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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Katy keeps her neighbors "Wide Awake" with loud, disturbing sex with John Mayer.

    In case it wasn’t bad enough that Katy Perry‘s having sex with John Mayer, they’re now doing it so loud her neighbors are starting to get pissed.

    It may sound like something you'd read in 'Fifty Shades Of Grey', but it seems as if Katy Perry and John Mayer's ultra-loud sex noises during their late night bedroom sessions have alientated them from their West Hollywood neightbours.

    According to sources at Star magazine, it seems as if Katy Perry and John Mayer are VERY much back together and, while they're busy celebrating their happy reunion, their unfortunate neighbours have been forced to reach for the earplugs due to their high-volume sex sessions.


    Katy Perry apparently had trouble satisfying Russell Brand’s wild sexual urges, but John Mayer certainly isn’t complaining!

    Instead, it’s Katy’s West Hollywood neighbors who are complaining, as the couple like to “have very loud sex, keep very late hours and like to turn up the tunes,” reports Star.

    Katy’s relationship with John has certainly had its ups and downs, as she has always been concerned about the notorious ladies’ man’s ”wandering eye”.

    However, they seem to be happier than ever lately, and we previously reported that Katy thinks the John could be “the one”. Both stars have been unlucky in love in the past, so here’s hoping that this relationship runs the distance. Katy’s neighbors better buy some earplugs!

    Source S2

    sounds legit

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    Episode 6: Going Insane


    "The Insane Games"

    Challengers compete in a series of events where one team will be eliminated in each one until only the winning team remains.


    New Orleans


    St. Thomas


    Las Vegas


    Laura & Trey

    Nany & Dustin


    "Knot So Fast"

    Each team is attached to a 100 ft. rope with the other end attached to a giant dome. In the first round, the team must wrap the rope around the bars in the dome as much as possible, making it as complicated as they can. During the second round, teams will trade places and unwrap the ropes their opponents' wrapped. First team to unwrap all the rope wins.


    Laura & Trey


    not uploaded yet...


    Challenge vets Evan and Paula share their thoughts on big moments from episodes 4 thru 6 of 'Battle Of The Seasons.'

    SOURCE + My TV
    alton what happened to you :(
    frank is the worst
    laura... rme

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    So cute. Def. for the fans

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    Just one episode into the new season of American Horror Story, Evan Peters found himself facing aliens, getting hosed down in the nude, and being caned by Jessica Lange. He of course knew to expect the unexpected, having had to lube up to wear a gimp suit for the first edition of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology. But he’s traded in the rubber for a similarly constricting straitjacket to play Kit Walker, an inmate at an insane asylum who is suspected of being a serial killer known as Bloody Face. Vulture talked to Peters about his fans, the inspiration for his Boston accent, and that one time he exposed the cast and crew to his balls.

    All the returning actors are playing the opposite of their season-one characters this year. Since Tate was a homicidal teenage ghost, does this mean Kit is just misunderstood?
    He’s definitely misunderstood. I don’t know, though. He doesn’t seem to know if he’s crazy himself, but he’s not insane. He’s not a psychopath.

    Are you presuming that, or do you know for sure?
    Just presuming.

    Do you think the fangirls who crushed on Tate will also like Kit?
    It was pretty cool that they liked Tate, and they seem to like Kit, too, which is good. Yeah, I checked out Tumblr. [Laughs.] I like the ones who throw back to Sleepover. They’re like, “Yeah, I knew Evan way back when ... ” [Laughs.] I saw this one GIF of me with a bra in my hands from the movie. It’s fun. I mean, I was curious, because they liked Tate so much, and I thought, Fuck, are they gonna like Kit? There’s a lot of my butt up there this year, which I was a little nervous about.

    Right from the start, too.
    I was horrified.

    Do you get any warning about having to disrobe before you get the script?
    No, you pretty much get the script and find out that way. It’s a lot of butt. I got scared. Unless I’m around certain people, I don’t like to be naked. [Laughs.] I have a great picture of me naked on a bed just wearing a cock sock, and the crew is all around me, bored. We were all waiting for a film roll or a lens to arrive. So I’m just sitting around naked on the bed and everyone’s so nonchalant. It was really weird for me, like, Man, this is awkward.

    Now you know how Dylan McDermott must have felt all of last year.
    Yeah. He’s smart though. He had them bring him a gym on set. They hooked him up with a bench-press machine and all these free weights so he could work out in between takes. That dude was naked the whole time. I’d like to [ask for] that, but I’m not Dylan McDermott, so I can’t be like, Give me a bunch of free weights, you know?

    What was it like having Jessica Lange whip your bare bottom?
    That was literally the first day of shooting. It’s embarrassing that I’m telling you this, but why not? I had to wear a cock sock, right? And since I was wearing a hospital gown, I thought, Well, my front’s not going to be showing. It’s not a big deal. And when they bent me over [laughs], they could see my balls hanging down from the other side. The first day of shooting, and I flash Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson my balls. Welcome to American Horror Story. It was ridiculous. I have to put on a cock sock and sheath my balls.

    So you got really comfortable really quickly then.
    Once someone’s seen your balls, it’s over. It’s fine. Everything’s good. They didn’t even say anything. Sarah just walked over after that take and kissed me on the cheek. I was like, Why? What’s happening? That’s when I realized. I was mortified.

    Tell me about doing the Boston accent. Did you have to study?
    Well, I’m a huge fan of [affects accent] The De-PAH-ted, so I watched that movie a lot, and Good Will Hunting — all those movies. And I worked with a dialect coach, and they help you perfect it. I was initially stressed out, but a lot of the dialect coaches say I’m okay at it. You know, it’s not perfect. I’m not from Boston. It works, I think.

    What are you filming today?
    What am I working on? Um, I don’t think I can say anything — I’m scared anything because I don’t want to get fired.

    Can we talk about the aliens then?
    They’re creepy! They have puppeteers. It’s a full-on big thing, like it’s really there in the room with me. It’s funny. I read Fire in the Sky, which is supposedly true. This guy says he’s abducted by aliens and all this stuff happened to him. Just thinking about that, if that were to really happen, if an alien were to come down and really abduct you, how terrifying and how earth-shattering would that be? Your whole world is just destroyed. God is destroyed. It’s kind of a fascinating thing to think about.

    So are you a believer now?
    I don’t know. I’m so agnostic about everything. I just don’t think there’s enough information.

    Do you have any theories about whether or not Kit is imagining everything?
    You’re going to have to watch to find out. I believe that the aliens are really there though. Yeah, definitely they are.

    Last season, you said you weren’t really into horror but that you were trying to get into it. What’s the scariest thing you’ve forced yourself to watch since then?
    There’s a couple of movies I want to see. There’s [Mama], and actually when I saw the preview for that one, I screamed. Sinister looks good. Last night, I was watching Friday the 13th because AMC was airing a creepy-movie marathon. I think it was Friday the 13th 7 or something. That stuff used to really scare me. Jason was the scariest when I was a kid. When I’d spend the night at a friend’s house and we’d watch these movies, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Now I see how they make it, and it looks like it was probably so much fun to do those movies.

    You’re playing opposite quite a few seasoned actors this year. Have you learned anything specific from watching them work?
    Sarah really cares a lot about the work, but she maintains such a good sense of humor throughout the whole thing. How she can jump in and out of the seriousness, that amazes me. That’s something I look up to. I have a hard time [snapping out of] a tense scene.

    What’s been the most difficult thing you’ve had to do this season?
    Being strapped down has proved to be a problem for me. For some reason, as soon as the straps come out, I start to get really panicky. What if there’s an earthquake? What if something insane happens and we need to get out immediately? It takes them a good two minutes to get me unlocked. So it’s like, Shit, I could die, I could be dead any minute, and I start to panic and freak out. I’ve had to learn to take a deep breath, like, Okay, chill out buddy.

    I cannot wait to go into his tag tonight on Tumblr and see all the little fangirls freaking out. Perfect entertainment honestly.

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    Zayn has been speaking about his body art and has admitted he is becoming a little addicted to hitting the tattoo parlour.

    He told Now magazine: “I want to fill my entire arm up to my elbow to start. I’ve got loads of ideas. I draw as well. I’m more addicted to coming up with the ideas of what I can get tattooed rather than the actual tattoo itself.”

    Tattoos aren’t to everyone’s taste but it seems Zayn’s girlfriend Perrie Edwards can’t get enough of her boyfriend’s art. He said: “Oh yeah! She [Perrie] likes my tatts.”

    “She’s into the whole rock ‘n’ roll look.”

    Wonder what Zayn makes of Perrie’s grey hair…

    The 1D heartthrob has also revealed that he wanted Perrie to understand what she was getting into before they went public on their romance.

    He had watched girls linked to the group suffer abuse via social networking sites and didn’t want the Little Mix lovely to get involved, unless she felt she could handle a relationship in the spotlight.

    Zayn said: “I told her [Perrie], ‘This is my job, this is what’s going to happen, stories will come out. Do you still want to be with me?’”

    Thankfully she did and the couple seem happier than ever, spending every spare moment they get together. Surely that merits a 'Zayn loves Perrie' tatt?


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    I'm glad they finally got to meet.


    This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!



    Making me so happy and proud

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    We've talked before about how some negative stereotypes from the past are, somehow, still showing up in today's movies, and even in recent video games. But those are our grandfathers' prejudices, just in a modern form, like an old man cursing at an Asian nurse with a megaphone (that's why we don't visit, Grandpa). It turns out there are other, more subtle ways that Hollywood has been enforcing wrongheaded ideas right under our noses, and sometimes in our favorite films. Like ...

    #6. Everyone in Africa Is Uncivilized or a Warlord
    In Hollywood movies, Africa is a shitty place to be. One of the most iconic scenes in action movie history comes at the end of Independence Day, when we see that the invading army of aliens has finally been defeated by a concerted, collaborative effort by the entire world (but mostly the U.S., and mostly Jeff Goldblum), and we get a montage of the wreckage on different continents. America gets a military base ...

    ... and Africa gets ... naked dudes brandishing spears?
    Apparently, this barren land is the closest thing the aliens could find to a major population center in Africa. That's because for Hollywood, the entire continent hasn't advanced much since Jesus was still around. The opening to Casino Royale, for instance, introduces us to Africa with the image of a bunch of black guys betting on a fight between a mongoose and a snake.
    The one area where Africans have caught up to the rest of the world is guns: They don't have any modern buildings yet, but they've figured out how to attach a rocket launcher to the side of a truck. This is only natural, since half the continent's population consists of corrupt soldiers.
    Congo, Black Hawk Down, Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda ... all these movies spend the whole time telling us that Africa is scenically beautiful, but terrible in every other way.
    So What's the Deal?
    In the same way that Hollywood needs to dumb down a novel to turn it into a hit film, they also dumb down Africa's reality, because they assume that you'd be bored by a realistic portrayal of the continent (or you simply wouldn't believe it). They do have things like poverty and corruption and giraffes in Africa, but they also have universities and industries and modern cities, like Nairobi.
    Imagine if every single movie set in America was filmed in Alaska and focused on gang violence -- that's how Africans feel every time they watch a Hollywood movie about warlords fighting in the desert. Which is a problem for their tourism industry: A board member for the Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa even takes the time to explain that there are "middle class people in every African country commuting to work every day, complaining about taxes and watching their kids play soccer every weekend."
    That's right: Instead of focusing on the rich wildlife and history, the tourism industry actually has to remind people that coming to their country isn't a fucking death warrant.

    #5. Movie Women Can Only Talk About Men
    In the '80s, feminist comic artist Alison Bechdel introduced a test for movies consisting of three little rules: The films only "pass" if they have (1) at least two female characters who (2) talk to each other at one point about (3) something other than a man.
    It seems pretty simple, but here are some movies with "strong" female characters that don't pass it: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Dark Knight Rises, The Lord of the Rings (all three), Pirates of the Caribbean (1, 2 and 4), Tomb Raider, Underworld and every movie on this list. Most of them fail at the "talk to each other" part. If the test was reversed (male characters who talk about something other than a woman), all of those movies would pass.
    But most of those are genre movies, which are mainly aimed at men. What about romantic comedies, which are usually aimed at women? Nope: When Harry Met Sally, Kate & Leopold, Marley & Me, 50 First Dates, (500) Days of Summer ... even ones specifically made as vehicles for female stars, like How to Lose a Man in 10 Days with Kate Hudson or Material Girls with Hilary Duff don't pass the test.
    Ninety percent of the dialogue in this movie is people trying to pronounce "McConaughey."
    Obviously, the Bechdel test on its own doesn't prove that a movie is sexist (or, for that matter, bad), but it does show that, in general, women in movies tend to be defined by their relationships with men, whereas men can be defined by a variety of things (their work, their weapons, their Adam Sandlerness).
    So What's the Deal?
    Turns out this isn't a coincidence. Apparently, film schools specifically discourage screenwriters from writing scenes where women talk about something other than men, because they believe that this is an easy way to lose the attention of the audience fast. (SMDH!!)
    It's just one of those film industry tricks: Use a calendar to show the passage of time, show a bomb to create tension, don't write female characters that sound like real people. What's more, according to a study by the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, women made up only 29.9 percent of the speaking roles in 2007's top movies. As a reminder, 51 percent of all people are women. Again, it's about playing it safe: Movies have been making money with male leads for decades (with both male and female audiences), so why change it now?
    In the same year, Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Robinov reportedly said that the studio wouldn't develop any more movies with female leads after the latest Jodie Foster and Nicole Kidman vehicles underperformed, which doesn't make sense -- when John Carter and Battleship flopped, they didn't stop making movies with men; they stopped making movies with Taylor Kitsch.
    Now, Warner did go on to make The Women the next year, which has an all-female cast ... but all they do is talk about men. So they do develop movies with female leads, you see, as long as the characters themselves aren't too developed.
    #4. White People Are Better at Being Asian Than Real Asians
    Last time, we used The Last Samurai as an example of how movies whitewash foreign history, but we didn't mention that there's something even weirder going on in that movie: Namely, the fact that Tom Cruise's character is somehow better at being a samurai than the actual samurai.
    Turns out the whole "white character beats Asians at their own game" thing is pretty common: In Rising Sun, the aggressive Japanese business tactics threaten American interests until Sean Connery learns to use their own strategies against them. If you haven't seen it, the entire movie can be summed up by this clip:
    In Kill Bill Vol. 1, the Bride (Uma Thurman) is better at martial arts than not just Lucy Liu, but an entire army of yakuza warriors. They even have Lucy Liu's character, who has spent her entire life training and clawing her way to the top of an international crime syndicate, specifically say that the Bride is a better samurai than her.
    So What's the Deal?
    Hollywood has a big fascination with Asian mysticism, but an even bigger fascination with making lots of money. Since it's believed that you can't have a hit movie without a main character who's white, that means transferring all the positive values of the Asian culture to Tom Cruise, Sean Connery or Uma Thurman and relegating the Asian characters to villains or supporting roles. Unless you're Jackie Chan, Jet Li or, more recently, Ken Jeong.
    For example, in the '70s, Bruce Lee was developing a TV series called The Warrior about a kung fu master who goes around the Old West kicking ass. Ultimately, it was decided that America wasn't ready for a show with a main character who was Asian ... so they developed the series anyway, but called it Kung Fu and put David Carradine in the lead, a non-Asian playing a half-Asian martial artist. (!!!) The network was fine with Bruce Lee as a masked limo driver in The Green Hornet, but putting him in a main role? No way, that's crazy talk.
    Lee would go on to prove himself as a bankable star, but it was too late: Hollywood had stumbled upon a magic formula that allowed them to cash in on Asian culture without taking any risks, and they've been using it since. 

    #3. Non-Heterosexual Characters Either Die or Are Murderers
    A few decades ago, it was still extremely rare to see gay or bisexual characters in movies, and if you did, they were never acknowledged as such -- you just knew it because they all acted like raging queens. Today, things are different, and Hollywood is more open to gay characters ... as long as they die or are psychopaths.
    Seriously: Think about all the movies where the gay character ends up dead. First there are the obvious examples, like Milk and Boys Don't Cry, which are based on real-life hate crimes, so those get a pass ... but what about Brokeback Mountain, or Philadelphia, or A Single Man? Or the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where they spent two and a half seasons setting up one of the most healthy and complex lesbian relationships in the history of television, and then randomly killed one of the women and made the other murderously psychotic, abruptly fulfilling both stereotypes out of goddamn nowhere.
    Then you have movies like Pulp Fiction and The Silence of the Lambs, where the only gay characters are murderously enforcing their gayness upon the straight folks and must die. There's also Basic Instinct, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Jennifer's Body, which use non-heterosexual tendencies as an explicit signal that a character is about to get stabby. Obviously there are plenty of movies with gay characters who aren't violent or dead, but the fact that this is even a thing is still troubling.
    So What's the Deal?
    Simply put, killing gays is Hollywood's way of being progressive.
    From the '80s to the early '90s, there was definitely a tendency to use gay characters as villains, from the gay serial killer in Cruising to the evil lesbian vampire in The Hunger. But then in 1995, the highly influential documentary The Celluloid Closet pointed out this problem, and its release coincided with a series of protests about the depiction of gay people in movies like The Silence of the Lambs and JFK (where a gay conspiracy is responsible for killing Kennedy).
    Hollywood caved to the pressure and began including more non-psychotic gay characters, but only in supporting roles -- author Brent Hartinger argues that today, non-heterosexual characters are more likely to die simply because they are rarely the protagonist. Harting even points out that within a period of a few weeks in 2010, the shows Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Big Love, Law & Order: SVU and NCIS: Los Angeles all killed off minor characters who happened to be gay.
    If a movie or show has to kill someone, obviously they'll go for the least important person, i.e., Willow's girlfriend in Buffy. So, in that sense, gay is the new black.
    #2. Anything (Including Death) Is Better Than Being Disabled
    In movie universes, there's two ways to get disabled: Either you get a sweet superpower out of it, like Daredevil, or it makes you absolutely miserable for the rest of your life. Million One of the most infamous examples is Dollar Baby, which ends with (spoilers) the protagonist becoming a quadriplegic and Clint Eastwood euthanizing her because, you know, what's the point of living like that? Never mind the fact that millions of people do just that every day.
    But this also manifests in subtler ways: Take the character of John Locke in Lost, a paraplegic who would rather stay on a remote island filled with smoke monsters, displaced fauna and all sorts of crazy bullshit because he can walk there, which many actual paraplegics found offensive. Something similar happens in Avatar, where the paraplegic protagonist leaves his entire life behind and travels across the universe to get a shot at walking again in the body of a blue alien. There may be other reasons why he made that decision, but they don't really tell us because "he can't walk" is enough.
    Lots of times, the disability exists as something for the characters to overcome and show that they've changed: In The Goonies, when Mikey throws away his inhaler, we're supposed to understand that he's a stronger person for not needing it. What it's really showing is that Mikey is going to end up in the hospital if he doesn't get a replacement soon, because asthma is a goddamn medical condition. The people still using their inhalers aren't doing it because they're not brave enough to have their Mikey moment.
    So What's the Deal?
    Showing someone using sheer willpower to overcome something is a great character arc, and Hollywood applies that to everything, from learning kung fu despite being an overweight panda to "beating" a real-world disability. The problem is, this arc has some tragic implications for the real-world people who come out with the message that they are "too weak" to overcome their disabilities.
    "The fact that your spine isn't regenerating says a lot about your supposed 'bravery,' Timmy."
    The result is that moviegoers think that disabilities are way worse than they actually are, and filmmakers have to cater to that: For example, while filming an episode of Dollhouse where Eliza Dushku was blind, the producers brought in an actual blind woman to show the actress how to move and get around, but the result was that "she didn't look blind," and they had to make her act clumsier so the audience would buy it. (WTF)
    Even in Avatar, real paraplegics thought that Sam Worthington's character was making way too much effort transferring from his chair, but that's the way we're used to seeing it in movies. It's a vicious cycle, and it isn't going to stop until either Hollywood wises up or people with disabilities stop living happy, fulfilling lives.
    #1. In Fantasy Movies, Everyone Has to Be White
    You've probably noticed this before, but there are no black characters in The Lord of the Rings. The only black actors involved in the movies are covered under 3-and-a-half inches of makeup.
    But, you know, those movies are based on books written in the '40s ... so how about something a little more recent, like Game of Thrones? Well ...
    The only non-white characters that have shown up so far are the Dothraki (who in the show at least are more like mocha) and a couple of shady foreigners who come to the land of rich white folks to take their women and their throne.
    Then you have The Chronicles of Narnia, where the only black character is a monster. The Harry Potter movies, on the other hand, do have black characters, like that one kid who announces the Quidditch matches, and, you know ... that other kid ...
    So What's the Deal?
    It's all Tolkien's fault, basically. Most fantasy is still pretty heavily based on the stuff Tolkien came up with, and even though he was pretty vehemently anti-racist in his life, he's still a product of his era: Because of him, when we think "fantasy," we think "white people with British accents dealing with savages and fighting monsters."
    A good example of Tolkien's influence is the fact that the characters in Game of Thrones speak in British accents ... even though George R. R. Martin is from New Jersey.   (wtf smh did not know this)
    This problem is a lot more noticeable in the adaptations than the books themselves because in TV and films, everything has to be standardized -- just like there's a special type of lighting that screams "THIS IS A SOAP OPERA," fantasy shows need to follow a certain aesthetic, and part of it involves "everyone is white." The Thrones books do have non-white characters, but so far they've been almost entirely written out of the show. On the other hand, the two shady black guys we mentioned before are white in the books ... and coincidentally, they have a much bigger role there.
    And then there's the opposite scenario: Here's Harry Potter's classmate Lavender Brown as shown in the first five movies ...
    ... and here she is in the sixth movie, where she gets a bigger role and hooks up with Harry's friend Ron. Notice any differences?
    Now, in the early movies she was just a background character with no lines, so there's a chance that the producers didn't even notice that her role had been cast before. Also, her race isn't described in the books. However, isn't it a little telling that when she was a minor character they said "Sure, let's make her black," but when she became important they automatically assumed that she was white?
    Again, that's because this is the default mode for a fantasy movie: White people with British accents, fighting monsters.

    -article written by J.F. Sargent 
    so sorry for the lack of cut!! forgive me pls im not good w/ lj and its intricacies :( <3 

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    Thought only women in Hollywood suffer from the occasional makeup mishap?

    Well, think again.

    Because Jon Hamm hit the red carpet for the The Paley Center for Media's Annual Los Angeles Benefit Monday night looking more like a hot mess and less like the dapper Don Draper.

    Despite the handsome actor's gorgeous grin and spot-on fashion, all eyes were on the white powder makeup on Hamm's nose that he was seemingly oblivious to as he posed for the paps.

    The Mad Men star is hardly the first celeb to fall victim to the white powder makeup mishap (Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and Ashley Judd can all relate), but he certainly is one of the few males to have the oops caught on camera.

    Don't forget Zachary Quinto though

    1 2

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    While Glee's Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) pursues her Broadway dreams in New York, the McKinley High students are ready to get to work on the school's production of Grease. Even though Berry recently graduated, and split with boyfriend Finn, the aspiring actress is making sure she catches her friends as they suit up in the leather jackets and Pink lady outfits of Rydell High.

    “Finn (Corey Monteith) is working on the show and Blaine (Darren Criss) is in the show, so Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel come back to see both of their exes,” Michele told The Hollywood Reporter. “It's a very emotional return to McKinley. It's the first time they've come seen them since the breakups. It's filled with a lot of weird emotions as all breakups are.”

    In recent years Glee's popularity paved the way for many other song-centric projects, including the new hit film Pitch Perfect, which stars Michele's former Spring Awakening co-star Skylar Astin. So when can Glee fans expect to Astin guest star on the show? “We've been trying!" Michele said. "I wanted them to see him for Brody and for so many characters along the way, but he just has to stop being a movie star and doing so many movies! I'm his biggest fan, he's one of my best friends, and I couldn't be happier for him and his success. The minute I can get him on Glee, I want him on the show.”

    Glee returns to TV on November 8. Tune in to see what happens during Rachel and Finn’s reunion, and keep your eyes peeled for Astin one day!


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    Kim Kardashian continues to commit fashion crimes in Miami!

    The reality star, who has been cited for a variety of wardrobe disasters in recent months, did a little retail therapy in South Florida on Wednesday, drawing attention to her bountiful booty by pouring her curves into skintight and ill-fitting jeans, and RadarOnline.com has the photos.

    The 32-year-old was snapped outside of the Christian Louboutin boutique, wearing rolled up grey skinny jeans that looked a size too small, clinging fiercely onto her ample rear end. She paired the denim duds with a leather sleeveless peplum top that featured a jeweled neckline, metallic stilettos and her $50,000 Hermes crocodile Birkin bag.

    Earlier in the day, Kim tweeted a photo of herself modeling sweatpants and a bra.








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    Chris Brown's recently-dumped ex Karrueche Tran still believes she has a future with the singer -- in fact, Karrueche is telling friends, she's not gonna stop trying to get with CB just because Rihanna's back in the picture.

    Sources close to Karrueche tell TMZ, she was hurt when Brown gave her the axe a few weeks ago ... but she never stopped loving him -- and now, she is on a mission to get him back.

    We're told Karrueche got used to a certain level of celebrity while dating the singer, and she's not ready to "go back to being basic" -- even if that means messing around with Brown, while he's messing with RiRi.

    Eventually, we're told Karrueche hopes to edge Rihanna back out of the picture.

    Case in point -- Karrueche and CB were spotted hanging out together Monday in Burbank, CA ... two days after Rihanna and CB were spotted together in L.A.

    As we previously reported, CB broke up with Karrueche earlier this month -- citing RiRi as the reason -- saying, "I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."


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  • 10/25/12--17:58: Liberty Walk 2012
  • ''Every season we look forward to Alexander Wang‘s Confessional film series. The artfully directed mini-movies place a spotlight on a noteworthy beauty and allow us to experience the world of Wang from a new perspective.

    This season’s star, the always engaging Liberty Ross gives a candid look at her career, from her first cover for i-D Magazine, to her stint playing Ozzy Osbourne’s bride on an LP, and of course her memorable trip down Alexander’s runway.

    Watching the clip is a treat that gives some insight into Liberty’s life away from the spotlight, and shows you just why Wang’s show is such a model favorite – more than a few girls name-checked the designer when listing their fave moments this season.''

    ty thelovehater for posting this on models.com :]


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    It is perhaps a demonstration of irony that in the same week when a poll showing only 1 in 7 women are happy to call themselves feminists appears, so too does a column by the editors of Vagenda demonstrating exactly why that is the case.

    According to Rhiannon and Holly, Caitlin Moran should not be called out for the now infamous tweet that she "literally could not give a s___" about whether the show Girls depicts women of colour (it is set in Brooklyn, where 55pc of the residents are not white).

    Apparently, hoping that a movement that supposedly brands itself as being for all women might have prominent spokespeople endorsing the idea that someone other than white-middle-class women are involved, is "cloaking feminism in esoteric theory."

    If that's what qualifies as esoteric these days, then we really are doomed as a species.

    I stopped calling myself a feminist several years ago for the simple reason that many feminists don't like sex workers. I'm sort of the opposite of Groucho Marx: if a club doesn't want me, then I'm more than happy to chip off elsewhere.

    Even Caitlin Moran, who is put forward as a model of all-inclusive, get-in-girls feminism, writes in her book that she doesn't believe people like me can possibly be happy. Cheers for that. And they wonder why I don't want a part of it?

    At its core feminism is - or is supposed to be - about equality under the law regardless of sex. Sounds simple, no? Maybe even appealing? Absolutely! But the devil is in the details: women are diverse as a group, therefore their needs vary widely. Loads of women don't see mainstream feminism including them, so they go on and live the lives they were living anyway - without feeling the need to label themselves as feminists.

    But that hasn't stopped me, and many other women who have rejected the label, from being constantly nagged about the f-word. Because apparently if you are a woman, you have to be a feminist. Which makes about as much sense as saying since we've all enjoyed the benefits of the Protestant reformation, this obliges us to become Lutherans out of gratitude.

    So you have to be a feminist. Unless of course you're not. Because there are plenty of people queueing up to tell us who is in and who is out in feminism: you can't be a feminist if you're Conservative, if you're Liz Jones, if you're the Prime Minister of Australia, a trans woman, a man, or Katie Price. And that's just for starters.

    It starts to look less and less like a movement that wants as many voices as it can get - and more and more like one that is prioritising the concerns of a particular slice of womanhood above all others.

    I say this as a middle-class white woman who is not a feminist: wouldn't it be great if feminism was more inclusive and used its voice for minority groups? Many feminists in the UK seem, for instance, wholly unconcerned about the drastic changes affecting family route migrants (surely affecting loads of women, both native UK and migrants). Historically, women who are not able-bodied, or who are not born women, or who are not white, have had a hard time finding a foothold in the movement too.

    And we are told, according to the New Statesman article, that this is because intersectionality - the idea that feminism could embrace the concerns of many different groups - is too hard for the public. Too confusing. Feminism should be "comprehensible or it will be bulls___." What's incomprehensible about embracing the full diversity of ways in which to be a woman, or - sod that - a human? What's hard to parse in the notion that all people are not the same?

    The article appears to endorse allowing the extremely personable and funny Moran, who has sold shedloads of books about how her specific experience of growing up made her a feminist, to say whatever she likes and exclude whomever she likes.

    Moran's entitled to her own definition, of course. I'm not going to tell anyone they have to include all comers in their movement.

    That's their shout. But when you call your book "How To Be a Woman" (as if there is only one way to be a woman) and write about the "voice of a generation" (as if there is only ever a single voice) it does rather invite the criticism.


    FYI, Dr. Brooke Magnanti is ~real~ Belle de Jour and the author of "The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl", which spawned the TV show Secret Diary of a Call Girl. And I call myself a feminist but I think she makes mostly good points about what's wrong with a lot of mainstream feminism, and why Caitlin Moran's behaviour on Twitter was inexcusable.

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    What did Pippa wear?

    The fashion icon changes her outfit 3 times in one venue.

    Her big sister has had more than a year to become one of the world’s fashion icons.

    So when it came to her big day in the spotlight, perhaps Pippa Middleton thought she had some catching up to do.

    The 29-year-old wore no fewer than four outfits for her book launch in London yesterday, altogether costing £2,959 – more than some first-time authors might hope for as an advance.

    But then, Miss Middleton – whose advance was said to be an astonishing £400,000 – isn’t any first-time author.

    Eight camera crews from around the world were on hand as she launched her party planning guide Celebrate: A Year of British Festivities for Families and Friends at a Fulham book store.

    The hostess with the mostess chose a plum-coloured shift from one of sister Kate's favourite designers Roksanda Ilincic to pose for photographers before changing in to an embellished LBD to host a children's Halloween party in the store and finally donning a tweed panelled dress from Stella McCartney as she left the event to continue the celebrations with friends and family.

    Earlier she had worn another different outfit for the book signing at Foyles, choosing a futuristic long-sleeved dress featuring an abstract panel.

    Earlier this afternoon Pippa tried to sneak in to the book store via the back entrance, but her famous curves gave the game away and photographers snapped her disappearing in to Daunt books in the elegant knee-length shift, which she teamed with patent stiletto shoes and a power blow-dry to rival sister Kate's glosy mane.

    After posing for photographers with her book Pippa changed in to a little black dress featuring a sparkling green pattern to play with the children who were attending her Halloween party.

    And then there was another quick change as she pulled on a sleeveless tweed dress from British designer Stella McCartney featuring slimming optical illusion panels on the back.

    Bonfire night, barbecues and children's parties are all covered in the 417 page entertaining 'bible'.

    Reviews so far have been mixed with some critics slamming Pippa for cashing in on her royal connections to make money out of stating the obvious (there are tips on how to make a cup of tea) but retail experts predict that it will be a Christmas best-seller.

    Writing in the book she acknowledges the effect her sister the Duchess of Cambridge’s fame will have on sales, saying: ‘I know many of you will pick up the book out of nothing more than curiosity.

    ‘[But] I can assure you that it feels even stranger to me than it probably does to you to have seen so much written about me when I have done so little to paint a picture of myself.

    'This is my first chance to do that and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

    'The book is designed to be a comprehensive guide to home entertaining, based on my experience in my family’s business Party Pieces and work for London-based events company Table Talk.’

    Although her royal relatives are not referred to by name in the book, Kate is frequently mentioned as Pippa recalls some of her happiest childhood memories, such as hugely competitive family Easter egg hunts and bringing their parents breakfast in bed.

    'I have funny memories of creeping up the stairs with my brother and sister, carrying a breakfast tray for our parents as a surprise treat: desperately trying not to spill the tea and orange juice or knock over the vase of flowers, stifling our giggles so that they couldn't hear us coming,' she writes.

    Tips from party queen Pippa include how to throwing the perfecting Highland tea and rustling up a quick 'venison and beetroot stew'.

    One of the book's more eye-catching chapters is dedicated to breakfast which, Pippa says helpfully, can be 'anything from a simple pot of tea with a few digestive biscuits' to a fully laden tray.

    For a special breakfast she advises decanting milk into a jug rather than serving it in a carton. She also suggesting serving a boiled with soldiers liberally spread with smoked mackerel or trout pate and includes recipes for each

    There is also a segment dedicated on how to make a cup of tea or roast a chicken as well as rustle up some remarkably pretty home-made Christmas decorations or some haggis and filo parcels for Burns Night.

    'It is a useful and practical journey into British-themed occasions and I hope it offers welcome inspiration and ideas, most of which needn't leave you alarmingly out of pocket.

    'Entertaining on any scale can be stressful and daunting so this is all about finding ways to manage and enjoy the process.

    ‘I hope you will see this as a feel-good book with ideas to look forward to each month, providing threads of lasting, happy memories, be it around a table lit with candles in winter, outside on a rug in summer or in the autumn, perched on a leaf-covered bench, hot drink in hand.’

    Louise Moore, Managing Director of Michael Joseph the publishers who reportedly paid £400,000 for the rights to the guide said: ‘Pippa Middleton's ‘Celebrate’ is a truly inspiring treasure trove of fun ideas and creative suggestions for key celebrations throughout the year.

    'We are delighted to be her publishers and to have worked with her on this milestone publication.’

    Across the city, also in purple, Queen Elizabeth was attending a very different kind of event on the South Bank as she marked the recent transformation of the Jubilee Gardens which was completed 35 years after they were first created in 1977 to celebrate the Queen's silver jubilee.

    She was also given a tour of the British Film Institute (BFI) and learned about a new computer archive system for visitors to look up films and newsreels as she watched old movies of her as a young mother.

    Fashion Look #1

    Fashion Look #2

    Fashion Look #3

    Fashion Look #4

    Fashion Look #5

    Source S2 S3 S4

    Little Girl tells Pippa: "I Hate Princesses"

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    For those of you who remember:

    A treehouse erected by council bosses who forgot to obtain planning permission from themselves has started a “war” between residents of a north London square.

    Islington council commissioned the structure, which cost nearly £36,000, six months ago, but it has been overshadowed by a row that has polarised the community.

    Families, including that of Room With A View actor Rupert Graves, who want the play facilities for their children are fighting residents who complain about noise and being overlooked from the structure.

    More information already posted on this this ONTD post



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    Nikita returned last week for Season 3, with a very different new scenario for the characters, as they are back inside Division – albeit a Division under new management.

    I spoke to Lyndsy Fonseca about what’s to come this year for Alex, who’s had quite a few dramatic changes occur of late. We discussed Alex’s celebrity status, her dynamic with Sean and Amanda -- and a popular non-relationship with Owen -- and more. We also chatted about this Friday night’s exciting new episode, in which Nikita and Alex discover a young girl who has been taken by a former Division agent and apparently been brainwashed. Plus, will Fonseca be able to reprise her role as Katie in Kick-Ass 2?

    IGN: Things have changed for everyone on the show, but for Alex, this is really the first time she is allowed to be herself – she’s not a double agent, she’s not a rogue agent, and everyone knows her true identity. What is this transition like for her?

    Fonseca: I think in the bigger picture, her being this kind of public persona has brought a lot of power to her and this maturity. It hasn’t come easily. I don’t think Alex is the kind of person that enjoys dressing up like that and being in that public way. But I think what it does is forces her to grow up a little bit and kind of take charge on her own. As the season continues, we’re not going to be focusing a lot on her public persona, but I think she brings a lot of that to Division to help her deal with being there.

    IGN: The premiere used her celebrity in a very fun and funny way, but going forward, how do you deal with someone who’s been trained to be a spy being very publically known?

    Fonseca: Well, Alex is going to go in a very different direction than I think most of the audience is going to expect. We start off this season with her in this really great place and her using her celebrity to benefit the mission. But it’s going to go in a very different direction. She’ll end up really having to deal with certain things that… You know, I think that a lot of things have been cleaned up, like her relationship with her mother, and Nikita and her are on such good terms. It’s like the final thing is her addiction self, and she’s really going to have to struggle with.

    IGN: So that's going to be coming back into focus?

    Fonseca: I think that's been a little bit buried, because there’s been other things to deal with. Now that she’s in this new place where they’re all agents, they’re all in this together. But she gets hurt and there’s pain and it’s going to really force her to deal with things that she thought she had resolved before.

    IGN: I’ve seen the episode airing Friday, with that great young girl…

    Fonseca: She was amazing.

    IGN: It seems as though this girl brings up a lot of emotions and memories for both Nikita and Alex.

    Fonseca: I think that it’s kind of shocking to see a girl her age in Division, because she is the age that Alex was when she was sold into slavery and then a few years later was on the streets, doing drugs. You see this girl who’s just such a shell of herself. You don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome. You can’t really figure it out. And the pain in her eyes, everything that she’s dealing with, it’s so similar to Alex’s life and I think she sees a lot of herself. And I think Alex just doesn’t want to go there. What she ends up doing is going to the parents a lot and the mother and I think that is something that she can relate to as well. Because Alex’s mom didn’t know that she was alive and I’m trying to find out all this information, but I can’t tell them that I know that their child is alive. So dealing with the mom really is difficult in a lot of ways for Alex.

    IGN: The first episodes this season touch upon a lot of the big emotional points the show has set up in the first two years, but as far as overall mythology goes, they’re more standalone. How is this season mapping out compared to the first two?

    Fonseca: Especially at the beginning, it is a little bit more standalone and kind of bad guy of the week or a mission [of the week] at first. But there are going to be recurring storylines that we’re going to be doing that wall continue through all the episodes as well. It’s kind of a little bit of both. But it’s gonna be different, because there’s no Percy, you know? We’re in this together and Amanda is going to come in and out and we’re trying to figure out where she’s coming from and what her plan of action is. But it is a little bit more standalone than it has been in the past.

    IGN: You mentioned Amanda and when I asked on Twitter if fans had questions for you, quite a few seemed to enjoy the interplay between Alex and Amanda.

    Fonseca: I love that!

    IGN: Will there be more of that this year? Obviously, it’s more difficult, because they’re no longer co-existing inside Division.

    Fonseca: Right. Yes, they’re definitely going to be in a storyline together, but we have not shot it yet. I know that it’s in the future for the season, but in all honesty, I don’t know how it’s going to come out. I think the writers are still figuring that out! [Laughs] But it’s going to be good, because she’s going to have a hold over Alex in some way… So it’s not going to be taken lightly. It’s not going to be fun thing. Amanda is going to go all out.

    IGN: And we know Amanda can be very scary when she goes all out.

    Fonseca: Oh my gosh… She’s so good!

    IGN: How are things going for Alex and Sean?

    Fonseca: Well, it’s funny, because at work today, the only scene that I have to do is to make out with Sean Pierce in a closet. It’s a very hard day at the office. [Laughs]

    But no, it’s not going to be an easy relationship. There’s going to be this thing where Sean really puts it out there and makes an ultimatum and says, “It’s me or Division” and “Why are we here? What are we doing here? We have a life to live.” And I think that contrast is totally confusing for Alex. It’s like, “What do you mean? This in my life. What am I going to do? Go sit on a beach somewhere and drink Mimosa?” That’s not reality, you know? And that’s going to cause problems because they want different things, even though they want each other.

    IGN: Meanwhile, it’s funny, because a sect of Nikita fans have been curious about this whole Alex/Owen dynamic, even though they’ve never met...

    Fonseca: I know. It’s so weird how there are shippers for that, when we’ve never even met! It’s very flattering! It’s great. It’s so cool.

    IGN: So that being said, this season they will finally meet and interact. What do they make of each other initially?

    Fonseca: You know, it’s kind of cool… I made the decision that there’s always been this kind of animalistic part of Alex. There’s this kid that’s not a celebrity… the really down and dirty part. And I feel like Owen can be like that. This guy is very, very animalistic in many ways. And I think they kind of connect in that and sense that about each other. And I don’t mean that necessarily in a relationship kind of way. It’s more that he comes back in the picture and it’s like, “What is your deal, man?” There’s definitely sparks and some sort of understanding that they have with each other.

    IGN: You mentioned Alex’s addiction issues. Owen recently got over his own addiction to the regimen. Could there be some bonding there?

    Fonseca: There is that. We haven’t really touched on that topic as characters yet, but absolutely. That would be a really cool thing to play as well.

    IGN: So at San Diego Comic-Con, you were crossing your fingers – has it worked out with your Nikita schedule to do Kick-Ass 2?

    Fonseca: It has! CW and Warmer Bros. and the creators here at Nikita, they’ve been so wonderful about letting me out for a week to go to London and do a little bit in Kick-Ass. I’m very limited in my time that I can go there, but the fact that they let me do it at all… I actually leave on Saturday to go shoot for a week there. And I’m really excited!

    IGN: My last question comes via your costar, Devon Sawa. When I asked on Twitter if anyone had questions or you, he asked if himself, Shane West, Dillon Casey and Aaron Stanford were Ninja Turtles… who would be Raphael?

    Fonseca: [Laughs] Well, that’s funny, because they were having this major debate two nights ago over dinner. And honestly, I had no idea what they were talking about, because I’ve never seen Ninja Turtles! I don’t know… If I’d seen it, I’d have an opinion! Sorry!


    While I adore Sean Pierce and his delicious bod, Nikita/Alex is the one ship to rule them all.  Do I need to keep you reminding you all of what's airing tomorrow night?  

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    Oftentimes, whilst my personal dresser is putting on my pants two legs at a time (because one at a time is so pedestrian, don’t you agree?) I’ll ask my stylist why they no longer make clothes that properly accentuate my vageene. I mean, nothing of a Kar-dah-zian level of crotch-cradling camel toe but something simple that drapes ever so subtly, drawing the viewer’s eye directly towards my pink velvet sausage wallet…my dark cave of wonder…my Paul Ryan safe house, something that says “warmest greetings old friend, my vagina has been expecting you.” Well, like my labial godmother, Gwynnie has once again come along and designed the most divinely unflattering jumpsuit that will put all eyes on my punanny, just as God intended.

    Now, I know what you are thinking, the jumpsuit went out of style seasons ago and this design has been done more times than a Blake Lively on a casting couch! But my darlings fret not for goop has taken this shiteous design to a whole new level; the saggy crotch, the unflattering cut and the circa ‘03 ruching at the cankles all come together to really make this piece a must-have. Plus, it works perfectly as any number of All Hallow’s Eve costumes. You can be a sexy ninja or a less obese Scarlett Yo-hannson in The Avengers, or an albino MC Hammer or Gwyneth’s soul – all black and sparse and devoid of anything even resembling good.

    Now, it’s worth noting that despite the posh sounding French name of Gwynnie’s design partner; this piece is not by some chic, Parisian couturier but Jermaine Jackson’s old jump-off, Margaret Maldonado. As you are undoubtedly aware, nothing quite says high-fashion like being the former mistress/baby mama of the 3rd least relevant Jackson sibling (now I ain’t saying she a golddigger cuz she was messing with a broke broke). While it may not be the chicest name about town, I believe that given Margaret’s questionable life choices purchasing this item can be used a charitable contribution on your taxes, that is, if you even bother to file taxes, which is really something only poor people and Mormons do.

    To purchase your Hefty trash bag, I mean, the jumpsuit a la l'agence (yeah, they actually call it that), click here.


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    Christina Aguilera's Keynote Q&A today (Oct. 25) at the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Film & TV Conference was as colorful as her two-toned blonde/bright red hair: She dropped some f-bombs, spoke plainly about her career, and even belted out a bit of a classic tune.

    "Now everyone is a critic," she said with a smile, on the subject of the tabloid press and online bloggers. "I don't read blogs. It's just God-knows-who in Buttf--- wherever writing hate sh--. You can't take it seriously. I'm sure you've all been hated on at some point by buttf--- people."

    "It's real talk today," she said at one point to applause.

    Bill Werde, Billboard's Editorial Director, joined the singer on a couch in front of a meeting room full of conference attendees at The W Hotel in Hollywood. "Ooh, cozy with Christina!" the singer joked as Werde moved closer to her on the couch, setting the lively and fun tone.

    The five-time Grammy winner, whose Max Martin-produced "Your Body" is currently on Billboard's Hot 100, was reflective when answering questions about her nearly lifelong career in music, film and television.

    "Sometimes you just know what you're placed on this earth to do," she said of her early days. "Through my childhood I had sort of a chaotic past and upbringing. Music came as a sort of release and escape. Inevitably, you're going to stray toward that path. I started out as a wedding singer singing at block parties at 6, 7 years old. Then came Star Search. That was my first big break at 7 years old. Ed McMahon couldn't say my name right."

    She lost Star Search but ended up on The Mickey Mouse Club by age 12, the same program that of course helped launch Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling. "Great casting agent," Aguilera said by way of understatement. "I think his name was Mike Casella." (She's correct).

    She talked about auditioning for then-A&R man Ron Fair (now a special consultant at Front Line Management) in his office. The pair are still friends. "Our kids go to the same pre-school," she noted. "I walked into his office and he was like, 'Sing for me.' I whipped out Whitney Houston's Preacher's Wife gospel songs. That stayed in his mind."

    Later, she said she taped herself in her bathroom singing Houston's "I Want to Run With You." She landed her first record deal and the "Mulan" soundtrack the same week.

    She's still got the acting bug. She credited Cher with helping her hone her chops on 2010's Burlesque, though she admitted the film wasn't without its cliches. "Cher taught me about how, for your off-camera scenes, [you should] be just as good if not more of an actor [for] the person you're in the scene with. It's going to make the whole thing better -- to really be a giving actor. It makes for an amazing scene. You start to understand and appreciate the beauty of film and the passion, the love and the craft that goes into the whole process. It was a wonderful learning experience."

    She and Cher had plenty to bond over, from the highs to the lows of careers in music and film.

    "It's hard being such a powerful woman in the business. I'm known for not always being warm and fuzzy, because you'll just get bulldozed over. You learn to put up this little protective shield, but it's because of something. In my music, I come off as being very open about being insecure, vulnerable and sensitive sometimes. Then I'll go onstage and be this powerhouse force to be reckoned with." It's all about that balance, she added.

    Part of the way she maintains that balance, she said, is by avoiding the tabloids. "I'm a mother. I'm a businesswoman. I have a zillion and one things going on in my head, on my plate, creatively. I put my son to bed then I go right into my backyard, which is my studio house. It's a lot. I really truly don't have time for the static noise. It's just not real. They're not real magazines. It's trash. It's rumors."

    "If my son has a cute picture of him playing soccer one day, I'll be like, 'Oh, forward me that,' but my publicist will tell you, I don't want to hear the good or the bad," she added. "I don't want to believe my own hype. I want to stay hungry and stay eager and be the best that I can be."

    Working on The Voice renewed her own hunger as a singer, she said. She credited the experience with her desire to get back out there with her new album, Lotus.

    "These 6-year-olds weren't around when I had 'Genie in a Bottle' and 'Fighter,' " she said. "They are watching me in this big red chair giving advice. There's a lot of auto tune going on now and that's all great, it's an art form. But what's great about The Voice [is that] it's just raw, real talent."

    Aguilera confessed she hasn't seen much of any of the singing competition shows -- including her own. "I've not actually seen a full episode of any of the other music shows. I saw the commercials early on of American Idol of Simon being a dick. I was like, 'Man, that's not what it's about!' I didn't want to treat people like that. I wanted to do The Voice to show that we can be positive. We don't have to knock people down." Which isn't to say she was knocking American Idol altogether.

    "Jennifer Hudson came from American Idol and went on to do Dreamgirls and won an Oscar," she pointed out. "I know we all have different formats. I don't even watch my own show: I tape it, I'm out. Time to be mommy and time to work on my record and of course invest time in my team, picking songs. I juggle a lot."

    Christina said she's formed a great friendship with all of her fellow judges. "We've got a chemistry like a family. Everyone knows me and Adam [Levine] can bicker and get on each other's case. Cee-Lo is just cool, he comes from a real artistic value place. Blake [Shelton] is just a good old time. He's become my big bro." Aguilera and Shelton duet on "Just a Fool," one of the new tracks from Lotus.

    The album is full of songs with meaning, something she's consciously steered toward for some time now. "I'm a message girl at the end of the day. Songs like 'Beautiful,' songs like 'Fighter.' They're very introverted and can be very vulnerable but empowering. I was tired of singing about fluff and candy and Genie in a Bottle." She noted that she went to people like DJ Premier, Ladytron, Le Tigre and a pre-fame Nicki Minaj at different points in her career. She was also quick to "thank God" for "Genie in a Bottle" and similar songs, because "they gave me the creative freedom that I have now."

    "Beautiful" of course remains a staple Aguilera track and she treated the audience to the song's first few lines while telling the story of its creation. "Linda Perry is raw, she's real and she intimidates a lot of grown men. She's amazing. I was having a really bad day. I came into her studio. It was at her house at the time. I was working with her on a bunch of stuff. She just kind of sat down at her piano in her dining room and started singing."

    The audience applauded, then Christina went on to explain that Perry discouraged her from doing all of the showy vocal stuff." 'Don't do all that Mariah sh-' -- that was her, not me, I love that sh--!" Aguilera clarified. "But she was like 'don't be doing all that acrobatic sh--, just sing!'"

    Perry is a colorful personality on Twitter -- Werde suggested Aguilera start following her. "I was really late to [Twitter]," she admitted. "To me it was presented as like, 'this is what I'm having for breakfast this morning.' I was like, 'Really? Who cares.'" But now she's gotten the hang of what it can be. "I said something the other day on Twitter and I was like, 'Oh, this is what you can use Twitter for!' I might have opened up a whole new can of worms and a new appreciation for it. I just didn't want to be generic. Some people use it in a frivolous way."

    There's nothing frivolous about her approach to her new record, which she summarized thusly:

    "It's embracing the woman that I've grown to be and embracing myself, full circle, as a pop star. Being on The Voice has made me realize it. And being face to face with my superstar little popstar team on The Voice has been inspiring and inspires me. It's made me come full circle and appreciate the journey of the last decade-plus. I chose Lotus because it represents the unbreakable flower that stands the test of time."

    And even more to the point: "Sh-- happens, man. This is the business. It's not going to be all cute and pretty and tied up in a little bow."


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