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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Hauer-King is repped by CAA. His credits include The Song of Names which made its TIFF world premiere back in September, A Dog’s Way Home, Danny Huston’s The Last Photograph and the 2017 PBC miniseries Little Women.


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    The Innocents by Michael Crummey

    You should read this book if you like: Historical fiction, orphaned siblings, Canadian writers, books by poets, Newfoundland's northern coastline, literary survival stories

    About: From bestselling, award-winning author Michael Crummey comes a sweeping, heart-wrenching, deeply immersive novel about a brother and sister alone in a small world.

    A brother and sister are orphaned in an isolated cove on Newfoundland's northern coastline. Their home is a stretch of rocky shore governed by the feral ocean, by a relentless pendulum of abundance and murderous scarcity. Still children with only the barest notion of the outside world, they have nothing but the family's boat and the little knowledge passed on haphazardly by their mother and father to keep them.

    As they fight for their own survival through years of meagre catches and storms and ravaging illness, it is their fierce loyalty to each other that motivates and sustains them. But as seasons pass and they wade deeper into the mystery of their own natures, even that loyalty will be tested.

    This novel is richly imagined and compulsively readable, a riveting story of hardship and survival, and an unflinching exploration of the bond between brother and sister. By turns electrifying and heartbreaking, it is a testament to the bounty and barbarity of the world, to the wonders and strangeness of our individual selves.

    Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher

    You should read this book if you like: Romance novels, stoic journalists, ambitious women, odd-couple pairings, millennial love stories, Stroke of Midnight

    About: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days gets a millennial makeover in this romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Andie J. Christopher.

    Jack Nolan is a gentleman, a journalist, and unlucky in love. His viral success has pigeon-holed him as the how-to guy for a buzzy, internet media company instead of covering hard-hitting politics. Fed up with his fluffy articles and the app-based dating scene as well, he strikes a deal with his boss to write a final piece de resistance: How to Lose a Girl. Easier said than done when the girl he meets is Hannah Mayfield, and he's not sure he wants her to dump him.

    Hannah is an extremely successful event planner who's focused on climbing the career ladder. Her firm is one of the most prestigious in the city, and she's determined to secure her next promotion. But Hannah has a bit of an image problem. She needs to show her boss that she has range, including planning dreaded, romantic weddings. Enter Jack. He’s the perfect man to date for a couple weeks to prove to her boss that she’s not scared of feelings.

    Before Jack and Hannah know it, their fake relationship starts to feel all too real—and neither of them can stand to lose each other.

    Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender

    You should read this book if you like: Fantasy, Caribbean-inspired adventures, court intrigue, murder mysteries, anti-colonial sentiment, V. E. Schwab, Kiersten White, Marlon James

    About: An ambitious young woman with the power to control minds seeks vengeance against the royals who murdered her family, in a Caribbean-inspired fantasy world embattled by colonial oppression.

    Sigourney Rose is the only surviving daughter of a noble lineage on the islands of Hans Lollik. When she was a child, her family was murdered by the islands’ colonizers, who have massacred and enslaved generations of her people—and now, Sigourney is ready to exact her revenge.

    When the childless king of the islands declares that he will choose his successor from amongst eligible noble families, Sigourney uses her ability to read and control minds to manipulate her way onto the royal island and into the ranks of the ruling colonizers. But when she arrives, prepared to fight for control of all the islands, Sigourney finds herself the target of a dangerous, unknown magic.

    Someone is killing off the ruling families to clear a path to the throne. As the bodies pile up and all eyes regard her with suspicion, Sigourney must find allies among her prey and the murderer among her peers... lest she become the next victim.

    Don't Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Career by Cathy Heller

    About: The pursuit of happiness is all about finding our purpose. We don't want to just go to work and build someone else's dream, we want to do our life's work. But how do we find out what we're supposed to contribute? What are those key ingredients that push those who succeed to launch their ideas high into the sky, while the rest of us remain stuck on the ground?

    Don't Keep Your Day Job will get you fired up, ready to rip it open and use your zone of genius to add a little more sparkle to this world. Cathy Heller, host of the popular podcast Don't Keep Your Day Job, shares wisdom, anecdotes, and practical suggestions from successful creative entrepreneurs and experts, including actress Jenna Fischer on rejection, Gretchen Rubin on the keys to happiness, Jen Sincero on having your best badass life, and so much more. You'll learn essential steps like how to build your side hustle, how to find your tribe, how to reach for what you truly deserve, and how to ultimately turn your passion into profit and build a life you love.


    Book Post?? 📚

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    ontd mila ashton.jpeg

    Ashton Kutcher's quote from last year is going viral. He claims that he and wife Mila Kunis will not leave a substantial amount of money to his children, Dimitri (3) and Wyatt (5). Growing up working-class, he viewed rich people as "evil."

    He says:

    "I'm not setting up a trust for them. We'll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things."

    "My kids are living a really privileged life, and they don't even know it. And they'll never know it, because this is the only one that they'll know."

    "If my kids want to start a business, and they have a good business plan, I'll invest in it. But they're not getting trusts."


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  • 11/12/19--19:19: John Legend is the Sexiest

  • People has decided, our current Sexiest Man Alive is now John Legend. #egotpsma


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    Wendy’s is celebrating the big 5-0 by releasing its first new Frosty flavor ever with the Birthday Cake Frosty. The chain has only ever offered the original chocolate and vanilla. The Birthday Cake Frosty ($1.49) and a new Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae ($2.19) are now available in stores for a limited time only.

    ONTD, do you dip your fries in ice cream?


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    Kelly Clarkson's children, 5-year-old River and 3-year-old Remy, are huge "Aquaman" fans, and they ask Jason Momoa all of their burning questions.


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    The Hollywood Reporter says that talks are underway for an “unscripted reunion special” that would feature the six core actors and the creators of the NBC comedy: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and series creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

    If negotiations go through, the reunion special would naturally debut on Warner Media’s upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. Once Netflix’s streaming rights expire, “Friends” will be exclusive to that service.


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    Richard Madden and best pal Brandon Flynn are no longer sharing the same house in Los Angeles after a huge fall out.

    Brandon, who will be the face of a new Versace collection next year, has asked bosses at fashion house not to invite Richard to a party the brand is throwing next month.

    source: https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/1194373762927464453

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  • 11/13/19--04:34: This week's Soap promo's!
  • credits: 





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    Shipping heir and Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos wed Russian businesswoman/art collector/magazine editor/philanthropist Dasha Zhukova. Niarchos, 34, and Zhukova, 38, wed earlier this month in Paris and have been dating for two years. They presumbly met at some fancy gathering because they are both rich as fuq. Zhukova was previously married to Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich from 2008 – 2017, with whom she has two children.

    Niarchos and Paris Hilton circa 2005

    Niarchos on a trampoline with Mary Kate Olson circa 2005

    Zhukova with ex-husband Roman Abramovich

    Zhukova and Niarchos

    Adding this pic because I think it illustrates my thought that he looks like a mix of Bradley Cooper and Hugh Hefner

    Source 1 | 2

    Did Dasha upgrade or downgrade? Would you marry an heir of some kind?

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  • 11/13/19--04:35: This is Us 4x9 promo

  • - The Pearson family gathers at Randall and Beth's for Thanksgiving.

    - In the past Jack and Nicky go for a ride.

    - In the present, Rebecca has difficulties.

    - This is the fall finale.


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    Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello got tattooed yesterday by Kane Navasard. Camila got "it's a mystery" a quote from Shakespeare in Love. Shawn got an A for his sister Aaliyah.

    Here's the full Shakespeare in Love quote:
    Philip Henslowe: “The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster."

    Hugh Fennyman: "So what do we do?"

    Henslowe: "Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well."

    Fennyman: "How?"

    Henslowe: "I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”

    Sources 1, 2, 3, 4

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    Kristen Bell and Jimmy perform a live mashup of some of the best Disney sing-along tunes of all time.

    Full list of songs include:

    • When You Wish Upon a Star

    • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    • Heigh Ho

    • Bear Necessities

    • Under the Sea

    • A Part of Your World

    • Whole New World

    • Beauty and The Beast

    • Circle of Life/ Nants’ Ingonyama (intro)

    • Can You Feel the Love Tonight

    • Colors of the Wind

    • Do You Want to Build a Snowman

    • You’ve Got a Friend in Me

    • Remember Me

    • How Far I’ll Go

    • Into the Unknown

    • Let It Go


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    Taylor Swift remixed Lover with Shawn Mendes.


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    Album is available for pre-order Friday and comes with a new song called Living Proof.


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    The Academy has released the list of the documentaries that have qualified for the Best Documentary race and a whopping 159 features are included. Several films have still not been shown in theaters and must spend a week in theaters in LA and NYC to be able to compete.

    Films competing include After Parkland, Apollo 11, Citizen K, David Crosby: Remember My Name, The Elephant Queen, Frye: The Greatest Party that Never Happened, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, and Knock Down the House.

    The shortlist of 15 films that will compete for the nomination will be released December 16.


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    Full panel

    Kristen Bell



    Kristen Bell is promoting Frozen 2, plus Encore for Disney+

    Summary of conversation
    Plays clip. Abby talks about her family, children, husband, pets. KB talks about her dog who has one eye, 11 yrs old, missing some teeth. Tells story about moving washing machine because her doggie did stuff behind it, that she had to clean up. Plays video clip. Says dog did it again the next night. Meghan says everyone loves her and her husband. Talks about Dax podcast. Says KB doesn’t remember her anniversary date, because she’s grateful every day. KB clarifies, jokes they both are bad with dates. They focus on their relationship. KB says they don’t care, so it doesn’t matter to them.

    Abby brings up Frozen 2 and the power of the two sisters. KB talks box office of two females, even tho it’s a cartoon. KB talks about familial love and self-love, which should come before romantic love. KB talks about how the relationship and the story and how the main song evolved. What do you do when you don’t know what to do. KB talks how she copes with that. Take things in tiny steps. Joy likes how the dynamic is different from the princess waiting to be saved by the charming male. F2 includes male emotion. KB elaborates on Kristoff character, mentions some key lines that illustrate the male character being supportive, not the savior. KB briefly mentions Encore which is former high school musical casts getting back together, and will stream on Disney+

    Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™


    Impeachment hearings start Wednesday 13 November which will have live coverage on most watching vehicles (tv - main and cable networks, news apps, online news sites) for at least portions of the day (and night). Joy remembers Nixon hearings. PBS has been asked to re-air hearings in prime time, like they did for 51 nights during Nixon era. But PBS said they’ll only do it on their digital channel. Abby says more people are working, so they won’t be able to watch live during the day. Everyone was invested in Watergate, it was riveting, and no one had ever experienced anything like it. We only had 5 channels then, not hundreds. Joy says people should write to PBS. Sunny said people watched Clinton hearings. Meghan said MyMom™ wouldn’t let her watch it due to oral sex discussion. Sunny likes that an attorney will be doing the questioning. Whoopi says whatever happens tomorrow will drive how Americans respond to the rest. Joy says Watergate built up, and John Dean admission turned the corner. Abby wonders how much the needle will move, because we already know what happened. The GOP just says it’s not impeachable [except it is, in plain words in the Constitution]. Whoopi says you can keep with the blinders on, but you wanted it out in the open, so here you go.

    Hot Topic Some New Guy Thinks He Can Win


    Ex Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick may join the Presidential race*. Egads, make it STOP. Whoopi says, between him and Bloomberg, the cojones on these guys. Joy said Reagan was the last candidate to enter this late, and we know how that turned out [Except, campaign cycles were shorter then, and no social media]. Abby agrees with Joy, but wonders if there are Dems behind closed doors who are worried about the candidates. Abby says Joy being a lifelong Democrat, her only goal is to Beat TRE45ON. Joy says she’s a pragmatic liberal. She’s worried about Warren. She likes Warren, she likes what she says, but she worries that Warren is promising things that can’t be delivered. Joy brings up WaPo op-ed by Max Boot, who outlines the horror that could happen if T45 wins re-election. Meghan argues with Joy about Max Boot for no relevant reason (shooting the messenger, not the message). Meghan takes umbrage with the never-Trumpers who would vote for liberal or progressive policies that are contrary to their conservative ideals. More blah blah. Whoopi goes to commercial.

    *Meanwhile, Democrat polling continues to be low for Bloomberg entering the race.

    Hot Topic OK Boomer


    Whoopi brings up the most out of touch advice re/Ok Boomer trend. Whoopi mentions the job application process. Abby wonders why people don’t want advice from older people, misses her Grandpa, the wisdom he offered her, tells another story about her Grandma. Whoopi goes back to resume process. Lots of things can be done online but don’t overlook or underestimate what extra efforts can accomplish. Meghan says it came from millennials frustrated that they’re blamed for the ills of the world, and that the promises that were made weren’t delivered. Explains impetus. Whoopi says it’s not the only generation that was left with less (or worse) than their predecessors. Whoopi brings up pollution in LA, that was solved by Boomers. Meghan says it’s also because T45 is a Boomer, and everyone hates him. Joy says Boomers stopped the Vietnam War. Meghan doesn’t use the term, she doesn’t like the blanket blame a group gets, brings up the same for AllRepublicans© mantra. Joy says it makes her think of asking a child, Did you go boom-boom.

    Hot Topic Jeff Goldblum



    Jeff Goldblum talks about being an Insta fashion icon and The World According to Jeff Goldblum’s World on Disney+

    Plays clip. They all feed each other’s egos with compliments. Whoopi says JG is an accomplished pianist and just released his second jazz album. He talks about performing for QEII. Says Miley Cyrus, Fiona Apple perform on his latest album. JG tells Veterans Day story. Shows old photo of him playing piano. Sunny says he celebrated his 5th anniversary with his wife, who is a contortionist. She competed in Sydney Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics. Sunny asks how they met. They have two boys, 4 yrs and 2 yrs, shows photos and video clips. JG says they met at the gym. Joy says that’s how Alec Baldwin met Hilaria.

    Sunny likes his Jurassic Park character. Shows photo of statue near Tower Bridge in London. Whoopi and JG say they’ve known each other for a million years. Abby and Joy bring up JG Insta fashion looks, shows photos. Abby brings up his new show, sometimes when you look at the ordinary, you uncover the extraordinary. JG elaborates on all the places he’s gone for the new show.

    No, he is not asked about his remarks re/[redacted bad guy]

    Hot Topic Also

    . Get well soon President Carter. He had surgery this morning to relieve pressure on the brain, that had built up from his recent falls. He is recovering well, the procedure was successful. Panel says he should stop building houses, let others take over now, and they talk about all the things he’s still involved in. [Btw he is 95 yrs old and still works more than the lazy cretin in the WH].

    . Meghan won’t be on the show the rest of the week because she’s going to the Magnisky Awards in London. ABC gave her permission to take off, it’s important to her, Putin is a bad guy, and so on. She says there’s no conspiracy, she’s not mad, not fired, nothing wrong.

    . Plug for Disney+ and everyone in audience got a one year free subscription

    Ontd have you dated anyone you met at the gym?

    Source links are below each video or section

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    Taylor Swift remixed Lover with Shawn Mendes.


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    Album is available for pre-order Friday and comes with a new song called Living Proof.


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    My ❤️...

    A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

    Austin Wilson is a model from LA. They run in similar and both knew Thomas Trussell III, who passed away in October.

    My Love🥰

    A post shared by 🌴 LA🌴 (@austingwilson) on

    Source: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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