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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    What a way to start the birthday weekend. Miley Cyrus' residence was burglarized on Friday, Nov. 22, the LAPD North Hollywood Community Police Station confirms to Us Weekly. It is currently an ongoing investigation and property was taken from her home.

    The incident occurred sometime in the afternoon, but there were no injuries and nobody was home at the time.

    "She's extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen," a source tells Us. "She's really shaken up about the whole thing."

    The "We Can't Stop" singer isn't having the best birthday so far. Cyrus turns 21 today, and has been in the middle of gearing up to perform at the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday night.


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    After months of stewing since last season’s reunion, it seems Phaedra has new reasons to inquire about her husband’s conversations with the former beauty queen.

    In tonight's Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra confronts her husband Apollo about the alleged “flirty texts” he received from her costar Kenya.

    After Kandi reads the text messages on Kenya's phone, she goes straight to Phaedra about what she learned. Apollo and Phaedra have a heart-to-heart discussion while they're in a restaurant.

    Apollo is clearly on the defense when his wife questions him about texting Kenya. He tells her that he texted Kenya, but he didn't "cross the line" and never meant to "offend" her.

    When she asks Apollo what happened: “She wanted to fuck, okay. She wanted to have sex in LA,” he replies.

    “I might have to kill him with this damn steak knife,”
    Phaedra responds.

    Back at the table, she threatens her hubby for his behavior. “You are about two seconds from me cuttin’ out your tongue,” she warns her hubby.

    “I just want to talk to Apollo, so that I can put this all to rest because I’m sick of hearing about it,” she says during her confessional. “Don’t text my friends,” Phaedra tells her husband. “Baby, I’m a grown man. You’re not my mama,” he responds. “You’ve got to lighten up.”

    In her confessional, Phaedra rants about his texting with Kenya. “What he sees as harmless, I see as inappropriate,” she says.

    Back at the dinner table, she doesn’t think Apollo is taking her seriously. “Well, it better not happen no more,” she says. “Don’t do that again.” Apollo tries to defend himself and says the texts weren’t a big deal.

    “Enough with the threats!” he vents – with the couple’s fight looking far from over.

    Xscape reunion on RHOA?

    In the past, Kandi’s said that she has no plans on linking back up with her old group members. But it seems that she may have changed her mind. reports that the “Who Can I Run To” sirens may be planning to link up on Kandi’s show RHOA. That’s right! Kandi Burruss, Tiny, Latocha Scott and her sister Tamika Scott may soon be gathering for some long-awaited face time.

    Since parting ways most of the original members have gone on to enjoy continued success in reality TV. Tiny’s had several shows, including Tiny Tonight and T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

    Kandi’s run on The Real Housewives spawned a short-lived spin-off The Kandi Factory. LaTocha was featured on the last season of R&B Divas. Former members that came in after Kandi’s exit have even been featured on The Sisterhood (TLC) and Pregnant & Dating (WE tv).

    It’s not clear whether their reunion will be something musical, a friendly chit chat to catch up and resolve their differences, or something in between.

    Porsha Stewart Talks Life After Divorce!

    VIBE Vixen: I hear you’re keeping your name. What’s your thought process behind that?

    Porsha Stewart: I was born Porsha Williams, but I was given to a husband that didn’t work out, but at the end it still was a part of my life. I’ll give up that name when I meet my next husband, but until then it’s really not necessary. The name [Stewart] meant something to me, there’s sentimental value with my name it’s not like ‘oh I hate him so take his name back’ it’s my name too. It’s the name that everybody knows. At the end of the day, this is business. I’m building businesses and people know me as Porsha Stewart and when you build a brand you have to work with what you got.

    Do you think that you’ll ever get married again?

    Oh yes, definitely. I’m a hopeless romantic. I still have big dreams. I still have big hopes and I believe in that fairytale. I believe it can happen because I’m blessed and I’m highly favored so all I need to do at this moment in time is get myself in a position where I feel complete, and then I’ll meet someone who can compliment me. It may not be what everyone else thinks it needs to be, but I’ll find him.

    What kind of guy are you looking for? Who are you most interested in?

    I would love someone who is God-fearing. If he is God-fearing then it means he is disciplined and he’s not living his life by his own say-so. He’s submissive to a higher power.

    Someone who has a specific religion we could fall back on. If you don’t have any foundation, then it’s just the two of you deciding what you’re going do together. I made it in my marriage as long as I did because even when I was upset I would ask ‘what is love?’ and I would always go back and read that love was kind and endured. I want him to be successful, I want a man with a plan because I’m a woman with a plan and I want us to do it together. I want us to be a power couple.

    Tell us about the music project you have coming up.

    I’m working on a song right now called “Perfectly Worthless” with a producer named Pierre. I’ll be releasing that single within a couple of months. The song is all about passion and pain. This song is going to be a woman’s anthem for her to gather herself up and move on & realize what she’s worth. I went to the studio at a very emotional point and I’m proud of that. I also have a teeth whitening line out soon.

    We have a lot of readers who are going through break-ups. What’s your advice to them?

    My advice would be to remember what they originally wanted to get out of the relationship. A lot of times when you get in a relationship you put on blinders and you ignore the red flags and you just move right along with it because he’s cute. If you break up with somebody, and you point your finger then that’s bad. I had to accept some of the blame and accept that I’ve swept some things under the rug.

    The Tankards defend pursuit of wealth!

    The founders of Destiny Center Church live a lavish lifestyle that some might not equate with a life of service to God, but Ben and Jewel don’t shy away.

    “We’re blessed to be in America. There is freedom of religion. If one wants to live under a bridge and walk around in sandals and not have a phone or an iPad, they can do that,” Ben told Sister 2 Sister. “If someone says they believe their entire family should be millionaires, they should be able to do that and not be criticized.”

    Thicker Than Water fans saw them contemplate purchasing a private plane, and while that may seem extravagant to some, Jewel said that’s in line with what she’s taken from the Bible. “The Scripture talks about the streets being paved with gold. Jesus was about the bling. There are Scriptures that support that,” she said.

    “I think we have to define prosperity. It’s peace, joy & great relationships. Each person has to define what’s prosperity to them. One person may be happy living in a trailer park. For me, I’m glad to know that there are not any limits to what I have.

    Whatever that dream is, each person can have that dream,”
    she said. “God gives us the desires of our heart.” Jewel said the belief that Christians must live in poverty and reject material wealth is something that prevents some from committing to Christ.

    “I grew up in Detroit, fast men and fast cars. I dated drug dealers. Everybody I knew who was saved at the time was struggling and broke. Their lives did not appeal to me,” she said. “Many people think, ‘If I gotta be broke & come to God, I’m gonna wait ‘til I get old.’ The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of people out there who probably feel the same way.”

    Though critics may not understand their lavish lifestyle, Ben said in order to bless the people he wants to help, he needs God’s financial favor first.

    “My reason for wanting to be successful has nothing to do with things that I want to own,” he said. “I want to be successful to be a blessing to my family. I’ve given away 18 vehicles to people in the community. I’ve got a dream on my vision board to be able to give away 100 homes. I can’t do that if I’m hungry.”

    VibeVixen, S2S, RadarOnline

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    Norman Reedushas shared his thoughts about a possible romance for his character inThe Walking Dead.

    Reedus plays the rugged Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-wielding survivor of the zombie apocalypse, in the AMC show.

    Fans have been rooting to see Daryl set up with Melissa McBride's Carol. However, he has also been sharing a lot of screen time with Danai Gurira's Michonne, prompting viewers to pair them up too.

    When asked about Michonne, Reedus told
    Vulturethat the duo "would have really good sex".

    He said: "She's cute. They would have really good sex, I bet. And that's definitely one way to blow off steam. They try to pair me up with everyone. But whatever happens, I want that character to earn it. I don't think he's the type of guy to go, 'Come here, babe'. You know what I mean? He's sort of a harder nut to crack, no pun intended."

    Co-star Steven Yeun previously said thatReedus and Andrew Lincoln might be the two reasons whyThe Walking Deadhas a strong female fanbase.

    In October,The Walking Deadwasrenewed for a fifth season with Scott Gimple continuing as showrunner.

    Season four of
    The Walking Deadairs on Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC and is broadcast on Fridays on FOX in the UK.

    S O U R C E

    This ~viewing post ~ is brought to you by MC Hershel

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    geisha kween ポップの女王

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    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have separated, Gossiping Pens can be the first to exclusively reveal.

    While rumors have been rampant about the couple’s status for quite some time (with LeAnn even shopping for baby clothes to A) convince us that she’s pregnant (she’s not) and B) convince us that her and her hubby are fine (they’re not)), Gossiping Pens has learned that they are, indeed, headed towards splitsville – and yes, ultimately, divorce.

    The couple have tried to work things out – however, they ultimately amicable decided to call it quits (though we wonder if LeAnn’s crazy was just too much for Eddie to handle), our source tells us, and an announcement could be imminent.

    Rimes and Cibrian married in 2011.


    OP note: There have been no official confirmations of this gossip. But this link has been circulating around the Twitter community, and Jenn over at JustSayJenn (who has an inside source within LeAnn's camp) has stated that LeAnn basically went cray cray this weekend (she'll be writing about it tomorrow on her blog so check that out if you're interested). All I know is that LeAnn was on the Northeast performing this weekend- she claimed on Twitter that Eddie was with her, but he's not seen in any of the 100s of photos and videos from the events. She's been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter, and the boys have been with Brandi all weekend (usually Eddie and LeAnn have them on weekends). They were papped at their weekly little league soccer game, where LeAnn and Eddie are usually also in attendance (this week it was just Brandi with her boys. You can see pics here. Must have been so nice for her to finally have some peace).

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    Fresh off the release of her Queen D EP and tour, Oakland’s Lil Debbie drops her new video for “Bitches”. The clip takes it to 2065 where we see Debbie still wreaking havoc with her crew, 50 years later.


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    Starring Emma Thompson, Oprah Winfrey, Octavia Spencer, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams and Luptia Nyong'o

    Source: (The Roundtable will be posted on Monday at the source)

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    Dennis Rodman is at the top of a list no one wants to be on at all. He's been named GQ magazine's No. 1 least influential celebrity of 2013.

    The 52-year-old former basketball player who has visited Kim Jong Un in North Korea was the top pick in the magazine's third annual list of the least influential celebrities, which also includes twerking pop star Miley Cyrus, President Obama and celebrity chef Paula Deen.

    GQ called Rodman a "Q-list celebrity willing to commit borderline treason just to hang out with a dictator who himself aspires to be a Q-list celebrity."

    Rodman said this week he is preparing to return to North Korea late next month for an exhibition basketball tour.

    Deen, whose cooking empire imploded this year after she admitted to having used the N-word to describe black employees, came in at No. 2, while former sexting congressman Anthony Weiner took the No. 3 spot.

    "He's the saddest lecher in American politics, and that's saying something, because they're all lechers," the magazine said.

    Cyrus, who garnered attention at this year's MTV Video Music Awards for her provocative performance with a foam finger, won the No. 6 position for "basically trying every inane strategy she could think of to rile up America's few remaining pearl clutchers." The magazine noted "what's sad is that it totally worked."

    Obama came in at No. 17 because "nothing gets done."

    Other celebrities deemed non-influential include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ryan Reynolds and Will Smith.

    S O U R C E

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    Watch here if YT goes down.


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    Slay mama slay

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    Angelina Jolie took a break from work on Saturday to spend time with her twins, Knox and Vivienne, in Sydney, Australia. Angie and her family are currently spending time in Australia while she works on her latest directorial effort, Unbroken.


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    The team who came in first was...

    Leo & Jamal!!!!

    The last team to arrive and Philiminated from the race...

    Ally & Ashley!!

    lol finally... they were so stupid, idk how they lasted this long

    1: Leo & Jamal (Cousins)
    2: Tim & Marie (Exes)
    3: Jason & Amy (Dating)
    4: Nicole & Travis (Married ER Doctors)
    5: Ally & Ashley (NHL Ice Crew Girls)
    6: Nicky & Kim (Baseball Wives)
    7: Tim & Danny (Best friends)
    8: Brandon & Adam (Friends)
    9: Chester & Ephraim (Former NFL Teammates)
    10: Rowan & Shane (Theatre Performers)
    11: Hoskote & Naina (Father/daughter)

    lol Nicole & Travis trying to play the good Christian card just SHAMEFUL
    who do U want to win? there's only one team left that i can actually root for

    Source: CBS/TV

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    On The Pete Holmes Show, actor Adam Pally says he treated meningitis with marijuana. "I'm a marijuana enthusiast," Pally blurted out when he was taken to the hospital. "I smoke weed everyday multiple times a day."

    He adds: "In fact they say that that helps ease the symptoms. I say that now."
    Pally, 31, played gay slacker Max Blum on Happy Endings (ABC canceled the show in June after three seasons), and portrayed Artie Kornfeld in Taking Woodstock.

    Bonus video of Adam talking about dealing with shirtless requests

    OMG He's so cute with those glasses but oh shit meningitis can be fatal so I'm glad he's ok now.

    ONTD has smoking weed ever saved your life?


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     photo 680x478_zps6359eab4.jpeg

    “Farewell Daddy Blues,” the final episode of season four of “Boardwalk Empire,” is gripping and absorbing as is par for the course in the final episodes of this mob drama series, but also tragic and heartbreaking in ways you might not have imagined. Moreover, unlike previous seasons, nothing is wrapped up nicely in a bow. The villains this time aren’t vanquished, the restart isn’t button hit. Instead, almost every character is left in a state of disarray and flux.

    Daughter Maitland sings us out to the titular episode title in some dive club. Over montage, the various fates and conclusions of our characters are revealed. On the run, Eli turns up in Chicago, George Mueller picking him up under a bridge. Chalky’s back in Maryland brooding, thinking about his daughter’s death. Arnold Rothstein (Michael Stuhlbarg) is seen showing Margaret Schroeder/Thompson (Kelly Macdonald) to her new apartment after the deal they struck. And most tragically, we find Richard Harrow in his dreams. He’s with his new family and his face is no longer disfigured. But when we’re shown the reality of the situation, Harrow is lying dead under at Atlantic City boardwalk pier. Mask fallen off his face, his bloody hand evincing the wounds that took his life. A man who had seemingly changed his ways caught in the crosshairs of criminals and the fateful choices he made to ensure his new family stayed together. Cruelly, Harrow, of all the immoral snakes this season, pays the grandest price for trying to go straight.

    Whole write up at the source

    Stay away if you do NOT want to be spoiled. Big things happened tonight

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    New Directions & New York Characters - "The Fox"

    Kurt & Starchild - "Into the Groove"

    Jake, Marley & Bree - "Nasty / Rhythm Nation"

    Blaine - "You're My Best Friend"

    Will & Sue - "Cheek to Cheek"

    source: 12345

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    For those of us too lazy/disinterested to watch award shows.

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    The TV show based on the story of late singer Jenni Rivera premiered last week, Nov. 15, in the U.S. and the reactions regarding the adaptation of the Diva of Banda's life didn't take long to arrive.

    Despite what many expected, the audience reaction has been mainly positive. One of the factors that stood out is the huge resemblance actors have with the real-life people they play. The resemblance between Jacqueline Alcalá with the late Rivera is impressive, which has caused pleasant surprise among the singer's fans who can expect a faithful adaptation of Rivera's life.

    According to People en Español, Alcalá, who until recently was relatively unknown, has told Mexican media that her role in "Jenni: The Life of a Diva" has been a pleasant experience and a huge challenge. "If they had told me (that I would play Rivera), I wouldn't have believed them", said the singer who has released 10 albums in her native Hermosillo, as quoted by People.

    The singer, who confessed she has no acting experience, has received numerous messages of support from Rivera's fans, who have been shocked by her resemblance to La Gran Señora. "I told everyone, I have no acting experience, (but) I have a wonderful coach", Alcalá said. "It's a dream I don't want to wake up from" the singer concluded.

    Mun2 to Pay Tribute to Jenni Rivera!

    Specials dedicated to Rivera will be broadcast beginning Thanksgiving night and run through the end of the year. The programming bloc kicks off at 6 p.m. Nov. 28 with a re-airing of the season two episode dedicated to Jenni’s daughter Jacqui’s wedding, followed by a special with celebs recalling their favorite moments from the musician’s life.

    The network will dedicate Dec. 9 — the day the singer died — to re-airing every ep of the final season of I Love Jenni beginning at 6 a.m. The third season of the series was shot both before and after her tragic plane crash in Mexico.

    “Jenni Rivera is in our hearts and this networks’ soul,” mun2’s exec VP and general manager Diana Mogollon said. “We have painstakingly strived to showcase her life just as she lived it: fiercely, with love, laughter, outrageous activities, and conversations that made you laugh, surprised you and always made you grateful to be a small part of her life. She is an icon, a Latina, mother, daughter, sister and friend who never forgot her beginnings or her heritage.”

    Jenni Rivera Case To Be Heard In California!

    Families of the victims of the plane crash have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Starwood Management Inc., the operators of the downed Learjet, and the singer's company. Starwood Management Inc., called for the lawsuit to be dismissed in California and moved to Mexico. Superior Court Holly Kendig rejected the motion.

    Starwood’s lawyer Mark Velasquez argued the case should be heard in Mexico, because many of the plane’s records are in that country. Additionally, Mexican investigators are working to determine why the Learjet 25 plunged from an altitude of 25,000 feet.

    However, the plaintiff’s attorney, Paul Kiesel, argued the plane was registered in the U.S. and Starwood is based in Nevada. He also said investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were having the plane’s wreckage examined in the United States.

    Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Inc. objected to having the case heard in Mexico. Although no facts of the case were discussed, they will be heard in later motions.

    “We’re at the beginning not the end of this case,” the judge said.

    Latina, Variety, LatinosPost

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