepped out to the Times Square and released all his powers and was confronted by the police.

    4) Harry Osborn and Electro

    Electro didn't escape Ravenscroft because Harry convinced him. Instead, he escaped on his own and was intent on killing Harry. He met the young Osborn at his dad's grave and when he realized that Harry has turned into the Green Goblin, they decided to partner up. Also, Dr. Kafka, who had terrorized Electro, is actually a woman in the original script.

    5) Gwen Stacey's last words

    The tragic scene where every fan dared not watch if they have to was Gwen Stacey's death. Before she died she managed to tell Peter to not give up.

    more @ SOURCE

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    Eddie Vedder has quoted John Lennon in a newly released statement, which backs up anti-war comments the Pearl Jam frontman made at a gig last week in Milton Keynes.

    The singer write a blog entitled "Imagine That – I'm Still Anti-War" after fans reacted to his speech, which though it did not directly reference the Israeli-Palestine conflict, was called an "anti-Israel diatribe" by The Jerusalem Post, but also received support.

    In the statement, Vedder quoted John Lennon's 'Imagine', and stood by his comments. "With about a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news everyday, and with the stories becoming more horrific, the level of sadness becomes unbearable," he wrote. "When attempting to make a plea for more peace in the world at a rock concert, we are reflecting the feelings of all those we have come in contact with so we may all have a better understanding of each other." Read the full statement at Pearljam.com.

    Speaking on stage during the three-hour long gig last week, Vedder commented: "I swear to fucking God, there are people out there who are looking for a reason to kill! They're looking for a reason to go across borders and take over land that doesn't belong to them. They should get the fuck out, and mind their own fucking business." Vedder then sang Edwin Starr's anti-war song 'War'.

    Neil Young have cancelled a gig in Israel due to the "current security situation" in the country. The band were due to perform in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park on July 17 but the gig will no longer take place. A statement issued claims that Young and his band will return to Israel when the country is at peace with Palestine.


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    Today is ‘gonna be the day that Liam Gallagher looks to sell his New York City condo.

    The Oasis lead singer is putting his two-bedroom, 1,575-square-foot Essex House unit on the market for $4 million.

    The British pop star’s pad – on the 17th floor of Essex House at 160 Central Park South — was recently renovated and comes with a chef’s kitchen and a 40-bottle wine cooler.

    The new residents can also enjoy amenities from the JW Marriott Essex House Hotel, such as a maid service, room service, a gym and a spa.


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  • 07/18/14--22:57: Candidly Nicole premiere
  • Candidly Nicole debuted on VH1 on July 17 at 10/9c. Her foray back into the genre is no less funny, though 32-year-old Richie is now a mom of two married to rocker Joel Madden. (While they don’t appear on the show, dad Lionel Richie was a “ham” happy to guest-star and you’ll meet sister Sofia and Nicole’s crew.) “Candidly Nicole” sprouted from her Twitter, and Richie explained that she uses the social-networking site “to really make fun of myself and have fun and explore … little slices of life that i really don’t know anything about.

    You can stream the first episode of Candidly Nicole HERE at the source

    the show was really great, light fun very remniscent of the golden age of VH1 reality television.

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