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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Justin Timberlake has denied claiming that *NSYNC are a better group than One Direction.

    The 'Mirrors' singer said that the quotes were taken out of context in a message posted earlier today (September 1).

    He pointed out that the question was about which band would win in a pie-eating contest.

    He tweeted: "I thought the question was about a pie eating contest. My bad. #newsworthy"

    He was quoted by The Breakfast Club as saying: "I have not seen them on stage, but I'd be willing to say that we're better than them.

    "But I don't feel like I'm laying down any gauntlet. I've seen them a couple times and I like those guys. It's interesting to see this whole wave of that come back around."


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  • 09/01/13--20:42: in weird collaboration news
  • g dragon's album track listing for coup d'etat

    source: https://twitter.com/ygent_official/status/374336379943002113

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    Kick-ass heroines in "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent" prove that women are taking over the male-dominated genre

    English novelist Mary Shelley was born exactly 216 years ago. One hundred and ninety five years ago, she wrote “Frankenstein,” one of the world’s most famous science fiction novels of all time. Although women’s rights have changed dramatically since Shelley’s time, the genre of science fiction still struggles to empower women. The most anticipated sci-fi films are still largely led by men, and when anyone claims Angelina Jolie is the most influential woman in sci-fi, it’s clear that something’s not right. However, women have made strides in the field, both on screen and off it. Here’s a look at how sci-fi is slowly becoming less of a boys’ club.

    The Guardian’s Damien Walter recently discusses the problem in his column. He points out that of the 29 people who have won the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s lifetime achievement award, only four have been women. However, it’s important to note is that three of the female winners received the award in the past decade. The number of female sci-fi writers has more than tripled since 1948, and a number of Goodreads’ 2012 best sci-fi novels were penned by women.

    Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” series shows how successful science fiction novels written by women can also elevate women in film; the series was not only written by a woman, but features a strong female lead. While we all know it’s important to recognize the role of female writers, it’s equally important for there to be significant and well-written female characters in science fiction books, films, and television shows. Collins’ Katniss Everdeen made it apparent that powerful female protagonists in science fiction can be a commercial hit, thus encouraging the promotion of female characters in the future. A good example of this is Veronica Roth’s “Divergent,” a dystopian science-fiction novel set in futuristic Chicago that was quickly picked up by Summit Entertainment (the series’ first book was published only two years ago). The series’ protagonist is a young woman named Tris Prior. Personality-wise, Roth’s lead is much more stereotypically feminine than Collins’ Katniss, but she still takes an influential position in her world.

    Female science fiction characters aren’t just gaining momentum and mainstream acceptance. They’ve also become more varied, and are less often reduced to the role of eye candy. Although Jolie’s Lara Croft was influential (just ask the nearly 50% of women who play video games) and popularized strong female action leads, it’s problematic to consider Jolie the most influential woman in sci-fi, because she so often serves as a form of eye candy. As a woman with a lifelong interest in sci-fi, I find actresses like Rachel Nichols to be more inspiring. In the Canadian-made series Continuum, Nichols plays Kiera Cameron, a lead character that isn’t reduced to her physical assets. Women in the genre — especially in video games — are often provocatively dressed, one-dimensional, and only intended to augment the role of the male lead. In contrast, Continuum’s Cameron is a stand-alone character who leads the series, and does so dressed from head-to-toe in practical, though not unattractive, gear. She’s intelligent and a little stoic, and very much a woman (she even has a child). While Cameron’s is only one example of a positive female role in sci-fi, the fact that this show is well reviewed, well made, and smart demonstrates how much potential there is for future female roles.

    It’s true that women need more representation in science fiction, but it’s not quantity we’re after. What we all want, and should strive for, is better quality in the way women are included. Shelley’s contribution to the genre has been immense, but women are still, most certainly, changing things in sci-fi. As appreciators and consumers of science fiction, it’s up to us to affirm our need and desire for a less male-dominated pool of talent.

    ( SOURCE )

    Agree/disagree on this piece? Also, do you like to see more well-written female-centric sci-fi books/films/TV shows, ONTD?

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    Joan Rivers fired the opening shot at Lindsay Lohan, but says Michael Lohan crossed the line when he responded by calling Joan an addict ... to plastic surgery ... and she's ready to sue him for it.

    TMZ spoke to Joan after MiLo ripped the "Fashion Police" host for making drug jokes about Lindsay. Michael claimed Joan is hooked on needles (i.e. botox) and cutting/self-mutilation (i.e. plastic surgery).

    Now, Joan has a double-barreled response to Michael. First, attacking him for even defending Lindsay -- saying, "It's a little late to become a concerned parent."

    Then also throwing down a legal threat, adding ... "As for 'cutting' it is totally not true and if he ever says this again, I will sue."

    Your move, Michael.


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    EXCLUSIVE: Olga Kurylenko is in talks to join Mandarin Cinéma and Europacorp’s Yves Saint Laurent’s biopic, set to begin shooting in October.

    The Ukrainian actress was most recently seen in Tom Cruise sci-fi feature Oblivion and is also known for roles in Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder and James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

    Films Distribution handles international sales of Saint Laurent and will pre-sell at the Toronto International Film Festival.

    Gaspard Ulliel will play iconic fashion designer Laurent during the years 1965 to 1976. Lisa Ulliel and Robinson Stevenin have also joined the cast.

    Bertrand Bonello directs from a screenplay by Thomas Bidegain and Eric and Nicolas Altmayer are producing. Isabelle Grellat serves as executive producer.

    Production on the €15m feature is scheduled to run for 10 weeks in Paris and Marrakesh. The cast includes Jérémie Renier and Léa Seydou.

    A rival project, titled Yves Saint Laurent, is also in the pipline, directed by Jalil Lespert, for which US rights been snapped up by The Weinstein Company.


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    A controversial new Bollywood thriller, to be released in India within months, aims to deter potential rapists through a "very violent and brutal" representation of how a victim who manages to capture her attacker decides his fate.

    Titled Kill the Rapist?, the film, dedicated to "women across the world" according to pre-release publicity material, has already provoked debate. A website publicising the "empowering" film says its aim is to make "every rapist shiver with fear before even thinking of rape".

    On Saturday a court in Delhi is likely to pass the first sentence in the case of a 23-year-old woman who was raped by six men on a moving bus in Delhi last December. She later died of injuries sustained in the assault. The incident prompted outrage and calls for wholesale reform of the law, court processes, policing as well as a broader cultural shift.

    Six men were rapidly arrested for the attack and a special "fast-track court" set up to try them. One, the alleged ringleader, hanged himself in prison earlier this year. The sentence will be passed on an 18-year-old who was a juvenile at the time of the crime. Indian law limits his punishment to a maximum of three years in prison. The other defendants, who face the death penalty, will be sentenced at a later date.

    The family of the victim have repeatedly called for the juvenile, if found guilty, to be hanged.

    "It has to be the death penalty … The fight will go on. Right up to the supreme court and internationally after that," Badri Singh, father of the victim, told the Guardian last month.

    Siddhartha Jain, 39, the Mumbai-based producer of the new film, said that the Delhi attack last year had inspired him.

    "Most people had their eyes opened by last year's incident. [The film] has a very aggressive title because subtlety in India does nothing. The aim is to put pressure on law enforcers, lawmakers, the media, to get real change," Jain said.

    The first half of the film shows an "independent, career-driven, single" woman living and working in Delhi who is being stalked. Police prove unable to help, even after a rape attempt. When the would-be rapist makes a second attempt, she manages to capture him. The rest of the film explores the question of what the woman – and her two female housemates – should now do with the man.

    "Ideally she would go to the police and the law would take its course. But that doesn't happen here. So how can she stop him coming after her again if she frees him? So she does something really fantastic that is legal for her. I think at some point, if the law can't protect you, you have to protect yourself," Jain said.

    Sanjay Chhel, who directed the film, said its climax would send a strong signal and generate fear in the minds of potential attackers.

    "It is the job of law and Indian society but the law and society has failed," Chhel said.

    There is increasing dissatisfaction among India's middle classes over the state's inability to provide basic services, from clean drinking water to security on the streets.

    Though the Delhi attack last year led to some reforms, campaigners say there has been limited change.

    Last week a new gang rape was reported on a journalist in Mumbai. Her attackers took a picture of her on a mobile phone after the attack and threatened to "shame her in public" if she went to the police. They had previously assaulted several other women and used the tactic to ensure their silence, police said. Rape victims in India are often considered "dishonoured" and are ostracised. The new film explores such attitudes and their effect on individuals.

    The Indian supreme court recently expressed concern at the low numbers of convictions in prosecutions for sex crimes.

    Menaka Guruswamy, a supreme court lawyer, said that such failures of the criminal justice system reflected much broader problems.

    "The first contact of most people with the state is not the constitution, it is getting a gas connection or going to the police station for something trivial. If you can't get that done then what hope does a rape victim have? There is a broader crisis," Guruswamy said.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ed Sheeran seems to be turning into quite the ladies man with rumours he's getting cosy with the gorgeous Ellie Goulding, plus the never-ending speculation that he's more than just friends with his touring partner Taylor Swift.

    According to Ed's mates Rizzle Kicks though, nothing has ever happened between the A Team crooner and Miss Swift.

    We asked the pair if Ed and Taylor have anything going on, in light of all those rumours, but the boys were quick to shoot down the rumours with: "they definitely don't".

    Whilst Ed might not be romancing Taylor, Jordan and Harley have dispelled the singer's good boy image by telling us that Mr Sheeran is an outrageous drunk!

    "One hundred percent, he's so funny. He's f**ing hilarious. He's loud, larey, rap battles with anything, anyone."

    Harley added: "He sometimes loses the idea of what personal space is as well, he'll be right up in your face."

    But they added that Ed stays back when it comes the the ladies, insisting that"he's not a flirty person in general." That approach seems to work to his advantage though:

    "He's a nice guy. Sometimes women are apprehensive if men approach them without really saying anything but Ed is hardly threatening is he. He's just a nice ginger chappy who plays lovely love songs on an acoustic guitar. You're not gonna be like 'f**k off mate.'"

    Leaving the club in West Hollywood Aug 29 with groupie:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source #1
    Source #2

    true love never dies

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    The business of White Pine Bay, Oregon just got a little more intriguing.

    Kathleen Robertson (Boss) is joining the Season 2 cast of A&E’s Bates Motel as Jodi, a smart, sexy businesswoman and artist who’s as hard-charging as she is successful.

    While it’s not yet clear how exactly Robertson’s character will play into the world of Norma and Norman Bates, one thing is certain: Jodi’s a natural born leader who gets what she wants — personally and professionally — and she’s not afraid to use her arsenal of brains, charm and creativity to make things happen.

    Alias alum Michael Vartan recently joined the Season 2 cast as a new romantic interest for Norma (played by Emmy nominee Vera Farmiga). Other new characters will include Christine, a local socialite in her late 30s who becomes Norma’s first real friend; and Caleb, Norma’s estranged fortysomething brother who comes to town to coax his little sis into investing in a presumably shady business venture.

    Production on Bates‘ 10-episode second season got underway late last month; the show returns in 2014.


    Sorry for posting two-week-old news but it was new to me, and I didn't see it posted here before.

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    Here for it. Let us pray Beyonce is featured

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    If you needed any more evidence we live in the age of the TED Talk, it seems even celebrities aspire to be popular science writers.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, comedian Aziz Ansari–i.e., Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation–has signed a deal with Penguin Press to write a book (his first, due September 2015) about how technology has disrupted singlehood. We’re not just talking riffing or Bossypants-style essays, either. Apparently Mr. Ansari plans to “conduct original research” and with “noted academics.”

    Publisher’s Weekly says he got $3.5 million for this idea.

    The Hollywood Reporter has the goods from Penguin, the publisher, who says the book:

    “will provide an investigation into what Ansari argues is an entirely new era for singles, in which the basic issues facing a single person — whom we meet, how we meet them, and what happens next — have been radically altered by new technologies.”

    Think online dating and so, so much more: “You know when you text someone you’re romantically interested in and you don’t hear anything back and then you see them post a photo of a pizza on Instagram?” Mr. Ansari explained further in a statement. “That’s exactly what I want this book to deal with.” But you know–in an intellectually rigorous way.

    Just hire a talented co-author and don’t take any advice from fallen pop-sci wunderkind Jonah Lehrer and you should be fine, Aziz.

    sounds interesting imo, I'll read it. online dating post? tell your stories!

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Here are some new Demi Lovato taken for Self Magazine Outtakes! Demi looks soo beautiful!!




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    The dystopian thriller "Divergent" is poised to become the next teen Hollywood blockbuster, but will it succeed?

    At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, "Divergent" stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James introduced an exclusivefirst lookof their new film: an action-adventure set in a future world where people are divided into factions based on their personalities, and one young girl— labeled "Divergent"—who must start a revolution in order to survive.
    Although the footage was not quite exciting enough to steal Miley Cyrus' twerkingthunder, it still worked as a visceral combination of new and familiar. The sneak peak showed a cutthroat, Orwellian universe akin to "The Hunger Games," but with cherub-cheeked Woodley playing the Jennifer Lawrencegirl saviorrole of Tris Prior and Kate Winslet plays the villain, Erudite faction leader Jeanine Matthews.
    "Divergent," set to hit theaters nationwide on March 21, 2014, is based on the debut best-selling novel of the same name by 25-year-old Barrington, Il. native and Northwestern University alumnus Veronica Roth.
    Like "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins, Roth has written her popular sci-fi saga as a trilogy of young adult novels: "Divergent," "Insurgent" and "Allegiant." The third book will be published on October 22, and Summit Entertainment already holds the film rights to the second.

    But while thepost-apocalyptic world of the "Hunger Games" bears hardly any resemblance to the one we live in today, the similarly dystopian "Divergent" boasts a very distinctive backdrop: a futuristic version of Chicago.

    The film's cast and crew just finished shooting here this summer, heading out just in time for "Transformers 4" to step in. After just a couple of months in pre-production and approximately 60 days of principal photography on location, the "Divergent" shoot brought nearly$30 millionto Chicago's economy and created over 1,000 local jobs.
    In the highly-anticipated first trailer, Woodley's plucky heroine Tris scales a CGI-enhanced ferris wheel at Navy Pier, leaps from what appears to be an El train and plummets off a ledge overlooking the Second City. Ignore a not-so-fresh premise and clunky truisms like "the future belongs to those who know where they belong,"(even Oscar-winner Winslet can't make that line work), and "Divergent" has all the makings of a home-grown hit.
    Still, I wonder: will the film be able to transcend comparisons and succeed on the same level as young adult book-to-film franchises "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games," or flop disastrously by not being able to hold a candle to its predecessors?

    Even the name of Woodley's character is eerily similar to that of her "Hunger Games" rival (Tris, Katniss), but she insists that the two franchise heads and archetypalchosen girlscouldn't be more different.
    "What I like about Tris is that she isn't perfect, she's not a superhero—she's not Katniss," Woodley toldEntertainment Weekly, "She doesn't know how to shoot a bow and arrow, she's not a badass by nature."

    Perhaps the tender vulnerability that Woodley has brought to her most critically-acclaimed roles thus far (rebellious daughter of George Clooney in "The Descendents," bookish girlfriend of "Divergent" co-star Miles Teller in "The Spectacular Now") will also give Tris an even more relatable presence for film audiences than she garnered on the page.
    But will Winslet, best known for playing the love-struck Rose in "Titanic" and winsome Clementine in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," register as a convincing villain?
    Will the "Divergent" story be able to hold its own in a post-"Harry Potter" age of fantasy franchise overload, or even come close to the record-breaking box office numbers acheived by the first "Hunger Games" film (not to mention the "Catching Fire" sequel coming in November and the two"Mockingjay" films to follow?)

    Maybe I'm a bit biased in saying this, but at least I know one thing for sure: the Chicago set pieces will be fantastic.
    Are you looking forward to seeing a dystopian Chicago in "Divergent?"

    Mods, I fixed the photo.


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  • 09/01/13--22:19: Celebrities as Sloths
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Waffles. Shitty Watercolour is a U.K.-based artist who has become famous for his paintings of sloths which he then gives away. His bio reads: I am an 18 year old from the United Kingdom who publishes shitty watercolours on the internet (mainly on reddit). The paintings I have done on reddit are not for sale, but you can ask about commissions. All of my supplies are Winsor and Newton, and I am not Quentin Blake.

    Ed Sheeran
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Cara Delevingne
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    One Direction
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ryan Gosling
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Taylor Swift
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ricky Gervais
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ellen Degeneres
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    more @ the source

    it's SHITTY watercolour. SHITTY

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    Kanye West is spending Labor Day weekend in Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev  plundered billions of dollars in oil revenues from his country and hid the money in offshore bank accounts so that one day he could pay Kanye West to come and play at his grandson’s wedding. None of the guests bothered to watch, though.

    Instead, they used it as an opportunity to snap some pics with the rapper… while he was performing.

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    Two-hour premiere on Thursday, September 25 at 9:00PM.

    Promo 1:

    Promo 2:

    Mariska Hargitay:

    Danny Pino:

    Kelli Giddish:

    Richard Belzer:


    Raúl Esparza (FUCK YEAH <3):

    Dann Florek:

    Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3

    The promos made my stomach turn, tbh. Pablo Schreiber said that he hugged Mariska after every scene, but still...

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Tamar Braxton premiered sultry R&B ballad “All The Way Home” last week but it looks like the third single from Love And War will actually be fan favorite “Hot Sugar”. Today (August 28) the 36-year-old diva posted a preview of the video on Instagram and she’s going all out.

    What can you expect from the visual? Well, Toni Braxton‘s little sister is depicted lying on the floor next to leather clad men — whipping her long ponytail back and forth. It looks more than a little familiar (check out Beyonce‘s “Green Light” video) but there’s no denying that Tamar makes an impression. Watch after the jump.

    video preview at source

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Singer and reality star Tamar Braxton will be releasing her new book named after her album “Love and War.”

    “Love and War” is a relationship book and collaboration of Tamar and her husband Vince Herbert. It will showcase the couple’s love life.

    “It’s called “Love & War” because we’re going through a lot in our relationship, said Tamar about the book’s title. “I call [the song Love & War] the soundtrack to our relationship.”

    Tamar will drop the new album “Love and War” on September 3rd and the book will hit stands November 29.

    Braxton is also readying for her “Made to Love” tour alongside John Legend, which kicks off on October 20th.

    In the meantime, check out Tamar’s new single “All the Way Home” off her “Love and War” album.


    Don't forget to purchase Love and War at midnight tonight!

    Also, begging for a Tamar tag please (plz and ty mods)

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    Friends since high school, 31 year-old Maxine Bédat and 29 year-old Soraya Darabi had always admired one another’s determined, entrepreneurial spirit. In the years after graduation, Darabi became a rising star in the digital realm, first managing social media at The New York Times and then founding the app Foodspotting, while Bédat formed the nonprofit fair trade organization The Bootstrap Project to assist artisans in the developing world. They reconnected and went on to create the website Zady, a destination for consumers who want to purchase ethically sourced and manufactured products without sacrificing style. The site, launched this week, tells a story about each brand while awarding badges of authenticity that speak to the clarity they believe consumers are seeking: locally sourced, handmade, high quality raw materials, environmentally conscious, made in the USA, and a product of The Bootstrap Project. Bédat and Darabi chatted with TIME about what it means to be a “clothitarian” and why they hope to become the Whole Foods of the fashion world.

    How did your experience with The Bootstrap Project propel the creation of Zady?

    Bédat: The idea with The Bootstrap Project was to revive the craft traditions and bring employment at the same time.

    Darabi: For a long time I admired the work of nonprofit organizations like Kiva for lending microeconomic loans to artisans, often women, in the developing world, but Maxine seemed to pick up where microeconomic loans leave off by helping the artisans build up their basic business vernacular and skills and access better raw materials. Her organization trains one master artisan to teach other local artisans how to make the craft, so that ultimately something that deserves to be preserved isn’t lost entirely because of globalization. We discovered thereafter that we both had this fascination with supply chain and the way things are made.

    Bédat: We weren’t born or innately interested in that. We had always shopped how the rest of our generation shopped—fast fashion and things like that. But once we dug into this story and understood that it takes, say, Rose in Zambia thirty hours to hand stitch this piece and what the symbols of it mean to her, we turned to other facets of our life and said, what about the T-shirt or the pants we’re wearing? We care so much about it in our food but in our clothing we just didn’t know. So that’s the seed of that interest.

    How are you working to make the manufacturing process more transparent?

    Darabi: We were introduced to the major trade shows in the U.S. where brands from all around the world come to exhibit the products they make. What we’ve learned from doing this is that 99.99% of the brands that come to these massive expos are made overseas.

    Bédat: You go to these massive halls and it’s just an endless supply of clothing. It becomes very real—in six months’ time these will be sold and in a year’s time these will be thrown out. We asked each brand, where are your products manufactured? A lot of them gave us just a blank stare. Some of them would guiltily say offshore. And there’s some people whose response was “the Orient.” So that was an indication to us of the state of the industry. People don’t know; they can’t narrow down by the continent. What we’re trying to do is for each product that we carry, we have a map associated with it. You can click on the map and it shows where the company is headquartered, where the raw materials are sourced from, and where it’s manufactured. We have each brand sign a certificate that attests to those three points. It seems like it’s basic, but in the world of apparel, it’s revolutionary.

    Darabi: Then we begin a process where we ask [brands] to go really in-depth about why they chose certain materials and why they chose their factories. We give each brand certain badges of authenticity, and then we write up a piece describing the brand and the products. So if we’re talking about Imogene + Willie jeans from Nashville, Tenn., we tell a story of Carrie and Matt, the husband and wife that started this company. They met in the third grade at a pool party and reunited about 20 years later, married, and started a denim company together. They believe in using the best raw material in the world, including the best cotton from Texas. They believe in using the best denim that’s sewn together in Greensboro, N.C. at one of the four remaining denim manufacturing mills in the country. And they believe in putting a lot of heart and soul into every pair of denim that they sell.

    Bédat: That’s speaking to our general idea that the more you know about the things that you buy and the more that you get an appreciation for it, you’ll want to invest in those pieces, and have fewer but higher quality pieces in your wardrobe. Soraya and I made this commitment a year ago to become “clothitarians.” We have no better word for it at the moment, but it’s to only buy clothing where you know the origin. Since I’ve done that, the clothing that I’ve bought has maybe been a little more expensive, but I’ve actually found that I spend less on clothing. The things that I buy I really love and wear all the time.

    When you heard about the recent factory tragedies in Bangladesh, did that reinforce your mission?

    Bédat: When you’re buying a T-shirt that costs $2, you just have to wonder what conditions created this $2 T-shirt. It’s such a tragic event, and if regular folk like ourselves don’t change our behavior, we’re going to see more of that. There are great people out there fighting the fight, and what we’re trying to do is just provide an alternative.

    How widespread do you think this conscious consumerism could become?

    Darabi: Sensationally large. The organic food movement took the world by storm, and it really began with a small subset of people who wanted to feel healthy and feel good. In addition, there was a smart businessman from Texas who recognized that there’s an aspirational lifestyle associated with people understanding where their food comes from. That struck a nerve, and I think a lot of people became devoted, loyal customers of Whole Foods because they did offer that information and that story behind product. We think that same movement could spark a zeitgeist that we’d like to be a part of, whether you call it ethical fashion, sustainable fashion or just conscious consumerism. It’s only a matter of time before people decide this is a healthier and more fun way to live.

    What would you say to someone who feels that they can’t afford to shop anywhere except for fast fashion chains?

    Bédat: It feels good to wear clothes that are good. I’ve worn this shirt probably 200 times. And I put it in the wash every time that I wear it, and it’s lasted. There are so many people, us included, who turn to their closets and they are overfilled with stuff, and yet you have nothing to wear. It’s both the right thing to do economically on a global perspective, but economically for yourself as well, if something’s going to last longer and you’re going to feel excited about wearing it for longer too.

    Darabi: For us luxury means something a little bit different. It’s not luxurious because it has a famous name or a really expensive price tag. It’s luxurious simply because of the craftsmanship and construction.

    ( SOURCE )

    Do you practice an eco-friendly lifestyle and support ethically conscious fashion, ONTD?

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    A dream come true for one mermaid superfan

    Let me tell you a ridiculous story… When I appeared on Deal or No Deal a few years ago (see, I told you it was a ridiculous story), while talking to Noel Edmonds about what I'd do with the money if I won big, he asked me about my love of all things Ariel. "Well, she's a mermaid; and that's always a good thing," I said. During this conversation - my game was an hour long special on New Year's Day in 2010 - I also admitted that one of my biggest dreams in life is to meet The Little Mermaid and that, as a child, I'd pretended to be her in the bath.

    Well, for some reason he, and the studio audience, found this quite hilarious. He asked me what I'd say to Ariel when I get the opportunity to be in her presence. "Little Mermaid, you've always been a hero of mine. Keep up the good work." I still think that's what I'd say. Short and sweet. I mean, what else can you say other than fangirling your tits off and crying like a preteen One Direction fan? I suppose I might ask her about haircare. Damn she's got great hair.

    After I appeared on that popular television programme and from a place of not wanting to be remembered vaguely as an ex-game show contestant (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you), I bought myself a computer with my winnings and decided to start making and uploading videos to YouTube. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to achieve, I just felt like being creative. My first upload? A video of me wearing a bed sheet and singing a Susan Boyle song against a dodgy green screen background of Paris. Natch!

    One sunny day in April of that same year and a few videos later, I decided to film the act of me singing Part of Your World in the bath tub, just as I'd done as a little boy so many times before. Simple setup. Two cameras, me singing between them, I'm naked in the bath; lovely. Mum sighed her usual sigh and I uploaded the clip to YouTube. A few days later, and to my extremely pleasant surprise and amazement, Gay Times had picked the video up on this very blog!

    Now, as an out and proud gay man and with GT being the first homosexual publication I'd ever purchased, to receive such prominent recognition from an organisation I love dearly meant the world to me. Still does. They even called me fit! Boom.

    Fast forward a few years and some fabulous opportunities later - around 1.5 million views on YouTube, an appearance on an Australian breakfast television show, I've performed at Glastonbury and also had the chance to interview some amazing people for GT - I got the most exciting message I have ever received in my life. "Keep this to yourself but there is a very, very SLIGHT chance I MIGHT be able to send you to California to the studio where they made The Little Mermaid to look at the original designs and talk to the directors".

    YEAH. SERIOUSLY. *breathes into a brown paper bag* What I learnt in the immediacy of receiving that message is that I'm actually able to stop myself from spontaneously combusting with excitement. A few weeks later, and unbelievably to me, I was on a plane headed to America on my way to interview the directors of The Little Mermaid for GT at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The whole thing is still an amazing and surreal blur. If I didn't have the video footage of me actually doing it, I'd probably think I was making this story up!

    I got to talk with Ron Clements and John Musker, the film's directorial double act, about the origins of Ursula and the inspiration behind her character, aka Divine and Joan Collins. I got to talk to them about dressing up as Ariel. I got to talk to them about working with the legendary Howard Ashman - the film's lyricist and part of the songwriting team alongside Alan Menken. I got to talk to them about Part Of Your World nearly getting cut from the film. I got to talk to them about loads of cool stuff and you can read the full feature in the new issue of GT, on sale from Tuesday. Get it here.

    Until then, you can watch this clip of the interview taking place and me trying not to explode with excitement from such an amazing, and once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean, when else can you sit down and have a chat with the men behind everyone's favourite sea witch!? Exactly. Enjoy!

    Les Poisource

    I can't get through "Part of Your World" or "Kiss the Girl" without losing my shit. It's my all time most favorite movie.

    It's available in stores in the USA October 1st!

    0 0

    Sky Ferreira is a versatile artist who, at the age of only 21, is known for her talent as a composer-writer, model and actress. With her baby face, peroxide hair and sombre gaze, she symbolises the re-birth of grunge attitude. Lenny Kravitz has always personified a fashionable, relaxed style, mixing musical genres and sampling influences. With over 38 million albums sold, he is now considered one of the world's greatest rock stars.

    ELEVENPARIS called upon young French photographer Mathieu Cesar, who is considered to be one of the most talented of his generation, to capture this ephemeral couple, who embody the spirit of the FW13/14 collection. - Source





    too much cole imo, but 15 days until the new EP!!!

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