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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    There's something fishy going on in the world of celebrity gossip, and this time around the alleged source isn't all that unlikely. With the unprecedented whirlwind of fan interest and support engulfing rumored couple Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page becoming more and more impenetrable, a miscalculated attempt to capitalize on the attention might just result in career suicide.

    When speculation about a potential relationship between co-stars Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard began almost two years ago, it was understandable and organic in nature. In addition to traveling together to promote their critically acclaimed film 'The East', the two were spotted on numerous non-work related dates and even fueled the fire themselves via PDA filled twitpics.

    Late last week, however, reporting on the two suddenly took a seemingly dark and vindictive turn - with 'What about Ellen Page?' and 'Alexander Skarsgard's New Girlfriend Is No Ellen Page' headlines peppering the world of celeb reporting.

    At the root of it all? A Daily Mail article featuring pictures of Alexander Skarsgard in his homeland of Sweden... standing 3 feet away from another woman - actress Alicia Vikander.

    Throughout the set of photos, the 'True Blood' actor conveys friendly disinterest and routinely appears to be confused.

    At one point Vikander seems to be using physical conversational cues as a way to get Skarsgard to switch to a more paparazzi photo friendly position.

    Yet, The Daily Mail ran the awkward photos with a seemingly contrived narrative - They’re thought to have been dating for over a year and it looks like True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard and his gorgeous girlfriend Alicia Vikander are still going strong.

    It's hard not to see this as an unsuccessful attempt to mimic the buzz creating coverage on Skarsgard and Page.

    Almost 3 months prior, the same publication ran an almost identical story about the two ( 'More in love than ever: Alexander Skarsgard plants a tender kiss on girlfriend Ellen Page' ) - stating:

    They've been dating for a year, and their romance seems to be going from strength to strength.
    And Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page looked more in love than ever as they took some time out from promoting their new movie, The East, over the weekend.


    The pictures included with both articles seem to tell a story that spotlights a key difference between forced reporting and honest journalism.

    Has The Daily Mail hit a new low or is there some encouraging going on behind the scenes?

    Vikander has previously denied a romance with Skarsgard, saying:

    I wrote to him: "Oh Alexander, I saw that you are going to propose to me." It's bizarre to read. We are good friends. As always abroad, it is the same if you meet other Swedes on charter in Thailand, so it depends if you run into each other. We are a group who meet up and go out and jaws dinners together.

    ...but she's also expressed fear regarding the longevity of her career, admitting:

    "I'm still afraid I'm suddenly not going to get more jobs. I get so excited every time I get a new role. But at the same time, hell, I would not know what I'm doing in ten years."

    Has bad advice behind the scenes forced the undeniably talented actress into taking the tabloid fodder route to fame?

    Case in point, via popular website fashionstyle.com + 08/29/13:

    "Alexander Skarsgard is making headlines for chanting at a crowd at a Swedish soccer game,and girlfriend Alicia Vikander was probably there egging him on. "

    ...eh? PR 101

    Regardless, just as the faux reporting was starting to work in her favor ( Who Is Alicia Vikander? Alexander Skarsgard Considering Marriage With New Girlfriend, Report Says ),Alexander Skarsgard nipped it all in the bud via a surprise phone interview. When asked if he was single, he replied with a simple and to the point 'Yes'.

    Sorry Alicia.

    Meanwhile, Page has continued to stay mum on her personal life - but a quick revisit of old interviews gives a sweet glimpse of what we just might be in for:


    I’m not even 21 yet, so I could change my mind obviously, but yeah, would I be stoked to have a little rugrat to take camping and climb trees with? Hells yeah. But I’m also not ready to listen to it cry and want the toy at Wal-Mart.I’m going to be like ‘consumerism – bad!’ Freak out on my child. I don’t know if I’m balanced and selfless enough yet to be selfless to a little munchkin. I’m definitely into someday being able to have someone to shift my attention. I think it would be a cool process.”

    So do we, Ms. Page. So do we.


    SOURCE 1 /2/3/4/5/6/7 + me + 8

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    He'll join Vin Diesel, The Rock and Jason Statham.

    A few weeks ago, Denzel Washington had turned down a role in the upcoming ‘Fast and Furious 7.’ Now, Variety is reporting that the great Kurt Russell is in talks to step into the part instead. Goodbye, Mr. Washington. We love you, but this is a case where you will not be missed.

    Fans of good things will know Russell from ‘Escape From New York,’ ‘Big Trouble in Little China,’ ‘The Thing’ and ‘Death Proof.’ Fans of bad things will know him as that cool guy who always elevates whatever movie he’s in by sheer force of will. In other words, he’s a perfect fit for the increasingly loony ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, which prides itself on adding to its ridiculously macho ensemble with each entry. Few actors contain even a sliver of coolness that can match Russell.

    The details of the role remain under wraps, but the fact that they’ve been pursuing a big name for the part suggest that it’s a big deal, even if it’s a supporting turn. We can see Russell easily playing either a hero or a villain in this series, but let’s face it: hero would be ideal because we’d get to see Snake Plissken kick ass alongside The Rock and Vin Diesel.


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    In descriptions of grinding and the Harlem Shake, twerk occurs with great regularity. The verb means “to move one’s buttocks in a suggestive way.” It has not yet made its way into OED and perhaps never will (let us hope so), but its origin hardly poses a problem: twerk must be a blend of twist (or twitch) and work (or jerk), a close relative of such verbs as squirm (possibly a blend of dialectal squir “to throw with a jerk” and worm) and twirl (? twist + whirl). When blends are coined “in plain sight” — as happened to brunch, motel, and Eurasia — no one has questions about their descent. Nowadays, blending has become a tiresome custom, and the stodgy products of grafting one word on another are usually as transparent as Texaco or Amtrak and equally inspiring. But no one can prove that twirl is indeed a sum of twist and whirl. Its origin will forever remain “unknown.” Be that as it may, twerk does look like a blend, even though we don’t know who, where, and when launched it into the linguistic space of North America.
    The noun designates a rope made of two threads, a twirl, and refers to various distortions. Hence the verb twist “to intertwine; curve; wring.” Especially characteristic are the Germanic congeners of twist: German Zwist ~ Low German twist “quarrel, discord”; Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish also have tvist (the same meaning). Twig “a small shoot of a tree” seems to be akin to some words for “fork.” If this is true, then a twig once denoted a forked branch, an object with two prongs. How it acquired its modern meaning remains unclear. German Zweig does not conjure up a picture of a tiny branch, though it is smaller than an Ast “bough.” (Did Dickens hint to the vicissitudes in the fate of his hero when he called him Twist? After all, it was he, rather than Mr. Bumble, who invented the name.)

    He read: "The word twerking has now been added to the Oxford dictionary.

    "Here's the definition they gave: To dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner, involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.'"

    Freeman then told host Robin Meade: "This is the first time that I've ever heard of it."

    Meade replied: "What? That's not true, you said it on the golf course yesterday. I'm pretty sure."

    Freeman quipped: "Was I sober?"

    SOURCE / Oxford University Press

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    We all know that a bachelor party is a future groom's last hurrah, but it's also best not to cross your wife-to-be.

    Singer John Legend, who will soon tie the knot to his model fiancée, recently celebrated his last night as a single man and we wondered whether or not the star followed his future bride's rules.

    While appearing as a cohost for E! News, Chrissy Teigen told us that the general rule for both her bachelorette party and Legend's bachelor party was "no strippers."

    Did he listen?

    Click to listen at the source

    "She told me no strippers, too," Legend told E! News. "And then, she sent me a stripper." Say what?!

    "Yeah, isn't that crazy? She was like, 'No strippers,' and then she sent me one. I guess it was like a test to see if I would listen to her…I behaved myself, we had a good time."

    The couple's wedding ceremony is said to be taking place next month, but Legend played coy when Terrence Jenkins mentioned that it would be happening in Lake Como, Italy.

    "Who told you that? These are rumors, man," he said. Watch the clip to hear about John Legend's new music and his friendship with Kanye West.


    for the love of ray j chardonnay

    What do you think about Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties? Do you have any rules for for your groom or bride-to-be?

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    Tom Welling Makes Rare Appearance at LAX Airport

    Tom Welling is spotted heading into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Friday afternoon (August 30) in Los Angeles.

    The 36-year-old actor’s new film Parkland will be making its debut at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival next week. We can’t wait to see if he shows up on the red carpet with co-star Zac Efron!

    Earlier in the summer, it was announced that Tom will be starring in the new film Draft Day alongside Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner

    Tom will play “Brian Drew, a veteran quarterback in the crossroads of his career, in the story about a Cleveland Browns GM (Costner) who attempts to trade up for the first pick in the NFL Draft and save football in the city,” according to Deadline.


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    IndieWire blog Shadow and Act is reporting that Angolan actor Hoji Fortuna has joined the cast of Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the role is being kept under-wraps for now (shocker!).

    Fortuna has worked mostly in African cinema up until now, although he did have one brief appearance on US TV in the short-lived series Pan-Am.

    Fortuna has been teasing on his Twitter and Facebookthat he will be heading to Croatia to film sometime soon. That narrows down his role to one in thKing’s Landing or Daenerys storylines. Speculation points to Brown Ben Plumm, a sellsword captain who Dany encounters in her travels. There are a number of other more minor characters that Fortuna could play though and there is always the chance that he is a newly created character.


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    The comedy world has always been dominated by hombres, but with Anjelah Johnson selling out clubs nationwide, she's giving them a run for their money. Johnson, who was nominated for an ALMA Award for her work on MADtv in 2008, recently debuted a one-hour special, The Homecoming Show, on NUVOtv. We caught up with Anjelah recently and she was excited to talk about going back to her hometown of San Jose and getting her family and friends involved in the special, who her famous character Bon Qui Qui was inspired by, and what beauty product she can't live without.

    Congrats on getting a comedy special on the new NUVOtv network. Why was this different than any others?

    It was a really cool experience! For my special I got to go back to my hometown of San Jose and I was able to include my family, my friends, and the people that I grew up with. I am who I am because of how I was raised and that's my village. So it was cool to be able to come home and share that with everybody. We got to do some behind-the-scenes stuff where I got to introduce my family [to viewers].

    Bon Qui Qui has taken on a life of her own! Do you ever get tired of playing her?

    Yes! I am so appreciative of the fans who have grabbed a hold of her and love her so much. But it's like when bands are asked to play their greatest hits; it's kind of like a love/hate relationship. You hate doing it over and over but at the same time it's the song that bought you your house. So you're grateful for it, but I'm more than this joke or that one song! I have so many other things that I do, but people just love that character so much.

    How was did you create the character of Bon Qui Qui?

    Bon Qui Qui is a character that was inspired by two people, firstly my brother. He is ghetto fabulous, has no filter. and a total trendsetter! When he starts doing or saying things everybody starts doing it too. Even with something as simple as him answering the phone saying, hella, instead of hello. Before you know it, all our family and friends are answering the phone that way! This is exactly how Bon Qui Qui is.

    The other [inspiration] was a girl I met at a drive-thru Burger King in Memphis a couple of years ago. She totally changed my life. So Bon Qui Qui is a little bit of her and a little bit of my brother.

    With a last name like Johnson, I had no idea you were Latina. What was it like growing up?

    I always wanted a more Hispanic name, you have no idea! I was a little wanna-be Chola growing up trying to be about the hood -- with Johnson as a last name. You know no one was scared of a girl named Anjelah Johnson!

    So I was always trying to be super Latina and secretly wishing my last name was something like Sanchez. I'm Mexican-American and we have a huge family. The only thing missing was that Hispanic last name. My mom's maiden name is Castañeda, so for the longest I was trying to go by her last name but my family would get so offended! I would tell my dad, "This is not about you dad, but Johnson ain't cutting it right now." I needed that street cred!

    But today, I embrace the name Anjelah Johnson. So even when I married Manwell Reyes and I could finally get my Hispanic last name, it was too late!

    You've had other comedy specials, why was it special to have one on NUVOtv?

    This network represents me, so it's the perfect place for me to have a comedy special. I am Latina but I'm also American and this network is catering to audience like me. This isn't like Telemundo, it's its own thing. Yeah I'm a Latina, but try to talk to me all in Spanish and I may not understand everything. I love this network and I love what their doing. I'm honored to be a part of it, especially from the ground up.

    And partnering up with Jennifer Lopez, I'm sure this means we're probably good friends now, but I'm not quite sure.

    We know a lot about Anjelah Johnson the persona but not much about you personally. Do you have any guilty pleasure television shows you enjoy watching?

    My guilty pleasure television shows are crime shows. I'm all about Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU, and The First 48. Any kind of crime drama, I'm all about it. There is a special way I watch them too; in a certain order. So if Criminal Minds isn't on I go to SVU, if First 48 isn't on, then NCIS is on the tv somewhere. But if NCIS isn't on then, I don't even know what I'd do. I don't know what it is but I love creepy, criminal shows.

    Is there a beauty product that you can't live without?

    Chapstick! I always have to have Chapstick with me. If I feel my lips getting chapped I can't even focus. If someone tries to talk to me then need to wait until I've put on some Chapstick. [laughs] I keep them all over the house. If I ever leave home without one I just buy more and put the spares in different purses. Sometimes I've switched purses so many times that I will end up with like seven different Chapsticks in one bag and like 42 scattered around the house.


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    The first major argument has happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and it was between Sophie Anderton and Lauren Harries.

    The confrontation occurred after Lauren tried to give Courtney Stodden pills after the American starlet fell ill on Thursday night.

    As giving medication to other housemates is banned, Sophie reprimanded Lauren, who responded with a few heated words of her own.

    'Sophie I am fed up with you. All you do is boss me around all the time,' Lauren told the underwear model, after being spurred on by Carol McGiffin to speak her mind.

    The transgender celebrity had just been told off by Big Brother for trying to give Courtney the stomach pills.

    'Big Brother is worried you may have just given some medication to Courtney,' the all-seeing-eye said to Laueren in the Diary Room.

    'I just gave her stomach pills, that is all, I will never do it again. I do understand that,' Lauren replied, leaving the Diary Room, no doubt embarrassed by her public telling off.

    As she came out, the housemates weighed in on the issue, reiterating Big Brother's words with Sophie sharing her opinon more vocally, saying that it is 'illegal to give someone pills.'

    When Lauren confronted Anderton, the former drug addict was taken aback: 'What did I do? I am not the one putting pills into people’s mouths…I haven’t even spoken to you today.'

    'Do you know why?' Lauren replied. 'Because I avoid you, because all you do is boss people around and think you are the most intelligent person in the world.

    'Yes I need to say something to you because do you know what, you think you know everything…yes you do.'

    Mentioning that Carol shared her opinion, Lauren ended the conversation, leaving Sophie to say 'I just got told'.

    Courtney's need for medication came after she and Dustin Diamond had indulged in pizza and cakes as a treat from Big Brother, but the 19-year old fell ill after eating too much.


    Celebrity Big Brother Post! Who is everyones favourite! Who do you hate. Charlotte has my heart so far, but Courtney and Mario are sweethearts.

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    Summer 2013 officially comes to an end over Labor Day weekend, which is looking to be even quieter than usual this year. One Direction: This is Us has a good shot at taking first place from Lee Daniels' The Butler, though it's unlikely it reaches the same level as the Miley Cyrusand Justin Bieber concert movies. Meanwhile, Getawayand Closed Circuit also open nationwide, though it wouldn't be surprising if both finished under $5 million.

    Opening at 2,735 theaters, One Direction: This is Us is the latest in a string of 3D concert movies that began with 2008's Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, which the highest opening yet for the genre ($31.1 million) and went on to close with $65.3 million. The following year, Michael Jackson's This Is Itwas even bigger ($72.1 million), while 2011's Justin Bieber: Never Say Never holds the record with $73 million.

    The genre has a number of misses lately as well, though.Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience earned just $19.2 million, while last Summer's Katy Perry: Part of Me did only a bit better ($25.3 million). With its mix of concert footage and behind-the-scenes tour video, One Direction appears to be most-similar to the Justin Bieberand Katy Perry flicks.

    Recognizing how rabid the band's young female fanbase is, Sony's targeted marketing effort has focused almost exclusively on driving awareness among "Directioners." This strategy seems to have paid off: Fandango is reporting 68 percent of Thursday ticket sales are for One Direction: This is Us, with 98 percent of those sales going to female audience members. This data confirms that One Direction will open higher than Katy Perry ($10.2 million in its first four days), though it's hard to imagine that it has enough buzz to come close to Justin Bieber($32 million four-day). Sony is currently expecting an opening in the mid-to-high teen millions, which should be enough to beat The Butler.

    Opening at 2,130 theaters, Ethan Hawke/Selena Gomez thriller Getaway is the final Dark Castle Entertainment movie being released by Warner Bros. under a deal that ended last year. The movie has received a light marketing effort, and the focus has been entirely on the run-of-the-mill car chases (at the expense of story and character). This may simply be because the product isn't all that marketable: as of Thursday afternoon, it had 55 reviews up on Rotten Tomatoes, and not a single one was fresh.

    Dark Castle's Bullet to the Head—also a gritty revenge movie—opened to just $4.55 million in February, which remains one of the worst debuts of the year. With barely any marketing and atrocious reviews, it wouldn't be surprising if Getaway wound up around the same level.

    British thriller Closed Circuit opens at 870 theaters this weekend, and could have a tough time reaching the Top 10. This is the latest European thriller that Focus Features is releasing over Labor Day weekend: past outings include The American ($35.6 million), The Constant Gardener ($33.6 million) and The Debt ($31.2 million). Those movies all had more aggressive marketing, much wider releases, and better reviews.

    Closed Circuit got a jump on the weekend with a Wednesday debut, though it wound up in 15th place with just $248,704. If it follows the same pattern as the previously mentioned movies, it will earn less than $4 million through Monday.

    A handful of other movies are receiving significant releases or expansions. Targeting Hispanic audiences, comedy/drama Instructions Not Included opens at 347 theaters. After a week in limited release, The Grandmaster expands nationwide in to 749 theaters. Finally, teen romance The Spectacular Now reaches 385 venues after earning $2.2 million in limited release. All three movies could earn around $1 million for the four-day weekend.

    Four-Day Forecast (August 30-Sept. 2)
    1. One Direction - $20.6 million
    2. The Butler - $15.1 million (-9%)
    3. We're the Millers - $13.2 million (+1%)
    4. Planes - $9.4 million (+10%)
    5. The World's End - $7.1 million (-19%)
    -. Getaway - $5.7 million
    -. Closed Circuit - $2.9 million ($3.4 million six-day)

    Bar for Success
    If One Direction: This is Us can get to $20 million by Monday, it's a huge win for Sony. Playing in over 2,000 theaters, Getaway ought to be close to $10 million, while Closed Circuit would be fine with a six-day start around $5 million.

    box office im sad 1d wont beat mileys opening numbers/record :(

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    A&E cancels 'The Glades' after a cliffhanger: How could it have ended?

    A&E has canceled "The Glades"following a four-season run. The crime drama had its season finale on Monday (Aug. 26), giving fans a cliffhanger ending that will now remain unresolved.

    Just days after the show enjoyed its best ratings of the season -- 3.4 million viewers watched the finale -- and only one day after the network announced a renewal for another show,"Longmire," the "Glades" cancellation comes as something of a surprise.

    Why was "The Glades" canceled? As of now, it's a mystery on which no one connected to the show has an immediate comment.

    After its premiere in 2010, "The Glades" became the first scripted drama series to receive a renewal from A&E. The show, created by Clifton Campbell, is the story of an ex-Chicago cop named Jim (Matt Passmore) who takes a job in the swampy, sweaty land of Florida. Over the four seasons, a romance developed at the center of the story between Jim and Callie (Kiele Sanchez), a medical student.

    The two characters were supposed to get married in the Season 4 finale, but Jim didn't quite make it to the wedding. While readying his gift (a house), an unidentified person shot Jim in the chest, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

    So what happens next? Officially, we may never know. Here are, however, some possible endings:

    1. It turns out that Callie's criminally inclined ex somehow showed up to pull the trigger. Following a TV-quick recuperation (made faster by Jim leaving the hospital against doctor's -- and Callie's -- orders), Jim hunts down his would-be killer. The wedding happens in the spontaneous happiness that follows.

    2. The killer remains a mystery for many episodes (perhaps an entire season, depending on how "The Glades" would want to play this). Meanwhile, Jim and Callie call a do-over on the wedding. For the season finale, a murderous person who turns out to be related to a past case is found and brought to justice.

    3. It was all a dream. Jim wakes up (unhurt) and realizes he's not ready to commit to marriage. Many episodes deal with a left-at-the-altar scenario before these two realize they were meant for each other and elope.

    4. The "shooter" is a friend of Jim's, the "blood" is paint, and all of this is the equivalent of a really-late bachelor party. Callie is kind of mad when her fiance is tardy and blood-stained, but they reconcile and have a lovely evening.

    5. Jim's dead. The series ends on a surprisingly down note.

    Which ending could it have been? You choose -- or write your own as a comment!


    There are some mighty upset fans on various message boards over this. I'm just happy Longmire is coming back.

    BTW, I can haz A&E tag?

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    The premium cable network has made a pilot production commitment for a drama adaptation of the 1973 Michael Crichton sci-fi movie of the same name.

    In another example of the premium cable network buying a project from an outside studio, HBO has made a pilot production commitment for a Westworld adaptation from Warner Bros. TV. The drama effort, inspired by Michael Crichton's 1973 film of the same name, is being billed as a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.

    Abrams will executive produce alongside veteran producer Jerry Weintraub and Bad Robot's Bryan Burk, with Person of Interest's Jonathan Nolan attached to co-write, EP and direct the pilot. Lisa Joy will join him as a co-writer and EP, while Kathy Lingg and Athena Wickham are on board as a co-executive producer and a producer, respectively. The drama is being produced by Bad Robot Productions, Jerry Weintraub Productions and Kilter Films in association with Warner Bros.

    The move marks the first HBO project for Bad Robot, the prolific TV and film shingle behind such series as NBC's Revolution, CBS' Person of Interest and newcomers Almost Human (Fox) and Believe (NBC). For the network, which has a history of owning the bulk of its series, it follows recent outside orders for Fox 21's Open from Ryan Murphy and Warner Bros. TV's The Leftovers from Damon Lindelof.


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  • 08/30/13--20:40: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!

  • Chandler Massey on DAYS Exit: "I'm Actually Glad Things Went Down The Way They Did!"

    Chandler filmed his final scenes as Will Horton on Friday, Aug. 23 — only he didn't know they were his last until he was summoned at the end of his work day to the office of Greg Meng, the soap's co-executive producer. During this meeting, Meng informed Massey, who had been planning to depart the NBC soap when his contract expired in December, that he would have to leave immediately because a replacement had already been hired. Massey exited the studio sans fanfare — no farewell party, no goodbyes, no nothing — and sources close to the young actor say he was devastated and in tears. His last episode will air on or around Dec. 31.

    Days issued a statement calling Massey's exit "a mutual decision," which isn't exactly true. Yes, Massey did announce his plans to quit Days at the Daytime Emmys last June. But my spies tell me the Days chiefs were blindsided by his news and that they decided to blindside him back. Was Massey fired? Technically, yes, since he will not be paid for the final 13 weeks of his contract.

    TV Guide spoke with Massey, who has had a few days to deal with the news and is clearly taking the high road.

    "I'm actually glad things went down the way they did," Massey tells us. "I appreciate the producers for letting me out of my deal early because I can now pursue other opportunities I couldn't under contract. And, really, I want what's best for the show and the character. I'm honored to have played Will's coming-out story, and really proud of the Will and Sonny romance. It's important that they pass the torch to another actor and continue the story."

    What will he miss most? "The money!" cracks Massey, who adds that he's okay with not getting a goodbye party. "Even if I'd left the way I thought I would, a party was never on the table. I don't like that sort of thing. I never want any fuss. But I'm going to miss everyone like crazy. I had so many incredible mentors at the show and made so many great friends."

    Massey is open to more acting roles — but he's determined to get back to his courses at UCLA, which were put on hold when he won the Days gig in 2009. His plans include becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese. "Back in eighth grade, I'd seen nothing but small-town Georgia when I left the U.S. for the first time and went to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China," he says. "I've been fascinated with that culture ever since and, with the way the global economy is going, it's a really important language to learn. And who knows? Maybe they'll put me in the movies over there. I can be like the token white guy. All I have to do is learn kung fu!"

    Davidson returns to Y&R!

    A spokesperson for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS has confirmed exclusively to Soaps In Depth that Eileen Davidson will be making a visit to Genoa City later this fall!

    She'll be appearing as Ashley for three episodes in late October.

    No other details are available at this time.

    Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms Tell PEOPLE All About Their Dream Wedding!

    Ever since General Hospital stars Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash told PEOPLE they were expecting their first child together – a girl! – and that they'd secretly gotten married in June, they've been overwhelmed with the positive well wishes from fans.

    Now, the couple has decided to share the story of their clandestine nuptials, as well as a photo from their magical day. Barash, a gifted raconteur, tells the story in his own words of how the couple assumed new monikers – Mom and Dad, and Husband and Wife – in the span of a week:

    We had just left our first baby doctor's appointment, and were riding high. Even though our baby was more in the shape of a pancake with a heartbeat, we were quite jolly. My dad was playing in the World Series of Poker at the time, a lifelong dream, so he and my stepmom were in Vegas for the weekend.

    On our walk home – yes, we actually walked in L.A. – we received a text from them that he had been knocked out in the first 45 minutes. He was crushed. Kirsten and I looked at each other and said in unison (a common occurrence with us), "Wanna go to Vegas and get married?!" That was all we needed.

    We called our respective parental units and immediate family and planned an impromptu rendezvous for the weekend at Caesar's Palace. The universe conspired with us and offered us no resistance.

    By the following afternoon, Saturday, I had proposed to Kirsten with a blue raspberry Ring Pop in hand at a gas station in Wrightwood, Calif., and we had planned our wedding ceremony with the team at Caesar's. To say they went above and beyond would be a severe understatement. They're always closed on Sundays but their coordinator offered to open just for us the next day, and we took her up on it. She gave us our pick of chapels, officiants (none of which were donning Elvis duds or personas), live piano music ... we chose Led Zeppelin, flowers, etc. It was nothing short of a dream wedding.

    There were about 10 of us in a chapel that seated 200 comfortably, and it was perfect. All I remember was my face feeling like Niagara Falls, stomping on the glass – the one religious element he chose to include – and Zeppelin's "Over the Hills and Far Away" playing as we walked down the aisle. Perfection.

    After the ceremony, we shared an impeccable meal with our loved ones at Il Mulino, our favorite restaurant, and spent the night playing roulette. Again, we felt the universe on our sides as we hit the numbers of Lil B's due date and our newly established wedding anniversary repeatedly on the roulette table. It was magic, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

    We kept it under wraps for so long by only telling those close to us. Luckily (almost) everyone stayed tight-lipped – yet another beckoning from fate. As I said before, given all of the possible and spontaneous complications with early pregnancy, we wanted to wait until we were out of the proverbial woods.

    One more thing ...

    As we were cleaning out our apartment, we found a soap magazine from 2009 with us on the cover and a caption reading, "Will Johnny and Maxie sleep together?" We got a laugh. Johnny and Maxie didn't do the deed, but Brandon and Kirsten picked up where they left off and ... Got. It. Done.

    Josh Griffith Out As Head Writer. Shelly Altman & Jean Passanante Co-Head Writers?!

    Daytime Confidential is reporting that "GENERAL HOSPITAL breakdown writer Jean Passanante will co-head write THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS with Shelly Altman."

    For nearly three decades Y&R was the one daytime soap opera that seemed immune from the constant backstage upheaval with rotating writers and producers that chipped away at the foundations of so many beloved shows. The past decade has not been kind to the legacy of the #1 Daytime Drama.

    Erin Chambers leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!

    Melanie dropped the charges against Adam on Monday's episode which means Chambers' stint on Y&R is over. Her last airdate was August 26th.

    New Gig For Nadia Bjorlin!

    DAYS's Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe), who will be making a quick visit to Salem at some point in the months ahead, is already busy filming a prime-time show.

    "Good morning! It's an early but beautiful day here on set for 2 Broke Girls...." she tweeted earlier today.

    Kelly Sullivan Says Farewell To General Hospital!

    As General Hospital fans around the country are watching the demise of Connie Falconeri, it marks the end of the line for Kelly Sullivan, who for two years impressed the television audience with her portrayal of Kate Howard/Connie Falconeri in the DID storyline and as a love interest for Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and much more!

    As viewers on the west coast just watched Connie take her last breath, Sullivan took to Twitter to say: “RIP Connie. It was a great two years! Thank you for your love and support, it means so much. Long live GH!”

    DAYS' Freddie Smith Shares Sentiments On Departure Of Chandler Massey!

    The other half of DAYS super couple WilSon, Freddie Smith (Sonny) shared his thoughts over the weekend via Twitter on the departure of his long-time scene partner, Chandler Massey (Will) who finished his last tape day on Friday.

    Freddie related to his fans and followers: “I feel so lucky I got to work with @ChandlerMassey these past two years. It was an incredible time. I wish you all the best. You deserve it!”

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's Jacob Young is a father again!

    Congratulations are in order for THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Jacob Young (Rick) and wife Christen, who welcomed their second child yesterday. Molly Lynn was born early Wednesday, August 28, and weighed six pounds, 11 ounces.

    The whole family is doing well, including their four year old son, Luke. Best wishes to them all!

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL!

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise has joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Carlos, according to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD.

    Carlos is a man from Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) past, who shows up in town just as things are going so well for the nurse and her boyfriend, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).

    His ties extend beyond his connection to Sabrina and into the murky waters of the Port Charles underworld, ACCESS revealed.

    Parise shot his first scenes on August 27th and will make his GH debut as Carlos in mid-September.

    He has appeared in primetime shows like CUPID, VERONICA MARS and CASTLE, as well as in daytime soap opera DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

    Maree Cheatham To Appear In HART OF DIXIE!

    Fan favorite actress Maree Cheatham has been cast to play the grandmother of Jaime King's Lemon Breeland in an upcoming episode of HART OF DIXIE, according to E!

    Grandma Bettie Breeland "ends up paying her granddaughter a visit to help preserve the Breeland name."

    Daytime soap opera fans know Cheatham for her roles as Marie Horton in DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Stephanie Wyatt on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and Charlene Simpson in GENERAL HOSPITAL. She also appeared in PASSIONS and PORT CHARLES. Fans of primetime serials will remember her appearances in KNOTS LANDING, GCB, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and THE WEST WING.

    Daytime or primetime, comedy or drama, Cheatham always entertains. She is currently starring as Nona in Nickelodeon's SAM & CAT.

    Peter Bergman on Kay's Y&R Tribute: "These Episodes Are Definitely For The Longtime Viewers"!

    It’s going to be a veritable who’s who of Genoa City when "Young and the Restless" characters past and present gather for Katherine Chancellor’s memorial service, airing on Sept. 3 and 4.

    The late, great Jeanne Cooper, who played the soap's matriarch for nearly 40 years, passed away in May, but the show took a few months to write her character's death into the story line in order to do it justice.

    “These episodes are definitely for the longtime viewers,” Peter Bergman, who plays Jack Abbott, told TODAY.com. “Nothing’s more real than watching Jess Walton — who plays Kay's longtime nemesis, Jill — at Katherine’s funeral. It’s palpable. You can feel the emotion in the air when she steps to the podium.”

    Cooper’s real-life son, Corbin Bernsen of "Psych," reprises his role as Father Todd, who will officiate Kay’s service.

    Other familiar faces are returning for the memorial, including Christine (Lauralee Bell), Danny (Michael Damian), Nina (Tricia Cast), Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Brock (Beau Kayser).

    “The episodes are deeply powerful,” Bergman teased. “Tricia Cast is a wonderful actress; the audience always loves seeing her come back. Lauralee Bell looks wonderful and there is a terrific surprise with her character. Michael Damian sings a song, and it would not have been the same without Beau Kayser, a sweet, sweet man who lost a longtime friend. These are great shows for 'Y&R' purists.”

    In a clip from the memorial episodes that CBS is sharing exclusively with TODAY.com, Jack and his brother Billy (played by Billy Miller) take a moment to privately and fondly recall their late father, John, and his long friendship with Katherine. (Kudos to "Y&R" scribes for referencing John and Katherine's skinny-dipping exploits from the duo's younger days!)

    Charles Shaughnessy Makes A Return To Days of our Lives!

    Looks like both of Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) parents are coming to Salem for a visit!

    A show spokesperson for Days of our Lives had told Soap Opera Digest that fan favorite Charles Shaughnessy (Shane Donovan) will return to the NBC soap, and air along with the already returning Patsy Pease (Kimberly) for November sweeps!

    Oh boy! What trouble does Theresa get herself into now that brings Shane and Kimberly into the story? Or, is it just a nice visit from mom and dad?

    Charles Shaughnessy last appeared on DAYS in May of 2012, and has been open to returning to play one of the most beloved characters in the history of the NBC soap opera.

    EastSiders Starring Kit Williamson and Van Hansis Wins Best Web Series Drama From LA Weekly!

    Last night, in a ceremony hosted by Michelle Visage and James St. James at Hollywood’s Bardot, LOGO’s beloved indie dark comedy web series EastSiders, starring former As the World Turns Van Hansis (Thom) and the talented Kit Williamson (Cal), won the honored with the award for Best Web Series- Drama from LA Weekly.

    The crowded category included gay favorites: The Outs and Hunting Season, H+ (from producer Bryan Singer), Blue (starring Julia Styles), Halo 4 (from Machinima), and The Vault. EastSiders writer, director, and star Kit Williamson is also the star of the romantic comedy web series Hipsterhood, which won the award for Best Web Series - Comedy.

    Kit Williamson related on his shows victory, “I think it’s amazing that a publication like The LA Weekly is taking notice of new media. It’s an honor to be listed alongside such great content creators and I’m grateful to everyone who voted for us. It’s also very exciting to see three gay web series nominated for best web drama, rather than being isolated into their own category. I think it’s a testament to LGBT content creators being at the vanguard of the medium.”

    Baby On Board for Former ‘Y&R’ Star!

    The Young and the Restless Eva Marcille (ex-Tyra Hamilton) has some good news: She and her husband, songwriter Kevin McCall, are expecting their first child! The couple broke the news to BET first, where the actress gave an exclusive interview.

    “Being able to bring a life into the world is every woman’s dream but for me it’s more than just a dream it is a magical, mystical journey which I get to share with this amazing man,” the five-months pregnant star shares. “Kevin is the only man who I would share this moment in life with.”

    The Katherine Chancellor Postcards: ‘Y&R’ Furthers Storyline Online!

    As first noted on the Friday, August 16 episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, several of Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) friends and family received postcards informing them to be at the grand dames home on that particular date and at “8:00pm sharp.” Following news of when the show will honor the life of Katherine on screen, the soap unveiled a website dedicated to the character that includes a gallery that breaks down the postcards each of her friends and family received, some of which were sent before Katherine decided to have people gather at her home. The postcards were written by the writers of the show, of course.

    Message from the Taj Mahal (to Esther Valentine)

    Message from Stonehenge (to Nikki Newman)

    Message from Parthenon (to Kevin Fisher)

    Message from Machu Picchu (to Cane, Lily and Twins)

    Message from Kilimanjaro (to Victor Newman)

    Message from Hong Kong (to Devon Hamilton)

    Message from Great Wall of China (to Mr. and Mrs. Cane Ashby)

    Message from Great Barrier Reef (to Chloe Fisher)

    Message from Giza (to Jill Fenmore)

    Note: On the postcard written to Cane, Lily and their Twins from Machu Picchu, Lily’s name is spelled with two “L’s” instead of just one.

    The Week In The Year 2000!

    Dixie sent Alex to the hunting lodge so that she would find Dimitri there. Alex and Dimitri reunited and made love. Edmund arrived at the lodge the following morning and was startled to find Dimitri there. When Edmund spotted Alex's clothes crumpled on the floor, he realized that she had slept with Dimitri. Bianca was thrilled to learn that Dimitri was alive. David was furious with Dixie for leading Alex to Dimitri, but their argument ended with a kiss that left Dixie speechless. Dixie threatened to quit if David ever kissed her again. Gillian stowed away on Adrian and Ryan's flight to Chechnya and was nearly tossed overboard. After seeing Ryan and Gillian together, Greenlee went on a rampage, getting Leo to help her destroy Ryan's apartment. Becca ended her relationship with Leo after learning that he had abandoned her to spend time with Greenlee. Stuart returned to Pine Valley.

    Molly helped Rose hide the videotape from Katie. Ben agreed to take care of Curtis while Isaac searched for evidence to prove Andy was faking his paralysis. Carly went to Las Vegas to stop Jack and Julia's rushed wedding. A drunken Lily embraced Simon, who told her he loved her. With Cooley's help, Holden arrived at the island.

    Brooke wouldn't choose between Bridget and Thorne and persuaded Bridget to go home with her to work things out. Morgan promised Stephanie and Ridge she wouldn't tell anyone who her baby's father was and later called Clarke and begged him to keep her secret. Sherman persuaded Amber to plead guilty to a lesser felony charge so she wouldn't get any jail time. Eric told Rick they could fight for custody of Little Eric and win because of Amber's drug conviction.

    Greta was no match for Nicole, as Nicole got back on Lucas' good side. Nicole decided to let Victor and Rex think she had no idea she had been scammed as part of her revenge against them. Brandon dismissed Maroni's threats, and told Sami that he would marry Angela to get the goods on Lucas and Kate. Abe told Lexie about Fay, but not the entire story. Everyone in Salem started to notice Hattie's resemblance to Marlena, but Stefano was up to something as he had Dr. Rolf and Bart working on Hattie's "Marlena" makeover. Bo suggested to Hope that he might not be the father of baby John, but Hope wouldn't believe it, and then told Bo that they should have another child. Bo and Hope rekindled their love and romance. John's rude and impatient demeanor toward Abe and Roman concerning Brady's arrest and release concerned them. Brady's anger toward John continued. Lucas started his job at the restaurant and drugged Sami. Kate sent Sami on the "trip" of her life. Victor was encouraged about his medical problem. Belle was hurt and confused when Chloe stole the show and Belle's date on their "group get-together."

    Jax left Chloe in order to pursue Brenda; Chloe was then kidnapped from her room and later awoke and was shocked to see Stefan alive. Carly told Jason all that had happened since he had left Port Charles. She became convinced that Jason would be able to solve all of her problems. When Alexis told Sonny that Jason should take Carly out of the country so she couldn't testify against him, Sonny informed a stunned Carly that they were getting married. At Ned's concert, the press asked Alexis more questions about being Eddie's Angel. Zander met with Sorel. Roy went in search of Luke.

    In a reflective and poignant evening, Josh and Reva finally signed their divorce papers. Reva talked to Maura about the divorce. Ross couldn't handle Blake. Cassie was put in a life-threatening situation, Edmund was the alleged good Samaritan, and Richard reacted on cue. Susan had a wild party at Jim and Beth's house that got Susan drunk, the house trashed, and the police -- including Harley -- on the premises. Maura and Susan felt the wrath of their actions. Susan's desperation resulted in her running away from home again, but her note left Harley and family thinking the worst this time. Maura met Tony. Aunt Meta returned and lent moral support to Rick and Michelle, and put Claire in her place. Charles Grant exonerated Rick and was onto Claire's part in his predicament. Father Ray took a bullet for his brother Tony. Michelle witnessed Danny's brutality with Tony, and his actions finally put an end to their marriage. Danny told Maria that it was over with Michelle and that he was taking over the family business. Maria was behind the problems at the Lewis/Spaulding construction project that were heading toward an even more disastrous climax.

    Max told Rae there was no way he could be her son. Lindsay told R.J. that Todd was in Llanview. Todd ate Sam's letter from Will before Same could see it. Will called Jess from Ireland. Cristian hid Will's letter. Kelly and Joey decided their relationship was over for good. Cris gave Jess back the letter, and she was furious when she learned that he had lied to her. R.J. kidnapped Todd and put a bomb in his lap. Antonio, Sophia, and Roseanne saved Todd and arresed them both. Kevin and Kelly declared their love. Jessica headed to Ireland to find Will. Will hidd in a stable where he met Emma. Bo returned home in time to stop Asa's court proceedings. Sam and Bo confronted Colin and Lindsay about Nora. Rae apologized to Sykes, and all was forgiven. Blair tried to stop the computer virus, but it was too late. Renee overheard Rae tell Kelly that Daniel had said Max was Rae's son. Todd showed up at Sam's house with a surprise... Nora!

    Ethan went in search of Theresa. Charity had a premonition that someone was going to die. Julian went to Sheridan's cottage. Ethan told Theresa he loved her, but Theresa saw through his attempt to revive her. Sheridan instructed Eve to tell Luis everything. Gwen walked in on Ethan kissing Theresa at the hospital. Alistair told Eve to reveal what Sheridan had said under hypnosis. Rebecca learned that Ethan had kissed Theresa. Ethan confided to Chad how Theresa's near death made him realize he loved her; but he loved Gwen too. Ethan told Gwen and Theresa there was something he had to tell both of them.

    Victor left town for a while, and Neil was in charge of Newman Enterprises. Ashley was devastated that Diane was pregnant with Victor's child. Nikki was stunned to find out about the paternity of Diane's child. Christine prepared to take a pregnancy test. Mac told Katherine the truth about her relationship with Billy and how Jill was still meddling in her life. Brittany had big plans to get even with Mac and Billy. Ryan let Victoria be his roommate for a while, but Tricia knocked on his door.


    No Show

    Tuesday ("Proposal")
    Nicole surprises Marlena with an unexpected proposal; Caroline speaks her mind with Nick.

    Wednesday ("Out of Control")
    J.J continues his downward spiral of self-destruction; Abigail tries to change Daniel's mind about ending his relationship with Jennifer.

    Thursday ("Eric's Feeling")
    Eric has trouble shaking his feelings of uneasiness about the night at the hotel; Jennifer is shocked to learn that J.J. has been arrested

    Friday ("Justin Confronts EJ")
    Justin confronts E.J. about the money planted in the account of Bernardi's son; Jennifer throws J.J.'s lies in his face.

    Tuesday (Spinelli is on the verge of Spilling)
    Spinelli comes close to saying too much about the baby; Morgan discovers a firearm on the Quartermaine estate

    Wednesday (Sam is completely Frazzled)
    Sam wants to leave her kiss with Silas in the past, but he believes they have a connection; Britt comes clean to Nikolas

    Thursday (Carly arrives as Franco awaits Discharge)
    Carly encounters Elizabeth while awaiting Franco's pre-trial hearing, and she offers a warning about A.J.'s true personality

    Friday (Dante receives a call implying Sonny)
    A vague phone call leads Dante to believe Sonny has been shot and admitted to the hospital; Patrick breaks the news to Emma about Britt's baby.

    9/2,( No Show) Labor Day

    9/3, Liam tells Bill not to regret his decision about Wyatt; Maya gets strength and support from Carter.

    9/4, Quinn and Wyatt share a moment; Wyatt kisses Hope.

    9/5, Brooke seeks redemption with the Spencer family; Forrester Creations joins with a new company.

    9/6, (No Show) Pre-Empted for Sports Coverage of US Open Tennis

    9/2, (No Show)

    9/3, Friends and family gather for Katherine Chancellor's memorial service. Lily nobly hides her animosity for out-of-town visitor

    9/4, Jill remembers her history with Katherine as Genoa City residents pay tribute to their friend.

    9/5, Chelsea wants to do right by Connor; Adam's world is turned upside down. Noah makes a surprising declaration

    9/6, N/A

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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  • 08/30/13--20:59: Gaga Candids In London
  • Gaga leaving her hotel yesterday

    unf, she looks amazing!!!! i love that shes still keeping this wig. bless. <3

    Gaga leaving her hotel today

    lmaooo, she looks ridic. i love the overalls tho. soo cute. bring on swinefest. :3

    SOURCES: 1&2

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     photo pamela-anderson-1-660_zps0205d3c5.jpg

    "I did not look as much like Pamela Anderson as I had hoped I would."

    – Kristen Bell, on donning a similar Baywatch red swimsuit for her new movie The Lifeguard, to Vanity Fair

     photo james-franco_zps765b88bf.jpg

    "Look at me doing all the talking while you sit there doing nothing. I feel like I'm cohosting the Oscars with you."

    – Seth Rogen, poking fun at pal James Franco during his Comedy Central roast, via EW

     photo adam-levine-495_zpsbe8ce3ed.jpg

    "70's porn called. It wants its vibe back. Immediately."

    – Behati Prinsloo, who posted a nearly naked photo of fiancé Adam Levine on Instagram

     photo fergie-435_zps107e9dfb.jpg

    "It's really kind of amazing the powers that this man has. I mean I was actually becoming a little submissive myself."

    – Josh Duhamel, who enlisted the help of Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan to help dachshund Zoe prepare for her new brother, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

     photo taylor-swift-660_zpsc7941b10.jpg

    "Hashtag get over it ..."

    – Liam Payne, when asked about Taylor Swift's MTV VMAs jab towards One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, to Vulture

     photo lena-dunham-_zps00f527a5.jpg

    "I always hope that I'll know when I no longer need to show my breasts for good. Like I'll know when to pack it in and put a bra on. That is my prayer to the universe."

    – Lena Dunham, on when she'll be able to cover up on the small screen, to Marie Claire UK

     photo oprah-obama-435_zps7526eb59.jpg

    "And Oprah, my girl, she can act."

    – President Barack Obama, giving accolades to The Butler star (and good pal) Oprah Winfrey, in a radio interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show

     photo ed-sheeran-435_zps7efbd128.jpg

    "If you speak to most women, they want to take me home and mother me rather than take me to bed."

    – Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, on the attention from his female fans, to PEOPLE

     photo matt-damon-660_zpsf467b77b.jpg

    "You know, he's not playing King Lear. It's Batman!"

    – Matt Damon, defending longtime friend Ben Affleck's controversial casting as the new Batman, to the Times of India

     photo robin-thicke-435_zps46ede9ca.jpg

    "I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son. The problem is now I can never 'unsee' it."

    – Crooner Robin Thicke's mom, Gloria Loring, on Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV VMAs, to Yahoo omg! Insider



    HAPPY THREE DAY WEEKEND, ONTD!  :-)  And another school year begins....

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  • 08/30/13--21:48: The 12 Most Pointless X-Men
  • All men are created equal, but all X-Men aren’t. For every Wolverine, there are countless lame characters — lame not necessarily because their powers are useless, but because the character themselves are useless. Comic writers can’t use them, so they disappear, die, or constantly change in an unending bid to somehow become relevant. Here are a dozen X-Men whose main power was wasting everybody's time.

    1) Slipstream

    Slipstream‘s power sounds appropriately weird and mutant-y when you read the official description: he can “generate a warp portal in the fabric of space and ride the resultant warp-wave… Slipstream could use this ability to travel to virtually any point on Earth at faster-than-light speed, and can ferry others through the portal with him.” Unfortunately, this translates to “surfboard-based teleportation,” which is less useful and not at all cool. Slipstream can teleport, but only when he’s on his little surfboard and making an appropriate surfing-like pose, meaning he has to carry along an official X-Men boogie board with him wherever he goes if we wants to catch those waves, dude. It’s ridiculous that the Silver Surfer hasn’t beaten him to death.

    3) Stacy X

    Here’s a clue for all aspiring X-Men out there. Does your code name have an X in it? Then you are trying way too hard. An X-Man has an X in his or her name is certain to be trying to be cool, and Stacy X, whose hilariously “extreme” upbringing included her being part of a mutant brothel. This was actually fortuitous, since her mutant power was using pheromones to make people have orgasms (or vomit, or other things) — well, that and having snake-skin. Stacy X is clearly someone’s attempt to make the X-Men seem more adult and edgy by including a character who once had sex for money. Doubt me? Here’s what she did upon leaving the X-Mansion: “She left behind for [Archangel] a video of herself jumping rope naked, stating that she didn't want to stay around them and taunting him that he missed the chance to have had someone as sexy as herself as a girlfriend.

    6) Jubilee

    Jubilee’s mutant power is to shoot fireworks. These can be used as offensive weapons, in the same way regular fireworks can be used as offensive weapons, and that if you light one and throw it at somebody and it hits them it’ll hurt. But when your team is full of dudes with metal claws, guys who can fire concussive blasts from their eyes, or control people’s minds, the girl who’s effectively carrying a bunch of bottle rockets around with her isn’t going to be of much use. That’s probably why Jubilee has gone through more uniform and codename changes than Jean Grey has had resurrections, because 20 years later still nobody has figured out what to do with her.

    7) Ink

    There have been a few characters in pop culture who have super-powered tattoos; it should be no surprise that the X-Men have one, too. But Ink is unique among these characters in that 1) he has no powers, because there’s another mutant named Leon whose powers is giving power-bestowing tattoos and Ink is just a moron; 2) Ink has, literally, seven tattoos, when he could be covered in them and become the most power dude on the planet; and 3) his tattoos are really fucking ridiculous. A caduceus on his hand lets him heal people, while a tattoo that vaguely resembles Colossus’ metal skin gives him super-strength, which is complete nonsense. If the tattoo designs can be that vague, then he could get the same powers with tribal armbands, a tramp stamp or a Tasmanian Devil. For the record, I have no idea why he's punching that maid.

    11) Beak

    Beak has a beak. He also has feathers. He is a birdman, which could theoretically be useful except he cannot fly. He can glide a little, and he wore a suit that allowed him to fly, but without the suit he is literally just a dude with a break. So really, if the X-Men had some kind of situation where they needed corn pecked off the floor quickly, Beak would have been vaguely useful.. until you remember the telekinetics who could grab the corn with their minds, or Storm, who could blow the corn away, one of any other thousands of mutants with the ability to move corn kernels more quickly than Beak could peck them.



    List is missing Maggot and Wraith

    0 0

    It’s always fascinating to hear seasoned actors talk about how they navigate their careers. Ethan Hawke has had three movies in theaters this year: The critically-acclaimed Before Midnight, the surprise horror hit The Purge, and the fast-car flick Getaway, which opens today and costars Selena Gomez. As Hawke explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly managing editor Jess Cagle on EW’s Sirius XM channel this week, at some point, he realized he wasn’t a “shapeshifting” character actor — guys like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Vincent D’Onofrio, for example, who embody different people so you don’t recognize them from one role to the next. So he decided he’d push himself by acting in different genres. “So, okay, let’s do Sinister. That director [Scott Derrickson] is crazy smart. He knows what he’s doing. He loves horror movies. I don’t know much about horror movies, but I know a talented person and I know he has something to say. He can use that medium and that genre to do something affecting in the same way that Richard Linklater can make a drama and they’re both unique voices in cinema. And that’s what I kinda chase.”

    Why do Getaway?

    “When I was a kid, I did [1991's] White Fang,” Hawke says. “The people who liked White Fang were, like, 12 at the time — well, they all grow up. They all grow up, and they grow up with you. And I have a feeling that you do a movie like Getaway, and kinda the hope is that you make a fun movie for young people, and I’ll be kinda like the Lee Marvin — I’m the old guy now…. ‘Who’s the old guy with Selena Gomez?’ It’s like, ‘Oh, he’s all right.’ But there’s a whole group of people [who] don’t care about Before Midnight or they don’t know what Reality Bites meant in 1994, you know. If I want to keep working and having something relevant to say, you gotta get your hands dirty. And it’s really hard. You talk about balancing a career — it’s the most difficult thing that they can’t teach you in acting school.”

    Listen to the full interview below.


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    Shoes First!

    After a shocking elimination, the designers realize they need to step it up to impress the judges. For the challenge, they do some "sole-searching" in the Marie Claire shoe closet and create a look based solely on the shoe they picked. Marie Claire's Editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider and Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco serve as guest judges.






    Top 3





    Bottom 3





    Discuss your hits and misses.

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