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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    MSNBC host Rachel Maddow breaks down the Presidential election and addresses Donald Trump's $5 million offer to President Obama and the allegations about Mitt Romney's testimony in a divorce lawsuit. Then Wendy and Rachel go head-to-head and compete in a game of Pop Politics.


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    We’re not quite sure what Parks and Recreation’s Donna Meagle actually does all day, save treating herself and offering colorful glimpses into her sex life (“use him, abuse him, lose him”). However, Retta Sirleaf, the actress who plays her, prefers a more active life. Before landing her Parks and Rec role, she considered becoming an opera singer, graduated pre-med from Duke, was employed as a contract chemist for GlaxoSmithKline, and worked her way into the stand-up comedy scene. Intrigued, Vulture sat down with the actress to discuss vampires, her potential make-believe lover Joe Manganiello, and Aziz Ansari.

    Let’s just get this out of the way: How do you like to treat yo’self?
    My obsession is TV and movies, so I order an obscene amount of DVDs. And I have an obsession with handbags. So once a year, I treat myself to a luxury handbag. I just bought the Louis Vuitton Déesse. The color is beige poudre.

    Donna seems sexed up, but we never really see evidence of this. Will that change this season?
    I think there might be … I don’t know. I know that everybody talks about it, so I feel like the writers have to have [discussed] it. We’ll see what happens.

    Whom would you like to see Donna with?
    Jean-Ralphio — that would be hilarious because she would run him. She would own him. She would be completely in charge. My idea would be that they have a relationship, but she forces him to keep it a secret. If he says anything, then she’s done.

    But I thought you told a reporter you’d want her to romance actor-model Boris Kodjoe?
    [Sighs] He’s so damn attractive. That’d be nice if he’s one of Donna's love interests. But now I’m leaning more towards Joe Manganiello. He’s the only [famous] person who reads my recaps [on Twitter] and told me he enjoys them. Hello? I want him to play Marcus the Fireman.

    What did you think of his stripping skills in Magic Mike?
    I wasn’t mad at him [laughs].

    Counting Joe, you currently have almost 65,000 Twitter followers, largely due to your hilarious TV-show recaps. How do you choose what to watch?
    If it’s something that I wouldn’t expect to like, chances are someone made me watch it. Like, Vampire Diaries — I didn’t watch until the second season. My friend said, “Just watch it.” And I was totally hooked. She’s into vampires, in general. She’s the one who got me to read the Twilight books. Buffy the Vampire Slayer — I had a lot of friends who told me to watch it. And I was like, “I’m not buying seven seasons of a frickin’ show.” It got to the point where, “Seriously, you have to watch it.” Buffy is not my favorite, but it’s amusing. But I paid for it, so I’m going to watch it. But it’s not my first choice. I like Vampire Diaries because it has great stories.

    Where does True Blood fit into this?
    I love True Blood because it makes me laugh. Like, Lafayette is one of my favorite characters on television.

    Has NBC ever expressed concern over what you review or what you say?
    [Laughs] No. I usually don’t talk bad about the TV shows. If I don’t like it, I’m not going to watch it. I mean, somebody asked me on Twitter, “What shows do you watch? Don’t you watch Homeland?” Showtime PR saw that and sent me the season. And I was obsessed.

    Name one TV show that people are not watching, that they should be watching.
    Nashville is really good, really fun, and I don’t know that it has great numbers. That, and Scandal. Scandal is getting really close, if not just past, The Good Wife. IT’S SO GOOD.

    Explain how, as a kid, you wanted to be an opera singer.
    That was the original plan: to be an opera signer. I was in chorus in grade school, and we learned classical [music]. I used to pretend to speak the different languages, like fake Italian. And my mother would be like, “Seriously, you need to stop.”

    You ended up working at GlaxoSmithKline. As someone with a background in pharm, what do you think of Obamacare?
    I’m a fan of anything that helps the general public. So yes. But I left that behind when I started doing stand-up.

    How hard was it to transition into stand-up?
    I started once a week in North Carolina at a pub called Charlie Goodnight and met a lot of comics there. Then I moved to L.A., and if you’re not known, it’s hard to get stage time. So you start out doing what they call “bringers” — you have to bring five people if you wanna get on stage. It was a lot of hustle, a learning curve. But I figured it out.

    What do you remember about The Jenny Jones Show, where you got your big break? She was a lightning rod for controversy back then.
    She had a show with all female comics, basically a stand-up show. I never watched daytime television, but I knew who she was. I remember there was a controversy: One of her guests murdered somebody because his friend said he liked him but he wasn’t gay. And that’s basically all I remember — and her hair. Her hair was so big! I was glad to have that opportunity. It was the reason I got my agent.

    Back to Parks and Rec, how much is Aziz Ansari really like his character, Tom Haverford?
    I think Tom is the comic side of Aziz. He’s not as cheesy or as corny or as self-obsessed as Tom is. If you’ve ever seen Aziz perform stand-up, you can see a lot of the Tom Haverford — that’s where he gets the nuances for Tom. But with regards to the episode where he gets banned from using technology — Aziz does love his phone.

    And you recently tweeted a picture of Christie Brinkley on set.
    Christie is playing Gail Gergich, Jerry’s wife. We were shooting last week. I always get nervous for people you don’t know as an actor. But she is so game for everything. I sat there with my mouth agape — I can’t believe she just did that! I can’t say what, because I’m not sure if it’s going to be in the show or not. But Jim loves to improv. Most people don’t wanna look bad and she’s like, “I don’t care. Let’s do it.”

    Speaking of guests, whatever happened to the singer Ginuwine, your character’s cousin, appearing on the show?
    I don’t know — I don’t know if they’re working to get him on. I think he said he was game. But I’m not even sure if he watches the show.

    What are the odds of Parks and Rec coming back for another season?
    We don’t know. Last season, we were like the last to find out if we were going to have another season. Who knows what’s coming next?


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    Holy crap at that ending!

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    -Adam puts a (promise) ring on it. Randalicious is mad.
    -Leah tells the world she's knocked up again by her new boyfriend.
    -Juhnelle and Bawbrah bring the familiar recipe of lots of yelling. No sign of Queefer but we do see Jace's father show up for a paternity test omgz!!!!!111!!!1
    -Kail continues to balance out her strong ambition and work ethic by being completely immature with the relationships in her life.


    My fellow non-Americans watch here.

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    Another royal wedding beckons in Europe: This time it is Sweden's Princess Madeleine who is getting ready to tie the knot.

    Madeleine and her British-Americah boyfriend Christopher O'Neill announced their engagement on the royal palace website on Thursday.

    The 30-year-old Madeleine is the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia's three children and is fourth in line to the throne.

    The tabloid Expressen reported early Thursday that O'Neill, a 38-year-old financier she met in New York, had proposed to the princess, and the couple confirmed the news in a brief video clip posted on the royal website.

    "Chris proposed to me in New York at the start of October, and we are very happy," Madeleine said in the video, which was recorded Wednesday at the Drottningholm Palace outside Stockholm.

    "Madeleine and I have known each other for two years and I recently summoned up the courage to ask her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes," O'Neill said in English with a British accent. (lol wut) He added a few words in Swedish, saying he was trying to learn the language "but it is difficult."

    Madeleine said the wedding would take place in Sweden in the summer of 2013, and that more details would be released later.

    Madeleine lives in New York where she works for the World Childhood Foundation, a nonprofit founded by her mother.

    In 2010, she broke off an earlier engagement after media reports that her then-fiancé had cheated on her.

    O'Neill was born in London and holds dual American and British citizenship, according to a CV released by the royal palace. He studied at a boarding school in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Boston University and a master's degree from Columbia Business School in New York.

    O'Neill now works as a partner and head of research at Noster Capital, a hedge fund with offices in London and New York. His interests include Alpine skiing, tennis, golf, music, literature and Chelsea Football Club in London (money can't buy you taste) the palace said.

    Madeleine's elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria married her former fitness trainer Daniel Westling at a lavish ceremony in Stockholm in 2010. The couple had a baby, Princess Estelle, this year. O'Neill accompanied Madeleine to Estelle's baptism ceremony in May.


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    Psy has made a special appearance on the very popular American talk show on ABC, 'The View'.

    As mentioned previously, the singer was invited as a musical guest for the episode and once again performed the most popular song in the world at the moment, "Gangnam Style".

    In addition to the performance, he also spoke with the ladies of the ‘The View’ and taught them the steps to the famous ‘horse riding dance’.

    Check it out for yourself.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Featuring host Ryan Seacrest and new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, along with returning judge Randy Jackson, Season 12 of American Idol begins with the exciting two-night premiere Wednesday, Jan.16 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Thursday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Who's excited for American Idol this year! I have a feeling it's gonna be really different! I'm not talking about the feud though..

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    Not sure how I feel about it tbh. I like it I guess.


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  • 10/25/12--21:17: Elementary 1x05 Promo
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    Jason, Jigsaw, heck even, crazy Jack Nicholson have never scared us as much as those adorably frightening children of the silver screen. Assembling this list of the creepiest young things made us realized just how many little devils are out there.

    Don't believe us? Then why is just the sight of Linda Blair almost 40 years later still so terrifying? That girl from The Ring isn't just spooky because her hair is usually covering her face, ya know. And is that boy from Grudge 2 just too cute to kill?

    Movies have taught us that ratio of cute to crazy is incredibly imbalanced.

    There's nothing quite like a child's itty-bitty voice to send us shivering. There are plenty of frightening films that don't disappoint with monsters that can barely hold a kitchen knife. We compiled a list of 13 of the best. Take a look through our gallery of creepy movie kids and tell us which film is your favorite. And don't think we didn't notice that Stephen King has four tykes on the list.

    A possessed tree and an awfully scary clown paled in comparison to a little girl's convo with a television that replied with static. The late Heather O'Rourke's girlishly gleeful "They're here" is one of horror's most iconic moments. Three decades later, our own obsession with the boob tube hasn't waned. When it comes to terror, sometimes the devil wears a blue dress, er, nightgown.

    By the time the sequel to The Grudge was released in 2007 (sans Sarah Michelle Gellar), the Japanese-horror thing had died down. But darn it, with his bowl haircut and kabuki pale skin, Ohga Tanaka left quite an impression with that feline howl. Bad movie? Sure, but come on, he meowed!

    Drew Barrymore was sassy Gertie from E.T. with her career on the rise, and this aptly titled flick was about a girl who couldn't control her Carrie-like supernatural burning powers kicked up the tiny actress' sass up to fiery levels. When she said "Back off!" she meant it.

    This adolescent tale of a small town boy named Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) and his undead pal, Eli (Lina Leandersson) was surprisingly sweet. If you overlook the fact that Eli solves Oskar's bully problem by bloodsucking and dismembering. Still, she's one of the few creepy kids on this list who inspired as much as terrified.

    Just three years after being left Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin took a chance playing a psycho who terrorizes his trusting cousin (Elijah Wood) and family. Before this shockfest, the very idea of seeing a preteen getting offed was unthinkable. But by end, with a literal cliffhanger, all we wanted was to see Henry fall!

    Clearly Stephen King has no problem turning children into monsters. Gage is one of the horror master's most evil. Don't let Miko Hughes' cherubic cheeks deceive you. Poor little Gage got hit by a truck, but boy did he come back. Big time. And now he wants "to play with you." Eeek!

    The Japanese horror invasion reached its peak with this American remake starring Naomi Watts. Sure, the idea of a "videotape" to watch videos is so 2002, but if anything the premise is even more relevant in the digital age where we are never away from a screen of some kind. Daveigh Chase's fiercely stoic raven haired (usually covering her face) Samara is the worst answer ever to Carol Anne's question in Poltergeist. Is that who she was talking to the whole time?

    The son of Satan tale is really just an Exorcist clone, but Harvey Stephens had the creep factor in spades. Unfortunately, the remake from 2006 starring Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick lacked that demon-spawn glow. Stick with the original.

    Spoiler alert: The big reveal in this thriller is that the 9-year-old girl adopted by Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga is actually a 33-year-old woman from Estonia makes this character technically not a kid. But she was posing as a child and then she tries to seduce the father and kill the rest of the family. Plus, the actress, Isabelle Fuhrman (The Hunger Games) was only 11 while filming. And there is that scene where she hits on Sarsgaard. Big "ew" either way, right?

    Modern horror changed forever the moment audiences realized the killer we had been watching at the start of John Carpenter's genre-defining fright flick was none other than 6-year-old Michael (Will Sandin). His blank, emotionless face housed the blackest eyes, as Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) put it "the devil's eyes."

    Considered by many to be the best scary film ever made, William Friedkin's demon possession blockbuster has been parodied, copied, and sequeled to death, but Linda Blair's performance has yet to be topped. Beyond the head turning, pea soup spewing and all that foul language, the heart of Blair's performance was that no matter how terrifying she was, we never stopped believing that little innocent Regan was still in there, somewhere.

    The creepiest kids ever in the history of cinema are the Grady twins (played by twin sisters Lisa and Louise Burns). They roamed the halls of Stanley Kubrick's Overlook Hotel stopping little Danny (Danny Lloyd) on his tricycle. Gifted with power of "shining" he was the only one who could see them. The sight of these two just staring back at us onscreen has always been more disturbing than the images of their hacked corpses. "Come play with us Danny. Forever


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    There's a familiar Barbarian at the gate.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in The Legend of Conan, an extension of the Universal Pictures franchise that kicked off in 1982 with Conan the Barbarian, the studio confirmed Thursday to E! News.

    And yes, Schwarzenegger will play the titular warrior again, picking up "where Arnold is now in his life," according to Chris Morgan, who is coproducing with Paradox Entertainment's Fredrik Malmberg.

    "I always loved the Conan character and I'm honored to be asked to step into the role once again," Schwarzenegger told Deadline, which first reported the news. "I can't wait to work with Universal and the great team of Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan to develop the next step of this truly epic story."

    Universal, which put out the first Conan flick and its 1984 sequel, Conan the Destroyer, did not have a hand in last year's bomb of a remake of Conan the Barbarian, starring Game of Thrones' rather hunky Jason Momoa as the sword-wielding, loincloth-wearing hero.

    But with Arnold on board, they sound excited to get back into the game and are hoping to have the film ready for summer 2014.

    "I love the property of Conan so much that I wouldn't touch it unless we came up with something worthy," Morgan told Deadline. "We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan's Unforgiven."

    In fact, The Legend of Conan will proceed as if neither the reboot nor the Destroyer sequel ever happened.

    "By the end of [Conan of the Barbarian]," Morgan said, "Conan became a certain character, and this film picks him up there, as he faces different challenges that include dealing with age."


    DNW this old heffa running around in a loin cloth, just sayin...

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    Cloud Atlas may be artistically ambitious, but it's also racially retrograde, according to a blistering new release from the Media Action Network for Asian Americans.

    The new film from Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Twyker, based on the 2005 David Mitchell novel, weaves together six storylines, connecting them not only by theme and loose plot strands, but by often using the same actors for multiple roles. As such, in a storyline focused on the year 2144 in South Korea, multiple white male actors are given prosthetic makeup in order to appear Asian.

    "Cloud Atlas missed a great opportunity. The Korea story’s protagonist is an Asian man--an action hero who defies the odds and holds off armies of attackers," Guy Aoki, MANAA's founding president, said in a statement. "He’s the one who liberates [a clone played by actress] Doona Bae from her repressive life and encourages her to join the resistance against the government. It would have been a great, stereotype-busting role for an Asian American actor to play, as Asian American men aren’t allowed to be dynamic or heroic very often."

    Instead, it is Jim Sturgess who plays that role, while Hugo Weaving and James D'Arcy are also cast as Asian actors. Not only is the MANAA upset about the lack of Asian actors involved, but also at how little they believe was done to transform actors of other races into convincing Asian characters.

    "It appears that to turn white and black actors into Asian characters (black actor Keith David was also Asian in the 2144 story), the make-up artists believed they only had to change their eyes, not their facial structure and complexion," Aoki said.

    There is also anger at the reverse racial transformations. In pointing out scenes in which Bae and another Asian woman in the storyline, Xun Zhou, are made to look Caucasian, Aoki added “obviously took more care to make them look convincingly white. The message the movie sends is, it takes a lot of work to get Asians to look Caucasian, but you can easily turn Caucasians into Asians by just changing the shape of their eyes."

    Other racial transformations in the film include Halle Berry playing a white woman, and Tom Hanks taking a spray tan and haircut to appear as a Brit of Southern European descent. The purpose of having actors take on multiple roles, they directors have said, is to portray the continuity of souls.

    Still, the MANAA believes that double standards were used. In one plotline concerning black slaves, each slave was played by a black actor.

    "You have to ask yourself: Would the directors have used blackface on a white actor to play Gyasi’s role?” asked Aoki, referring to David Gyasi, the freed slave in the film. I don’t think so: That would have outraged African American viewers. But badly done yellowface is still OK."


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  • 10/26/12--19:23: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!

  • Melissa Archer On Not Being Asked To Join The Cast Of General Hospital!

    One of the biggest questions raised all the time by One Life to Live and General Hospital fans is, where is Natalie? After all, John and Natalie, and their son Liam, had just gotten together on OLTL when the series went off the air.

    Now with Natalie and John on the outs, and Jason presumed “dead”, that could pave the way for a John/Sam pairing, that could then spark a fiery red head to come to town, if the powers-that-be decide to finally bring fan favorite, Melissa Archer!

    Melissa Archer spoke to Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue on newsstands now about life post-Llanview, and how she initially felt not being chosen to head over to General Hospital with her long-time co-star Michael Easton, and if she would still consider coming on to the lone ABC soap.

    Archer had this to say on why she has not been approached to join Easton and some of her former cast mates now at General Hospital citing:
    “I thought it was neat and made a lot of sense for the specific characters they chose to take over there to drive story. I’m not one to get offended easily over storylines and jobs; it’s about the overall good of the project. Whatever they’re doing now seems to be working and that’s awesome because that’s what the genre needs.

    They’re not going to bring me on just to say, “Hey, we brought Natalie on!” It wouldn’t make any sense. They have to take care of other things first. They have to utilize what they have. Michael and Kelly Monaco had amazing chemistry on Port Charles, so why not try to utilize that and go with that? If you had it once, you’re gonna have it again.”

    As far as if GH should come calling to bring Natalie finally to the canvas, Archer is cautiously optimistic stating:
    “And you never know what the future brings. It could be a year from now and you’ll find out Natalie coming in to shake things up. I love Frank Valentini (EP, General Hospital) and all the actors there, so I am always welcome to talking about things. I have faith in the people running the show that they know what they’re doing. I’m not one to close the door on anything.”

    Will and Sonny Have Sex on Days of Our Lives!

    Get out your calendars. After months and months of frustrating delays, false starts and countless emotional pitfalls, Days of Our Lives' Will and Sonny will finally make love on the NBC soap's Nov. 14 episode. And — steam alert! — TV Guide Magazine has this exclusive video preview of what's sure to be a very talked-about scene (below).

    "The Will and Sonny fans have waited a long time for this but the delay has been a good thing," says Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny. "It's allowed the audience to get to know our characters and to get to a place where they are really rooting for them to get together. I don't expect anyone will think the sex scene is controversial. Hopefully, we're past that. This isn't a story about two gay guys. It's about two human beings who truly love each other."

    Chandler Massey, who won an Emmy this year as Will, says it's been "refreshing to have a couple in soaps who haven't been thrown together too quickly. We took our time before getting to the sex and the characters and the show are better for it. But" — he adds with a laugh — "I will also say that it's about time!"

    He'd get quite an argument from Will's dad Lucas (Bryan Dattilo)! It will appear that Will and Sonny are headed for sex in the Oct. 29 episode but their intimate encounter is interrupted by Lucas who is freaked by what he sees. Hey, didn't he claim to be okay with his kid being gay?

    "I know a lot of dads who are like Lucas," says Massey. "They're not homophobic per se, or against gay marriage, but they're uncomfortable being in close contact with anything gay, especially when it involves their son. It's all okay in theory but they don't want to deal with the reality." Worse yet, Lucas will reveal that he thinks Sonny is a user who's looking at Will as just one more conquest.

    "That's kind of hilarious considering Sonny came out [in the summer of 2011] and then went a year without even kissing anybody," notes Smith. "But, in Lucas' mind, Sonny is moving way too fast. He thinks Will needs more time before having sex." Adds Massey: "What's crazy is that Sonny is the responsible one here. He's going to school. He owns a business. If I were a parent I'd have a much bigger problem with my son getting involved with someone like Will. He's the real pain in the ass in this equation!"

    The sex scene itself caused no worries. "Chandler and I were much more nervous about our first kissing scene," Smith recalls. "Our hearts were really pounding during that one but it worked out great because our characters' hearts were pounding, too. Since then Will and Sonny have done enough flirting and kissing and cuddling that, as actors, we weren't nervous about finally getting to the sex. The way we shot it is very real and passionate but tasteful. Chandler and I are comfortable with each other and it shows. We have good chemistry. We trust each other."

    So where do Will and Sonny go from here? "Consummating the relationship will make them bond in a much more intimate way," says Massey. "And I guess this finally makes them an official couple to the people of Salem and it will be no big deal. Everyone is going to recognize it and accept it. Yes, even Lucas!"

    Ron Raines On How GUIDING LIGHT Prepared Him For "Newsies"!

    "I think I've brought a bit of the mean Alan [Spaulding] to the role [of Joseph Pulitzer]. To me, they're the same guys -- moguls who can manipulate and are controlling. Like Alan, Pulitzer is not stupid and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. In some ways, I think my 15 years on GUIDING LIGHT was preparing me for playing Joseph Pulitzer."

    Did you think you wouldn't get back on the road to theater when you took the gig on Guiding Light?
    No. If you saw my dressing room at Guiding Light, you know I could've cleaned it out in an hour. Some of those people -- it was like their apartment in their dressing rooms. And I would say to them, "Look, I'm from the theater, the show always closes and you have to be ready to move on to the next show." But I was surprised and delighted I had that long a run with such a historical show.

    You've been in the business for over four decades now. What's the survival trick?
    Always keeping up your instrument and always going with the flow. Knowing that a door keeps shutting over there for a reason, but there's a door open over here, so maybe I should go through that door and explore the other side. The thing that concerns me about the kids in these megahits that run forever is that eight years later they've done only one show. I think they need to stretch!

    DAYS alum Taylor Spreitler Explores A Darker Side in Stalked At 17!

    "Physically it was wearing the fake belly and then carrying a baby all day. Babies are heavy! Emotionally it was just getting into the mindset of Angela feeling so betrayed and terrified of someone she once trusted."

    Wally Kurth and Robin Christopher to Return For Edward's GENERAL HOSPITAL Memorial!

    Look for Skye to mix things up with Todd (Roger Howarth), Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Tea (Florencia Lozano) during her visit.

    Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia, Robert S. Woods & More Soap Faves! The Grove The Series Promo!

    Those who have been eagerly awaiting the debut of Crystal Chappell’s latest web series, The Grove, finally get a taste of it in this new teaser promo released today for the first time!

    In it, One Life to Live favorite Robert S. Woods provides the voice over narration, and the best part of that is he is integral to the plot of The Grove and is in the series!

    What would The Grove be without Chappell and Jessica Leccia as Nico and Ivy, who play the key couple? And, if you watch the end of the promo, there looks to be a wedding for our favorite gals!

    Check out who else is in the promo: The Young and the Restless’ Christian LeBlanc, Michelle Stafford, and Beth Maitland, Days of our Lives Nadia Bjorlin, and former DAYS star, Mark Hapka, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Linsey Godfrey, plus Bobbie Eakes and Jordan Clarke!

    The Grove is about two family’s living, loving, and fighting in a small central California town called “The Grove”.

    B&B’s Scott Clifton Weds Over The Weekend!

    Congratulations are in order to one of our favorite young couples! The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) married longtime girlfriend, Nicole Lampson on Saturday!

    Clifton took to Twitter with some very cute tweets on his wedding day, stating, “Hey @NicoleLampson, I’m feeling spontaneous… Want to get married today?” And that was later followed by a post-wedding tweet which indicated where the newlyweds will be spending their honeymoon, “Marry Girl-of-My-Dreams: CHECK. Eat cake: CHECK. Next item? PARIS, FRANCE.”

    The happy couple got married in Los Angeles in front of friends, family, and of course, B&B cast members including: John McCook (Eric), Don Diamont (Bill), Ronn Moss (Ridge), Adam Gregory (Thomas), Kim Matula (Hope), Jacqueline MacInness Wood (Steffy), Kristolyn Lloyd (Dayzee) and producer, Ed Scott, who also brought his lovely wife, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) of Y&R to the ceremony!

    Jess Walton On Her Return To Y&R!!

    Fans who have eagerly been waiting to see Daytime Emmy winner, Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) make her return to the number one soap, The Young and the Restless, will not have to wait much longer!

    According to Walton’s facebook page she related to her fans, colleagues, and followers: “Hi everybody! Well, I have taped about 8 episodes on the show that will start airing around the beginning of November! It is so good to be working with my dear friends again and hopefully we will be doing this back and forth thing commuting from Oregon for quite awhile to come.”

    What we hear is that Walton’s return on-air will be on the November 2nd episode, so circle your calendars as Jill is back!

    Former GH Alum Annie Wersching Joins The Cast of DALLAS!!

    General Hospital fans will remember beautiful Annie Wersching as conniving Amelia Joffe, who had a major axe to grind with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Fans of the hit FOX series 24 are also quite familiar with Wersching’s work as FBI agent Renee Walker! But now there is more news out of Southfork which will bring Annie to the hit TNT series, Dallas for season two!

    According to TV Line, Wersching will play the recurring role of “an ambitious and sexy transportation commissioner. Sources report that Wersching’s character, though married, just might mix it up with John Ross and/or Christopher.“

    Wersching has been quite busy of late, and in addition to her upcoming role on Dallas, fans of the ABC primetime series, Body of Proof will see her in the first two episodes of the third season of this dramatic series premiering in the TV mid-season.

    Watch a clip of Wersching and her nemesis, Sam McCall from GH.

    ABC Announces November Sweeps Preview For General Hospital!!

    ABC issued their official press releases for tune-in for their top daytime and primetime shows during the key November Sweeps ratings period! Here is what the alphabet network had to say about what is to come in Port Charles!

    “November is about family on ABC’s General Hospital, with family secrets that will change what everyone thought to be true, and includes a bittersweet goodbye. The Quartermaine, Scorpio and Corinthos families are shocked as loved ones return in body and in spirit. The truth is revealed about the mysterious Duke Lavery, while Patrick tries to move on with his life. The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving tradition continues as they give thanks for all that is involved in being a family – the good, the bad and everything in between…the circle of life. The November storylines coincide with the surprising return of fan favorite Sean Kanan. General Hospital airs Monday through Friday (2:00-3:00 p.m., ET).”

    Victoria Rowell Takes To Twitter To Let Fans Know She Will NOT Be Returning To Y&R!

    The outspoken Victoria Rowell, who many fans have hoped would finally get a shot at returning to The Young and the Restless as Drucilla Winters, let her followers and fans know on Twitter this morning that it is not happening.

    In a series of tweets aimed squarely at Sony, CBS, and Y&R executives, Rowell started with mentioning a moment last Friday when Sony Television Sr. VP. Steve Kent stated that a Drucilla return is not the creative direction the show is going in. Rowell then took to task the issue of minorities working behind-the-scenes at Y&R, something she had wanted to do with the number one sudser for quite some time. Here are Rowell’s tweets below!

    Victoria Rowell: “Sony TV Sr, VP STEVE KENT stated Friday that bringing back character DRU WINTERS is NOT the creative direction Young & Restless is going in. Head of Diversity at CBS, Josie Thomas asks if I can find work w/ another Network? CBS helmer, Leslie Moonves does not want me affiliated. ”

    “Here’s the scoop ppl – for years I tackled diversity issues behind the camera re: unfair practices for minority hiring on Young & Restless. Nat’l Urban League Pres. Marc Morial, Bill Bell Jr., Sony VP Steve Kent, and me met on Wall Street in NUL offices 2discuss hiring practices. Young & Restless soap in its history had NEVER hired an African American producer, writer or director, and its audience is over 50% black. I was told Steve Kent was trying to gets off Young & Restless while I was still there. And I knew that without anyone telling me. As a result Bell Dramatic Serial & Sony Pictures TV were forced to hire FIRST black female writer, Susan Dansby, a 4time EMMY winner on Y&R, There is nothing easy about speaking up for change – especially the blackball-bullying but rest assured there is more than CBS & soap opera! I gave 22 years to CBS on two shows…so, now you know the truth and it doesn’t take a Charlie Sheen moment to send a smart girl packing.”

    “The Y&R dirty soap issue of lack of minority hiring in writing, directing, producing went all the way to #1 sponsor, Proctor & Gamble. Thank National Urban League for pulling back the Y&R sheets and demanding change in the 21st century on a billion dollar CBS licensed show. WHY was Sally McDonald demoted from her producer position on Y&R – a woman, a mother, an enormous talent? They don’t want NORMA RAE there;) New Y&R Exec Prod, Head Writer Jill Farren-Phelps hawking costumer, Jen Johns…no style? DRU brought her own clothes to set. U know it. A reason, a season, a lifetime. Young & Restless finally has begun hiring minority directors as well. CBS helmer, Leslie Moonves, and I have a standing lunch meeting, now two years old. I worked for the network collectively for 22 years. I just ask that you FOLLOW me to my next gig!”

    DAYS James Scott In Sexy Music Video “Unforgotten” From Roxanna!!

    Add music video to James Scott’s (EJ DiMera) resume as the Days of our Lives heartthrob was apparently hand picked by recording artist, Roxanna for the official video to her new song, “Unforgotten”!

    In it, Scott plays the steamy lover of Roxanna as the video plays out between the past and present, or is it fantasy and reality? Roxanna acknowledged her desire to work with James Scott on her official website noting (regarding DAYS and Mr. Scott): “That show is my comfort food. It calms me down. And, come on, James is the hottest guy alive. I’m sure he thought I was a fan stalking him. We spent 18 hours in the desert for the video. It’s sultry and hot.”

    Now apparently, Roxanna tried to lure the often reclusive soap star by first visiting NBC studio to request him in the video, and then followed by emails and telephone calls! With three days to go before the shoot, at last, Scott responded with a thumbs-up!

    Nancy Lee Grahn To THE CHEW Nov. 8!

    "THE CHEW" - "The Chew" kicks off its month-long Thanksgiving celebration from turkey preparation to stuffing, desserts and sides. Celebrity guests include Reba, star of ABC's "Malibu Country" (Tuesday, Nov. 6), and Nancy Lee Grahn of ABC's "General Hospital" (Thursday, Nov. 8). On Wednesday, Nov. 21, "The Chew" unveils a "Very Special Thanksgiving" when hosts Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz share their favorite recipes, dining etiquette and entertaining tips for the Thanksgiving holiday. "The Chew" airs MONDAY-FRIDAY (1:00-2:00 p.m., ET).

    Kim Matula Staying At B&B!

    Matula updated fans on her Facebook page: "Lots of rumors are going around that I am leaving the show and I want to say that these rumors aaaaare..FALSE! I just renewed my contract and will be staying :)"

    Brian Austin Green Lawsuit Against Ex Vanessa Marcil Dismissed!

    The new daddy, who with wife Megan Fox confirmed on Wednesday that they'd welcomed son Noah Shannon, was dealt a legal blow after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge last Monday tossed out his lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil over purported unpaid loans.

    According to published reports, Green had been seeking $200,000 from his former ladylove, with whom he has a 10-year-old son, but Judge Barbara Meiers ruled that the actor's statute of limitations had run out.


    Bo breaks the news to Victor that he's leaving town so he can be with his mother as she seeks treatment for her early stage dementia.

    John and Marlena meet with Bo to say goodbye. John wonders if Bo's real reason for leaving is so he can hunt down Stefano, but Bo says his focus is on helping his mom.

    Later, the Brady family gathers to say goodbye to Bo and Caroline. At the gathering, Hope pulls Bo to the side and gives him two discs: One disc contains home movies and the other disc has information on Stefano.

    On their way out the door, Bo and Caroline share a tearful embrace with loved ones. "It's very hard to see them leave," says Mary Beth Evans. "Kayla and Roman are glad that Bo will be with Caroline, but it's a very scary time for the family."

    Later, Abe stops by to check on Kayla, who feels very alone after saying goodbye to her brother and her mother. "It's so sweet," smiles Evans. "Abe and Kayla have known each other for so long. They've both had losses. They both have kids. They're good friends and now they can be support for each other."

    ORPHAN BLACK Production Begins; Cast Includes Dylan Bruce!

    Start of production on BBC America’s new original series ORPHAN BLACK was announced today. The enthralling new (10 x 60) drama from Temple Street Productions stars previously announced Tatiana Maslany (Cas & Dylan) in the lead role of Sarah, an outsider and orphan whose life changes dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks just like her.

    Joining the principal cast is Maria Doyle Kennedy (THE TUDORS, DOWNTON ABBEY), Dylan Bruce (THE BAY, AS THE WORLD TURNS), and Jordan Gavaris (DEGRASSI). The series is shooting on location and in studio in Toronto, Ontario through February 2013.

    5 reasons why a return of A.J. Quartermaine would be good for ‘General Hospital’!

    5. To help fill the void that will be left from the departure of Steve Burton. The announcement of Kanan’s return coincided with the departure of Steve Burton who plays A.J.’s brother Jason Morgan leading some to speculate that Kanan may actually be a recast for the character of Jason Morgan. Although no one can fill the shoes of the Emmy Award winning Burton, Kanan would provide a distraction for viewers as A.J. and would bring much angst and will keep some Quartermaine blood in Port Charles.

    4. Carly Jacks (Laura Wright). It was actually Kanan’s version of A.J. who Carly had a one night stand with years ago leading to the birth of their child Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Over the years the Carly and A.J. battled over their child which eventually led to A.J. being forced to turn over his rights to mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard). It would be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Laura Wright’s version Carly would have with Kanan’s version of A.J. and it may bring back some of the fire that has seemed to be missing from the character of Carly lately.

    3. Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Two of Jason Morgan’s leading ladies will be left vulnerable. An injection of A.J. in both their lives would be quite interesting and would give Elizabeth a potential major storyline. Both ladies would have issues with A.J. because they both have deep feelings and have both had a child by Jason. Any possibilities of potential romance will add a great dynamic to the show.

    2. Sonny Corinthos and Michael Corinthos. There is much unresolved between A.J. and mob boss Sonny Corinthos and much of it has to do with A.J’s biological son Michael who was adopted by Sonny after he forced A.J. to sign away his rights. Michael barely knows A.J. and finding out the real reason on how Carly and Sonny got A.J. to sign over his parental rights will add angst between Michael and Sonny. As an adult, Michael will get the chance to decide whether or not he wants A.J in his life.

    1. The Quatermaines. Viewers have watched Port Charles most powerful and dysfunctional family dwindle over the years as a result of death and members of the family leaving town. With the real life death of John Ingle who played patriarch Edward Quartermaine, it is rumored that the character will die on screen also. A return of A.J would be the writers chance to finally revive the Quartermaines and give them a purpose beyond just Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) who is the lone character who gets any decent air time.

    Whether Kanan returns to GH as A.J. Quartermaine or a new character, there promises to be much excitement and a few surprises the next couple of weeks.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES Celebrates Spirit Day!

    Spirit Day is the annual day in October when millions of Americans wear purple to speak out against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth. DAYS OF OUR LIVES celebrated Spirit Day on Friday, October 19, with actors wearing purple and posing for pictures on the set including Bill Hayes, Kristian Alfonso, Freddie Smith, Kate Mansi, Blake Berris, Eric Martsolf and Nadia Bjorlin.

    The World Still Turns!

    Like many of you, writer Lynn Liccardo was a big fan of AS THE WORLD TURNS. And she's put down some of her memories and thoughts regarding the long-running soap in a brand new e-book entitled as the world stopped turning...

    From the author's description: "Notwithstanding the title and cover photograph, as the world stopped turning... is not a post-apocalyptic novel, but a collection of 18 essays considering the final years of AS THE WORLD TURNS, the soap opera that redefined the genre when it premiered in 1956. Written by a lifelong fan of the show, these essays weave together the show's history, characters, storylines, writers and producers, to create a context within which to consider, not just ATWT, but all soap operas, past and present."

    You can purchase the book for $9.99 and read a short sample of it by following this link.


    Lucas purposely interrupts an intimate moment between Sonny and Will this week when he beats down Sonny's door with the excuse that he wants Will to say goodbye to his grandma Caroline. Does this mean Lucas can't handle his son being intimate with another guy?

    "It's not that simple," says Dattilo. "Lucas doesn't want to see Will get hurt. He just wants to make sure Sonny doesn't take advantage of Will when he's in a vulnerable state."

    Dattilo admits that Lucas was taken aback when he saw Will being affectionate with Sonny a few weeks ago and he's trying to get used to being okay with it. "There's a shift in attitude that he has to make," says Dattilo.

    Dattilo goes on to talk about Lucas and Sami's relationship, saying Lucas was hurt when Sami picked EJ over him last summer but he would drop everything in a heartbeat to be with her. Shares the actor, "He loves her."


    "Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell are doing the unexpected with the characters that I think will prove quite interesting to the viewers," says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "They're really ramping up to Thanksgiving into the new year. They're writing a much more concise show. We're looking at shows airing in mid-March and we know where it's going to be in six months and it looks really good."

    John/Marlena/Kristen: Kristen's return poses a threat to John and Marlena's relationship. John believes Kristen has changed and Marlena doesn't. As a result, Marlena resorts to some underhanded, "un-Marlena-like" tactics. Says Corday, "[Marlena] doesn't tell John she's doing it and sooner or later, that's the kind of thing that comes back to bite you. But she's doing it for the sake of her relationship with John and the audience will be rooting for her."

    Sami/EJ: Sami and EJ grow closer as they start working together. Says Corday, "We're putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two."

    Eric's Return: Eric returns to Salem just in time for Thanksgiving. Corday says they brought him back because they wanted another character in his age range on the show and they wanted to give Nicole a front-burner story. (For those unaware, Eric is one of Nicole's many exes.)

    Gabi/Nick/Will/Sonny: Gabi receives big news that not only affects her relationship with Nick, but also affects Sonny, Will, Rafe and Sami. Says Corday, "We'll be seeing a lot of the under-25 crowd, which in the past has always proved successful."

    Kate/Stefano: Kate receives divorce papers from Stefano. She has a big story on the horizon.

    B&B's Stephanie Gets Musical Sendoff!

    To honor the exit of Susan Flannery (Stephanie) from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, the soap is throwing her alter ego the party to end all parties. And to make it even more memorable, all-female band Celtic Woman will be appearing on episodes airing Monday, November 12 and Tuesday, November 13.

    "I can't think of a more beautiful way to pay tribute to the character of Stephanie Forrester and her Irish heritage than to bring in Celtic Woman to serenade her," said executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell in a statement. "Their distinctive voice and angelic melodies were the perfect accompaniment to this powerful and emotional storyline."

    Celtic Woman will be performing the classic Irish standard "Danny Boy" as well as their new hit single, "The Parting Glass," which will be dedicated to Stephanie by Eric. So get your handkerchiefs ready, people (if they weren't already)!

    In The Week In The Year 2002!

    A slightly tipsy Brooke and Adam made love. Brooke was forced to hide Adam when Tad visited, and Tad kept asking her about the previous night. Everyone in Pine Valley gathered at Wildwind to remember Leo. Anna told David that she would like to name her child in memory of his brother. Kendall and Trey disagreed about what to do with Vanessa's diamonds, but Trey ultimately used them to get out of a sticky situation. Edmund tried to impress Maria on their date.

    Adam went home and convinced Abigail to return to Los Angeles with him. Molly arranged a meeting with Rosanna. As she agreed to tell Mike the truth, he approached them and reprimanded Rosanna. Bonnie continued to investigate the contents of the videotape. Marshall told Paul that James planned to return to Oakdale on Halloween. Paul agreed to give the videotape to Marshall in exchange for Marshall prosecuting James. Marshall hired Brandy to be at his disposal on Halloween. Will woke up and remembered starting the fire. He also remembered seeing Aaron trying to rescue him, but Barbara pressured him into implicating Aaron as the fire-starter. Aaron turned himself in and was put in jail, but Alison freed him, using Hal's keys. Lucy and Aaron fled to St. Louis to meet up with an old friend of his. Fearing the consequences of her actions and sad because she could not go with Lucy and Aaron, Alison ran away. Craig convinced Jack to allow press coverage of the wedding. Carly missed another appointment with the wedding photographer because she was consoling Craig. Rosanna hired Henry to put Carly and Craig under surveillance. Jack agreed to allow Katie and Simon to investigate the fire.

    C.J. continued to be agitated about Bridget and Mark's relationship. Massimo expressed his frustration to Sally about not being able to comfort Ridge. Amber told an unconscious Taylor that Erica was being released into James's custody. Taylor survived emergency heart surgery but was saddened to learn of the extent of her injuries as well as the prognosis if her heart rate did not remain below 90. Preparing for the worst, Taylor offered loving words of encouragement to Bridget, Brooke, Stephanie, and her children as her heart rate continued to rise. After her doctors told her there was nothing more that could be done, Taylor said a tearful goodbye to Ridge and died quietly in his arms.

    Abe was reluctant to trust Lexie, who couldn't figure out who was framing her for Hope and Zack's kidnapping, and the culprit was right under Abe's nose. Billie wanted out of her deal with Larry Welch after she realized how much she was hurting Bo, who was frantic to find his family. Hope tried to outsmart Larry's plan so she and Zack could escape. Philip's surprise for Belle's 18th birthday stirred old feelings for Chloe about Philip that seemed to shake Brady's confidence about his relationship with Chloe. Craig, Nancy, and Chloe shared a special moment with the new baby. The twins moved in to Hartley House as Shawn and Belle's respective roommates. John and Marlena devised a plan that would allow them to monitor the activity of the twins, their kids, Tony, and the "House of DiMera." Jennifer and Jack's spark of romance was short-lived when she finally admitted to Jack that she also had real feelings for Colin. Colin asked Tony to be released from his assignment so he could be with Jennifer.

    Courtney and Jason kissed, which resulted in uncomfortable feelings for both. Feeling competition from Brenda, Skye decided to go to Europe to discover the truth behind Brenda's fatal disease. Brenda admitted her attraction to Jax. Fearing that a poor moral image might hinder her chances to win the election, Alexis asked Ned to marry her. Elizabeth and Lucky decided to work together to locate Luke. The stalker continued to haunt Courtney. Sonny yelled at Carly about keeping Alexis' pregnancy a secret. Brenda told Sonny and Carly that she and Jason had gotten married.

    Alexander and the "ex-wives" club toppled Alan from his post at Spaulding, and then was even more horrified at sister dearest choice of guests at his wedding. Harley succumbed to Phillip's demands, and ended her relationship with a heartbroken Gus so she could win back custody of Zach. Eden and Tony, Ben and Marina; partners in crime, friends and/or forbidden love??? Phillip and Olivia ended up in very tight quarters minutes before the wedding trying to fight off their passion for each other. Cassie's eleventh hour change of heart didn't help much as Reva was sentenced to two years in prison. Cassie turned to Dax as a possible solution to help get Reva released from jail. Beth and Bill's relationship seemed to alienate just about everybody in Springfield, and was especially hurtful for Lizzie and Lillian. Danny asked Gus to help him put away Carmen, Maria and their associates by devising a plan to convict them for "his murder." Carmen thought discrepancies in her personal bank account and Cassie's mysterious payback on her loan were more than a coincidence.

    Carlotta's friend recognized Elizabeth as the woman Antonio was at the hotel with, but left town before she could tell anyone. Jessica and Seth got back together after Jessica realized that Natalie didn't really sleep with Seth. Carlotta unknowingly helped Jen's plan when she told everyone at Jen's shower that Natalie was in love with Cristian. Viki went to visit Allison Perkins at St. Ann's asylum, but Allison would only tell Viki to "ask Mitch." The mystery man who was watching Natalie came out of hiding, and it was revealed that he may be Mitch Laurence, the same man who brainwashed Allison into stealing Viki's baby.

    TC and Liz became fast friends, and he invited her to stay at his home. Eve was confronted with her past when she ran into Liz. Liz threatened to blow her out of the water. Theresa grieved over losing Ethan to Gwen. Pilar and Rebecca had a violent altercation. Rebecca sought revenge by getting Antonio to realize the truth about Luis and Sheridan. Beth seduced Luis and made sure Sheridan got an eye-full. Sheridan was devastated by what she saw, leading her to believe that her relationship with Luis was over.

    Michael dropped the charges against Lynne and Mary but Paul had already heard the details and attacked Michael. Mary told Christine the reason behind the break-in and Paul was stunned when Christine relayed the information to him. John grounded Colleen and warned J.T. to stay away from her. Olivia told Ashley that she watched the videotape and planned to tell Brad the truth. Ashley explained how she became pregnant and implored a non-committal Olivia to keep the secret. Drucilla confronted Brad about Olivia, and told Neil about the problems she's been having with Lily. Wes and Lily were not pleased when Dru and Neil decided that she and Lily would remain in Genoa City. Jack and Phyllis were stunned to learn she had been indicted and shocked when they watched an evidence surveillance tape from a hardware store revealing a woman bearing a striking resemblance to her purchasing a can of turpentine. Diane confessed her feelings to Jack and he finally realized she had set Phyllis up - just in time to stop Phyllis from leaving him. Noah and Cassie were very upset when Sharon and Nick told them they were separating. Despite Nikki's pleas to stay out of their children's personal lives, Victor urged Vicky and Nick to move on from the situation with Diego, to no avail.


    Monday ("Caroline Seeks Treatment")
    Rafe and Sami reveal their feelings for one another; Lucas interrupts a heated moment between Will and Sonny.

    Tuesday ("The Accident")
    Nicole worries that Daniel may find out her secret; Marlena tells Sami that she must quit her job with Kristen.

    Wednesday ("Leaving Town")
    Daniel gets ready to leave town with Nicole; Jennifer goes to Maggie for help; Abe comforts Kayla.

    Thursday ("Advice")
    Kristen gives EJ some advice; Will is angry when he learns that Lucas and Sonny had a fight.

    Friday ("Nicole Seeks Help")
    Nicole asks for help from an unlikely source; Nick and Gabi take the next step in their relationship.

    (The Family Fight)
    10/29, Sonny and Michael have a heartfelt conversation about their family; Carly reaches out to Sam.

    (The DNA Test)
    10/30, Steve gives Sam the DNA test; Todd worries that Heather will expose his lies.

    (The Party)
    10/31, Starr agrees to go with Michael to the party; Lulu and Dante discuss adopting a child; Maxie informs Patrick that she is moving out.

    11/1, N/A

    (Making Love)
    11/2, Starr gets an unexpected visitor; Sonny confides in Alexis about Kate.

    10/29, Stephanie and Eric look back at their relationship; Bill and Brooke use their resources to help them find Katie.

    (Looking for Help)
    10/30, Taylor finds an unexpected person at her doorstep; Brooke and Bill put a damper on Liam and Steffy's getaway.

    10/31, Bill and Brooke arrive in Aspen, Colo., hoping to find Katie; Katie starts her new life on the run.

    (Major Changes)
    11/1, Thomas wants to hold a meeting citing changes for the company; Stephanie makes an important decision.

    (Caring for her Son)
    11/2, Taylor wants everyone to respect Thomas as a leader; Brooke, Liam and Steffy are concerned about Bill.

    10/29, Billy is blackmailed; Jack takes pleasure in his takeover.

    10/30, Kevin's dreams fall apart; Harmony and Neil say goodbye.

    10/31, Sharon's secret could be exposed by Norah and Nick; Fen is worried about Summer's behavior.

    11/1, Adam goes to great lengths to protect Sharon; Chelsea and Chloe form an unexpected partnership.

    11/2, Jill comes back to Genoa City; Genevieve and Tucker say a heartbreaking farewell.

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    Donald Trump states his endorsement of Mitt Romney by admiring his stance on the country of China.
    Trump describes China as a "country that is ripping our heart out... And we [US] do nothing to protect ourselves."
    Then Donald Trump shares his clothing line in which David Letterman reveals that Trump's neckties are actually made in China.


    0 0


    Haven't watched tonight's episode yet (have it DVR'ed)...do I have some Sean/Alex goodness to look forward to?

    0 0

    Brandon Flowers Interview:

    Hello Brandon. What did you have for breakfast today?
    I have the same thing every day. I find it comforting. I have a banana, but I can never eat the whole banana. And I’ll drink a couple of Actimels. And some kind of cereal with almond milk. And then after that I have a Coke.

    I read that there is some debate among Mormons about whether you’re allowed to drink Coke.
    Yeah. There’s no doctrine about not drinking Coca-Cola. Coffee is still frowned upon. It’s the caffeine. I think people become reliant on coffee. And that can’t necessarily be a good thing.

    You have 18 nephews and nieces. Can you name all of them?
    Yeah (1). I think I could tell you all their middle names too.

    Have you had any contact with the other Brandon Flowers?
    The dude on the Kansas City Chiefs (2)? No.

    Apparently he earns $10m a year.
    Damn! I’m the wrong Brandon Flowers.

    The new Killers album, Battle Born, is named after the Nevada state slogan. Are you aware of the Nevada state fish?
    Is it some kind of trout?

    The Lahontan cutthroat trout, to be exact.
    Oh, I did know that. Our state animal is the bighorn sheep. Our bird is the bluebird.

    You know your Nevada.
    I’m proud of it. It’s my roots. Sage is our state plant. The bristlecone pine is the state tree.

    And the Killers have performed the state song …
    Yes, Home Means Nevada. I used to sing it in elementary school. It’s probably one of my earliest memories of music.

    Have you ever recorded it?
    Not really. Harry Reid is the Senate majority leader and he went to the same high school that my parents did, and when he gives speeches in Nevada, he comes out to our recording of Home Means Nevada that we did for him.

    And he is a Democrat?
    Democrat Mormon.

    Whereas Mitt Romney …
    Republican Mormon.

    What’s the political split between Mormons?
    We’re leaning on the Republican side. (Laughs). Probably, like, 90%.

    So you had lunch with Romney in Las Vegas?
    Yeah. It was fine. We went to Caesar’s Palace. I think I had a burger.

    Who picked up the tab?
    I think Mitt might’ve got that one. He was in Vegas and I was home and we were just kind of shooting the breeze.

    And has he asked for your support?
    Um, yeah (3). We also get asked from Obama. People focus on Romney, but we don’t campaign for Obama either.

    But you have done for Harry Reid.
    Yeah, we have a different connection to Harry. Harry knows my aunt Barbara.

    It’s quite an odd thing to be in a tussle between politicians.
    But you know, I keep saying it, I feel like a broken record but we’re neutral. We’ve never really embraced one side or the other, or used our success to really preach like that.

    How many times have interviewers asked whether you’re human or dancer?
    Probably about 50. I give different answers. But I don’t know that I’ve ever said dancer. I’m not a great dancer.

    Mormons are not supposed to drink alcohol. So have you never been drunk?
    I have been drunk. I haven’t drank in five or six years. And I will probably never be drunk again.

    You live in Vegas. It seems quite brash: all sex and gambling. A bit like Blackpool.
    I’ve been to Blackpool. It’s not like Blackpool.

    You were a Vegas hotel bellman. What does that job involve?
    Say you want to kill a couple of hours before your plane and you want to go and gamble or get a hooker, you leave your bags with me. You’d come back when you’re finished and you would give me your tag and I would give you your bag. And you would tip me.

    For Brits visiting America, the tipping thing can be very troubling. Like, when should you give them a dollar and when shouldn’t you?
    Don’t ever give anyone a dollar.

    Too low?
    Yeah. Maybe if it was like 1965.

    You recently had a debate on Swedish TV with prominent atheist Richard Dawkins (4).
    Yeah, let me say this. I gave some decent answers that were edited out. So, the world is against the Christian man.

    Did you know Dawkins was going on?
    I found out the day before and I know who he is, and I knew about The God Delusion and all of those things. For him he sees the beauty in science proving something and finding out origins of things. And that’s enough for him. Nothing that science will ever find will disprove that God had a hand in it, for me. So it’s a useless debate. And nothing that has been found has changed the gospel that I believe in.

    Did you speak to him on the phone afterwards, as was mooted?
    No, I would like to. I have issues with him. He generalises things about my church and kind of drags it through the dirt a lot.

    Are you working on this year’s Killers Christmas single yet?
    Well, let me just go back to it. It’s just there’s so much to be said by his behaviour and the way that he is in interviews, for the most part. I’ve seen other interviews with him.

    Words like “conman” and “fake” did seem designed to provoke a reaction.
    Yeah, and this is information that he’s getting off the internet! [Laughs] He’s this smart guy and getting his information from the wrong places. That was really what frustrated me.

    Why would you want to speak to him again?
    I’d like him to just stop dragging [my church] through the mud.

    Which is unlikely to happen.
    Oh it’s fine. He’s an unhappy old lemon tree. I’m a peach.

    The video in which Brandon is referring to:

    Some pics:

    David Keuning Interview

    Source: 1, 2,  

    Is it just me but these days all he ever seems to wear is that leather jacket...
    Also Richard Dawkins/Brandon Flowers is such an odd pairing in the first place. It sucks they cut out his answers, it would've been more fair to hear both sides properly. But I don't get why it's so hard to just respect someone else's beliefs if they're not shoving it down your throat?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr (LOL) isn’t known for holding her piece. But the actress-activist has upset members of the transgender community with some comments she posted on Twitter.

    When one of her Twitter followers mentioned that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “is also in favour of letting men into spaces where little girls get changed.”—a reference to Stein’s support for trans rights—Barr tweeted back, “if she has a penis she is not allowed in.

    When a Twitter user accused Barr of transphobia, she tweeted back, “Women do not want
    your penises forced in their faces or in our private bathrooms. Respect that FACT

    Angry tweets came fast and furious, with many trans folks and their allies expressing dismay that someone like Barr was taking such a stance.

    One replied: “@TheRealRoseanne, I’m extremely disgusted in your transphobic behaviour. I HAD a lot of respect for you. You are no ally.”

    More recently, Barr tweeted: “I remember when the LGBT community stopped supporting NAMBLA” and claimed “I was instrumental in forcing lgbts to dis include man boy love as part of their program.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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