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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 01/05/14--14:05: Sherlock 3x03 Promo

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    It’s been less than a day since we reported about Sir Ian McKellan’s accidental slip and possible outing of a fellow Hobbit costar, but that information alone has given the fine users of Tumblr enough ammunition to turn their dashboards into Speculation City and kick off the next great search for a closeted Hollywood actor.


    In a 2012 interview with Brash, McKellan confirmed that two of the actors playing dwarves in the Hobbit trilogy were openly gay, even though only one, in fact, is openly gay. After combing the depths of the Internet, we learned that three of the Hobbit‘s 12 dwarves have been loosely linked with gay rumors.

    One of the strongest rumors linked English actor Richard Armitage with “openly gay” (says McKellen) costar Lee Pace, and according to a number of tipsters that wrote in after we wondered aloud, those rumors have gained traction in the last few months following the “leak” of a “private” photo of Armitage and Pace sharing a meal with family during the holidays.

    Now, this doesn’t actually mean these two are dating, especially since the photo seemingly appeared on Tumblr overnight and can’t be contributed to any specific source. These guys are, after all, working together on a film:


    The pair has also allegedly been spotted driving a golf cart with four giant smiley faces. Are the smiley faces the children in the photo above? One must wonder:


    [S O U R C E]

    tumblr junior detectives, tbh

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    Donna Marie Trego earns a living as a Gaga impersonator and has spent tens of thousands on outfits, wigs and a team of dancers.

    Now the 38-year-old, from Cardiff, South Wales, performs all over the world and has even been mistaken for the superstar herself.

    Mrs Trego did her first performance with six outfits, most of which she had made herself.

    Since then she has built up her show and now owns 40 outfits - including a bra that has pyrotechnics built in.

    She said: "I didn't realise the time and effort I would need to dedicate to this to make it work. There's a lot of Gaga lookalikes and it's really competitive.

    "I could have put down a deposit on a nice house, but instead everything I earn goes back into my act - I'm a perfectionist, everything has to be a certain way.

    "It might seem like madness to have put so much back into my act, but if I'd invested the same amount in a hairdressers or another business people wouldn't think anything of it.

    "When I started I couldn't have predicted how crazy it would go. She's constantly evolving and I have to keep up with that.

    "Her new album has just come out but I have no idea what single will come out next or what her show will be like. I need to be ready for anything.

    "I'm more than just a lookalike. I'm a tribute and an impersonator."

    Mrs Trego started performing as Lady Gaga in 2010 after a themed night in the bar where she worked.

    She said: "I was watching the tribute act and thought 'I could do a better job than this', but I was worried what my husband Nigel would say.

    "The next thing I know he came running through the crowd and shouted that I should be a Gaga tribute.

    "We slept on it and booked a gig a month away the next day."

    She has now performed internationally, including Germany, Bahrain and Gran Canaria, and has won awards, such as the national tribute act award and a Goscar - a gay Oscar, for the authenticity of her act.

    She has recently performed Born This Way: A Lady Gaga experience at St David's Hall in Cardiff for the third year running.

    Since then she has travelled to Singapore and Macao, and performed at the Wales Millenium Stadium with Beverley Knight.


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    A shocking new report claims that Ke$ha’s very own music producer is the person who drove her into rehab — and now a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that the man is notorious for mistreating his artists. Dr. Luke has a long history of success in the music business — producing songs for Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Kelly Clarkson — but his integrity is being called into question after a new report claimed that Ke$ha is blaming her eating disorder and subsequent trip to rehab on him.

    While the two were working together, Dr. Luke reportedly constantly berated Ke$ha for being overweight according to TMZ. After the singer’s 2011 “Get Sleazy” tour ended, Luke allegedly ragged on her for gaining weight during her down time, and things apparently got even more vindictive from there.

    Ke$ha has reportedly revealed to friends that during a 2012 music video shoot, Luke told her she looked like “a f**king refrigerator,” and was urging her management team to do something about her weight.

    Obviously those kind of personal attacks could deeply affect anyone — and Ke$ha was not immune to them. On Jan. 3, the singer checked into a Chicago area treatment center for an eating disorder.


    my first post after years of commenting!!

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    At tonight's 25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, honoree Sandra Bullock brought the comic relief!

    Reading internet comments about herself while accepting the award for the Desert Palm Achievement Award, the 49-year-old Oscar winner made fun of users who pointed out her age, quoting, "Sandra Bullock is over 40," adding, "Sandra Bullock is way past 40."

    She then referenced a rumored feud between her and Julia Roberts over their mutual pal George Clooney, joking, "Julia, you and I are in a feud over George Clooney. We talked about this right? It's shared custody."

    Bullock went on to read more online comments about herself. "There's nothing special about her acting, she's not particularly attractive, I can't stand her, she's mediocre, she's over 40," she joked, to the audience's amusement.

    Later in the night, fellow honoree Meryl Streep piggy-backed on Bullock's ageist joke, telling the audience, "Everything that Sandra Googled about herself, they say about me too, except they say over 60."

    Other stars who were honored during tonight's Cartier-sponsored PSIFF gala included Steve McQueen (Director of the Year), Lupita Nyong'o (Breakthrough Performance Award), Bruce Dern (Career Achievement Award), Thomas Newman (The Frederick Loewe Award for Film Composing), Julia Roberts (Spotlight Award), Matthew McConaughey (Desert Palm Achievement Award), U2 (Sonny Bono Visionary Award, the cast of American Hustle and Tom Hanks (Chairman's Award).

    Hanks also brightened up the night with some hunor after accepting his award from BFF Roberts. "Much like you, I think the same thing when I see Julia Roberts: Man, what a nice pair of glasses!" he joked. "They just look better and better."

    On the red carpet, before the gala, Roberts told reporters that her favorite thing about awards season is "not the heels!".

    Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/495718/sandra-bullock-says-she-julia-roberts-have-joint-custody-of-george-clooney-jokes-about-being-over-40

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    Ashton Kutcher and his girlfriend Mila Kunis are in good spirits while attending a Lakers basketball game at Staples Center on Friday (January 3) in Los Angeles.
    The 35-year-old actor and the 30-year-old actress were spotted sharing on a passionate kiss after they appeared on the game’s Kiss Cam, which was posted on Twitter by a reporter.

    Ashton and Mila cheered on the Lakers, who defeated the Utah Jazz by a final score of 110-90, making it the team’s 14th win of the season.
    “Happy new year. Make generous resolutions! Fight for love! And don’t take anything too seriously. Xo ak,” Ashton recently tweeted.


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    The beauty of being an elder stateswoman with a recent Oscar under your belt is that you can let rip on your personal opinions and use the platform as a bully pulpit.

    That's just what Meryl Streep did Tuesday night at the National Board of Review when she boldly stepped up to the dais to present Emma Thompson with the Best Actress Award for the Disney movie "Saving Mr. Banks"– and called out studio head Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks in the movie) for his sexist and anti-Semitic ways.

    "Disney, who brought joy arguably to billions of people was, perhaps, or had some racist proclivities. He formed and supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group and he was certainly, on the evidence of his company’s policies, a gender bigot," Streep said. She also read a letter written by the company in 1938 to an aspiring female animator that said, "Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that task is performed entirely by young men."


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    Courting yet more controversy, Dennis Rodman on Wednesday led a singalong of "Happy Birthday" to the leader of North Korea, a man he calls a friend and a "very good guy," but considered by many a brutal dictator who recently lauded the execution of his own uncle.

    Images released by The Associated Press also show Rodman appearing to bow to Kim Jong Un at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, the site of a basketball exhibition Wednesday -- Kim's birthday -- between a North Korean team and Rodman's squad of former NBA players and others.

    "It was, as you might imagine, a bizarre and unusual occasion that won't easily be forgotten," Simon Cokerell, general manager of Koryo Tours, said in a YouTube video posted after he accompanied tourists to watch the match.

    Even before Wednesday's spectacle -- in which his team lost to a North Korean squad 47-39, according to North Korean state media -- Rodman's visit to North Korea had already generated enormous controversy.

    The colorful former NBA star known as "The Worm" elicited widespread condemnation Tuesday when he suggested in an exclusive interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN's "New Day" that American Kenneth Bae had done something to deserve his 15-year sentence.

    On Wednesday, Bae's family accused Rodman of "playing games" with Bae's life. Relatives and U.S. officials have insisted Bae committed no crime.

    "There is no diplomacy, only games, and at my brother's expense," Bae's sister, Terri Chung, said Wednesday in a prepared statement.

    Bae, described by family members as a devout Christian who ran a legal tour operation in North Korea, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2012 on charges that he planned an operation to topple North Korea's government through religious activities.

    The regime also accused Bae of urging people to carry out "hostile acts" against the state.

    The married father of three has suffered a series of health problems during his detention and has been transferred from a labor camp to a hospital.

    Bae's relatives say Rodman, who once urged Kim in a tweet to "do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose," could have helped put pressure on the North Korean government to release him.

    Instead, she said he made the situation worse in his Tuesday CNN interview by intimating that Bae was guilty.

    "Do you understand what he did in this country?" Rodman asked Cuomo. "No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why?"

    Chung said Wednesday she was shocked by his statements.

    "Dennis Rodman could do a lot of good by advocating for Kenneth to Kim Jong Un, but instead he has decided to hurl outrageous accusations at my brother, insinuating that Kenneth has done something sinister," Chung said.

    'A lot of showboating'

    Rodman's trip to North Korea is his fourth in the past year.

    Wednesday's match took place at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, according to Cokerell, whose company stages tours for Western visitors to North Korea.

    After Kim emerged to cheering crowds that for several minutes wished him long life -- ending only when the leader hushed them -- Rodman gave an impromptu speech, then he led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to Kim.

    Rodman's squad and a North Korean team played two games, Cokerell said. The first featured his team in a 20-minute match in a loss against the North Korean squad. The second game pitted squads with Western and North Korean players on each team, he said.

    "That game was actually much better; there was a lot of showboating, showing off, alley-oops, slam-dunks and that sort of thing," he said.

    Controversial friendship

    Rodman struck up a friendship with Kim in February, when he first traveled to North Korea with a team of Harlem Globetrotters for an exhibition game. He has since described Kim as a "very good guy" and his friend.

    "I love my friend," Rodman said Tuesday in a reference to Kim. "This is my friend."

    Rodman has described his series of trips to North Korea as a "basketball diplomacy" project and defended the latest trip in his interview with Cuomo, saying it was a "great idea for the world."

    Much of the rest of the world, however, has been less enthusiastic.

    Western governments and human rights groups have accused North Korea of human rights abuses, including arbitrary detentions and operating a network of labor camps -- including one to which Bae was reportedly sentenced before his health deteriorated.

    Kim is also believed to have led a purge that culminated in the execution of his uncle, who had been instrumental in leading the current leader to power after the death of his father.

    U.S. officials have taken pains to note that Rodman is on a private visit. On Tuesday, Bill Richardson, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, also criticized Rodman's comments.

    Richardson, a former New Mexico governor who has visited North Korea multiple times, said Rodman "drank a little bit too much of the Kool-Aid from the North Koreans."

    Charles D. Smith, a basketball player who accompanied Rodman on the trip, apologized for "the storm that has been created by our presence." But, he added, "We're not apologizing for doing what we do ... we're connecting people to basketball and people to people."

    NBA unimpressed

    The NBA also has distanced itself from Rodman's trip.

    "Dennis will be Dennis, but I think there is a lot at stake here in terms of a ... a very dangerous country," outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern said Tuesday on "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer."

    The NBA has had preliminary discussions with Pyongyang about a cultural exchange, Stern said. But he said he wouldn't send any players to North Korea without White House approval.

    "Sports diplomacy is a wonderful thing," he said. "But they should be done in a far more dignified fashion than this particular trip is being carried out."



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    After a four-week wait at No. 2, Pitbull and Ke$ha climb to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with "Timber." The new leader had held at the runner-up spot while Eminem and featured artist Rihanna reigned for four frames with "The Monster," which this week slips to No. 3. Meanwhile, Katy Perry charges into the top 10 with "Dark Horse," featuring Juicy J.

    With the coronation of "Timber," Pitbull collects his second Hot 100 No. 1. "Give Me Everything," featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer, topped the July 9, 2011, ranking. Ke$ha claims her third Hot 100 No. 1; her debut single "TiK ToK" ruled for nine weeks in 2010, while "We R Who We R" crowned the Nov. 13, 2010, tally.

    "Timber" spends a fourth week atop the Digital Songs chart, with 301,000 downloads sold (down 32%), according to Nielsen SoundScan. As previously reported, only three songs on the 50-position Digital Songs chart sport an increase in sales over the prior week, following last week's hefty sales week following Christmas. The week after Christmas normally brings a surge in digital song sales, thanks to the redemption of newly-acquired digital gift cards. (Total song sales for the week ending Jan. 5 were down by 29%; in the previous week, they soared by 98%.)

    "Timber" adds the Hot 100's top Streaming Gainer award, vaulting 6-2 on Streaming Songs with a 21% gain to 5.3 million U.S. streams, according to Nielsen BDS. It likewise lifts 6-2 on the subscription services-based On-Demand Songs chart (1.8 million, up 40%).

    On Radio Songs, "Timber" returns to its No. 5 peak, from No. 6, with an 8% gain to 109 million all-format audience impressions, according to BDS. (Chart historians, take note: as of this week, Radio Songs becomes the chart's name across all Billboard platforms; it previously went by Hot 100 Airplay in Billboard magazine and on billboard.biz. The tweak, thus, better streamlines the names of the Hot 100's three main component charts: Radio Songs, Digital Songs and Streaming Songs. Additionally, Digital Songs drops the "Hot" at the beginning of its name in print and on billboard.biz. The prefix "Hot" will now be reserved solely for the sales/airplay/streaming hybrid charts, which mirror the Hot 100's methodology. Adding "Hot" as of this week are Dance/Electronic Songs, R&B Songs, Rap Songs, Christian Songs and Gospel Songs.)

    "Timber" concurrently takes over atop Hot Rap Songs, which "Monster" had led for nine weeks.

    Below "Timber" on the Hot 100, OneRepublic's "Counting Stars" rises to No. 2 after four weeks at No. 3. With the advance, OneRepublic ties its best chart rank: its debut hit, "Apologize" (credited to Timbaland featuring OneRepublic), peaked at No. 2 for four weeks in late 2007.

    "Stars" holds at No. 2 on Radio Songs for a fourth week (139 million, up 7%) and at No. 3 on Digital Songs (237,000, down 42%) and rebounds 10-7 on Streaming Songs (4.1 million, up 7%).

    In terms of overall Hot 100 chart points, "Timber" wins the top spot by a 9% margin over "Stars."

    As it vacates the Hot 100's summit, "Monster" continues leading Radio Songs for a fifth week (145 million, up 6%). It drops 2-5 on Digital Songs (220,000, down 49%) and 5-6 on Streaming Songs (4.3 million, down 9%). "Monster" spends a 10th week at No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

    Rounding out the Hot 100's top five, Lorde's former nine-week Hot 100 No. 1 "Royals" stays at No. 4 (and leads Hot Rock Songs for a 19th week) and A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's "Say Something" keeps at No. 5.

    Katy Perry crashes the Hot 100's top 10 with "Dark Horse," featuring Juicy J (11-6), the third single from her former Billboard 200 No. 1 album "PRISM." Lead track "Roar" spent two weeks at No. 1, while follow-up "Unconditionally" reached No. 14 (and this week slides 20-29). "Horse," which marks Perry's lucky 13th Hot 100 top 10, trots to the top 10 as the Hot 100's top Airplay Gainer, bounding 28-18 on Radio Songs (52 million, up 28%). It jumps 7-4 on Digital Songs (229,000, down 20%), returning to its peak position logged upon its Oct. 5, 2013, debut as a "PRISM" preview track. "Horse" hits the Streaming Songs top 10 (14-10), swelling by 26% to 3.6 million.

    Perry's last album, 2010's fellow Billboard 200-topping "Teenage Dream," yielded five Hot 100 No. 1s, tying Michael Jackson's "Bad" (1987-88) for the most leaders from a single set. Reissued as "Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection," the new version of the album generated another Hot 100 ruler, "Part of Me," in 2012.

    Closing out the Hot 100's top 10, Passenger's "Let Her Go" holds at its No. 7 peak; Avicii's No. 4 hit "Wake Me Up!" rebounds 10-8 (and commands Hot Dance/Electronic Songs for a record-extending 18th week); Miley Cyrus' former three-week Hot 100 No. 1 "Wrecking Ball" returns to the top 10 (12-9) and passes her own "We Can't Stop" for the longest reign over Streaming Songs (12 weeks, totaled nonconsecutively; it rises 2-1 on the list, up by 10% to 7.6 million); and Imagine Dragons' "Demons" slips from its No. 6 Hot 100 peak to No. 10.


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    Evan Jonigkeit has been added to the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past as a young version of Toad.

    Speaking to MTV News, the actor confirmed his role as the villainous character, who was last seen in the 2000 X-Men film.

    "It's a really incredible thing to be a part of," Jonigkeit explained. "[Days of Future Past] is huge and really exciting. I was so stoked to be working with all of these people. It was a really crazy experience.

    "I read a lot of the comic books. I found out the storyline of my character, who is Toad. X-Men fans will know that Ray Park played him in the first movie, so it's a generation story of how he came to be. It's really cool."

    Jonigkeit added that his young version of the character looks significantly different to Toad's original form.

    "The aesthetics of the character are much different, and I'm not really allowed to say a whole lot more than that," he said. "It's darker. I would say it's a darker tone."



    Mods, you said that this has been posted already but I haven't found that post :SS

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    The soundtrack to Disney's "Frozen" blows into the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200, selling 165,000 copies in the week ending Jan. 5, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It rises from No. 4 last week and earns a 55% gain in sales. "Frozen" marks the first soundtrack to reach No. 1 in a year, since "Les Misérables" rose to No. 1 on the Jan. 19, 2013, chart. (That chart reflected the sales week that ended Jan. 6, mirroring how this week's chart reflects the week ending Jan. 5, 2013.)

    "Frozen" bumps Beyoncé's self-titled album from the No. 1 position, down to No. 2 in its fourth chart week, with 130,000 (down 58%). "Beyoncé" spent its first three weeks at No. 1, and has now sold 1.43 million. This week, total sales for the album also surpass that of the diva's previous album, "4," which was released in 2011 and has sold 1.39 million.

    "Frozen" climbs to the top courtesy of the movie's continued strong showing at the box office, along with sale pricing for the set last week in the iTunes Store. The music-filled movie topped the U.S. and Canada box offices during the Jan. 3-5 weekend, and has earned $298 million, according to Box Office Mojo. It's currently the fourth-highest-grossing film released in 2013. The soundtrack has grown in sales every week since its debut at No. 18 on the Dec. 14, 2013, chart. Its cumulative sales have now passed the half-million mark, as its additional 165,000 this week bring its total to 503,000.

    "Frozen" is just the fourth animated film soundtrack to reach No. 1 since the Billboard 200 became a regularly published weekly chart in 1956. It follows Jack Johnson's "Curious George" (2006), and Disney's "Pocahontas" (1995) and "The Lion King" (1994).

    Few new albums were released last week, so there's very little action in terms of debuts on the Billboard 200 this week. The highest new entry is down at No. 58, where Jim Brickman's "The Magic of Christmas" bows with 6,000 (up 38%). The set isn't new to market, however, as it was released in October. The holiday effort appears on the list this week, with a gain, thanks to deep discounting at Target stores. (It's the only brick-and-mortar retailer to carry the CD.)

    Back in the top 10 this week: Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" holds at No. 3 with 55,000 (down 55%), Katy Perry's "PRISM" rises 5-4 with 51,000 (down 48%), and Lorde's "Pure Heroine" climbs 7-5 with 46,000 (down 40%). One Direction's "Midnight Memories" slides 2-6 with 45,000 (down 68%), and Luke Bryan's "Crash My Party" zips 14-7 with 43,000 (down a relatively mild 19%).

    OneRepublic's "Native" returns to the top 10 for the first time since its debut week (back in April 2013), as it steps 19-8 with 35,000 (down 3%). The "Now 48" collection steps 12-9 with 34,000 (down 42%) and Imagine Dragons' "Night Visions" closes out the top 10, moving 9-10 with 31,000 (down 50%).

    Overall album sales were down 43% this past week, so any title that shows a moderate decline actually moves up the chart. Thus, Bryan and OneRepublic—down just 19% and 4%, respectively—return to the top 10. ("Frozen" is the only album among the top 20 on the chart to post a gain in sales this week.)

    While Beyonce's self-titled album slides out of the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 chart this week, its sales continue to grow at a rapid rate. In just four weeks on the chart, "Beyonce," released on Dec. 13, has now outsold the diva's last album, "4," which bowed on June 28, 2011. "Beyonce" sold 130,000 copies in the week ending January 5, 2014, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That brings its cumulative sales sum up to 1.43 million -- hopping over the total of "4," which stands at 1.39 million.

    The latter album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 310,000 in its first week. It then held at No. 1 for a second frame, selling 115,000. In its second and third weeks, it moved 72,000 and 53,000, respectively. To compare, "Beyonce" debuted at No. 1 with 617,000 in its first chart week (which actually reflected only its first three days of sales), and then moved 374,000 and 310,000 in its second and third weeks at No. 1. Beyonce's two previous studio albums, "B'Day" (released in 2006) and "Dangerously In Love" (2003), both hit No. 1, and have sold 3.36 million and 4.91 million, respectively.


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    Danielle and Kevin Jonas said the name of their baby girl "just kind of came to us."

    Kevin, 26, who's expecting his first child any day now, admits to ABC News that "Jonas is a weird last name, not that many things go with it."

    The singer, who announced the pregnancy in July, added that that the name he and his wife chose "rolls off the tongue."

    That's about as much as the "Married to Jonas" stars will say right now regarding the name.

    "We are trying to keep that a secret because everyone knows we are having a girl, but right when she's born, we are going to tell everyone," Danielle said. "It's different enough, but not too crazy."

    Danielle added that the baby's middle name has special meaning to her in particular.

    The couple, who married in 2009, spoke to ABC as part of a promotion they are doing with Dreft's new app "Amazing Baby Days," which Kevin said helps him stockpile all the photos of Danielle's pregnancy to make a digital booklet to share down the road.

    The couple may have the first and middle names all picked out, but the nursery is a work in progress.

    "I am building us a house and we are about two and half weeks away from moving in," Kevin said. "The nursery will be here at the end of next week. The walls are painted. The floors will be stained this weekend, you could move furniture and you could live there, it's fine."

    Danielle added that they painted the walls purple because "there's already so much pink for girls everywhere."

    Kevin, who along with his brothers announced the split of their band the Jonas Brothers in October, said he's excited that "everything we do now will be different," after the baby's born.

    "Going to a restaurant which we've gone to a million times will be different, getting in the car will be different," he added.

    But he admits there's going to be tough times too.

    "There are going to be times where that baby is not going to stop crying and I'm not going to know what to do, and nothing we are going to do is going to work," he said. "But we are going to get through it and it's going to be great. We are not even going to remember it the minutes she starts to smile."

    The couple has also decided not to take any classes prior to the baby's arrival, so that everything that happens will be fresh and new.

    "I think you just learn by experience, trial and error," Danielle said.

    As for more kids after this one, Kevin said "we definitely want a larger family" and that because he spent his life around his brothers, "I actually wanted girls."

    "I said four, but maybe after this one, three," Danielle joked. "It's tough."

    Danielle, who had to be on an IV drip early in the pregnancy, added that this experience was tough at first, "then it got really easy. Now, the past couple of days, it's like I'm done, this baby has to come out soon."

    In other Jonas news, while in Hawaii over the weekend Nick decided to hang out shirtless on the beach:

    Nick Jonas shares his drink with girlfriend Olivia Culpo while enjoying the sunny weather beachside in Oahu, Hawaii on Monday afternoon (January 6).

    The 21-year-old actor/musician also joined his brother Joe on a snack run earlier in the day.

    “Hard to believe I was just starting rehearsals for @H2SBway two years ago around this time,” Nick tweeted, reminiscing about his time on Broadway.

    He added, “Wanna thank all my amazing fans/followers. You guys are incredible. Big things coming this year.”

    Can’t wait to hear about them!

    Nick Jonas holds hands with girlfriend Olivia Culpo as they arrive at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (January 7).

    The couple just returned from a weekend getaway to Hawaii, where a friend of the couple got hitched.

    Nick just recently teamed up with Tim Powell on Tich‘s new track, “Breathe In, Breathe Out”.

    Source 1,source 2Source 3

    So, any guesses for the baby name?

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  • 01/08/14--10:56: ONTD Roundup
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    Episode 5.12 - The Devil Inside
    Episode 5.13 - Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Episode 1.12 - Dance Back from the Grave
    Episode 1.13 - Crescent City

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    Kim Kardashian displays shocking hair loss and extensions after 'relying on weaves to boost her post-pregnancy thinning locks'
    She's left fans green with envy thanks to her incredible post-pregnancy weight loss. But it seems that Kim Kardashian's rush to regain her svelte frame has had an unwanted effect on her hair. Images of the 33-year-old with her hair tied up in a high bun while out in Los Angeles last week show the extent of what appears to be extreme hair loss, which the reality star seems to have been attempting to cover up with weaves and hair extensions.
    And according to hair extension expert Tatiana Karelina, it could be Kim's rapid weight loss that triggered her hair loss. Tatiana told MailOnline: 'It is well known that during the later stage of pregnancy you lose less hair due to hormones, making it thicker and lusher, but when you have the baby most women find they  seem to be losing a lot more hair than normal.'What with the rapid amount of weight Kim lost and dieting in the months after the birth, this may have accelerated the hair loss, giving sparser looking patches, we can clearly see how thin her hair is around the hairline.

    'Birth and rapid weightloss are both factors that have triggered her thinning hair and made her opt for hair extensions to boost her diminished hair volume.'Tatiana added that Kim's apparent reliance on hair extensions to give her boosted locks have now left her with Traction Alopecia, and that she should have the weaves removed as soon as possible if she doesn't want to damage her hair further. She told MailOnline: 'In spite of giving instant full thick hair, weaves put extreme pressure on the hair and scalp, often too heavy and tight, the pulling and weight often cause severe migraines and Traction Alopecia, and actually aid hair loss rather than help to recover healthy hair regrowth.
    'I would not recommend that Kim keep the weave in her hair, but rather opt for lighter non damaging types of extensions, or a simple clip-in that can be taken out often to relieve pressure on hair follicles and the scalp.'Kim isn't the only star to have suffered after relying on extensions and weaves.Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are among the other famous faces to have found themselves with damaged hair after boosting their barnets with extensions.A spokesperson for Kim denied the reality star wears extensions.
    well. hair post?

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  • 01/08/14--11:17: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    Emmy Rossum shed tears as she filmed emotional scenes on the set of Shameless on Tuesday.

    The 27-year-old actress proved herself a convincing crier as she threw herself into her role as Fiona Gallagher in the Showtime series based on an award-winning British show of the same name.

    In the new scenes, to feature in season four which will premiere on Sunday January 12, Emmy's character wore an ankle bracelet while sitting outside crying in the snow.

    Although the scenes were filmed in sunny Los Angeles, the set was transformed into a winter setting.

    Emmy was clad in jeans, converse, a parka and a hat as she got emotional for her craft.

    However, she later appeared in high spirits as she walked around the set with her co-stars.

    The show follows the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic single father of six children portrayed by William H. Macy.

    The Beautiful Creatures star has been with Shameless since its premiere in January 2011.

    The show has been a hit for Showtime and in January 2013 was renewed for a fourth season.

    While Emmy is having to get emotional at work, she is much happier at home where she has developed a crush on her neighbour David Beckham.

    The actress isn't dating anyone at the moment after her two-year relationship with Shameless co-star Tyler Jacob Moore ended in July.

    Emmy lives in the same part of Beverly Hills as David, his wife Victoria and their four children - when they're not at their London home.

    Speaking to the January issue of Company magazine, Emmy said: '[David] pulled up next to me once and asked if he could cut in front of me. He had such a sweet little voice and I was like, "Please!"

    'I had a car beeping me from behind but I just had to stop and go, "That’s David Beckham, he’s sooo hot."'

    The only other man in her life is her dog, Cinnamon, who was a surprise gift that she admits she wasn't happy about to begin with.

    She explained: 'He was a present. I wanted a Rhodesian ridgeback. But I had a really s***ty boyfriend who gave him to me.

    'And, of course, when a really cute dog shows up on your doorstep, you can't be like, Yeah, no.

    You're like, "Oh, yay, puppy!" Also. Never get your girlfriend a pet that she didn't know she was getting.'

    Shameless will have its fourth season premiere on Sunday at 9pm on Showtime.


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    Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said Tuesday night that he "may have been a little too harsh originally" in calling for the end of his former coach's career.

    In an appearance on "Fox Sports Live," Kluwe said he hopes that Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer can instead make "legitimate change" in his views on gay rights and be a role model once resuming his career.

    Kluwe spent his final season with the Vikings in 2012 advocating for same-sex marriage. In an article posted last week on Deadspin.com, Kluwe quoted Priefer as saying, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows."

    Kluwe also wrote in the article that Priefer is a "bigot."

    "If there's one thing I hope to achieve from sharing this story, it's to make sure that Mike Priefer never holds a coaching position again in the NFL, and ideally never coaches at any level," Kluwe wrote in the article.

    On Tuesday night, however, Kluwe backed down from his assertion that Priefer should never coach again.

    "After thinking about it, after reflecting on it, I don't think an appropriate punishment is if he never coaches again," Kluwe said during his appearance. "I think it would be better if he got therapy, if he got counseling, and then a year or two from now, come back into the league as a role model, help out with LGBT groups, and show people that this is an important issue.

    "What he said is very hurtful, but people can change."

    The Vikings have hired two attorneys to conduct an independent investigation. Priefer remains under contract with the team.

    source: espn

    kluwe is an asshole who doesnt care about lgbt groups and is using this for revenge and to promote his book and band. have fun getting sued for libel!

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  • 01/08/14--11:28: Kesha has an Alcohol Problem

  • KE$HA isn’t just in rehab for an eating disorder — she’s got an alcohol problem, too.

    According to RadarOnline, the singer — who based her career around the hard-partying lifestyle and songs that featured lyrics about boozing — concerned her team with her alcohol intake.

    “But in recent months, those closest to her had become increasingly worried about her drinking. It’s been the stuff of legend in the past and she’s never hidden the fact that she loves to drink,” a source said.

    “Now, though, part of her bid to get healthy is to get completely healthy — and that will involve looking at her abuse of alcohol. Some of her advisors had raised this in the past.

    “There’s no doubt that Ke$ha has her demons and the chief one is an eating disorder.

    “It’s the primary reason she checked into Timberline Knolls."


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    The Insane Clown Posse and four die-hard fans announced a lawsuit against the FBI and Department of Justice Wednesday, saying their constitutional rights were violated when the feds designated their Juggalo devotees a gang.

    “It’s time for the FBI to come to its senses and recognize that Juggalos are not a gang but a worldwide family united by the love of music,” said one member of the rap duo, Joseph Bruce, aka Violent J, in a statement released by the Michigan American Civil Liberties Union, which joined the suit.

    “There has never been — and will never be — a music fan base quite like Juggalos, and while it is easy to fear what one does not understand, discrimination and bigotry against any group of people is just plain wrong and un-American.”

    The Juggalos are known for painting their faces like clowns — just like the hip-hop duo that forms the posse, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Their weeklong bacchanal, the Gathering of the Juggalos, is notorious for its blatant drug use and general bad behavior.
    In 2011 the Department of Justice designated Juggalos a “hybrid gang.” The government estimates there are more than 1 million of the fanatics.

    That designation led two fans to endure harassment at the hands of the police, the lawsuit alleges.

    Brandon Bradley, 20, said cops in Sacramento, Calif., “on numerous occasions” accused him of being in a gang, and interrogated about his Juggalo tattoos and clothing.

    Scott Gandy said he would not be accepted in the Army because his ICP tattoo was a gang symbol. He spent $800 to have his Juggalo tattoos covered, but he was still rejected from the military.

    “It’s unfair that police are treating fans of ICP like criminals just because of the music we like,” said Bradley. “Even though the Juggalo community has had a positive effect on my life, now I feel I have to cover my tattoos in certain areas or risk being harassed by police. It’s wrong to make me hide who I am.”

    ICP hails from Detroit and since 1989 has earned two platinum and five gold albums. The group’s 2009 song, “Miracles,” became an Internet meme thanks to its thought-provoking question, “F------ magnets, how do they work?”

    The Department of Justice did not have immediate comment on the lawsuit.


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