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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Alright ladies, and gentleman, I’ll give you all a moment to ogle at the hottness that is Josh Hutcherson in a suit.

    Done? Good. The Hunger Games star looked extremely handsome and chic in New York City today as he made his way to the Late Show With David Letterman. Josh is currently in press mode for his latest flick Red Dawn, which stars fellow uber hottie Chris Hemsworth.

    Personally, I can’t wait till Josh gets to back being a brunette again. I mean, the whole blonde this is great, but he looks way more…manly, I guess is the right word, with brown hair. So when do we get to see more of Josh in his Hunger Games garb?

    Their set has been a fairly quiet one. There aren’t even any good stories. Oh wait, Jennifer Lawrence rear ended someone cause of Honey Boo Boo. Now that’s a good story. Hopefully Josh will have some good ones too.

    Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Josh in his snazzy suit. I’ve made a decision: attractive men should only wear suits or be shirtless. Can we all agree on this decision?


    YASSS he looks so good. I like his hair like this. Josh is on the Late Show With David Letterman TONIGHT!

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    Actress Kelly Preston has decided to speak out about her 16-year-old son Jett Travolta's death, almost four years after the tragedy occurred.

    John Travolta's wife appeared as a guest on The Doctors (airing Nov. 21), and discussed Jett's medical conditions and what she and her husband feel are the factors that lead to their son's disabilities.

    "Do not believe a lot of the things you read," Preston said about media reports directly following her son's death, "[Jett] was autistic. He had seizures, and when he was very young, he had Kawasaki syndrome."

    Preston believed that autism and seizures contributed to Jett's death, and that they were caused by a collection of factors that included Kawasaki syndrome, complications from her "fast and hard" labor, and the use of antibiotics while breast feeding. The antibiotics, Preston said, "gave [Jett] thrush," an infection of Candida yeast, which some studies have linked with the symptoms of autism.

    The actress also advocated organic eating and trying to diminish the intake of foods containing pesticides and chemicals, which she believes are contributors to the rising rates of disease and autism in children.

    In January 2009, a police spokeswoman told E! News that Jett apparently banged his head on a bathtub after suffering a seizure at the family's getaway at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Efforts were made to revive Jett, but he was pronounced dead at Rand Memorial Hospital.


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    Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw have come to define the style of a generation of women.

    SATC fans fell in love with New Yorker Carrie's brilliantly bonkers wardrobe, and off-screen the diminutive star is almost as creative with her looks.
    She's often photographed looking hot in haute couture or working a fabulous red carpet dress months before anyone else can even think about buying it, and she's loved for the risks she takes with her wardrobe.
    But SJP says she's no style icon.

    Shrugging off the label of fashion guru the actress told Vogue:‘ It's not how I think of myself and think it's probably the healthier approach.’
    She went on to add, rather philosophically: ‘It's not an identity that I connect to. I'm grateful if anyone says anything kind, and if they say something less kind, I take that as a part of anyone talking about you at all.’

    Despite this confession the mother-of-three, who has graced the cover of Vogue and is top of most fashion house's best-dressed lists, says her love of fashion remains as strong as ever.
    Admitting that red carpet glamour will always be something she enjoys, Sarah says that her three children James, 10, and three-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion mean that high glamour is no longer part of her everyday life.

    ‘I love beautiful things and I'm privileged to borrow a beautiful dress. I feel really lucky and genuinely enjoy it. I feel like fashion has a proper place in my life. It's just not a reality everyday.’


    ONTD: what were your favourite SATC episodes and carrie outfits??

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    serving me gaga, judas era wig teas.


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    Janelle Monae practically lives out of a suitcase. "There are months when I'm on a plane every day!" says the "We Are Young" singer, 26, who tours 100 days a year. So she keeps a perpetually packed Tumi at the ready.


    "I always carry my classic black-and-white tux and custom-made George Esquivel saddle shoes. They'd get lost if I check them. It's happened!" 

    Hair-Raising Scheme

    "I bring Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and a comb to do my signature hairstyle on board ($9, missjessies.com). And I never forget CoverGirl LashBlast mascara ($7, covergirl.com)."

    World Is Her Oyster

    "A Pearl in the Storm by Tori Murden McClure is inspiring me lately."

    Just Plane Healthy

    "I take goldenseal, echinacea and cod liver oil when flying to boost my immune system."

    Sound Advice 

    "I listen to Prince on my iPad. And I use a Chords & Scales app to warm up before performing."

    Write Stuff

    "I keep a journal to jot down songs, poetry and thoughts on the plane."

    More Essentials:

    Evian Mineral Water Spray ($11, drugstore.com)

    Olay Clean & Mild Make Up ($4.49, soap.com)

    Covergirl Lipstick in Hot Passion ($7.99, cvs.com)

    Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer in Natural Hue ($8.29, drugstore.com)

    US Weekly.

    ONTD, what's in your bag?
    Also feel free to turn it into a beauty post tbqh

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    Embedded in Gaza City, Cooper has provided both military updates and snark, telling one woman to "spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news."

    As missiles explode around him, Anderson Cooper launches some snark rockets of his own.

    The CNN anchor/correspondent is in Gaza to cover the armed conflict between Israel and Hamas and was shaken on camera by a massive explosion in his vicinity Monday. True to his iron-=man reputation, he pressed on with his broadcast, and continued his updates via Twitter. Just as any Israeli-Palestinian conflict creates sharp debate, his reporting drew critics online, and instead of ignoring them, he publicly lashed the detractors.

    In fact, it's still going on.

    Monday evening, a Twitterer named @RetireLeo, who claims to be a former Marine, tweeted, "Didn't Cooper admit he was gay, if so let's let the Palestians know and see what happens," to which Cooper replied, "‪ wow, tough words from an anon Internet troll. why not use your name and photo, coward? Have some more fritos and keep typing."

    Cooper made even more waves when he responded to @Pamela_Weiss, who asked him to "Report a fair story. Report facts. Why not talk about the rockets being fired FROM Gaza?!? #losingcredibility."

    His response: ".‪@Pamela_Weiss‬ perhaps spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news."

    On Tuesday, he was greeted by a tweet from @Rabbi_Sykes, who said, "May just stop watching ‪#CNN‬. Now ‪@andersoncooper‬ almost apologizing for ‪#Hamas‬ dragging a dead "Spy" for ‪#Israel‬ & yelling God is great! Oy."

    Cooper's retort: ".‪@Rabbi_Sykes‬ excuse me, but how am I apologizing for Hamas by reporting them dragging a body through the streets? That is deeply offensive."

    Read all of Cooper's comebacks below:


    Mods the pic source is not hotlinked it's from my chrome screen capture program!

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    To promote her new album, Unapologetic, Rihanna has set off on an ambitious globetrotting tour that will hit seven countries in seven days. Rolling Stone contributor Jeff Rosenthal is on the plane with a small army of fans and assistants, and an extravagant amount of champagne.

    Day 1: Mexico
    Read about the beginning of the trip, the hopes and dreams of a naive journalist, and generally things that are not shade but are still great at the source. It's all rather positive and beautiful and so, so innocent.

    Rihanna, live and in concert, doesn't sing much. Her hits are so big she doesn't really need to, but – tellingly – she often puts the microphone by her crotch. (She relies heavily on her two slithering backup singers, who sometimes come in to push songs over the finish line. To her credit, she does do the brunt of the work on less-demanding songs: she belts "Wait Is Over" and giggles her way through "Take a Bow.") During "Cake," she pats her thighs, as if slapping cheese on them. Dressed in a Rock-n-Jock-style leather baseball jersey, micro-bra and biker shorts, Rihanna winds and wiggles; she'll stick her ass out and look around the backside, as if posing for a Coppertone ad. Somehow, she makes the Stanky Legg seem appealing, as she does during "Where Have You Been." An entire swath of the audience – several rows of people, every single one of them with cameras held high – moves as one while watching her, as if being swept away by water. It looks dangerous, even violent, though strangely beautiful: a mosh-pit in which all parties move in the same direction. I've never seen anything like it.

    Day 2: Toronto
    RIP this beautiful Canadian content. Read the blog, it's still in the simmering period. The closest it comes to shade is...

    She seems so much more alive than last night; it's almost as if she's channeling Obama's second debate. (Was it the plane's altitude that caused her to be so tired? Or maybe it was the long hours waiting around? Did she drink too much of the champagne? Or maybe not enough?)

    Day 3: Stockholm
    Read the full Day 3 blog. The general tone of this entry is about how repetitive the shows are, and how rehearsed even the banter is. You can tell they're getting frustrated.

    While many went to bed, Rihanna stayed out until six in the morning, slinging drinks for her after-party guests from behind the bar. Some ticket-winning fans made it in and found Rihanna to be sweet: "I told her my life story," said one. (She also shared with Rih’s manager a growing frustration among the fans riding with the 777 Tour, that they feel unappreciated and underwhelmed by the experience.) Sweden’s pushiest came to rub shoulders and throw elbows, a good-looking but horrible-acting group of malcontents. Apparently, as I learned from a local girl I met, alcohol in Sweden is incredibly expensive so everyone goes full-throttle-drinking on Friday nights. Last night was Friday night. It was either being fed up by aggressive patrons, or the fact that the rare Stockholm sun was coming up, that led Rihanna to throw her bartending towel down. With a huge smile on her face, she screamed, "I quit!"

    Day 4: Paris
    The Paris blog entry details the pros of the trip, in order to hammer home that while they appreciate the high points, the reality is becoming...

    Or, in this case, a Delta. It feels stupid to complain: we're being flown all around the world to see Rihanna perform in concert seven times, and given free tickets with balcony access. That probably sounds pretty good! But it's too much. Every concert is a re-run episode that we're forced to watch, each with diminishing returns. The only real difference is found within one of her most popular applause lines: "What up, Mexico City?""What up, Toronto?""What up, Stockholm?" The buses are new in each city, which is important since we don't do much outside of them. We got to see Stockholm and Paris for an hour before we had to go to the venue; we never saw any of Toronto or Mexico City. There's no time to see the sights when you're sitting in parking lots, waiting for hours. As it is, the only proof we have of going to these cities are the adhesive strips wrapped around our luggage. A documentary crew has been wandering the aisles for many of our plane rides, but there's simply nothing to capture on camera. Their most popular shot? People sleeping.

    We haven't seen Rihanna offstage since the first day, unless you count her popping up at baggage claim for a few moments on the morning of the second; she also had after-parties in Stockholm and Paris, both times showing up mere hours before wake-up call. As for last night's mega-party at Paris' VIP Room, where she was joined by Diddy, Cassie, Pharrell, Akon, Omarion and Craig David, the Twitter account for MSN's Canadian website said, "Putting off sleeping and editing to try and get a word with Rihanna, Diddy or Akon who are 2 feet away but blocked by security." (It was originally going to be just us, those who were flying with the tour. Def Jam was surprised to see it turn into a zoo. There was a hubbub among the radio winners this morning, after one of the Swedes got elbowed in the face by Diddy's bodyguard, according to several eye-witnesses.) The hotels are beautiful, but we're only sleeping two or three hours in them – four, tops. From journalists to fans to label reps to airline staff, the general feeling is one of mild depression-cum-hysteria.

    It was a cunning idea to invite 200 journalists to cover this event, because – if it goes well – that's seven straight days of wall-to-wall positive coverage by 150 outlets. But when it doesn't work, it's a big risk. After four and a half days, it's somewhere between a wasted opportunity and living in Rihanna jail. If this whole thing is Rihanna's idea, as she so claims, then you'd think she'd put in the effort to make it work: she could get on the microphone, or do something to make us feel like she's on the same plane as us, to differentiate one day from another.

    Day 5: Berlin
    The blog entry for Berlin is the one after the Night of the Munity, when there was streaking and all the journalists went insane and the fans barely held back from Lord of the Flies levels of insanity.

    Much has been made of the conditions on the Rihanna plane, which have been as grim as we say, our coping tactics way funnier than the lazy jokes people make at our expense. (No, we didn't expect to hang out with Rihanna and gossip about Drake. We simply felt there should be a reason for us being on this plane with her and seeing these seven shows, and there apparently is none. Also, shouts to those who think their experience would be at all different from that of the 200-plus people who are voicing their frustration. You're wrong, but shouts to you.) The fact is, as this whole thing has spun out of control, many of us – the journalists looking for something or anything to do, the fans who skipped out on their jobs for a week because they were promised something they never got, the label reps doing their damnedest to just get us to the next city – have put a bright face on a bad situation. This has been our Vietnam – when this is over, we'll never talk about it again. (lol, I can't.)

    (Srsly, go read the blog-- there is a recap of the events of the mutiny that would go here regularly.)

    All of the tension that had built up seemed to dissipate; I now can't wait to see this documentary that I'd been dreading. Last night wasn't a mutiny so much as a much-needed visit to the chiropractor; we were all drunk on laughter (and empty bottles of wine) at 5 a.m. Word swept through that Rihanna was going to say something, to address everyone and thank us all for braving this cruel social experiment. Of course she didn't, which only fed the very-loud and never-ending rumors that she's not on this plane at all. In fact, she was, but she probably never will be again. And that's fine: we seem to be having more fun without her.

    Day 6: London

    Go read day 6. If you've bothered to read any of the other ones, you know it's worth it. I've chosen some of my favourite bits for you to see.

    They all seemed pretty happy that it's over.

    We recited her onstage banter word for word, tightening her script until it broke: the introduction to "What's My Name?" goes, as Rihanna said in just about every city, "My name isn't oh-na-na. It's Rihanna!"</b> Someone started a rumor that one of the passengers was a child actor from Jurassic Park. Since we hadn't seen her on the plane in days, an on-air personality from Canada's MuchMusic printed up a missing poster that depicted Rihanna, looking for answers while walking up and down the aisle. A writer fell asleep while typing, his entire screen filled with a series of j's and k's. Twenty people surrounded him and laughed.

    A day earlier, the entirety of the plane had risen up as one, journalists starting jokey chants of "Save our jobs!" and "Just one quote!" (Fans, kept to the back section of the plane, joined in with a spoofed-up version of one of her songs: "Where have you been?/ Cause I never see you out/ Are you hiding from me/ On our flight?") It was all an effort to lure Rihanna out of her private quarters, to be able to write about something other than the fact that we all had nothing to write about. She never came out, and the bad press continued. (She ended her London show by screaming, "Haters are liars!" It's something she's said often, but never before on this trip. It seemed directed at the journalists that she herself had invited.)

    [Her guitarists staged a mini-concert to appease the media.] It was a lovely gesture – these guys did nothing wrong, except pretend to know the lyrics – but why wouldn't Rihanna at least show her face, to acknowledge our presence (or even hers)?

    The landing gear descended. Everyone was told to return to their seat; I had never left mine. And then a strange figure darkened the door of first class. She walked out with shades on, making her way down the aisle. There was less enthusiasm from her, less from us; we weren't the same people we were six days ago, when we first boarded the plane. No champagne showers; many of us were hungry and tired, a huddled and disinterested mass. It was almost like Rihanna didn't (or doesn't) know of anything beyond her seat: with a smile that curled up and out, she said, "I would fuckin' do this again!" She continued on this too-little-too-late tour, noting that if she hadn't had to take care of her voice, she would have acted differently with us. "Usually I go, go and go. And this time I had to sleep," she continued. "Usually I would be back here partying my balls off for ya'll but I really had to pay attention and take care of my health because I'm on the plane all the time."She'd been out all night in at least three cities, buying lingerie in Paris, hanging out with Brooklyn Decker in Toronto. But she never had three minutes to see us.

    [After the journalists & fans tried to swarm her after her re-appearance...] With just moments to spare, people sat down in their seats. It made me realize why no one would ever get access to her: because many of these supposed professionals weren't mature enough to treat her like a person, and she most certainly wasn't interested in treating any of us like people either.

    As we deplaned, the fresh air of Newark's airport filling our faces, a flight attendant said, "You're free!" Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, we are free at last.


    Edited after the fact per mod request. Go read the blogs for the full report!

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    One Direction hunk Zayn Malik and Little Mix beauty Perrie Edwards have been dating for quite a while now and it appears that Zayn is completely smitten with PerriePerrie admitted that she finds Zayn very sweet and trusts him, despite rumours about his alleged cheating antics.

    Perrie explained, “Yeah [he’s sweet], but everyone thinks he’s a proper bad boy.” Meanwhile, her Little Mix bandmate Jesy Nelson claimed that Zayn was extremely smitten with Perrie and was nothing like the bad boy image he gets portrayed as.

    She added, “Literally, Zayn’s the most smitten boy I’ve ever seen. She’s got him under the thumb – he’s like a little lovesick puppy around her. He’s all over her!”

    Edwards then continued, “He did say from day one that things would come out in the press. But if you don’t have trust in someone there’s no point in being together at all. You need to trust each other 100 percent, otherwise it won’t work. If you want to be with each other that much, you’ve got to make it work.”

    One Direction are currently enjoying double UK success, as they top both the singles and the albums chart.


    Can't blame him for feeling that way about Queen Perrie tbh

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    Leonardo DiCaprio has been trying to get a Twilight Zone movie up and running for years now, only for a succession of directors to drop out of the production.

    DiCaprio’s production company put the project into development back in 2007, with the script having been written and rewritten several times over the ensuing years. It looked as though Matt Reeves was set to direct as recently as last year, only for him to drop out shortly after.

    Now, the first hint of the movie’s plot has been released online, with time travel seemingly at the heart of the story.

    Apparently, the film follows, “a test pilot who winds up breaking the speed of light; when he puts down his craft, he discovers that he’s landed a bit late for supper - 96 years late.”

    Not a huge amount to go on then, although it’s nice to see two of the television series’ favourite themes (namely space and time travel) sitting at the heart of the movie. Warner is currently looking for a new director to helm the project, so hopefully it will see the light of day in the not too distant future…


    Leo if you get this done I will never laugh at jokes aimed at you again. Favorite Twilight Zone episodes ONTD?

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    Question: What kind of dumbass packs a freaking grenade in his carry-on ... and accidentally tries to take it onto a plane? Answer: Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne. And he shut down an Oklahoma City airport in the process.

    The grenade wasn't live -- thankfully -- but according to the police report, Coyne still accidentally packed it in his bag on November 10th and triggered an alarm at the TSA checkpoint at Will Rogers airport ... like a dumbass.

    Needless to say, TSA freaked ... and shut down the terminal while officers frantically tried to figure out how to handle the situation.

    nd how's this for hilarious -- according to the police report, the TSA ran around like a chicken with its head cut off ... because it didn't have any "bomb guys" on duty. (Editor's note: isn't that the whole point of TSA?)

    According to reports, Coyne was flying to LAX to catch a preview of the new Flaming Lips musical "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" -- and told police he was given the dead grenade at a party as a joke.

    Shocker, the grenade reportedly resulted in several missed flights ... and lots of wasted money -- but once TSA determined it was harmless, they let Coyne go.

    Coyne tweeted following the incident to make up for the SNAFU, writing, "Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced by my grenade at OKC airport."


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    The Soul Patch & Karina (someone get the smelling salts for brucelynn)

    Emmitt & Cheryl

    And to make things even more exciting, The Wanted performed! I C U swooning, ONTD.

    But the best part was when Derek graced us with his bare chest in this orgasmic dance, complete with fake rain and photobooth flashes:

    I look forward to next week's inevitable coronation of Derek & Shawn!!!

    ETA: How could I forget the video of Paula battling it out with a dinosaur?!

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    Taylor may be happy in love with her attorney beau, John Bluher, but one person who isn't pleased about their relationship is her Housewives castmate, Brandi.

    Never one to mince her words, Glanville is slamming Armstrong for dating a married man, telling Us Weekly, "I think she's hurting people and I don't have respect for that,".

    "I just don't agree with a lot of things she does," Glanville says. "Her fundamentals are off. I feel sorry for her and her situation with her daughter I just don't think she's making great choices. I think she's hurting people and I don't have respect for that, so I don't know that I will ever be OK with Taylor."

    RadarOnline was first to report that Taylor was hooking up with her married attorney, who has subsequently separated from his wife. Both Armstrong and Bluher vehemently denied they were romantically involved but Taylor has since come clean about the affair, gushing that the father-of-three is the "love of my life."

    Dating a married man is a touchy subject with Glanville, who famously divorced from her husband, Eddie Cibrian, after he had an affair with his co-star, LeAnn Rimes.

    Kim: Why I Quit 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'!

    Why does she quit?

    “I was eight months pregnant and there was so much drama; I just had to walk,” Kim tells In Touch about her midseason exit from the hit Bravo series. “I’ve taken on so much in the past five years, but this was the final straw. My priority was the child inside me.”

    The drama unfolded over a trip to the Caribbean island of Anguilla, where co-star Cynthia would be renewing her vows with husband Peter. When Kim, who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time and under strict doctor’s orders not to travel, announced she wouldn’t be coming, all hell broke loose.

    “They couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go,” Kim says about her fellow Housewives, unleashing their collective fury. “Fighting is what we’re known for, but I’ve never disagreed with a pregnant woman. It’s not one life you’re dealing with, it’s two.”

    Kim's co-stars give their side of the story on the Dec. 2 episode. Kandi says that the cast planned the trip around the dates Kim told them she was initially available, and all the cast members pipe in over Kim giving a laundry list of excuses.

    “She’s going to come up with every excuse she can possibly come up with,” explains her former best friend, NeNe, who goes on to mimic Kim, saying, “My blood pressure was going up. My hair was shedding. My nails were comin' loose. I couldn't walk.”

    “I can’t say it was easy to end that chapter,” Kim says. “After all, I met my husband through this show.”

    Joanna Calls Off Engagement To Romain!

    After more than five years of being engaged and plenty of heated fights on The Real Housewives Joanna has called off her engagement to Romain.

    “We got in a huge fight, and I just pretty much got fed up with it,” Joanna told InTouch. “He loves me to death, he wants to be with me, but there’s something that’s holding him from committing 100 percent.”

    According to Romain, the blonde bombshell’s busy travel schedule is to blame.

    “I don’t know if it’s over forever but I’m pretty pissed,” he exclusively tells In Touch. “She is traveling all over the place anyway. There is no way anyone can be with her like this. That’s her choice.”

    Melissa: Danielle Doesn't Scare Me!

    There’s one Real Housewives star who isn’t quaking in her stiletto boots over Danielle’s return to the show.

    “I don’t think anyone can cause more problems for Teresa and me — not even Danielle,” Melissa, 33, told In Touch, on newsstands now.

    As In Touch first revealed, Bravo is bringing the previously axed Housewife, 50, back to the series that made her notorious.

    “I’m not going to run from her,” Melissa insists. “If she wants to film together let’s film together.”

    “Bring on the drama!” says Melissa of firebrand Danielle.

    RadarOnline, InTouch, AccessHollywood

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    ChoLin' with the homies:



    omfg everything about this ;A;  Also, I am never forgiving the Knicks for letting Lin get away.  25-year-long fan membership REVOKED, idec.

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    Lindsay Lohan brags how she's never been drunk on set, says jail was a blessing in disguise, claims she wants to adopt a boy one day, and advises against drinking and driving in a new interview in promotion of her film Liz & Dick, and RadarOnline.com has the details.

    The 26-year-old, who's been frequently compared to Elizabeth Taylor on the promotional trail for her new TV movie, tells US magazine there's at least one difference between she and the Hollywood great.

    "Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I've never been drunk on set, ever. I did my time and I respect the law."

    Lindsay said she learned some life lessons while locked up in 2010, particularly when she was all by her lonesome.

    "As hard as it was for me to admit it when I was in denial, it was a blessing in disguise," she said of her stint behind bars. "I was in solitary confinement and I took the time to really get into the right headspace."

    She said she also made the best of a particularly bad situation during her multiple stints in rehab, referring to another old Hollywood icon in the process.

    "Marilyn Monroe went to an institution and said, 'I may not belong here like the world thinks I do, but I might as well take what I can get here and use it and help other people,'" LiLo said. "I think that’s what everyone should take from those experiences."

    Asked if she wants to have kids, Lindsay said, "Yes. I want to adopt a son."

    Despite her issues that have made for a jagged career path that's seen her fall from a potential A-lister to the TV movie comeback trail, the redhead says she has no regrets.

    Without her past, Lindsay says she "wouldn't be able to cry in scenes at the drop of a hat.
    "I have it tattooed: LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS. I'm not saying I wanted to go to a jail cell, but I've drawn from all of it."

    Lastly, asked if she could go back in time 10 years and advise her 16-year-old self, Lindsay said, "Don't drink and drive. And be careful who you surround yourself with."


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    Anyone who’s seen photos of Kristen Stewart in one of her perpetually occurring thousand-dollar-gown-and-ratty-sneakers getups (and doesn’t make a living scouring the Internet for this sort of information like we do!) may be surprised to learn that the Twilight star works with a professional stylist. Alas, it’s true.

    Her name is Tara Swennen, and she wishes Stewart would wear heels just as much as the rest of us. Unlike the rest of us, Swennen actually gets paid to try and convince Stewart to wear heels. And most of the time, it still doesn’t work. Swennen told The Cut.

    [Kristen] will always change into her Converse by halfway through a carpet, which is to be expected at this point, but she puts on the heels for me for the photos, God bless her. [...] I clearly prefer heel. But it’s part of her personality; I think it’s fun when she does it. There are definitely times when I have to say, ‘Please, please, please put the heel on just for me.’


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  • 11/20/12--20:39: Who Won X Factor Australia?

  • Is a new X Factor boyband set to take
    the world by storm?

    One Direction, Owl City and Boyz II Men also performed at the finale results show.

    After weeks of performing, the moment has finally come to see if The Collective, Jason Owen or Samantha Jade has the "X" factor.

    Third Place: One Direction The Collective

    Simon Cowell ordered X Factor Australia producers to get a boyband to win. They failed.
    They were put together by producers from solo contestants, like One Direction.
    Mentored by Ronan Keating.

    Second Place: Jason Owen

    18 year old Jason from Albert, NSW is from a town with a population of 12.
    He was mentored by Mel B & is beloved by grannies everywhere.

    Winner: The New Kylie Minogue, Samantha Jade

    Over-25's dark horse Samantha Jade is from Perth, WA.
    She has written tracks for artists including JoJo, Ashley Tisdale
    & has been dropped from multiple labels.
    She was in the bottom two, three times.
    She was mentored by Guy Sebastian and is dubbed the "new Kylie Minogue".


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    "House" star Hugh Laurie may soon return to television, playing another roguish character: the legendary pirate Blackbeard.

    Laurie is in negotiations to star in NBC's upcoming series"Crossbones," according to reports in the Hollywood trades. The six-time Emmy nominee would play Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, who ruled over the pirates, thieves and ne'er-do-wells on the Bahamian island of New Providence in the early 1700s. Think "Deadwood,"but with boats, and with Laurie as Al Swearengen.

    The role would be Laurie's first TV gig since "House" ended earlier this year after eight seasons on FOX. It would also continue his relationship with Universal Television, which produced "House" and is co-producing "Crossbones."

    "Luther" creator Neil Cross is writing and executive producing "Crossbones," which is based on author Colin Woodard's book "The Republic of Pirates." NBC gave the show a 10-episode order last spring, but Laurie is the first actor attached to the project. There's no word on when it might premiere.

    What do you think of the idea of House Hugh Laurie playing a legendary pirate?

    Don't know if I believe it, but i'd watch every second tbh...


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    Some gifs for your convenience

    She basically says that her cat (female) has such masculine energy and they just call her Chaz Bono

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    Madonna Louise Ciccone was a real pioneer, she smashed up boundaries in her fingerless lace gloves and in doing so laid the foundations for today's fierce female singers. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj, Kesha; they all owe their careers to the trained dancer's determination to be successful as a real female artist rather than a singing doll. Madonna was one of the first mainstream female entertainers to encourage women to own their bodies; not to be unashamed of their sexuality but to celebrate it. When she paraded around in that now iconic conical bra, she was the epitome of female strength, sexiness and power; and her millions of female fans loved it. But what was once groundbreaking is becoming a tiredold shock tactic at the hands of the very woman who empowered a generation.

    Now 54, Madonna's decision to parade her admittedly fantastic body in skimpy lingerie on stage seems more like the act of an aging dame trying to persuade the world she's still got it than an entreaty to empowerment. This trend reached an apogee on Monday in Miami when she revealed a view that only her gynecologist should really be privy to.

    It made for an undignified sight; and an unnecessary one because Madonna would look good in a bin bag, and while nobody expects her to be giving Gaga a run for her money: the imagination's the limit. It doesn't help that given her millions in the bank, Madonna at 54 can afford the best treatments and trainers to maintain a body and face a million miles away from fans of the same age and even younger.

    Chasing unrealistic ideals of youth and fitness puts her at odds with those who grew up with her music, she might well sing 'don't go for second best' to them still but they now know by looking at her that they probably will have to do just that. Her controversial Sex book was released twenty years ago and in the two decades that have elapsed, the mainstream has become so sexualised it would hardly raise an eyebrow.
    And that's the sad thing about Madonna now, once upon a time she'd have known instinctively what would be the most shocking thing to do in this day and age... and that's to cover up.


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