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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Rivera had been working on her autobiography before she died, scribbling chapters in a notebook. From the abuse she suffered at the hands of her first husband, her suicide attempt at 19, a rape she endured at the beginning her career, to the excitement she felt at the news that all four broadcast networks were interested in picking up a sitcom based on her life, Rivera did not hold anything back.

    The book – released on what would have been Rivera’s 44th birthday – is a testament to why fans on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border loved her. Her autobiography – in her own words and the only one authorized by her family – sets the record straight on the legacy she wanted to leave behind.

    The love she kept a secret
    Rivera, who had filed for divorce from her third husband, Mexican baseball player Esteban Marin, several months before her death, was also honest with her fans about the ups and downs in her love life. But there was one romance she kept a secret to all but her close friends and family: a man that gave her “the passion and the devotion that I’d always wanted,” wrote Rivera.

    Rivera’s mystery man was named Fernando and the two met in 2003. Rivera describes him as a “cholo,” a “bald-headed guy” who swept her off her feet. Fernando was a friend who exposed her to marijuana (“I couldn’t stop laughing,” she wrote, of smoking with him) and who loved her “for the passionate, down, crazy, gangsta woman I was when the spotlight was off.” The two broke things off but Rivera wrote that when she cried on stage, it “was almost always for Fernando.”

    The english language album that she never released

    Rivera reveals that she recorded “about eight songs in English” between 2003 and 2004. “I wanted to do an English album,” she shares, but on the counsel of her father, decided not to for fear of alienating her Latino fans. Instead, she released “Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida” in 2005 and shortly afterwards, sold out a performance at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California.

    “As I pulled up to the theater, Hollywood Boulevard was swamped. As I looked at the lines of people wearing Jenni Rivera T-shirts, I got choked up,” Rivera wrote. “Can you believe it? I said to nobody in particular. The nerd from the LBC sold out the Kodak.”

    On the rape that impacted her forever

    Rivera used her style of Mexican norteña and banda music to publicize her personal struggles, earning millions of female fans who could relate to the physical and sexual abuse Rivera endured. She wrote honestly about the domestic abuse at the hands of her first husband José Trinidad Marín and also revealed that in 1997, she had been raped just after taping her very first music video for the single “La Chacalosa.”

    “I silently thanked God as I was slammed onto the sidewalk, realizing that it was finally over,” wrote Rivera of the night she was raped by a man whose advances she had rejected. “But the damage was done. I sat on the curb, numb. I couldn’t cry. I was just relieved to be alive. I vowed that I would never tell anyone of my shame.”

    But Rivera realized there was strength in adversity, and offered fans a peek into the spirit that shaped her character. “My soul had been shattered but to the outside world I did just as I had been taught since I was a little girl,” wrote Rivera. “I kept my head up and continued forward.”


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    Like the title of Hollywood idol Tom’s latest movie, Tony’s wild lifestyle was also propelling him towards Oblivion – and a brush with death

    Five rampant girls were hunkered around Tom Cruise lookalike Tony Stowell on the bed, tearing off his white naval uniform copied from A Few Good Men.

    Within seconds he was naked. And an hour later, high on champagne from yet another personal appearance as the Hollywood star’s spitting image, he passed out.

    When Tony awoke the girls were asleep around him in a hotel room littered with empty bubbly bottles.

    His body was covered in scratches. He supposed they must have all had sex with him, but the lad from Hull – catapulted into the beds of hundreds of women because of his striking resemblance to the Top Gun star– couldn’t remember in his drunken haze.

    "Lust-crazy women would just throw themselves at me because of who I looked like,” says Tony.

    “I was partying with the stars, earning a fortune and having sex everywhere.”

    But, like the title of Hollywood idol Tom’s latest movie, Tony’s wild lifestyle was also propelling him towards Oblivion – and a brush with death.

    Tony, now 44 and a father of two, was a teenager when his uncanny resemblance to Tom was spotted by a model agency.

    He joined the books of music mogul Nigel Martin-Smith, the man who discovered Take That, shortly after Cruise’s 1986 smash hit movie Top Gun transformed him into a global heart-throb.

    And Tony’s life was transformed too. He reveals: “Overnight I went from being Mr Nobody walking the streets of Hull to this figure of lust for hundreds of women.

    “I suddenly found myself earning up to a £1,000 a night doing personal appearances in nightclubs, which was a fortune back in the late 80s, early 90s.

    “I was partying in all the top London clubs like String-fellows and the Hippodrome with stars like Robbie Williams and Martin Kemp.

    "I spent thousands on booze.”

    Dedicated Tony went all out to match everything about Tom’s appearance.

    “It was everything,” he says. “Right down to the famous Aviator sunglasses which I wore 24/7 come rain or shine.

    “Girls threw themselves at me, often offering me sex just minutes after meeting them.

    "I’ve had sex in nightclub toilets, fire escapes, the back of taxis... everywhere.”

    Tony travelled the world first class, opening everything from supermarkets to shopping malls and cinemas.

    The six-in-a-bed night stands out in his memory.

    “I was in London and I ended up back at my hotel with five girls after doing a personal appearance in Cruise’s most famous outfit – the white naval officer’s uniform he wore in A Few Good Men.

    “We all fell onto the bed in a drunken heap and they tore my outfit off. I was so drunk I must have passed out after an hour.

    "I can’t even remember if I’d actually had sex but when I woke up I had scratch marks all over my body.

    "The girls were all asleep on the bed surrounded by empty champagne bottles which I had paid for.

    “Most of the girls I slept with were in their 20s but I had women of all ages wanting to sleep with me including a mother and daughter who approached me after a personal appearance in Newcastle.

    "They started arguing about who was going to have me first. For once I got cold feet and legged it through the nearest exit.”

    While the number of conquests rose, Tony struggled to keep count. “I must have easily slept with over 500 women,” he recalls.

    “Lust-crazy girls would try to pick me up in supermarkets and gyms where I worked out to keep my body muscled up like Tom’s.

    “Looking back I think my behaviour was disgusting but at the time I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.

    "I was happy to fulfil ladies’ fantasies that they were actually sleeping with Tom.

    “For each new film of Tom’s that came out I’d change my look to match his. When Mission Impossible was released in 1996, I cropped my hair and began wearing tight black T-shirts and leather jackets like Tom.

    “That was another successful period when women couldn’t resist me. Some even offered me money to sleep with them but I always refused.

    “Once a very famous actress wanted to sleep with me but I turned her down because she wanted her husband to watch as we made love so they could play up to the fantasy that she was having sex with Tom Cruise.”

    But while Tony was leading his debauched lifestyle away from home he kept one big secret from his fans – he was married.

    In his early 20s, at the height of his lookalike work, Tony married Icelander Jona ­, then 23, after a whirlwind romance.

    “It didn’t change my ways one bit and I carried on living my life as if I was a single man. Thinking about it now I feel ashamed of my behaviour.

    "Eventually Jona got sick of me never being home and finding phone numbers of girls stuffed into my jacket.

    We split up after 18 months on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

    “Basically I was too immature and selfish to change my ways. Jona, who is a champion bodybuilder, returned to Iceland after we divorced.”

    After his marriage collapsed Tony’s party lifestyle continued at full speed but his fast living eventually caught up with him when he suffered a stroke at just 25.

    He said: “My body was running on empty from all the booze, late nights, fast food and travelling. I was never into drugs, even though cocaine was always available, but I’d drink like a fish when I was out partying.

    “Looking like Tom meant I never had to buy a drink, which was another big plus. Some nights I’d wash down bottles of bubbly with white wine and soda and lose count of what I had drunk.

    “One day I collapsed at my mum’s house and was rushed into Hull Royal Infirmary. Medical tests later revealed I had had a stroke.

    “I lost part of my memory, my vision went and I lost some mobility. It took me months to recover and from that moment I realised I couldn’t carry on as I was.”

    Tony, now a qualified psychologist and part-time model, has transformed his life thanks to new partner Chantal Stephenson, 44.

    Together they have two children – daughter Indie,13, and son Rio,12.

    Tony says: “I might not have Tom’s money or fame but I am far happier now with what I have – a partner I love and two beautiful children. That old lifestyle is behind me for good now.

    “I still get stopped in the street saying I look like Tom but now I just laugh it off.

    “I’m just happy being plain Mr Stowell from now on.”


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    Stacey Plaisance for Associated Press writes:
    The teenage daughters of rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman are in New Orleans with their dads this weekend, but it's the girls who are greeting fans and signing autographs at the Essence Festival. Reginae (REH-jih-nay) Carter is the 14-year-old daughter of Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter. She collaborated with 16-year-old Bria Williams, daughter of Bryan "Birdman" Williams on a teen novel, "Paparazzi Princesses." It's based on stories and characters inspired by their own life experiences.

    "It's about the ups and downs of having celebrity parents," Reginae Carter said. "It's about how we go through everyday drama like everybody else."

    They hope their book will inspire more teens to read. "Every book is not everybody's choice," Carter said, adding that she likes the idea of book clubs, where teens can get together and read the same thing. "We hope they'll read ours."

    The book covers the privileges and challenges of being teenagers whose fathers are hip-hop stars. The characters learn how to shuffle red carpet events, school, and relationships with friends and their parents while trying to find their own identities in the shadows of their famous fathers.

    The girls signed copies of their book Saturday at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, where the Essence Festival is holding seminars on health, beauty, relationships and education. The girls, whose dads have been friends and musical collaborators for years, said they have the same worries and stresses as most teenagers, including peer pressure at school, chores and family relationships.

    Both said they're also not immune to being punished just because their dads are famous. "I had my phone taken away because I was talking on it too much," Williams said. "Me too," Carter said, as she giggled with her friend.

    The teens are scheduled to continue their book tour in other cities through the summer. They're in Washington on Monday and Orlando, Fla., next week. But they have bigger plans when fall rolls around - a trip with friends to Disney World.

    The girls, like their famous fathers, are from New Orleans. Bria now lives in Miami, and Reginae lives in Atlanta. "But we text each other all the time," Carter said. Williams said being in New Orleans for Essence is a much-welcomed homecoming. "All my family lives here, and I get to see my cousins," she said.

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    Toronto Maple Leaf captain Dion Phaneuf and Hollywood actress Elisha Cuthbert married


    Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf married actress Elisha Cuthbert at a private ceremony on Saturday.

    Phaneuf, 28, and Cuthbert, 30, have been together since 2008 when the defenceman was a member of the Calgary Flames.

    Cuthbert is best known for her roles on the children's program "Popular Mechanics for Kids" and the television drama "24."

    The ceremony took place at St. James Catholic Church in Summerfield, P.E.I., while the reception was held at the couple's summer residence in New London.

    The couple drove away from the ceremony in a vintage Camero SS that Cuthbert gave to Phaneuf as a wedding gift.

    ( Source 1 )


    Actress Elisha Cuthbert is a married woman after exchanging vows with ice hockey star Dion Phaneuf.

    The 24 beauty wed her longtime beau, Toronto Maple Leafs captain Phaneuf, in a romantic outdoor ceremony at St. James Catholic Church on Prince Edward Island in their native Canada on Saturday.

    More than 300 guests were in attendance at the nuptials and they celebrated the union with a reception at the groom's waterfront estate nearby, according to the National Post.

    Speaking before the wedding, Reverend Paul Egan, who led the service, told the local publication, "It's a big wedding. Probably the biggest I've ever done in my 46 years, as far as the celebrity part of it goes."

    The couple began dating in 2008 and the 28-year-old sportsman popped the question last year.

    Cuthbert, 32, has always been a fan of ice hockey's leading men - the star has previously dated Sean Avery and Phaneuf's former Maple Leafs teammate Mike Komisarek.

    ( Source 2 )


    SUMMERFIELD, P.E.I.—The bride was a half hour late and the groom was “a wreck".

    “Is this normal?" an anxious, fidgeting Dion Phaneuf asked the priest. “Does this happen a lot? Uh, what am I supposed to do now?"

    Rev. Paul Egan: “Calm down son. Brides are always late." Pause. “Never had one late by half an hour though."

    Thirty minutes. A life time, or close to the Maple Leaf captain’s typical ice minutes in any given game.

    The guests were already assembled, expectantly, inside St. James Catholic Church, sticky and wilting in their pretty finery, no air conditioning on a blistering hot Saturday afternoon. And what a sports glitterati crowd it was: More than a dozen of Phaneuf’s teammates, Leaf executives, a slimmed down Brian Burke — the kind of celebrity-studded roster this island has never before witnessed.

    Finally, well past the appointed hour, the bride came over the bench. Actress Elisha Cuthbert, genuine Hollywood bold face, arrived in a froth of veiling and silk, delivered to the church in a vintage black Camaro convertible — top up — stopping only briefly outside to turn and wave to cheering spectators who’d lined the highway.

    Twenty minutes later, Mr. and Mrs. Dion Phaneuf emerged, beaming. He got behind the wheel and off they drove to Phaneuf’s sprawling shoreline estate just outside New London, down a private road guarded by hired security, no doubt to dance the night away.

    The couple had tried mighty hard to keep their wedding in the vault, few details leaking, and guests allegedly discouraged from tweeting out any of the details. At Thursday’s rehearsal, Cuthbert remained inside the church until a small huddle of paparazzi had given up and left photo-less.

    It’s not a very aggressive media, here on Prince Edward Island. Really, yours truly was the only trespasser attempting to crawl through the brush abutting Phaneuf’s property, thinking, I’m getting way too old for this.

    My usual go-to Leaf contacts weren't having anything to do with abetting the enemy. “Will not assist in any way," emailed one insider. “The Star looks like the Sun here."

    See, that doesn’t bother me. The last time I was in P.E.I. on assignment, stalking another individual — this one with a restraining order in hand — a furious Supreme Court judge gave me 24 hours to get off the island or he would throw my arse in jail.

    Surely Phaneuf would not be so touchy. I mean heck, this is a guy I’ve seen naked.

    Okay, too much information.

    But it was a beautiful wedding in a lovely setting, designed and arranged by the couple without any professional help. Engaged for a year, they’d had ample time to plan every detail.

    Taking a cue from the royal wedding of William and Kate two years ago, Elisha brought the outdoors indoors with half-a-dozen maple leaf saplings scattered around the pews, bouquets of white roses and freesia festooned along the aisle, ceremonial music provided by trio of flutist, violinist and piano player, a bagpiper just beyond the threshold.

    Egan, parish pastor for nearly two decades, recalls 11-year-old Phaneuf coming to this church with his parents, both of whom hail from prominent P.E.I. families. “Islanders have tried to be respectful about this wedding," Egan told the Star. “Of course, we’re used to seeing Dion and his fiancée around here in the summer. They’re just normal people.

    “Maybe outsiders think this is a special wedding but, you know, all weddings are special."

    Indeed, yet there’s certainly an extraordinary component in what amounted to a Leaf invasion.

    Two buses had pulled up, decanting players, friends and family, Leafs ambling in that jock-walk way as non-invitee civilians ogled: Who’s that? Who’s that? Who’s that?

    Well, that’s Phil Kessel and that’s James Reimer and that’s James van Riemsdyk and that’s Tyler Bozak — newly re-signed — and that’s Carl Gunnarsson and that’s just traded away Ben Scrivens. If Joffrey Lupul was present, I never clocked him.

    Still, apparently, not enough Leaf-candy for some of the gawkers. “I thought Sydney Crosby was supposed to be here," grumped one lady, Wendy Walker, on the highway verge. “He was seen at Cornwall yesterday. That’s who I’m here for."

    Well, why would Crosby be at Phaneuf’s nuptials?

    “A beautiful ceremony," Leaf chairman Larry Tanenbaum said afterwards. “They looked like they were in love, as they should be and hopefully will be forever."

    The Leaf suits flew in on a private jet Saturday morning.

    GM Dave Nonis, fresh off a busy Day 1 of free agent wheeling and dealing, was debonair in pale window-pane check suit. “It was perfect, just like you’d expect. They looked very happy, you could see it in their faces."

    He spent some time chatting after the vows were exchanged with now ex-Leaf Mike Komisarek, no hard feelings. “Not at all." Asked what else he might have up his sleeve on the player acquisition front, Nonis was cagey. “We’re going to try to do a few more things. We’ll see. I’ll be back at it tomorrow."

    While Phaneuf has more than his share of critics — Lord knows they came howling out of the woodwork during Toronto’s seven-game, first-round playoff loss to Boston — he’s clearly held in high esteem by teammates. It’s no small jaunt, humping out to P.E.I.

    “I can’t say if he was nervous," reported John-Michael Liles. “I was too far back in the church to see anything."

    One busload of Leafs left the church and stopped at a chip wagon not far distant for popsicles en route to the reception and a bit of junk food to carry them over, tummies apparently rumbling — though a groaning board spread of lobster, chicken and a vegetarian dish awaited them.

    “It’s great to see the players again," said Burke, tie typically removed. “Haven’t seen ’em since I got gassed."

    The former Leaf general manager came stag. “I was told I could bring a date but I wanted to spend time with the guys."

    Looked like it would be a long night at the reception bash for Elisha Ann Cuthbert and Dion Ronald Phaneuf — mister and missus now — under the marquee tents erected on the lawns stretching down to the water, birds twittering in the trees, almost impossibly romantic.

    I, wedding crasher, backed off.

    Got a bouquet from the church, though, and a formal wedding program.

    “Go on, steal one," urged the good-humored priest. “I’ll forgive you."

    ( Source 3 )

    My husband was late to my wedding too... longest 20 minutes of my life.
    Anyone else with a tardy significant other?

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  • 07/06/13--20:15: This is a Godney post.

  • Britney Spears took her sons to the Sky High Sports Trampoline Park in Woodland Hills, CA on Saturday. Later in the day, Britney was seen grabbing a copy of “Thirst No.5 The Sacred Veil” by author Christopher Pike, a prolific writer of teen novels.

    Womanizer is Britney's fourth music video with over 100 million views!

    The Asiana Airlines Flight 214, from Seoul, South Korea, hit the runway tail first, causing it to break off and ignite a fire. “The plane started coming in at an odd angle, there was a huge bang and you could see the cloud of huge black smoke,” Kate Belding, who was jogging near the airport at the time of the crash, told KPIX.

    Basic Fan

    EW @ that girl. Britney was with her kids and should not have to take pictures. Your thoughts on the matter ONTD? If you were a celeb with your young children would you want to take pictures?

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    Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward — the duo who perform under the name She & Him — were the headliners of the first night of the inaugural Toronto Urban Roots Fest at Fort York on Thursday night.

    Before they took the outdoor stage, though, audience members were served with a request — posted at the entrance, at least, if generally unseen — to avoid pointing their smartphones at the musicians.

    Does the star of the sitcom New Girl prefer to sing without distractions lit up in the crowd?

    Maybe not, as her musical collaborator Ward has been particularly unenthusiastic about mobile devices being pointed in his direction while performing.

    Regardless, the manager of She & Him stated that it was Deschanel who was specifically opposed to the phones.


    What do you think, ONTD? Should artists be allowed to forbid audiences from taking photos and recording during live shows?

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    Helen Flanagan has slammed reports that she's been self harming, after the Corrie babe posted a picture to Instagram that showed scratch marks on her chest, taking to Twitter to deny the rumours, saying that she "wouldn't even justify the reports with an explanation."

    The actress has found herself surrounded by many cheating rumours this week, following claims that footballer beau Scott Sinclair 'sexted' attractive presenter Donatella Panayiotou, according to The Sun.

    Helen took to Twitter yesterday to post the pic, with the caption: "Having my blow dry and really embarrassed by my scratchy chest‚ it was ­really itchy and it looks like I've been mauled by a cat," she wrote.
    The image led several tabloids to claim that she had "sparked fears for her health" with the scars.

    "There is no words," she tweeted about the articles. "Really there is no words. Self harm? Are you sure. FFS." (sic)

    "I had a f**king scratchy chest. I won't even justify this s**t with an explanation."


    helen shared this snap of her scratched chest yesterday (Photo: Instagram/Helen Flanagan)
    The rumours came after Helen's boyfriend Sinclair is understood to have sent a string of saucy texts to Panayiotou after they met in the South of France earlier this year.

    “U would look so much better with everything off,” reads one of the messages he allegedly sent from the WhatsApp application on his phone.

    Helen has allegedly since decided to 'modify' an intimate 'Scott' tattoo that she had, as she attempts to recover from the bombshell – which comes just weeks after the £6,500 home she shared with him was broken into by armed robbers.

    The actress looked devastated last Sunday when she was spotted leaving the property with her eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

    Helen and her beau Scott pre-sexting rumours (Photo: WENN)
    Her devoted parents Paul and Julia were later seen ferrying boxes from the house and cramming them in the boot of their car, fuelling speculation that Helen had kicked her footballer boyfriend into touch.

    “His excuses are wearing thin and Helen just wasn't buying it yesterday,” a pal told The Sun shortly afterwards. “It may sound naïve, but Helen has always told her friends, 'The one thing Scott would never do is cheat on me.'

    “She's gone to stay with friends in Manchester to get her head together.”


    0 0

    With the Elementary’s first season completed and BBC Sherlock’s third season still in the works, I’d like to take the time to write a potentially dangerous post: a side-by-side comparison of both of these modern reimaginings of Sherlock Holmes. By the end of Elementary’s finale, a few of us here at Nerdophiles were in agreement: Elementary had surpassed our expectations, and even dethroned Sherlock as our favorite interpretation of the Conan Doyle stories.


    Now wait a minute, before you start typing angrily at me, you should know I’m of the opinion that you can be a fan of both shows. That opinion got me into hot water early on with Elementary fans, but in their defense, people were saying absolutely horrid things about the upcoming show, particularly about Lucy Liu being cast as Joan Watson. I don’t blame them for not wanting to hear, “Why can’t we all just get along?” I’d been skeptical of the show creators’ intentions early on, but I was never skeptical of Liu being cast. In fact, that was the one thing that ensured that I would be watching the show.

    Joan Watson did not disappoint. None of the characters did. But I understand that some people who did give the show a chance didn’t stick with it. The trouble with 20+ episode seasons is that many episodes are bound to feel like filler, and Elementary is no exception. But the series got its sea legs, the character development was gorgeous, and the Moriarty arc in particular was stunning.

    Anyone who was worried that Elementary was going to be a cheap rip-off of Sherlock needs to know that that’s not the case at all. So against my better judgment, I decided to do a side-by-side character comparison to show how Elementary is different, and how different is very, very good.

    (NOTE: If you’ve managed to avoid major spoilers and wish to continue to do so, do not read the sections on Irene Adler and Moriarty.)

    Sherlock Holmes/Sherlock Holmes


    When Benedict Cumberbatch’s Frankenstein costar was cast to play CBS version of the modern Holmes, it somehow felt like a sort of sinister plot against the existing BBC show. In retrospect, it was probably an incredibly clever decision. If you’ve seen both versions of Frankenstein, you know that while Cumberbatch and Miller were taking turns playing both lead characters within one play, they managed to bring their own flavor to each role. They’re both stunningly brilliant actors. So who better to take a recently updated classic character and play him completely differently?

    Cumberbatch is often (deservingly) praised for the way he completely immerses himself in his characters, and if you haven’t watched Elementary, I need you to read this very carefully: Jonny Lee Miller is deeply committed to and immersed in his version of Holmes as well. His speech, his mannerisms and physicality, his penchant for novelty t-shirts while also choosing to button his dress shirts all the way up, his intense emotional responses despite his efforts to stay disconnected, his passion for bees, and of course, his incredible observational skills – it all makes for a seriously compelling character, and one that is very different from all the other portrayals that are out there, while maintaining the core of who Sherlock Holmes is. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miller talked about how he read the original Holmes as someone who generally likes to help those in need, despite his cool and sometimes detached personality. Miller also discussed working on Holmes’ physical tics and how he felt they matched the way Holmes’ mind works. And with that, Elementary fans rejoiced all over again, because Miller gets it. He really does.

    John Watson/Joan Watson


    While I adore Martin Freeman’s long-suffering army doctor Watson, I’m going to be frank: Joan Watson is a hell of a lot more helpful on a case. Before Elementary was even a thing, I wondered why Sherlock would bother having John examine a body or Carl Powers’ shoe if all John ever provided was incorrect deductions or correct deductions that Sherlock had already deduced himself. Points for effort when John was left on his own in “The Great Game,” but even then, Sherlock tells John he “knew he’d get there eventually,” implying that Sherlock already had the answers he needed.

    Joan, on the other hand, was solving cases on her own by the end of the season. Already sharp and observant, Joan was more than capable of growing into a high-caliber consulting detective. You’ll notice that Sherlock actively cultivated her natural talents, and praised her accomplishment. Both the professional and personal relationships between Sherlock and Joan took time to develop and we see that development, whereas it feels we missed a lot of the development between Sherlock and John. But perhaps that’s the downfall of having short seasons.

    D.I. Lestrade/Captain Gregson


    All I want is a silver-fox spinoff about Lestrade and Gregson working together to solve crimes while their Holmeses and Watsons are on vacation or something. Because remember, Lestrade and Gregson were the most competent officers of Scotland Yard. They’d get stuff done. But anyway, I think the only thing I really have to say in this case is that I’d like some more insight into Sherlock and Lestrade’s relationship. There are a lot of headcanons and fanfictions out there that explore Sherlock’s assumed days of drug use and Lestrade’s possible role in his recovery. But I want more. Elementary gave us Sherlock the confirmed addict and focused heavily on his feelings of failure, guilt, and his recovery, which I think was a great way to address Sherlock Holmes’ canon drug use in modern context. And it gave us Gregson, who knew Sherlock was a recovering addict before he told him, and still trusted him to get the job done. There’s a friendship and professional respect between Sherlock and Gregson that I really appreciate.

    Sally Donovan/Anderson/Marcus Bell


    Sally and Anderson are entirely undervalued. While Sherlock Holmes is supposed to be a step or several ahead of the police force, they’re still, you know, the police force. “Anderson lowers the IQ of the whole street” was funny for a while, but now Anderson had become synonymous with stupidity, and it’s more annoying than funny. But it’s not like the show has given fans much more to go on when it comes to secondary characters. And when the writers have given Anderson and Sally agency – particularly when they go to Lestrade with their suspicions about Sherlock – the fandom hatred comes pouring down in buckets. Sally is a competent detective with every reason to question Sherlock. But instead of considering this, fans just call her a bitch, which is as much the fault of fans’ blind love for title character as it is of the writers using potentially great secondary characters for cheap jokes.

    Elementary’s Detective Marcus Bell gets the traditional introduction to Holmes, Bell is like, “Who the heck is this guy,” and Sherlock’s all “I’m a consultant and I see things you don’t [deduce deduce solve].” But the working relationship between Sherlock and Bell doesn’t end there. They actually work together. Bell is also a very competent detective. He furthers the investigation. Sherlock may have a special skill set, but he still doesn’t find everything on his own. And hallelujah, we get to know Bell as a person as well. Check out “Details” (episode 16) for some Marcus Bell backstory and some wonderful acting from Jon Michael Hill.

    Mrs. Hudson/Ms. Hudson


    Una Stubbs is a lovely woman and a lovely Mrs. Hudson, caring for her tenants boys while reminding them she’s not their housekeeper. It would have been easy to find someone to play a similar landlady on Elementary, but it was just as easy to make the character their own. So they gave us Ms. Hudson, a beautiful, brilliant trans woman, played by Candis Cayne, a beautiful, brilliant trans woman. It’s been said already, but this is really important. Ms. Hudson is not tokenized or stereotyped, or portrayed by a cis woman. She’s a self-taught expert in Greek and a trusted consultant on many of Sherlock’s cases. Her introduction was about the time I started hearing people say that Elementary was “trying too hard to be diverse.” News flash, guys: There’s no such thing as being “too diverse.” Pretty much everything else out there is not diverse enough, and that’s been accepted as the norm. I hope to see a lot more of Ms. Hudson in season two. Ms. Hudson consulting on cases. Ms. Hudson clearing the clutter Sherlock has made (and in the process, helping to solve a case). Ms. Hudson sitting by the fire with Joan. Give me more Ms. Hudson.

    Irene Adler/Irene Adler


    I’ve already written a gender-and-pop-culture paper on Sherlock’s Irene Adler, so I’ll try to keep it brief. While on the surface, Adler the dominatrix is an interesting take, giving the character both professional and sexual agency, she was also made a victim (depending on how you read the end of “A Scandal in Belgravia”) and a single line identifying her as queer was mostly used to further the reading of Sherlock and John’s relationship.

    Of course, Elementary’s Irene Adler isn’t much more than a love interest for Sherlock at first. I did love the bit about her keeping the original painting instead of restoring it because it took away from the history. But let’s move on to the next character comparison so we can really talk about Natalie Dormer’s part on this show.

    Jim Moriarty/Moriarty


    Ah yes, the Napoleon of crime. I was blown away by Andrew Scott’s portrayal of Jim Moriarty, particularly on the roof in “The Reichenbach Fall.” I know not everyone was into Scott’s campy portrayal, but I thought it was interesting and different. It was all a game to him, but he also appeared to be tragically unhinged.

    So you have to understand, when I say Natalie Dormer is my favorite Moriarty of all time, it’s coming from someone with high expectations of the character of Moriarty. To me, this is the most common-sense consolidation of canon Sherlock Holmes characters that could possibly be made. Irene Adler is supposed to be the only woman to ever outsmart Holmes. Yet, someone else (another man) is Holmes’ greatest adversary. Why couldn’t the only woman to ever outsmart Holmes be his greatest adversary as well? Natalie Dormer plays her as clever, conniving, and sophisticated, and I am just beside myself because she rocked it. I would also like to give props to Elementary for addressing the fact that she sometimes had to do her work using men as mouthpieces, because despite being who she is, who she is is a woman and in this sexist society, it’s very conceivable that she would still have difficulty doing business with some clients. And as good as I feel about Joan being the one to figure her out, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Moriarty and that’s really exciting.

    Molly Hooper/Alfredo Llamosa


    Molly Hooper is another one of Sherlock’s characters who I just need a lot more of. I don’t hold anything against her for her crush on Sherlock, but I do hope there is a dynamic shift when the show returns for its third season, now that Sherlock has actually addressed how important Molly is.

    Like Molly, Alfredo is a non-canon character who has gained a lot of love from the show’s viewers. Particular talents of his that have gotten him into trouble in the past are now used to assist Sherlock and Joan on cases. But he’s no lackey. Like Joan, he keeps Sherlock in check, because while they genuinely want to help with cases, they are also there to monitor Sherlock’s well-being. Neither Alfredo nor Joan do that job by coddling him or taking any crap from him. Alfredo is another character that could have been limited to stereotypes of his upbringing or history with addiction and theft, but that’s not how things are done on Elementary.

    If you ask me, Sherlock has something to prove in its next season, particularly after the stink that was made when Elementary was in its beginning stages. But listen, just give it a chance, guys. I promise you, the similarities between BBC’s Sherlock and Elementary end at the stories by which they were inspired. If you can’t stand to sit through the build-up (but you should, because character development!!!), go watch “M.” (episode 12), which is the beginning of the Moriarty arc.

    Remember, shows are not romantic partners.

    You’re not cheating on one by seeing the other.


    What a lie-less article.  And if you're thinking of making a whiny comment, perhaps you should actually read it tbh.

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    We recently caught up with Kaya Scodelario to discuss the return of Skins and her new thriller Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes.

    During our chat, we asked her about those Tomb Raider reboot rumours, and she also told us about her dream role…

    You’ve been linked to a Tomb Raider reboot...

    “I know – I don’t know where the fuck that’s come from! Imagine having to take over from Angelina Jolie – you just couldn’t, could you? My auntie rang me up and was like, ‘Kaya, I’ve just seen on Google that...’ I’d literally not heard a whisper about that, at all.

    “Would I be tempted? A little bit. That would be quite fun. Give me a couple of years to get my fitness up first, and then maybe I’ll tackle that one, but I’ve no idea where that’s come from at all.”

    Do you have a dream role? A character or historical figure or anything?

    “I’m fascinated with the '60s and '70s, and the whole rock’n’roll genre, I’ve read every autobiography – Patti Smith and Mick Jagger; I love that Andy Warhol-New York scene, I’d love to do something about that. That would be my dream role, to really kind of get into that.

    “And I think the music is so powerful and the message, and the youth was so... I feel like my generation doesn’t really have a movement like that, and I want us to have some sort of movement. So yeah, I’d love to do something with The Rolling Stones. I chased Ronnie Wood through a hotel in Paris, a couple of years ago, literally chased him, and then he turned round and I burst out crying and he hugged me! I was such a mess...

    “And the cheesy one would be an Arnie film. I love him so much! My heart starts beating when I think about it. And maybe Danny DeVito could be there too. They’re doing [Twins sequel] Triplets, so...”


    Who do you think would make a good Lara Croft?

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    A big part of many successful horror films and horror film franchises is a mask that disguises the killer’s identity. The mask is often just as iconic as the killer. A good mask lends an extra layer of intrigue to the killer’s persona and gives him or her a sense of anonymity. The mask also serves to distance the killer from their victims and makes the maniac seem even less human. The mask makes it more difficult for the killer to emote, thereby making the character seem that much more mysterious. An effective mask makes a killer much more terrifying to audiences.

    To celebrate some of the more memorable masks in horror cinema history, we've put together a list of eleven of the most iconic masks worn by on-screen psychopaths.

    Michael Myers’ Mask from the Halloween Franchise
    Who would have thought that a mask in the likeness of William Shatner would become so iconic? A coat of white paint made that captain Kirk mask one of the most recognizable masks in horror film history. The mask has undergone some transformations, including a CGI enhanced mask in Halloween: H20, but the Michael Myers mask remains a terrifying fan favorite to this day.

    Jason's mask from the Friday the 13th films
    There are few masks as iconic as Jason Voorhees’ goalie mask. He has slashed through countless teenagers in eight films (3-10), plus a face off with Fred Krueger and a remake in that hockey mask. The mask has gone so far as to become a staple of pop culture. We have Shelly of Friday the 13th Part 3 to thank for providing Jason with his now iconic hockey mask. There are several different stories regarding how the hockey mask came to be a part of the Friday the 13th franchise. Different cast and crewmembers seem to have different recollections. But, regardless of whom you speak to, one thing is indisputable: the mask was an epic addition to what has become an epic film franchise.

    Leatherface's Mask from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films
    Loosely inspired by Ed Gein, Leatherface’s human skin mask is an indispensable staple of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. It is one of the creepiest masks in all of horror cinema history and rightfully so. It’s pretty difficult to beat a mask stitched together from pieces of human flesh. Though Leatherface has been played by a variety of actors, the character’s unforgettable mask is a big part of what makes the character what he is.

    The Ghostface Mask from the Scream Series
    The unusual thing about Ghostface is that unlike most mask-wearing maniacs, he/she is a variety of people. But, since every killer in the scream franchise has donned it, the mask has a definite familiarity to it. The mask has become somewhat iconic over the past decade and a half, and though the plotline of the franchise has become a bit threadbare, viewers still seem to be interested in the Ghostface Killer’s latest exploits. It will be interesting to see if we are treated to a fifth installment. That would certainly be preferable to an MTV television series.

    The Collector's Mask
    The Collector’s mask is quite creepy and very different from the headgear worn by many of his contemporaries. It’s difficult to determine exactly what the mask is made of from watching the films, but a little research yielded that the mask is constructed of foam baked latex. The feel of the mask is supposed to be similar to a sponge. Regardless of its construction, the mask is creepy as hell and gives the Collector a decidedly sinister appearance.

    More at the Source
    The list pretty much goes the way that you would expect it to but I thought it could lead to a good discussion. Are there any horror movie masks (or horror movie villains in general) that just give you the chills? This might not be from a movie but it still creeps me out.

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    According to Silvana, casting director at MTV Networks, Mariah will shoot a video tomorrow, July 7, in New York City.


    If you are experienced in modeling and available for the shoot, contact Silvana via Facebook inbox message.


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    Actor Dustin Hoffman remembers the initial planning for Tootsie, the film in which his character disguises himself as a woman for a job. It was the first makeup test which led Hoffman to break down in tears over a huge revelation about men and women in our society.


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    Paris Jackson's blog contained disturbing images of suicide and death, it has been claimed.

    The 15-year-old posted troubling photographs on her Tumblr site, showing self-harm along with captions alluding to suicide.

    TMZreports that the daughter of late singer Michael Jackson put up several very graphic images before she tried to kill herself on June 5.

    The caption on one picture reads: 'I can't feel anything but sadness.'

    However, the website reports that several of the posts have 'anti-cutting' messages, leading her family to believe she sought help before her suicide bid.

    Paris is currently being treated at a psychiatric facility at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

    She is said to be 'doing better' but her family apparently want her to get more professional help when she leaves.

    A source told People: 'Paris will be staying at least another week, and then she'll be going to a facility for additional care.'

    If this plan goes ahead it means she will not spend the summer with her biological mother Debbie Rowe or return to living with her 83-year-old grandmother and co-guardian Katherine Jackson.

    It comes after exhaustive talks within the Jackson family about how best to care for the teenager, who who has a recent history of mental health issues.

    The decision to move Paris to a longer-term treatment center was made by her grandmother Katherine and mother Debbie Rowe in consultation with doctors.

    The facility will include both school and therapy, and they are hoping this will give her time and space to heal.

    The plan before the suicide attempt had been for Paris to spend the summer with Debbie at her home in semi-rural Palmdale, California, north of Los Angeles.

    Paris and Debbie in recent months had rekindled their relationship with the teenager spending time at her mother's ranch.

    The move sparked a sibling rivalry between Paris and her 16-year-old brother Prince, who objected to her spending more time with their biological mother, although the brother and sister have gotten close again.

    Paris previously has sought treatment at UCLA Medical Center while 'wrestling depression,' the source told E! News.

    Debbie was married to the Thriller hitmaker for three years and gave him full custody of Prince and Paris during their 1999 divorce proceedings.

    Two years later, Debbie relinquished all parental rights to the children.

    After Jackson's death in 2009, Debbie reached an agreement with Katherine for supervised visitation rights.

    There has been no discord between Debbie and Katherine with a source saying they 'talk constantly, on a daily basis, about the well-being of the children and Paris especially.'


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    Stars and stripes - topless Harry sports bandana before heading to US for gigs

    ONE Direction’s Harry Styles and Niall Horan flash the flesh in a topless workout at the gym before jetting off for gigs in the US.
    The 19-year-old boyband stars tweeted pics of their efforts to their legions of fans.Harry ran the treadmill with an American flag bandana keeping his mop off his face.
    He’s clearly trying to keep his US fans happy — One Way or Another

    Topless ... Niall Horan pumps iron in pre-USA workout

    M1Jarvis: @Harry_Styles C.V day, @NiallOfficial rest day! :)
    Narry outside the arena - Hershey 06.07.2013! (They're just tossing around a football.)            Bonus: Liam Payne working out before Hershey.

    Source  +2

    YT Source/has more videos from Hershey

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    cumberbatch + del toro

    Okay, so before we dive into this, let's just recap where the forever busy Guillermo del Toro is at right now. He's got his robots vs. monsters thing "Pacific Rim" hitting theaters this Friday, after which he'll work on the TV adaptation of his novel series "The Strain" for FX through until the end of the year. And then he'll kick off 2014 with his next feature film, the gothic horror "Crimson Peak." But as always, del Toro has about a half dozen irons in the fire, and he's already looking to reteam with his "Crimson Peak" star Benedict Cumberbatch on another project.

    Speaking with Daily Telegraph (today's print edition, not yet online), the paper reveals "he is hoping to direct Cumberbatch again in a new film version of 'Frankenstein.' " Exciting stuff, but as fans know, the project has been one del Toro has been working on for years in fits and starts. Back in 2009, he was reportedly doing test shooting and had selected Doug Jones (who featured as creatures in "Pan's Labryinth" and the "Hellboy" movies) to play the freakish monster. And it's easy to understand why del Toro wants Cumberbatch.

    The actor has already played both the monster and Dr. Victor Frankenstein to great acclaim, starring opposite Jonny Lee Miller in Danny Boyle's very well-received stage version that also screened in select theaters last year. All said, we'll have to see if this actually works out, but it seems del Toro is continuing to tinker with it, though it remains to be seen what Universal will do particularly considering Fox already has their "Frankenstein" starring Daniel Radcliffe already slated for a fall 2014 release.

    Another long-gestating Universal project -- part of a four picture deal he signed in 2008 -- is a big screen version of Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five." Not much has been heard about this one recently, but del Toro has lined up a helluva writer to take it on. "Charlie [Kaufman] and I talked for about an hour-and-a-half and came up with a perfect way of doing the book," he told the Daily Telegraph. "I love the idea of the Trafalmadorians [the aliens of 'Slaughterhouse-Five'] -- to be 'unstuck in time,' where everything is happening at the same time. And that's what I want to do. It's just a catch-22. The studio will make it when it''s my next movie, but how can I commit to it being my next movie until there's a screenplay? Charlie Kaufman is a very expensive writer!"

    "I"ll work it out," he added.

    Vonnegut + Kaufman + del Toro? Goddamn. That sounds amazing, but let's not forget, even when all the pieces are seemingly in place, del Toro's initial experience at Universal hasn't exactly been roses. They kiboshed his R-rated "At The Mountains Of Madness." "I'll show you the art and your heart will break," he said of the movie, which he is still trying to seek financing for, along with his developing, darker stop-motion version of "Pinocchio."

    So lot's of stuff on del Toro's plate....and let's not forget a possible "Pacific Rim 2" if it does the business Warner Bros. hope it will do. Which of these projects do you want to see move to the front of del Toro's busy schedule?

    ( SOURCE )

    Cumbersnatch for ALL the fug monster roles, tbh. His busted reptilian Brit face could totes do it. I mean, when will your ridiculously attractive faves ever? First, Smaug in "The Hobbit", and now Frankenstein's monster. NO LIES DETECTED. I'll be screaming in horrific approval.


    What say you, ONTD?

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    BBC commentator John Inverdale says he has written to Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli to apologise for saying she was "never going to be a looker".

    His comments on Radio 5 live as she prepared for Saturday's final provoked anger from some listeners.

    Speaking on air on Sunday, he said was sorry "if any offence was caused" by his "ham-fisted comments". A BBC spokesperson earlier: "We accept that this remark was insensitive and for that we apologise."

    Inverdale had earlier said he had poked fun "in a nice way at how she looks".

    French player Bartoli, 28, sank to her knees after she clinched her first Grand Slam title, beating Germany's Sabine Lisicki.

    Inverdale's comment came about an hour before the match began as he chatted to former Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport about Bartoli's technique as a player.

    He said: "I just wonder if her dad, because he has obviously been the most influential person in her life, did say to her when she was 12, 13, 14 maybe, 'listen, you are never going to be, you know, a looker. You are never going to be somebody like a Sharapova, you're never going to be 5ft 11, you're never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that."

    Inverdale's comments came before the match.

    'You are going to have to be the most dogged, determined fighter that anyone has ever seen on the tennis court if you are going to make it', and she kind of is."

    Asked about Inverdale's comments, Bartoli said: "It doesn't matter, honestly. I am not blonde, yes. That is a fact. Have I dreamt about having a model contract? No. I'm sorry. But have I dreamed about winning Wimbledon? Absolutely, yes."

    "And to share this moment with my dad was absolutely amazing and I am so proud of it. I am sure I will be able to watch the DVD of the match over and over again and look at the picture of me when I am holding the trophy in my
    arms. That is the most important thing to me and not what I can do outside of the court."


    I'm NHF his non-apology, but I thought her response was awesome.

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    Have you missed Courtney's antics? Because she's back (sporting her usual foundation 100x lighter than the rest of her) !!!!

    By the way, Google tells me this person is Plastic Martyr, a "genderless fashion model". Articles use the pronoun "he".

    I bet neither of you are enjoying those tits.


    Hot action with mom at 2:38 if you'd like to skip most of the embarrassment.

    More pics at the source
    Do we need to source videos?

    First time posting, hope this is okay! I don't know why I find watching this trainwreck so fascinating.

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    Willow Smith just gave her fans more music to vibe to throughout the summer.  She made a new song called "SummerFling" with a new duo of herself and producer/DJ MVSIC Fabrega, called Melodic Chaotic.

    source - http://theybf.com/2013/07/07/check-it-willow-smiths-summer-fling-video-w-melodic-chaotic

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