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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Reese Witheerspoon cradles her newborn son Tennessee while out and about together on Wednesday (November 7) in Los Angeles.


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    In front of the hotel where Lady Gaga is staying, her fans burned a shirt with Madonna's face on it.

    The piece of clothing got trampled and spat upon, being left on top of a manhole.
    Disgusting tbh but not surprising

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    Could The Hunger Games get published today?

    The Hunger Games helped to transform the landscape of publishing, convincing a ton of people that young adult novels could be important, serious books. It touched off a huge boom in books for teenagers about dystopian futures, and spawned a hit movie, with more on the way. In many ways, booklovers are living in the world Suzanne Collins built.

    And yet, we can't help wondering: Could The Hunger Games get published, if it were submitted over the transom today?

    We spent last weekend at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto, and a lot of the most lively discussions were about young-adult novels. After all, YA is where the money is now — as well as much of the greatest excitement.

    And we heard a lot of debate over just what you can get away with in a YA novel now — how much violence? How much foul language? Does a romance have to be front and center in a young-adult novel, for it to be commercial? What kinds of characters are people looking for in their YA books?

    So we decided to ask some publishing professionals, including some top agents and editors, whether they think Hunger Games would be published if it came down the pike now. After all, few of the books that have come out in the post-Hunger Games wave have been nearly as violent, or as blatantly political, or have featured a protagonist as hard to love as Katniss Everdeen.

    We offered people the chance to be quoted "on background," or anonymously — and notably, the people who didn't think Hunger Games could break through now were more eager to take us up on that option. In any case, here's what we found out:

    The market is glutted with young adult dystopias

    The main reason why Hunger Games might have a hard time today has nothing to do with violence, politics, or an unlikable protagonist, according to several people. Rather, it's just because there are too many dystopias out there now.

    "Editors are 'dystopian-ed out,' and dystopian seems to be the kiss of death right now," says one agent who prefers not to be quoted by name. The Hunger Games wasn't by any means the first dystopian YA book, but it did help to spawn a feeding frenzy. "The success of The Hunger Games certainly inspired editors to be open to dystopian, and, now that many great (and not so great) dystopian books have been published, they're not looking for any more."</b>

    Publishers have "woken up with a dystopian hangover" after a major binge, adds another top agent who didn't want to be named. They "seem to be flocking instead to more realistic fare, like John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. These cycles are routine and not surprising. The same thing happened with paranormal romance, vampires, etc."

    "Selling a post apocalyptic or dystopian novel for teens right now, especially if it's by a debut author, is much more of an uphill battle," chimes in Suzie Townsend, an agent with New Leaf Literary and Media. "Most editors and publishing houses already have a number of these books on their list, and in fact bought sequels or even trilogies."

    "I do think the YA market is very tough now if not impossible for novels that are girl or boy vs. corrupt government," says Sara Crowe, a literary agent with Harvey Klinger, Inc. And after the many, many dystopias that Hunger Games inspired, this book wouldn't have the same feeling of originality it had back when it first appeared. At the same time, the darkness in Hunger Games "would be less of an obstacle than when it was first bought."

    Says Laurie McLean with Larsen Pomada Literary Agents, "I believe The Hunger Games might well be lost in a sea of YA dystopian thrillers today, especially if it followed a book like Divergent by Veronica Roth, which is better written with a more intricate and interesting story." She adds, "There's a lot to be said about being first in a new trend."

    YA books are more like adventure fiction now

    Two things have changed about young adult science fiction and fantasy in the past five years, according to publishing insiders: 1) Everybody is keenly aware that these things are being read by grown-ups, not just teens and tweens. 2) the books have become more like adventure fiction, and maybe a bit less introspective.

    Samantha Shea, a literary agent with Georges Bourchardt, Inc., brings up a startling fact: some 55 percent of buyers of young adult novels are 18 or older. In fact, the biggest share of total sales goes to people aged 30-44. And these books aren't being bought as gifts for kids — 78 percent of them are for the adults' own reading.

    And perhaps not coincidentally, there's been a shift away from "the more emotional YA books that dominated the market in the early 2000s," towards what Shea calls "more adventure-driven books." (Perhaps because publishers know adults are buying these books, to get the escapism that adult fiction refuses to provide?) Shea adds that the core of what readers are looking for from YA books hasn't changed: "interesting concepts, great writing, and well-developed characters."

    As the market for young adult science fiction grows by leaps and bounds, the publishers are expanding their scope," says Crowe, and "blending more of the genre's elements, which is exciting." She adds, "Personally I'd also like to see more YA thrillers set in our world."

    Good writing will always win out

    Don't forget that Suzanne Collins had already written a successful series before Hunger Games, notes Crowe. And Hunger Games "is still one of the best thrillers on the market. Katniss still appeals" to readers.

    Lucienne Diver, an agent with the Knight Agency, says:

    I strongly believe that The Hunger Games would be published today. For one, it's a brilliant novel with amazing characterization. But for another, the themes are no less relevant: the difference between the haves and have nots, the politicians with (generally) such wealth and privilege making decisions that affect a larger part of the society with which they've lost touch and the dangers of such a dichotomy. Because The Hunger Games is set in a different world, one reminiscent of ours, but never identified as such, these political and socioeconomic themes can be explored in a way that doesn't point fingers or get anyone's back up but will hopefully lead to thought that will lead to action. Yes, dystopian fiction has hit its most recent peak, but it never really leaves us. Until we have a perfect society (and I shudder to think who would define "perfect") the dangers and ideas will continue to be incredibly relevant.

    Adds Townsend:

    The Hunger Games is an incredible novel, and Suzanne Collins is an excellent writer. I'm actually not sure that I know of anyone in the industry who didn't love that book. Even if it had been her debut novel, and even if it was being shopped right now, I do believe it would sell. It might have gotten some rejections, but I do believe it would still sell.

    The book is violent and intense, the underlying political themes are easy to see, and Katniss at times (especially throughout the series) can seem a little unsympathetic, but I don't believe any of these aspects would deter an editor from buying the book. People love it because it's a great story. (The characters and the pacing made me willing to follow the series anywhere).

    Kathleen Rushall, an agent with Marshal Lyon Literary Agency in Solana Beach, CA sums up what a lot of people were saying:

    Hunger Games was published because it was a fresh, innovative plot with a killer voice. A book with those qualities is always in demand. Hunger Games pushed the YA envelope with its intensity and in that it didn't sugarcoat the teen vs. teen violence. A book that's very similar to Hunger Games may find obstacles getting published today, but that would most likely be because it wouldn't be seen as fresh enough now that so many dystopians are on the market, not necessarily because of a show of violence or oppression or political themes.


    Bonus:‘Warm Bodies’ trailer to premiere with ‘Breaking Dawn,’ fans at ‘Twilight’ premiere to see film this weekend

    Zombie in a car!

    Twilight fans who have grasped the last opportunity to attend a world premiere for their Saga will be able to see Summit’s upcoming book-to-film adaptation Warm Bodies this weekend.

    Yes, three months ahead of its theatrical debut.

    Summit began handing out passes for the Warm Bodies weekend screening to those who are camping at the Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s premiere location in Los Angeles today. Tickets to be camping out in advance of Monday’s Twilight premiere, in order to get the best glimpse of the stars, were distributed over the past few weeks.

    If you’re not one of those lucky fans, you’ll be pleased to know that the first trailer for Warm Bodies will be attached to Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in theaters beginning November 16. We presume it’ll make its online debut next week, and we’ll be sure to share it with you once it’s available. It joins The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The Host‘s trailers arriving with the final film in the Twilight Saga.

    Warm Bodies opens in the United States on February 1, 2013. Hypable will be attending this weekend’s screening but won’t be able to provide a detailed review until next year.

    The zombie story written by Isaac Marion follows R after he becomes “involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims. Their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world,” reads the official synopsis. The film stars Teresa Palmer as Julie, Nicholas Hoult as R, Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin, John Malkovich as General Grigio, Analeigh Tipton as Nora, and Rob Corddry as M. See the film’s first poster.


    mods idgi I already included lj-cuts...

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    Christopher Maloney has reportedly topped the X Factor phone votes for several weeks.

    The 'wild card' singer is said to be "way ahead" in the popular vote, getting "double" the amount of his rivals, according to The Sun.


    Simon Cowell is allegedly concerned about Maloney's potential win, and has asked staff to try and influence viewers to stop voting for him.

    "Chris is getting double the votes of anyone else," a show insider said. "It's a shame because he's so sweet. They're determined to get him kicked off the show. It's crazy.

    "The show is in a spin and Cowell is really panicking. They will be trying anything now to get people to not like this guy."

    realitytv_the_x_factor_2010_7                    realitytv_the_x_factor_2710_12

    Maloney was previously reported to have topped the phone votes in the first couple of weeks, but weekly votes will not be officially released until the programme comes to an end.

    The former call centre operator is the last remaining act in Gary Barlow's 'Overs' category.

    Eliminated contestant Kye Sones recently said that Maloney was not his "cup of tea".


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    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Acoustic at The Scholastic READ NOW! Live Classroom Event

    Red live at the Ed Sullivan Theater


    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

    Begin Again

    You Belong With Me

    Love Story




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    A new Jurassic Park trailer has premiered online ahead of the movie's 3D re-release next year.

    Steven Spielberg's acclaimed '90s blockbuster returns to 3D and IMAX 3D on April 5, 2013 to mark its 20th anniversary.

    Based on Michael Crichton's 1990 novel, Jurassic Park followed a team of scientists as they trek through an island theme park populated by resurrected dinosaurs.

    The movie earned more than $900 million at the worldwide box office and won Oscars for 'Best Sound Effects Editing', 'Best Sound' and 'Best Visual Effects'. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough featured in the cast for Jurassic Park, which spawned sequels in 1997 and 2001.



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    Lady Gaga shows off her bikini body while hanging poolside on Wednesday (November 7) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    That same day, the 26-year-old entertainer’s beau, Taylor Kinney, attended The Hollywood Reporter Toasts The Next Gen Class Of 2012 event in Los Angeles.

    Earlier that day, Taylor made an appearance on Extra at the Grove.

    “my lil Rio Babies PIZZA is coming downstairs. I feel like i slept in bed w you last night. every time i woke up i could hear you screaming!” Gaga tweeted the next day.

    The following afternoon, Gaga waved to fans off of her hotel balcony. Later in the day, she visited an underprivileged neighborhood to see how social programs are helping for the better.


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    Paramount Pictures has released the first official trailer for the Marc Forster-directed post-apocalyptic zombie film, World War Z. Featuring our first look at the new footage, check it out...

    The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Enos plays Gerry’s wife Karen Lane; Kertesz is his comrade in arms, Segen.

    Directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt, Bryan Cranston, Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, David Morse, World War Z is set to hit theatres on June 21, 2013.


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    The boys want to party with One Direction,
    who are performing on tonight's results show.

    Simon Cowell‘s two baby boy bands are having a play date! One Direction will take The X Factor stage tonight, where they’ll come face to face with Emblem3, Simon’s new pop outfit, for the first time. HollywoodLife.com caught up with the guys of Emblem3 — Drew Chadwick, and Wesley and Keaton Stromberg — after the Nov. 7 taping, and they told us they “can’t wait” to meet 1D.

    “I heard they know how to party” Drew told reporters. “We’ve been cooped up in that mansion for weeks, so we need to let loose!” Wesley added, “They seem pretty cool, and I’ll ask them how this whole process worked for them.”

    Just a few weeks ago, Emblem 3 were nearly kicked out of their hotel for throwing a loud, massive party in their room. Producers had to swoop in and save the day, by begging the hotel to let them stay. Meanwhile, Simon has previously told HollywoodLife.com it’s “doubtful” that Emblem3 will be performing a 1D hit anytime soon. (Source)

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  • 11/08/12--16:31: Rihanna - Diamonds (video)

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    Luck was not on Scarlett Johansson's side when she got "Lucky You" with a very poorly drawn horseshoe inked on her ribcage in Paris last week. The "Avengers" star, who also has a bizarre sunset scene on her left forearm (see inset photo), reportedly asked the artist Fuzi Uvtpk to draw her a tattoo after she visited his exhibit. So is this supposed to mean anyone who's with ScarJo is lucky? How modest of her!

    Megan Fox loves Marilyn Monroe so much, she tattooed a portrait of the iconic movie star (at least, that's who Megan claims this is) on her forearm in 2009. But years later, the "Transformer" actress finally saw what we all did and began the painful process of having it lasered off. "It hurts really bad," she told Jay Leno earlier this year of the removal. "She doesn't look so good anymore."

    Angelina Jolie got the longitudes and latitudes of the birthplaces of all six of her children, plus fiance Brad Pitt, inked on her left arm after she removed a giant dragon and the name of her ex-husband, Billy Bob Thornton. While the sentiment is sweet, the many map coordinates look like one giant blob on the Oscar winner's gorgeous body.

    In 2009, Hayden Panettiere wanted to honor her heritage by getting the phrase "Live without regrets" in Italian tattooed on her rib cage — but she must have been instantly regretting it because it's spelled wrong! The "Nashville" actress' ink has one too many vowels in the third word and reads "Vivere senza rimipianti" when it should be "rimpianti." Oops! Fortunately, Hayden doesn't seem too upset since she's always showing it off.

    Love doesn't last forever, but tattoos do. In June 2008, Heidi Klum got a squiggly line that was supposed to read "Seal" and four stars representing their four children tatted on her forearm. Worse than the fact it looks like one of her little ones doodled on her arm, the supermodel and her husband split three years later. Wonder if Heidi will add her new bodyguard boyfriend's name, Martin Kristen, to the design

    No, Lindsay Lohan didn't get pen on her finger. The actress actually chose to get "Shhh..." tattooed on her right pointer finger during a wild night out with Lily Allen in February 2009. Not only does the ink look smudgy, it's unoriginal! Rihanna has the same thing on the same finger – and she got it first.

    Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve -- Miley Cyrus wears it on her ear. The former Disney star got the word "Love" scrawled on the inside of her ear in June 2010 when she was dating now-fiance Liam Hemsworth. It's not just the placement of the tattoo that's bad, but it also looks like one of her friends just did it themselves.

    What else would a mom of eight choose to get a tattoo of but Winnie the Pooh with his hand stuck in a honey pot? Unfortunately, Kate Gosselin opted to get the juvenile etching before she had all those kids. And we're not only ones who think it's bear-y bad. “I would LOVE to have my winnie the pooh tattoo removed!!!" Gosselin tweeted in August. "I've been over it for the last 15 years lol!"

    Britney Spears hasn't been with Kevin Federline in six years, but she must think of him every time she looks down at her wrist and sees the crudely-tattooed pink dice she got to match a blue set he has. Maybe the pop star felt lucky to be with him at the time, but now it represents the fact that she rolled the dice on their relationship ... and clearly did not win big. Although Spears has two beautiful sons with K-Fed, the split led to her meltdown.

    Pink is covered with tats, most of which have special meaning to her, including a portrait of her late bulldog Elvis. However, she has one piece of body art that she clearly decided to get during a fleeting moment: the word “Help” scrawled on her right forearm, along with a circle that is supposed to represent a button. The singer has joked that she got it during “a really brilliant moment of clarity” with her friend, musician Butch Walker (he has a matching tattoo). We can only imagine how many people walk up to Pink and push her “button" just to annoy her.

    Christina Ricci’s lion tattoo is more of a meow than a roar. The marking, which she got in 2007, doesn’t exactly remind us of a big cat – instead, it looks like a man with a really big mane of wavy hair. Still, the actress explains it has special meaning to her. “It’s Aslan the lion from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It’s a symbol of my hellish childhood. I struggled through my oppressive teenage years and when I turned 18 I escaped. Like Aslan, I was finally free.”

    Winona Ryder may not have been forever for Johnny Depp, but the tattoo that he got in honor of his former fiancée is ... kind of. After the two split in 1993, the actor changed the teeny-tiny banner on his arm to "Wino Forever," so we hope Depp at least still enjoys wine.

    Like we'd expect anything less from Ke$ha. The "Tik Tok" singer got "Suck It!" inked on the inside of her lip in June, bringing her total number of tats to six, including two she did herself with a needle. At least, no one has to see this tattoo ... except Ke$ha's dentist, of course.


    no Justin's Jesus rolling his eyes or Rihanna's tattoos on this list, wut?

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  • 11/08/12--17:18: Are Taylor and Harry Dating?

  • Harry Styles recently revealed to Cosmopolitan UK that he liked someone and it appears the lucky lady may be none other than superstar, Taylor Swift.

    Taylor recently began rocking an airplance necklace that looks quite familiar, in fact it appears to be Harry’s own. The singer is currently in London promoting RED and has been proudly displaying the chain.

    Meanwhile, Harry has been in the United States promoting One Direction’s new album Take Me Home and his necklace is noticeably absent. The singer recently debuted another new tattoo, of birds on his chest, and in the picture his signature necklace is clearly missing.

    Harry and Taylor met earlier this year and Taylor is fresh off her break-up with Conor Kennedy. In fact, Harry’s revelation of his secret romance was right around the time Taylor and Conor ended things.

    Do you think these two make a cute couple?


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    Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends
    By Jenn Pelly on November 8, 2012 at 03:22 p.m.

    Frank Ocean's "Super Rich Kids" is not about entitled young Manhattanites, per say, but it could be, making it particularly fitting that the Channel Orange highlight will help soundtrack next week's episode of "Gossip Girl".The episode will feature four other cuts from the album-- "Sweet Life", "Thinkin Bout You", "Lost", and "Pyramids". This marks the first time Ocean's music has been used in a television program, and the first time one artist has exclusively soundtracked an episode of "Gossip Girl", which is in its final season.

    The episode, "Monstrous Ball", airs Monday, November 12 at 9 p.m. CST on the CW. As Def Jam's Twitter notes: "Swoon!"

    Frank Ocean and Nabil violently thanks MTV UK Music Awards

    Sources: 1 l 2

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    The cable channel dropped the polarizing and marginally rated drama in July after airing two seasons. At the time, AMC called it a "difficult decision" while producer Fox Television Studios vowed to look for another home for the show.

    The studio's efforts appear to have paid off. Deadline reports AMC got back on board after hearing a "strong" pitch for Season 3 from executive producer Veena Sud.

    A deal isn't finalized yet, nor are details of how AMC and Netflix would share "The Killing." Deadline says AMC will probably keep rights to the first run.

    The show's regular cast remains under contract, so that won't be a hurdle to restarting production.

    What do you make of the news? Would you like to see more of "The Killing"?


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    Team Xtina:

    Team Cee Lo:


    Live Streams:
    tvpc 1
    tvpc 2

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    On Tuesday, California overwhelmingly passed the controversial Measure B ordinance, which will require all adult industry performers to wear condoms during scenes shot in Los Angeles County. Most of the porn industry, including the adult industry’s biggest male star, James Deen, are against the measure. We talked to Deen about what the future holds for the adult industry, “condom officers,” and leaving Los Angeles.

    What is the feeling right now in the industry?

    Well, there’s a lot of confusion, first and foremost. But I mean basically people don’t know what to do. They’re not sure where the industry’s going to go. And in the industry we’ve kind of created a community in Los Angeles. And if the community is to migrate, then we can migrate. We’re all looking to our attorneys and to our government and our representatives if there is anything we can do to find out exactly what the laws are. They’re written in a vague way. Are examinations going to be mandatory now, or are we going to be wearing gloves on set? I mean, what about goggles? What about kissing and fluid exchange? Is kissing no longer allowed in pornos? Like, what degree of severity is this measure actually going to require? After that, is it worth it?

    How much is it going to cost the industry, and is it worth it to register our businesses out of town and then go shoot outside of Los Angeles County? Is it worth it to migrate to Las Vegas, which is said to be welcoming with open arms? Florida, and I believe Arizona as well, said something about wanting the billion-dollar industry. That’s going to be a huge hit to Los Angeles.

    The measure is written in a vague way. It’s built under the guise of protection ... which is of course why it won, and it’s a very hard thing to fight. Because you know, if you’re an average person, you say “condoms,” “safe sex”—you want to protect people that are in the sex industry. They don’t understand how the sex industry works. They don’t know the vigorous testing procedures and protocols we have and how safe we are. And so, for all they know, we’re just a bunch of people engaging in crazy sex, which is not accurate. And so if you just say “Slap a condom on,” it sounds good to most people.

    Is that why you think it passed?

    I absolutely think it passed for that reason. I mean, there’s no logical reason, because this measure does not affect anybody except the adult-film industry and the taxpayers, in the sense that tax revenue, this money, you need to pay. So now we have to have multiple, for all intents and purposes, “condom officers,” whose job is to sit on an adult-film set and watch porn.

    Is that really what’s going to happen?

    That’s one of the things that was mentioned. I’m not a lawyer, so I am not the correct person to ask exactly what the law says. But the only way that it can be enforced is if somebody actually does watch porn. Somebody needs to sit there and either review all the content that’s being shot, or they need to sit on set and verify that people are actually adhering to this measure. And so that is, as far as I understand, a $52,000-a-year government job. And so that money has to come from somewhere. Los Angeles taxpayers are going to be paying multiple people $52,000 a year to have this job.

    One thing people were saying before this passed was that it could force porn production underground and have rogue companies filming people who are not being tested.

    I mean, anything is possible. At the moment, these are the safety issues. You have a condom as being 87 percent safe. You have to remember, safe sex is an illusion. Abstinence is the only safe sex. There’s only safer sex. If you meet a stranger in a bar and you have sex with them, a condom is your best protective measure. You’re dealing with a small community of people that is engaging in sexual activity with one another, and we’re all regularly tested, in addition to the fact that we have a database that has everybody’s tests on file to verify this for whoever it is that’s showing up with the test results is actually tested and those test results are accurate. So it eliminates the faking of tests or any sort of things like that.

    We’re dealing with an 87 percent safety rate with a condom. You also have to remember, adult films are not real sex. It’s entertainment.So just because we’re engaging in physical sex doesn’t mean it is normal sex. We’re going to be—to be crude, you have women being pounded by large or above-average-size penises for a nonstandard amount of time. For hours. From anywhere from 30 minutes to up to three hours or more. So now you add latex into that, the ultimate probability of friction burn, vaginal and anal tears, and things like that. And when you’re dealing with something with an 87 percent safety rate, you’re going to now have a higher probability of transmitting any sort of STD or STI because you now have more issues in addition to that.

    If you all start using condoms, is there any reason for the testing and the database to stop?

    I see no reason for it. I, personally, if I’m going to go do a condom-only scene, and my fellow performer is not tested. I’m not going to do the scene. I trust a test from somebody that is being regularly tested on a regular basis that is in my industry. I trust that test more than I trust a condom.

    But even with a condom you would still hope that this is being upheld?

    I would, still, personally, as a performer, I would personally require a test in addition to a condom.

    In the event that you’ve got rogue companies doing condomless sex scenes out of Los Angeles, do you see any reason why they wouldn’t self-police again?

    Realistically, what’s going to happen, I don’t think there’s going to be so much underground porn shot as much as you’re going to have the adult-film industry leave Los Angeles. So, realistically, I don’t foresee any of the underground, rogue, condomless, untested porn being shot.

    What about the idea that the lack of condoms in porn sends a message that unsafe sex is OK?

    I think it’s the same argument that watching a movie with somebody in a car-chase scene promotes somebody driving aggressively. Adult films are entertainment films ... I would agree that it’s a good idea on adult films to put a disclaimer saying “This is not real sex. This is an entertainment movie. Use a condom to protect yourself. Engage in safe sex.”

    Why do you feel that people reject condom porn?

    I don’t know. I have no idea.

    Do you watch it?

    As a viewer of pornography I’ve never cared one way or the other if somebody uses condoms in a movie or not. But I’m part of that 60 or 70 percent of people that doesn’t care. The industry’s sales went down by over 30 percent. So 30 percent of the viewers do care.

    You’ve mentioned in a Reddit AMA that you use condoms in your personal life. What’s the difference?

    That’s correct. The industry is very strict and has rigorous protocols for testing. Somebody needs to be tested every 14, 28 days ... And in addition to that there’s also a physical inspection done by a third party, which would be the producer or the safety officer or whoever is qualified to do the physical inspection, checking for sores, open wounds, things of that nature. Because of these safety precautions, we have had zero HIV transmissions in almost 10 years. This is a scientific phenomenon, according to medical professionals. There is no other community in the entire world that has anywhere near that ratio. The closest is Cuba, which is hundreds or thousands. We have zero. Zero HIV transmissions. Our system works. We are very safe, we are very careful, and to say our system is not working is very insulting.

    The reason why I use condoms when I am engaging in sex with people that are not in the industry is because I don’t know what they are doing. If I want to have sex with somebody and I am willing to take that risk, and I will trust a condom—which is only 87 percent safe—I will trust that condom to not break, to not get them pregnant or allow me to contract anything.

    Sex is scary and sex is dirty, and there’s no such thing as safe sex. Just safer sex, and within porn, within the adult-film industry, we have managed to find a way to make it the safest sex possible. You cannot get safer than the adult-film industry, and because of that, like I said, what I imagine will happen with Measure B is either it’s going to be appealed to a federal level and they’re going to deem it an unconstitutional law, which it is, and a violation of the First Amendment.And they are going to overturn it and things will go back to normal. Or we’re just going to pick up and move.

    (Published on Oct. 18)The porn industry has campaigned against Measure B, the L.A. County ballot initiative that would require performers to use condoms. But porn star Aurora Snow says it’s necessary.

    I would prefer to have both condoms and testing in porn. It doesn’t have to be one or the other; it makes sense to have both. This is not what a girl in the industry is supposed to say, but it is what a lot of us think when quietly eyeing Los Angeles County’s ballot initiative—known as Measure B—mandating condoms in adult films.

    Safety isn’t sexy. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle makes me feel like a dork, but I do it because I know what’s at risk if I don’t. No one feels or looks sexy wearing a safety hat or knee pads. That’s what the condom is for the porn industry, it’s our safety hat.

    No one wants to wear the safety hat, it’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t look pretty and it may make the day longer. Condoms are known to rip. Who knows how many condoms one scene will take. If it’s a three guys-on-one-girl scene and the condoms keep ripping it could go from a two-hour scene to a four-hour scene. Only one porn company that I know of is and always has been all condoms: Wicked. They have been doing what other companies fear: selling safe sex.

    I have done the majority of my six-hundred scenes without condoms, but I predominately use condoms in my personal life. In real life, I ask that my partners both wear condoms and get tested. Yet when I go to work I follow the standard procedure of working without a condom and taking my fellow actor’s most recent test at face value.

    Every month when I get tested, I wonder if I’ll have to come home to my guy and say, “Please don’t be mad at me, but we have to go see a doctor because you might have been exposed.” Because even though I primarily use condoms in my personal life, like most people I know, I don’t use them with oral sex. While it’s not as easy to catch something through oral, the possibility remains, and due to the nature of my work the risk is high. Luckily, most STDs that float around the world of porn—most often referred to as the “industry flu”—can be cured with a single shot of antibiotics. Because these STDs are so easy to get rid of, most performers have a certain level of comfort with them. It’s almost common. There are other not-so-easily cured STDs that aren’t tested for in the adult business. We test monthly for gonorrhea, chlamydia, and the big one, HIV. There are zero requirements to be tested for anything else, but there are other risk factors, such as herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Thanks in part to the recent syphilis outbreak, there may now be a standard monthly syphilis test.

    When I heard about the syphilis outbreak, my first feeling was one of relief. For the first time ever, I was so removed from the Los Angeles porn scene that I didn’t have to check my calendar and start calling every partner I’d had in the last two weeks to see whether I was at risk. There have been several HIV scares when I had to make those phone calls and figure out for myself how close I was to patient zero. There are no groups within porn protecting performers; it’s always been up to performers to keep track of their scene partners, to check tests for themselves, and to make those phone calls no one wants to make.

    It isn’t safe to rely on someone else to keep me safe on set. I showed up one day with a fresh test, still a newbie to porn and very trusting. What happened? The other girl in our scene couldn’t seem to “find” her test. She was a big star at that time, and she was an exclusive performer for this company. The director did his best to persuade me and the male performer to work with this prized performer despite her lack of a test. When we both refused, he yelled at us, but didn’t fire us. That could have happened. Instead, we shot the scene without the untested girl. That was the first time I understood porn directors aren’t looking out for me, so I have to.

    While that situation doesn’t happen often, it does happen. Here is another example. I arrived on time for work. I sat through an hour and a half of hair and makeup, went through wardrobe options with the director, and then shot glamour photos for the box cover. Before any bodily fluids are exchanged, performers share their test results. I showed the male performer my test results and waited patiently for his. Somehow he never produced them and got ready for the scene anyway. I persisted in asking for his test. His answer, “Baby girl, you know me. We work together all the time, you know I get tested baby.” That answer didn’t go over well with me. I sought out the director and asked for the test results. No one could produce a test and the scene was canceled. I didn’t get a kill fee, neither did the male performer, the director lost out shooting a scene that day, not to mention the location fees he paid. Will they hire me again? I don’t know. That’s a risk I take when I speak up for my own safety concerns. Unfortunately, the idea of losing money is sometimes enough to make a performer overlook little things like double-checking a scene partner’s test. And, of course, the money at stake sometimes has made other performers fake, doctor, or bluff their tests.

    Knowing that a person I am working with is tested doesn’t always mean they are STD free. Not everyone that works in porn has sex within the industry, nor do they always use condoms in their private lives, which increases the STD transmission risk from performer to performer between tests. Some of the industry men I know often date three or four girls at a time: there is the main squeeze, the distant girlfriend, the mistress, and the random one-night stand. I have been one of those girls, and not known I was one of a crowd. With the high sexual activity of performers both in and outside of the business, when an STD scare happens it can be lengthy due to reinfection rates from partners that have been treated still having sex with those that haven’t. Even though telling someone you gave them an STD is the right thing to do so they can be treated for it, it is a talk most people would rather avoid. This is a part of being in the adult business; it’s the less glamorous side.

    Bringing something like condoms into porn may contribute to ruining the fantasy, because in fantasy land no one has to think about safety. But if I were your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, or your daughter, what would you want the law to be?

    Full Articles at Sources 1|2

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    Following a highly publicized scandal and questions regarding the future of Universal’s potential franchise, the “Breaking Dawn” actress tells THR there may be more to come.

    Although The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Kristen Stewart had been dropped from a sequel to Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman back in August, the actress now hints that there might be more to come.

    “No one’s positive or anything, but I think there’s a strong possibility,” she said about the potential project.

    Speculation swirled earlier this year when Stewart and her Snow White director Rupert Sanders were caught in the firestorm of a cheating scandal. But as THR previously reported, word that Stewart had been dropped from sequel plans largely was because of her huge salary -- not her highly publicized personal issues.

    At the time, many had speculated that the studio would opt for a Huntsman-focused spinoff starring Chris Hemsworth.

    A rep for Stewart could not be reached for comment.

    Stewart is promoting the final film in The Twilight Saga, opening nationwide Nov. 16, as well as Walter Salles’ On the Road, in which she plays the free-spirited Mary Lou.

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