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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Celebrity trainer Jason Walsh shows you how he gets actors in shape for movies. Jason explains how he helped Bradley Cooper train for American Sniper, John Krasinski train for 13 Hours, Emily Blunt train for Edge of Tomorrow, Alison Brie train for GLOW, and Emma Stone train for La La Land. Find out exactly how actors train for roles in action, superhero, and dance movies.


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  • 12/18/18--14:45: 12 Days of ONTD: Day 5
  • 12 Days Of ONTD: Day 5

    ♪5 Celeb Reaction Posts♪

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as many times as you'd like.

    Day 1-11 Winners will will a Paid Account for one year
    Day 12 Winner will win a Paid Account and a SouljaWatch!

    Good luck!

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    Yesterday the Academy dumped a shit ton of shortlists on us award season stans. One of them, for the first time, was for Best Original Song.

    David Ehrlich at IndieWire took the time to rank the 15 songs that made the shortlist from worst to best. Here are the rankings of 5 of those songs:

    15. "I'll Fight" by Jennifer Hudson, from RBG

    10. "We Won't Move" by Arlissa, from The Hate U Give

    7. "Keep Reachin" by Quincy Jones, Mark Ronson and Chaka Khan, from Quincy

    5. "OYAHYTT" by the Coup and Lakeith Stanfield, from Sorry To Bother You

    2. "Suspirium" by Thom York, from Suspiria

    You already know what got the top spot, so see where the rest land at the source.


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    Singer, RPDR finalist and CBB winner, Courtney Act has just been announced as one of the contestants for the first ever Australian NF. The winner of the show will represent the country at Eurovision 2019.

    Among Act, singers Kate Miller-Heidke, Sheppard, Mark Vincent, Electric Fields, Aydan and Leea Nanos are the competitors so far.

    More names will be announced. The show will air on February 9th

    SOURCE: Youtube, SBS

    Mods, as the tweet was deleted, I made another post with the official video!!

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    Rachel McAdams sports Versace and Bulgari for a new feature in Girls Girls Girls Magazine. Since Rachel had to schedule in breaks for pumping for her 6 month old baby, she and photographer Claire Rothstein both decided to feature the pump in one of the shots.




    source, 2, 3, 4

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    -BRAVO is rebooting Queer As Folk for their network with original creator Russell T. Davies.

    -Will be a "modern take on the original British series that centers on a group of club-going friends who find support in the gay community following a tragedy"

    -Don't expect any of the originals from either versions of the show to show up as this will center around new gays.

    Image result for queer as folk giphy

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    - Announced that she missed the show yesterday due to a shoulder injury
    - Wendy addressed that she was fine but her friends think something serious is happening behind the scenes
    - Fans noticed that she has been sitting any chance she gets and Wendy clapped back saying she will sit because she can and it's her show
    -Fans speculate that Wendy might have relapsed


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    So much drama and spray tan


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    It has been a decade since Flavor of Love debuted.
    There are no doubt going to be many important lists reviewing the most significant events of 2018. However, there is only one list that matters: A “where are they now” of Flavor of Love contestants.

    ONTD smokey.png
    Smokey, aka Johanna Olsen
    Known for: Nothing
    Where is she now: Smokey is now a singer who goes by the name of Portia Dee.
    Twitter: @portiadeesinger
    Insta: @portiadeexo
    Trump voter? She’s Canadian, so no.

    fol shellz.jpg
    Shellz, aka Amber Kemp
    Known for: Being so boring that Flav couldn’t think of a nickname for her.
    Where is she now: She is a stay-at-home mom living in Las Vegas.

    Trump voter? Unknown

    ONTD Picasso.png
    Picasso, aka Sarah Wilson
    Known for: Being a painter
    Where is she now: Couldn’t find anything about her, but I don’t care bc she was boring

    Trump voter? Unknown

    ONTD Cherry.png


    Cherry, aka Mieko Smith
    Known for: Having big nipples
    Where is she now: She is the founder of Proof Positive Healing Ministries and is a realtor. She refers to herself as a “business woman, model, singer, actress, radio personality, and film producer.”
    Twitter: @miekochic
    Insta: @miekochic
    Trump voter? Probably not

    ONTD bubblez.jpg
    ontd april navarro.jpg
    Bubblez, aka April Navarro
    Known for: Nothing
    Where is she now: She owns a hair extension company in San Diego.
    Twitter: @vanglambeauty
    Insta: @vanglambeauty
    Trump voter? No

    ONTD MIss Latin.png

    Miss Latin, aka Xotchitl Adriana Rodriguez
    Known for: Going on the show even though she had a boyfriend of 4 years
    Where is she now: She is an Account Executive for Skinceuticals in Pasadena
    Twitter: @XotchitlR
    Insta: @miss_xotchadriana
    Trump voter? No

    She was so boring that I didn't bother finding a better picture.

    Georgia, aka Jefandi Cato
    Known for: Nothing
    Where is she now: She is an actress, comedian, and Michelle Obama impersonator in Brooklyn.
    Twitter: @jefandicato
    Insta: @jefandicato
    Trump voter? No

    ONTD Thela.png
    Rain, aka Thela Brown
    Known for: Screaming at everyone and getting in a huge fight with New York
    Where is she now: She lives in Seattle. She briefly worked as a red-carpet correspondent, but she has apparently disappeared from the internet.
    Insta: Unsure, but I think it’s @therealsilkchocolate
    Trump voter? Unknown

    fol shellz.jpg
    Dimplez, aka Margaret Radnick
    Known for: Nothing
    Where is she now:
    Trump voter?

    ONTD applez.png
    Apples, Melanie Prudhomme
    Known for: Being prissy
    Where is she now:
    Trump voter?


    Peaches, aka Kim Manning
    Known for: Admitting to going on the show to advance her music career
    Where is she now: Apparently a fairly successful musician.
    Twitter: @kimmanningmusic
    Insta: @kimmanningspacequeen
    Trump voter? Unknown

    ONTD Cristal serious.png
    fol cristal steverson.jpg
    Serious, aka Cristal Steverson
    Known for: Being a model, talking constantly about being a model
    Where is she now: She returned to being a model in Atlanta, GA. In 2016 she was investigated for ALLEGEDLYL running an escort agency fronting as a modeling agency, but was never charged with anything. She has pretty much shut down her social media. She is now married with a baby.
    Twitter: @cristalthegreat
    Insta: @cristalthegreat
    Trump voter? No

    ONTD tika.png
    tika rainn.jpg
    Sweetie, aka Tika
    Known for: Being ignored by Flav’s Mom for a biscuit
    Where is she now? Tika apparently left the world of entertainment, ashamed to be second-place to a biscuit. There is not much info about her on the internet except that she has children and lives in Los Angeles.
    Twitter: @tikarainn
    Trump voter? Unknown

    ONTD red oster.png
    Red Oyster, aka Abigail Kintanar
    Known for: Wearing red every day, spying on the other girls for Flav
    Where is she now? Perhaps wisely, Red Oyster has almost completely stayed off the internet since her time on FoL. I couldn’t find any info about her
    Trump voter?

    ONTD Smiley 2.png
    leilene 2.jpg
    Smiley, aka Leilene Ondrade
    Known for: Crying all the time, being a stripper
    Where is she now: Leilene is now the self-proclaimed “mompreneur” who manages her teenage daughter’s career, is working on an advanced degree, continues to model bikinis/lingerie, and occasionally strip.
    Twitter: @leileneonline
    Insta: @leileneonline
    Trump voter? She's Canadian, so no


    Hottie, aka Schatar Taylor
    Known for: Putting raw chicken in the microwave, being a golddigger, looking like Beyonce and Luther Vandross
    Where is she now: The skinny legend made a five-part musical on Youtube, wrote a book of kinky erotic fiction, and now sells a cookbook called Poultry Princess and has an Amazon cooking show where she cooks chicken.
    Twitter: @hottieschatar
    Insta: @hottie_schatar
    Trump voter? No

    giphy (3).gif
    tenor (1).gif
    Pumkin, aka Brooke Thompson
    Known for: Spitting on New York
    Where is she now: She apparently moved back to her hometown of Bakersfield, CA, where she works as an accountant. She lost her job as a substitute teacher because of the show. The internet is apparently scrubbed of her presence, and the most recent photo of her is from 2016.
    Twitter: @VH1_Pumkin
    Trump voter? Unknown


    Goldie, aka Courtney Jackson
    Known for: Barfing, saying that the chicken is lovely
    Where is she now: In 2017 she earned her master’s degree in social work from Fayetteville State University, and she still does standup comedy.
    Insta: @goldie_98
    Trump voter? No


    Hoopz, aka Nicole Alexander
    Known for: Winning Flavor of Love and I Love Money
    Where is she now: Hoopz still models, and looks fucking fierce. She splits her time between Detroit, Tennessee, and Miami. She recently did a celebrity boxing match, and continues to make appearances as an entertainer.
    Twitter: @TheRealHoopz
    Insta: @therealhoopz
    Trump voter: No

    ny bed.gif

    New York, aka Tiffany Pollard
    Known for: Being the HBIC
    Where is she now: Queen Tiffany Pollard parlayed her season into a full-blown career as a reality star. She has been on many shows, including Celebrity Big Brother and Botched. She makes her living doing club appearances and going on TV shows.
    Twitter: @tiffanypollard
    Insta: @tiffany_hbic_pollard
    Trump voter? No


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    Merry Britmas Y'all! Filled with cheer and holiday Spearit, the good sis went on and blessed us with us with multiple posts to Instagram teasing some new choreography in sneakers, a new perfume commercial cut, and a poorly edited, blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of her favorite holiday/sponsored shoes!




    Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3

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    Comic artist and Venom co-creator Todd McFarlane has an idea as to why Venom was so badly received by critics: They were too old.

    "I think at times the critics get it wrong in that they forget their age. They come in, and they’re 42 years old, and they come in with their attitude and they’re going, ‘Stop it.’ What if you were 16 and you were watching this movie? You would love it."

    He then states he thought the movie was gnarly, nasty and had a "big cool" Venom before calling himself bias.

    It should be noted that McFarlane is 57 years old so his age complaint makes little sense.


    do you forget your age watching movies ontd??

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    Lil Pump was escorted from a plane and arrested this weekend on disorderly conduct charges after he and his manager reacted poorly to being accused by the plane's captain of bringing drugs with them after baggage handlers reported that a bag with Lil Pump's name on it smelled strongly of weed. He and his manager were kicked off the plane for being "disruptive" and things reportedly got more contentious in the terminal when they were talking to the cops until they were both arrested. The cops didn't find any drugs in the bag.

    Lil Pump, who regularly uses the n-word despite not being black, also has been called out for posting a racist preview of one of his new songs.



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    -After Colton filed for divorce earlier in May...the couple worked things out and celebrated their anniversary back in October but it appears that all the Instagram love cant fix everything.

    -This time around it appears that Jeff Leatham has filed for divorce as he has started the preliminary declaration of disclosure where he hands over financial forms.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • 12/18/18--22:05: Tom Holland at the D

  • Tomato Holly don’t feel so good. Why you may ask?

    The Prince of InstastoryTM occasionally documents his daily affairs via social media. This time is a trip to the dentist to remove not one, not two, but three wisdom teeth. This is not the first time he has done so.

    In 2017, he posted a series of instastories on going through the procedure of removing his first wisdom tooth.

    Fast forward to now, he posted 4 instastories + 1 bonus instastory for round two. Check the cuts for the vids!

    -swipe for all four

    Once More

    -lmao @ his expression

    -that swollen bottom lip is on chevans level omw

    -For 2017, swipe to #4, #5, and #6
    -In #5, lmao @ falling over
    -In #6, "chipmunk cheeks"

    Source 1234

    ONTD, any stories to share post dental appointment?

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    Over the years, ONTD has enjoyed watching the Miss Universe pageant for one reason and one reason only: the National Costume segment. While some costumes have been known for their beautiful craftsmanship and showing of traditional heritage, others have managed to make an impression, for better or for worse. While some are memorable for being insanely large and over-the-top, others are memorable for their underwhelming-ness. Here is a look back at some of the best, the worst, and the "what were they thinking"?

    The best:
    The following are a few that are memorable for all the right reasons. From their beautiful craftsmanship, to the rich histories being shown, these costumes made an impression.
    Miss China 2012
    This dress was designed to represent the Qin Dynasty, and is remembered to this day for it's stunning design. It's no surprise that she won Best Costume that year.

    Miss Thailand 2008
    Over the years, Thailand has brought us memorable costume after memorable costume, and this one was no exception, winning Best Costume.

    Miss Germany 2014
    Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this costume had a costume of a cape representing the wall, while Miss Germany released her white balloons she revealed her dress underneath symbolizing a united Berlin.

    Miss Thailand 2015
    Another Best Costume winner from Thailand, this costume represents a toot-toot, hoot-hoot, hoop-hoop, tut-tut, hooptie (that's ANTM reference for those who didn't know).

    Miss Japan 2017
    In 2017, Miss Japan brought us this costume that was actually 2 costumes in one: it started off as a ninja costume, and then transformed into a beautiful kimono.

    The worst:
    The following are costumes where you just gotta think "did they even try"?
    Miss Israel 2014
    Sorry Miss Israel, but hot-gluing a Star of David onto a blue gown does not qualify as a costume.

    Miss Hungary 2015
    While they were supposed to be celebrating the anniversary of the invention of the Rubik's Cube (which was invented in Hungary), this costume falls flat, as it looks cheap.

    Miss Austria 2015
    In honor of Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision that year, this Miss Austria dressed like her, beard and all.

    Miss Great Britain 2012
    Sorry Miss Great Britain, while your flag is beautiful, this looks more like a cheap Halloween costume.

    Miss Australia 2007
    While Australia has given some strong contestants over the past decade, this costume does not represent them well. What is the inspiration for this? Baywatch?

    The "What were they thinking?":
    The following are not necessarily "bad", but are definitely memorable for being huge, over-the-top, and/or flat out ridiculous.
    Miss USA 2013
    The one most of you readers were probably waiting for, this is hands-down, one of the most ridiculous, confusing and strangest costumes ever. Dressing Miss USA as a Transformer? What is she even supposed to represent? America taking over the world, while being obsessed with technology and cars?

    Miss Canada 2014
    Another one you were probably waiting for, this costume from Miss Canada sure made a lasting impression. To perpetuate Canadian stereotypes even more, this costume symbolized Canada's greatest love: ice hockey. The unrealistic score (20-14?), the wig, the Stanley Cup hat, the net on the skirt. Everyone was saying, "what is this?"

    Miss Myanmar 2016
    While there is nothing wrong with the craftsmanship of this costume, as it is beautifully made, we can all agree that having Miss Myanmar dressing and acting as a literal puppet attached to strings in front of a background is a little much.

    Miss Argentina 2015
    Year after year, we see these bird costumes during this pageant, especially from the Latin American countries. While there is nothing wrong with this costume in particular (as she does look fantastic in it), we can all agree that the wingspan on this costume is enough to knock someone out.

    Miss Germany 2017
    Sorry Miss Germany 2017, but unlike your friend from 2014 who nailed it, this costume (wearing a Neuschwanstein castle on your head) is definitely strange to say the least.

    Sources: 12345678910111213/1415

    What are some more national costumes that you loved, hated, or just stand out to you for whatever reason?

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    The ANTM and DWTS winner is a Deaf artist and activist. He obviously doesn't need an airport wheelchair for boarding and deplaning.

    Source 1 + 2

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    - Schitt's Creek season 5 trailer premiered after tonight's Christmas special.
    - Season 5 premieres Jan. 8
    - They remain perfect.


    ONTD, what did you thought about the Christmas Special, which i have not seen yet.

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    Xtina continues to show how festive she is around the holidays since her birthday is also around the corner before Christmas (I mean CHIRSTmas/CHRISTina - coincidence? I think not) since having her candyland themed birthday party last year, and now today posting pics of herself with her glam team playing dress up in various looks varying from biker chic, Doom Generation, and 40's glam.

    The reason why? We don't know, maybe she deciding which look to go with for her party.

    The now 38 years young Legend X will also perform at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on Dec. 31st. It'll be 12 years since she last performed at the event where she performed "Candyman" and "Fighter".

    Do y'all like dress up parties?

    sources: 1234567

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    Is it me or those whistle notes look lipped lol


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