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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Selena Gomez's mom claims she got ZERO warning that the singer was axing her as her manager ... until TMZ broke the story.

    Selena's mom Mandy Teefey says she and Selena's stepdad sat down with the singer Thursday after TMZ's story ... and asked Selena if she was absolutely sure she wanted to move in a different direction. Selena said yes.

    Mandy tells us she thought last month's conversation was just talk ... and she's having a hard time processing the fact that she's no longer Selena's manager.

    Selena's mom and stepdad had managed the 21-year-old since her big break at Disney -- but as we reported, Selena told her parents she'd outgrown them and wanted bigger management.

    Mandy says she respects her daughter's decision ... and plans to continue producing several movie projects with Selena, including the upcoming "The Sky Is Everywhere."


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    The Korean superstars contribute new tracks for the film 'Make Your Move' starring Derek Hough and BoA

    After Billboard premiered the video for "Let Me In" -- the lead single off the soundtrack to the "Make Your Move" -- the full album is now available, boasting rare, sonic treats: K-pop acts Girls' Generation and TVXQ! both recorded new English songs while members of Girls' Generation, f(x) and EXO recorded a collaboration.

    First, Girls' Generation serve the surging, electro-pop confection "Cheap Creeper." A diss track to slimy showoffs, it's loaded with rather-complicated, but hilariously brilliant lyrics like, "You drive an Audi that you rented from Alamo / You got the hook-up from your cousin who's the regional manager on weekdays" and "You only wear cologne that comes in the sample size."

    Despite only two members who speak English as their native language, the girls pull off the complicated melody and rhythm like near pros.

    "Cheap Creeper" is undoubtedly a fun offering, but feels rather bland compared to recent Girls' Generation products like the genre-jumping "I Got a Boy" or slinky, disco-pop in "Mr.Mr."But it work as a playful soundtrack contribution, likely satisfying pop fans eagerly awaiting GG's long-rumored English album.

    "Cheap Creeper" is the latest English track by the ninesome, following their "international" single "The Boys" that was released in English, Korean and Japanese. Girls' Generation performed the Teddy Riley-produced track on "The Late Show With David Letterman" and "Live! With Kelly Ripa" in early 2012.

    Meanwhile, K-pop veteran duo TVXQ! also contribute a new English track, "Runnin on Empty." The racing R&B production features hard-hitting beats balanced out by a melodic piano line, sweeping violins and Yunho and Changmin's powerful harmonies. Fans of TVXQ!'s latest LP "Tense" will recognize it as an English version of album cut "Off-Road."

    The last treat on the soundtrack is "Say Yes," performed by Girls' Generation member Jessica Jung, her sister and f(x) member Kyrstal and EXO member Kris. The trio -- all strong English speakers -- bring a banger chocked full of tribal beats and buzzing synths, reminiscent of early Timbaland production.

    With their similar vocal timbre that's distinguishable in any GG or f(x) song, the Jung sisters starring in their own track shows that there may certainly be potential for a successful sister duo should their label decide to debut them as such.

    The "Make Your Move" soundtrack -- featuring all the songs above as well as lead single "Let Me In" by Michael Corcoran -- is available now. The film starring Derek Hough and Korean superstar BoA hits U.S. theaters April 18.

    Source I | II | III | IV | V

    If we can have fake irrelevant kpop post I need to have at least one relevant post.

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    this brother was hilarious tbh

    sassy josh

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “Sex and the City” creator Darren Star’s newest series “Younger” has found a home at TV Land.

    TV PILOTS/DEVELOPMENT SCORECARD: Follow all of the development action during upfront season

    The cabler has ordered 12 episodes of the half-hour laffer, written, executive produced and directed by Star.

    Tony winner Sutton Foster, who most recently starred in ABC Family’s “Bunheads”; Hilary Duff, who played the title character on the Disney Channel’s “Lizzie McGuire”; “Entourage” actress Debi Mazar and Miriam Shor of “GCB” are all set to star in the series. The comedy follows 40-year-old single mother Liza (Foster) who tries to pass herself off as 26 as she prepares to re-enter the workforce. Duff will play Liza’s twenty-something co-worker Kelsey.

    “Everyone at TV Land is so passionate about this show and working with Darren,” said TV Land prexy Larry W. Jones in a statement. “‘Younger’s’ serialized style is different for us, yet fits our brand with its humor and relatability. These are compelling characters that our audience will root for, love and love to hate.”

    The show will be shot in New York – a first for TV Land. Star is executive producing the series with Jones and Keith Cox as exec producers for TV Land.

    “There’s nothing better than making a single camera film comedy in New York – and I’m thrilled to be doing this one with TV Land,” Star said. “Larry Jones, Keith Cox and their entire team have been incredibly supportive. Looking forward to working with our awesome cast led by my Broadway crush Sutton Foster. “

    “Younger” is slated to premiere in the fall.

    I'm not really a fan of the plot but I'll watch for Hilary!


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    Abraham Woodhull might be the character at the center of AMC's new drama "Turn," but Anna Strong seems to be the real heroine pushing him into his revolutionary heroic actions in the spy ring. She continues to be a pivotal character moving forward in the show as it heads into its second episode, "Who By Fire."
    Zap2it spoke with Heather Lind about the character of Anna and how she is unique in the world of "Turn." It turns out that fans can look forward to some other complicated female characters becoming involved in the spy world in upcoming episodes.
    Zap2it: Anna is a really fascinating character. Since she is drawn from history, what sort of research did you do to prepare for the role?
    Heather Lind: Unlike some of the other characters, there's really not that much information about Anna. It's partly because she's a woman and wasn't involved in the military side of the war, and partly because her name was never listed in the letters that [Alexander Rose] used his research for his book ["Washington's Spies"]. But we know that she existed and we know that she grew up in this town with the three other members of the Culper Ring, and we know that she hung laundry. That we do know. We know she was a spy. We are basically making all the connections that we possibly can to assume that she was a part of the ring.
    Other than that, we know that she was married to [Selah Strong] and that they survived the war and had children. Other than that, a lot of the show for me has been a thrilling challenge of invention. In terms of research, I read Alex's book. I wanted to educate myself in the way Anna may have been educated, so I looked at paintings of the time, I looked at a lot of Alexander Pope poetry. I chose to make her educated and self-taught. I investigated really simple domestic things that aren't so simple, it turns out, like how they got their food and how they cooked and how they did laundry. Just the day-to-day life of being a person at that time. That was a lot of my research.
    Is she a character who's going to be used to connect the dots between some of the other characters?
    I think that's right. I love what Craig [Silverstein] has done in writing her. Craig and his whole team, I think they've really made some brave choices about what she was participating in and what she might have been involved with and taking creative license that very likely could have happened, but I like that the license they have taken is in the direction of making her powerful and driven and kind of a fueling force behind the ring.
    I like that they've made that choice instead of making an easy choice to imagine that women really weren't involved in politics and weren't interested in the cause and were trying to just kind of keep their families together. She was certainly doing that as well, but I love that they've given me the opportunity as an actress to explore what a real woman's experience might have been like during this time. I find so often that we have such little information about the women's side of history, I find the licenses that they're taking are brave and, I would submit, are more accurate than the idea that women were passive in this period.
    I like that they're using her as kind of a glue. I think she's incredibly courageous. Unlike Abe, she very quickly in this season loses quite a bit. She loses her husband in the first episode to a prison ship, and at that time that really cost her almost all her rights. She didn't own property, she didn't have anything to her name, and I think right from the start we see Anna lose a lot of what kept her life normal before, and I think that makes her emboldened to change things in a way that maybe Abe was tentative about because his family was around him and he has more at stake. I think there's a great sense that she's got everything to gain.
    Will we meet more female characters like Anna who have an interest in being a part of this political world?
    I know that we will meet more female characters in this who are very different from Anna. I think Anna is certainly one of a kind on this show because she's sort of self-sufficient, in a way, and she's certainly part of the community, but I think in some ways she's the black sheep at this point. She doesn't have a lot of female friends, she doesn't really have a lot of intimate connections with people other than friends from childhood. I think there's a feeling that she's a bit ostracized from the community, and that only is aggravated by her participation in the [Culper Ring] and by her involvement with Abe.
    But I think the other women that we meet in the show, we'll meet one woman who is a friend of Anna's who basically, I think, takes a huge risk of also beginning to participate. And we learn a lot more about Mary and about how she's surviving. I think there's an incredible amount of dignity to be looked at here with the women in this show. It's definitely a man's world we're looking at. We do meet other women who choose to participate. Even when some women decide not to participate in the movement, I think what's so smart about this show is that there's no right answer. It wasn't cowardly to try to protect your family.
    We have a wonderful actress who plays a female slave in the show who comes up pretty soon. We have Mary. We have a loose woman, kind of a prostitute, who lives in New York. I think they're really showing every angle of what was available to women at that time, and within that repressive context, that feels more true to history than that they weren't involved. I'm thrilled to be telling that story.
    When I talked to Jamie Bell at TCAs, he told me that we will see a certain consummation of the relationship between Anna and Abe. Since history tells us they don't end up together, what is the function of their romantic relationship
    When I first read the fact that she had been a romantic partner to [Abe], at first I was wary that it would become trivial in some way or gratuitous or used to neutralize the other drama in the show or something. I didn't know Craig before I worked with him on this. I didn't realize it's almost impossible for Craig to write something gratuitous. [laughs] But in reading the scripts, I think what the romantic relationship between Abe and Anna serves is it gives us a very strong center of trust for the Culper Ring, and for Abe and Anna specifically.
    Her intimate knowledge of him keeps a really strong core at the center of this very out of control movement. For Abe and for Anna, they see each other as the only people they can trust for a little while. I think whatever sexual intimacy comes out of that is almost beside the point. I think they're truly in love and when they act on it, it's glorious -- especially to watch. I really think, beyond the sexual intimacy, they have a real respect for each other.
    I also really like what I've seen of Anna's relationship with Mary.
    I'm wary of women being written as rivals, sexual rivals. I think it's certainly a part of life, but I think it's a limitation of what women's relationships can be. I think Craig and the writing team did a superb job at dealing with that. Pretty early on they confront each other about the conflict between them and the romantic past that Anna and Abe have. I think what that does is it gets that problem out of the way for a little while. Particularly Mary, I think, will surprise people with how she deals with that information and then what she does with it. I think it's very unusual how they deal with it. It's exciting to me.
    "Turn" airs Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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    Dan Weiss has some really lovely things to say regarding Jack's exit at the very end of the video. I may have teared up a bit, negl. /sap

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    Prosecutor suggests athlete is crying during trial for murder of Reeva Steenkamp because he is getting his testimony confused.


    Oscar Pistorius was accused on Monday of deliberately breaking down into tearful histrionics to avoid difficult questions about the night he shot dead his girlfriend.

    The Paralympic athlete's meltdowns have been a daily feature of his evidence from the witness box at the high-profile murder trial in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, often forcing the judge to halt proceedings.

    On Monday alone he sobbed four times and vomited in court. "Mr Pistorius, you're not using your emotional state as an escape, are you?" state prosecutor Gerrie Nel demanded as the 27-year-old's voice became shrill and he again seemed on the verge of losing on his composure. "You're getting frustrated because your version is improbable and you're getting emotional."

    A frustrated Nel repeatedly demanded to know why Pistorius was becoming emotional at tough moments during another day of punishing cross-examination. The sprinter replied that it is still traumatic for him to relive the night he lost his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in what he insists was a terrible accident.

    Rubbing his eyes and looking exhausted, Pistorius recalled screaming at what he believed to be an intruder in his bathroom in the early hours of 14 February 2013. "Do you remember what you shouted?" Nel asked.

    After clenching his jaw for several long seconds and putting his hand to his face, the athlete replied: "I do. I said: 'Get the fuck out of my house! Get the fuck out of my house!'" His voice cracked and he wept.

    Asked why he was getting emotional, the athlete replied: "It was a traumatic evening for me."

    But Nel claimed Pistorius was crying because he knew he was shouting at Steenkamp and not a supposed intruder, putting the state's case that she was preparing to leave after an argument when she was shot.

    Pistorius denied this, saying: "I heard the noise and I did not have time to interpret it and fired out of fear."

    Nel replied: "You know exactly, you fired at Reeva. These other versions cannot work: you fired at her, you did. Why are you getting emotional now?"

    Pistorius wailed through tears in a choking, high-pitched crescendo: "I did not fire at Reeva!"

    Judge Thokozile Masipa immediately called another adjournment and Pistorius stood bent over in the witness box, crying and retching. His psychologist placed her hands on his back to comfort him.

    When the trial resumed, Pistorius's defence counsel Barry Roux asked the judge to intervene because the cross-examination was becoming repetitive. "The emotional response is the same. It's causing a delay." But Masipa rejected the appeal.

    Nel accused Pistorius of crying not out of grief but because he was getting his testimony confused. "I'm going to argue that you got emotional because you got your defences mixed up."

    Nel probed Pistorius mercilessly on Monday, exploring inconsistencies in his account in an attempt to show that his version of events was improbable and accusing him of tailoring evidence.

    Pistorius has repeatedly claimed that he fired the shots accidentally, even though he feared there was an intruder behind the door. "I didn't have time to think," he said. "I heard this noise, and I thought it was somebody coming out to attack me so I fired my firearm."

    Nel responded: "Your defence has now changed, sir, from putative self-defence to involuntary action. Is that what you're telling me?"

    The Olympic runner said: "I don't understand the law, ma'am, what I can reply and tell the court is what I'm asked and I can reply as to what I thought."

    Nel noted that Pistorius earlier said he warned Steenkamp to call police about an intruder in a whisper, contradicting later testimony that he spoke in a "low tone". The prosecutor also said blood spatter evidence indicated that the athlete's statement about the location of a duvet in the bedroom was false.

    At the end of another gruelling day, the defence team looked downcast while Pistorius paused to sign a fan's autograph, writing: "Thank you for your love and kindness."

    When Pistorius began his testimony last week he stunned the courtroom with a series of wrenching howls that forced an early adjournment. At the start of his cross-examination he was confronted with a photo of Steenkamp's bloodied head that caused another emotional collapse. Some following the trial on TV and Twitter accused him of play-acting.

    At one point Nel put it to the accused: "Why are you emotional now? Now that the questions are difficult? Why are you emotional? What happened now?"

    But on that occasion Masipa stepped in, saying: "Now, hold on, hold on! It's fine. He may be emotional. He has been emotional throughout."



    Gerrie Nel is my personal hero right now. He completely destroyed Pistorius on the witness stand today.

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    On the 15th April 1989, 96 Liverpool football fans went to watch their team play in the FA Cup Semi-Final at Hillsborough Stadium,Sheffield.
    They never came home

    I had a pretty fast car at the time and I was making full use of it, hurtling down the M1 at well over the speed limit. My passenger Jimmy Hill, who could never be accused of having a nervous disposition, was less than complimentary about my driving. The problem was we had a deadline.
    The day had begun quietly at the small Yorkshire hotel I had stayed in the night before. I breakfasted in the company of my BBC colleague John Motson, who was to commentate on the afternoon’s match. I was there to record the opening of that evening’s Match of the Day before the action began, at the end of which Jimmy would do his usual critique of the game, all nicely packaged and we would ease off home. As it turned out I would be fronting the only Match of the Day programme that would not include any sport.
    Liverpool v Nottingham Forest, the 1989 FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough. The most infamous day in the history of English football and its tragedies had evolved before our eyes. I remember rubbing my hands in anticipation of the match we were about to see but then the fans at the Liverpool end started to spill on to the pitch. Nobody had a clue what was going on and no announcements were made until much later, by which time people had been injured and killed.
    Afterwards, down on the pitch we saw first-hand evidence of the tragedy and heard from those who had just about escaped, some relieved, many bitter with anger at what they had just seen.

    The decision had been made that we would have to get back to Television Centre in London as soon as possible to write and prepare a programme in which we would try to tell the story of that awful day as best we could. I fell into the office pretty exhausted by what I had seen and the breakneck drive and started to plonk away at the typewriter as producers updated me on the information coming in and who we could get to comment. From somewhere a black tie was produced for me and in due course we more or less fell on the air and did our best to be both factual and sympathetic.
    We interviewed the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire police, the Football Association chief executive and chairman, representatives of both clubs, the secretary of Sheffield Wednesday, the Minister for Sport and many spectators who had witnessed the grisly events. At the end of it all, Jimmy gave a summing-up and, without endeavouring to administer blame there and then, gave a strong criticism of English football’s antiquated stadiums and lack of concern and information for the fans. All of which was to change.
    I could never have believed then that a quarter of a century on another inquiry would be going on to try to get to the bottom of exactly why Hillsborough happened and where responsibility should lie for the disaster and the pain of the families of the injured and those who never came home from a game of football. I never slept a wink after the programme, images of what we had seen at close hand that afternoon were impossible to erase. The following morning I was at the airport for an early flight to Spain and a week’s break. People were asking me about the day and, I hope unusually for me, I was terse and uncommunicative. I would have left them with a rather unfavourable impression.

    Not long afterwards, I was asked to do a broadcast, the like of which I had never done before: the commentary on the memorial service held at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. It involved an immense amount of homework.
    This was a broadcast I wanted to get absolutely right. Prime Minister Thatcher headed the dignitaries and, of course, everyone connected with Liverpool Football Club was there. Kenny Dalglish, manager at the time, spoke from the pulpit with great dignity and a lone choirboy sang the Liverpool anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone. After that the commentator did not speak for some time.

    Hillsborough remembered in English football

    96 empty seats are draped with Liverpool scarves

    96 blue seats are replaced with white ones at the Leppings Lane End at Hillsborough, each with a red rose placed on it.

    A steward at QPR pays tribute with a black armband.

    The names of the victims are displayed ahead of Stoke City's game against Newcastle.

    Sunderland's Fabio Borini lays a floral wreath ahead of their match against Everton

    How Hillsborough will be remembered
    Tuesday April 15: The annual memorial service is at Anfield at 2.45pm. Goodison Park will also open to supporters where a giant screen will broadcast the service.
    Monday April 21: The “Celebration of the 96” planned by the Hillsborough Family Support Group will take place at Anfield, including a match between former Liverpool and international stars. Tickets are £15 and £5.

    Never heard of the Hillsborough disaster?
    videos: Des Lynam Match of the Day report | ITV news coverage
    readings: Wikipedia | How it happened

    source 12

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    The fifth and final season of Warehouse 13 premieres on Syfy tonight, and there's one thing that executive producer and showrunner Jack Kenny promises...with the final six episodes the series ends just the way it's supposed to. And, while the writers and producers didn't have the time to do all that they would have liked, he doesn't believe fans will be disappointed.

    “Obviously we would have loved to go for another two or three years. I'm sure we could have. I think the bottomless pit of stories for Warehouse 13 could go on forever,” said Kenny in an exclusive interview with Blastr. “But all good things...unlike many, many shows, most that I've worked on, we actually got to end it. We got to do it right.”

    While Kenny would have liked to have spent more time delving into things like Myka's cancer, with the short season, “we just didn't have the real estate to do it. We had to let that go and move on. But we wrapped that up, and then there's a couple of fun snag-and-bags that we usually go on while Artie is dealing with Claudia and her need to find her sister. That's the big emotional arc that's happening in the beginning. Then we just have some real fun. We've got a story that takes place with Pete and Steve at a Renaissance Fair. We've got a story where Pete, Myka, and Artie fall into a telenovela,” said Kenny.

    “And then we do our 'save the world' episode, where the Warehouse is threatened. And there's a surprise return bad guy from the start of episode one, with a culmination in episode five,” he said.

    However, when it comes to the end, they've done something a little different. The series finale is “basically a clip show of clips you've never seen....There's a musical, there's Fantastic Voyage, there's a ninja housewife fight, we go back to the 1940s officers' club. We learn something new about each character, we learn something intense in them, we learn something that broadens them and expands them and just makes us love them all the more. I felt like that was a way to end this. We didn't want to do another 'the world's ending' episode and Warehouse saving the universe or keeping the sun from exploding or something. I wanted to end it with our people. It's always been about our people,” said Kenny.

    The finale is really “a big love letter to the show and to the fans. It's really something. My goal the whole time was, I want the fans to just eat this with a spoon. I want them to have a great time. We even see Leena again.”

    For Kenny, it's added up to the “best job I've ever had. I'm not listed as the creator of the show, but I feel more like the creator of the show than anything I've ever done. When I came on, there weren't 12 other warehouses. There wasn't any mythology written at all. The only characters were Pete, Myka, and Artie. And Miss Frederick. That was it. Everything else we created, invented, and built. There were no Regents when I came on. There was no mythology. There was no history of the Warehouse. It was all a blank page,” he said.

    “I remember one night in Toronto in season one, I was up late struggling with something and I had been talking about, what if this wasn't the only warehouse that ever was? What if it was the 13th warehouse in a series of warehouses and the warehouse was always in the most powerful empire? I think it was one o'clock in the morning, and I just sat down and I started researching, and I just wrote up all the histories of the past 12 warehouse empires that would have held it. I wrote it all up and I sent it in to Syfy and I said, 'What do you guys think of this?' And literally the next thing I saw, it was on the website. I said, 'OK, I guess they liked it and I guess that's what we're doing. I guess this is it.' I felt just sort of organically connected to this series. I felt like I got it more than anything I've ever worked on. I just understood it. I lived inside the world. The characters, I heard their voices in my head. I went through every script. I did a pass on every script that we ever shot for character voices, usually for humor and for their voices, because I felt like I just lived inside their heads. I spent so much time with them. I spent so much time with Eddie and Jo and Saul and Allison and Aaron and CC. I knew them,” said Kenny.

    “One of the very first things we did in the series was I had all the actors come in one at a time and sit with the writers and tell us, 'What do you like? What do you not like? What are your hobbies? What can you do? Do you sing? Do you play an instrument? Can you dance? Do you hate to dance? Are you good with horses?' Everything about them so we could fashion each character more and more in the direction of who they were, what they liked. Eddie had 10 years sobriety when we started, so Pete got 10 years sobriety. And Pete dealt with all of that. Saul loved playing classical music, so Artie loved playing classical music, because when you can bring an actor's love to the character, it's just more real. As a viewer, you can sense it. You can feel when Artie sits at the piano, he's not just diddling some prop they've got thrown into the scene. He's doing something he loves to do, and it shows on his face. When Pete talks about his alcoholism, it's real. It lands because Eddie knows that. There was a scene in the first half of season four...where Myka got temporarily pregnant and they were talking about babies and Eddie, Pete was thinking about whether they'd ever had a baby, and there was a scene where he was watching a father in a hospital waiting area with his newborn baby and I just said, 'Eddie, all you gotta do is think about the first time you held Jack. The first time you held your firstborn son.' And then it was magic. We just pointed the camera at him and you could see it in his eyes,” he said.

    “So when you can do that, when you can write to a character's loves, when you can write to their weaknesses and their flaws as well, but to their loves, then it's almost impossible for the audience not to fall in love with them too,” said Kenny.

    “It was very important to me that it be a real send-off for our regulars, that they get a nice, satisfying goodbye with each other, for each other, for the fans, for the show. And also, in a fun way, leaving the door kind of open,” he said.

    Warehouse 13 airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

    Are you ready for Warehouse 13 to end forever?


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    source is her twitter

    I mean....

    it's cute.

    I can bop

    but it's nothing all that amazing, you know?

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    There are some significant changes that you are going to get here almost straight out of the gate when it comes to the cast. Alexis Bellino, Gretchen Rossi, and Lydia McLaughlin are all gone from the cast, and have been replaced with Danielle Gregorio, Shannon Beador, and Lizzie Rovsek.

    “In the season opener, Vicki finds her life in turmoil once again, as her divorce from Donn is finalized and she struggles to move forward with Brooks after his controversial clash with Briana at last season’s reunion. Newcomer Shannon gives Heather a peek into her quirky lifestyle choices.

    Heather invites party girls Vicki and Tamra for a girls-only weekend trip to Honolulu following her guest role on ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ but tensions arise when the dynamic duo are met with resistance when they try to get Heather to lose the fancy pants.”

    We’ve missed this version of the show, mostly because we have long found it to be one of the silliest of the franchise. We don’t care so much for watching the personal crises and we really don’t care for when things can violent or verbally abusive. Some of the funniest moments in history have happened in Orange County, and while there are still occasions where you want to remind these women that sometimes they are fighting over petty things, these are balanced out with ones.

    Does Tamra miss Gretchen, Alexis and Lydia!

    The outspoken housewife made an appearance on KTLA and during the course of her interview revealed whether she misses the three women who are no longer part of the show.

    When the interviewer brought up the departures of Gretchen, Alexis and Lydia, Tamra joked that she ran them out of Orange County. When she was asked whether she misses them, Tamra hesitated before saying she would for a couple of them but then concluded with a resounding no.

    Tamra's response was not surprising when it came to Gretchen and Alexis. Tamra and Alexis never got along on the show as Tamra found her superficial and fake. Tamra even called Alexis "Jesus Jugs" at one of the reunion shows. As for Tamra and Gretchen, the two finally developed a friendship early last season after battling it out for years but the friendship unraveled towards the end of the season. Tamra once admitted that the friendship started unraveling after Gretchen proposed to Slade Smiley but didn't invite any of the housewives to her engagement party.

    As for Lydia, it seems that Tamra just didn't have enough time with her to develop a real connection since Lydia departed after only one season. She said that she decided to leave because she wanted to concentrate on other business opportunities and expand her family. It was just announced that she and husband Doug are expecting a third child.

    Shannon Talks Passing Vicki's Test!

    Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Shannon and spilled how she approached the show as a super-fan, how she won over OC OG Vicki, and what that face-off with Heather was all about.

    Wetpaint Entertainment: Welcome to the show! What made you decide to join RHOC?
    I had the same home builder that Heather Dubrow has. I thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have snippets of my life filmed and be able to watch them back. You’re able to see what you do well and what you need to improve on. How often do people get the chance to watch their lives played back to them?

    It appears in the trailer that you and Vicki develop a friendship this season.

    Vicki and I definitely get along. I didn’t honestly think of it that way, as I’m not the type to compete in friendships. Vicki’s a very busy woman, as well, so she’s not going to sit on the phone and chitchat with me five times a day, either. Vicki doesn’t like change; she says that all the time on the show. So she has little tests for people. I don’t know if there was clearly a test for me, but looking back I think there’s things she did to see how I would react. I think I clearly passed.

    It looks like there’s an incident that goes down between you and Heather this season.

    I had portrayed myself as my true, uncensored, and honest person. If the cameras were rolling right now, you would see no difference. I’m not insinuating this about Heather, but I think there are certain people on the show that vacillate between two types of people. People can create stories in their minds and convince themselves that really happened, but the cameras don’t lie. I don’t argue with women, but if somebody tries to betray me or tries to make me believe that I did something I didn’t do, I will stand up for myself.

    Lizzie Talks Bonding With Tamra!

    Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with newbie Lizzie to get her take on what we can expect in Season 9. Here, she dishes on the cast member that insulted her, what she thinks of Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks, and who’s cattier: the Housewives or her fellow pageant girls.

    Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you decide to sign on for the show?

    Lizzie Rovsek: I was approached, so it wasn’t something I went out looking for. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I thought that maybe things happen for a reason. I decided that this could be a really fun adventure.

    Having watched the show beforehand, did you have expectations for the other cast members before meeting them?

    Yea. There were certain women that I thought that I would really like at first. I found that the one woman that I thought I would really hit it off with was really insulting when I met her. And then there was another Housewife that I was kind of warned against, and I ended up hitting it off with her right from the beginning!

    Which Housewife surprised you the most?

    I had seen the show before, so I had an idea of what most of them were like. In the beginning, Tamra and I really hit it off, and I had a lot of fun with her. I didn’t know if she would like me, since she’s been the one fighting on the show a lot. We actually hit it off and had fun together.

    Thomas Says He's Falling For Kathryn!

    It would be hard to beat last week's episode of Southern Charm, but they're giving it a shot.

    After the world's worst dinner party in which Thomas Ravenel talked about the love of his life in front of his new girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover that lashed out at Dennis. He called her out for sleeping for three people at the table. We know she slept with Shep Rose and Ravenel clearly but the third one was still up in the air. However, after last week's episode of Watch What Happens Live where Ravenel, Rose and Cameran Eubanks appeared, an exclusive clip revealed that Whitney Suder-Smith confessed to hooking up with Dennis.

    Dennis also stormed out on Ravenel last season because he didn't stick up for her but on this week's episode it looks like she has forgiven him, the question is, will he forgive her for sleeping with a close friend of his?


    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    A dark comedy about a gay couple trying to stay together through drunken outbursts, double standards and dirty deeds!

    Season one of "EastSiders: The Series" left Cal and Thom uncertain of their future together. All the lies were out in the open and they were splitting up the Christmas ornaments, but they couldn’t deny their feelings for each other. Is being in love enough of a reason to be together?

    “EastSiders” launched last year to a lot of love from fans and critics alike, with Entertainment Weekly calling the show “funny and heartbreaking” and After Elton praising it as “sharp, well-written and acted.” We won Best Web Drama at the 2013 LA Weekly Awards, Best Ensemble at the Indie Series Awards and were nominated for a Satellite Award from the International Press Academy, among numerous other accolades, but the most rewarding part has been getting to interact with the fans of the show. If it wasn't for the support of amazing people like you we wouldn’t have been able to make "EastSiders" in the first place.

    The entire cast is excited to return for a second season: Van Hansis (Three time Daytime Emmy Nominations for As the World Turns), series creator Kit Williamson (Mad Men), Matthew McKelligon (Int. Leather Bar, You’re Killing Me), John Halbach (Wallflowers) and Constance Wu (Browsers, Sound of My Voice), as well as our amazing guest stars Sean Maher (Firefly), Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings), Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter) and Traci Lords (Cry Baby, Zach and Miri Make a Porno).

    We’ll also be offering backers an exclusive first look at some of the amazing things we have planned for season two, including an introduction to our new cast members Satya Bhabha (New Girl, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), Adam Bucci (10 Year Plan), Vera Miao (Best Friends Forever) and Willam Belli (Nip/Tuck, Rupaul's Drag Race).

    Sources 1 | 2


    because logo's website is banned here, I'm not sure if I can link to its website. You can go there to watch the first season of EastSiders.

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    (Delta Work)

    (Phuck Phace O'Hara)

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

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  • 04/14/14--17:25: Hannibal 2x08 Episode Stills
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    Ice Cube isn't too happy that Paul Walker and his Fast & Furious 6 costar Vin Diesel won the Best Onscreen Duo at last night's 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

    The rapper turned actor says the late star shouldn't have won posthumously and insists he and Kevin Hart should have taken home the trophy for their performances in Ride Along.
    "We was robbed," Ice Cube told USA Today. "Shame on you, MTV."
    Ice Cube says Walker, who died in a car crash back in November, only won out of "sympathy."

    "We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated, for us not to win was crazy," Ice Cube told the newspaper of himself and Hart. "We were the best onscreen duo, period."
    "They should have gave it to him before he passed away," Ice Cube added of Walker's win.

    Walker's posthumous win isn't the only thing that has the hip-hop star peeved.

    Ice Cube also dissed last night's MTV Movie Awards by leaving mid-show.
    "I just wasn't into it," he said. "I have been going in and out of these things for 25 years. If you ain't into it, why torture yourself? As soon as you get bored, get up and leave."


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    Take a second to think about what controversial books you heard a lot about within the past year. 50 Shades of Grey? The Hunger Games? Possibly The Perks of Being a Wallflower?

    Those books all made the American Library Association’s annual list of Top Ten Most Challenged Books — but lost the top spot to Captain Underpants. Ya know, the illustrated book for elementary schoolers that features a superhero who goes without pants.

    This is the second year that Captain Underpants tops the list. According to the ALA, they received the majority of complaints from parents, teachers and librarians because of the picture book’s “offensive language” and “mature subject matter.” Dav Pilkey, who created the series in the late 1990s, said he continues to be perplexed by the controversy.

    “[It's surprising] that a series with no sex, no nudity, no drugs, no profanity and no more violence than a Superman cartoon has caused such an uproar,” Dav said in a statement released by his published, Scholastic Books. “Of course, only a tiny percentage of adults are complaining. Kids love the books, and fortunately most parents and educators do, too.”

    The American Library Association defined a challenge as a “formal, written complaint filed with a library or school requesting that a book or other material be restricted or removed because of its content or appropriateness.” The office received 307 challenges last year, which was down from 464 challenges in 2012.

    “The number is low this year,” Barbara Jones, who runs the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, told The Associated Press. “We’d like to think it’s because people finally understand that pulling a book from their shelves isn’t going to solve the problem they’re worried about it. But it could be an anomaly.”

    The complete list from the ALA includes: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, A Bad Boy Can Be Good for A Girl by Tanya Lee Stone, Looking for Alaska by John Green, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya and the Bone series by Jeff Smith.


    Which book are you currently reading?

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    Way back in Mad Men's first season, we were introduced to a mild-mannered accounts man named Ken Cosgrove. That guy, with his Vermont demeanor and literary hobby, has left the building as of Mad Men's Season 7 premiere. In his place is the Ken Cosgrove who was beaten down by his year working for Chevy in Detroit, the manic tap-dancer who was literally shot in the face by his own clients.

    Now the head of accounts at Sterling Cooper's New York headquarters, Ken is a one-eyed dervish, frantically trying to control operations in the absence of Don, Pete and Ted. Fortunately, he was still lucid enough to entrust Joan with a problematic account—a smart decision, and a moment that literally made actor Aaron Staton stand up and cheer when he watched last night. GQ spoke with Staton about Ken's new promotion, that hilarious earring toss, and whether he's ready to say goodbye to Mad Men. (Are any of us?)

    Aaron Staton: So what did you think of the premiere?

    GQ: I liked it! But I'm torn about the two-year split. I'm going to hate to just leave Mad Men partway through the season.

    AS: I know, I know. Look, my wife and I were just hanging on for dear life waiting for Breaking Bad to come back. I have to say, though, looking back on it, there was something fun in that suspense. And having shot the first seven of these episodes, I can say that they really structured it in a way where it feels like two seasons. I think that everyone will be happy with it.

    GQ: One of the premiere's biggest surprises was that the guy screaming at people turned out to be nice, laid-back Ken Cosgrove.

    AS: Well, he took Pete's office, so maybe it's in walls? It's a really sour room. No, I agree—he's definitely in a different place than where we dropped him off. And like you said, he was once this laid-back, easy-going guy, everything sort of fell in his lap—and then next thing you know, everything fell in his lap. [Laughs]

    GQ: It seemed like he'd chill out a little bit once he got the hell out of Detroit.

    AS: Right! It was the escape hatch: Pete took the account, and the burden had been lifted, it seemed. I thought that too, to be honest with you. But no, more responsibility came. He's now the head of accounts, and that's a new promotion between last season and this one. He's gone right to the top, and he's miserable.

    GQ: I remember last season he talked about being an expectant father.

    AS: Right, he's expecting a baby, so I'm sure there's some added stress there.

    GQ: Ken has that nice little scene with Joan where he puts her in charge of Butler Shoes. Joan obviously takes it as a big compliment that he trusts her with that account, but it almost seems like Ken is so stressed that he's just giving it to her because she's there. Â Do you have a take on why he gave that responsibility to Joan?

    AS: You know, Matt [Weiner] pointed this out: Gender has never been a discriminating issue for Ken. He was always Peggy's biggest supporter, and I think, for him, there's no reason why it couldn't be Joan. It was, "Hey, who's available? Joan's available!" Not, "What man is available?"

    GQ: Ken also seemed very sympathetic to Joan regarding the circumstances of her promotion; he made some oblique references to dirty business and how he didn't want to be a part of it.

    AS: I hadn't thought about that. You know, I think that he respects her. He thinks she's good at what she does, and I'm not sure if he's trying to make amends or have her prove herself. I really think he's just stressed out, and he's like, "Who can take this off my hands?" And she does it, she does a great job, and I love it. I love that episode for her. That meeting with the professor from Columbia? My wife and I were standing up cheering!

    adorable mental image omg

    GQ: Did you actually toss that earring at Christina Hendricks?

    AS: [Laughs] We did it a few times. I think they showed it hitting the lamp. We hit the wall once. Yeah, that was a lot of fun to shoot. And I love the way that she played it too, with her hand out waiting to catch it. Like, aww, poor guy. I laughed out loud reading the scene, so I'm glad it played as it read. Depth perception jokes can go on forever, I think.

    GQ: How many pirate jokes do you have to put up with on set?

    AS: Quite a few. I should get a parrot, is what I should do. Put it right on the shoulder.

    GQ: Do you think Ken's novelist career has been sidelined for now? Is the dream of Dave Algonquin still alive?

    AS: I don't know, to be honest with you. I hope so.

    prayer circle for ben hargrove's sci-fi compilation to published by AMC

    GQ: Last season, you had that incredible tap dance scene in the office. Jay Ferguson told me you practiced a lot, so just out of curiosity: Can you still recite the "it's my job" monologue?

    AS: Oh! That is a really good question. Hold on, you just put me on the spot. [Pause] I don't think so. At least, not without the movement—let me see. [Pause.] No, no, it's not in my head. And we almost had to reshoot that for technical reasons about three weeks later, and I was so bummed when I got that call! Because that was something that I was super-nervous about, and once you film that kind of thing, there's this kind of relief. But it exists on film now, it's there forever, and I never have to do it again. [Laughs]

    GQ: You've been part of Mad Men since the beginning, and you're now shooting the final season. Does this one feel different?

    AS: It absolutely feels different. The truth is, there have been very few seasons where we knew we were coming back the following year. So there was always a feeling that this could be the end. But to know for a fact, and for it to have gone on this long—my first date with my wife was the evening of the first table read in New York! I got married, I had kids. There's so many things that have dovetailed with this experience, professionally and personally. And it's like that for everybody. A lot of life has been lived during this time, and a lot of story has been told. So it's that book that you know is coming to an end, and turning each page is bittersweet because the story is being wrapped up, and you're dreading it, but you're reading it furiously because you can't wait to see what happens.

    And every scene that you shoot, you can't help but see scenes from before, conversations you've had in between shots, dinners or parties you've been to —whatever it is. We've all shared so many ups and downs together that it's this very unique goodbye that we're all about to inevitably take part in. So yeah, you can't help making it a sentimental experience.

    Even weird things: getting a haircut, putting your shoe on, putting on a suit. I never even wore many suits before Mad Men, and now I'm like, "Oh, this could be the last tie I tie in this trailer!" [Laugh] It could get ridiculous at a certain point. "Oh, this could be the last time I open this door this way!" So you almost have to catch yourself. And really, the most important thing is to try not to look ahead and really enjoy the present, which is what we did leading up to now, which is why it's been so much fun.


    he's so precious. he and joan were the highlights of the premiere.

    this will be me if the season doesn't end with kenny still pursuing writing and hanging out with rod serling and ray bradbury at the sci-fi writer treehouse:


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    The Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist live-action series is scheduled to debut in May, via the Machinima YouTube channel, and the the production team behind the series has released a teaser trailer for the show featuring Ryu. You can watch it below.

    Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist will be a coming-of-age story featuring Ryu and Ken, and will also feature other characters from their past, such as Gouken and Akuma.

    Sources: 1, 2

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    One Direction definitely have their work cut out when they hit those stadium stages on their Where We Are world tour that kicks off later this month (it's this month already?) and Liam Payne has now got himself back in the gym to prepare for the mammoth task, donning some rather unusual workout gear for the outing.

    Liam famously flashed his abs whilst the boys hit countries such as Australia last year on their Take Me Home tour, but the hunk opted to cover up his chest as he hit the gym earlier today, with the band's trainer Mark Jarvis sharing a sneaky snap on Twitter.

    Wearing a plaid shirt over a plain white tee, with jeans and a beanie hat, Liam looked super pleased to be back on that exercise bike, giving the camera a thumbs up.

    The personal trainer posted the pic alongside the caption: "@Real_Liam_Payne spending quality time in the gym. Thank you @cybex for supplying our equipment. #supersoldier"

    After hitting back at cruel weight jibes earlier this year, Liam soon got himself back in the gym with Jarvis, who had previously said that Payne had got the best bod in One Direction. That's quite a statement to make!

    And it seems like Liam is keen to hold on to that title, with Mark also taking to Twitter last month to say that he had been busy working out with all of the boys ahead of their tour.

    He posted: "Tough gym session today. Getting tour fit for the team! @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @zaynmalik @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne @NRGFuel" (sic)

    Those six packs will be back in no time... (Good)


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    Lorde gets wrapped up in a big red bow for the cover of Teen Vogue‘s May 2014 issue.
    Here is what the 17-year-old “Team” singer had to share with the mag:
    On Hilary Duff being at her recent concert:“Hilary Duff? Are you freaking serious? Hilary Duff was there last night? This is what dreams are made of! Was she vibing it? Was she bobbing her head?”

    On her fashion style:“There are a lot of expectations in this industry about looking a certain way and having a certain kind of appeal. I am feminine, but I really love dressing in boys’ clothes too. I guess that’s why I get labeled as ‘the grumpy girl,’ because I don’t play into that.”
    On social networking:“I like Twitter because it’s a good direct link to people. You just reach out to someone you like and say, ‘Follow me please, and then we can talk.’ I really like Instagram as well. It’s a good one, very simple. I’m also on Facebook and Tumblr.”
    On her new life:“Living in New Zealand, you don’t get these experiences. I spent so much time in my room before. My life is so wild right now. For me to be able to do something I really enjoy and for that to get me out in the world—to South America, to here, to London—every day I kick myself, I’m so lucky.”
    ONTD, what celebrity did you fangirl over when you were younger?

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