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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    by an artist named Rucka Rucka Ali, its filed under comedy! DISGUSTING!

    hear the APPALLING RACIST SONG here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf6bF1AKT5Q

    source: the iTunes store

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     photo katy-perry-1-660_zps0db8013e.jpg

    "I'm just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits.'"

    – Katy Perry, on what she texted pal Kristen Stewart following rumors about the singer's relationship with the Twilight star's ex, Robert Pattinson, to Elle UK

     photo sarah-michelle-gellar-435_zpsf69a1fbf.jpg

    "My daughter thinks I get my hair done for a living."

    – Sarah Michelle Gellar, on what 3-year-old Charlotte thinks her actress mom does for work, to PEOPLE

     photo neil-patrick-harris-435_zpsb0abaa0b.jpg

    "I'm more worried about the eyebrows than having to tuck my wiener down with duct tape."

    – Neil Patrick Harris, anxiously anticipating his transformation into a woman for the 2014 Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, on Conan

     photo kristen-bell-435_zpsfcf8b8e9.jpg

    "I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size."

    – Kristen Bell, who is in no rush to lose her baby weight, to Redbook

     photo jerry-oconnell-660_zpsa7596fab.jpg

    "Go get a tan and do some push-ups and maybe take Pilates."

    – Jerry O'Connell, on wife Rebecca Romijn's advice for wearing Speedos in his new series We Are Men, at the 2013 CBS Summer TCA Press Tour

     photo tyra-banks-435_zpscb75c205.jpg

    "I want you to feel the goodness. It's important to have tension. I need to feel the tension."

    – Tyra Banks, who demonstrated with Jimmy Fallon how models create chemistry, on Late Night

     photo sharon-stone-435_zps49017f3a.jpg

    "I put on dance mixes and I really dance my brains out."

    – Sharon Stone, on how she stays bikini fit at 55, to PEOPLE

     photo adam-brody-1-435_zps3e8e78e2.jpg

    "They're proud of their little porn star."

    – Adam Brody, whose parents are "pumped" he's playing adult actor Harry Reems in the biopic Lovelace, to PEOPLE

     photo matt-damon-660_zpsa15ff188.jpg

    "I'm at the point in my life where somebody was silly enough to marry me, and won't leave me if I put on a few pounds!"

    – Matt Damon, on wife Luciana loving "the variety" of his ever-changing physique while filming, to PEOPLE

     photo leah-remini-660_zpsdb9e5c25.jpg

    "No one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to."

    – Leah Remini, on her split from Scientology, to PEOPLE



    HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  xoxo  :-)

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    page-080113- (11)

    Taking care of her to-do list, Ellen Page showed up at Whole Foods grocery store in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (August 1).

    The “Inception” hottie picked up a few items following her business meeting at a nearby office building.

    And while she’s had plenty of success in Tinseltown, Ellen previously lamented the plight of females in Hollywood.

    Page explained, "Oh my God, yeah! It's constant! It's how you're treated, it's how you're looked at, how you're expected to look in a photoshoot, it's how you're expected to shut up and not have an opinion."

    "If you're a girl and you don't fit the very specific vision of what a girl should be, which is always from a man's perspective, then you're a little bit at a loss. Only 23 percent of speaking roles in films today are for women. It feels we've gone backwards."



    page-080113- (5)




    Has anyone else noticed that she stopped smoking?


    SOURCE <3

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     Porn performer James Deen will not discuss his Canyons costar Lindsay Lohan. But he will discuss his experiences with gay sex, both onscreen—in Paul Schrader's aforementioned bizarrely mesmerizing and already-storied thriller—and in his real life. What does that say about a performer whose heterosexuality is a commodity that's sold countless straight porn movies, includingFarrah Abraham's "sex tape?"
    It could very well be that he's simply as honest and straightforward as he claimed to be when I talked to him by phone a few weeks ago. Or maybe it's all a way for him to continue reveling in the "unlikely porn star" image that's paradoxically turned him into the porn star of the moment.

    Or maybe we've just reached a point in society where our straight porn stars risk losing nothing (and maybe even stand to gain more fans) by revealing gay dabbling.
    An edited transcript of my chat with Deen is below.

    Were you uncomfortable having to kiss another guy in this movie?
    Not really. I've kissed other dudes in my life, so it's not really a big deal. I have this conversation a lot because there is still a lot of homophobia in the world and in adult films, when you're sharing a scene with another dude and a lady, sometimes certain things come up: gay this, gay that. The way I define gay or homosexuals is a sexual attraction to a member of the same sex. I fully believe that people can engage in any sort of activity. Like I hate basketball, but I've played basketball before and it doesn't make me a professional basketball player. That [gay-sex] scene was a very important part of the movie, because it kind of represents the power switch. I think Bret was really worried I wouldn't want to do it. It's part of the script. It's not like it's real life. I'm not shooting a porno where I have to get physically erect and have sex with a dude. I think it was kind of a weight off of everyone's shoulders that I wasn't going to create an issue with it.

    Feel free to tell me to mind my own fucking business, but have you had sexual contact with a guy off screen?
    Yeah, in my life when I was a kid. I feel like there is that college period in the majority of people's lives where they are getting to know themselves and they are experimenting with their sexuality and trying different things and having different thoughts and stuff like that. When I was younger, I think I was like 15 or something, I would have a moment where I was like, I don't know, maybe I like guys, maybe I like girls, what is life? I experimented and I never really… I'm not attracted to dudes. I kinda sometimes feel bad about that, I feel like I'm supposed to be because I hang out in San Francisco so much and people make me feel really bad for being a straight, white dude and I feel like I'm doing something wrong for being a straight white dude.

    No, you're fine. You know, I'm gay, and I have to confess to not being entirely familiar with your porn work, so I don’t know if you’ll have an opinion about this or not: I think that double penetration, especially like two dicks in one hole is a real gay thing to do. You know, I mean you're using a hole basically to rub your dick against another guy's.
    I think if you're using hole to rub your dicks against another guy's, then yeah, it's a pretty homosexual activity but [not] if you and another dude together are having sex with a girl. The difference between a homosexual D.P. and a straight D.P. is when I go up to a girl and I'm like, “Oh my god, I want to see you just be a dirty little slut and do all these filthy things, I would love you to fuck two cocks at the same time, that would be so fucking hot, I want to be in that fucking hole,” that's kind of a straight D.P. A gay D.P. is me going up to you and being like, “Hey bro, know what we should do? We should go find a girl and wrap her around our penises and rub our penises together. Let's go find a girl to D.P.” I feel like it’s the motivation.

    I feel you.
    Really, what it comes down to is that for every girl that likes it in the butt, there is a dude that likes it in the butt. And for every girl that doesn't like it in the butt, there is probably a gay man out there who doesn't like it in the butt.

    Oh, I've met plenty of them.
    Some people like it in the butt and some people don't. Just because some people like to put things in their butt, it doesn't make them gay; it doesn't make them not gay if they don't; it's just a sexual preference. There is a difference between wanting to feel something in my butt, and if that thing is phallic shaped it’s because that is what makes it feel good. If I want my female partner to do it, I feel like that's straight: You just like it in the butt. But if you go up and if you're like, “I want to have your male penis in my butt because I am attracted to you, the male that has ownership over that penis and I want you to put it in my butt…” [Deen cuts out in apparent call waiting interruption] Oh shit, I've got to…

    So what you're saying is you like it in the butt?
    Not personally. On that note, I actually have my next interview calling me right now so I have to take it.


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    MOTÖRHEAD was forced to end its performance at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany earlier today (Friday, August 2) after only six songs due to frontman Lemmy Kilmister's health.

    According to people attending the concert, MOTÖRHEAD spent less than half an hour on stage — 45 minutes less than scheduled — including drawn-out pauses between tracks and an unusually early solo spot, presumably to allow Lemmy enough time to gather his strength to perform.

    After MOTÖRHEAD left the stage, Wacken Open Air co-founder Thomas Jensen announced to the shocked audience that the concert was over.

    Bill Peters, host of the long-running "Metal On Metal" radio show and head of Auburn Records, was in the crowd during MOTÖRHEAD's set. He said: "[Lemmy] did not look or sound good at all and could not continue the set.

    "Phil Campbell did a guitar solo before 'The Chase Is Better Than The Catch' while Lemmy left the stage. The solo ended but Lemmy did not return. There was eerie silence on the stage for several minutes. Lemmy came back to play one more song (my favorite MOTÖRHEAD song) but left the stage immediately after it ended. Wacken festival organizer Thomas Jensen came onstage and announced to the crowd he did not know what to do or say about a situation like this. It seemed very serious to me. Hopefully I am wrong."

    MOTÖRHEAD played the following songs:

    01. I Know How To Die
    02. Damage Case
    03. Stay Clean
    04. Metropolis
    05. Over The Top
    06. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch

    A number of photos of MOTÖRHEAD's abbreviated performance at Wacken Open Air 2013 can be found at Rocknroll-Reporter.de.

    MOTÖRHEAD canceled a handful of shows on its European festival tour last month after Lemmy suffered a haematoma (where blood collects outside of a blood vessel). The news of Lemmy's latest medical issue followed reports that he was also recently fitted with a defibrillator because of heart problems.

    MOTÖRHEAD's new album, "Aftershock", will be released in the fall. The follow-up to 2010's "The Wörld Is Yours" was recorded at Maple Sound Studios in Santa Ana, California with longtime producer Cameron Webb.


    Metal fans have almost assumed he's immortal and have just taken for granted he'd always be there, but now it's become very real that Lemmy's lifestyle is catching up with him. That picture alone shows he was in bad shape.

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    Poor Kim – looks like Kourtney Kardashian is about to steal the limelight with rumours she is pregnant AGAIN!

    It’s been rumoured baby North West kould have a baby playmate by nest year with new reports emerging the eldest Kardashian is pregnant with her third child with partner Scott Disick.

    Kourtney has konfessed she's expecting,' a source told OK magazine. 'She's very excited and only telling a select few right now - but she just kouldn't keep it kuiet any longer.'

    The source says that Scott and Kourtney had always planned to have another baby right after Penelope arrived.

    'Kourtney has that kind of glow she had with Mason and Penelope... they wanted to have one right after Penelope,' the insider added.

    Apparently Kourts has been refusing alcohol and raw fish but has relaxed up on her sweet indulgences - all tell-tale signs she has a bun in the oven!

    You gotta admit, it’s kinda kute.


    please let our lives be blessed again with the fruits of kween kourtney womb & lord disick's delicious womb.


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    The woman reported to be carrying Simon Cowell's baby has broken her silence and asked for space and privacy while sorting things out with her husband.

    The X Factor boss has been named as a "co-respondent" in New York socialite Lauren Silverman's divorce papers by her husband Andrew, according to reports in the United States.

    The New York Post said Andrew Silverman, a property magnate, had filed for divorce based on his wife's adultery despite New York state allowing no-fault divorces, which means that Cowell could be called to court to give evidence.

    Lauren Silverman, 36, who has a seven-year-old son, Adam, with her husband, said: "I am committed to sorting things out with Andrew as amicably as possible to ensure the well-being of our son.

    "I would hope for some space and privacy in order to work through this."

    In a statement, her law firm, Cohen Clair Lans Greifer & Thorpe, said: "We are working to resolve this situation in a fair and reasonable way that protects the best interests of our client and her son."

    Cowell has remained tight-lipped about the story and refused to comment directly when he appeared at a press conference in Los Angeles ahead of the new series of the US version of the talent show.

    "I've haven't read the newspapers," the 53-year-old music mogul joked, as he was questioned about the reports.

    Asked if his schedule would be affected by being a father, he replied: "I really haven't read the newspapers. Did I miss anything?"

    He added: "Unfortunately, I have to keep this, for the moment, private. It's just one of those things. Thank you very much anyway."

    According to sources, the talent show judge fell for Silverman after her marriage hit the rocks. Cowell and Lauren have been friends for years and their relationship blossomed over the course of several group holidays.

    The source added: "Over the past two years, Simon and Lauren got together in New York, Los Angeles and on his chartered yacht in the South of France and Caribbean.

    Simon Cowell has told Lauren (who is 10 weeks pregnant) that he will "take care of everything".

    "He told her whatever Andrew throws at her or says about her he will take care of her so not to worry and not to let it bother her."

    Meanwhile, Lauren's mother, Carole Saland, insists her daughter has done nothing wrong and her marriage had difficulties before she got involved with Simon.

    She said: "Lauren doesn't deserve all of this bad publicity, she's a nice girl from Miami Beach.

    "Things happen in life. [We are] living in 2013. Her marriage was not a marriage made in heaven and life goes on, people go on.

    While Simon has vowed to stand by Lauren, friends of the eternal bachelor are shocked at the news he is to become a father.

    One pal has said: "He is an incredibly well-prepared man who is very controlling and no one can believe in a million years that he would make this kind of mistake.

    "Knowing him and the way in which he controls every aspect of his life it's astonishing that this has happened. He is not one of those men who would have [had] a child in this way - it just seems so out of character. There is a sense of astonishment amongst his circle of friends over this news."


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    Below is an opinion piece written by 24-7KPOP owner Kim Lee in defense of GDragon, blaming Spin Magazine for "wasting everyone's time" and  'Livejournal bloggers' for "spreading hearsay on forum cites" and making the situation ''out of control'':

    SPIN Magazine Fails To Do Homework, Accuses GD Wrongfully Of Racism

    We’d expect more from a major publication, not a quick glance at other sites before they write their articles.

    On July 31, 2013, SPIN Magazine proceeded to waste everyone’s time posting an article titled, K-Pop Star G-Dragon Dons Blackface in Cringeworthy Trayvon Martin Homage. Their evidence: Because other sites (including a few Asian-themed ones) said it was so. The article starts off with a basic picture of GD performing at a concert in Seoul and then quickly escalates to a theme of “He hates Black people.” Although GD never mentions Trayvon Martin, the young African American teenager who tragically lost his life in Florida when a police academy reject mistook the teen’s candy bar for a gun (and whose killer was just freed of all charges by a jury), it took only one netizen to start a frenzy of “He has black stuff all over his face and wearing a hoodie…He must be making fun of Trayvon.” The publication even tries to lay on more racial tension, mentioning possible boycotting of the KCON’13 festivities by the NAACP.

    Not only does the article in SPIN paint GD as a racist, they start to make up a picture of a crazy artist “with a past.” Although most of the KPOP world has forgiven GD for his marijuana scandal (yet it is legal to smoke as much of that as you want in the states of California and Colorado), SPIN has to bring it up, wanting their readers to believe this wacky guy from Asia is the new Kanye West (honestly, NO ONE can be that far gone but Yeezus). But, what, do you say? SPIN has evidence?! Where? Oh, this little snippet: “As with Frank Ocean, Diddy, the-Dream, and others after news of Martin’s shooting death broke last year, the K-pop idol wears a hoodie, in apparent tribute to Martin. But he’s also wearing blackface.” These are the images I pulled from Google, just typing in “Diddy + Trayvon Martin”:

    But, Kim, aren’t you missing the big point? HE WAS IN BLACKFACE. Actually, this is the best part and proves that people like to takes things at face value in the internet age and not spare a few minutes to actually research for themselves: GD was actually NOT in blackface nor thinking of Trayvon Martin at all when he posted the picture.

    Actually, YG Entertainment answered it nicely, taking the initiative to contact SPIN instead of the other way around: “GD was simply wearing different facepaint colors and this is a HUGE misunderstanding. The facepaint is only a color variation for his album cover which includes black, white, and red. It is in no way meant to be a political or racial statement. It’s being derived by a simple photo shoot where GD was using different facepaint colors for his upcoming album.” It has also become common knowledge that the sweatshirt in question isn’t even a sweatshirt: GD is wearing a t-shirt, pulled over his head, with the tag sticking out near the top of his head.

    How did this whole situation get out of control? Easy answer: Bloggers, on their own personal LiveJournal sites, speculating and calling to arms anyone who they feel should be outraged.
    This speculation found its way to a known KPOP forum and the rest is history. Someone, who makes their living off of having a good public image, had their name and face blasted over several sites (even the Los Angeles Times) and the only proof they had in their hands was….fan opinion. That’s right. Now, in this day and age, if you don’t like someone or an “anti” of an idol or group, YOU TOO can go on your personal blog and a large publication can grab that as fact. This is indeed a sad world we live in. Anyone can be defamed at the price of website clicks. Although the issue has been addressed, SPIN Magazine and the author of the article have yet to apologize, choosing to instead save face and point the finger, citing: “Online forums [name withdrawn] and [name withdrawn] previously pointed out an alleged connection to the Martin tributes.” Way to do your homework, guy. Right now, we are not addressing the widespread trend of Blackface (something that has a hurtful past to African Americans) without knowing the repercussions. Instead, we are questioning the spread of “quick” journalism that now includes looking up hearsay on forum sites for a few quick traffic bumps. There should be some form of integrity still left in the reporting world.

    so I posted ifuaskedmeto's post on fb a few days ago and one of my fb friends, a huge BigBang fan, posted this article on my fb page to clarify it for me
    SOURCE: 24-7KPOP

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    So earlier tonight I was at the Backstreet Boys concert - or really partial concert - that took place at Northerly Island tonight in Chicago. During the show all of the lights came on and we found out that the Chicago Police Department said that it was "past curfew" - despite the fact that we were on an island with no residential areas, almost everyone there was an adult, it's summer, and just across the lake Lollapalooza was still going on - and had the teamsters turn on the lights and ultimately cut power to all of the guys microphones. They tried to organize doing one more song to send everyone off with but the Police wouldn't allow it and apparently threatened to both fine and arrest the guys.

    The show started late (about a half hour) as well due to issues with the city. I had a VIP package and we ended up starting over two hours late due to issues with the fire marshal. After sound check and the Q&A the city wanted them to stop the meet and greet / photo op portion as well saying people had to have their seats (again it's an outdoor venue on an island where it wasn't crowded and no real issue with people being outside) so instead of cancel anything they brought the remaining VIPs backstage so that we could do our photo ops there while the rest of the audience trickled in (also meaning that VIP time was cut short and we never got some of the perks like private merchandise shopping).

    Basically the entire thing was a fuck up of epic proportions, a lot of which involved the city of Chicago. The sound on the video didn't come out that great but I was right in the front (second row) so we could hear the guys really clearly when they were talking to us. Kevin said that in 20 years they've never been shut down before. It got crazy when we were exiting with some fans refusing to leave, yelling at cops, and some people even rushed the gate by the buses. I tried to get a shot of some people being arrested but the lights kind of messed it up. Also this post would be more coherent if I wasn't seething right now.

    Source: Me and my camera. The video quality will improve... YouTube is still processing this so it's a little iffy at the moment.

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    YESSS behold the messiah of languid fashun basics t b h

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    Gordon Ramsay's, dare we say it, softer side comes out when the formidable chef presides over aspiring kid cooks on a new reality show.

    Kids between 8 and 13 who love to work in the kitchen will face off on "MasterChef Junior" debuting Sept. 27 on Fox.

    Ramsay is the expletive-spewing restaurateur and star of such Fox shows as "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen." The new show is based on a popular British series.

    "I don't think I swore once," Ramsay told the Television Critics Association on Thursday.

    "Twice," corrected Gavin, a 10-year-old contestant from San Francisco, adding that Ramsay's cursing was directed at servers during a restaurant challenge, not the kids.

    "We know the F-word means food," Ramsay said.

    The contestants knew of Ramsay's fiery reputation as a demanding taskmaster, but 9-year-old Sarah from Pacific Palisades, Calif., said, "He can't be really mean because we're kids."

    Ramsay, a father of three daughters and a son, told the budding chefs when their food wasn't good enough.

    "I'm brutally honest and I think the kids appreciate that," Ramsay said. "Being firm and fair isn't anything we can be short on."

    To soften the blow, they were sent home in pairs during eliminations.

    "We hate saying goodbye," Ramsay said. "We let them down gently."

    Tommy, an 11-year-old contestant from Palos Verdes Estates, Calif., said, "He was giving us tips on making it better."

    Added Gavin, "He taught you not to give up and keep on trying."

    Several of the seven kids at the TCA panel said they hope to pursue careers in food when they grow up. Ramsay said he enjoyed mentoring the kids and teaching them life-long skills about eating healthy foods.

    "Learning to cook for yourself is so important to set them up for the rest of their lives," he said.

    Joining Ramsay on the judging panel are restaurateur Joe Bastianich and chef Graham Elliot.

    The first audition round features 24 kids split into three groups of eight to create seafood, pasta or desserts.

    The top 12 finalists earn a white apron and advance to a series of challenges and cook-offs, including preparing Beef Wellington as a tag-team. The kids take over a fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles to prepare a three-course meal.

    The eventual winner earns $100,000.


    not surprised by this tbh. he has a commercial with Team Umizoomi on Nick Jr.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Shannen Doherty and her husband Kurt Iswarienko hold hands after grabbing some lunch in Malibu.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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  • 08/03/13--18:06: FRIDAY BOX OFFICE

  • Daily chart from Box Office Mojo

    Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes

    How was your Friday night, ONTD? Are you doing anything fun tonight or tomorrow?

    spoiler code:

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    Fans have been eagerly clamoring for new music from Andre 3000 for years now. Well, it looks like prayers will be answered very soon, in the form of a new solo album from 3 Stacks.

    According to Stephen G. Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials for BET Networks, Andre told him directly that his next project will be coming out at the top of 2014. The conversation happened backstage at the Washington D.C. tour stop of the America's Most Wanted Tour last night.

    At this point, no further details have been provided, but stay tuned. That said, it looks like we might now know what Andre has been working on with Mike WiLL Made It recently.

    s1 / s2

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    Ethereal prince Aaron Tveit covers Fashionisto Autumn 2013 (which is sold out online, btw)

    Don't try to fight it, bbs. Let him into your heart <333

    What's it gonna take for this stunning creature to get a tag?

    SOURCE 123

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    Peter Davison and Bernard Cribbins are among the special guests who will appear on Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor tonight (August 4).

    The identity of the 12th Doctor will be revealed on the show, with host Zoe Ball interviewing the new Time Lord.

    Davison and Cribbins - who played the Fifth Doctor and Wilfred Mott respectively - will be joined in the studio by Outnumbered's Daniel Roche, Rufus Hound and Liza Tarbuck.

    Head writer Steven Moffat and current Doctor Matt Smith will also be on hand to speak to Ball about the show's newest star.

    There will be special video messages from former Doctor Tom Baker, writer Mark Gatiss and Radio 1's Jo Whiley.

    Bruno Tonioli, Katy Manning, Anneke Wills, Janet Fielding and Bonnie Langford have also pre-recorded special messages.

    Source 1.


    Could it be Peter Capaldi? Or even Hugh Grant? As the BBC prepares to unveil the new star of Doctor Who on live television for the first time, the nation is still in the dark over the latest incarnation of its favourite Time Lord. Which is just how the broadcaster wanted it.

    No one could accuse the corporation of failing to milk the regeneration moment. As the 50th anniversary of the first episode approaches, an extravagant celebration will be broadcast on 4 August , climaxing with the naming of the 12th actor to play the Doctor. The special 30-minute programme, in a coveted 7pm slot, was parachuted into the sedate BBC1 Sunday night schedule late last week of Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow, the outcome of some cloak-and-dagger planning. The project even had its own codename: Houdini.

    It was put together at speed over the past month by a small group of entertainment producers. Charlotte Moore, the new controller of BBC1, who has school-age children, hit on the idea of a live event after being appointed in June.

    The guest list of former Doctor Who stars and celebrity fans who will be in the 400-strong audience at the BBC studio complex in Elstree was still being compiled as the deadline approached. A battalion of Daleks – who will also have a starring role in the 23 November Doctor Who special – are expected to be present, alongside the much-loved fourth Doctor Tom Baker and Billie Piper, who played Rose Tyler in the 2005 revival of the series. Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat describes playing the Doctor as one of "the biggest roles in British television".

    While bookmakers are busily marking up the odds and raking in the bets – with Peter Capaldi, who played the foul-mouthed Malcom Tucker in The Thick of It the clear favourite – Moffat's mother-in-law, veteran producer Beryl Vertue, said she had no privileged access to the crucial information: "I have no idea who it is," she told the Observer. "I really don't. I always say to Steven, 'don't tell me', and he doesn't. But I think it is lovely that this is happening, that there is such excitement over this programme after 50 years. It just shows you the power it has."

    Russell T Davies, the Doctor Who fan and producer who revived the show against the odds in 2005, will not be in attendance. Davies expanded the brand with spin-offs including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures before handing creative control to Moffat three years ago. He told the Observer: "I'm trying to keep my head down. I feel like a ghost at the feast. I will be watching from home."

    Since its revival, Doctor Who has become one of the top five BBC "superbrands" – another is Top Gear – selling to about 50 countries. But after winning a UK audience of 10.8 million in 2005, it is now thought to need refreshment – and some less impenetrable plots.

    Moffat will appear live tonight, as will outgoing Doctor Matt Smith, and the show will be hosted by Zoe Ball. BBC Wales will start filming the next series in October.

    There have been calls for the Doctor to be played by a black actor, such as Idris Elba (who has ruled himself out), a woman (Sheridan Smith) or an older figure (Hugh Grant), but David Tennant and Smith appear to have established a trend for younger actors on the cusp of breakthrough who have good comic timing. Doctor Who regenerates on its own terms, though, and is increasingly wooing US fans. So who knows?

    Source 2.

    Only a short 16 hours to go, ONTD. Dibs on the party post.

    ETA: The official Doctor Who page is inviting fans to submit questions for the 12th Doctor once he or she is unveiled.

    "Why aren't you a woman?" has already been taken by me.

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    Shorts and a T-shirt are a far cry from a traditional wedding outfit but John Barrowman, teary-eyed with joy, knew his spur-of-the-moment decision to get hitched was one of his smartest ever moves.

    The actor was giddy with emotion as he and partner Scott Gill tied the knot in California days after the state’s ban on same-sex marriages was overturned.

    They said “I do” just hours after deciding to wed. Proud and exhilarated in their casual clothes, they reflected on doing something they had once thought would be impossible.

    John says: “I started welling up when we said our vows. It was the same with our civil partnership. I think it was because I never thought we’d be able to do it. Scott and I felt completely different after our civil ceremony, like we’d made a big step. But after this I feel very proud, happy and chuffed. It feels right.”

    The pair, who have been together for 22 years, were one of the first same-sex couples to marry in California after the legislation was passed.

    John, 46, and British architect Scott, 50, whose civil partnership ceremony was in the UK in 2006, admit that their wedding three weeks ago was not exactly planned to the last detail.

    Doctor Who and Torchwood star John says: “We woke up and had a row. I can’t even remember what about – probably about one of us not doing the housework.

    “Then he said, ‘Right, so when are you going to propose to me?’ And I said, ‘When am I going to propose to you? When are you going to propose to me?’ That’s when I said, ‘Come on, let’s go and do it – let’s just get it done’.”

    They announced the news in an online video before they got hitched at the Riverside County Court in Indio, just outside Palm Springs.

    “It was about time. So we queued up with about 30 other couples and did it,” says John.

    After the ceremony the newlyweds headed to their favourite seafood ?restaurant for fish and chips, before Scott dashed off for his daily flying lesson.

    The service lasted just half an hour, but it had a profound effect.

    “I got emotional during our little ceremony, but the other couples were what moved me most,” John reveals.

    “The couple who witnessed for us were an 82-year-old man and a 76-year-old man. They were crying during their ceremony and we were emotional with them.

    “They had been together for 44 years. The guy was the same age as my dad and he said, ‘I thought I would be dead and never see this happen’.

    “Scott and I could have done it any day but what really struck me at that moment were these older couples who were desperate to marry and get their relationship legitimised. It was important to me but so vitally important to people like them who thought it would never happen in their lifetime.”


    John, who was born in Glasgow before moving with his family to Illinois when he was eight, returned to Britain to study and work.

    But getting married was something he could not do here.

    “I’ve always been very outspoken about this issue. I almost don’t want to describe it as ‘gay rights’ because it’s more about human rights. Maybe I would have got married in the UK, but put it this way, the UK hadn’t passed the law. And we already did our civil ?partnership here.”

    Legislation in England and Wales to allow gay couples to marry was passed on July 17 and should come into force by the middle of next year.

    John says: “I actually thought the UK would do it long before the United States did.” He is well aware that not everyone agrees with the changes. Alongside many messages of congratulations and support after his wedding, there was also some abuse.


    “I don’t get it,” he shrugs. “Some of the comments were outrageously vile. Quoting lines from the bible.

    “I won’t tolerate it. People like that are banned on my Twitter account. I tell them to f*** off.

    “People have a right to their beliefs but it doesn’t mean they have to be nasty and deny other people their human rights. The world is not going to change and fall apart because a gay couple got married. It’s a way for us to celebrate our love. That’s it.”

    The couple spend much of their time in the US, sharing their home in sun-drenched Palm Springs with their dogs Jack and Harris.

    Marriage means Scott, previously only allowed a visitor’s visa, will no longer have to frequently return to the UK to comply with US immigration laws.

    The pair plan to honeymoon in Hawaii, but it will have to wait. The day after the wedding, John flew back to Britain to resume his work with the National Lottery. He is presenting the show on BBC1 for the third year and he remains passionate about the projects paid for by the Big Lottery Fund. Last month he met volunteers at the XLP project which runs two community buses that visit council estates in Walworth, South London, to steer teenagers away from gangs and drugs.


    John is also in demand in the US after his scene-stealing turn as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood proved a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

    It landed him roles as a psychopath in Desperate Housewives and as a resident villain in action-adventure series Arrow. He will also host celebrity reality show Sing Your Face Off – the US version of ITV programme Your Face Sounds Familiar – and has a new teatime quiz show Pressure Pad lined up for the UK next year. And he is showing no signs of slowing down. “I have tons ?of ambitions. Believe it or not, I may launch a small charter airline,” he says, flashing his trademark smile.

    “Scott has been taking flying lessons every day for the last two months. It’s cost me a fortune. Now I’m catching him looking at planes online.”


    Perhaps a wedding present? “That’s an expensive wedding gift,” he laughs. “I haven’t been up in a plane with him yet. I can’t go in the car without critiquing him. He hasn’t driven me for over 20 years. I’m a control freak and I admit it wholeheartedly.

    “What makes him the right person for me? I often say I’m like the sailboat bouncing up and down and he’s the keel. We are yin and yang. He’s very quiet in comparison to me. We are total opposites but we complement each other.

    “I knew from the start he was the one for me. When he walked through the door I knew he was the person I would spend the rest of my life with.”

    One of my favorite couples...
    Source with different photos

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    Jay Z turned the channel into his own personal playground, not only premiering his "Picasso Baby" performance art film, but making a guest appearance on "Real Time With Bill Maher."

    Jay appeared on a panel that included former Massachusetts senator Barney Frank and Alexis Goldstein of Occupy Wall Street, and was introduced by Maher with a nod to the "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" remix: "He's not a businessman, he's a business, man, and he also dabbles in a little bit of rap."

    A bit later, Maher laughed "I feel like Ed Sullivan when he brought the kids the Beatles," before asking Jay "Do you remember Ed Sullivan?"

    "No," Jay joked.

    Jay didn't shy away from discussing politics, either. At one point, he engaged in a debate with Frank about budgetary cuts that have eliminated police presence in low-income neighborhoods. Frank maintained that all communities wanted more police on the streets, though HOV disagreed.

    "More jobs would be better than police," he said. "I don't want to scare America, but the real problem is there's no middle class; the gap between the have's and the have not's is getting wider and wider. It's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve."

    Maher also asked Jay about his spat with singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, who accused him — and his wife, Beyonce — of not doing enough to help their community. And Jay didn't duck the question.

    "If it was a real problem, I'm not very difficult to find, especially for a man of that stature. he could reach out to me and we could have a conversation and do some good together," Jay said. "I just thought it was a bit grandstanding ... and i didn't appreciate that. Especially dragging my wife into it, it was a bit of a low blow."

    Later on, Maher informed Jay that, in seven years, he'd be eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Jay wasn't aware of that fact — and asked who he'd like to induct him. And this was where HOV really flexed his political muscle.

    "Obama," he laughed. "He owes me a couple."


    Video source

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    • GinaMarie won the HOH competition.

    • GinaMarie chose to nominate Candice and Jessie for eviction.

    America was the MVP once again and nominated.....

    Seaworld, Racist, Bully and Bitch Amanda!!



    • GinaMarie, Jessie, Amanda, Spencer, Candice and Judd competed in the veto competition.

    Because of the veto competition....

    • Jessie won the Power of Veto.

    • Amanda is going to get spray tanned '50 Shades of Orange' in the next 48hrs every single time music plays. Based on how everyone is talking, it seems she is literally getting 50 spray tans.

    • Spencer won a trip to the Bahamas

    • Candice has to wear a clown suit all week.

    • Judd won $5 000

    • GinaMarie has to wear a cone of shame

    Source: Me watching live feeds

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