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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    A new poster for this April's science fiction thriller Transcendence features Johnny Depp without ever showing his face or anything that actually identifies him beyond the name itself.

    This poster gives us a good look at a bunch of plus in the shaved head of Depp's Dr. Will Caster, a scientist studying the singularity, the point at which artificial intelligence outpaces human intellect, who is turned into an unspeakably advanced digital consciousness. As you might expect, the transcended version of Caster then gets up to some strange and potentially dangerous shenanigans.

    This marks the feature directorial debut of Wally Pfister, the cinematographer on almost every single Christopher Nolan movie, so we can bet that Transcendence will look sharp. Whether or not the screenplay by first-timer Jack Paglian will provide bones on which that visual meat can hang remains a mystery.  But this is a rare instance of high-profile original sci-fi. We're just hoping Transcendence has as much on its mind as it appears to.

    The film certainly has a solid cast surrounding Depp.  We're talking about the likes of Rebecca Hall, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Clifton Collins Jr., Lukas Haas, and even Paul Bettany.

    Also, if you have not seen it, here's Trailer #1:


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    Here’s your first look at Scandal‘s First Kids.

    One week after TVLine broke the news that the ABC drama would (finally) be introducing us to Fitz and Mellie’s children, Jerry and Karen, we can now exclusively report that Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll have landed the roles.

    Minnette’s TV credits include a recent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the role of Jason Isaac’s son on Awake, a recurring bit as Jack Shephard’s son on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 4 Halloween episode.

    Carroll, meanwhile, has guested on Shondaland’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, as well as played young Ben Linus’ gal pal Annie in an episode of Lost.

    Both Minnette and Carroll also appeared on The Hub’s anthology series R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.

    ABC's Scandal has added a new face for the final half of its third season.

    Homeland's Nazanin Boniadi has boarded the Shonda Rhimes political thriller, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    The actress, perhaps best known for playing FBI analyst Fara Sherazi on the third season of the Showtime drama, will recur in the final eight episodes of Scandal's third season.

    Details on Boniadi's character are being kept under wraps but she will have a heavy presence in the remainder of the season.

    SOURCE 1

    SOURCE 2

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    Last we left New Orleans, there was a new team of witches in town, and they were out for blood. Then again, that could have to do with the fact that the witches weren’t very new at all, but rather very, very old. Thanks to Celeste’s resurrection magic, she now has Bastiana and Genevieve by her side. But the question remains: Why are they looking for vengeance? What is their past with the town?

    When The Originals returns on February 25, we’ll get a glimpse into Genevieve’s (Elyse Levesque) history with Rebekah when our favorite Original sister finds herself locked in the same sanatorium where she and Genevieve once worked in 1919. As Rebekah realizes that Genevieve is out for revenge and could reveal a secret that would destroy her, Rebekah immediately flashes back to a the early days of their relationship.

    We’ve got an exclusive first look at the flashback, which puts both Rebekah and Genevieve in nursing outfits working during what one would assume is the influenza pandemic. (Could it be the same one that killed Edward Cullen?)


    Flashback eps are the best!

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    brokaw, tom 2002 300dpi
    Former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw is being treated for cancer, but doctors are very encouraged with the progress he is making, NBC said Tuesday.

    Brokaw, 74, was "diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow, in August at the Mayo Clinic," the network said.

    "His doctors are optimistic about the outcome of the treatment he is receiving, and Brokaw said he remains 'the luckiest guy I know,'" it said.

    Brokaw sat in the anchor chair of the "NBC Nightly News" from 1982 until he stepped aside in 2004 to serve as a special correspondent for the network. He joined NBC as a reporter in 1966.

    "Throughout the treatment, Brokaw has continued to work on NBC News projects, including a two-hour documentary on the assassination of JFK, appearances on 'TODAY,' 'Nightly News with Brian Williams,' 'Meet the Press' and MSNBC," the announcement said. "He is also contributing to NBC Sports coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi."


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    bonus pic of Imogen Heap at Taylor's concert. Please make music together.

    x, x

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    From DreamWorks comes this new promo image (featuring Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, Ramon Rodriguez, Harrison Gilbertson and Rami Malek) and behind-the-scenes featurette for the upcoming video game adaptation ‘Need for Speed.’ Directed by Scott Waugh and also starring Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Michael Keaton and Dakota Johnson, ‘Need for Speed’ is set for a March 14th release.


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    One thing Marvel has proved since it moved into the moviemaking arena is that it never likes to cover the same ground twice. Captain America’s second solo outing on the big screen is radically different from his first, replacing World War II-set action with modern day political intrigue, as Cap realises that 1940s values don’t necessarily apply in the 21st century.

    “Watergate was probably the seminal moment for American politics where people realised that the government had specious motives that and that you couldn’t always trust your politicians,” Captain America: The Winter Soldier co-director Joe Russo tells SFX. “It pulled a layer away that could never be replaced. And I think with Snowden and Wikileaks… to reach back to the ‘70s thrillers seemed very logical. A political thriller cannot be considered a political thriller without some sort of relevancy to what’s currently happening. If the times aren’t tumultuous, it’s not a great backdrop for a political thriller. But we are in a very tumultuous period, and we felt that even though it was a superhero film there were certain themes we could explore that were more complicated and, again, relevant.”

    As for where the boy scout-ish Cap fits into all that, Chris Evans says of his character’s arc that, “It’s about trying to come to terms with the definition of what right and wrong is. That is an emotional arc in my opinion.”


    The latest issue of SFX leads with an exclusive look at Captain America – The Winter Soldier. We interview directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who tell us how they brought the star-spangled icon into a darker century – a journey that called for a brand new look for Cap, one that ditches the familiar red, white and blue for an altogether stealthier number.

    “It was about a real world grounding approach to the character, in the spirit of Ed Brubaker’s book, which is postmodern and deconstructionist and a grounded thriller,” Joe Russo tells SFX. “We wanted to put Cap in a space where he’s a special forces operative for SHIELD who goes on missions around the world that are clandestine and sometimes require a certain level of anonymity or stealth. We wanted to use his Super Soldier outfit from the comic books as a way to represent, thematically, his place in the world of SHIELD and the difference between working for SHIELD and being Captain America. That’s something that gets explored on a very concrete level in terms of what outfits are used in the film. We didn’t feel like we were messing with the icon. People can say that they’re fans of the books if they’re only loyal to the ‘60s and ‘70s version of the character – well, then you’re a fan of that version of the character, but if you’ve been reading the books till the current runs then this is a journey that the character goes on and it’s a pretty explicit journey. We just felt like we were being faithful to the more recent issues of the books. The movie has a very thematic component in terms of the use of costumes. When you come to see the film I think you’ll understand why we made the choice we made.”


    On Captain America's old friend/new foe
    Brubaker’s tale resurrected Cap’s wartime sidekick Bucky Barnes, long believed dead but in truth an amnesiac assassin, assigned by the Soviet Union on black-ops missions. Just like the comic, the movie pits the shield-hurling Avenger against his comrade-in-arms, with all the fratricidal shiver that brings.
    "The complexity of that relationship is so exciting to us on a character level," Anthony Russo tell us. "To have a friend who is also your enemy is just really mythical, in the Star Wars sense of Darth Vader being Luke’s father. It’s a very complex emotional relationship and that excites us, because we are very character-based in how we approach our storytelling.
    One of the challenging things with Captain America is that his moral code is so strong and so clear and his strength so intense, so in order to tell a good story about a character like that you really have to find ways to threaten and undermine that character. The Winter Soldier is a great way to do that because not only on a superficial level is he a badass and equal to Cap in terms of strength, but he also has the ability to emotionally undermine Cap, and that’s really threatening. That was a fun thing to play with, to find a way for Cap to deal with that and resolve that.”

    On 70s movie influences
    "That chase sequence in The French Connection was one of the more visceral things ever put on film up to that point and it inspired a lot of people and changed the way that epeople thought about action moving forward. The other thing about 70s films is there's a certain verite to the action, and a narrative, but it's extended action. There's a walk chase in The French Connection that goes on for six or seven minutes, with very little dialogue, but you're following a very compelling narrative. It's an art form that De Palma used to execute brilliantly but hasn't been in movies recently. We thought it was a great opportunity to exploit that, so we have a really protracted car chase sequence that goes on for almost 10 minutes."

    On Cap adjusting to the present day
    "He's doing well with it," laughs Joe Russo. "It was really important to us early on - we talked about this with Chris and with Marvel - that we did not want to do the caveman lawyer from Saturday Night Live, who says 'How do I work this cellhone?' I think the conflict of the film is that some of the values he's trying to bring forward from the greatest generation are in complete conflict with the Miley Cyrus generation. And this movie is really about 'Is he going to be able to pull those values in the present or not?'"

    On real world parallels
    "The morality of drone technology is at the heart of this movie and also the concept of whistleblowing," says Joe Russo. "And the concept of pre-emptive strikes is in there," adds Anthony. "And a lot of the most complex moral issues in terms of the state of the world and the state of the security of the world. These are things that challenge Cap in a very strong way, especially as he's coming from a place in time when things were very black and white, Nazis vs. Allies." It sounds refreshingly bold for a blockbuster franchise, lobbing its steadfast 40s icon into the era of Assange and NSA surveillance scandals.

    scans from the magazinehere


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    Once again we stand in vigil while gazing at the broadcast schedule, watching and waiting to see which prime-time series will be the next to … snuff it.

    Morbid, we know.

    Here’s a status update on nearly all the current shows on the five broadcast networks. Though ratings are still key, a show’s fate is increasingly impacted by other factors: ABC’s Revenge would likely get axed if it weren’t for its impressive DVR numbers. The CW’s Reign has improved odds because of it’s co-produced in-house and ABC’s Neighbors may survive because the bar is lower on Fridays. So we spoke with insiders to try and craft an accurate prognosis for each show. Let’s start with …


    How I Met Your Mother: Nice to meet you, mom! You kids have a nice life.

    2 Broke Girls: Nothing broken here. Look for the girls to keep on serving.

    Mike & Molly: Its numbers are just as good as New Girl, which is considered a “hit” at Fox. Since it’s from CBS’ MVP Chuck Lorre, it’s likely to earn another season.

    Mom: See Mike & Molly.

    Intelligence: Awfully dumb ratings, though adds 3 million viewers from DVRs. Too early to call.

    Hostages: Nice CBS attempt to break out of its procedural drama grind, but it’s finished.

    NCIS: No brainer.

    NCIS: LA: Ditto

    Person of Interest: Ditto squared.

    Elementary: Ditto tripled.

    Survivor: RENEWED Never has a show been more appropriately titled.

    Criminal Minds: Fans just can’t enough of murdered women.

    CSI: As long as Leslie Moonves is at CBS, CSI has a home.

    Big Bang Theory: Of course.

    The Millers: A pretty good shot.

    The Crazy Ones: A relatively strong performer. Looks promising.

    Two and a Half Men: A huge question mark given its falling ratings and high price tag.

    Hawaii Five-0: A fine Friday night show for Joe Lunchpail. It’ll stick around.

    Blue Bloods: Same as above, and recently hitting a series high in viewers didn’t hurt.

    Amazing Race: No finish line in sight.

    The Good Wife: Demo ratings are weak, but the show’s acclaim has guaranteed it a renewal.

    The Mentalist: With Red John (the show’s big villain) dead, the veteran drama now has to creatively reboot. Must come back after the Olympics and perform well to keep its spot.


    Sleepy Hollow: RENEWED

    Bones: RENEWED

    Glee: RENEWED

    The Simpsons: RENEWED

    MasterChef Jr: RENEWED

    Bob’s Burgers: RENEWED

    Family Guy: Will return.

    The Following: Fewer following The Following, but Fox finagling a pickup.

    Almost Human: Short circuited in the Nielsens and pricey too. Fox will abort.

    Dads: We keep thinking this critically reviled comedy is dead. We keep hearing it’s not.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Soft numbers, but its ratings are now irrelevant — Fox put it after the Super Bowl and it won the Golden Globe for best comedy series. It’s assured a pickup.

    The Mindy Project: Could use some self-improvement. Too soon to tell.

    New Girl: Numbers are way down, but Zooey and Co. are still the network’s signature comedy.

    American Idol: Yup, especially with fans not throwing things at their TVs this cycle. And new judge Harry Connick Jr is pretty charming.

    Raising Hope: On the bubble. Feels like a show nobody talks about anymore.

    Enlisted: Unlikely to re-enlist, unless the boys manage to maintain at least a semi-decent Friday number.

    American Dad: Moving to TBS.

    Rake: It’s still early but … we’re hearing it’s probably dead.

    The X Factor: CANCELED.


    The Bachelor: There are still plenty of single women willing to embarrass themselves on TV.

    Dancing with the Stars: No plans to stop the music for at least one more cycle.

    Castle: Currently enjoying its best season ever. Hell yes it’ll be back.

    Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Ambitious but disappointing. Surprisingly not a lock to return.

    The Goldbergs: Not as ambitious but also disappointing. Straddles the fence.

    Trophy Wife: Same.

    The Middle: The family will stay intact.

    Suburgatory: It’s not a beautiful day in this neighborhood. On the bubble.

    Super Fun Night: Time to give up on this project, but not Rebel Wilson. She’ll be back on TV — just not in this.

    The Taste: Bland to the tongue.

    Grey’s Anatomy: Seattle Grace Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital will stay open.

    Modern Family: Strong as oak.

    Scandal: No shocking twist this season; Fitz and Liv will be back.

    Nashville: Considered a “DVR hit.” Yup, that’s a thing now. Will likely return.

    Revenge: Ditto.

    Last Man Standing: Against the tide because ABC doesn’t own it.

    The Neighbors: With the tide because ABC owns it.

    Shark Tank: Perfect Friday show and all-around utility player that recently hit a record high.

    Once Upon a Time: Having its weakest season in the ratings, but Storybrooke has more tales to tell.

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: If you think a renewal is certain, you’re living in a fantasy land.

    Betrayal: ABC wants to forget this torrid affair ever happened.


    The Blacklist: RENEWED (NBC execs probably dream of doing nothing all day long but renewing this show over and over again).

    The Voice: This one, too.

    Biggest Loser: Will squeeze in another season.

    Chicago Fire: Lots more blazes for the hotties to put out.

    Chicago PD: The cops aren’t as popular as the firemen, but will probably stick around.

    Revolution: Tough call. It’s owned by a rival studio, which doesn’t help. Perhaps a 13-episode season?

    Law & Order: SVU: Should coast into another under-the-radar renewal.

    Parks and Recreation: There’s nothing funny about NBC’s comedy block performance. Unless you consider failure funny, because then it’s hilarious. Parks is the best of the worst and will return.

    Community: Would five seasons and a movie be okay? Definitely got a fair chance, though…

    The Michael J. Fox Show: NBC got dizzy from spinning its decision to yank Fox from its schedule. Will the remaining episodes air? Probably. Will it return next season? You can bet your house against it.

    Sean Saves the World: NBC didn’t even try to spin this one — CANCELED.

    Parenthood: Modestly heroic numbers against strong competition with almost no lead-in. Will return for another generation.

    Grimm: NBC still wants a Friday thriller block and Grimm remains the key.

    Hannibal: Since season 2 hasn’t yet debuted in its new time slot, it’s far too early to say.

    Dracula: Probably won’t rise again, yet NBC isn’t count-count-counting it out.


    Supernatural: The CW’s president says the show can continue as long as it wants with these numbers.

    Arrow: Definitely.

    The Vampire Diaries: Assured.

    The Originals: Can’t kill the vamps.

    Reign: Looking pretty good for business-y reasons — CBS runs production on this show and is a co-owner of The CW. Plus, first-year Reign has more potential to improve than, say, Beauty, which is about to burn through its second chance.

    Hart of Dixie: The CW wants to see how it does on Fridays starting in March. It must at least beat how The Carrie Diaries performed in the slot.

    Beauty and the Beast: Not quite dead yet. Has a shot at a short-order, if only because The CW likes to give their multi-year shows some final seasons.

    Tomorrow People: Future doesn’t look bright.

    Carrie Diaries: Almost certainly done. Don’t wake us up before you go-go.



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    Here come the grooms! Reza Farahan and fiancé Adam Neely revealed the surprise news of their engagement Wednesday (the star popped the question back in August) and the couple have already started thinking about their big day.

    "We're just now starting to discuss the actual wedding," Reza tells the Dish. "And I can tell you that it will definitely be a small and intimate affair."

    As for a location, Reza and Adam are thinking of making it a destination wedding. "It'll most likely be somewhere exotic!" he says.

    Still, the pair are in no rush to tie the knot. They've been keeping busy by renovating their new condo; they have yet to set a date. "That is still up in the air," he says. "Stay tuned!"

    Over the last few seasons of Shahs, fans have watched as Reza has struggled with his family accepting his sexuality. But he says that his relationship with his parents—and his partner-to-be—have improved. "They adore Adam," Reza said.

    And he's thrilled to start the next chapter with Adam: "I finally met the love of my life...I've lived my life with one foot in and the other out. [Getting engaged] was the catalyst for me to shut the door on my whoreish ways for good!"

    Lilly Ghalichi Hangs Out With Joanna Krupa!

    Say what you will about Bravolebrities, but they seem to have some sort of reality sisterhood of the traveling famewhores bond. Where there's one, there's usually two or three more..and a camera, of course! Lilly Ghalichi, Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago were spotted hanging out in L.A., having a lunch date (and an impromptu photo shoot).

    Joanna has been angling for a reality TV project closer to her "real" home in L.A. She's hinted that she'd love to boot Brandi Glanville's ass to the curb and join up with the ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Joanna has also been spending a lot of time with Lilly lately, so maybe she's shifted her sights and is presently sifting through Ancestry.com as we speak, hoping to find a distant relative born in Iran so she can join Shahs of Sunset with her new bestie. I would actually pay good money to see Joanna give Reza a Miami-style smackdown. Or to watch a Joanna Vs. MJ drink off!

    Or maybe Joanna and Lilly are hoping Bravo will give them their own show, Glam Girls of the Hollywood Hills (meh, that's not a good one..we need to brainstorm a fitting title). Although, I'm not sure Lilly has time for filming because she spends 80% of her day in the makeup chair while her Ghalichi Glam Squad gets her ready for the day, as she OD's us on selfies and swimsuit sales.

    Pascale of 100 Days of Summer talks season one!

    Bravo has several new hit shows in 2014 and one of them is 100 Days of Summer. Examiner was given the opportunity to talk to Pascale Wellin via e-mail and find out details on the show including information about season two. Here is what she had to say today:

    Rumors are flying that this show was filmed almost two years ago. Is that true?
    It is. It was filmed two summers ago.

    What is your jewelry line and how can your fans find it?
    The line is a collaboration between my mother and I. We design custom made jewelry. Our pieces have a very industrial feel to them, and they are available by inquiry at pascale@winchesterjewelry.com

    How did you end up on "100 Days of Summer"?
    I grew up in Chicago, my entire life at the time was in that city and as such I had a large social network there. One of my acquaintances, Vince Anzalone, approached me about a show documenting young professionals in Chicago and it peeked my interest. We all knew one another to varying degrees, but Vince is the one who really brought us all together.

    What are you most excited for fans to see this season?
    I always think it's fascinating to see how real relationships change, that's what makes reality tv shows so addicting. And a lot of changes happen throughout our season. Friendships fall apart, new ones form, love grows, businesses succeed and fail to varying degrees. All during a summer in Chicago. Have you been to Chicago in the summer? It's amazing. The city is beautiful, and its people come alive.

    What can fans expect to see the rest of the season?
    There's drama to be sure, but I try and stay out of it as best as I can. What transpired earlier in the summer really was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to focus on what was most important to me, which is my mother's and my jewelry line. Our work takes some twists and turns, but I close out the season with a happy ending, and you can't beat that.

    Is there any news on season 2 yet? If so, would you be interested in doing it again?
    No news yet, but I can say hands down now that I would be 100% interested in filming another season.

    RealityTea, Examiner, BravoTV

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  • 02/11/14--17:36: Celebrity food post
  • Pic of celebs and their food/drinks from the past week or so.
    Snoop Dogg eating while his dog sadly stares:
    Zedd buys a shit ton of McDonald's food:

    Has breakfast in Germany:

    Drew Barrymore eating during Fashion Week:

    Kelly Rowland has healthy breakfast:

    Mindy Kaling wants pie:

    Ellie Goulding likes little bananas:

    Laura Prepon has a drink:

    Shakira eats a donut:

    Danielle Brooks has chocolate and wine:

    Angela Kinsey's Sunday night snacks and treats:

    Chrissy Teigen and her friend have paella for girl's night:

    Chrissy makes chicken:

    Oprah harvests kale, cabbage, spinach, onions, celery, lettuce, cilantro, lemons, limes, and oranges:

    Kourtney Kardashian does some "pre-Valentine's Day" baking:

    Kendall Jenner eats French toast topped with warm caramel and Rice Krispies:

    Raven Symone's "period food:"

    Avril Lavigne has these treats in Tokyo:

    Lupita Nyong'o has sukuma wiki:

    Eats some treats at the nominee luncheon for the Oscars:

    Kacey Musgraves drinks some of this:

    Mac Miller has carrying some tequila shots:

    "Still going strong" on the tequila:

    Drinks some more:

    Has some 5 Guys:

    Daddy Yankee's birthday cake:

    Round one of Don Omar's birthday. Shots:

    Round two:

    Round three, lobster bisque:

    Marlon Wayans eats this. Says he's "bout that unhealthy life:"

    Jared leto eats popcorn:

    Makes pancakes:

    The result of his attempt at making vegan pancakes:

    Making pancakes again:

    Nicky Hilton has a banana split:

    Has a pizza:

    Christina Milian has ceviche served in a cracked coconut cabbage avacado & jicama salad and fresh Habanero hot sauce, and a side of fresh coconut water:

    Emmy Rossum has a lollipop:

    Eva Longoria and Liya Kebede struggling to make tea:

    The treats a Gwen Stefani's baby shower:

    Gwen eating cake:

    Britney Spears' sister eats this:

    Makes her own iced green tea:

    Has tea again:

    Sources: 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940

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    Fans were treating the wax figures of One Direction members Louis Tomlinson, center, and Liam Payne, second from right, like they would the real thing during an unveiling ceremony at Madame Tussauds in Tokyo on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

    Kisses, hugs and even selfies were the order of the day as the British lads managed to hold a pose through it all. Let's hope wax One Direction holds up in Tokyo better than wax Justin Bieber fared in the U.S. The Biebs display at Madame Tussauds in New York had to be removed because repeated handling by fans over the years degraded the figure. According to the museum, "It no longer does justice either to the star or to the attraction," the New York Post reported.

    forever haunted by wax liam...

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    "Only Lovers Left Alive" Official Soundtrack Tracklisting

    01. Streets Of Detroit - SQÜRL
    02. Funnel Of Love - SQÜRL (featuring Madeline Follin)
    03. Sola Gratia (Part 1) - Jozef Van Wissem& SQÜRL
    04. The Taste Of Blood - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
    05. Diamond Star - SQÜRL
    06. Please Feel Free To Piss In The Garden - SQÜRL
    07. Spooky Action At A Distance - SQÜRL
    08. Streets Of Tangier - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
    09. In Templum Dei - Jozef Van Wissem (featuring Zola Jesus)
    10. Sola Gratia (Part 2) - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
    11. Our Hearts Condemn Us - Jozef Van Wissem
    12. Hal - Yasmine Hamdan
    13. Only Lovers Left Alive - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL
    14. This Is Your Wilderness - Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL


    Perfect moody soundtrack for chilling out or even making out... Bless! <3

    And the Tompocalypse continues... There is basically no end in sight.

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    Evgeni Plushenko, the cocky thatch-headed Russian who most in the know about figure skating would agree is currently the best male figure skater in the world, has a history of performing athletic, colorful routines. Turns out, his most notorious silly routine is even better when remixed with Ginuwine's notorious sex jam "Pony."
    This routine, believe it or not, is a real thing that Plushenko first performed during the 2005-2006 season, although due to the fact that the costume involves airbrushed-on fake muscles and removable stripper pants and running into the audience to kiss ladies on the hands, he performed it in exhibitions and not competitions. The soundtrack to the piece, as originally performed, was "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones.
    Obviously, the addition of "Pony" by greasy 90's R&B star Ginuwine makes this a billion times better, as adding "Pony" to anything makes everything — cooking, driving, showering, waiting in line at the DMV — a billion times better (ironically enough, the only thing made worse by the addition of a "Pony" soundtrack is actual sex).
    Plushenko won't be competing for the coveted individual men's gold until this Thursday, February 13th and Friday, February 14th. He's heavily favored to win. But, thanks to the existence of this video, we've all already won. Bless you, Evgeni Plushenko, and bless you, Ginuwine. Wherever you are.


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    Amy Poehler is one of funniest, smartest gals in Hollywood.

    As a girl living in the suburbs of Boston, Amy Poehler was in a big hurry to grow up. "I dressed like a professional businesswoman from Working Girl when I was in seventh grade," she recalls. "I wore shoulder pads and sneakers as if I were commuting to an office. I even did the Jane Fonda workout. I was a woman on the go with ankle weights, even though I probably only weighed 92 pounds."

    Fast-forward a few decades and it's clear that Poehler's youthful determination paid off. After cofounding the Chicago-based comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, in 1990, she went on to become a breakout star on Saturday Night Live, creator and star of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and coheadliner with pal Tina Fey in movies (Baby Mama, Mean Girls) and as host of the Golden Globes. When she's not acting, she's producing her web series, Smart Girls at the Party, which helps empower tweens and teens, and she's working on a book of funny essays. She also has two sons, Archie, 5, and Abel, 3, with actor Will Arnett, from whom she split in 2012 after nine years of marriage.
    We caught up with Poehler, 42, when she had a rare moment of downtime and asked her how she juggles it all (even though that's one of her least-favorite questions). "I just did a movie junket and reporters kept asking me, 'Amy, how do you balance everything?' I started saying things like, 'You have to be realistic about how much you can get done in a day,' and all that stuff. But then I was like, 'Why don't you ask the guy actors sitting next to me that same question? They have kids, too!'?"


    Honestly, my dream would be that I wake up every morning and someone gently leads me to my closet and shows me what I'm going to wear that day. I also want to invent a shower bed, which I can't believe hasn't been invented yet. It's a bed where you pull a cord and water pours down on you like you're Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. So I save time wherever I can. I shower while I'm lying in my bed and I have robots pick out my clothes.

    My therapist gave me a good visual metaphor that I use a lot: I picture a refrigerator and on the refrigerator are six magnets. Each magnet says things like: relationship, kids, health, work, money, fun with friends -- whatever. Every day you can really only put three magnets on the refrigerator. You're not going to be able to use all of them. Like today is about my work, my children, and my health. Then the week goes by and you're like, "I haven't used my 'fun with friends' magnet in weeks!" So I try to approach it that way.

    Honestly, I'd like to tell you that Smart Girls was my intent to change minds and move the needle but it wasn't. I just thought it would be fun to do an interview show where we talk to young girls and have a Charlie Rose round table and take everything as seriously as they take it. I connect to that age. I've learned a lot about myself by talking to young girls.

    Young girls feel passionate about things. They remind me that it's okay to really care -- and that cynicism and sarcasm are an easy choice. I also learned that age 12 is a lot different from 13. When kids turn 13, they don't want to dance with their parents as much.

    My parents were public school teachers. We lived in Burlington, Massachusetts, an idyllic, lower-middle-class suburb of Boston. My family [Poehler has a younger brother, Greg] was very witty and quick and you kind of had to keep up. My dad will tell you I got all of my comedy from him.

    When I was young I would go to a party, have a good time and take pictures of my friends and me. A week later I would go to the drugstore and get the pictures that had been developed. Any pictures I didn't like I might rip up and throw away. These days everyone's moments are forever. You're a young girl and you make a shortsighted choice to send someone a naked picture of yourself and now that picture lives forever. We've all made stupid mistakes. The difference is that our mistakes were not for everyone to see.


    I think the hardest thing is to know what you want, ask for it, and then to stop talking. Early on I worked hard to figure out what I wanted to do -- and that I only wanted to do work that I would be proud of. When I was in my 20s I went on an audition for a lottery commercial in Chicago. They said, "Tell us your most embarrassing moment." I said, "What kind of commercial is this?" They were like, "We want to get to know you." I said, "No, I don't want to tell you my most embarrassing moment on camera." They looked at me like, "If you want to be in this f---ing business, you'd better tell us your most embarrassing moment on camera for this lottery commercial!" Sometimes I laugh when I think about how sure of myself I was at 21, 22.

    I will go back to SNL anytime they need me. I've been a fan of the show since I was born. But I would love to see Hillary Clinton run. I would love to watch that campaign.

    I think so. She came on the show once. It's always weird to stand next to someone when you're impersonating them. I honestly didn't do a very good Hillary Clinton. I just did a take on her, because I don't do impressions that well. But I found her to be warm, funny and really smart.

    People always want to know where your children are in relation to you. So if I'm in New York [Poehler has homes in New York City and Los Angeles] people go, "Are they here?" And it's like, "Of course they're with me. They're wherever I am unless I'm working for a couple days and then they're not with me. And no, they're not at this party because I'm an adult. And this party is for adults." But age gives you a couple of things: One, you get better at not taking everything people say personally. Two, you learn those types of questions are more about the person asking them than they are about you. And three, you realize no one can make you feel bad about your choices without your permission.

    Most of the women in your life will outlast the men in your life. The SNL ladies -- Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Tina -- and I text pictures of our kids back and forth all the time. It keeps us connected. As my nanny used to say, the older you get the more important it is to know people that knew you when. I also like hanging out with women who are older than me. I like asking them how they navigate life, what they've learned. I respond to people telling me about their experiences rather than telling me what to do. That's the Boston in me. That's why I'm not very good with personal trainers.

    Personal trainers are people who yell at you to keep pushing. I'm like, "No, you keep pushing!" My idea of the perfect exercise class is this: The teacher gives us all a hug and goes, "You did it! You showed up! Let's lie down." We all lie down and she's like, "How is everybody feeling?" We're like, "Great!" And the teacher's like, "Great!" Then we all get to leave 20 minutes early.




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    Leonardo DiCaprio flashes a smile as he hits the red carpet at The Hollywood Reporter’s 2014 Nominees Night Party held at Spago on Monday (February 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    That same evening, the 39-year-old actor attended the Variety Screening Series of his film The Wolf of Wall Street at ArcLight Hollywood with co-star Jonah Hill and writer Terence Winter.

    Over the weekend, Leo and Jonah, 30, attended the 2014 ADG Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel to pay tribute to their director Martin Scorsese.

    10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and others at THR’s Nominees Night Party 2014…



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    Though there's still no telling just when Feist will follow up her Polaris Music Prize-winning Metals, fans will get to see the celebrated singer-songwriter up close and personal with her current catalogue over a series of solo dates this spring.

    Feist's pun-loaded "The Mettle Tour" will find the artist performing without a back-up band for a quick stretch of dates, meaning tracks like booming Metal pieces "The Bad in Each Other" or "A Commotion," if in the set list, will be significantly stripped down. Out of the four concerts booked this spring, only the tour opener takes place in Canada, over at Halifax's Rebecca Cohn Auditorium on April 7.

    You'll find the rest of the details down below.

    Tour dates:

    04/07 Halifax, NS - Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
    04/09 Northampton, MA - Calvin Theatre
    04/10 Tarrytown, NY - The Tarrytown Music Hall
    04/11 Portsmouth, NH - The Historic Theater

    Tarrytown. Really, bish?!


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    The CW's 'Flash' Casts Original Barry Allen in Mysterious Role

    John Wesley Shipp, who played the title character in CBS' 1990s series "The Flash," has boarded the project.

    Barry Allen, meet Barry Allen.

    The CW's The Flash has snagged Dawson's Creek star John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the early 1990s CBS television series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    Shipp will guest star in the pilot playing a mysterious character. Details for his character are being kept close to the vest. If the proposed Arrow spinoff receives a series order, his role would expand to recurring status.

    Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen/The Flash in The CW pilot, which serves as an origin story similar in vein to Arrow. Barry -- introduced in Arrow's two-part winter finale in December -- is a Central City assistant police forensic investigator who visits Starling City to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past. Through a freak accident, he is given the power of super speed that transforms him into the fastest man alive.

    The news comes as the Flash pilot nears the end of its casting process. Shipp joins a cast that includes Tom Cavanagh as physics "rock star" Harrison Wells; Jesse L. Martin as Detective West; Candice Patton as West's daughter and Barry's love interest Iris; Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, a bioengineering expert; and Rick Cosnett as Detective Eddie Thawne. This leaves one main role open: Hartley Rathaway.

    Arrow's Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and director David Nutter will serve as executive producers on Warner Bros. TV's eyed spinoff. Berlanti, Kreisberg and DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns will write the pilot script, with Nutter directing. Melissa Kellner Berman will serve as co-executive producer.

    Flash was originally slated for a backdoor pilot on Arrow airing in the second half of the season, similar to how The Vampire Diaries helped launch spinoff The Originals last year. The change in tune is an effort for Flash to debut "with a bang like we launched Arrow," The CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters in January at the TCA winter press tour.

    CBS' The Flash aired 22 episodes during the 1990-91 season, getting the ax after struggling against tough competition from Fox and NBC's strong Thursday primetime lineups before being relegated to Saturdays.

    Shipp, repped by Stewart Talent, starred as patriarch Mitch Leery in The WB's Dawson's Creek and most recently recurred on MTV's Teen Wolf as Isaac's father.

    here's a reminder:


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    Shia LaBeouf put on the weirdest art show in L.A. today by silently confronting fans one by one, offering them a variety of odd objects -- like whiskey and a ukelele -- all while looking like he'd been crying for days.

    We have no explanation for why Shia set this up, but the show was titled "#IAMSORRY" ... and we sent one of our camera guys inside for a first person account:

    "I walk into the gallery. A lady is standing behind a table with an assortment of different items apparently related to his life: whip [from "Indiana Jones"], a Transformer [from "Transformers"], Jack Daniels [he likes to drink?], bouquet of daisies, cologne, pink ukulele, etc. I pick the bottle of Jack and the lady escorts me to the next room separated by a curtain."

    "Shia is sitting down, paper bag on his head, hands firmly planted on the table. I introduce myself, offer him tacos. No response. I tell him I find the bag to be distracting and if he'd be willing to take it off. He obliges."

    "His eyes are red and puffy as if his cat just died."

    "I tell him this all seems incredibly self-serving. No response. I ask him to share a swig of whiskey with me. No response. I ask him if any slimy characters have put their lips on the bottle -- he breaks into a wide smile. Then immediately his face returns to its regular stoic self."

    "I tell him I think he's a good actor who's wildly misunderstood. I ask him if I can take a picture. No response. I say I'm a nice guy, please don't punch me in the face. I take a picture. He doesn't move. I thank him for his time and extend my hand -- he shakes it. I leave."

    That's it. Perfect follow-up to his "seagulls" press conference.

    We'll be having nightmares for weeks.


    his a#RTpop could mean anything

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Greta Gerwig has landed the leading role on the How I Met Your Mother spin-off How I Met Your Dad, TVGuide.com has learned.

    From HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, as well as Up All Night creator Emily Spivey, the comedy pilot tells a brand new story from the point of a view of a woman named Sally (Gerwig).

    Sally is described as a female Peter Pan, who has never grown up and has no idea of where she's going in life. She has just figured out that she has nothing in common with her husband of less than a year. A breakup is inevitable, but Sally will find a solid circle of support in her friends and family, who are often too willing to give "good" advice that can backfire badly. Meanwhile, Sally must sift through the input and decide what's best for her.

    Gerwig, who will also write and produce HIMYD, was most recently received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy for her performance in Frances Ha.

    How I Met Your Dad is slated to shoot its pilot in Los Angeles, but will move production to New York should the comedy be picked up to series.


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    Thoughts on tonight's episode???


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