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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 07/30/12--20:24: New GRRM Interview
  • tumblr_m7u3a9WEeM1qfn8gbo1_500

    During Robert's rebellion, what brought a simple smuggler like Davos to take sides in the war by helping Stannis and the starving garrison at Storm's End?

    (George laughs) Simple: onions. He had onions to sell. He could have taken them to King's Landing, but he wouldn't have made much from them. But Stannis and his men were dying of starvation. It was clear that Stannis would be willing to pay their weight in gold, so he took the chance.

    Everything else contains MASSIVE spoilers so follow the cut...

    Will we learn more about Rhaegar in the next book? Why did he take almost a year to join the fight against the rebels, or why did he kidnap Lyanna?

    You will learn more, but I can't promise it'll be in the next book. Keep reading.

    Is there a closer relationship between the children of the forest and the Others than there might seem to be?

    Possibly, possibly. It's a topic that will be developing as the story continues, and so I can't say much more right now.

    At the end of A Storm of Swords we learned that Jon Arryn was poisoned by Lysa at the instigation of Littlefinger, but who ordered the death of Ser Hugh of the Vale? Cersei? Littlefinger?

    It could very well have been either of the two, that's for you to decide. But, it could also just have been a Gregor thing. He's a murderous brute, and really needs no reason to kill someone.

    If Doran and Mellario had discussed the reasons for why he wanted to send his children away, why did she leave?

    Well... this marriage, unlike the other marriages in the saga, wasn't a political marriage, nor one to win alliances. It was a love match. Doran was a prince, and he was attractive when younger, and Mellario fell in love with him. Just like in real life, two people are attracted, and they join their lives together. But later, love can start to fade, and the things that separate you can start to drive you apart. Also, the culture Mellario came from -- Norvos -- didn't have this custom of fostering children away, and she couldn't accept it. All of these things were a part of it, and in the end nothing could keep her in Dorne any longer.

    There's a story in the books about a horn that can raise krakens from the deep. Will we ever see a kraken?

    Hmm... it's possible. Not a very great possibility, but it exists.

    Regarding the dead direwolf and her pups: was this a sign from the gods, or from the three eyed crow? Some also see some symbolism in the way the direwolf died, with a stag's antler in her throat presaging a Stark-Baratheon conflict.

    Both interpretations are possible. Or not. I love putting details, clues, and symbols everywhere in the books. But when I do that, it wouldn't be okay to then point all of these things out and tell readers what they mean. That's the job of the readers.

    There seem to be Lannisters and Freys under every rock, while the Starks are very scarce. Does Ned not have any distant relatives who could reclaim Winterfell?

    The Starks do have distant relatives, the problem is to define what "distant" means. There are relatives like the Karstarks, who have their own keep and are basically a lineage created by a second son who wasn't an heir of House Stark, but this was over a thousand years ago. Yes it's true that the Starks were united with other families. In fact, it was mentioned in one of the books that when Robb believes that Bran and Rickon are dead there was a conversation with his mother, because even though he had just married Jeyne, he needed and heir and yet he hadn't produced one yet. He told his mother: "Mother, I need an heir", she answers: "Well, yes, we have a close relative... the closest we have is a descendant from an old aunt of yours - aunt not in the sense of the same generation, but a grandaunt or what have you - who married a noble from the Vale. This is the closest there is to a Stark heir", and Robb tells her: "No, there is someone else, who is closer to me", and his mother says to him: "No. Your closest relative is your cousin from the Vale". Both characters are saying something clearly, with no need to make explicit what each one is trying to say.

    But as I say, there are different relationships between different characters and the problem is the legitimacy of the claim of certain characters to the throne, in the sense that in Westeros, after all, wars are started because of things like these. If they say "No, I'm the heir because I'm from two generations since a certain option", "Yes, but I'm from three generations since this other, closer, option", etc... By things like these, by questioning who has more right than the other to a throne, there have been wars in Westeros.

    It's true that the Starks have recently grown scarcer, in the last generations there aren't many of them. Some say that it could be because all of Ned's siblings are dead. Brandon died before he could have children, Lyanna is dead too and Benjen is sworn to the Night's Watch, so he can't have heirs either. Maybe it is also due to the fact that their father, Rickard, was an only son and we have to go back as to why he was an only son. Either way, it is possible that I'm wrong about some of the details, because I'm saying them by memory. At home I have my little cards, my family tree to check this information, because I can't always remember the difference between people.

    It's true that currently there are many more Lannisters. One has to consider also that in the North there have been revolts frequently, that there have been many rebel lords in the past, who had problems with the Kings Beyond the Wall, with the whole Skagos episode and all that happened in the last 100 years. All of this influenced in the fact that maybe there aren't as many Starks as there were in the past. 

    Jaqen refers to the Red God, and elsewhere to the god of fire. Is he referring to R'hllor? When we see Arya being educated by the Faceless Men, R'hllor doesn't seem to be particularly important to them.

    (George thinks for a moment) Well, remember when Jaqen names him: he had very nearly died in flames inside the cart. So it makes sense.

    Could you give us any information concerning the moonsingers that were key to the founding of Braavos?

    As you know, they were slaves who fled from Valyria and they found a place as far away from Valyria that they could get. What basically happened was that a Valyrian fleet, which was rowed by slaves, was taken over by the slaves after they mutined. And they decided to get as far away to the north as they could, sailing through the narrow sea to find a refuge. The founded Braavos and kept the city secret for about a hundred years. For those first hundred years, practically no one knew of the city's existence. Because the city is founded by slaves, it's not a homogenous population, there were slaves from all sorts of different places with different ethnicities, different homelands, different customs, different religions. So they create a new religion, one with one god that can be applied to all the other fatihs and is tolerant of all the other faiths. Braavos has people of all kinds, all ethnicities and colors, so there's no standard appearance for a Braavosi because it's a conglomerate of differnet people. In the case of the Lyseni, they do have distinct ethnic features because it was a Valyrian colony: it was only and entirely Valyrian, so the Lyseni have common features with the Valyrians. It's another religion, the moonsingers, and they basically continue to follow this religion that I discussed, that's very tolerant and open. They were very important in the founding and early history of Braavos, but they still exist to this day. Beyond that, I don't expect they'll have much importance to the present story.... and where's Elio when I need him?

    Were Varys and Illyrio aware of the betrothal contract that Prince Doran and Ser Willem Darry had made? And why didn't Darry or someone tell Viserys about this agreement before his death?

    To the first question: no. As to the second, Viserys was an immature child when it was decided, and he wasn't ready for the information.

    Arthur Dayne has been presented as the quintessential chivalrous knight. How could he support the atrocities of Aerys, that even Jaime was horrified by?

    Well... keep reading.

    Could you tell us some of the family words for those families we haven't seen yet, for example the words of House Frey?

    I'd have to see whether I've created those words, I can't remember off-hand. I've a mountain of notecards at my home where I put down all this information. You have to realize I've made up more than 400 houses, and I haven't created words for all o them yet. I make them when I need them. Where's Elio when I need him?

    Could you tell us something of what happened in the relationship between the first Daenerys, Daemon Blackfyre, and the prince of Dorne?

    Despite Daemon and Daenerys being in love, her brother the king, Daeron the Good, was more concerned with matters of state than matters of love. There had been many years of fighting with Dorne, and failure to bring them into the Seven Kingdoms while not being able to keep them from harassing the Seven Kingdoms. So he realized that where violence failed, perhaps marriage could bring an end to hostilites and so he uses his sister to make an alliance with the prince of Dorne. It's a political marriage, pure and simple, a convenient marriage to guarantee a union between Dorne and the Seven Kingdoms. And also, he prefers to give his sister to the prince of Dorne over a bastard brother with whom he'd already had a few clashes and whom too many people were looking one as a legitimate claimant to the throne or rightful king. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, and helps lead to Daemon becoming the first Blackfyre Pretender.

    In A Dance with Dragons, we learn more about Brandon Stark and his interest in women, similar to Robert's. Did Brandon have any bastards as well?

    It's exaggeration to say that Brandon died before making a son. It has been established in the book already that Brandon didn't die a virgin. It could be that he has conceived many Snows all over, boys or girls, among all the lands he visited and more, could be that there's a Snow yet out there. What's clear is that he left no legitimate heir, conceived within the bonds of marriage.

    The Targaryens saved themselves from the Doom of Valyria by going to Dragonstone with their dragons. But there are other Valyrian descendants in other places that don't seem to have dragons. Were the Targaryens the only ones?

    Yes. It's safe to say that the Targaryens were the only nobles with dragons who escaped the destruction of Valyria,.

    Now that we know how the "Meereenese knot" played out, what was the problem with this? For example, was it the order in which Dany met various characters, or who, when, and how someone would try to take the dragons?

    An essential part in the development of Dance and the series is to see what was happening in Mereen. Basically, the story of Dany is there, once she arrives what she wants is to take control and become Queen, but she has a series of problems..

    For starters, the rebellion of the Son's of the Harpy with almost-terrorist attacks and stealthy assassinations on the street, which creates instability in her court. On the other side she has the external danger with her Yunkish enemies, who have rearmed and are preparing and alliance, and sending emissaries to parley with her and make her submit to their wishes. There is also the situation in Astapor, she had sacked the city but from the ruins a new King emerged who proposes marriage to create and alliance between the two cities.

    There is also the decision of whether open the fight pits or not (Remembering she has to try to calm the Yunkish noblemen), Daenerys is trying to solve this problems to settle her power as she tries to find different solutions and different agreements. For example, there is Daxos's offer with his thirteen ships fleet, which she rejects, therefore going from possible ally to enemy and trying to blockade the city. All this creates instability in the city and outside the walls the Yunkish are preparing for battle with a ready army.

    Dany's hand is one of the most valuable assets along the novel, different men seek her favor, Hizdahr, for example, which is the favorite among the Mereenese nobles to make a reconciliation. Or Daario, this dangerous and charismatic mercenary, the only one who really gets her interest. On top all this is the plague ravaging the city and the releasing of the dragons..

    There is also a series of characters going towards Meereen to take into account, there's Quentyn Martell, Tyrion, Victarion Greyjoy with his iron fleet, archmaester Marwyn of Oldtown an Aegon with the Golden Company. There's also to stand out the situation in Volantis, which didn't happen to be as it was expected.

    What worried me about this matters was knowing when each of this characters arrived to the city. When they arrived depended of when and where they departed from, and the medium of transportation. For that I had to consult what I wrote on Storm and Feast. Logically, I'm not hand tied and can take certain liberties, I can make some of the ones who departed later to arrive earlier by saying that one of the others had a drift, a shipwreck or an attack or whatever. But I did needed to exactly control the chronology and moment of arrival of each one of them, because each arrival has an impact in the dramatic development of the plot.

    If Qentyn arrives with his marriage proposal much before Dany gets married, or if he arrives after she is already married, logically the result is going to be very different. So in order to know how everything would work out, I wrote those two possibilities, and finally also a third: That Quentyn arrives a day before the wedding, when there was practically no time to change anything. As you can see, all this changes the different dynamics of the group.

    And on top of all of that, there is the return of Drogon, where Dany makes the decision of reopening the fighting pits that have been closed for decades, this decision initially was going to be the first chapter of Dance, before Dance was a separate book from Feast.

    I know the answer I'm giving you is a bit ambiguous and I'm drifting a little, but basically I'm trying to transmit to you the uncertainty and bewilderment I had at the time, trying to solve this situation... And that's why I always talked about of the knot. The material could only be one, I needed to develop correctly each one of the situations because they had influence in the general argument of the novel. In the end I got all of them to arrive but one, who finally, doesn't even appear in the book.

    Why did Melisandre seek out Stannis? Did she see him in her flames and decided to seek him out on her own, or is she on a mission on behalf of the red priests? It doesn't seem at any point as if the latter is the case, when you compare to Moqorro who has been sent out by the priesthood.

    You're right. Melisandre has gone to Stannis entirely on her own, and has her own agenda.

    Dragonstone is basically a volcanic island and because of this, the deeper you go into its caverns, the hotter it is... but could there be something of ancient Valyrian magic in its depths that accounts for this heat?

    If you look at how the citadel of Dragonstone was built and how in some of its structures the stone was shaped in some fashion with magic... yes, it's safe to say that there's something of Valyrian magic still present.

    We see marriages that are almost always between families seeking to ally themselves to one another. Given this context, it always seemed strange that the marriage of Tywin Lannister was to a first cousin, and even stranger when you consider how pragmatic and ambitious Tywin was. Or was it truly a love match?

    (George apparently pauses for a long time before answering.) Well.... it could have been just for love, sure. But you might also consider that he may have been motivated by the same things as the Targaryens: he didn't want to unite his blood with that of some other family, so as to maintain purity. That way you can keep the blood pure, and avoid problems like different aspirants who are related trying to for the throne or to take over the house. If you have five brothers in a generation and each one has sons, in a couple of generations you'll find thirty possible heirs. That creates conflict, because they'll be involved in fights over inheritance so they can get closer to the throne. In the end, that's what was the origin of the War of the Roses: an excess of candidates for the throne, descended from Edward III. It's as bad to have no heirs, as happened to Henry VIII, a it is to have to many. If you've five brothers and want to avoid problems, it's not a bad idea that the heir through primogeniture marries another member of the family to avoid these conflicts and keep the blood united. So that could have been Tywin's motivation. It's also possible that his father Tytos arranged the marriage, or possibly even Tywin's grandfather. it depends on the exact moment of the betrothal, and I can't remember off-hand.

    Is there any chance we'll see Valyria?

    Well.... there may be. Not a great chance, mind you. The question is, is it going to be a look at Valyria now, or Valyria in the past?


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    jenna can disappear for all i care.


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    Pitbull went to Kodiak, Alaska on Monday because of a contest by Walmart. The contest was about which Walmart could get more likes on Facebook and some people thought it would be cool to send Pitbull to a random Walmart, this prank was elaborated by David Thorpe from Something Awful and the chosen Walmart was in Kodiak, Alaska

    After Kodiak was declared winner, Pitbull sent a youtube video thanking Thorpe for the opportunity to visit Kodiak and invited him to visit the place too. And guess who was there to check out Pitbull?? David Thorpe himself

    David Thorpe @Arr
    Just met Pitbull. He shook my hand and said “Keep bullshitting. Next thing you know we’ll be on the moon.”

    "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." Sun-tzu. 

    Nice weather in Kodiak today ;)

    Cuban rapper Pitbull is protected against bears in Alaska.
    Pitbull received today a bear repellent spray against bears and bells, used by hikers to make noise and scare away the animals, during a visit to Kodiak, Alaska. 

    Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, wrote on Twitter that he heard in the establishment of Kodiak bears sold the repellent.
    The rapper also intended to have pics with the fans, but didn't interpret any of his songs. The Mayor of Kodiak, Pat Branson, gave the key to the city rapping.
    Pitbull released a photograph of him with a child on stage and wrote "Thanks Kodiak ... I'm very flattered.''

    And now what everyone wants to see. Pics 

    David Thorpe's twitter, Pitbull's twitter, Pitbull's facebook, Walmart Kodiak's facebook,, my local newspaper

    I personally think is really cool he kept his word and also invited Thorpe, too bad we are not that lucky and bears didn't want him

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  • 07/30/12--20:40: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMO'S!!!

  • Will Hope forgive Liam for cheating with Steffy?!

    Hope has a stipulation for Liam before she decides to take him back and this one is going to blow your mind and so Loganish that we'll see the bitch in Hope grow. What of Steffy? Will she finally give up and walk away? No one know at this time because TPTB keep changing things at the last minute due to fans disgust with this particular story.

    If you are a Marcus and Dayzee fan get ready for some interesting twists coming our way let's just say that Marcus isn't the only one that may be a father soon.

    Plans are in the works to bring back Deacon, but we were told months ago that Brooke would be putting Deacon in his place the last time he came back and ironically Brooke and Deacon never had even one scene together. I guess we all know who we can thank for that one, but this time I'm hearing that TPTB are considering going full steam ahead because of the sinking ratings and the fact that he only has 1 guaranteed year left. There may be a certain diva crying

    With the recent turn of events and new Executive Producer and Head Writer at Y&R it should be interesting to see how Genie Francis and Jill Farren Phelps get along. It was stated back in the GH days that Jill and probably ABC refused to give Genie her 3 month vacation like Geary always gets over at GH which made her decision to leave GH? What will happen when these two come face to face.

    Sharon feels alienated because Victor is having a hissy fit that Jack and Nikki are getting married, but that doesn't stop Victor from marrying Sharon, quite the contrary.

    Victor informs Kyle of Nikki and Jack's wedding which seems a bit off the wall in my opinion, explain to me how Kyle does not know this is going to happen?

    It appeared that MAB and co had no intention of ending Sharon and Victor. We will see what happens with the new writing team. It is hard to believe that they will continue with this boring couple. Neither one of them will recover from this perverted relationship especially now that they actually marry.

    Well it looks like Ewen is not who he seems to be but I am betting many of you knew that all ready. Now the question is who is Ewen working for? Is he a Cassadine and working for Helena? Ron Cavarlati is retaining parts of Ewen's connection to Helena. Or is there another enemy he answers to? Look for a surprise return but just briefly of a certain character who has come and gone several times and has caused so much havoc that on this return is there to inform that toxins running a muck, this is soon to be huge mystery that is the major umbrella story that involves Robin and many many more.

    Keep you eye on the hospital there are many things we do not know about it yet, like how was Robin taken out of GH, and is there toxins in certain characters? Will this story tie back to mental patients, so I am hearing. If all goes as sources are saying this may tie into OLTL (no surprise there) when Irene Manning had a most successful experiment in memory alteration with Todd and Victor Manning. And as we have seen last week Robin looks to be going down that same path. Hopefully RC will be tying OLTL and GH villains together.

    Still hearing September is the month to pay attention to, Florencia Lozano (Tea) will be back taping very soon as my information held Llanview sets would first air in the new time slot. I was told to expect a huge cliffhanger for the Friday before the new time slot change.

    Joe Scully is setting up business in Port Charles. He is now moving in, big time, on Sonny's territory, and his one supporter just might be Johnny.

    Jason faces jail time after evidence emerges implicating him in the death of Franco. Because of his brain issues, he is sent to Ferncliff rather than Pentonville. Guess who he runs into there?

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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    Forget the Olympics, because the ex games have officially commenced!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Amid reports that Demi Moore has found a new man, her eventually-to-be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher has stepped out once again with former That '70s Show costar and rumored girlfriend, Mila Kunis. The two have said they are only "friends," but could this latest night on the town be their officially coming out? Hardly. The duo was caught leaving Duplex on Third restaurant in West Hollywood, after enjoying what some reports are calling a "romantic dinner together." We've learned the event wasn't exactly the quaint date night it seemed.

    What would their celeb couples name be ONTD? Ku2, KuKu, Mishton? Whatever it is it would be ridiculous imo
    Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ashton and Mila joined approximately 300 guests for the official Jobs wrap party, including costars Lenny Jacobson, Lesley Ann Warren and Dermot Mulroney as well as Sean "Diddy" Combs. We're told that guests munched on hors d'oeuvres such as lamb meatballs and grilled cheese sandwiches while sipping on raspberry mojitos.

    The rumored couple seemed surprised—and not particularly pleased, in Mila's case—to be photographed exiting the party together, as they've spent considerable energy to reinforce the idea that they're just pals. "Friends" who like to steal secret kisses when they think no one

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And on the other side of the country, Demi fueled rumors of romance when she was recently spotted out on the town in Connecticut laughing over lunch with actor Martin Henderson, though sources have since revealed to E! News the two are simply friends and their supposed romantic East Coast getaway was a group affair.

    And while they may actually only be friends for now, photos of Demi and Henderson—who, at 37, is 12 years her junior—dining at Nine Main Bakery and Deli seem to support claims that they two seemed "very comfortable with each other."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Between these two exes, that's a lot of palling around. But surely they've all seen Mila's flick Friends with Benefits, right?

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    When news broke that Rupert Sanders had cheated on his wife, Liberty Ross, with his leading lady Kristen Stewart, Liberty stayed relatively quiet as we wondered if her marriage was over. As we’ve just learned, she’s actually giving her cheating husband a second chance. Perhaps this explains why he’s just been seen still wearing his wedding ring?

    A source close to Liberty tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Liberty has decided to give Rupert a second chance because of the kids.” Liberty, 33, and Rupert, 41, have two children together: daughter Sykla, 7, and son Tennyson, 5.

    But the children aren’t the only reason Liberty is giving Rupert an opportunity for redemption. Our source reveals that Rupert has agreed to go to couple’s counseling. “Liberty has not been happy in the relationship for some time. When they moved to Los Angeles, she felt very isolated and neglected,” our source explained. Just weeks before news of the affair broke, Liberty said the same during an interview with YOU magazine. “I went from the glamour of working with Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano to living on an isolated hilltop, with my husband gone most of the time,” she said during the interview.

    Hopefully counseling will provide Liberty and Rupert the strength to repair their relationship, if that’s they both want.


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    Madonna's rep has already clarified
 that fans got exactly as much Madge as they were supposed to last week when the singer played a special 45-minute set at Paris' legendary l'Olympia club.

    Then, over the weekend, Madonna stepped forward herself to clear up the confusion with a statement in which she explained that the flap over the show was not caused by her die-hard fans, but by some knuckleheads who conspired to ruin her special night.

    "Playing the Olympia was a magical moment for me and it was real treat to do this special show for my fans and be so close to them," the 53-year-old pop icon wrote. "Unfortunately at the end of the show - after I left the stage - a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans. The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening. But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans. When I looked out in the audience, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I look forward to having this wonderful experience again."

    Source: MTV

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Last week on “Louie,” Louie met a fetching, adorable bookkeeper, played by Parker Posey, and asked her out on date. On last night’s episode, they went on that date, and what seemed like it might be a cute, lighthearted romantic comedy-inflected storyline got much more complicated. Parker’s character turned out to be both darker and more complex than Louie guessed, energetic but also sad, possibly an alcoholic, and carrying around an untold amount of psychic baggage. As the two walked around the city on a long date that included stops at Russ & Daughters, a clothing store where Louie tried on a dress, a pharmacy where they bought a prescription for a homeless man, and a trek up to the rooftop of a skyscraper, they revealed and hid themselves from each other.

    I spoke with Posey about the two episodes, her character, the way people can surprise you — and how Louie was being a creep.

    Were you a “Louie” fan before appearing on the show?

    I had just seen clips before I did the show. I met Louis when we did a benefit reading for the school where his kids go. We did it right before the holidays to raise money for the school and there was a little party just next door to the theater, and we all sat around and had a few drinks, and he said, “I think I’d like you to play my therapist on my show,” because I was playing a therapist in the reading, and I was like “that would be great!”

    I couldn’t wait, because I thought what he was doing was something that was missing on television. And a couple of days later we hung out and then he went into his cage and came out with these episodes.

    In which you are not playing his therapist.

    It’s interesting, because I think in a way she’s a therapist for him. She’s a lot of different people. She’s the one that’s changing him, waking him up to something, getting him out of his head and seeing something. You’re always wondering if Louie’s going to see what’s in front of him. She is trying to help him.

    Over the course of the two episodes the character changes a lot, as we learn more about her. The first episode she seems to be this very adorable bookseller, and then we learn she’s much darker, sadder and complicated than we, and Louie, imagined.

    Yeah, this idea that people aren’t who we think they are when we meet them, and there’s actually a lot more to them than we could ever imagine, and what’s attractive about that? You meet someone and you’re like, “Oh my god, this guy’s together on the outside,” and then on the inside, you know, is a haunted house. It’s a haunted house and you can’t imagine what happened to them as a child. I think it’s kind of true to life this idea of meeting someone and having them be much more passionate and dynamic than you could ever imagine. You don’t really know how a person’s going to affect you.

    When you were reading the script, did you know your arc, or were you surprised at how sad the character became?

    You know, I don’t remember. He was explaining it to me just as stories that he’d heard from his own life about this girl who was sick. The core came from a real person who had this outlook on life, to live in spite of what’s going on inside of her, this joie de vivre. She goes about her life trying to instill this desire in people. And then there’s Louie, this character who doesn’t even want to run up a flight of stairs. And she’s the one that’s changing him.

    But even though there is the joie de vivre, there’s also so much sadness. In the scene on the roof at the end of the episode she says, “I’m having too good a time” to consider suicide, but then her face falls, what was going on in that moment?

    She’s haunted. That’s what you see in that moment is not someone pretending so much but, you know, something that came up that made her shut all the doors. That kind of depth of pain in someone can be very real, and the happiness and the force that you see in how much she wants to live and connect is medicine. She’s reaching out. All of that is to save herself. You heard about her cancer, right? She tells him everything, she really opened up. And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this, but a person can frost over. Like, I said too much!

    It’s also unsettling because she’s talking about suicide and even though she doesn’t jump and even though she’s saying how much she doesn’t want to jump, as she’s talking it becomes very clear that …

    She could.

    Right. So it just ends very close to this very real, really dark thing.

    Good. That’s great. I think it’s great, it sounds like you liked it. As a woman it’s like, Thank god for “Louie” and Lena and “Girls.” In comparison with most of what we have it’s like, it’s so dynamic, it’s so compelling and this breath of fresh air. But in a really classic way. It’s like little 22-minute independent movies.

    In the episode, it seems like she has a much better handle on who Louie is than on who she is. Does he see her, or does he just see this woman who he thinks is out of his league?

    I think guys can think, how do I learn to dominate someone who is hot? That is what these guys can do. But women are different and her attraction to Louie isn’t just to what he looks like, it’s that he’s funny and that’s what’s attractive. But then the way that he’s being funny is — he doesn’t see her at all! And I think she goes out on this little journey with him to play a part, to lose herself. I mean she has the potency in this situation. But he doesn’t see her at all, at all. Some of these guys can’t see past their nose.

    He’s too wrapped up in his own insecurities to really look at her.

    And he’s a creep too!

    He’s a creep?

    You don’t think he’s a creep? He’s like skulking in there in a bookstore? Are you kidding? He’s telling her who she is! It’s somewhat sadistic, right? I mean he’s already written her dialogue for her. He comes up to her and he’s talking and what he’s saying is just like a mouthful of what he thinks she’s thinking. And she goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll go along, I’ll be your projection,’ you know?

    Does she actually like him, too?

    I think, yeah, she likes him. I think she likes him but I also think she really wants to help him. I think she’s really trying to show that things can be exciting, to help a stranger, to have him go with his instincts.

    You mentioned some of this character was based on a person Louis knew. Were you thinking of a real person?

    It feels like Hal Ashby and “Harold and Maude” to me, the tone and what happens when people take each other by surprise, what that connection is and how it happens. It felt like a composite of Ruth Gordon from “Harold and Maude,” and there’s kind of Mary Poppins, Mary Tyler Moore too, like is this for real? Is she for real? What’s going on? What’s going on inside of this person? I had no idea! These people you meet in the city that have come from so many places, to reinvent themselves, to reinvent the moment, to change, to transform situations, she’s that. It’s a thing that is very particular to this city. And especially in Woody Allen. People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone and it’s someone else. I’m mistaken for someone else all the time.

    Like, for someone who is not Parker Posey?

    Mm-hmm. Or, like, I met a girl outside of a cafe and I thought she was someone else, and I was like, “Are you …?” And she said no. Her name was Catherine. And I said, “Here’s someone who is your doppelganger, someone who looks just like you.” And she said, “Is her name Elaine?” And that’s who I meant.

    That’s crazy.

    And I’ve had people say things like, “You live in my building.” “No I don’t, I promise, my name is Parker.” “No, you don’t, you live in my building.” That’s a little different for me because I’m, I don’t know what, a famous person. But people do have that thing, like the scene in the bar is this idea too, that you can be mistaken for someone else here in the city. It can be read as like she’s someone who desperately needs to have a drink or not.

    Oh, that’s interesting because that scene played to me totally like the bartender really knew her and was cutting her off from the previous night, not like she was mistaken for someone else.

    I don’t know, but I think it’s interesting. I’m so happy to play this part. Acting is a really strange thing to do, it’s very strange. I love this character, this woman. She had a lot going on. And that’s what people are missing in what they watch; a lot of television lacks who people are, right? And that’s because it’s a formatted genre, mostly procedural, but comedies have a format to them too. But what Louie does is give breadth to characters that he feels are real and funny and sad. She did make me sad.

    She made me sad.

    There’s something going on with her. There’s something going on! What’s going on with her? You know, it’s so interesting, we’re having a talk about a character and you’re going, “Are you really sad?” It’s almost like we’re not used to watching this kind of thing, right? She’s fun to talk about.


    From "somewhere" in Albany, Louie executive producer and star Louis CK greeted members of the Television Critics Association Saturday with his thoughts on fashion, comedy and FX's standards and practices division.

    Here's a look at the many topics he tackled during his half hour before the press.

    On Comedy’s Boundaries
    It is rare for FX to have to reign CK in. “I’m like a dog with a shock collar. You can take the collar off after a while; I know where the fence is,” he said via satellite (CK is en route to the Adirondacks to retrieve his daughter from sleepaway camp), recognizing the valuable “service” that the net’s standards and practices division provides. Still, exceptions exist, including a bit that was potentially offensive to Catholics in the God episode earlier in the series’ run. “It certainly didn’t upset me any,” CK said of FX Networks president John Landgraf’s note, “because he’s usually right.”

    On His Emmy Record
    If people expected CK to start gushing about his seven Emmy nominations (for both his FX series and his stand-up special), they don’t know CK. The very idea of records and competition, he said, should be “more of an athletics things.” Not that he isn’t flattered, and pleased for his cast and network. “The record was previously held by David Lynch, who was a big hero of mine,” he added. “To take something away from him is bittersweet.”

    On CK’s Personal TV Habits
    When CK is asked about his favorite TV shows, the roomful of TV reporters anticipate titles like Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad or Curb your Enthusiasm. Instead, CK starts praising Lifetime’s Project Runway. “I love it because I actually really enjoy fashion… And I love that Tim Gunn guy. He’s got a really great work either,” he quips, adding that he’ll watch big-tent competition shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, too. “I’m a real sucker for very maudlin emotional stuff,” he said, claiming he used to “cry like a baby” while watching Deal or No Deal.

    On his Stand Up Future
    To hear him tell it, CK will never stop doing stand-up. In addition to loving the format and the comedic inspiration born out of the live experience, he acknowledged that he still makes “way more money” on tour than he does on TV. "Stand-up takes the pressure off of doing other things," he continued. What’s more, it keeps his “blood moving” and is what he argues he’s best at.

    Other Louie Imitations
    Following on Landgraf’s stated desire to have more multi-dimensional comedians sign on to do Louie-like shows, CK was asked who would be capable. He mentions a multi-hyphenate like Chris Rock, who appeared earlier in the day to peddle Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. His advice for those who attempt the model: “You’ve got to educate yourself technically,” he allowed, noting the importance of respecting the craft and knowing how such things as cameras work. “Some people draw a line between the technical and the creative, and that’s a mistake.”

    source 2

    Louie post! How great has this season been? With every episode it gets better and better.

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    The Hayemaker, who has been admiring the actor’s impressive frame, said: “Me and Tom Hardy, that would be a good fight for sure.

    “He has got in fantastic shape — he looks like an absolute tank. He can be my next opponent.”

    And with a cheeky wink and a smile, Tom has agreed — on the condition any money raised goes to Help for Heroes, the Prince’s Trust, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer Research and homeless charity FLACK.

    I’m sure there would be no shortage of money in the pot to see this one happen for charity.

    Tommy told me: “Hardy v Hayemaker? No problem. Let me take my make-up off first. I’ll fight him as soon as I get back from the Congo with my mates if he wants.

    “I’ve never fought a professional heavyweight, it’ll be an experience.

    “I would obviously prefer my first professional fight to be against someone in my weight category but hey-ho.”

    And with a cheeky grin, he added: “Let’s have it. We all know how this is going to end don’t we... not good for Tommy.

    “I’ll have Clay O’Shea as trainer and Joe Calzaghe on cuts in my corner.”

    Tom’s not short of bottle. When not filming, he goes off with his ex-SAS and RAF mates to places like Afghanistan and the Congo.

    He also co-owns Raven’s Wing, under Pilgrims Group, a company providing seriously handy lads to look after people in dangerous places.

    He bulked up to play hellraising prisoner Charles Bronson a few years back in a chilling performance. His ’tache was impressive, too. And he got in incredible shape for Warrior, playing ex-soldier Tommy Conlon in a brutal cage-fighting story. He was brilliant in that film — utterly convincing as a mixed martial fighter.

    And he carried that on as Batman’s terrifying nemesis Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. He’s being tipped for big honours in the years to come. But he played himself down, joking: “This is sort of like Mickey Rourke. But Mickey’s a better actor and boxer than me. How about singing lessons instead?”

    The Hayemaker is desperate to make it as an actor. I’m sure he’d be up for a masterclass from one of the best Brits in the business right now.


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  • 08/04/12--19:15: Guess who I met!

  • Mark Ruffalo! He was filming a movie in NYC with Keira Knightley. I waited on the sidelines for about an hour until he was finished filming. He was super sweet. He introduced himself and shook my hand. He's kind of awkward in an incredibly endearing way.

    Source: My camera

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    Nick Jonas has finally confirmed the ongoing rumors that he is in talks to become a new judge on "American Idol."

    "The rumors are true... I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol," Jonas Tweeted on August 4.

    If he does land the gig, the 19-year-old singer would appear with veteran Randy Jackson and newcomer Mariah Carey on the judges panel of the singing competition series, following the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. The upcoming 12th season is set to begin in early 2013.

    It was confirmed on July 23 that Mariah Carey would join "American Idol" as a judge. According to Deadline and other outlets, she was commanding a salary of more than $17 million, which would set a record for talent on the show.

    Several other celebrities' names have been floated in recent online reports, such as Pharrell Williasm and show alum Adam Lambert, but none have been confirmed.

    Lopez's spokesperson announced the singer and actress' departure from "American Idol" on July 13 and Tyler announced his exit on July 12 via a statement from FOX. He said he wanted to focus on his work with his band Aerosmith.

    The pair's exit marked the second major casting shakeup seen since the show's debut 10 years ago and was made amid declining ratings. The season 11 finale of "American Idol" in May marked the lowest-rated last episode for the series. It earned a 6.4 rating among adults aged 18 to 49 and was watched by about 21.4 million people.

    Lopez and Tyler joined the series in 2010. They had served as co-judges alongside veteran cast member Randy Jackson for the past two seasons and had been cast after the departure of the show's most famous judge and co-creator, Simon Cowell, as well as Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres.

    Nick Jonas rose to fame as part of the Jonas Brothers pop band with older brothers Joe and Kevin. The band starred in the Disney Channel TV movie "Camp Rock" and its sequel with Demi Lovato. The brothers also had a short-lived television series called "Jonas L.A." from 2009 to 2010. The band is currently on hiatus as the brothers pursue individual music careers.

    Jonas' older brothers Joe and Kevin have both had new TV gigs as well. Joe Jonas appeared on the celebrity reality dating show, "The Choice," while Kevin Jonas will appear on his reality series "Married to Jonas."

    In 2010, the singer formed the band Nick Jonas & The Administration. He previously dated fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus from June 2006 to December 2007.

    Jonas recently took over the role of J. Pierrepont Finch in the musical "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," days after "Glee" star Darren Criss' run ended on January 22, 2012. The musical ended its Broadway run on May 20, 2012.

    Jonas previously appeared in the revival of the musical "Annie Get Your Gun" on Broadway in 2001 and in "Beauty and the Beast" in 2002 as Chip. He made his big debut in London's West End in "Les Miserables" as Marius in 2010. He previously starred in the Broadway version of the show as Gavroche in 2003.


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    If Queen Gabby decides to abdicate her throne, next in line for most fierce American gymnast is McKayla Maroney.

    McKayla is so awesome at vault that the other girls showing up for Vault finals tomorrow are essentially competing for the Silver and Bronze medals.

    Collage lovingly lifted from Tumblr

    BFF: Olympic teammate Kyla Ross is Maroney's best friend. They came from the same gymnastics club in Aliso Viejo, Calif and first met when they were six years old. Together they progressed through the gymnastics ranks, both making the Olympic team as one of four discretionary selections.

    Hitting the ice bucket with Kyla

    Toughness: Maroney's performance came while she struggled with a broken toe. In May, Maroney broke it. In June, she did it again. In July, about a week before the Olympics started, she increased the break after dismounting from the balance beam.

    Parents: Maroney stands 5-2, same as her mom. But her father, Mike, a former Purdue quarterback is 6-3.

    Specialist: Maroney's contribution to the team gold was the vault, where she performed the Amanar vault so flawlessly at the team competition NBC Announcer Tim Dagget called it a "Perfect 10." She also won the vault title at U.S. trials and the 2011 World Championships.

    Injury: Maroney suffered a mild concussion and nasal fracture after hitting her head during training on the floor routine at the U.S. gymnastics championships. Less than a month after the injury she went to U.S. trials and qualified for the Olympic team.

    Boundless Energy: After watching Tarzan, Maroney began running around on all fours as a 2 year old. Her mom, looking for a way to exhaust Maroney's extra energy, enrolled her in gymnastics and everything progressed from there.

    Floor: Despite being the best vaulter in the world, Maroney lists the floor exercise as her favorite event. "I think it's the only event that you can really show everybody yourself," Maroney told nbcolympics.com. "You can dance and you can show people who you are and what you're there for."

    Clairvoyant: Not so long ago, Maroney listed her goals in her elementary school's yearbook. "My goal for the future is to be in the Olympics." Check that one off the list.

    Multi-sport: To focus on gymnastics, Maroney quit figure skating, tennis and soccer and started getting homeschooled.

    Inspiration: At the 2004 U.S. trials, her team led by eventual all-around Olympic champion Carly Patterson finished second.

    One thing not on the list:

    She bears a resemblance to Victoria Beckham

    The best vault you’ve ever seen

    Article Source

    Pics from McKaylaMaroney Instagram- which I'm not sure can be properly linked to.
    McKayla’s Instagram

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    Kristen Stewart may be taking a cue from Robert Pattinson, hiding out at a Hollywood friend’s house.

    According to Radar, the actress has been staying with pal Giovanni Agnelli (who produced her 2010 film, “Welcome to the Rileys”) after leaving the Los Angeles home she shared with Robert.

    Kristen is “crying her eyes out non-stop” and “acting like a heartbroken teenager” over the discord with Robert, according to a source for the site.

    “She is beyond mortified and humiliated and she is also broken hearted,” the source reportedly added. “She says she truly loved Rob. She says he was her soul mate, but she blew it and now she is scared that she has lost him forever.”

    Adding, “She is pretty much inconsolable.”

    According to the source, Kristen — who hasn’t been seen since she issued a public apology admitting to a fling with “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders — has reportedly been “laying around in her T-shirt and shorts,” and hasn’t showered in “several days.”

    As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Summit (the studio behind “The Twilight Saga” films), has assured fans that promotion for the fifth and final franchise film, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” will continue as planned, despite its stars’ personal relationship woes.


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    Gotye, whose song “Somebody That I Used to Know” was just about to finally leave our head, claims rumors he’s transgender are a “hoax”

    The Belgian-Australian singer (real name: Wouter “Wally” De Backer) told E! that there was gossip he, like Against Me lead singer Laura Jane Grace, would begin living as a woman. Talking about another rumor that he had died, De Backer said, “Apparently there’s been a sex-change hoax as well.”

    Opting not to outright deny the rumor, he replied, “Maybe it’s fun keeping it open.”


    Who comes up with these rumors tho seriously...

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    Though there may be no point to 2013′s ‘Scary Movie 5,’ it’s hard to argue they aren’t going for bang with the budget bucks as they’ve just added troubled stars Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan to the film.

    This comes from E! Entertainment, who note that Lohan just signed on and may be replacing Anna Farris as the lead in the series. Though Lohan has recently been wrapped up in all sorts of scandals and lawsuits, there was a time where she proved herself to be a capable comedienne (like when she would host ‘SNL‘).

    This would be Sheen’s third go-around with the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise, as he has appeared in the previous two entries. It’s unknown if he will be reprising his role as Tom Logan, which was originally a parody of Mel Gibson‘s character in ‘Signs.’ Sheen is also appearing in ‘Machete Kills,’ the a sequel to ‘Machete’ – which Lohan starred in, though does not appear in its sequel.

    The film is scheduled to come out January 11, 2013, which signals that shooting will commence shortly, and that Dimension knows they’ve got a film that will likely make it’s money quickly. As per targets, the ‘Paranormal Activity’ films seem the only major horror franchise going right now.


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    liberty and rupert

    Photo source: http://www.constancezahn.com/it-bride/
    I had to use this photo because, um. wow. does he not realize how lucky he is she married him?

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren't the only couple who've become estranged as a result of her affair with Rupert Sanders. The director hasn't seen his wife, actress Liberty Ross, since the cheating scandal went public.

    "This was devastating" for Ross, a source told People.

    As bad as it is at the moment though, Ross is still wearing his wedding ring and reconciliation is not off the table, according to the source.
    Source: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/08/rupert-sanders-has-not-seen-wife-liberty-ross-admitting-affair-with-kristen

    So his wearing his wedding ring may just be wishful thinking on his part, and it probably doesnt mean much to him since he was wearing it while kristen plays with his hands and makes out with him. Also, I found this hilarious: a ton of sites are posting that "he is praying his wife takes him back" as if it is a new development- they are just taking an excerpt of his statement. If i am honest- i am more curious to see what happens with these, two rather than robsten. Rob should bounce back. I've never liked kristen, so i dont care what happens to her.

    Also, Radar online reported that Kristen had taken his daughter out for icecream during their press tour. That grosses me out so much because she KNEW he had a family and clearly acknowledged it, yet he did that. I really think something was going on or one of them had feeling for each other.. I f rupert did have feeling for her then( which to me seems like he did), why would you send your daughter with her? ugh such a loser.

    source: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/07/kristen-stewart-affair-married-director-took-kids-out

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    Miley Cyrus got her hair done once again with her hairdresser Chris McMillan (Chris McMillan) her hair is now blonder and shorter. She looks gorgeous!

    Source 1, 2

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    Rob Pattinson is angry that his estranged girlfriend Kristen Stewart is staying with her producer pal Giovanni Agnelli and suspicious of his motive in taking her in.

    RadarOnline.com broke the news that the Twilight beauty had been staying with Agnelli since fleeing from the home she shared with Pattinson.

    "Rob knows Agnelli and has been calling him a lot since Kristen has been there," an insider tells us exclusively.

    "He wants to know why Kristen is staying there at his house? He is super angry now and has accused Giovanni of sleeping with Kristen too."

    As RadarOnline.com has been reporting, Stewart and Pattison split after her affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman directer Rupert Sanders was revealed.

    Angelli produced 2010's Welcome to the Rileys which starred Kristen and James Gandolfini.

    "Giovanni got a call from Pattinson around four this morning, threatening him if he has been sleeping with Kristen," the source says. "Rob is beside himself over Kristen's betrayal. No one has ever seen him like this."


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  • 08/04/12--20:28: CLINT EASTWOOD BACKS ROMNEY

  • Sun Valley, Idaho (CNN) - It could have been a scene from one of his films, but fortunately for Mitt Romney, it was no act when Clint Eastwood endorsed him Friday night.

    At a fundraiser in the Idaho resort town of Sun Valley, where Eastwood owns a home, Romney said the legendary actor and director "just made my day."

    But Eastwood showed up at the Sun Valley resort as a citizen concerned about the direction of the country, telling reporters beforehand he was backing the Republican presidential candidate "because I think the country needs a boost somewhere."

    He later told hundreds at the outdoor reception that Romney was "going to restore, hopefully, a decent tax system that we need badly...so that there's a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as to who's paying taxes and who isn't."

    The 82-year-old also weighed in on the controversy involving U.S. Olympians, depending on their income bracket, getting taxed on their medals.

    "[W]e don't want anybody taking away the Olympic medals tax-wise from the Olympic athletes. I mean it's kind of embarrassing," Eastwood said. "Here we are, trillions of dollars in debt, and here the government's talking about getting a couple nickels, in their language."

    Romney introduced Eastwood to more than 200 people, "There's a guy here from the world of acting who has pursued his dreams in a very unusual way. He stood up to the industry and sort of did it his own way."

    Eastwood learned about Romney when he was filming Mystic River in Massachusetts.

    "And at that time Gov. Romney was running for governor and I kept seeing him appear on television all the time and I said 'God this guy, he's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president," he said as the audience laughed. "And as the years have gone by, I begin to think even more so about that."

    Eastwood managed to keep his endorsement private until he showed up at the fundraiser, which helped raise more than $2 million for the Victory Fund, a joint effort between the Romney campaign and the RNC.

    He arrived in sunglasses, gray sneakers, tie and blazer along with his signature dry sense of humor, joking with reporters when asked why he decided to endorse Romney. "I haven't endorsed the governor...Oh yeah, no I just did."

    Before this TV producer started to record our brief exchange, Eastwood warned that filming him would steal his soul.

    Reuters reporter Sam Youngman made a reference to a Super Bowl ad about Detroit starring Eastwood, which at the time stirred speculation he might be supporting President Barack Obama.

    "Is this your second act of half time in America endorsing Romney," asked Youngman, to which Eastwood replied, "Maybe."


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