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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    More rescheduled dates!! :)

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    A new coach is reportedly coming to The Voice, and she ain’t no Hollaback Girl. Gwen Stefani is currently in talks to temporarily take over Christina Aguilera‘s swivel chair, according to The Wrap.

    Per the report, Stefani will take Aguilera’s spot in Season 7, while Aguilera — who is said to be taking time off due to her current pregnancy — is expected to return for Season 8. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, neither of whom have missed a single season yet, are also expected to continue.

    Stefani’s addition to The Voice would be the latest in a series of major announcements, following news of Pharrell Williams taking over for Cee Lo Green.


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    Drake Bell wants to make something clear—Justin Bieber "tried" to crash his album release party.

    The 27-year-old star spoke out about what happened at his event at Mixology at The Grove last night during an interview with Fox 11 News. "I don't think there is anything going on between us," Bell told the news anchor when asked what's going on between him and the Biebs.

    "I think I've joined with most celebrities and have said a couple of opinions on there [Twitter]. I don't think the Beliebers have liked it very much," he added.

    He also mentioned that Bieber never actually crashed the album release party, but Bell said he tried, though added that the event was 21 and over.

    still funny. also, witness aaron carter backpedaling for his life:

    aaron's twitter
    e news

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    If you’ve ever been caught singing the wrong lyrics to a famous tune, you're not alone.

    A new survey has revealed an alarming number of popular song lyrics misunderstood by the British public.

    Almost a quarter of people think lyrics to Abba’s Dancing Queen “See that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the dancing queen” are actually “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen.”

    Queen’s “We Will Rock You” was the second most commonly misheard lyric, with 18 per cent of respondents hearing “Kicking your cat all over the place” in place of “Kicking your can all over the place”.

    Ozzy Osbourne and Lady Gaga topped the Blinkbox poll of artists with the hardest lyrics to understand.

    Many Brits believed the line in Gaga’s “Poker Face” was “Polk Her Face”, while Ozzy’s lyric “Off the rails on a crazy train” was misheard as “Off the rails on a gravy train.”

    The top ten most commonly misheard music lyrics

    1. ABBA – Dancing Queen

    “See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen"

    2. Queen – We Will Rock You

    “Kicking your cat all over the place”

    3. Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer

    “It doesn’t make a difference if we’re naked or not”

    4. Madonna – Like a Virgin

    “Like a virgin, touched for the thirty-first time”

    5. The Monkees – I’m A Believer

    “Then I saw her face, now I’m gonna leave her”

    6. Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now

    “I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone”

    7. Rihanna – We Found Love

    “What it takes to form a line"

    8. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

    “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”

    9. Spice Girls – Wannabe

    “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get rid of my friends”

    10. Starship – We Built This City

    “We built this city on logs and coal”

    Reminds me of this:

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    This is your face on Botox—and it's ridiculous.

    Fillers and Botox might lend a resting face a youthful appearance, but it hijacks an emotional face into a crazy appearance. After eight years and six series, the Real Housewives franchise has become a sort of catalog of Botulinum toxin gone wrong. Here, we collect the best of the worst cries from Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, DC, Miami and Beverly Hills.


    Source: http://jezebel.com/a-disturbing-montage-of-real-housewives-crying-through-1564238471

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    In what is surely the most significant event of our time, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian ran into each other at the dermatologist in LA while a normal looked on and acted as scribe. It was an icy encounter.

    According to the eyewitness, Kim "seemed so excited to see Beyoncé and was really eagerly going over to her." However, "Beyoncé wanted nothing to do with Kim and was really trying to stay away from her." She reportedly asked some desultory questions about Baby North but did not care. (Other potential topics of conversation they could have had: "How was your Vogue cover? Good? Same."; "Tom Ford, am I right?"; "Hey, have you heard of that new band, 5 Seconds of Summer? Do you think they all hate Mikey, secretly?")

    According to ANOTHER source, Kim Kardashian then "made sure that she had the exact same procedures that Beyoncé had," i.e., fillers and Botox. I don't know if that's really copying her, per se, because those are very standard procedures. That's like saying, "Kim Kardashian ran into Beyoncé at a Chipotle and TRIED TO BECOME HER by ordering a burrito bowl with extra guacamole." Anyway. Such intrigue. [Radar]

    RADAR ONLINE- When Kardashian, 33, ran into Knowles, 32, at Dr. Harold Lancer‘s Beverly Hills office on April 11, “Kim wanted to make sure that she had the exact same procedures that Beyoncé had,” a source told Radar. “She requested Botox and fillers, which were the same treatments Beyoncé got.”

    But rather than bonding over Botox, Jay Z’s wife and Kanye West’s fiancée had a seriously awkward run-in, as Radar has reported — even though Kardashian didn’t seem to notice!

    Kardashian “seemed so excited to see Beyoncé and was really eagerly going over to her,” a source told Radar. “But Beyoncé looked like she wanted nothing to do with Kim and was really trying to stay away from her. Kim was basically fawning all over her … and Beyoncé looked like she could have cared less!”

    Kardashian’s copycat behavior was especially striking since she’s practically a plastic surgery expert, having undergone such extreme procedures as a “vampire blood facial” and laser scar removal on episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

    Has Kim gone too far with her worship of Beyoncé? Tell us in comments.


    Source: http://jezebel.com/beyonce-really-really-does-not-want-to-be-friends-with-1564606572

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    Boston Pizza is a Canada-based chain that makes third-rate pies but first-rate hybrids of pizza and politics. As part of their “Pizza Game Changer” promotion you can vote right now for a hypothetical weird food innovation you want to see at a parlor near you. If you have strong feelings about Pizza Cake (as you should) then make your voice heard!

    The Pizza Cake is exactly what it sounds like, and actually one of the more normal “game changers” Boston Pizza has submitted to the voting public. In reality, a multi-layered cake pizza hybrid would obviously be a sign of the coming apocalypse and probably a horcrux, but as far as the field of nominees goes, it’s pretty reasonable. Although I’m sure if you try and slice it (possibly with the gasoline-engine pizza cutter that is also up for votes) you’ll still open a portal to Hell.

    Alarmingly for anyone who doesn’t want the world to be destroyed by Pizza Cake dark matter, the other nominees are even sillier. There are Pizza Mints available in 27 flavors of pizza to keep the party “going all night long”, and Pizza Cheese Clippers, so “a monster cheese pull will never get the better of you again”!

    I’m pretty uncomfortable with the phrase “cheese pull.” If we could delete that from our collective consciousness I’d be deeply grateful.

    There’s also a pizza pocket, which is not, as the name might suggest, some kind of calzone-Hot Pocket hybrid but actually a cotton shirt with a special front pocket in which to put your pizza and seal in freshness. You know, fashion.

    Feel a little vulnerable leaving your ‘za out in the open like that? No worries, my dude! There’s also a Pizza Protector in which to lock a single slice away from thieves.

    There are also some actual edible options on the docket (The Pizza Cake, I am assuming, is not edible since once it is manifested in reality there will be no one left alive to eat it). Of the variety of weird fusion foods Boston Pizza is suggesting in an apparent attempt to out-gross other high publicity yuck-o menu options, I will probably cast my vote for the Sriracha Chicken Pizza. I know from experience that if you get a pizza and put some sriracha on it, you’ve got a good thing going.

    Boston Pizza’s website runs excruciatingly slowly, probably from all the Canadian kids trying to get their vote oot, but I suggest heading over there if you want your voice to have an impact on the future of mediocre chain pizzerias.

    If you wanna see more, go here: http://www.pizzagamechangers.com/

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    Scott had alleged that the network tried to censor his appearance when he was hosting red carpet coverage for their 2013 BET Awards last June. “It’s not just about the fact that BET forced me to pull my hair back, asked me to take off my makeup, made me change my clothes and prevented me from wearing a heel,” Scott wrote on his website the day after the show.

    “It’s more so that from the mentality and environment created by BET made me feel less than and that something was wrong with who I am as a person.” Scott’s campaign against the channel has galvanized supporters of transgender rights and only raised his profile more.

    Scott launched a high-profile lawsuit against the network and brought some much-needed attention to discrimination against the LGBT community in the process. However, the courts did not see his case as valid. The judge found that BET was within in its 1st Amendment rights to require Scott to change his clothing to more traditional men’s dress.

    Scott told the gossip site TMZ, “It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression.”

    It’s unfortunate that Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos presiding over today’s motion failed to consider the facts in their entirety, especially pertaining to a case as unique as this one.
    It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression – and that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment.

    As my attorney and I seek to appeal the judges decision on the motion to strike in the California Court of Appeal, we’re continuing to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and to remind the world that it’s ok to be who you are.

    Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward.

    Although I’m saddened by what today’s verdict means for myself and other members of the LGBTQ community, the struggle is not over. I will pursue progress and human rights for our community through the Appellate Court where I hope that my unique set of circumstances and BET/Viacom’s treatment of me will collectively yield active legislation to prevent anyone else from having to suffer as I have – without networks being able to disguise their unlawful discriminatory practices with vague, umbrella terms like ‘creative privilege’.

    I’m committed to change, progress, human rights and equality for all, and by no means do I feel defeated.

    Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


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    Rapper Andre Johnson reportedly was under influence of drugs before he allegedly attempted to commit suicide earlier this week. According to E! News, a source said that Johnson a.k.a. Christ Bearer used PCP, which is also known as Phencyclidine or Angel Dust, before he jumped from a balcony on the second floor of a North Hollywood apartment building on Wednesday, April 16.

    The source also shared more story in regards to the situation, saying that Johnson was already on the balcony when the police arrived and told him to get down and talk to them. The rapper reportedly said "OK" before he took the dive.

    The source additionally said that Johnson used a serrated steak knife to mutilated himself before jumping off the building. At first he cut off the tip of his penis and continued severing the testicles and the remaining part. Police recovered the severed parts upstairs.

    Johnson suffered from critical injuries following the jump and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He is still being treated at the hospital and reportedly was in stable condition on Thursday. Doctors, however, apparently were unable to reattach his penis.

    Johnson is a part of a group called Northstar. Two other members of the group who live in the same building previously told TMZ that Johnson did not consume "any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing."


    well. i fucking knew it

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    As a legal battle ramps up pitting director Bryan Singer against a man accusing him of sexual abuse, 20th Century Fox finds itself caught in the crossfire as it attempts to launch a new project from the filmmaker. An appearance Singer was to have made at a comics convention this weekend on behalf of his new film X-Men: Days of Furture Past has already been canceled, and Singer also has dropped out of an MPAA-sponsored conference in Washington, D.C., on May 2 at which Vice President Joe Biden will be the featured speaker.

    The accusations aimed at the director are likely to complicate Fox's marketing efforts on its upcoming $205 million movie. Fox is scheduled to release X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest installment in its X-Men series, in the U.S. on May 23. Singer, who directed the first two X-Men movies, returns to the franchise as director and producer of the new film, which will have its world premiere in New York City on May 10.

    In the wake of a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Michael F. Egan, accusing Singer of sexually abusing him during his teenage years, Fox issued a statement, saying, "These are serious allegations, and they will be resolved in the appropriate forum. This is a personal matter, which Bryan Singer and his representatives are addressing separately." Marty Singer, Bryan Singer's attorney, has called the allegations in the lawsuit "absurd and defamatory."

    Fox has no plans to postpone the opening of the X-Men movie, which begins a worldwide rollout on May 20. But it will probably have to revamp some of its marketing plans. Although no final decisions have been made amid ongoing discussions, it is expected that Singer will step back and assume a low profile and may avoid the movie's scheduled premiere screenings and junkets altogether. (Buzzfeed reports that he has dropped out completely).

    Instead, the studio will rely on the large cast -- headed by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence -- to promote the movie and had already developed plans to divide up the stars to send them to the various events surrounding its openings around the world. While all that star power could easily compensate for Singer's absence, even if the director doesn't take part, the legal case could become a major distraction if the press insists on asking the actors about his situation.

    The first two trailers for X-Men: Days of Future Past carried two cards that read "From Bryan Singer, the Director of The Usual Suspects and X-Men." But the final trailer, which was released April 15, just as news of Egan's lawsuit filed in federal court in Hawaii broke, carries just one card that reads "From Director Bryan Singer." Instead of selling the movie based on the director's name, the main focus of the new trailer and the surrounding key art is the large cast of mutant characters and the movie's time-travel plot.

    Singer established the template for the X-Men movies and their Wolverine spinoffs when he directed the first two films in the franchise -- 2000's X-Men and 2003's X-Men 2 -- and his return could have been used by the studio as a selling point. However, a revolving group of directors handled the two subsequent X-Men movies (2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011's X-Men: First Class) and the Wolverine movies (2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2013's The Wolverine). So Singer's name is not as closely associated with the series as, say, Steven Spielberg's is with the Indiana Jones franchise.

    Singer is a recognized director among the film geeks who gather at events like Comic-Con, but he has not always received the fanboy praise lavished on filmmakers like James Cameron or Peter Jackson. His 2006 Superman Returns, for example, came in for its share of fanboy criticism. In terms of its marketing power, his name alone doesn't necessarily attract the wider general public to his movies.

    Nevertheless, Singer had been scheduled to be part of a presentation of Fox's upcoming slate at WonderCon, the comics convention taking place this weekend in Anaheim, Calif. But that appearance has been canceled, and Simon Kinberg, who wrote the screenplay and also served as one of the producers on Days of Future Past, will be on hand instead to represent the film.

    Singer had been on the guest list at the Creativity Conference at which Biden is to speak on May 2 in Washington, D.C.
    The conference is sponsored by the MPAA, Microsoft and ABC News.A source told THR that Singer no longer plans to attend. Reps for the MPAA and for Singer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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    New Hollywood pays tribute to old Hollywood: For its first outing in TV, Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures is developing a project focusing on the intersecting lives of Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

    The untitled project from scribes Angela Robinson (“True Blood,” “Hung”) and Alex Kondracke (“Hung,” “The L Word”) is set in Hollywood’s Golden Age and explores the relationships of the film icons with such legends as John Gilbert, Mercedes de Acosta, Tallulah Bankhead, Alla Nazimova, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant and John Wayne.

    Ellison will executive produce. Annapurna’s Stephen Feder will be the executive overseeing day-to-day development and production.

    “We’re so excited this project found a home at Annapurna,” stated Robinson and Kondracke. “We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Megan Ellison and the folks at Annapurna to help us bring this series to life.”


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    Lindsay Lohan is single but not quite ready to mingle.
    Despite looking her best in a sexy nude dress while guest hosting The View on Thursday, the OWN reality star admitted she's not up for having a boyfriend at the moment.
    'They've been a distraction for me in the past,' the 27-year-old admitted.
    This admission comes one day after the beauty admitted to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the list of her famous lovers released by InTouch magazine - which included Ashton Kutcher and the late Heath Ledger - was authentic.

    The Mean Girls star added she needs to focus on work. She just finished season one of her Oprah Winfrey produced reality series, which will reportedly not be renewed due to poor ratings.
    She also guest starred on the sitcom 2 Broke Girls.
    As far as letting cameras into her world, where chaos ensues and talk of her sobriety are front and central, the redhead said,'It was important for me to be open and share that with viewers. Especially because people have so many misconceptions about me.'


    Lohan, who wore a pretty gold Chanel necklace and very high heels, said she 'feels good' and 'is in a good place.'
    The show's regular hosts Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg all gave Lohan a warm welcome.
    Walters even confessed she has been trying to get an interview with the the cover girl for years.


    Lindsay at times appeared nervous, especially when actress Marisa Tomei came on the show as a guest to promote her Broadway play The Realistic Joneses.
    When Lohan asked Tomei a question about wanting to do more comedies, the acting vet misunderstood her, making for an awkward exchange on the couch.
    The former rehab patient was also placed on the edge of the couch, next to Barbara, so it wasn't easy for her to jump in and ask a question.


    After Tomei came actors Anika Noni Rose, Tichina Arnold and Mekhi Phifer of the Lifetime movie A Day Late and a Dollar Short airing Saturday night. Whoopi is a producer.
    At the end of the show Lohan and Shepherd had a cook off.
    WIth Food Network host Marc Summers guiding them, the stars were asked to cook up dishes that involved already well-know foods.
    They each had their own terminals with their names on them and assorted everyday foods on their counter.
    The mystery item was donuts which Lindsay cut up with a large knife and placed into a pan with a tortilla.
    Jenny sampled her creation - which also had marshmallows and chocolate syrup - and said it was delicious but it was a tie for the two results.


    hot LiLo thanks for your time <3

    A part of the interview

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    Remember When... Britney Spears and Madonna Made Out at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards?

    "Remember When..." is a weekly feature every (#Throwback)Thursday where we look back on a moment that changed the world of pop culture forever. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the reminder that you are getting SO OLD.

    What Happened: The date was Aug. 28, 2003. This year's MTV Video Music Awards opened with the reigning princess of pop, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, dueting to Queen Madonna's "Like a Virgin."
    Brit-Brit and Xtina rolled around in skanky wedding dresses—just like the original Material Girl did in 1984! Christina looked hella tan. Britney looked flawless. Then Madonna popped out of a giant wedding cake wearing a tux and performed her new single, "Hollywood."

    In the middle of it all, Madonna brushed a piece of hair from Britney's face and kissed her.
    What Else Was Happening: Actual married couple Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro hosted a VMA pre-show together. Seventeen-year-olds Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen presented an award with the star of Joe Dirt, David Spade. Missy Elliott's "Work It" won Video of the Year, while Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" video, an (alleged) middle finger to his breakup with Britney, won Best Male Video.
    But really, after the kiss, nothing else happened, because nothing else mattered.

    How We Remember It
    Jenna Mullins: "I was fully in my Britney Spears obsession phase at this time, like so much so that I downloaded the version of this song to hear Britney's part whenever I wanted. I didn't really care about Madonna; I was there for Britney. The kiss was certainly shocking, but I was used to Britney doing crazy s--t by then.
    "I was actually more interested in how Justin Timberlake would react, seeing as those two had broken up and destroyed the notion of true love forever.
    Thankfully, the moment Madonna's tongue touched Britney's, the cameraman was up in J.T.'s face, and his reaction was priceless. He tried to look stoic and unaffected. But we saw it. We all saw it. J.T. was not amused.
    "I also remember that, because of the quick cut to Justin, the kiss between Madonna and Christina—'scuse me, Xtina—was barely shown in the original airing. I didn't even knew they also kissed until I saw pictures later. The pro-Britney/anti-Christina in me found some twisted pleasure in the fact that everybody was talking about Britney."

    John Boone: "Maybe it was my personal bias because I was obsessed (like, posters on the walls, fake sick at school to go home and watch Making the Video: Stronger obsessed) with Britney, or maybe I was just a little slow or something, but I never thought anything that Britney did was a ‘big deal' until afterwards, when other people would tell me how ‘big of a deal' it was.
    "As far as controversial things Britney did at the VMAs, I actually always think of when she sang 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' and 'Oops!...I Did It Again' and stripped from that bedazzled suit into a nude-colored sequin jumpsuit first. I very vividly remember that right after those VMAs, we switched to the evening news and a disapproving anchor said, and this is a direct quote, ‘At least when Elvis shook his hips, they were covered.' Afterward, I remember my mom agreeing and telling me, ‘I did think it was very inappropriate.'
    "I don't think my mom cared much when this happened. And I do remember this happening, but I remember Britney dancing on top of the cake in the veil and the 'Boy Toy' belt buckle better than the kiss? And that she had the fake mole! I think I really just liked the costumes."
    How do you remember Britney and Madonna's big kiss?

    Britney Spears' father, Jamie, reportedly does not want her to get married again because he wants to protect her financial assets.

    The Perfume hitmaker (rofl), who broke off her engagement to her former agent Jason Trawick in January 2013, is planning to tie the knot with her current boyfriend David Lucado but Jamie apparently does not think it's a good idea, reported Contactmusic.

    "Britney is crazy about David but her dad told her it's not happening," a source said.

    Britney has sons Sean, eight, and Jayden, seven, with previous husband, Kevin Federline. They divorced in March 2007.

    She was also briefly married to her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, for 55 hours after they exchanged vows in Las Vegas in January 2004. *memories* Their union was quickly annulled.

    Meanwhile, it appears Britney is adamant on marrying Lucadao. The couple recently enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii and sources say it was actually a recon mission for her planned June wedding, reports showbizspy.com.

    "Britney took David and her two sons on a test run to Oahu to get everyone prepared for the wedding. They took a security team and scoped out the Aulani Disney Resort to see if it was private and posh enough for the ceremony," said a source. "She's planning something intimate and kid-friendly for late June."

    Recently, it was said that Lucado seems to dote on the star in public and disrespects the singer behind her back. Another source said:"David makes fun of Britney all the time. He says she's extremely boring and always cracks jokes at her expense. Britney is head-over-heels for David, but he's just using her for the high life."


    oh and btw britney will return to vegas next week, so...

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  • 04/19/14--07:06: Celebrity Picture Post
  • Christina Aguilera

    Rosie Huntington Whiteley at LAX

    Heidi Klum at LAX

    Eva Longoria in LA

    Ashley Tisdale in Beverly Hills

    Rachel Zoe in Beverly Hills

    Reese Witherspoon in LA

    'The Other Woman' Cast Spotted at LAX

    Kim Kardashian Takes Her Grandmother Out For Lunch

    Karolina Kurkova in NYC

    Adam Levine Launches His Kmart Collection

    Miranda Kerr in NYC

    Madonna in LA

    Dita Von Teese in LA

    Kelly Brook in LA

    Rita Ora at JFK

    Kris Jenner at Sherman Oaks

    Hugh Jackman and Oscar in NYC

    Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban out in Honolulu

     Dianna Agron at the W MUSIC: Live performance by AlunaGeorge at W San Francisco

    Joanna Krupa in Beverly Hills

    Minnie Driver in Beverly Hills

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    Kylie Minogue's previously unheard song 'Golden Boy' has surfaced online.

    The song has been released as a one-sided 7" vinyl to coincide with this year's Record Store Day.

    'Golden Boy' was originally intended for her recent album Kiss Me Once, and was expected to feature as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of the record.

    Just 1000 copies of the 'Golden Boy' vinyl have been made available to purchase.

    Over 600 special vinyl and CD releases have been made available for Record Store Day 2014, which takes place today (April 19).

    Minogue's Kiss Me Once charted at number two in the UK last month, losing out in a chart battle with George Michael's latest release Symphonica.

    The singer - who recently confirmed her departure from The Voice after just one season - will head out on a new world tour later this year, starting in Liverpool on September 24.

    Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a565646/kylie-minogues-new-song-golden-boy-surfaces-online-listen.html#~oBTdgWDbqno0hD#ixzz2zLNv6fgL


    It's cute

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    A Los Angeles judge ruled Thursday that BET did not unlawfully discriminate against transgender media personality B. Scott when the network ordered him to change his attire in the middle of the preshow for the 2013 BET Awards, for which Scott had been hired as a style stage correspondent.

    L.A. Superior Court judge Yvette Palazuelos determined that BET's rights to control its creative expression through managing the attire of on-screen talent was protected by the First Amendment, and ultimately trumped the discomfort and discrimination Scott alleged he suffered as a result of being forced to change into more traditionally masculine attire.

    "It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression," Scott said Thursday evening in a statement posted to his popular blog. "And that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment. … Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward."

    Scott filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against BET last August, charging that the network and its parent company, Viacom, discriminated against him on the basis of his gender identity by literally pulling him off the red carpet and demanding that he change into more masculine attire during the 2013 BET Awards. When Scott complied by pulling back his long hair, removing his makeup and high heels, and exchanging his flowing blue tunic and black slacks for a fitted navy suit jacket and slim black pants, he was added back to the end of the program's preshow in a vastly diminished capacity, as a guest commentator rather than the sole style stage correspondent he'd been hired as.

    Over the course of discovery in the lawsuit, emails between BET executives emerged that seemed to corroborate Scott's claims that he was censored on the basis of his gender-nonconforming presentation. In January, TMZ obtained emails allegedly from BET music programming president Stephen Hill, writing "I don't want 'looking like a woman' B. Scott … I want tempered B. Scott."

    In response to Scott's lawsuit, BET filed a motion to strike, citing California's anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation laws, essentially arguing that Scott's suit should be dismissed because the network acted within its legal rights to free speech on national broadcast television. Judge Pazauelos granted that anti-SLAPP claim Thursday, striking Scott's lawsuit by using the precedent of several other cases in which courts determined that entertainment companies have a right to control their "creative process" and all aspects contributing to the way the final product appears. The Hollywood Reporter has an excellent analysis of the ruling and the precedent that allowed it to be reached.

    "Although I’m saddened by what today’s verdict means for myself and other members of the LGBTQ community, the struggle is not over," Scott said. "I will pursue progress and human rights for our community through the Appellate Court where I hope that my unique set of circumstances and BET/Viacom’s treatment of me will collectively yield active legislation to prevent anyone else from having to suffer as I have — without networks being able to disguise their unlawful discriminatory practices with vague, umbrella terms like ‘creative privilege.’ I’m committed to change, progress, human rights and equality for all, and by no means do I feel defeated."

    LGBT media watchdog organization GLAAD also issued a statement supporting Scott.

    "Many television networks have yet to fully embrace individuals from all gender identities and expressions," said GLAAD's Rich Ferraro. "B. Scott's experience illustrates the need for networks to show more diverse images and do their part in bringing our culture to a safer and more accepting place."

    Scott identifies as a gay transgender person who prefers the use of male pronouns.


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    After dropping off of the map for a few years, St. Louis rapper Chingy has resurfaced and he’s setting the record straight.

    Back in 2010, a transsexual named Sidney Starr, who was looking for 15 minutes of fame, took to the media to say that she and Chingy had a secret homie-lover-friends undercover relationship, which set the hip hop world ablaze. Two years later, Sidney resurfaced to say that not only did she lie about her relationship with Chingy, but that he didn’t even know she was a transsexual when they met at a show in Chicago. Unfortunately, by then, the damage was done and Chingy’s career had already taken a hit.

    On Meeting Sidney Starr
    I remember that day we had that show when me and Ludacris had that show in Chicago. The promoter had some girl dancers on stage that were dressed in body paint just for promotion, promoting whatever he wanted them to promote. And one, who I thought was a young lady, came up to me that wanted a picture, I just took a picture. I thought she was a fan. I thought it was a young lady who was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture and that was it.

    Two years after that I see something come out of some bullcrap about this transsexual person was in a relationship with me. I was just like everybody else. I didn’t have a clue as to what this person was talking about. But what happened was, it made me not want to take pictures with people that….with a man that’s in touch with his feminine side a little too much, or a woman that’s in touch with her masculine side a little too much. It made me not want to take pictures with those type of individuals.

    On being sabotaged & losing a record deal
    It goes to show you how many people wanted it to be true. That’s what it goes to show you. It goes to show you that that person, who nobody knew, had that much power to come out and say one negative thing about me and a whole mass of people just instantly took to it. And they didn’t have not one piece of evidence, a clue, nothing. Before I got in this business, I didn’t know anything about somebody trying to sabotage my career [and] my name. That was foreign to me. I thought, I ain’t did nothing to nobody. Why would they want to try something like that with me? So that was foreign to me, so when them people did that it was a shock, but I still was cool. I still was good, but everybody else was taking to it. It actually…it injured my career a little bit. I watched it happen. I lost a deal because of that.[...]A record situation. I lost a deal over that.

    [How did you know it was over that?]

    Because it was said to me. ‘Cause it was so much bad publicity around that. It’s crazy. So crazy. It’s so crazy man.
    I’ve never been through a sabotaging situation like that, and it was so fabricated. False. And I watched people take to it and it was just crazy. I can’t even…it was beyond me.

    On how he would react if he saw Sidney Starr today
    First off, I’m a humble dude. I’m a forgiving dude. And that’s another thing…if people know anything about what Jesus spoke of in the Bible you know it was about love and forgiveness. So, I’m a forgiving dude. I would tell that person…which I’ve already told that person how I felt about it because that person contacted my people. I forgave them. I forgave the person because it ain’t no need for me to hold no grudge. It don’t mean that just because that person chose to be evil don’t mean that I gotta be evil right along with them. I’ma stay good-natured. Stay good-hearted. I would tell that person that was pretty messed up. That was foul. I [ended] up losing a lot for that. While they was trying to gain something that they still didn’t gain and trying to walk over people to get where you wanna get, that’s not the way to go. That ain’t it. Because a circle is 360 degrees. So what that tells me is what comes around, goes around

    Sidney Starr reached out to Necole Bitchie and Responded to the story:
    @necolebitchie Hey Girl Im a good person who was young that made a mistake! And this situation is making me look like a MONSTER! And I’m not


    0 0

    Sony Registers BIOSHOCK Movie Domains

    Could a live-action Bioshock movie be in the works again?

    Kotaku reports that Sony Pictures has registered three curious domain names: bioshock-movie.com, bioshock-movie.net and bio-shock.net. At this time, there is no content available on these pages.

    Even if a Sony-produced BioShock films is only in the early stages of being developed it seems logical that the studio would want to lock down potentially lucrative domain names.

    Universal was the last studio to try and adapt BioShock to film in 2008 with Gore Verbinski at the helm and a script written by John Logan. It eventually fell apart as BioShock creator Ken Levine stepped in and pulled the plug for good in 2010. Levine felt as though replacement director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was not a good match for BioShock, nor was Levine willing to make other compromises just to see his game come to life on the big screen.

    Last year, Levine mentioned that he will attempt to write a BioShock screenplay after he completed BioShock Infinite (as well as a Logan's Run screenplay). Perhaps, he did.

    should've suspected this would happen after Irrational disbanded

    0 0
  • 04/19/14--18:49: Guess who I met last night?!
  • Last night I attended a Dwayne Gretzky concert in Toronto with my friends from Michigan.  I was there for three reasons, chilling with my friends, rocking out to 90's tunes, and offering the band members free tickets to my Toronto Fringe show.  Once we got there, we noticed a familiar face in front of us in line!  So I SHAMELESSLY had to ask for a picture with him!

    It's JUSTIN CHATWIN!  Aka Jimmy/Steve from Shameless!

    He was there with David Reale (aka Glen Coco) or "Canadian Dave" from Skins US.  Justin was incredibly nice, and had a great sense of humour too.  He said to my friends and I "once we get inside, we can do a whole photo shoot."  Unfortunately my friends camera was acting up.  So while I struggled to take a picture, he was whispering to her "fire your camera man".   He also told her "you're so tiny, I just want to pick you up".

    With another friend of mine, he grabbed her camera and then took a selfie, and said "okay, that will be $5 for a selfie."  He was very down to earth and funny!  I didn't get a picture with him then, as David said they had to go.  At that time, I was busy trying to figure out something other than Skins US that I recognized David from so I could ask for a picture with him as well.

    Later when walking with my friend to the bar to get water, we ran into him again.  He waved me over, and asked me what I wanted.  I said a picture, and he said sure!  I introduced myself and he said "Adam, I'm Justin".  Trying not to be the ultimate bother, I thanked him, and we ran off to enjoy the rest of the concert after that!  I later experienced a random 6 foot tall man attempting to jump on my shoulders, and I was not upset when he fell off.

    Source: Moi!

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