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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    For all I know this is is an impersonator, but he says he uses Tinder and I found him in New York, so I say where there's smoke there's fire.

    Source: my phone

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    Anyone who was hoping that Season 2 of The Originals would be a dramatic take on Three Men and a Baby — what, just me? — would be well advised to adjust expectations.

    On Tuesday’s season finale, baby Mikaelson finally makes her debut, but her entry into the world is far from a smooth one. Heck, she doesn’t even get to stay in New Orleans.

    But first, those pesky witches slit Hayley’s throat and take the little girl for their ritual, while Klaus looks on helplessly. Elijah is completely devastated when he finds Hayley’s lifeless body and blames his brother’s schemes for her undoing and, thus, his. “I let her in. I don’t let people in,” he says to Klaus. “I needed her, and you’ve broken me.”

    Klaus vows to find their child and then “you can tell your niece how much you cared for her mother when we save her,” he replies.

    And they won’t have to save her alone. Hayley comes back to life and promptly turns into a fierce mama wolf. As for how she survived, she died with the baby’s blood inside of her so now she’s in transition. To complete the process of becoming a hybrid, she’ll need to drink her own child’s blood.

    But it’s Marcel who actually rescues the baby from the witches, killing Monique with a dark object/star that unleashes a thousand cuts on its victim. (That was a clever one, show — and a striking visual.) He hoped to use the child as a pawn to save his men’s lives, but they’re already dead from the werewolf bites by the time he gets to them. “This is the last note in a song that I started a century ago when I brought your dad to town,” he tells Klaus. “And for that, I am sorry.” Klaus finally makes peace with him, giving Marcel his blood for saving his daughter.

    Still, the little one is far from safe. Look at what happened to her on her first day – kidnapped numerous times and almost sacrificed (by decree of her own grandmother Esther!). “She has inherited all of our enemies with none of our defenses,” says Klaus. So mom, dad and Elijah hatch a plan to send her away while they clean up the mess, and to make sure no one goes looking for her, they fake the baby’s death. But in reality, Klaus heartbreakingly hands over his daughter to his sister Rebekah.

    “She’ll get a white fence. It’ll be lovely,” says Rebekah, making a welcome return. And how lovely is that, in turn, Rebekah gets her dream of a family and a normal life (granted by way of a twisted mess and her brother’s misery)? It’s all kind of perfect that the little girl will be with her auntie.

    “There is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life,” Klaus tells his sis. “Be happy.” And for his little girl:

    “You will return to me.”

    What’s her name, Rebekah wonders. “Her name is Hope,” replies a teary-eyed Klaus. Of course it is.

    Elsewhere in the finale:

    * Cliffhanger: Esther is back as the fourth Harvest girl?! As is Mikael, thanks to Davina’s magic, but she’s no fool. She’s got control over him so she can get payback against Klaus when she wants and not a moment sooner.

    * Klaus breaks up with Cami as friends, citing his need to ruin everything he finds beautiful. “And you are beautiful,” he tells her.


    Thoughts? I really liked it. Queen Bex coming back and that scene with her and Klaus was great.

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    If you've ever wanted to know what any of your favorite Port Charles men look like in their undies, today you found out.

    Like last year, Milo once again led some of the show’s hottest men, or Magic Milo and the Magic Wands as Lucy referred them as, in a dance routine to AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long.

    While there was some stiff competition amongst the characters in terms of who had the better stripper pose, the ladies in attendance sure had a good time either way as evidenced by Felicia (Kristina Wagner) chanting, “What a waist. What a chest. What an ass,” after an annoyed Levi commented, “This is so tacky. Does a charity really need this? What a waste.”

    In addition to group leader Milo, the Magic Wands included Nathan, Felix, Lucas, TJ, and Michael.

    While the men were showing it off, the best line of the episode was delivered by Brad who while the back of the ball standing their with Britt utters, “I can’t believe I lost both of them” after watching Lucas and Felix strip, to which Britt replies, “Yeah, you’re an idiot!”

    Nurses hit the Nurses Ball stage on Thursday dancing to open the show but were interrupted by Chief of Staff Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati).

    Kiki Jerome (Kristen Alderson) hit the Nurses Ball stage on Friday with her performance of Pink's "Raise Your Glass," with help from Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and T.J. (Tequan Richmond). Watch below:

    Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) hit the Nurses Ball stage on Friday to sing Luke Sings "I Am What I Am" from the musical "La Cage aux Folles." Watch below:

    Player takes the stage singing "Baby Come Back."

    Trying to win Felix back, Brad sings "Brokenhearted."

    The Haunted Starlets take the stage singing "I Love It."

    The tiny tango twosome, Emma and Cameron, take the stage.

    Molly Lansing & T.J. Ashford take the stage singing "Just Can’t Get Enough."

    In a touching tribute to her children, Liesl Obrecht sings "Always On My Mind."

    Epiphany Sings "You’re Not Alone" for the 2014 Nurses Ball finale.

    sources: Hulu, WeLoveSoaps

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hilary Duff has been hard at work on her 5th studio album for the past year. Having recently signed with a label, (still yet to be revealed) Hilary has announced that the first single should be out late spring with an album to follow by fall. She has been working with many talented producers and writers since the beginning and this past weeks work isn't straying from that. She just cut a song with Toby Gad who wrote and produced Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" and also recorded a song that her and Ed Sheeran collaborated on. This will be Hilary's first album since her 2007 released "Dignity". This time around Hilary is making an album that is structured around an "indie, earthy pop" sound with a little bit of an EDM influence.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hilary Duff was photographed today in Studio City picking up farmer fresh food as well as Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Tuesday night wrapped its freshman run with a thrilling hour in which Coulson & Co. endeavored to get the drop on HYDRA henchman Garrett, unaware that he is A) powered by Deathlok technology and B) freshly super-charged by a dose of the Centipede serum.

    Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons put their brilliant beans together to craft an escape from their watery grave — though at what price?

    Here, a dozen of the best moments from the finale.

    AN EPIC LOVERS’ QUARREL | Upon infiltrating Cybertek, Skye comes face to face with a gun-waving Ward, who challenges her to detonate a bomb. “No, I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you,” Skye counters. “Because you slept with her. Shes really pissed off.” Cue Ward getting blindsided by May, launching into a tussle that lets bon mots fly as much as fists. “Reminds me of the old days,” Ward says, pinning his onetime FWB. “You were never on top,” May snaps. May in fact comes out on top, nail-gunning Ward’s foot to the floor before crushing his larynx and then delivering the mother of all roundhouse kicks.

    FITZ ‘SHOWS’ SIMMONS SOMETHING | Jettisoned by Ward into the ocean, the brainiacs work their noodles to devise a way to implode the capsule window, affording escape. Thing is, the influx of water will literally knock the breath out of them — but Fitz has an oxygen mask thingy that will keep his partner conscious and able to swim to the surface. When Simmons balks at the sacrifice being made by her “best friend,” he explains, “You’re more than that [to me]. I can’t find the courage to tell you, so please… let me show you.”

    EVERYTHING NICK FURY | Whether he was fishing Simmons out of the ocean, acknowledging that he owes Coulson a “loud” discussion about bringing his agent back from the dead or offering up a weapon that “packs a pretty good punch” to combat the Centipede soldiers, the former Director’s every moment sparkled. My favorite line:” You don’t have to call me sir, Coulson. Look at me, I’m dressed like I live under a bridge.”

    GARRETT BOTCHES FURY’S SPEECH | Confronted by the one-two punch of Coulson and Fury, Garrett defends his betrayal by quoting S.H.I.E.L.D.’s former Director: “One man can accomplish anything once he realizes he’s a part of something bigger.” Fury corrects that interpretation, stressing “a part of.” (“Not a great listener,” Coulson shrugs.) Frankly, Fury is gobsmacked that Garrett went all in with HYDRA because he “misheard my damn ‘one man’ speech”!

    MIKE SAVES THE DAY | After Skye finds her way to Cybertek’s “incentives program” — aka the area where they hold prisoner loved ones, to force people to do their bidding — she has Ace Peterson relay a message to his Deathlok’d dad. Learning his son is safe, Mike promptly unleashes his missiles on Garrett.

    S.H.I.E.L.D.’S HEART BECOMES ITS HEAD | Before heading back off the grid, Fury charges Coulson with rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D. from scratch, handing him the “toolbox” to get the job done. “Guys like you were the heart — now you’ll be the head,” Fury explains. “Take your time and do it right.” (But lest anyone think the MCU has just lost Fury as a character, he promises before exiting, “I’ll be everywhere.”)

    Click through to the source for the rest of the list!


    I need some theories to cope with my feelings.

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    As I was getting ready to write a ''where are they now?"type of article on one of my favourite personalities from the 1990s, Monica Lewinsky, boom! She comes out of the woodwork, after 10 years of silence, with a piece for Vanity Fair magazine. What a coincidence! Are we soul sisters? Is she my other half?

    I'd always wondered what had become of her. Where she was. What she was doing. If she was married. If she had kids. If she was happy. In essence, I'd been thinking about how hard it must have been for her to move on. To go on. To try to live a normal life.

    Photo credit: Vanity Fair

    In the article, she clarifies what she stated back in the 90s. That her affair with then President of the United States Bill Clinton was a consensual relationship, but that yes, he did take advantage of her. There was a tremendous abuse of power at play. Her being a 22-year-old fresh-faced intern, and him being a 50-something President.

    Imagine that girl, burdened with self-esteem and self-worth issues, battling a weight problem, and suddenly catching the eye of the most powerful man in the world. Whoa!

    These days, when you mention Monica Lewinsky, people seem to think only about the affair itself. When in reality, although she was clearly taken advantage of, that was the least of her problems. The real damage was done in the aftermath. The witch hunt and the campaign to destroy her credibility that left her mother with the fear that she ''would be literally humiliated to death''.

    Photo credit: tumblr

    During her time at the White House from 1995 to 1997, Monica admitted to having 9 sexual interactions with the President. All of those encounters being of oral nature. No intercourse ever took place, according to both parties.

    Lewinsky's name then came up in a sexual harassment case against Clinton, that of Paula Jones, who alleged he had been inappropriate with her during his time as governor of Arkansas. Monica's denial of any wrongdoing in her affidavit in that case came back to haunt her once the news of her own scandal broke. Because she had technically committed perjury by lying in the Jones case.

    By that point, Monica was working at the Pentagon, having been relocated because some of the President's aides thought she had grown ''too close" to him. At the Pentagon, she confided in her coworker and new friend Linda Tripp. Who then taped her phone conversations with Monica, in the hopes of setting her up!

    With the information on the Tripp tapes, the FBI and a prosecution team (led by KennethStarr, who was already investigating the President on other charges) then seized Monica and held her captive for 12 hours in a room at the Ritz-Carlton during which they questioned her about the affair. Scaring her with the threat of 27 years in prison due to her perjuring herself in the Paula Jones case.

    Photo credit: YouTube

    Kenneth Starr and his team used Monica as a way to get at the President when their other investigation yielded no results. Subsequently, the President and his team had to discredit Monica in the press in a way to counterattack the claims from the Starr team.

    Monica was caught in the middle, essentially getting smeared from both sides. And according to her, those false claims stuck in the public's perception, because they came from people in positions of power. No matter what she did or what she said, people would always believe the lies that were said about her.

    Photo credit: nydailynews

    Regardless of what you think of her for sleeping with a married man. She in no way deserved to be made a scapegoat in a dangerous, high-level political game. That ended in the impeachment of the President, no less.

    In 1999, Monica's Story was told by famed biography writer Andrew Morton in the aptly titled Monica's Story. The book reads like a political thriller. The grand nature of the affair and its repercussions are astounding. The high level of seriousness the whole thing was dealt with coupled with the very naive feelings expressed by Monica at the time make for a fascinating read.

    Photo credit: toylet

    Sadly, it's in no way shocking to learn that she's had a very difficult time finding a job. Even though she has a Master's Degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics. Employers just can't get over her ''history''. (Bill & Hillary are doing fine, though).

    She says in Vanity Fair that she'd like ''to get involved with efforts on behalf of victims of online humiliation and harassment and to start speaking on this topic in public forums". She was inspired to go this route after hearing the Tyler Clementi story.

    I think that's great. If anyone can be a poster girl for humiliation and harassment it's Monica Lewinsky. It's time for her to step out of the shadows and put her story to good use.

    Photo credit: parade

    If you forgot the details or just want to learn more about Monica's ordeal, I recommend the amazing documentary Monica in Black and White. You can also get Monica's Story used for about 5$ on Amazon.com, or 1$ on eBay. Trust me, it's worth a read!

    Vanity Fair's June issue is out May 13th.


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    Kirsten Dunst

    Oscar Isaac

    Viggo Mortensen

    Daisy Bevan (AKA Joely Richardson's daughter AKA Vanessa Redgrave's granddaughter)

    Jodie Whittaker


    source 12

    Daisy looks exactly like a brunette version of her mother.

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    In an interview with MTV, James McAvoy may have started a war between his X-Men and Marvel's other super-team, The Avengers, when he stated that his guys could take RDJ's guys down in a fight.


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  • 05/13/14--20:40: Beyonce removes Jay Z tattoo
  • There's yet more confusion over Beyonce's marriage to Jay-Z tonight after it appears that she HAS had her IV tattoo removed.

    Reports just a few weeks back suggested the global popstar had had the tattoo she dedicated to her husband (to symbolise their birthdays and their wedding date) removed. And now new photos of the power couple from this weekend appear to show a SCAR on her ring finger where her tattoo once sat.

    Beyonce, who was hanging out at the basketball with her husband on Saturday, is clearly not wearing her whopper of an engagement ring in the courtside snaps - and on closer inspection she looks to be nursing a nasty red scar in its place.

    Just a few weeks ago she posted a picture of herself eating chicken on her Tumblr, with a plaster over that same finger.



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    Michael Fassbender is in negotiations to star in The Light Between Oceans, DreamWorks' adaptation of the M.L. Stedman novel.

    Derek Cianfrance, who last directed the Ryan Gosling drama The Place Beyond the Pines, is directing the drama. The Light Between Oceans is set on an island off the coast of Western Australia after World War I.

    A lighthouse keeper and his wife find a 2-month-old girl and a dead body in a rowboat and decide to raise the baby as their own. But what seems like a blessing soon turns tragic, as morality and love are tested.

    A shoot in Australia is being eyed.

    Heyday Films' David Heyman and Jeffrey Clifford are producing.

    Fassbender, repped by CAA, Sloane Offer and UK's Troika, next stars as Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is getting rave reviews.


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    "Some familiar faces from the show are bound to drop in," said NBC's entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt at a presentation in New York.

    "We have a big mini-series called Heroes Reborn, based on one of NBC's strongest dramas in recent years."

    The 13 episodes are due to be shown in 2015.

    "Its original creator Tim Kring will reboot the show," added Greenblatt.

    "Plus, we'll ramp into the show with an original online series prior to launch."

    No further details about the casting have been revealed yet.

    When the news of the reboot was announced earlier this year, Masi Oka, who played Hiro Nakamura, tweeted: "Was watching the Olympics and saw the #HeroesReborn trailer. Time to dust off the sword?"

    According to the official website, the series will be "revitalized, re-energized and reborn".

    It adds: "The Heroes saga continues in the summer of 2015 as new and returning characters collide in the epic and never-ending battle between the powers of good and the forces of evil."

    The 20-second teaser trailer for the series has been viewed more than 4.5m times since it first appeared on YouTube on 22 February.

    "The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening," said Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, in a statement at the time.

    "Shows with that kind of resonance don't come around often and we thought it was time for another instalment."

    Heroes ran for four series between 2006 and 2010 and featured stars including Zachary Quinto, Hayden Panettiere and Jack Coleman.

    The saga behind the 2006 breakout series “Heroes” will continue as creator Tim Kring returns to the fold and develops new layers to his original superhero concept. This highly anticipated 13-episode miniseries will reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities. This series will be preceded by a new digital series that will introduce audiences to the new characters and storylines that will take the “Heroes” phenomenon to new places.


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    Bonus: Pics with Max and Matt on Mother's Day

    source: xtina's twitter and daily mail

    its cute how close xtina is to her show's alumni <3 when will the other girl?????

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    Beautiful mom#happymothersday #love #family

    Last day filming! Who's that on my shirt? #guillermodeltoro #crimsonpeak #thankyou


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    After weeks of rumblings that Roberto Orci was the frontrunner, sources have told Variety that Skydance and Paramount have indeed tapped Orci to direct Paramount and Skydance’s “Star Trek 3.”

    Orci is currently writing the story with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and had been campaigning to replace J.J. Abrams as director for some time. Abrams is busy with directing the next installment of the “Star Wars” franchise and will only be producing this pic.

    Par, Skydance and his reps had no comment.

    Plot details are unknown, but cast members including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are expected to return. Abrams will produce along with his producing partner Bryan Burke and Skydance’s David Ellison.

    The news comes after Orci and longtime writing partner Alex Kurtzman decided to go their separate ways on future filmmaking endeavors (although their TV production company is staying intact). Sources had told Variety that both were looking to direct more pics and that going solo would be in the best interest of both parties.

    Orci is repped by CAA.


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    Justin Bieber allegedly committed an attempted robbery ... so claims a San Fernando Valley woman, and TMZ has learned the LAPD is now investigating.

    The woman tells TMZ ... Monday night she was at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park -- a complex with miniature golf and a batting cage -- when she spotted Justin and his entourage playing a little mini golf and then hitting balls.

    The woman says Justin and his crew got into an altercation with some guys at the batting cage when J.B. noticed she was going for her cellphone to take pictures. She says Justin demanded to see her phone so he could erase any photos. She says she refused to fork over the phone so he then went into her purse and grabbed the it.

    The woman says she began wrestling with Bieber, trying to get her phone back. She says he ripped it out of her hands but couldn't accomplish his mission because the phone was locked.

    She says Justin gave her the phone back and demanded that she unlock it to see if she took photos. She obliged and showed Justin she had taken none. She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed, "You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here." Her daughter started crying.

    She says at that point Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

    Law enforcement tells TMZ ... the woman lodged a complaint and LAPD cops went to her home Tuesday night to take a report to determine if a crime occurred.


    praying more comes out of this...

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    This summer's Premios Juventud might be Prince Royce's or Romeo Santo's night. Both singers have been nominated for 11 awards for the July 17 award show, TV y Novelas said.

    The nominees were announced on social media. It's part of Univision's bigger strategy to use social media during the event. "No matter where our fans are, we give them an exclusive connection with their favorite artists or personalities that they're most interested in," said Carolina Valencia, social media director for Univision.

    Prince Royce is nominated for Favorite Artist, Tropical Artist, Favorite CD, The Catchiest and more. Romeo Santos is also nominated for Favorite CD, Favorite Artist and The Catchiest.

    Enrique Iglesias is nominated for Favorite Rock Pop Artist. He will compete against Shakira, Alejandra Guzmán, Gloria Trevi and Juanes.

    But who is the most handsome actor? Is it Daniel Arenas, William Levy, Jose Ron, Jaime Camil or Sebastian Rulli? The men will be going up against each other, and it's up to you to decide.

    Chiquis Rivera is nominated for a popular culture favorite, which celebrities the most followers on social media. Rivera has half a million followers on Twitter. She is nominated for two other awards.

    Favorite Hispanic Movie Actor
    -Antonio Banderas
    -Benicio del Toro
    -Diego Luna
    -Eugenio Derbez
    -Jaime Camil

    Favorite Hispanic Movie Actress
    -Kate del Castillo
    -Salma Hayek
    -Zoe Saldana
    -Michelle Rodriguez
    -Sofia Vergara

    Favorite Movie with Hispanic Actor/Director
    -"Fast & Furious 6"
    -"Pulling Strings"
    -"Filly Brown"
    -"Instructions Not Included"

    Favorite Song, Duo or Group
    -"6 AM" by J. Balvin Ft. Farruko
    -"El Perdedor" by Enrique Iglesias Ft. Marco A. Solis
    -"Adrenalina" by Wisin Ft. Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez
    -"Loco" by Enrique Iglesias Ft. Romeo

    Favorite CD
    -"Archivos De Mi Vida" by Gerardo Ortiz
    -"Formula, Vol. 2" by Romeo Santos
    -"Soy El Mismo" by Prince Royce
    -"Con La Frente En Alto" by Luis Coronel
    -"La Familia" by J Balvin

    Favorite Artist, Any Category
    -Gerardo Ortiz
    -Marileyda Hernandez
    -Romeo Santos
    -Luis Coronel
    -Prince Royce

    Song You Can't Get Out of Your Head
    -"Darte Un Beso" by Prince Royce
    -"Paloma Blanca" by Chiquis
    -"Te Robare" by Prince Royce
    -"Odio" Romeo Santos Ft. Drake
    -"Propuesta Indecente" by Romeo Santos

    Favorite Video
    -"Darte Un Beso" by Prince Royce
    -"Mujer De Piedra" by Gerardo Ortiz
    -"Paloma Blanca" by Chiquis
    -"Propuesta Indecente" by Romeo Santos
    -"Te Robare" by Prince Royce

    Favorite United States Tour by Hispanic Artist
    -"Confidencias Tour" by Alejandro Fernandez
    -"Dos Mundos, Una Historia Tour" by Gerardo Ortiz, Banda Los Recoditors and Banda El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga
    -"De Pelicula Tour" by Gloria Trevi
    -"North America Tour 2013" by Pitbull and Kesha
    -"La Guzman 1F Tour" by Alejandra Guzman
    -"Vivir Mi Vida" by Marc Anthony

    Favorite Artist, Not Hispanic
    -Austin Mahone
    -Bruno Mars
    -Katy Perry

    Favorite Ballad
    -"El Perdedor" by Enrique Iglesias, Marco A. Solis
    -"Irreparable" by Jencarlos Canela
    -"Mujer De Piedra" by Gerardo Ortiz
    -"Nada" by Prince Royce
    -"Odio" by Romeo Santos Ft. Drake

    Favorite Song, Not in Spanish
    -"Can't Remember to Forget You" by Shakira, Rihanna
    -"Drunk In Love" by Beyonce, Jay-Z
    -"Roar" by Katy Perry
    -"Dark Horse" by Katy Perry, Juicy J
    -"Happy" by Pharrell Williams
    -"Timber" by Pitbull, Kesha

    Favorite Ringtone
    -"6 AM" by J Balvin, Farruko
    -"Odio" by Romeo Santos, Drake
    -"Te Robare" by Prince Royce
    -"Darte Un Beso" by Prince Royce
    -"Propuesta Indecente" by Romeo Santos
    -"Vivir Mi Vida" by Marc Anthony

    Favorite Hispanic Pop/Rock Artist
    -Alejandro Guzman
    -Gloria Trevi
    -Enrique Iglesias

    Favorite Tropical Artist
    -Marc Anthony
    -Olga Tanon
    -Prince Royce
    -Romeo Santos
    -Victor Manuelle

    Favorite Mexican Artist
    -El Desa
    -Gerardo Ortiz
    -Roberto Tapia
    -Espinoza Paz
    -Luis Coronel

    Favorite Urban Hispanic Artist
    -Daddy Yankee

    Favorite Hispanic Athlete, Man or Woman
    -Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez
    -Lionel Messi
    -JJ Barea
    -Raul Alonso Jimenez
    -Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez

    Most Promising Athlete
    -Andy Najar
    -James David Rodriguez Rubio
    -Yasiel Puig
    -Diego Antonio Reyes Rosales
    -Jose Fernandez

    Most Handsome Novela Actor
    -Daniel Arenas
    -Jose Ron
    -Jaime Camil
    -Sebastian Rulli
    -William Levy

    Most Attractive Novela Actress
    -Ana Brenda
    -Angelique Boyer
    -Ariadne Diaz
    -Maite Perroni
    -Ximena Navarrete

    Best Novela Theme Song
    -"El Perdedor" by Enrique Iglesias, Marco A. Solis
    -"Mi Tesoro" by Jesse y Joy
    -"Que Bonito Amor" by Vincente Fernandez
    -"Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti" by Alejandro Fernandez, Christina Aguilera
    -"Para Enamorarte De Mi" by David Bisbal

    Artist Who Best Communicates with Fans on Social Media
    -Luis Coronel
    -Romeo Santos
    -Larry Hernandez
    -Prince Royce

    sources: LatinPost

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    Film co-stars Eden Sher, Ashley Rickards, Peyton List (Not from The Tomorrow People, the one on Disney's Jessie), Avan Jogia, Claudia Lee, Katie Chang and William Peltz

    Victoria Justice and Eden Sher are set to star in the high school comedy “The Outskirts,” which hails from “Bachelorette” producer BCDF Pictures, the company announced Tuesday.

    Peter Hutchings (“Rhymes with Banana”) will direct the film from a Black List screenplay written by Dominique Ferrari and Suzanne Wrubel. Shooting begins this summer in New York.

    Described as “Mean Girls” meets “Revenge of the Nerds,” the story follows best friends Jodi (Justice) and Mindy (Sher), who have suffered years of torment under the thumb of the school's alpha female (Lee). They plan to ride out their senior year under the radar, but when they become the victim of a humiliating prank, the two hatch a plan to unite the outcasts of the school and start a social revolution. They join forces with an affable slacker (Jogia), a girl scout with a secret (Chang) and an overachiever with dirt on everyone (Rickards).

    The film was developed by New York-based BCDF Pictures, whose Brice and Claude Dal Farra will produce. BCDF's Lauren Munsch and Brian Keady will executive produce with Victoria Bousis of Bousis Films.

    BCDF Pictures teamed with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's hit female comedy “Bachelorette,” which starred Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan. BCDF is packaging a wide range of new projects with an eye toward bigger, more studio-friendly films.

    Red Granite's foreign sales arm, Red Granite International, led by Danny Dimbort and Christian Mercuri, is handling international sales on the picture, which is being under the title “Cool Girls.”

    “We are thrilled to be working on a movie that is at the same time very entertaining and also deals with an issue like high school bullying. Rarely do we find scripts that can deliver such an important message while appealing to wide audiences,” said Claude Dal Farra.

    Justice is repped by UTA and Jackoway, Tyerman, while Sher is with APA, KLWGN and Skrzyniarz & Mallean. Rickards is repped by UTA, KLWGN and Hansen, Jacobson. List is with UTA, Untitled Entertainment and Wilhelmina Creative Management. Jogia is repped by ICM Partners, Characters Talent Agency and KLWGN. Lee is with Paradigm, Joanne Horowitz Management, Strong Management and Morris, Yorn. Chang is with ICM, Carole Dibo Management, Soffer/Namoff Entertainment and Peikoff Mahan. Peltz is with WME and Untitled Entertainment. Ferrari and Wrubel are repped by Circle of Confusion and Bloom, Hergott.


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    Candace Cameron Bure was on "The View", where she explained her "submissive marriage" comments from her new book "Balancing It All."

    "I think that a lot of people don't understand the biblical term submissive," she said. "My husband and I are very unified but he’s called to love me and I’m called to submit to his leadership."

    She explained it doesn't mean her husband bosses her around in any way.

    "View" co-host Sherri Shepherd joked that most people think of wrestling submission and that she understood what the "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was saying.

    Cameron Bure added that it's not about winning or losing -- but supporting one another.

    In fact, she said if "my husband makes a decision that’s ultimately not a great decision," then he listens to her more the next time "because I'm not complaining."

    Cameron Bure, who has been vocal that she won't be wearing clothes that are too revealing on "DWTS," also commented on her desire to not be too sexy or revealing.

    "My goal is not to be the sexy girl even though I can wear those things, I have the body to wear them," she said. "Sexy-classy, that’s my thing."


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    EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller join Tom Hiddleston on RPC satire.

    Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller have joined Tom Hiddleston on Jeremy Thomas’ anticipated JG Ballard adaptation High-Rise from Sightseers and Kill List director Ben Wheatley.

    Oscar-winner Irons, who will also shoot Zak Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman this year, will play a visionary architect while the in-demand Foxcatcher star Miller will play his devoted aide who strikes up a relationship with Hiddleston’s character Robert Laing.

    Production is due to get underway in July in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the project, which HanWay is shopping in Cannes.

    The film centres on a new residential tower built on the eve of Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power, at the site of what will soon become the world’s financial hub. Designed as a luxurious solution to the problems of the city, it is a world apart.

    Enter Robert Laing (Hiddleston), a young doctor seduced by the high-rise and its creator, the visionary architect Anthony Royal (Irons). Laing discovers a world of complex loyalties, and also strikes up a relationship with Royal’s devoted aide Charlotte (Miller).

    But rot has set in beneath the flawless surface. Sensing discord amongst the tenants, Laing meets Wilder, a charismatic provocateur bent on inciting the situation. Wilder initiates Laing into the hidden life of the high-rise and Laing is shocked at what he sees. As the residents break into tribal factions, Laing finds himself in the middle of mounting violence. Violence that he also finds emerging in himself.

    Additional casting is underway on the project scripted by Wheatley’s wife and regular collaborator Amy Jump.

    Thomas said: “I’m excited to adapt another Ballard book, whose books are full of so many ideas, and to be working with Ben and Amy, Tom, Jeremy and Sienna, and working with Ben and the cast in a movie like this is why I love producing films.”

    Wheatley added: “I’ve been a fan of Sienna’s since seeing her heartbreaking role in Factory Girl. There’s a steely resilience in her performances, and I know she will be excellent in her central role in High-Rise.

    “What can you say about Jeremy Irons? From Dead Ringers to Margin Call, Jeremy has been creating indelible performances. He’s one of our finest actors and it’s very exciting to work with him.”

    Previous adaptations of Ballard’s work include RPC’S controversial drama Crash, directed by David Cronenberg, and Steven Spielberg’s epic, six-time Oscar nominee Empire of The Sun.

    HanWay’s Cannes slate includes Everything Will Be Fine from director Wim Wenders starring James Franco and Rachel McAdams; Last Days in The Desert starring Ewan McGregor; Brooklyn starring Saoirse Ronan and Domnhall Gleeson; Todd Haynes’ Carol starring Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska; and Slow West starring Michael Fassbender from See-Saw Films.


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    oop @ for underestimating the production value. this looks slick for a network show.

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