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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Legendary just keeps snatching up comic writers.

    Today the company announced a two-year deal with writer couple Kelly Sue Deconnick and Matt Fraction to turn their creator-owned properties into television projects. They will also develop original projects.

    Last week, Brian K Vaughn was signed to a 3-year, 8-figure deal to adapt his work for film and television, separate from his FX deal with Y: The Last Man.

    Last month the company optioned Jeff Lemire's ongoing series Black Hammer but did not disclose what they were doing with it.


    saga and sex criminals coming!

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    The official trailer for Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club dropped today. The teaser trailer was previously posted here.

    The series follows Lohan as she navigates life as a "boss bitch" expanding her business empire, all while overseeing a group of attractive young people working at her Mykonos beachside club/restaurant who must prove their expertise, ambition and charm. (This is Lohan's third business venture in Greece, following the opening of Lohan Nightclub in Athens and Lohan Beach House in Rhodes)

    MTV has described it as a 'Grecian Vanderpump Rules', and will premiere the reality program January 8th at 8PM ET.

    Details on the cast, along with their social media, can be found below:


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    Tracklist could have used a major edit, but otherwise it's a passable new 1D album.

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    -Black Lightning is adding another superhero to its ranks and this time it is Jeffersons youngest daughter Jennifer who will be making her debut as Lightning in the 2nd half of the season. She'll join the ranks of her father who is Black Lightning and older sister who is known as Thunder.

    -Her costume is badass!

    -Lou Ferrigno will star as JSA founder, Hourman on the DC Universe show Stargirl.

    -Brian Stapf will star as Wildcat aka Ted Grant.

    -This will be the 3rd live adaption of the character, during Season 3 of Arrow, J.R. Ramirez played a younger, hotter, Ted Grant who was meant to be a love interest for Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary but due to scheduling issues the character vanished abruptly. Roger Hasket was the first actor to bring Wildcat to life on Smallville.

    -Joel McHale has been cast as Starman/Sylvester Pemberton, mentee to Stargirl.

    -Sylvester Pemberton was originally Sky Man and Star-Spangled Kid. It is unknown why they changed the characters origin.

    -Aquaman has become the 5th highest grossing superhero film in China with a whopping $135 million!

    -Aquaman is the #1 DC film to ever open in China.

    -Set to gross more then Captain America: Civil War and take the 4th spot.

    -Is currently in limbo between being certified fresh or certified rotten over on Rotten Tomatoes.

    -Leading up to the S3 premiere, every Tuesday in December DCU is releasing "enhanced" versions of past YJ episodes.

    -The Enhanced versions will feature commentary from cast and crew.

    -Beverly Hills 90210/Sharknado star Ian Ziering is getting devilish for Swamp Thing.

    -He'll play Daniel Cassidy who is also known as Blue Devil, a former stunt actor pining over his glory days.

    -Swamp Thing will premiere on DC Universe in 2019

    -Amber Heard wants to team up with Gal Gadot for a Mera/Wonder Woman team up movie.

    -She's pitched the idea to DC but who knows if they'll bite like they did with giving Harley Quinn her own team up movie.

    Source: 123456789101112
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    The Daily Mail ran photos of Dax Shepard making out with Julie Andrews' granddaughter Kayti Edwards in a photo booth, along with Edwards' claims that the photos were taken in 2009, two years after he began dating his now-wife, The Good Place's Kristen Bell. Edwards says she ran into Shepard at a party and they then "had sex twice".

    Shepard posted the following on his Instagram account, saying the photos are actually from 2005, before he and Bell were together:


    Shepard and Bell married in 2013 and have two daughters together.


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    - Ellen hits a buzzer every time the name of their show (Schitt's Creek) is said bc US daytime TV can't handle it. This devolves pretty quickly.
    - Talk about how they've been working in comedy together for 40 years.
    - Everyone always thinks they're married (they're not.)
    - Ashton Kutcher is there too for some reason. He and Mila have been loving Schitt's Creek.

    Schitt's Creek was nominated for a Critic's Choice Award and is the first Canadian show ever nominated for Best Comedy Series. The Christmas special airs next week and Season 5 starts January!


    Source: 12

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    The Haunting of Hill House @ # 6

    The Handmaid's Tale @  # 4

    Black Mirror @ # 2

    source: 1,2,3,4

    What shows did you watch in 2018, ontd? 

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    Jennifer Lopez attended the premiere of her new film Second Act in NYC on Wednesday night wearing a voluminous pink Giambattista Valli gown.

    Her escort, Alex Rodriguez, looked a bit cramped in the SUV on the way over:

    Lopez stars in the flick as a 40-year-old mother who gets a second chance at a career and love after creating a fake resume. It co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Vanessa Hudgens.


    Do you have a fave JLo look from over the years, ONTD?

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    Kendall Jenner earned a cool $22.5M in the 12 months preceding June 2018, landing her the top spot on the list of the world's most overpriced clothes hangers. No word yet re how much of that $22.5 million will go to walking lessons:
    SOURCE 12

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    Actress and director Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) has teamed with writer/producer Meredith Bagby and creator/producer Valerie Stadler to launch Big Swing Productions, which is “committed to celebrating new heroes and amplifying bold voices, focusing on inclusive stories with heart and purpose.” They will produce both television and feature film projects.

    Big Swing already has several projects in the works, all with diverse protagonists and a heavy focus on women in front of and behind the camera. Here is a sampling:

    Girls Weekend - An independently developed TV series directed by Sedgwick, set to premiere at Sundance. Plot summary: When a queer daughter returns home to Las Vegas for a "girls weekend" with her estranged homophobic sister and people-pleasing mother, her gun-toting dad lets it slip that her mother's cancer is back with a vengeance, forcing her to decide whether or not she can rejoin her family.

    The F**king New Guys - A television series in development about the first class of civilian Shuttle astronauts, which included a number of firsts for men and women in space. It will tell their stories from the infancy of the Shuttle program through the Challenger disaster and beyond.

    Imelda - Based on the award-winning doc by Ramona Diaz, this film will follow the rise of a Filipino political dynasty through the eyes of its First Lady. Diaz is attached to direct.

    Check out the rest at the source.

    Source 12

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    Eliza Dushku was secretly paid $9.5 million by CBS last year to quiet her claims of sexual harassment by star Michael Weatherly on the show Bull.

    Dushku appeared on three episodes of Bull. She was meant to continue as a series regular, but days after she complained of sexual harassment by Weatherly, she was suddenly informed she was being written off the series. CBS issued a statement denying that writing Dushku off the show was punitive. They agreed to the payment in mediation, and characterize it as the balance of what she would have been paid as a series regular over the next four seasons.

    Dushku said that the harassment included Weatherly saying in front of the crew that he would put her over his lap and spank her, making remarks about her legs, asking her if she would like to have a threesome, and inviting her to his "rape van". She also said that his behavior invited other men on set to harass her, as well, with one crew member remarking to her that he would also like to have a threesome with her.

    Dushku consulted with a producer about what to do, and they agreed Dushku should speak to Weatherly herself. After she did so, Weatherly texted David Stapf, the president of CBS Television, saying they needed to talk about Dushku’s sense of humor. She was let go days later.

    Weatherly says he does not "recollect" asking for her to be fired: “It’s my recollection that I didn’t tell anyone how they should do their job regarding the hiring or firing of anybody."

    Weatherly also told the New York Timesin response to the story: "During the course of taping our show, I made some jokes mocking some lines in the script. When Eliza told me that she wasn’t comfortable with my language and attempt at humor, I was mortified to have offended her and immediately apologized. After reflecting on this further, I better understand that what I said was both not funny and not appropriate and I am sorry and regret the pain this caused Eliza.”


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  • 12/13/18--18:41: Supernatural 14x10 promo

  • Supernatural returns Thursday, January 17th on The CW


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    - Earlier this week, Stephen Curry and two other NBA players/podcast hosts doubted the 1969 moon landing: "They're gonna come get us, I don't think so either. Sorry, I don't want to start conspiracies."

    - He's now backtracking but not Apollogizing: "Obviously I was joking when I was talking on the podcast. [Then] I was silently protesting how stupid it was that people actually took that quote and made it law as, 'Oh my God, he's a fake-moon-landing truther,' whatever you want to call it, yada, yada, yada. So I was silently protesting that part about it, how the story took a life of its own."

    - What is he going to do next? He's going to NASA!: "One thousand percent. I am definitely going to take [NASA] up on their offer [to educate him]. I am going to educate myself firsthand on everything that NASA has done and shine a light on their tremendous work over the years. And hopefully people understand that education is power, informing yourself is power."

    - He launches a message to his young fans: "For kids out there that hang on every word that we say, which is important, understand that you should not believe something just because somebody says it. You should do your homework and understand what you actually believe."


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    -says horror is a great genre for filtering personal things and it just poured out of him
    -says people tell him they are really ambivalent about how it ended and he really likes that
    - has a nod for Best First Feature at the Independent Spirit Awards
    - Toni Collette got Best Actress at the Gothams


    March is slated to be crazy month and A24 (Hereditary, The Witch, It Comes At Night) got its hands on movie, 'The Hole In The Ground', which centers on a mom and her young son who live by a giant sinkhole in a forest. When the kid goes missing, the mom suspects who came back is not her son.

    The movie is set to be released in limited theaters on March 1, 2019 and at the Sundance Film Festival in January.


    Ontd, do you have a fav A24 movie?

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    It turns out that Kanye isn't done tweeting about Drake today. Presumably after calling Kanye and Kanye still refusing to clear the sample Drake was asking him to clear, according to Kanye, Drake called him to threaten him.

    Kanye brings up the incident last month at the Pusha T concert in Toronto (Drake's hometown) where Pusha T was jumped onstage by a group of men. Pusha T claimed that Drake paid them to attack him.


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    • Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale posted videos of herself working out in front of the fast food joint In-N-Out.

    • “We’re at… In-N-Out? …so I guess I’m having my pear!” Gale said in a video before taking a bite of the fruit

    • Gale then set up her workout equipment at a table outside the restaurant, and asked her followers: “Who else works out at in n out?”

    • In full view of customers, Gale did leg lifts, jumped rope, and other exercises.

    • Her friend then brought her celery, carrots, bell peppers, and baby tomatoes in a final video.

    • Gale’s posts have since been removed from her Instagram.

    • The internet did not respond well, and users accused her of “fat shaming” because of her location choice, “condescending” tone, and captions.

    source: twitter

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    Ariana Grande is in denial in this new song titled “imagine” off her upcoming fifth album.


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    Based on the 2017 memoir of the same name by Amy Silverstein, the story showcases the power of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit as it follows an extraordinary group of women who supported Silverstein as she waited for a second life-saving heart transplant.

    An episode count and premiere date have not yet been announced.

    In addition to starring, Garner will also exec produce, alongside Alias creator Abrams via his Warner Bros. TV-based Bad Robot Productions.

    Sources: The Hollywood reporter tweetThe Hollywood Reporter

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    US Weekly reports via Daily Mail that Angelina Jolie 'told son Pax that Brad Pitt never wanted to adopt him'

    The source reports that Brad was "angry" Angelina proceeded with the adoption.

    According to the source Brad didn't want to adopt Pax during a 'very difficult time for the couple'.

    'They almost ended the relationship, but Brad stayed'

    Brad's relationship with eldest Maddox was already strained, but now the actor 'has accepted that he'll likely never be able to repair their relationship.'

    According to Us Weekly, one social worker 'felt Pitt had trouble accepting personal responsibility and often blames others for his actions.'


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