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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    It should come as no surprise, Benedict Cumberbatch says he loves playing a villain, most actors do.

    Talking about his role as Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, the thespian says, it was fun to play him, but adds,

    “Although, it was important for me to understand him. He’s sociopathic and does terrible things, but is he a terrorist? Or is he a freedom fighter? Is he justified for the havoc that he wreaks? Is he fighting for a cause? He’s incredibly ambiguous. His intentions are morally based. I loved playing those ambiguities.”

    Surprisingly enough, Cumberbatch admits he has never been a Trekkie, but more of a Star Wars fan. He says he should ask director J.J. Abrams for a role in the new installment Star Wars: Episode VII.

    Benedict Cumberbatch admits he wouldn’t say no to an offer from Abrams, but his rep recently debunked the rumors that he had been cast in the film.

    The rumors were fueled when Cumberbatch departed Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak unexpectedly and with no explanation. It was only said that no project was attached to his departure.

    Benedict had nothing but good things to say about Abrams, that’s another thing that got people talking, “He is a gifted director with so much energy,” Cumberbatch said. “The energy is contagious. He has the fervor of a ten-year-old child, but a brilliant mind.”

    The actor added that Abrams gives an actor confidence and is always open to answer questions from actors and crews. “You can’t ask for more.” Cumberbatch adds.

    Taking on the baddie wasn’t easy by any means; he had to put on some weight with a 4,000 calorie diet as well as getting buff to play the fight scenes. “It was a lot of fun. Who wouldn’t be happy taking out five people with their bare knuckles, being dragged along the floor at 16 miles an hour and jumping through garbage trucks and plate glass windows? It was a lot of fun. I went up four suit sizes.”


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    Supporting people who have lost everything in natural disasters, gay rights, children's hunger, animal rights, and now anti-bullying.

    ONTD, have you ever been bullied?

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    KStew is reportedly keen to hook up with laid-back Zac following Robert Pattinson split

    Kristen Stewart is ready to have some fun if the latest rumours are to be believed, and she's reportedly found the perfect man to cheer herself up following her split from Robert Pattinson - the very hunky Zac Efron.

    Kristen has been single since splitting from long-term love Rob back in May but it looks like the actress is ready to put herself back on the dating market.

    According to a new report the Twilight star hasn't been put off romancing a fellow actor as she's allegedly keen on starting something with High School Musical hottie Zac.

    "Kristen’s relationship with Rob was so tense, a source claims to Star Magazine. “She’s ready to have a good time, and wants to date a completely different type of guy.”

    Zac, who hasn't had a serious girlfriend since his long-term relationship with HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens, could be just what Kristen is looking for:

    “He’s a bit of a playboy, the source says of Zac. “So he wants to keep his partying lifestyle intact. He’s not looking for anything emotional, and Kristen doesn’t want anything serious. This could work out great for both of them.”

    Whether she's lusting after Zac or not, Kristen is said to be happier than ever as she enjoys some freedom in Berlin, shooting her new movie.

    The 23-year-old arrived in Europe last month to begin filming new flick Sils Maria and according to reports, getting away from Los Angeles and the constant presence of the paparazzi has been the perfect tonic for her heartbreak after the Twilight lovers finally called it quits.

    “Kristen is the happiest she’s been in a long time,” a friend told HollywoodLife, “She feels a sense of freedom being in Berlin and is having a really fun time on the set and just exploring the city and the countryside.”

    “She is with a couple of her good friends from back home. They are like her extended family and have been supporting her nonstop,” a close friend claimed.

    “Her friends always remind her to not take life or herself too seriously. They do a good job of bringing out her silly, goofy side.”

    Of course Kristen still misses Rob, but being far away from him has actually helped her— she’s really happy and enjoying herself for the first time in a very long time."

    ( source )

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  • 09/04/13--21:59: Yahoo! Unveils Its New Logo
  • Over the past month, Yahoo teased users with different company logos running daily in advance of the makeover. The company had already come up with a new logo design and wasn't seeking crowd-sourced input to the design of the logo but rather wanted to see what kind of feedback it was getting externally as well as internally.

    The company said it wanted its new logo to be “whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point.”

    In step with Yahoo's marquee makeover, the company's exclamation point will become a changing animation. "That whimsy, that whit is very much a wink and a nod to the DNA that has very much been a legacy of the Yahoo brand."

    source 1 | 2

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    Pulchritudinous popstar Paris Hilton finally announced the release date for the first single off her upcoming sophomore album! The Afrojack produced Good Time, which features Lil Wayne, will be released October 1st! The music video will also debut the same day! The single has been a long time coming, first recorded in Paris in September 2011. Paris Hilton's debut single, "Stars Are Blind," charted top 10 all over the world back in 2006. Paris is BACK.

    FINALLY! Omw. Hoping it'd be sooner but w/e! YES!!

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    Wanted WikiLeaks founder JULIAN ASSANGE has slated actor BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH's attempt to play him in a Hollywood adaptation of his story.

    Cumberbatch plays Assange in The Fifth Estate, an upcoming movie based on the WikiLeaks saga, which left the website's founder living in sanctuary at the Ecuador embassy in London as he fights extradition to Sweden.

    But Assange is unimpressed with Cumberbatch's performance in the film, branding the actor's attempts at an Australian accent "grating".

    He tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, "We're all used to foreign actors trying to do Australian accents and it's so grating on the ear... When you hear a Brit trying to do an Australian accent and your own accent, I can't tell you how grating it is."

    Assange is wanted in the U.S. after publishing thousands of classified military documents on his website.


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    Leonardo-DiCaprio-and-Martin-Scorsese-300x246Leonardo DiCaprio was determined to reteam with his longtime collaborator Martin Scorsese to film gritty new drama “The Wolf Of Wall Street” because he was convinced no other director could do the movie justice.

    The actor, who had worked with Scorsese on four previous projects, including The Departed, picked up the rights to disgraced New York financier Jordan Belfort’s memoir in 2007 after becoming captivated by his story about his life in banking and his stint behind bars for securities fraud and money laundering.

    DiCaprio took the idea to Scorsese and they landed a deal to make the film with Warner Bros. studio bosses, but the financing agreement collapsed in the stock market crash of 2008, forcing the “Goodfellas” filmmaker to walk away from the movie.

    “The Titanic” star approached a handful of other directors to help bring Belfort’s story to the big screen, but he didn’t feel right working on “The Wolf of Wall Street” with anyone other than Scorsese – and it wasn’t until 2011 that the pair managed to strike a new deal with executives at independent production company Red Granite Pictures.

    DiCaprio tells New York magazine, “Marty directing was Jordan’s dream scenario, absolutely. When Marty couldn’t do it the first time, I set it up with a few other directors, but I never felt comfortable pulling the trigger. I was fixated on him (Scorsese). There wasn’t anybody else who could bring the rawness and toughness, the music, and particularly the humor required to convey the excitement of these young punks – these robber barons – taking on the Wall Street system.”


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Cameron Diaz is that rare actress who can rock a surfboard as convincingly as she does the red carpet. Whether riding a rogue wave or a wave of publicity, the towering blond, blue-eyed beauty with the blinding smile oozes glamour both on and off the screen. So it makes sense that when it came time to rethink the interior of her apartment in Manhattan's West Village, Diaz looked to the West Coast's reigning queen of razzle-dazzle, Kelly Wearstler, to give the space a healthy dose of Hollywood swagger.

    Diaz found a kindred spirit in Wearstler. "I blame my love of sparkly, shiny things on my Cuban roots," says the Southern California–born actress, who points to the formative years she spent on the beach for her tomboyish ways. "But I also wanted a place that felt very homey, very tactile. Kelly is unparalleled when it comes to striking that mix."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Living Room

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Dining Room

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Master Bedroom

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Master Bath

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Guest Bedroom

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Guest Bath

    a little dark for my taste, but I like both bathrooms...

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    There was a while there when we thought TV opening credits were dead and gone. In favor of more commercial time, the networks were content to give you a few seconds of “previously on,” an opening scene and then a title. But then came quality cable series, and along with movie stars, explicit sex and a lot of gore, they brought fancy fonts, theme songs and computer animation that elevated the opening titles to the kind of art form we love to geek out over (and, of course, parody).

    We thought about just listing our favorites here ( the Breaking Bad sequence and all those chemistry symbols! Orange Is the New Black’s Regina Spektor song!), but that’s been done. Instead, here are the ones that make a knot form in our stomach in anticipation of the coming hour’s drama.

    6. Da Vinci’s Demons
    I only know about this one because it’s also nominated for two Emmys (theme song and title sequence). But, wow, the orchestral score paired with Da Vinci’s drawings brought to life really make us feel like we’re inside the not-completely-sane-but-beautiful mind of the quintessential renaissance genius. Which, is exactly what the Starz drama is all about.

    5. Hannibal
    Is it wine or blood forming the shape of a human head? We are not supposed to know.

    4. Pretty Little Liars
    The heightened colors, the perfect lipstick and manicure, the strange lilting song, “Secret,” the dead girl and her four beautiful friends, one of whom is staring straight at the camera — all the jarring juxtapositions here perfectly illustrates how this may be an ABC Family show, but it’s about vicious murder and blackmail all the way.

    3. American Horror Story: Asylum and Original Flavor
    OK, the fetuses in a jar from Original Flavor alone would push this show into #1 rank. But taken as a whole, the two series’ openers are a bit obvious and too much like every trailer for a horror movie we’ve ever seen.

    2. The Walking Dead (Season 3)
    Both here and in the opening sequence from the first two seasons, we see the remains of a destroyed civilization, and &%$# is it scary and lonely and something is definitely going to pop up from behind that gravestone. Also, now there’s the added scare of that zombie eyeball and the pocket watch. I hear these violins in my nightmares, people.

    1. Dexter
    Is there anything so shudder-inducing as the sight of that knife going into fleshy ham? Oh, yeah, the cold look in Dexter’s eyes after he’s finished getting ready for his day. This one hits all the right notes: almost happy music, mundane objects manipulated to make your skin crawl, blood. It’s almost so unsettling, we don’t want to watch. But then we do anyway.

    rest @ source

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    With one of the best voices of our generation, a killer bod and a very distinct style, P!nk is a force to be reckoned with. Independent, dedicated and ambitious, she broke the music industry’s mold of what a female recording artist "should be" and continues to wow her audiences with her powerhouse vocals and jaw-dropping performances. Never one to shy away from dramatic 'do’s — we’ve seen her sport everything from rainbow highlights to bright spikes and from streaked dreadlocks to her signature pompadour — and she rocks it all very well.

    Miley Cyrus
    One of the most successful recording artists to originate from Disney, Miley Cyrus started off as one would expect a Disney star to traditionally behave. She has grown up under the limelight and endured the highs and lows that come with that. We have seen her do things that a lot of teenagers do, but because it's all documented, she’s been getting some flak. But I think she’s just broadening her horizons and trying to pave (or twerk) her way to adulthood. Controversy aside, people can't seem to get enough of Miley. She made the Guinness World Records in 2011 for "Most Charted Teenager" and recently broke Justin Bieber’s Vevo Record for the most views in a 24-hour period for "We Can't Stop."

    P!nk: Her soulful, husky voice has created a plethora of top 10 hits, and she has seven albums and six major tours under her belt. She has also found the time to dip her toes into feature films, making cameos in several blockbuster films and most recently acting alongside Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow in Thanks for Sharing, which is coming out this fall. With more awards and nominations than she knows what to do with, this fierce dynamo is "F***in Perfect."

    Miley Cyrus: She is only 20 years old and already has four albums (Bangerz comes out Oct. 8), three tours and a good chunk of awards (People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and more) to her name. She has proved her acting career did not end at Hannah Montana, and has worked alongside Demi Moore in LOL, guest-starred on Two and A Half Men, and is the voice of Penny in the animated feature Bolt.

    P!nk: Over being a "Bad Influence," she has calmed down a lot since her party girl days and seems to keep a fairly normal private life with her husband, motocross star Carey Hart, and their 2-year-old daughter, Willow Sage. She is also quite the domestic diva — preferring baking and gardening to drinking and drugs.

    Miley Cyrus: Billy Ray Cyrus taught her well. Even with his daughter being a famous teenager, he would make her do her homework, chores and attend church on Sundays. She is apparently very close to her family.

    P!nk: It’s hard work to look that good, and she puts a lot of effort into keeping her strong, rock-star body. "Try" as she might to eat mostly vegan, she still has an occasional chicken or fish meal and she also does an hour of cardio or yoga six days a week, along with working with her trainer.

    Miley Cyrus: After switching to a gluten-free diet and regular workouts, she has been looking very toned. Her Pilates instructor claims she is a "fitness freak" and loves to attend class. She also does cycling, dancing and yoga to keep fit.

    P!nk: PETA, The One Campaign, UNICEF and Autism Speaks are just a handful of the 20-plus charities that P!nk is involved with.

    Miley Cyrus: With the help of her family, Cyrus has been giving back since she was little and still donates her time and money to a plethora of causes.

    P!nk: After reading online that a puppy needed emergency surgery from being tossed in the Los Angeles River, she paid $5,000 to save its life. She is an avid animal activist and even used to have a pet rat. Also, "Who Knew" she has a tattoo of her late bulldog, Elvis?

    Miley Cyrus: Before her Breakout to Los Angeles, she had seven horses, three dogs and two cats in her hometown of Nashville.

    P!nk: She may have dropped out of high school, but "So What"? She returned to get her GED in 1998 and although she did not go to college, what she may lack in book smarts, she makes up for in street smarts. This bad-a** businesswoman has a net worth of around $70 million.

    Miley Cyrus: She claims she wishes she’d gone to high school, but Disney is really great with making sure minors spend a portion of their day with tutors. Even though she didn’t get a prom, she probably still got a great education.

    P!nk: She met Carey Hart in 2001 and the rock-star couple married in 2006. They went through a brief separation in 2008, but reconciled in 2009 and are stronger than ever. "Raise Your Glass" to working on relationships rather than rushing to divorce!

    Miley Cyrus: Although she's previously been linked to teen heartthrob Nick Jonas, actor Cody Linley and underwear model Justin Gaston, in the "Who Owns My Heart" quest, her winner is Liam Hemsworth. They have been dating for the past three years and just got engaged last June.


    weird question but a good time to bring up p!nk's iconic career! 13 years of selling out stadiums and out selling her peers! not sure if anyone is going to remember miley cyrus outside of that song about mountains!

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    In a letter posted to his website today, JH Williams III has announced that he and co-writer W. Haden Blackman have quit Batwoman due to editorial interference. He cites being blocked from telling several stories he wanted to tell as being the reason for leaving – most crucially that DC told him that he would not be allowed to show Batwoman’s wedding to her girlfriend.

    Their last issue will be issue #26.

    Blackman also has the statement on his website. In the statement, they write:

    Unfortunately, in recent months, DC has asked us to alter or completely discard many long-standing storylines in ways that we feel compromise the character and the series. We were told to ditch plans for Killer Croc’s origins; forced to drastically alter the original ending of our current arc, which would have defined Batwoman’s heroic future in bold new ways; and, most crushingly, prohibited from ever showing Kate and Maggie actually getting married.

    All of these editorial decisions came at the last minute, and always after a year or more of planning and plotting on our end.

    The claim about the gay wedding being shuttered is going to be a very controversial topic over the next few days, I would imagine. On twitter Williams has suggested DC were more worried about the word ‘wedding’ than about the word ‘gay’. The character has been openly gay since the start, and plans to wed her to her long-term partner Maggie Sawyer had been in place within the series for the last few months.

    DC have had a fair-constant wave of creators leaving their titles over the last few years, many – like Rob Liefeld – citing editorial interference in their work. Batwoman was one of their more acclaimed series, however, and it’ll be interesting to see if DC continue the series onwards now neither of her original creative team are on the project, as Greg Rucka left DC for similar reasons just prior to the New 52 launching.

    I asked if this will affect Williams’ imminent run on Sandman Overture for DC, and he offered this response:

    You can follow the creators on Twitter – W. Haden Blackman and JH Williams III.


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    Sure, Kanye went to Kazakhstan. Just about every other star has paid tribute to the toxic employer.

    Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake perform a skit during the Wal-Mart shareholders' meeting in Fayetteville, Ark., June 1, 2012.

    Kanye West is just the latest music star to perform for a dictator; the rapper appeared at the wedding of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s grandson, reportedly performing his 2007 single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” While no news about the compensation West may have received for his performance has leaked out, it’s part of an unfortunate recent history of stars serenading the world’s worst leaders. President Nazarbayev has, per the New York Times, “ruled Kazakhstan in an autocratic fashion since the fall of the Soviet Union” and been involved in crackdowns on unions with a body count; the New Yorker has reported on his ambitions to build a cosmopolitan Western-style capital, the sort of place West might feel comfortable.

    This sort of celebrity collusion with human-rights violators is hardly new: Earlier this summer, Jennifer Lopez got a healthy payday for a birthday performance for Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov; Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Nelly Furtado have performed for, and later distanced themselves from via pledges to charity, the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi; actress Hilary Swank apologized for appearing at the birthday of Chechen President Ramzan Kadryov, claiming she needed to “do better research.” All these stars caught heat, to one degree or another: New York magazine’s the Cut blog evaluated whether the pop stars who entertain dictators were “forgiven,” and not all were.

    And yet it’s conveniently ignored when pop stars and actors entertain executives from human-rights violators right here at home. The annual Wal-Mart shareholders’ meeting, attended by both shareholders and employees, features all manner of stars this June, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise and Elton John all entertained Wal-Mart’s stockholders in Fayetteville, Ark.; past years have seen everyone from Mariah Carey to Miley Cyrus perform. MSNBC reported that none of these entertainers were paid for their time (though hotel and travel expenses were covered and the stars had a chance to promote their projects).

    And, unlike pop stars who simply sing a tune to foreign leaders, the stars pay extensive tributes to Wal-Mart. Tom Cruise, MSNBC reported, declared Wal-Mart is “a role model for how business can address some of the biggest issues facing our world, in ways big and small.” The year before, Justin Timberlake declared, “Wal-Mart’s awesome and everything actually does cost less. But these people actually work their butts off.” It was in the context of a skit, embedded below, about what would happen if Timberlake quit entertainment to work at Wal-Mart.

    Not likely. Indeed, while celebrities enjoy the opportunity to market themselves to Wal-Mart employees, those same employees are struggling; Wal-Mart’s recent history of hiring temp workers to avoid paying benefits, paying paltry sums for hard work, and allegedly firing striking employees is well-documented. Indeed, Barbara Collins, an employee fired after her involvement in a 100-strong strike, traveled to Wal-Mart’s shareholders’ meeting this year. Tom Cruise, coming off a slow box-office period during which he needed any good press he could get, got far more attention for describing the positive effects Wal-Mart has had on the lives of women worldwide. Well, if anyone would know, it’d be a male movie star.

    Appearing at the Wal-Mart shareholders’ convention has become the equivalent of making a commercial in Japan — it’s an opportunity to boost your brand among a discreet audience (all those gathered in a stadium in Arkansas) and ensure that your participation won’t make much of an impact in the outside world; we’re in such a star-saturated culture that there’s always bigger news than a rather boring corporate speech Tom Cruise delivers. And the canniest stars ensure that no one outside Fayetteville will see their performances: Taylor Swift, through her music label, and Jennifer Lopez have reportedly even refused to allowvideo of their Wal-Mart performances to end up online. We can only imagine the stage banter!

    Swift’s is a judicious if crass decision, as it gets the best of both worlds — providing entertainment to mistreated employees while ensuring that no one will be able to connect her image to a misbehaving brand. And yet these stars deserve attention paid to them, as much as does West for his Kazakh performance. It’s easy to shame stars for performing for dictators we know from the pages of newspapers or find out about for the first time when Kanye West meets them. It’s more difficult to confront the fact that the right to be treated fairly by one’s employer is routinely violated in the U.S. — and the stars paying tribute to the violators are not the exception but the rule.

    from salon

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    Collected reviews of Björk's final "Biophilia" show held at the Alexandra Palace in London, England.
    Financial Times : It was absorbing and occasionally compelling, a powerful blend of the digital and the organic. This was the show’s final performance and it was being filmed for later release (perhaps by then it will be streamed directly into people’s brains), which made it necessary for three songs to have retakes: irksome. But all was forgiven at the end when Björk said something I doubt I will ever hear again from a performer on stage: “This one’s for the Faroe Islands and Greenland – come on!” Then everyone went bonkers to the exhilarating throw-off-the-shackles-of-Danish-tyranny beat of “Declare Independence”.

    The Guardian : When Björk appears, she doesn't look much older than the fresh-faced teens, despite being 48. What sets her apart – aside from the huge, pastel-hued afro wig and a dress that looks like a lumpy pupa – is her boundless capacity to perform. Bouncing on her heels, her voice picks up on each twinkling tremor of "Moon" and every shuddering beat within "Crystalline", her hands moving and head twitching in sync.

    musicOMH : The stage looks harmonious and a little alien, if not quite symmetrical. Rather like Björk herself, whose alternately jagged and cooing vocals work well with these concepts, her characteristic growls and howls punctuating and persuading on sweet melodies that are rarely straightforward yet often have the quality of lullabies... It’s a reminder that, for all the grand nature concepts and created instruments, ultimately Björk remains the inimitable star shining brightly at the heart of her own system.

    Mixmag : But for all its boundary pushing bravado, "Biophilia" proved itself to be one of Björk's most accessible and rewarding albums for years, now largely viewed by fans as a mid-career best... With many of the songs made up almost solely of chimes and voices, Björk's voice and faultless delivery is really allowed to shine and you're reminded that for all her inventiveness over the last 20 years, it's the uniqueness of that voice that has really carried her.

    The Telegraph :  Björk’s vocal performance was faultless: the textured leaps and growls she is known for were captivating. With the choir’s aid, some of Biophilia’s tracks stood up well against her earlier crowd-pleasers. The joyously dubby breakdown of "Crystalline" marked it as a worthy successor to 1995 belter "Army Of Me". The thought-provoking love song "Virus" was as sensational as "Sonnets/Unrealities", whose unaccompanied e.e. cummings lyrics were heartbreakingly tender. But the show was most endearing when the tectonic plates of Björk’s performance cracked. The gig was being filmed, and the repetition of some songs elicited bashful explanation from the usually succinct singer and a loving cheer from the crowd.

    The Independent : On the top of a hill, far, far into north London, sits Alexandra Palace. Built as a temple to public education and entertainment, it became the first BBC Television headquarters. It's the perfect venue for Björk’s last live performance of"Biophilia", the 2011 album at the centre of a ground-breaking multimedia concept of apps, installations and live performances... In a venue that was home to one of the last century’s greatest technological advancements, with the colossal TV mast on the roof to prove it, Björk taps away on a small black screen that has changed the world comparably. Having toured with "Biophilia" for two years, you get a sense of the breakneck pace of current change: in ways, the iPad has already been superseded. All the same, the performance is awe-inspiring in its ambition and execution, and leaving the venue, the city below looks somehow different, like a rain sodden cobweb, a distant galaxy or the mulch on the forest floor, perhaps. If you judge music on its ability to change our view of the world, there’s surely no greater compliment.

    Evening Standard : “We’re a bit mushy and emotional,” said the singer from beneath a huge candyfloss wig and a dress made of sparkles and bumps. The mushy ones included herself, the 18-strong female Icelandic choir Graduale Nobili, iPad-wielding musical director Matt Robertson and percussionist Manu Delagu but presumably not David Attenborough, whose familiar tones appeared as recordings to introduce each song... Most wondrous was a Tesla coil in a cage, sparking real lightning and rasping electric sounds during "Thunderbolt" and old favourite "Possibly Maybe". “Electric shocks, I love them,” she sang in the latter. So did the rest of us.

    SOURCES ( UN ) ( DEUX ) ( TROIS ) ( QUATRE ) ( CINQ ) ( SIX ) et ( SEPT )

    Finally! Now this flaw-free Icelandic kween can get to work on her next epic and trendsetting album which will come to slay all the music lessers after four/five years! Bless! <3

    What do you think Björk will do next for her ninth album, ONTD?

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  • 09/05/13--20:01: Some More Celeb Healthies

  • Alessandra Ambrosio

    Jessica Alba

    Gisele Bundchen

    Christina Milian

    Adriana Lima

    Patrick Schwarzenegger

    Shia LaBeouf


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    As Paris Hilton explained to MTV News, though it's been a while — more than seven years, to be exact — since she released an album, she's more than ready to prove the naysayers wrong ... not to mention make her Cash Money family proud. And "Good Time" is just the beginning.

    "Music has always been a big passion of mine, but I've just been so busy with everything else. But I've recorded some incredible songs, EDM-influenced, electro-pop, and working with very talented producers,"Hilton said. "The first single is called 'Good Time,' I recorded that with Lil Wayne. I'm so excited to be signed with Cash Money ... Working with Birdman and Slim, they're amazing guys, and I'm really happy to be a part of the Cash Money family."

    And as for the "Good Time" video (which Hilton's been teasing on Twitter and Instagram) well, as you can probably gather from the song's title alone, it's not going to be some dark and dour affair. Instead, to borrow one of Paris' former catchphrases, it'll be "Hot."

    "The video is epic, it's so sexy and so much fun, I had so much fun shooting it; it's like a crazy, insane pool party, plus so many other beautiful scenes," the pulchritudinous singer explained. "Robin Antin did the choreography for it ... it's so colorful, very David LaChappelle-inspired, I'm so proud of it. I can't wait for everyone to see it."


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    Magic Johnson, the NBA Hall of Famer who appeared on Hall's earlier series to discuss the news that he had contracted HIV, and George Lopez, who made his national TV debut on the first show, will be premiere-week guests on The Arsenio Hall Show. Both will appear Sept. 11, along with rapper Nas.

    Comedian and actor Chris Tucker will be Hall's guest on his first show Monday. Hall is returning 19 years after he ended his earlier talk show.

    A mix of stars from music, comedy, film, TV and sports will appear during the first week. They include hip hop star Ice Cube, actresses Lisa Kudrow and Angela Bassett, actor Mark Harmon, rapper Mac Miller, magicians Penn & Teller and musical performers Earth, Wind & Fire and Emblem3.

    "My first week of guests offers a taste of pop culture and represents the mix of talent I hope to have on my show every week," Hall says. "I am honored to welcome friends both old and new to my show. My goal is to have fun, make people laugh and send viewers to bed with a smile on their face."

    Other guests scheduled in the first month include actors Eric Stonestreet, Djimon Hounsou, Anson Mount, Orlando Jones, Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi; actresses Paula Patton, Melissa Leo and Allison Janney; hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar; Russell Simmons; America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon; daytime host Dr. Phil; and country music's The Band Perry.


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    In usual fashion, Azealia Banks has taken up the helm on Twitter to state the woes of the lamestream media and its attempts to sabotage her non-existent album and waning relevancy.


    She and Miley should have a persecution party.

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