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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The CW show Supernatural left fans angry when an attempt at a promotional hashtag went awry.

    Producers of the CW's primetime drama Supernatural found themselves backtracking Wednesday after a hashtag that was meant to create buzz around the show backfired, with frustrated fans voicing their allegations of "queer baiting" a yet-to-materialize romantic relationship between main character Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles, and angel Castiel, portrayed by Misha Collins.

    The phrase queer baiting generally refers to when TV shows or movies hint at possible same-sex relationships, generally to appease their LGBT fans, without ever actually developing that relationship on-screen. It's not a new allegation for Supernatural, as the Urban Dictionary definition of the term "queer baiting," published last year, specifically references the show.

    Apparently unaware of the potential for hashtags to be "highjacked" by those with less than promotional intentions, the show promoted the hashtag #AskSupernatural through the show's Twitter account on Wednesday, looking to drum up conversation about the show in the week leading up to San Diego Comic-Con. After fans primarily used the hashtag to critique the show's unconfirmed subtext, the Supernatural Twitter account deleted its post promoting #AskSupernatural.

    The show's viewers and followers on Twitter kept the questions coming, though:

    For a few seasons, the sexual tension between Dean and Castiel has been building, prompting fans to speculate about a possible romantic relationship between the two, even creating a couple name for the two: Destiel. Some fans have argued that the character of Dean is sexually fluid, with some even labeling him bisexual. Creators and actors involved with the show have hinted at a romantic relationship on social media and in interviews, adding fuel to the firey rumors.

    In an interview with the Huffington Post in 2012, Collins, who plays Castiel, said the relationship between Dean and Cas was going to grow.

    “The scripts that I've seen so far have been dealing very much with that relationship between Dean and Castiel," Collins said. "Whether that's going to be the most significant or a very significant thread throughout the season, I'm not sure, but my speculation is that yes, it will be fairly [important]."

    Then in two different interviews in 2013, one with the Huffington Post and another with TV Fantatic, Collins offered more overt hints to the relationship, saying he recieved a note from showrunner Jeremy Carver to play his character as a "jilted lover" when Castiel and Dean are reuinted.

    Groups of fans have encouraged, and even demanded, that the producers make good on the same-sex subtext, with some announcing they have quit watching the show, frustrated and feeling they'd been led on.

    Indeed, it's tough to label the relationship between the two characters, but there have been several scenes that would seem out of place to occur between two heterosexual men who were "just friends." Last season, Dean tells Castiel that he "needs" him — though Daily Dot later revealed that the script originally called for Dean to tell Castiel "I love you."


    Which TV show queer baits the most in your opinion, ontd?

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    Bong Joon-Ho‘s big screen adaptation of Snowpiercer imagines a massive luxury cruise train powered by a perpetual-motion engine that travels around the world. The film is a science fiction story that uses this construct to tell a story of haves and have-nots stuck on a train that has saved them from an ice age that has surely killed most, if not all, of humanity on the planet.

    While I was watching the movie, I wondered to myself why hasn’t anyone tried to make a luxury cruise-style train. Sure, I understand a global-connected track is not possible, almost as impossible as a perpetual-motion engine that runs the fictional train. But the idea of a luxury cruise ship-like train seemed interesting. I can definitely imagine rich people spending loads of money to live in luxury as they watch the countryside pass by them at high speeds. Why have we not seen anything like it created? Is it that comically unpractical?

    Well, Japan has announced the development of a new luxury train, called “The Cruise Train” which could be the predecessor of a real life Snowpiercer train. Details and photos after the jump.

    The new luxury cruise-style train has been commissioned by Japan’s JR East Railway Company and will be able to run on both electric and non-electric tracks. The 10-carriage train will cost about $50 million to develop, seat 34 passengers, and hopes to begin running in Spring 2017. The train was designed by Ken Okuyama, who worked as a chief designer for General Motors, a senior designer for Porsche AG and design director for Pininfarina, the company behind the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte.

    The train will consist of five suites, one deluxe suite, two glass-walled observation cars, a dining car, and lounge. The five normal suites will each have a private bathroom with a shower with a toilet. The deluxe suite will feature a top sleeping space on the split level with a traditional Japanese dining area, and two double beds on the bottom. The observation carriage at the front of the train will allow passengers to see onto the tracks ahead. Bad news: no pool or aquarium cars on this version of the Snowpiercer.

    Here are some concept images courtesy of the East Japan Railway Company:


    ( SOURCE )

    So ONTD... do you want to ride a real-life Snowpiercer train?

    Also... Tail Section or Front Section? ;)

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    source: me + my tv

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    You’d expect a magazine spread splashed with naked bodies to get a great deal of attention, but no-one could have anticipated the standout star of ESPN The Magazine’s 2014 Body issue. Enter Major League Baseball player Prince Fielder of the Texas Rangers.

    The five-time All Star baseball player takes center stage in one of the issue’s skin barring shots which almost instantly prompted ridicule and criticism online. While many condemned Fielder for not having a typical athletic body, others used the nude shot to make him the butt of their jokes.

    Here’s a sampling of the many insults Fielder faced:

    i was tempted to have another donut this morning. Then i saw the photo of naked Prince Fielder. Thanks, ESPN.
    Last year, ESPN Body had a pregnant Kerri Walsh, looks like they wanted something similar this year #PrinceFielder @jaymohr37 #JayMohrSports
    @ESPNMag @RealPFielder28 why do you think we want to see this? Just why?
    Wtf were you thinkin ESPN?? That cover *ugh* was not attractive #PrinceFielder
    Sorry #PrinceFielder, but if i lived to be 99, i didn’t need to see this. Thanks #ESPN. Reason 568 i dumped the mag
    #PrinceFielder naked in #ESPNBodyissue. Excuse me while i claw my eyes out.#cantunseethat #bodybyPapaJohns
    brb putting bleach in my eyes. RT @TerezOwens: The interweb has already started on #PrinceFielder
    in the issue’s interview, Fielder comments on his body saying the following:

    A lot of people probably think i’m not athletic or don’t even try to work out or whatever, but i do. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can’t be an athlete. And just because you work out doesn’t mean you’re going to have a 12-pack. i work out to make sure i can do my job to the best of my ability. Other than that, i’m not going up there trying to be a fitness model.

    Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you should be the target of such harsh judgement and body shaming, either. Luckily, there were also several messages of support to counter the negative comments, like:

    #PrinceFielder in the #ESPNBodyissue is nothing short of awesome. We have athletes of every size, let’s showcase it. #power
    You know what? Good for #PrinceFielder . Athletic bodies don’t have to look the way shallow people think they should.
    @RealPFielder28 looks powerful n the body issue http://espn.com/bodyissue pic.twitter.com/BWQYfytcGl, love it! #PrinceFielder #realmenhavecurves
    showing some love to Prince Fielder and @ESPNMag for athletic thick men, six who? #skoreboards #PrinceFielder
    The hashtag #HuskyTwitter even emerged starting a much needed appreciation for body acceptance and love with tweets like:

    #HuskyTwitter salutes #PrinceFielder for going nude in ESPN Magazine’s Body issue
    Prince Fielder is large and in charge of his own body image #HuskyTwitter
    i’m really glad #huskytwitter became a thing. All bodies deserve love, praise, appreciation, and everything else.
    To #HuskyTwitter, With Love. it’s about time we show our love for men (and women) of all body types
    Prince Fielder got me feeling like i can accomplish it all today. #HuskyTwitter
    Finally…. a hashtag for me. i feel at home. #HuskyTwitter
    if there is anything to be learned from this whole situation, it’s that body shaming and body image concerns aren’t exclusively a woman’s issue. if what happened to Fielder doesn’t convince you then how about this recent Today/AOL body image survey which found that men worry about their appearance more than they worry about their health, family, relationships or professional success.

    That’s not all. The survey also found that nearly half of all men think about their personal appearance several times each day and 53% said they felt unsure about their appearance at least once a week. Dieting was also a major concern among men with 63% of participants saying they “always feel like (they) could lose weight.” Women also aren’t the only ones who worry when it comes to beach season. The survey found that 44% of men feel uncomfortable wearing bathing suits and another 41% said they worry that people will judge their appearance.

    While we’ve long filed body image concerns as a concern for women, the issue now often hits home for men as well. Another study from the JAMA Pediatrics looked at body image in younger boys. The study found that 18% of boys are highly concerned about their weight and body. Of these nearly half were predominately worried about gaining more muscle. Such concerns resulted in boys being more likely to be depressed and engage in high-risk behaviors such as binge drinking and drug use.

    One of the factors for this growing concern among boys can be attributed to the toys they play with, says the study. Action figures today feature bulging muscle with sleek six packs and even Halloween costumes for youngsters come padded with fake muscles and drawn on definition. The message that muscles make a man sexy and powerful could not be more clear. Just like Barbie warps girls’ views of what is beautiful, action figures and costumes warp boys’ views of what they should look like if they want to be attractive.

    That’s why Fielder’s inclusion in ESPN’s Body issue is so special. His nude shots are a great contrast to the everyday examples that engulf young boys’ and men’s lives. Showing a male figure like Fielder who is not only strong, but also proud of his huskier body, is proof positive that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

    Now, i’d say that’s a home run.


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    Bill Maher, the host of HBO's political talk show "Real Time With Bill Maher," sent a tweet Thursday about the Palestinian militant group Hamas that compared them to a "crazy woman" that "you have to slap."

    "Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who's trying to kill u - u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her," Maher wrote.

    Maher's tweet seemed to be a defense of an Israeli military operation launched Thursday in response to repeated Hamas rocket attacks. The tweet immediately provoked a backlash online, but as of this writing, Maher has not posted any clarification.

    Business Insider reached out to HBO asking if Maher had any statement responding to critics and whether the network believed his comment was appropriate. HBO referred us to Maher's personal representatives, who did not immediately respond.


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    Earlier this year, sitting down with David Letterman, Courteney Cox was subjected—as all Friends cast members invariably are, when they visit any sort of talk show—to a grilling about a potential Friends reunion. “It’s not gonna happen,” Cox said, not even obliging Letterman (and the scores of Friends fans clutching their stuffed-monkey Marcels at home) with the typical vague, “We’ll see . . . I’d always be down!” answer often employed in such situations. Adding insult to injury (so Monica of her), Cox revealed she hasn’t even been able to get the group together for dinner for 10 years. “It doesn't happen,” she said. “I mean, I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc cancelled last time, right at the last minute. Schwimmer lives here [in New York] . . . so it’s just not going to happen.”

    Pics From last night:

    As hard as this still is for us to process (if we were part of a club as widely celebrated as the Friends Six, we would be sending ‘em group texts all day long, delivering grainy pictures of reruns playing in waiting rooms, sending out links to ridiculous tabloid stories about Jennifer Aniston with quippy commentary, riffing on the “Ross Is Not Cool” graffiti . . .), we can’t help but feel buoyed by the fact that last night, in Hollywood, the women of Friends re-united, as Aniston, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow convened for dinner at Craig’s in West Hollywood. The trio was not photographed together, frustratingly, which will prove a challenge for the tabloids, who no doubt would have used the picture to create some sort of “Jen Turns to Friends Friends for Support After Accidentally Watching an Airplane Movie Featuring Brad Pitt in It” cover story.

    Seriously, though, this dinner, unsurprisingly, has immediately sparked headlines of a potential Friends reunion. C’mon, guys, you can’t reconvene even just for, like, a Thanksgiving special? And think, once you do it, no one will ever ask you about it again! Wouldn’t that be a relief?! (Look at all those Arrested Development people—we harassed them for years, they went and made that Netflix season, and now . . . well, when’s the last time you heard an actor being asked about making more Arrested Development?) It’s also possible these three were meeting so that Jen (or Courteney, also engaged!) could ask the other two to be her co-maids of honor, which would be equally as amazing. Or Lisa may have wanted to see if Jen and Courteney would have been game to appear as themselves on an episode of The Comeback revival this fall (see, guys, reunions are fun and easy!). Or maybe they’re just getting a head start on a joint Kardashian Halloween costume (Jen as Kim, Courteney as Kourtney, Lisa as Khloe, obviously). In any event, celebrate by taking the day off work to stay at home and watch your Friends DVD; just send your boss this article by way of explanation and we’re sure he’ll understand.

    Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/jennifer-aniston-courteney-cox-lisa-kudrow-dinner-friends-reunion

    Oblig Friends nostalgia post. What were your fave Friends moments~

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    It’s been a big week for Marvel fans. First, the company unveiled the new Thor, a woman who takes over the title and responsibilities of the God of Thunder after the current Thor is deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir, and then the first look at the villains of The Avengers: Age of Ultron was revealed along with their new, Iron Man-centric backstories. But Marvel wasn’t quite done yet, and on Wednesday night, they turned to The Colbert Show to reveal that Sam Wilson, better known as Falcon, would be carrying the shield as the new Captain America.

    Of course, all of these changes lead to one big question: how will this affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus far, the two have operated as separate continuities, but both the solo and Avengers films take their cues from the comics. But while it’s likely that Tony’s new attitude might bleed over into his movie counterpart, the real thing that fans are wondering is whether or not Anthony Mackie will get to inherit the shield from Chris Evans. And it’s a possibility we’ve been thinking a lot about as well.

    Why We Might See Mackie as Captain America:

    Though it’s the first time that Falcon has inherited the title of Captain America, he has a long history of carrying the shield whenever Steve is hurt or otherwise incapacitated, and has temporarily filled in for Cap multiple times over his fifty year run in the comics. Although Bucky Barnes’ stint as Cap is better known, Sam actually has a bigger history in the stars and stripes to draw from. Picking Sam as the new Cap would open up a lot more possibilities for the writers in terms of the stories they could tell and the comic books they could draw from.

    Depending on how many movies Evans has left in his contract, it could also allow them to switch to a new Cap sooner than they could with Bucky, who at the end of The Winter Soldier still doesn’t remember anything about his life before becoming a HYDRA super-assassin. Passing the mantle to Falcon would allow them more time with Bucky’s story, and they wouldn’t need to rush through his discovery and recovery process in order to get him into Cap’s uniform quickly. Bucky’s story is a complex, compelling one, and it would be a shame to see the films bypass a lot of what makes it so interesting simply to rush him into a new uniform. The recent films’ focus on the psychological consequences of being a superhero has been one of the most engaging and entertaining parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Bucky is a prime candidate to explore more of those issues, and to add new layers to the story.

    At this point in the films, Sam is in a better position to take over for Cap. His dedication to helping Steve, no questions asked, and to supporting him on his quest to repair the damage that HYDRA has done to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the American people is very reminiscent of Steve’s willingness to do anything to protect America, its ideals, and its people. Like Steve, he is a good guy through and through, the kind of person who would protect, inspire and encourage the American people, which is exactly what Captain America is supposed to do. Sam already embodies much of what makes Captain America the hero he is, just a little flashier and a little louder. Mackie is also in a slightly better position to inherit the franchise than Sebastian Stan is. Though both are talented actors who have been working for a long time, and are just starting to break through to the mainstream, Mackie is a bit more well-known and dynamic than Stan, which will no doubt come in handy with all of the press and fan attention that the actor who plays Captain America will have to deal with. And like both Evans and Stan, Mackie is a fan favorite, having won over everyone with his enthusiasm for his character. Nobody loves Falcon more than Mackie, and nobody would love being Cap more than Mackie would.

    Why We Probably Won’t See Mackie As Captain America:

    Unfortunately, it seems seriously unlikely that we will ever see Sam inherit the title of Captain America on the big screen. Since Marvel plans out every part of their Cinematic Universe well in advance of the films’ release, they have been laying the seeds for Bucky to take over for Cap for some time now, dropping hints in both Captain America films that foreshadow his eventual ascent to the title. It seems unlikely that they would abandon the foundations that they have been laying for years now in order to give Sam the shield, even if it would be a smart decision.

    Making Falcon the new Captain America would also risk angering the very vocal subset of fans who are reluctant to see any drastic changes made to the characters that they have become so comfortable with. Any time a character’s race gets changed – like when Miles Morales became Spider Man or Michael B. Jordan was cast as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four or Samuel L. Jackson was picked to play Nick Fury – some fans get upset about it, and because their negative outlook gets attention from both press and other fans, the studios become convinced that their position is the one that the entire fandom holds. Studios aren’t going to want to risk alienating a major part of their audience, and so they continue to make the safest choices imaginable. Why else do you think it’s taken so long for us to get a female-fronted superhero film?

    Despite the quality of their films and the diversity of the heroes and comic books they have to offer, Marvel is still focused on pleasing their fans in order to make money. That means that if they think that audiences will be happier watching the white dudes they’re comfortable with save the world, that’s what they’re going to give them. It doesn’t matter how many issues Sam’s tenure as Captain America sells, or how much praise the books get, transitioning from Evans to Stan is the safer choice, and therefore the one most likely to make the most moviegoers happy. By catering to the fans who make the most noise, even if they’re the smallest subset of the fandom, Marvel will feel like it’s catering to the entire fanbase, which is why it’s so difficult to get Hollywood studios to break away from their standard formula.

    On top of that, there’s no telling exactly how long Sam’s run as Cap will last. Comic books are constantly revamping and rebooting themselves, which means that plots are constantly being retconned and changed. If Sam is only going to have a short run as Cap, then the filmmakers might be hesitant to restructure the films around this new development, especially if they’re worried about how fans will react. Yes, Bucky’s time as Cap wasn’t particularly long, but the shift in power has been around long enough that they not only know how fans feel about it, but they’ve also been able to work out how best to incorporate it into the films.

    We might only get to see Sam as Captain America in the comic books, but at least we have the knowledge that even that is enough to make Anthony Mackie the happiest person on earth right now. And when Mackie's happy, everyone is.


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    There are always those actors who rise above early on. Even when a movie implodes around them, like "Another Happy Day" did around Ezra Miller, there is something in the performance that makes them stand out, that lingers long after. The way Miller handled the nervous energy of a teen on a precipitous emotional edge, or the sadness in Garrett Hedlund's angsty singer in "Country Strong." They not only make an imprint in the role but they also tantalize about what they might do next.

    Others, like Dev Patel, are discovered in an unexpected whirlwind when a film like "Slumdog Millionaire" hits like a hurricane. Director Danny Boyle's tale of a Mumbai teen caught in a game-show controversy charmed audiences and won eight Oscars, including best picture. Though Patel, just 18 at the time, didn't get an Oscar nod, his performance as a romantic teen refusing to be broken by brutal interrogations put him on the map — and certainly my radar.

    Such actors have that sense of promise — one of the first things I look for when I see a new face on-screen — and it became a key factor in compiling my list of 30 under 30 who matter, members of a generation more interested in the art than the artifice. The ones I've singled out represent a diverse array of talent. But there is a tonal quality as well that resonates through the list, an earnestness and directness in the actors' approach to the work, more of what we think of as an indie style even when the project is in blockbuster territory or playing with extremes of sci-fi fantasy.

    It's a generational gene pool that is particularly rich in talent, so rich that limiting the list to 30 has required painful cuts. My list is also whiter than I would like, a reflection of Hollywood's continued bad casting habits. It's not that actors of color don't break through but that the journey is often longer and more circuitous.

    Though TV is far from a colorblind medium either, with so many dramas and comedies to populate, it remains a better place to find emerging Latino, Asian and African American talent.

    There is a lot of heavy traffic among screens of all sizes these days. For actors, the creative distance between Imax and iPhone, three-hour blockbusters and three-minute webisodes, is disappearing. But because film is the primary concentration for these actors, as it is mine, it's the first criteria for making my cut.

    Whatever perks of fame and fortune might come their way as a result — and several tied to mega franchises in "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" have had explosive head starts — this crew seems to truly care about the craft.

    Yet at some point, a career in the movie industry becomes a question of staying power. I was especially curious about the "Harry Potter" kids. Would they fade to black along with "The Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in 2011? Not hardly. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in particular have not only survived but they have also thrived on smaller fare, smartly going more indie and eclectic, making interesting choices, though a great deal of Radcliffe's time at the moment is being spent onstage.

    For "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, you had to wonder whether there was something more beyond the steamy vampire romance. It was clearer sooner with Stewart, who quickly embraced edgy projects and infused them with an unaffected reality that earned her critical acclaim. Pattinson is finally gaining traction with a string of demanding roles in the offing and an impressive turn in the just-released "The Rover," a case of a gritty turn rising above the project.

    The final measure for me in weighing whom to include is that sense of trajectory. It's the sense that the roles right around the corner are likely to push the actors to creative and artistic higher ground — that these 30 under 30 won't accede only to what Hollywood, that great lover of youth, desires but that they will also take on a wide range of roles and find ways within each to make them their own — essentially, the Meryl Streep model.

    Most of the names you know well. Several have careers that stretch back to their grade-school years. Elle Fanning began following in big sister Dakota's footsteps when she was only 3, first playing younger versions of Dakota's characters. At 6, her emotionally nuanced performance as the young daughter in a damaged family, with Jeff Bridges playing her writer-father in "The Door in the Floor," set a course for the kind of affecting acting that continues to define her work.

    Mia Wasikowska started at 15 with a TV series but soon moved her haunting presence to film and has been giving indelible performances in movies large and small since. In contrast, Carey Mulligan seemed to burst on the scene fully formed at 24 in "An Education." But in truth, the actress had been in the BBC TV trenches, where greatness is honed.

    Nearly all on my list have awards to their credit. A remarkable number have already been Oscar-nominated: Saoirse Ronan for "Atonement," Ellen Page for "Juno," Anna Kendrick for "Up in the Air," Rooney Mara for "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," Hailee Steinfeld for "True Grit," Mulligan for "An Education."

    At 23, Jennifer Lawrence stands alone — with a lead actress Oscar on her shelf for "Silver Linings Playbook" and nominations for "American Hustle" and "Winter's Bone." She just topped Forbes' most powerful actress list. And I'll just throw in how well Lawrence plays on Fallon. That would be "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," which has quickly become its own influential proving ground, requiring even superstars to play games and play them well.

    The climb has not been so fast or so starry for others. After only a handful of roles, Alden Ehrenreich's breakthrough came last year in the bewitching "Beautiful Creatures" and as Cate Blanchett's recalcitrant stepson in "Blue Jasmine." He remains an intriguing question mark for now. Hedlund, who turns 30 in September, had his first good year in 2010, managing to make a mark in the marginal "Tron" continuation, "Tron: Legacy." But joining Stewart and Sam Riley in the 2012 film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's "On the Road," despite mixed reviews, opened doors for the brooding, gravel-voiced actor.

    For others, the challenge has been to be taken seriously. Brie Larson has had to fight her way out of the pretty-girl corner. It's not that the actress hasn't been busy, it's rather that the meatier parts have been harder to come by.

    Larson's affectingly earthy performance as a troubled young woman in last year's "Short Term 12" changed that. Among other projects, she's set to star in the film adaptation of Emma Donoghue's bestselling novel "Room." As Ma, Larson will be mothering a son born of rape in the single room where they are still held captive by her kidnapper. I can't wait.

    On-screen talent is an ever-shifting landscape, years come and go, names change. Last year's hunk — Channing Tatum— is this year's old guy at 34, as "22 Jump Street" has had so much fun pointing out this summer.

    By the way, for the 30 under 30 who've made my list, there are no statuettes, no red carpet. Just a "well done" from a critic who appreciates those who respect the craft, to those whose artistry is making the movies a better place to spend $14 on a Saturday night.

    Full list at Source.

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    When Marvel Comics announced that the current Thor in the comic books was going to be replaced by a woman, one could probably have predicted that it would only be a matter of time before people begin speculating over what this meant for the Thor movies. And according to well-known Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, it appears to be a very real possibility that Marvel Studios might go with a new female lead in upcoming Thor and Avengers movies.

    While Chris Hemsworth is currently filming Avengers: Age of Ultron, Finke reports that she heard that Hemsworth wasn’t anxious to go through the dieting and training regime necessary to return for Thor 3 or The Avengers 3.
    If true, Hemsworth wouldn’t be the first Avenger to reportedly be having second thoughts because of the rigors of training for a superhero role, as similar rumors have revolved around Chris Evans from time to time.

    In addition to Hemsworth’s hesitancy, Finke is also reporting that it’s doubtful that Marvel will want to cough up the big bucks to keep him in the starring role as Thor. Finke suggests that by rebooting the series with a leading woman instead of a leading man, Marvel Studios can not only avoid the cost of Hemsworth, but they can also capitalize on the recent popularity of women’s movies and women action heroes at the box office. Finke says that the first two Thor films were marketed toward women anyway.

    So, could Marvel Studios be planning to replace Hemsworth as Thor? While anything is a possibility, Hemsworth does have two more movies remaining on his contract after Avengers: Age of Ultron. Since Marvel Studios already has Hemsworth locked in for Thor 3 and Avengers 3 unless he balks on his contract, we suspect any change probably wouldn’t come until Thor 4 or Avengers 4.


    Forget about Bucky vs. Falcon as Cap. Who would you cast as female!Thor??
    For what it's worth, Joss has already weighed in.

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    After three months on the market, Kate Bosworth has sold the Hollywood Hills pad she once shared with ex-boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard.

    The 31-year-old blonde beauty got $2.4 million for the three-bedroom home, according to Trulia.

    This comes just after the Blue Crush star bought a new house with husband Michael Polish.


    I doubt anybody here is gonna show what their house/apartment looks like...

    0 0

    It’s hard not to have a crush on Michael B. Jordan. He always looks great on the red carpet, and on the field, and at the beach … oh yeah, and in the kitchen. So we jumped at the chance to chat with him on the phone (and fought over who would do the interview).

    The 27-year-old star is teaming up with Axe to help launch the brand’s new Gold Temptation fragrance. (Sound familiar? It’s an extension of the popular fragrance Dark Temptation, which guys go crazy over.) For the rest of the summer, Jordan will encourage Axe followers and his fans to take part in the #TemptationTuesday social campaign as he gets to the bottom of what the opposite sex really wants. We caught up with him about his new collaboration, his flawless style and of course, what scents he loves on a woman.

    PEOPLE: Why did you want to take part in this campaign?
    MBJ: According to an Axe survey, 75 percent of guys and 60 percent of girls don’t know what tempts the other. I felt that was a personal problem and wanted to get some answers. It’s a shame that in the modern world of dating, we don’t know what tempts one another, so I thought, ‘Let me be part of the solution in a cool, creative way.’ It was cool because I got to move from in front of the camera to behind it — Axe is allowing me to direct some of the content. [Videos will be released in September.]
    PEOPLE: What’s your first cologne memory?
    MBJ: I think it was my dad. When I was a kid, I used to be around my dad, wanted to be like him. I’d see him put on aftershave, cologne, and I’d stand in the mirror — it’s so cliché — I’d stand in the mirror and pretend I was shaving without a beard, the shaving cream and everything.
    PEOPLE: What was the first cologne you ever wore?
    MBJ: I think I stole my best friend’s, you know how you’d borrow it and never give it back? I’d go to my roommate. Then it was Jean Paul Gaultier, the man-shaped bottle with the turquoise stripes, that I purchased on my own.
    PEOPLE: What’s your grooming routine like? Do you wear cologne now?
    MBJ: I always wear cologne. I’m a hugger, especially with ladies, I don’t like shaking women’s hands. It’s always good to be smelling good, to leave them with something when you when you walk away. I think that’s pretty good.
    PEOPLE: Do you have a perfume memory from a first girlfriend?
    MBJ: One of the most powerful things about scent is memory. You smell something and it takes you back. My first girlfriend loved stuff from Victoria’s Secret. I try not to smell it [on other people]. When I do, I immediately go back there. I try not to go back there!
    PEOPLE: What scents on girls are most tempting to you?
    MBJ: More floral stuff — not too strong, a subtle floral. Something that keeps you going back for more — you don’t know exactly what it is, but it intrigues you and you need a second, third or fourth opinion. It’s similar with Axe Gold Temptation. It has a chocolatey note to it, layered up with bright citrus flavors, a little spice and it’s not overwhelming. It makes you want to keep wanting to smell more. You don’t want everything all at once.
    PEOPLE: Are there looks on girls you always love to see?
    MBJ: Leggings and jean shorts never gets old with me. A girl in a nice pair of leggings [or] jean shorts during the summer is one of my favorites for sure. A maxidress too — a maxidress and heels — whatever that combination is, women, keep doing it! It’s nice to look at.
    PEOPLE: Any styles you just don’t get?
    MBJ: No, ladies, keep doing what you’re doing! Gladiator sandals, maybe — that had its run. It was cool for about a second.
    PEOPLE: You have some of the best style on the red carpet right now. Have you always been into clothes?
    MBJ: Growing up I didn’t have an older brother to mimic, so I went through a lot of growing pains and [fashion] disasters. With websites, magazines, fashion shows, you pick up a certain fashion sense. I love dressing up because you command respect. I got a stylist, Jeff Kim, who’s phenomenal. We’ve been collaborating on looks. It’s a combined effort between us. I’m a big fan of vests. I like vests and ties — the three-piece look without the blazer. I have a few go-tos. Suspenders, they’re cool; I’m going for that old-school kinda feeling.
    PEOPLE: What do you wear on a first date?
    MBJ: If I’m going on a date, I like dark colors — lots of black to keep it simple. I like being very comfortable. Dressing down shows a lot about someone. [According to an Axe survey], 92 percent of guys like girls to be more casual — to wear sweats, jeans or t-shirts, wear less makeup, put their hair up. When you’re casual, not trying too hard, it comes across as confident. You don’t want to look like you overthink things. I prefer a chill, laid-back approach. You can dress up when you do something special. If you set the bar so high from the beginning, you don’t want to go backwards. On the first date, I’ll go with sandals with socks on, every fashion no-no you can think of. Then it’s like: Still want to go out with me? [Laughs]
    PEOPLE: What do you like to see a girl wear on a date?
    MBJ: First date with a girl: I would rather them be more laid back. Naturally beautiful. That goes a long way with me. It can only get better from there.

    Dating post?!

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    Showing Jay, Simon, Will and Neil as they travel around Australia, "the sex capital of the world", according to Jay, on a gap year, choice quotes include "You know why they call it Down Under - because that's where you spend most of your time!" and "Muff before mates is considered a crime in Australia".

    TV series creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, who are writing and directing the film, said of the new trailer: "We're excited to offer a little taste of what's to come when we release The Inbetweeners 2 on the 6th August.

    "We're especially happy with the trailer as we think it's funny and - we promise - none of the best jokes are in it. None. We did that so that hopefully you'll still get surprised in the cinema, and enjoy the film even more."


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    With Mike Cahill's second feature "I Origins" slated for a Friday release, we decided to take a look at some of the most intelligent "indies" out there. "I Origins" is the second of Cahill's films to win the renowned Alfred P. Sloan Prize at Sundance, given to films that successfully incorporate science and technology. The following films, with their highly abstract plots and difficult-to-follow-themes, are some smart "indies" that, quite frankly, make us feel incredibly dumb.

    "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," Dir. Michel Gondry

    When it comes to "Smart Movies That Make Us Feel Dumb," screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is king, just see "Synecdoche, New York" (also makes this list), "Adaptation,""Human Nature" and "Being John Malkovich" for more proof. The narrative-bending Oscar-winner has never been afraid to put his stories through a formal shredder, and the results are wholly original works that burst with challenging inventiveness. "Sunshine," directed by the equally cerebral Michel Gondry, is a classic of science fiction romance. The movie focuses on the relationship between the emotionally stifled Joel (Jim Carrey at a career peak) and the free spirited Clementine (Kate Winslet, earning her second Best Actress Oscar nomination). The two meet cute on the Long Island Rail Road and just as the trappings of the romance genre settle in, Kaufman shatters them. You see, Joel and Clementine were actually in a relationship for two years before a viscous breakup sent Clementine to a company that specializes in erasing memories. Upon learning this, Joel sets out to do the same. Feel dumb yet? Brace yourself, because the screenplay free falls into Joel's jumbled mind, chronicling his memories of Clementine in reverse as he battles to preserve the love these two once shared against the company trying to erase it. Out of nowhere, "Sunshine" morphs into a beat-the-clock thriller as Kaufman forces the viewer to navigate a byzantine labyrinth of Joel's painful and joyous memories. And yet, things only get more twisted when one company worker starts to use Joel’s memories for his own seducing purposes and three others become entwined in their own memory-erasing subplot. But Kaufman's inexplicable control of the convoluted narrative makes "Sunshine" pulsate with raw feeling and romantic passion. It's an unforgettable trip down memory lane.

    "Under the Skin," Dir. Jonathan Glazer

    On paper the plot for "Under the Skin" reads like a formulaic, sexy B-movie: An alien posing as a hot young woman seduces and kills young men to harvest their bodies for mysterious purposes. But as adapted from Michael Farber's acclaimed sci-fi novel by "Birth" Jonathan Glazer's "Under the Skin" is anything but dumb. In very loosely adapting Farber's more straightforward story, Glazer made a film that plays like a fevered dream with a lot on its mind. Scarlett Johansson as the comely alien is as opaque as film protagonists get. It's never explained exactly why she's on a murdering spree, or how she ended up on our planet. Viewed as a straight up thriller, "Under the Skin" is an undeniably frustrating experience. But viewed the way Glazer intended it to be watched, as a deep exploration of what it means to be human -- the experience is a richly rewarding one. That doesn't mean we get it.

    "Another Earth," Dir. Mike Cahill

    "Another Earth," the debut film of director Mike Cahill and writer/star Brit Marling, was a pleasant, albeit difficult to comprehend surprise when it premiered at Sundance in 2011. The sci-fi film follows a young and brilliant girl, who, after getting accepted into MIT, drinks and drives, causing the deaths of two people. Meanwhile, another Earth has appeared; it's an identical planet that can be seen from our Earth. While the film is an obvious look at redemption and identity, it grows progressively more abstract, particularly with its scientific elements. The way it blends the notions of time aren't exactly easy to understand, especially for us mathematically-challenged. Still, it's a beautiful and mysterious debut, a subtle and unusual thriller that introduced two rising talents in the film world.

    "Enemy," Dir. Denis Villeneuve

    After making it big with his foreign film Oscar nominee "Incendies," Canadian director Denis Villeneuve took on two back-to-back projects: the heartbreaking, but straightforward "Prisoners" and an artsier piece "Enemy." Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent and Isabella Rossellini, "Enemy" is a confounding film that takes on the familiar doppelgänger concept, but like you've never seen it before. Gyllenhaal plays a misanthropic college professor who sees his double, an actor, while watching a film. As their lives begin to mesh, the film becomes increasingly more surreal, blurring the lines between the two men's lives. "Enemy" is erotic, often times morbid and features a bunch of tarantulas (for God knows what reason). While it can be seen (and dismissed) as an art piece, "Enemy" manages to linger, becoming a work that says way more beneath its surface.

    "eXistenZ," Dir. David Cronenberg

    It's the video-game equivalent of "Her," only a thousand times darker and more complex. Cronenberg articulates his deepest fears about the dangers of virtual reality in "eXistenZ," a truly unforgettable sci-fi thriller that constantly upends our expectations. Set in the Not Too Distant Future, Jennifer Jason Leigh is a world-renowned game designer perfecting a revolutionary technology that allows video-game players to "plug in" to their virtual reality worlds through a pod inserted in their spinal cords. Thus, sensory perception — life as we know it — entwines with the game, leaving players unable to distinguish between realities. Catapulting the viewer into the center of the action sans explanation, Cronenberg forces us to do the heavy-lifting and piece together a nonlinear meta-plot that's constantly in flux. (The fact that Cronenberg reportedly had his cast read Sartre, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Camus to get into the proper mood is not at all surprising.) The film is a grisly meditation on technology, suggesting that escapist and increasingly hedonistic innovation may cause us to indelibly warp the world we live in. At one point, after returning from a particularly violent stint in the game, Jennifer Jason Leigh's character asks Jude Law's character, "So, how does it feel? Your real life? The one you came back for. You're stuck now, aren't ya? You want to go back because there's nothing happening here. We're safe. It's boring.""It's worse than that," Jude Law's character says. "I'm not sure... I'm not sure here — where we are — is real at all. This feels like a game to me. And you... you're beginning to feel a bit like a game character."

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    complain about how annoying people who liked something you didn't are... go!

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  • 07/17/14--22:58: Adam's Gossip Girl
  • Adam Brody and wife Leighton Meester took their dogs for a walk on July 17 in New York City, where the Gossip Girl actress is currently starring in Broadway's Of Mice and Men.

    Damn, Leighton! That's one fine husband

    (July 10, 2014) Leighton Meester and Adam Brody return from getting ice cream in Soho.

    New Still of Life Partners. The film has been getting great reviews.

    OT: Speaking of NYC.. Top things to do in the City?


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    Madonna isn’t giving up without a fight.

    Beauty and fashion brand Hard Candy sued the “Material Girl” crooner and her manager Guy Oseary for copyright infringement and unfair competition, claiming the pop star stole the company’s name to sell her fitness apparel and DVDs in 2011 even after her U.S. Patent and Trademark application was rejected. But now RadarOnline.com can exclusively report that Madonna requesting the court dismiss the case!

    In documents obtained by Radar, Madonna claims that because she has never done business in Florida (Hard Candy is a Florida-based company), the court doesn’t have jurisdiction over them!

    “This Court may not exercise general jurisdiction over any of the New Defendants because none of them has ‘continuous and systematic general business contact[s]’ with Florida such that they can be determined to have ‘engaged in substantial and not isolated activity within this state,’” the documents read.

    The “Vogue” singer also argues that neither she nor her manager had any say in the trademark management decisions. In fact, she alleges that she only has final say on the creative aspects of the business – not operational decisions. Madonna claims she has had only two personal interactions with HCF, the third-party company she gave the rights to use her unregistered trademark.

    Because she wasn’t involved with the decisions, Madonna is requesting that the suit be dropped.

    Hard Candy Lives On!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Matthew, Matt, and Lisa reunited at the CBS, Showtime, and The CW TCA party on July 17, 2014.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hero to zero, in no time flat? Kevin Sorbo is not thrilled about having to pass the torch to another Hercules. The actor -- who played the title role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys from 1995 to 1999, as well as in several made-for-TV Hercules movies -- said on a red carpet recently that he thinks it's "stupid" he wasn't even given a cameo in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming Hercules blockbuster.

    "Dwayne Johnson and I used to work at the same gym for a while. He's a nice guy," the O.C. alum told Dish Nation. That said, Sorbo doesn't appreciate not being included in the star's new film, especially since his iteration of the character was so famous in the 1990s.

    "We were sort of taken aback they wouldn't let me in that movie. I didn't do a cameo. I think it's kinda stupid, really," he admitted. "I'm still on all over America, on Netflix, on Hub, on Encore. I'm still in, like, 50 countries around the world. It was the most-watched show in the world in the '90s, passing Baywatch."

    But he didn't stop there. "To not me put on in a cameo...it's taking the business out of show business, and it's just kinda stupid," he continued. "We approached the director. I don't know what his reasons are -- I don't know if it's political, or it's ego, or what it is. But to not put me in just for a stupid little cameo, the audience would've loved it. They would've loved it."

    Sorbo also has his eye on another role -- but he's had no luck there, either. "They told me they were gonna put me in Expendables 2, and they never did. Maybe I'm too tall for that cast," he joked, appearing to poke fun at the franchise's stars, which include Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li.

    "I would love to do it," Sorbo added of the action trilogy. "I'd be honored...It'd be fun for me to do that. But, you know, they don't want me there."


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    Disney has planted the flag on release dates for five untitled Marvel movies staring with July 27, 2017 and running through May 3, 2019.

    The other dates are Nov. 3, 2017, July 6, 2018 and Nov. 2, 2018.

    The studio made the announcement Friday afternoon, as part of an early move to lock down prime summer and fall berths for Marvel’s movies.

    Marvel is likely to announce several of the new titles at next week’s San Diego Comic-Con. It presents on July 26.

    “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which bows Aug. 1, is Marvel’s tenth film since it started financing and producing its own films beginning with “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” in 2008. Should that film succeed at the box office, sequels and spinoffs are likely and could land the property one of the new slots.

    Marvel already had a third “Captain America” scheduled for May 6, 2016, pitting it against Warner Bros.’ “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

    Another possible franchise starter, “Doctor Strange,” is also dated for July 8, 2016.

    In addition to the two new dates in 2017, Marvel already had a film set for release on May 5, giving it three films that year.

    For 2015, Marvel has “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” on May 1, followed by “Ant-Man” on July 17.

    Marvel has previously announced plans for a third “Avengers,” as well as another “Thor,” while it’s developing standalone films around Black Widow and Black Panther.

    The full Marvel release schedule so far:

    May 1: The Avengers: Age of Ultron
    July 17: Ant-Man

    May 6: Captain America 3
    July 8: Doctor Strange

    May 5: Untitled
    July 27: Untitled
    Nov. 3: Untitled

    July 6: Untitled
    Nov. 2: Untitled

    May 3: Untitled

    So what do you think the new movies are going to be?

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    Nicole Scherzinger
    is basically the Terminator of pop stars. Her misses far outweigh her hits, but somehow she always manages to survive and bounce back — it’s really quite amazing when you think about it.

    The former Pussycat Dolls frontwoman is currently enjoying a small comeback with her latest single, “Your Love.” Not only is the song on track to debut at No. 2 on the UK singles chart (except not anymore), it’s also due for release in the States through Epic Records, who just signed Nicole to a new deal.

    Both Epic and L.A. Reid announced the signing on twitter earlier today, writing “Welcome to the #EPIC family, @NicoleScherzy!” along with a photo of Nicole and Reid sitting together.

    This isn’t the first time that Reid has signed a pop artist to Epic that most people would consider washed-up. In the past few years he’s signed new deals with Ciara and Avril Lavigne— both of whom flopped, with the exception of minor hits like “Body Party” or “Here’s To Never Growing Up.”

    Hopefully Scherzy has better luck with “Your Love” and her upcoming sophomore album, which has been produced entirely by the once-popular hitmaking duo of The-Dream & Tricky. The album already sounds quite promising, so we’ve got our fingers crossed for it to work.


    Buy Your Love on iTunes!

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