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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    -After a very disappointing Season 1 finale, Titans has left us with an after credits scene that is sure to get people hyped for Season 2.

    -So what was the after credits scene you ask?

    -Kon-El aka Superboy breaks out of his containment tube and retrieves Krypto the super dog and leaves.

    -While the show has no problem being ultra dark, they do have a problem showing full frontal as they blurred out Kon-Els penis

    Source: 12
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Overall thoughts on the finale and season as a whole?

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    Brit uploaded some more rehearsal footage from her upcoming show 'Domination' which opens in February. In the new clips Brit teased choreography for her iconic hit Slave 4 U as well as for two Glory album cuts, Do You Wanna Come Over and the French-sung Coupure Electrique (!) #justiceforGlory

    And before we embark on a new residency a moment for the old one! The final stats are in for Piece of Me which made serious bank over a five year period.

    ONTD are you ready for the return of Vegasney?

    Source 1: https://twitter.com/boxofficetours/status/1074778776976928768
    Source 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/Brl2JIsgZe9/

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    Chrissy Teigen is facing backlash on social media after people dug up her old tweets where she mocks self harm, complains about trans people, and slut shames several celebrities and public figures. In one particular tweet she complains about America's Next Top Model having too many "trannys", in another she mocks Lindsay Lohan's self harm, and jokes about feeling like Lady Gaga "but with lady parts".

    The hashtag "ChrissyTeigenIsOverParty" was trending last night.

    Some tweets have already been deleted, but Chrissy has yet to respond or apologize.

    Source, Source

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    - This has been a successful year for J.Lo, since she received this year's MTV Vanguard Award. She also finished her Las Vegas residency show, "All I Have," this year after performing 130 shows in 2 years. She was also named as one of Time's "100 Most Influential People in the World."
    - Businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez, recently released two music videos the same week she released her movie, "Second Act," with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, and best friend, Leah Remini.
    - She recently collaborated with Casper Magico, Nio Garcia, Cosculluela, and Wisin y Yandel for "Te Bote (Pt. II)."
    - She also released her video for "Limitless," which was penned by Sia. This is J.Lo's first video that she directed (explains the heavy, unnecessary green screen). Her daughter, Emme, makes a cameo playing a younger version of her.
    - Girl has yet to release that Spanish album, "Por Primera Vez," she spoke of...

    Source 1 and Source 2

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    Cheekbones, "blingy" eyes, and an actual makeup bible: Kim Kardashian West does her full beauty glam just in time for the holidays.


    Beauty Post // How have your beauty routine changed during the year??

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    Steve Buscemi plays God, Daniel Radcliffe plays an angel.


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    Here are some of the best horror films I watched this year; they're not necessarily films that were released this year. My rules for narrowing them down were that: It had to be a horror movie new to me, I had to rate it 4 stars or higher on Letterboxd, and no big-name 2018 releases. (So no Suspiria, Annihilation, Hereditary, etc.) I loved those movies but I wanted to the list to be more interesting. So, here they are, in no particular order:

    9Nk7EL.jpgP2 (2007)

    Franck Khalfoun

    Angela, a corporate climber, gets stuck working late on Christmas Eve and finds herself the target of an unhinged security guard. With no help in sight, the woman must overcome physical and psychological challenges to survive.

    I feel like every other horror fan here has already seen this movie, but it was new to me. I don't know why I never watched it before, but I really enjoyed it! If you're in the mood to watch cat-and-mouse horror in a confined place (the movie takes place almost entirely in the parking garage) then this is for you! Also, the setting is Christmas Eve, so it's timely. (BTW I may make a Christmas horror movie post soon.)

    Frankenfish (2004)

    Mark A.Z. Dippé

    When the body of a man is found completely destroyed in the swamps in Louisiana, the medical investigator Sam Rivers is assigned to investigate the murder. He travels with the biologist Mary Callahan to the location where the victim lived in a floating house and he meets his family and friends. They find that Chinese snake-heads genetically engineered that belong to a wealthy hunter are attacking and killing the locals. While the group fights to survive, the hunter Jeff arrives with his team to hunt the predators.

    I know the synopsis for Frankenfish sounds dumb, and that poster is ridiculous, but it's actually a really fun creature feature with an outstanding cast.

    rPSERd.jpgLate Phases (2014)

    Adrián García Bogliano

    When deadly attacks from the forests beset a secluded retirement community, it is up to a grizzled veteran to figure what the residents are hiding.

    A fun werewolf movie that's also a character study. Given the budget I think the film did a great job at showing the werewolf transformation and use of practical effects instead of CGI.

    Lake Nowhere (2014)

    Christopher Phelps, Maxim Van Scoy

    Inspired by the dusty days of VHS, LAKE NOWHERE is preceded by original trailers & commercials, replicating the experience of watching a long lost bootleg tape. When a group of friends arrive at a desolate lakeside cabin, they are stalked and murdered by a Masked Maniac, whose lust for blood transcends our world. This age-old tale of senseless slaughter quickly spirals into the realm of supernatural horror and classic monster movies, as we learn the true power that lies within LAKE NOWHERE.

    Lake Nowhere is a gory slasher that clocks in under an hour long and actually pulls off its retro look! I loved that it had that old VHS tape feel to it. I previously posted it in my 13 Horror Movies to Watch This Summer so if you're looking for more recs there are a lot there.

    The Haunting (1963)

    Robert Wise

    Dr. Markway, doing research to prove the existence of ghosts, investigates Hill House, a large, eerie mansion with a lurid history of violent death and insanity.

    An adaptation of the The Haunting of Hill House that's gorgeously shot in black and white and well-acted. Fans of the novel will appreciate the film!

    A Self-Induced Hallucination (2018)

    Dan Schoenbrun

    “All I’ll share about A SELF-INDUCED HALLUCINATION is this: it’s about the internet, and it’s quite strange.”

    This archival documentary is made up entirely of YouTube clips about Slenderman. It's fascinating and utterly creepy. It's free to watch online, you can read more about it and see it here.

    The Wailing (2016)

    Director: Na Hong-jin

    A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.

    I put this movie off for a while because of the runtime, but once I started watching it the time flew by and honestly I was ready to watch it again. This is a film that you'll want to immediately discuss afterwards and there are a lot of great discussion threads on Reddit if you're interested.

    Cam (2018)

    Daniel Goldhaber

    A young camgirl discovers that she’s inexplicably been replaced on her site with an exact replica of herself.

    Currently available to stream on Netflix. Madeline Brewer is so good in this! I know a lot of ONTDers have watched the film so feel free to discuss in comments (using spoiler cuts if necessary). Previously discussed in my ranking of Fantasia Fest films.

    The Devil’s Doorway (2018)

    Aislinn Clarke

    In the autumn of 1960, Father Thomas Riley and Father John Thornton were sent by the Vatican to investigate a miraculous event in an Irish home for ‘fallen women’, only to uncover something much more horrific.

    Excellent found footage; definitely succeeds at feeling like you're really watching something from 1960. There were plenty scenes that were genuinely creepy and frightening. Also, it was directed by a woman!

    The Brood (1979)

    David Cronenberg

    A man tries to uncover an unconventional psychologist's therapy techniques on his institutionalized wife, amidst a series of brutal murders.

    I watched about a handful of Cronenberg films this year and I pretty much liked them all. I'm going with this one over something like The Fly as I think this one is less known. It's a classic in body horror; I'm mad at myself for not having seen it sooner! If you like horror movies with creepy kids then definitely watch this. The climax of the film is iconic, so don't get spoiled on what happens!

    Other films that were close, but didn't make the cut:Scarecrows (1988); Summer of '84 (2018); Afflicted (2013); Southbound (2015); Crush the Skull (2015); Bad Ben (2016); Hell House LLC (2015); The Night Eats the World (2018); Black Death (2010).

    SOURCES 12345678910
    Graphic made using icons made by Roundicons from www.flaticon.com, under a Creative Commons license.

    An excuse for a horror movie post! Let's talk about the ones we liked (or didn't like) this year. Doesn't have to be new releases.

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    • German-born actor Diane Kruger (born Diane Heidkrüger) was interviewed by Vulture.
    • She was asked about being a contemporary German actor during a time when there always seems to be a new Nazi movie coming out in Hollywood.
    • Her response: "I’ve been offered so many Nazi roles. You couldn’t believe. And I’ve never really wanted to do it. I’ll only do it if it’s more obtuse. Like with (Welcome to) Marwen. Same with Inglourious Basterds. I never had any desire to be in that kind of movie to be honest, for obvious reasons, and I feel like it’s been done to death. How many movies do we need to see about that? That’s just my opinion. But watch, next year I’ll be in more Nazi movies, I’m sure." She also adds: "What more do we need to say about that time?"
    • Read the whole interview at the source.

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    Sometimes, the best way to get your message across to the masses is to do it...in song.
    Don’t Copy That Floppy
    The Corp: Software Publishers Association (Before its Merger with the Information Industry Association)
    Yes, floppy. While we wait for screeners to become avaliable to us armchair film critics, let’s take a walk back nearly 26 years ago when little pixelly games by developers like Maxis and Sierra were being stolen on floppy disks.
    Enter M.E Hart, a lawyer, aka MC Double Def P, aka the dude in the video, who encourages students to not steal someone’s hard work. The nearly 10-minute long video is interspersed with interviews from software developers going “So, please don’t steal our craft?”

    The entire video reeks so heavily of the 90s, I love it.
    I was always more fond of the sequel, Don’t Copy That Floppy 2, that now had CDs (How quaint!) and still had MC Double Def P.
    He made a couple of clicks,
    he thought his game was on lock,
    until a uniformed man,
    came at his door with a knock,
    now he’s got nothing to say,
    he’s petrified and he’s shocked
    he was the king of the town,
    now he's the laugh of the block.
    Here’s to a third ieteration where he pleads with us to not steal DLC, because you will be arrested, thrown and jail, and probably beaten up for stealing media.
    Hot Drinks
    The Corp: Wendy’s
    While known for hashtag epic clapbacks on the Twitterverse and not supporting their farmworkers (tw: sexual abuse), Wendy’s was always ahead of the curve when it came to appealing to The Youth.
    There are actually plenty of these, ranging in genre from odd-soul to chill, tunes that would make Paul Hardcastle proud, and bonafied short films.
    But the most popular one by far was Hot Drinks;
    “Hot drinks, really get you going,
    warms up you, when you feel you’re slowing,
    Wendy’s, where we always serve it right away,
    add a smile and have a nice day~”
    Featuring some poor kid who got roped into this, he sings in a smokey red room about the regulations for serving and handling hot drinks.
    Stir in hot chocolate with a clean spoon! Fill hot water up to the line! Give the guest a juicy slice!
    Watch The Stove
    The Corp: General Mills for Hambuger Helper

    Featuring a variety of people never heard from again, the Hamburger Helper Mixtape hit the scene in 2016 and was relatively forgotten after the initial “…What the fuck” from the world over.
    “Feed The Streets” involves one …. I want ya’ll to know that I looked at the artists involved, took a deep sigh, and just copy and pasted these names - DEQUEXATRON X000, Bobby Raps, and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip - it involves one of those people rapping about preparing the titular dish.
    The line“It has too many flavors; You might have thought it was catered” is particularly hilarious to me.
    This is my first time listening to it - Why does a mixtape by a food brand need to have a Parental Advisory Warning? I even checked the official Soundcloud and it has one there too! Who knew your favorite pot casserole mascot had such a dirty mouth.

    I just realized it said "Delicious Content" #ONTDDoesntRead
    Parody Tunes
    The Corp: Ebay, circa 2003
    I remember these from childhood, though it would be nearly 20 years after seeing them that I would use the auction site for the first time. Not so effective, huh.
    Why would it take so long? After all, there’s shopping day and night! On Broadway eBay!

    It involves this man breaking the time-space continum to walk out of an elevator, onto a soundstage, and back into said elevator instead of going to his destination.
    But it is catchy! “I used it all to buy this jar, on eBAY.", meaning that he not only uses his travel time poorly, but his spending habits leave a lot to be desired.
    There was another one featuring one Christian Borle paryodying "That's Amoré"

    Who encourages a woman to go on eBay to buy signed baseballs, suits, records, and my personal favorite, ‘an organizer thing’ that was a PDA.
    All I Really Want For Christmas - Lil Jon
    The Corp: Kraft Foods for Kool-Aid

    Originally posted here, but it was such an…event, I had to include it.
    “Havin’ a party on CHRISTMAS EVE!
    and I got a whole lot of CHRISTMAS GLEE!
    Got a whole lot of gifts I’D LIKE TO RECEIVE!
    and you know all year I’VE BEEN PLANTING THE SEEDS
    The king of yelling “WHAT” and “YEAH!” returns to the airwaves with a big red fellow for the holiday - and Santa Claus.
    Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man wander around a picture-perfect house, dropping and flinging wrapped boxes that are clearly empty.
    And that’s before Jon pours out a pitches of eggnog, declaring “More Kool-Aid!”
    And of course - “Oh, yeah!” as his presumed extended family of backup dancers bust a move behind him by the tree as Jon opens up a variety of gifts emblazoned with the Kool Aid Man's face


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    - Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson have been dating since May, after meeting on set of the film "Her Smell".
    - It was Ashley's birthday this week, so Cara rented out the museum as a gift. There was a bed and everything... so next time you go to the Natural History Museum in London, just think about how you're in the same spot where they clearly fucked.
    - They were also spotted at the airport today holding hands.

    ONTD, has anyone ever rented a museum out for you?

    SOURCES: 1 and 2

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    -Once DVD heard they were doing a new Mary Poppins movie he requested to be in it.

    -Due to the movies storyline it was perfect to have him Mr. Dawes Jr. since he already played Mr. Dawes in the original film, especially since this time around Dick was the characters actual age and didnt have to be aged up with makeup.

    -When it came to his performance in the film he did not need a stunt double and did all the dancing on his own which amazed the cast since he is 93 after all. He didnt even any help jumping on the table.

    -He did improv some of his lines and they were so good that they were kept in. One such improv was when his character sings Feed the Birds.

    -During a break he sang 'It’s a jolly holiday with Maaary' to Emily Blunt

    julie andrews GIF

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    According to US Weekly, Jake is dating Model Jeanne Cadieu

    A source says “Jeanne is very mature for her age. She’s quirky, smart and loves history, reading; she’s a really great and well-rounded person”

    The pair share a 16-year age difference. Jake's 38 and she's 22.


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    Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Gotham. The season returns January 3rd.


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    On playing the Shatter the Decepticon: “I had the best fun. I usually end up in the universe where you’re noble and virtuous. But when you’re playing bad guys, they get to have a delectable amount of fun.” She really enjoyed playing a character who is "less than noble" and hopes to play a villain in a live-action project someday.

    She also spoke about enjoying doing just voicework rather than appearing in front of the camera: “It frees you up a lot more. You’re on a dark stage by yourself, looking at a big screen. You just get to open up with abandon. And sometimes it can be embarrassing, but you get to do it again. It’s a lot more opportunity to play.”

    Being part of the Transformers series also further solidified her goal of being in a franchise. “Timing is everything and 2018 was the year. Black Panther will be a franchise. Mission Impossible is a wildly successful franchise and I didn’t die off, so hopefully I’ll get to revisit that again. And it was wonderful to be a part of Bumblebee, which is the origin of the Transformers franchise.”

    Decepticon Angela can step on me and crush me, tbh. It was a cute movie

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    - KStew and Stella had been dating since 2017
    - KStew has been seen recently with a stylist named Sara
    - KStew continues her streak of moving on really fucking quickly

    For the good sis handsdowntoo


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    California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium, which served as the basis for Finding Dory's Marine Life Institute, has apologized for a tweet that went viral where they described an otter named Abby as being "thicc."

    They stated that it was insensitive because "several terms referenced originated from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and specifically reference Black women's bodies. Using them in a sea otter meme without that background makes insinuations we never intended. We need to do better."

    Abby is one of six resident females that train orphaned otters in the necessary skills to survive back in the wild.

    Guardian. MontereyAq

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    Rita and actor Idris Elba handed out gifts to children at a couple of hospitals, including the hospital where Rita's mother Vera works.


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    A smiling Selena Gomez was spotted hiking in Los Angeles, CA on December 21st. She was rocking some Taylor Swift merch.


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    A very fanservicey ending:

    - Flynn sacrifices himself to save Rufus/kill Jessica

    - Rufus and Jia are reunited

    - The team defeats Emma in North Korea in 1950, seemingly stopping Rittenhouse (or at least her branch of it?)

    - Lucy chooses not to try to save Amy

    - She and Wyatt get back together, get married, and have twins named Amy and Flynn

    - Basically all threads are wrapped up, but a tiny chance is dangled for future plot lines


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