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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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  • 06/24/13--20:39: EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!
  • Miley just tweeted and deleted this!

    and then tweeted this!


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  • 06/24/13--20:39: Under The Dome Ep 2 Promo

  • SRC

    Even though the dialogue was cheesy at times and certain performances were cringing, I'm intrigued by the show

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  • 06/24/13--20:46: THIS WEEK'S SOAP PROMOS!!!!

  • Is Taylor going to expose Brooke & Bill's secret to Katie?!!?

    Fourth of July is right around the corner and fireworks are gonna be flying high and not only in the sky. The younger set will throw a celebration and moods will go from fun to displeasure to say the least. It’s gonna hit the fan people and it’s not gonna be very pretty.

    Wyatt has his heart set on Hope and she starts to accept the fact the Liam hasn’t given up on Steffy. So she decides to play the game with Wyatt in hopes that Liam will get jealous. Of course Liam doesn’t want to see his ex get used and tells Wyatt to back off, which only makes Wyatt more determined. Hope is kinda digging this between the two as she is the pawn in their difference of opinions. But while Wyatt is playing up to Hope he also has a back up plan with another young thing, so keep watching.

    Looks like Maya and Rick have finally have something to celebrate now that they are back together, but that won’t stop Caroline who still has some more tricks up her sleeve. This girls is a true Spencer, no doubt about it!

    Katie throws Brooke a birthday party but just as the fun begins Taylor informs Katie what has been going on behind her back. Katie goes into a fit of rage and lets Brooke and Bill have it with both barrels. Will Katie and Bill be able to return to the love they once had? Not if Brooke has anything to say about it. I can say it’s not over between Bill and Brooke and the summer is going to get hotter as these two continue to fight their passion for each other.

    Michelle Stafford tweeted “Getting ready to do my last day of work! (that was June 18th) “Have loved this job so much.” Phyllis will be around at least until the beginning of August. And that it will be a “fun” story line with many twists.

    Michael Graziadei will be reprising his role as Daniel Romalotti. Michael will air as Daniel on July 30th for 4 episodes. No word yet what the story line will be. But July is when Katherine’s funeral is to be televised so I am thinking he may be returning for that and possibly have something to do with Phyllis’s exit. But before she does her final swan song she has plans for Kyle to keep him away from Summer when they go on a business trip. Kyle leaves the room when Summer calls and Phyllis tells her he is indisposed at the moment, making Summer furious. Kyle returns and Phyllis tells him Summer called but she is going to the spa for awhile. Summer eventually calls back and Phyllis puts the speaker on where Summer hears the whole conversation and it ain’t good. Kyle talks about the beautiful women down by the pool making Summer irate on the other end. MS says that she hates doing this to Summer but feels like she has no choice but then Phyllis realizes she has to take things up a notch.

    Nick and Avery set a wedding date but do they make to the altar? And to add more to the mix anther couple is planning their wedding Dylan and Chelsea.

    Remember that safe deposit box that holds some secrets? Avery is able to get the safe deposit box opened for Leslie. Inside they discover Gus’s will and pictures of Rose. Gus has left everything to Leslie, Tyler and Rose. This confuses Leslie and makes her more determined than ever to discover who she really is. Meanwhile the mystery person is following them around and we see that the person has the same photos that was in the box.

    Jeffrey has not been seen around Genoa City for a while now but we’ll see Gloria’s hubby again on July 8, which means his Ted Shackelford, is back! Given how meddlesome Anita has been in Chelsea’s personal life, expect Jeffrey to also get involved.

    Casey Deidrick (Chad) announced via Twitter that he is leaving the show and has taped his final episode. The role is being recast.

    Despite reports to the contrary, it doesn’t appear that Drake Hogestyn (John) has returned to the set. His daughter confirmed on Face book that Hogestyn is not taping yet.

    Sonny continues to stand his ground against Adrienne’s protests about his relationship with Will and warns her that if it comes down to a choice, she will lose. Adrienne also won’t stop making waves about Justin being on Sami’s legal team much to Justin’s chagrin.

    Sami is stunned when she realizes how important Rafe is to Kate.

    Jennifer is not happy when JJ is arrested.

    Deidre Hall (Marlena) has been scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Nick and Gabi reach an important decision regarding their marriage.

    Paula Benard (wife of Maurice Benard GH) announced on twitter “Going to get work permit for Joshua (her son) to do DOOL. Haven’t done this since Cailey played your son in a nightmare of the death of Lilly on GH 18years ago!”

    So Silas is sticking around Port Charles, seems he does have a soul after all, but he will do more for Danny then anyone could ever dream of. Silas does a radical surgery that could save Danny’s life. But he needs bone marrow from a suitable donor, could it be a Quartermaine or a Cassadine, or maybe even Sam’s Dad?

    Speaking of which I am hearing that while there is no exact story how Alexis hooked up with this man, rumor has it when she was living on Cassadine island and held as a prisoner in a matter of speaking, she snuck out one night and met a man in a leather jacket and had her fling. She had no clue who he was. But we will find that out soon, as this man is hanging around PC and keeping an eye on Alexis and Sam.

    On Friday’s episode you probably realized when Ana mentioned the bullet that shot Olivia did not come from the gun they had in evidence which goes to prove that someone else beside Shawn was out to kill Franco. Who hates Franco more then Sonny and Carly? Who had a child with Franco and is know trying to make a deal with him? Yep Ava Jerome, and there is more to Ms Jerome then meets the eye.

    More attempts on Franco’s life as he is beaten to a pulp. But upon awaking he believes he is someone else, someone close to many in PC. What will the folks in Port Chuck now think? What will the viewers think? Of course this is a set up to bring back the Howarth/Wright pairing.

    They will be some surprising departures on the show some expected, some totally unexpected, but they are coming.

    Looks like the teen scene over in Pine Valley is going to get heavy. Miranda has some big issues she is going to be dealing with. The fact that her mom is gay and that she is a product of rape and to top it off she is beginning to look at AJ in a different way. A story is coming that will be the talk of the town when she finally finds out who her real dad is and this will not sit well with the young teen. Many fans are not happy that mother and daughter are having such problems considering how close they were before the show went off of ABC. And to add more drama to AMC the show is on a 5 week turnover and the new writers are on board. We wont see these for awhile but if sources are correct it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

    From where I am sitting it appears that Todd and Blair are back to where it all started, working and trusting one another. With someone out to get their love ones they must work together to figure out what is going on. They will no doubt save the kids and the others on the list but will this be Todd’s swan song? Will he die, go missing or be presumed dead? Rumor has it that they will figure out that Victor is innocent and if he kills Todd he was forced to do so in order to save his family, just as Todd is being forced to kill Victor. Who will get to who first and who wants both brothers dead? In the monitor room it appeared Blair thinks Todd will no longer go after Victor if she did she would tell Tea. But this is Todd who never tells the truth the whole truth and it may just cost him everything if he goes through with his plans.

    YouTube, SoapTownUSA

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  • 06/24/13--21:05: Teen Wolf - 3.05 promo
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    Kelly Rowland recently performed her new single, "Gone," ft. Wiz Khalifa, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


    This track is so hot, her vocals are on point, etc. And bow @ queen Joni continuing to influence generations of artists.

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    He's battled robots, aliens and Satan, but now Arnold is preparing to take on the walking dead.

    Once upon a time, the announcement that Arnold was attached to star in a zombie film would conjure up visions of the Austrian Oak wading through swarms of the undead, chopping away with blades and putting bullets into flesh-craving noggins. But Black List script Maggie promises to be something altogether more low-key.

    The action star and former California governor will star in Maggie, a Black List script from John Scott 3 about a father whose daughter is infected by a walking-dead virus that has spread across the country. Henry Hobson will helm the film, and production will start in the fall.

    Schwarzenegger is also set to star in Breacher and Escape Plan, which is set to be released on October 18. He is also starring in the third Expendables film and reprising his role in the fifth Terminator film, which is set to start production at the beginning of next year. He recently sold the bodybuilding drama Pump to Showtime.

    Could this be Schwarzenegger looking to prove his acting chops in the midst of a mixed career return? He’s already tried action with The Expendables 2 and The Last Stand and has David Ayer’s Sabotage set for release next year, with plans to revisit both the Terminator franchise and comedy Twins. Smaller performances have ever been Arnie’s forte, but Maggie could be something interesting.


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    What could Adrien Brody possibly have in common with Jordana Brewster? Well, for one thing, they’re both B-list actors right now (sorry, Adrien, but it’s been more than a decade since “The Pianist”).

    More importantly, the two have reportedly signed for a heist movie called simply “American Heist”. The thriller will be inspired by a real-life robbery from half a century ago, which was previously brought to the big screen by Steve McQueen and the gang in 1959.

    That actually doesn’t sound bad, but the “American Heist” cast is… well, weird. Aside from Brody and Brewster, Hayden Christensen and Akon are signed for yet to be revealed roles. Christensen, who was once upon a time a fairly promising young thesp, has last been on our radar in 2008 (for “Jumper”, so all the wrong reasons), while Akon has only one acting credit so far, in something called “Black November”.

    Turning our attention back to Brody and Brewster, let’s mention the former will next be seen in “Third Person”, a romantic drama directed by Paul Haggis, and Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Sounds like someone is making a comeback.

    As for the latter, she just can’t find a decent gig outside the “Fast and Furious” franchise. “North of Hell” is the only other upcoming project Brewster is involved in, but that already sounds like a debacle, co-starring Katherine Heigl and Kevin McKidd.


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    Jon Stewart is on a sabbatical from his duties as host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” but that has not stopped him from appearing on television. Last week, he was a surprise guest on “Al Bernameg,” or “The Program,” the Egyptian equivalent of “The Daily Show” that is filmed in Cairo and hosted by Bassem Youssef. Mr. Stewart was brought on stage wearing a black hood and introduced as a captured foreign spy.

    At first, he spoke to the audience in Arabic, his comments, according to CBS News, translated to, “Please sit down, I am a simple man who does not like to be fussed over.” The interview then switched to English, and Mr. Stewart discussed, among other things, “Rosewater,” the film he will direct, the relevance of satire in relation to political discussion and the lack of traffic lights in Cairo. At the end of the segment, Mr. Stewart staged a small coup d’état, forcing Mr. Youssef out from behind his desk, and then proclaimed himself as the new host of “Al Bernameg.”

    Mr. Youssef has been a guest on “The Daily Show,” most recently in April after he was arrested by Egyptian prosecutors and briefly held for questioning on accusations that he insulted Islam and the president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi.


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    “World War Z” will in all likelihood be looked back on as an important turning point in the narrative of bad buzz prematurely equating to a flop. It's an interesting case study for studios trying to turn back the tide on troubled productions. These days, with transparency and information as available as it is, bad buzz can severely hurt a film. Look at “Gangster Squad” (delayed and then had its ending reshot), “Battleship” (delayed, looked like Michael Bay at sea) or “John Carter” (delayed, had a title changes, suffered from a terrible marketing campaign). These are three recent films that only reinforced the traditional narrative -- these movies are troubled, therefore they’re going to suck.
    But Brad Pitt’s intense, thinking man’s zombie movie proved to be a big hit this weekend, becoming the star’s biggest box-office opening to date and coming in second only after the four-quadrant friendly “Monsters University.” Yet, somehow, “World War Z,” with its whispers of director/actor fights, rewrites, reshoots and a generally cursed production, managed to outlive its snakebitten reputation. By following the conventional wisdom of the Hollywood narrative, “World War Z,” should have been, by all rights, a huge and expensive, colossal flop. Instead, it’s already over $100 million worldwide, looking like it will have strong legs and while it’s doubtful it will recoup, Paramount is already looking at potential sequels.

    Part of the film’s rehabilitation was a canny transparency job. Letting in reporters like Vanity Fair and Entertainment Weekly was part of allowing the media in early, and this made for good, juicy copy and high awareness. Secondly, Paramount held early screenings for critics and pop-up screenings with Brad Pitt all over the country which started good word of mouth buzz. With the film defying the odds, we thought we’d look back at five movies that survived their bad buzz and another five that followed their trajectories right into the bottom of the box-office dumpster. Keep in mind, this isn’t simply movies that endured a difficult production, but rather those whose difficulties spilled over into the public and had to overcome the odds or simply pay the piper.

    5 Troubled Film Productions That Overcame Bad Buzz
    “Titanic” (1997)

    How Did It Begin: Having already directed "The Terminator" parts 1 and 2, "Aliens," "The Abyss" and "True Lies," James Cameron’s films were becoming bigger and bigger and a challenge was something the hubristic director could never live down. Seeing the “Titanic” story as the Mount Everest of shipwrecks, Cameron was soon hooked, writing a screenplay and making this romance disaster his next project.
    What Went Wrong? Cameron’s always been the proto-Michael Bay of directors, loud and demanding. And while directing the epic scope of “Titanic,” Cameron lost his cool more than once. While effects were important, massive sets were built (one costing $40 million) with thousands of extras making for an extremely big operation to manage. But Cameron even had to film the infamous Kate Winslet nude scene first because many of these massive sets weren’t ready when filming began. Water played a huge and dangerous part as well, with actors fearing for their lives during the long and labored sequences when the Titanic sank. Cameron ran an “militaresque” operation to keep the movie on schedule and production, but the film’s budget still ballooned to over $200 million -- the most expensive film ever made at that time (this was also minus the marketing and promotion). While Cameron was unapologetic about his demanding style, his tactics backfired and one evening an angry crew member put PCP into the soup that Cameron and several other crewmembers ate, sending several people to the hospital.
    When The Press Got Hold Of It: With a release pushed from July to December, it didn’t take long for the press to get ahold of the disaster-in-the-making production of Titanic. Entertainment Weekly did a cover story on its various woes in November of 1997 and much of Hollywood was seemingly just waiting for the film to fail. Cameron battled with Fox over the spiraling budgets and running time and struggled to get it down to a manageable 3 hours (3 hrs 14 minutes was the final cut). Even the press in 1997 knew the film had to be a megahit just to break even. Cameron threatened to quit if Fox changed a hair on the film’s head and then said they’d have to kill him if they wanted to see that happen. Rumor had it there was a razor blade taped to the editing suite with a note attached that read, “only use if film sucks.” "There's no other way to look at it. It's a great battle. A battle between Business and Aesthetics," Cameron told EW.
    What Happened In The End? Defying the odds and then some, the David and Goliath story of Cameron vs. the studio vs. the skeptical media world couldn’t have been written any bigger and better. “Titanic” went on to become the highest grossing film of all time and it held that record for 12 years until it was finally bested by Cameron’s next epic, “Avatar.” "Titanic" would sweep the Oscars the following year, earning 14 nominations, winning 11 including Best Picture and Best Director. Cameron’s unwavering vision had been validated to the hilt, but it he would wait almost 10 years before he began working on “Avatar” in earnest.

    “Avatar” (2009)

    How Did It Begin: After years of deep-sea diving, and directing undersea exploratory documentaries like "Aliens of the Deep," and "Ghosts of the Abyss,” “Avatar” was announced in 2005, then known as “Project 880” -- and Cameron was envisioning a trilogy almost from the beginning. Melding his love for science fiction, environmentalism and technology, Cameron saw "Avatar" as a digital revolutionary step forward, but delayed the film for several years so technology would catch up.
    What Went Wrong? Not that much, as the press or public wasn't really concerned other than the fact that “Avatar” shot in 2007 and wouldn’t arrive in theaters until the end of December 2009. Buy even so the press and even the public were largely kept in the dark, and there was nary a set photo or any indication of how the film's production was going until very late in the game. And this perhaps was by design after Cameron’s “Titanic” experience.
    When The Press Got Hold Of It: Similarly delayed (due in the summer, eventually released at Christmas), as the media is wont to do whispers began with the impatient speculation of “what could be wrong here?” “Avatar” was held under lock and key for months, but when the first trailer arrived -- concurrent with a 15 minute sizzle reel at a specially ticketed event on giant Imax screens around the planet to build buzz -- much of the press was dismayed, asking, “We waited two years for this?” The New York Times wrote an article about the mixed press reception and even quoted The Playlist, with our post saying: “This is supposed to be the game changer this year? Maybe it does look astonishing in 3D and on the big screen, but it practically looks comical in this Internet-trailer form.” Various movie websites likened it to disasters like “Delgo” and “Dungeons & Dragons” and the bad buzz began, even spawning Hitler’s infamous reaction to the “bad trailer” news.
    What Happened In The End?“Avatar” went on to become the highest grossing film of all time. $2.8 billion and counting and it doesn’t look like that record’s going to be eclipsed any time soon, though Cameron is working on two sequels simultaneously. Nominated for 9 Academy Awards (including Picture and Director), the narrative shifted to Cameron and his ex wife Kathryn Bigelow's awards season film, “The Hurt Locker.” Suffice to say that little Iraq war indie took the big prizes and “Avatar” had to be satisfied with three technical awards.

    5 Troubled Film Productions That Didn’t Overcome Their Bad Buzz
    “Heaven’s Gate” (1980)

    How Did It Begin: Given the critical and commercial success of "The Deer Hunter" -- five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken -- Michael Cimino was basically given a blank check for his next ambitious project.
    What Went Wrong? Giving a hubris-filled, feeling-infallible director carte blanche and letting him run wild with it. We’ve detailed a lot of the production problems on “Heaven’s Gate” here, but the short version is that it essentially boils down to a toxic combination of ego and cockiness. Cimino spent insane amounts of money on the dumbest kind of expenditures like rebuilding massive, entire sets, costing thousands and thousands of dollars, simply because he didn't like the way two houses were built next to each other. (Yes that really happened). Endless retakes trying to make everything thusly perfect, also helped the cost balloon way over budget, as did an extensive post-production and editing process.
    When The Press Got Hold Of It: Cimino previewed a work print for executives at United Artists that reportedly ran a staggering five hours and twenty-five minutes, and word of its overages were already beginning to trickle out. The 1980 premiere in November was by all accounts a flat out failure. New York Times critic Vincent Canby panned the film, calling it "an unqualified disaster," comparing it to "a forced four-hour walking tour of one's own living room." Suffice to say its idyllic pace and long, take-its-time sprawl wasn’t really widely appreciated.
    What Happened In The End? One of the biggest and most notorious box-office bombs of all time, “Heaven’s Gate” became the poster child for film productions run amok and is seen as being part of the downfall of the short lived ‘70s American New Wave (by the time the ‘80s hit, all these young directors were having major flops, some like Cimino, Bogdanovich, et al, never recovered). Those disastrous previews effectively shut down the film fast and while a “director’s cut” was screened a year later it too was panned with Roger Ebert calling it, a “scandalous cinematic waste.” The movie was also notoriously responsible for the downfall of United Artists movie studio and it spawned “Final Cut,” the ironically titled book by Steven Bach, VP in charge of production of UA at the time, wherein he lamented the film’s problems and giving his director free reign. That said, a recent restoration that screened at the Venice Film Festival and was issued on the Criterion Collection has helped boost its critical standing, though it still remains a commercial trainwreck.

    “Terminator Salvation” (2009)

    How Did It Begin: Someone with the ill-conceived idea of a sort of quasi future prequel of the “Terminator” franchise as directed by McG.
    What Went Wrong? Mostly everything, though convincing both Christian Bale to star (or co-star? part of the movie's problem) and Jonathan Nolan to rewrite the film on set were admittedly valiant attempts to make some smart creative choices.
    When The Press Got Hold Of It: There were lawsuits in pre-production that didn’t bode well, but nothing could prepare the press or public for the very nasty and expletive-filled outburst that was surreptitiously recorded, and then subsequently leaked, of Christian Bale ripping into cinematographer Shane Hurlbut for walking on set during a take (admittedly, this is total greenhorne move). McG tried to take the blame for it, saying he had overworked and exhausted Bale that day, but the damage seemed to be done.
    What Happened In The End?‘Salvation’ happened. The truth is Bale and Hurlbut squashed their beef quickly and shot for a month afterwards, but perhaps it was an overall indication of Bale’s frustration of working on a movie that obviously didn’t seem to be clicking at any point of the production. The proof of that panned out in the movie: a mostly humorless, drab, unfun spin on the “Terminator” franchise that somehow didn’t kill the series entirely (a fifth iteration is in the works with producers Megan and David Ellison and Arnold Schwarzenegger back on board).

    "Waterworld" (1995)

    How Did It Begin: A script by David Twohy was conceived as a kind of waterlogged version of "The Road Warrior," with an earth consumed by water and Kevin Costner and his "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" director Kevin Reynolds teamed up to bring the script to life.
    What Went Wrong? Literally everything. Movies shot on water are notoriously difficult and "Waterworld" was no exception: it almost instantly got behind schedule and stayed there. Costner nearly drowned on at least one occasion and his stunt double was nearly lost at sea. The script was constantly going through overhauls, with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" writer Joss Whedon being brought out to the Hawaii location, an experience he later described as "seven weeks of hell." The relationship between Costner and Reynolds frayed to the point that Reynolds stormed off the movie more than two weeks before principle photography was scheduled to wrap (rumor has it Costner directed those two weeks). The budget ballooned to $175 million, which made it the most expensive movie of all time (at the time). People began referring to it as "Kevin's Gate" or "Fishtar," in reference to those other infamous Hollywood bombs.
    When The Press Got Hold Of It: In September 1994 a damning portrait of the production was issued in the Los Angeles Times that described the cost overages and organizational turmoil that had swallowed "Waterworld." From then on out it was the butt of many Hollywood jokes and the basis for endless conjecture and rumor. At the time the piece ran, the film was "around $135 million and is already two weeks behind schedule." Sources for the piece described the production as "a runaway train under water." Things didn't get better, with every new revelation spoken about in hushed, can-you-believe-it? tones.
    What Happened In The End? While "Waterworld" was by no means a smash it did end up making its money back after you factor in things like home video and the merchandising drummed up by the long running "Waterworld" stunt show at Universal Studios. Some critics (including Roger Ebert) even expressed a begrudging appreciation and the film has become something of a cult favorite in later years. There's even plans for some kind of Syfy Channel remake. Bafflingly, Costner followed up "Waterworld" with another dreary post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie called "The Postman" (which he also directed), which fared much worse than "Waterworld," and eventually he and Reynolds made amends and then crafted last year's great cable miniseries "Hatfields and McCoys."


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    The film, which premiered at Sundance this year, will be released in theaters and on demand Aug. 9.

    The first official trailer for David Gordon Green's indie comedy surfaced on Monday and showcases more antics and banter from the films mismatched protagonists.

    Adapted from the 2011 Icelandic film Either Way by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurosson, Prince Avalanche is an atypical buddy comedy that follows the exploits two highway road workers, Alvin (Paul Rudd) and Lance (Emile Hirsch), who spend their summer in solitude, repainting the traffic lines on a Texan backcountry road that was ravaged by a 1988 wildfire.

    The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where it was acquired by Magnolia, and also screened at SXSW and the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival -- where Green was awarded the Silver Bear for best director.
    The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney, in his Sundance film review, praised Green’s minimalist film: “Perhaps Green’s chief accomplishment in this odd little gem of a movie is that he coaxes that mutual compassion out of the characters without having to put it into words.”
    Prince Avalanche opens in theaters and on demand on August 9.


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    "I don't think it's going to happen, I can't see a possible scenario, that audiences wouldn't go 'Oh, come on. She's taken again?'" Liam Neeson said last fall about a possible "Taken 3.""Unless we do one where I give her away." But it looks like the actor has found a plausible scenario, one that involves a lot of cash being paid for him to return to the action franchise.

    Deadline reports that Neeson is about to earn $20 million for reprising his role as Bryan Mills, the retired CIA dude always pulled back into action to save his family. This always seemed pretty much inevitable, and screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen -- who is co-writing the new script with Luc Besson -- said as much last year, when he indicated Fox was looking to make a sequel. And with good reason. "Taken 2" earned a staggering $376 million worldwide despite being terrible, confirming that audiences really love Neeson growling, talking into cellphones and making emphatic speeches about his skills.

    Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen will be next to make deals to return as well, but not word yet on who will get totally tooken this time out. But we'll probably find out soon enough as production is slated to begin February.


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    Yes, it's getting in hot in here, and it's not just the summer sun bearing down on you. What happens when two hot mamas get uncomfortable under the collar for the each other's hunky sons? No, this isn't that section of the bookstore you shamefully go into, it's "Adore" (previously known as "Two Mothers") the steamy new drama that basically asks what happens if you screwed your best friend's Mom?

    From filmmaker Anne Fontaine ("Coco Before Chanel") and writer Christopher Hampton ("Dangerous Liasons,""Atonement,""A Dangerous Method"), the film follows two lovely Moms -- Naomi Watts and Robin Wright -- as they slip into an uneasy, sexually charged, boundary crossing relationship with each other's grown boys. Needless to say, there are lots of shirts coming off, explosive passion and equally explosive drama. It seems like a movie that needs to toe a very fine line to prevent it from falling into Lifetime territory, but the talent all around is top notch, so we'll stay on this side of optimistic. With our pants on.

    "Adore" opens on September 6th.


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    Arctic Monkeys
    have today released just about everything from their brand-new album bar the music itself, including the release date, tracklist and a name – AM. The UK indie rock powerhouse will be releasing their fifth studio album on Friday, 6th September and have confirmed that the record will contain 12 tracks and a “really exciting” collaboration with QOTSA’s Josh Homme.

    Frontman Alex Turner spoke to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 about the record and working with Homme in some depth. Turner makes no secret of his excitement for the album, and a specific section of one track which featured Homme that he feels is something he’s never heard before:

    “The Josh thing was very much a case of one of us returning a back scratch to the other… he came down and sort of got us out of a little rut. It’s just fun, its friends, extended family now – [they] came round, had a fun night. His contribution to our record is really exciting; it’s probably my favourite. The 30 seconds that he’s in there is just, I dunno, it’s like something that I’ve never heard before. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but you know what I’m saying.”

    The record will also feature contributions from former The Coral member Bill Ryder-Jones and Elvis Costello’s drummer Pete Thomas.

    As Turner told Lowe, the album name itself has been derived from a classic album from The Velvet Underground:

    “I actually stole it from the Velvet Underground, I’ll just confess that now and get it out of the way. TheVU record, obviously, Did we cop out? Yeah!” He added: “Summat about it feels like this record is exactly where we should be right now. So it felt right to just initial it.”

    As for the direction of the record, Turner explains that it all grew from one source, the 2012 single R U Mine?:

    “The record sort of started with R U Mine? really. [We] discovered something through the recording of that tune that we thought was worth exploring. Do I Wanna Know was the first thing we found along that road.”

    Already we’ve been given a pretty good idea of where the band will be taking things with AM, after they released the first official single Do I Wanna Know? (below). Before that, new track Mad Sounds also found its way into their setlist.

    You can check out the full track list for the record below and, don’t forget, the band will be headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury festival this Friday, 28th June so prepare for some new tracks to surface this weekend!

    Arctic Monkeys – AM track list
    1. Do I Wanna Know?
    2. R U Mine?
    3. One For The Road
    4. Arabella
    5. I Want It All
    6. No. 1 Party Anthem
    7. Mad Sounds
    8. Fireside
    9. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
    10. Snap Out Of It
    11. Knee Socks
    12. I Wanna Be Yours


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    Well damn what a surprise, although coming from Daft Punk, nothing is that surprising anymore. The remix of their very own Get Lucky is now available on Spotify. The full 10 minute and 33 second remix of their collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers was announced not too long ago in their interview with Rolling Stone. Slated for a July 16th release, as a 3 track feature EP with the original, radio edit and remix, you can now listen to the full remix right here. Accompanying the stream, Columbia Records also revealed a short promo video that you can watch below as well.

    (you can also listen to it here)

    the original >>>>>>>

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    Only 20 per cent of the Sun’s bylines go to women and as of yesterday, there’s one fewer column inch staked out for female voices: let us bow our boobs and solemnly remove our tops in honour of page 3’s News in Briefs, which is no more.

    Still, don’t let your chest be depressed for too long. This would be a much harder loss for women’s journalism if the Page 3 girls had actually written the News that appeared by their Briefs – but obviously and insultingly, they didn’t.

    The naughty nibs started in 2003, when Rebekah Brooks took over as editor of the Sun. Before her ascension, she was reportedly an opponent of Page 3, so maybe the introduction of a jaunty speech bubble containing a short commentary on current affairs was a way of patching over Page 3’s incongruity.

    At the beginning, News in Briefs was just a naked echo of the paper’s editorial line. Ruth“hailed yesterday’s court appearance by Saddam Hussein”. Kate “was devastated to hear David Blunkett had quit”.

    There’s a theory in anti-pornography circles that violent imagery in erotica is especially concerning because men are most suggestible when tumescent. If there’s any truth in that (and it certainly hasn’t been proven), News in Briefs is a spectacularly cynical example of propaganda, leading millions of man to wank themselves into an orgiastic condition of right-wingery.

    But really that’s not the problem with News in Briefs, which for my money has long been the nastiest part of Page 3. The comic disjunct of this section has always been in the assumed unlikeliness of a pretty, smiling, topless woman expressing the opinion attributed to her. The kind of girl who can get a man hard, says the logic of this joke, is the kind of girl who’s soft in the head.

    Over time, that joke was cultivated to baroque standards. Over her various appearances in 2010, Peta (23 from Essex) volunteered informed opinions about the price of gold, myoglobin, the Tolpuddle Martyrs and Theodore de Banville.

    The fact that these weren’t really Peta’s opinions doesn’t mean she’s stupid. There are some requirements for a Page 3 girl – most importantly, being under 25 and having big, unaugmented breasts. It isn’t necessary to be dumb.

    But redtop journalists are notoriously more educated than the audience they write for, or in this case, the individual they were writing as. There’s something distinctly distasteful about using that advantage to make a sneering joke at a nude woman’s expense.

    It’s a joke that plenty of people enjoyed, though, including the well-educated men of the Conservative party. According to Paul Waugh of Politics Home, when the Tory “Breakfast Club” met each morning, the newest member would be called on to read each day’s News in Briefs, in (oh my lol-wracked sides) the voice of the Page 3 girl.

    On Monday, our democratic representatives could have enjoyed ventriloquising Kelly’s ventriloquised thoughts on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon chances: “As Muhammad Ali observed, ‘Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach into the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win.’”

    But on Tuesday, there was nothing but space next to Lacey, and on page3.com today, India from Reading sits beside an unpopulated box where the News in Briefs would once have been. The joke is up.

    That doesn’t mean page 3 is on the way out. The new editor, David Dinsmore, confirmed this morning on LBC that hanging on to the girls in defiance of campaigners is a point of pride for the Sun, and if Brooks didn’t have the will to axe them, it’s hard to imagine an editor who will.

    But the end of News in Briefs is reason for a tiny feminist cheer on its own. The Sun still gives more room to docile-looking girls with nice racks than to grown-up women with something to say, but it’s no longer snickering at the very idea of something smart emerging from a pretty mouth.

    I think everyone can see the point about news in briefs, regardless of their position on Page 3 generally.

    Submitted because the Sun is a Big Deal and the source for a lot of the gossip posted here (and tis the season for wank posts, apparently)


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    They were mismatched from the get-go.

    James Gandolfini was hulking, fearsome, and bristling with submerged rage and grief. Kristen Stewart was tiny, fragile and fronting false confidence as she spiraled into self-destruction.

    At least, those were their characters in Welcome to the Rileys, a 2010 indie drama starring her as a teenage stripper/prostitute and him as the well-meaning but misguided father of a deceased child who thought he could try and save her instead.

    Stewart has been silent since Gandolfini’s unexpected death last week from a heart attack at age 51, but with his funeral set for Thursday in New York, she is opening up about the loss of a friend and colleague:

    “When I heard of James’ passing I was in New Orleans, where we met shooting, and every memory flooded back and gutted me,” she tells EW in a statement. “I’ll hold that time near to me forever. He was immeasurably great. My heart goes out to his beloved family.”

    In real life, the pair had a bond forged by their mutual introversion. Neither one was a big talker, and each was famous for a character that created obsessive, sometimes intrusive fans. He was the Emmy-winning star of The Sopranos, she was the lead of the teen-girl-crazed Twilight saga.

    When I interviewed her in 2009 for a USA Today profile, she had just finished shooting Welcome to the Rileys and talked about her low-key friendship with Gandolfini. ”Jim was … the sh-t,” she said with a laugh after struggling for a moment to find the right word. “He’s quiet. We got along well because we let it happen the way it’s supposed to. It was very organic, very cool.”

    Each actor was also trying something new with the indie found-family drama: Gandolfini wanted to show he was more than Tony Soprano; she wanted to prove she was more than Bella — not that those roles were easy to escape.

    Everywhere Stewart went, Twilight fans tended to gather and freak out. She felt she wasn’t great at handling it at the time, though she admired the slow-burn of her Welcome to the Rileys co-star when boisterous Sopranos fans showed up.

    “He has that. It’s so annoying,” Stewart said in 2009. “Everybody is like ‘Tonyyy! Yo, Tonnyy!’ I’m sitting there going, ‘Don’t do that … He will f–king deck you.’”

    The admiration was mutual. Last year, Gandolfini wrote this piece for Variety about Stewart’s performance in On the Road. “Kristen Stewart is one of the mad ones. But mad in a beautiful way,” he wrote. “And she is determined to make people mad. To show them she is more than Bella in Twilight. To show them she does burn, and smolder, and wants more out of her career and life. And smolder she does.”

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    Celeb 100: Power Musicians

    Lady Gaga
    The Queen Monster would have earned even more had it not been for a hip injury that cut her Born This Way Ball Tour short. The tour grossed $168 million through January; had Gaga been able to finish the tour, she would have likely topped $200 million. Even so, her massive social media presence, including 38 million Twitter followers and 58 million Facebook fans, helps keep her near the top of our list. With a new album in the works, look for her to stay there.

    #2 Beyonce
    After taking a year off to welcome baby Blue Ivy into the world, Beyoncé is back on the road with her Mrs. Carter World Tour -- a nod to husband Jay-Z, whom she out-earned once again -- and makes it back to the upper reaches of our list. In addition to grossing over $2 million in every city she plays, she still collects cash from old hits and non-musical ventures including new deals with Pepsi and H&M, as well as her House of Dereon clothing line.

    #3 Madonna
    The Material Girl is once again living up to her moniker, earning more than any other member of our Celeb 100. The cash comes mostly from her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million, earning her the Top Touring Award at the Billboard Music Awards. Madonna augments her income with heady merchandise sales at concerts as well as her Material Girl clothing line, Truth or Dare fragrance and investments in Vita Coco and others.

    #4 Taylor Swift
    Who says the music industry is dead? Swift released her fourth studio album, Red, in October 2012 and sold 1.2 million copies in week one. The album's first single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," became her first to top Billboard's Hot 100 chart. She parlayed that success into endorsement deals with Diet Coke, Sony and Covergirl, not to mention big bucks on the road. She should earn even more next year as she transitions from arena shows to stadium sellouts.

    #5 Bon Jovi
    The ageless New Jersey rockers said it best themselves: Because We Can. That's the name of their latest stadium tour, which is grossing over $3 million per city as they crisscross the globe. All in all, they earned more than Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence and Rafael Nadal combined and continued to give back. Last fall, frontman Jon Bon Jovi celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Soul Kitchen, a pay-what-you-can restaurant in Red Bank, N.J.

    #6 Justin Bieber
    #7 Jennifer Lopez
    #8 Rihanna
    #9 Coldplay
    #10 Katy Perry

    Source: Forbes

    Gaga, her fading power.

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    In an emotional interview, her first since she admitted having used racial epithets, Paula Deen told TODAY's Matt Lauer Wednesday that she is not a racist; that as a businesswoman, she does not think her firing from Food Network was the right decision, and that she was unsure whether the N-word was offensive to black people.

    When asked by Lauer whether she was a racist, Deen replied simply, "No." Then she added, "I believe that … every one of God’s creatures was created equal. I believe that everyone should be treated equal, that’s the way I was raised and that’s the way I live my life"

    When Lauer asked if Deen, who was let go from the Food Network Friday, believed her offense was a fireable one, Deen said it was not.

    "Would I have fired me? Knowing me? No," she said. "I am so very thankful for the partners I have who believe in me."

    The fallout from Deen’s admission that she’s used the N-word and had considered throwing a “plantation-style” wedding – which came to light during a legal deposition on May 17 and went public early last week – was fast and furious. By Friday, Food Network announced it was canceling Deen’s contract, after she failed to appear for a scheduled interview with Lauer and started posting a series of strange apology videos on YouTube.

    By Monday, Smithfield Foods terminated its partnership with her, and QVC, Sears and Target were all reevaluating their relationship with the Southern star, who raked in $17 million in 2012 through all her ventures and was the fourth highest paid chef last year, according to Forbes.

    During the deposition, Deen was asked about racist jokes, and she responded that she could not determine what offended various groups of people. Lauer specifically asked her if she knew that the N-word was offensive to black people.

    "I don’t know, I have asked myself that so many times," Deen said. "It's very distressing for me to go into my kitchens and hear what these young people are calling each other ... it’s very distressing for me. I think for this problem to be worked on, that these young people are gonna have to take control and start showing respect for each other.

    And while Deen said during the deposition that she was "sure" she'd used the N-word more than once, she told Lauer she had only used it to describe an incident in 1986, when she says she was held at gunpoint by a black man.

    “The day I used that word it was a world ago -- it was 30 years ago -- I had had a gun put to my head,” said Deen, who continued to harp on that situation.

    When Lauer pressed her about the inconsistency, Deen insisted,"Never," adding that was the only time "in my 66 years on Earth had I ever used it.”

    Deen said that, despite the fallout, she wouldn’t have lied under oath if she could go back and do it again.

    “There’s a couple of kinds of people that I don’t like, that I am prejudiced against, Matt – and that’s thieves and liars,” Deen said, before tearing up and recounting an unrelated conversation she had with her grandson about lying. Still in tears, Deen added, “I know how I treat people, I know my love for people, and I’m not gonna sit here and tell everything I have done for people of color … somebody else can tell that."

    Deen expressed that she sees herself as the victim in this scandal, describing herself as "heartbroken."

    "I’ve had to hold friends in my arms while they’ve sobbed because they know what’s being said about me it’s not true," she cried. "And I’m having to comfort them and tell them it’s gonna be alright, if God got us to it, he’ll get us through it," adding that she's received "wonderful support from Reverend [Jesse] Jackson."

    And while Deen didn't utter the words "I'm sorry" once during the 13-minute interview, she did reference her previous apology, and that would take back her words. But contrary to that YouTube apology, in which Deen said she wanted "to learn and grow from this," Deen told Lauer she "is who she is."

    "If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me, please I want to meet you," she said. "I is what I is and I’m not changing."

    After the interview, Lauer commented on air: "Without breaking any confidence …Paula was extremely, extremely emotional here in the studio after we went to commercial."

    Fans and chefs have been divided over Deen’s comments and the consequences she’s faced. Thousands of people have posted on Food Network’s Facebook page to defend the celebrity chef, while others, including “Bizarre Foods” host Andrew Zimmern, have applauded the company for taking swift action to cut ties with her.

    Former Food Network colleagues like Aaron McCargo, Jr., who is black, voiced support for Deen via social media. “Paula has always been very helpful and supportive throughout my career and as her friend, I’m saddened to see that she is going through a tough time right now,” McCargo wrote on Facebook Monday. “We are all human and we should never be quick to judge anyone...”

    For some Southern chefs, the real tragedy is that this scandal has rocked the region in the court of public opinion.

    “To say things like, ‘that’s just the way it’s always been’ is not only inaccurate, but far worse, it is lazy,” wrote Louisville, Ky.-based chef Edward Lee, who blends Korean and Southern traditions at his restaurant, 610 Magnolia. “The South that I live and travel in is one that is buoyed by diversity, acceptance, generosity and love — the people and kitchens of the American South have enriched my life with culture and respect.”

    Deen ended the interview in dramatic fashion, saying, “There’s someone evil out there that saw what I had worked for, and they wanted it."



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    Azealia handled something professionally for once, bless, also seems as if Disclosure exaggerated that whole interview to keep it on the DL.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has said he does not expect to see a Justice League film – which would have Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman uniting on the big screen – arriving in cinemas any time soon.

    The ensemble superhero tale, based on a long-running DC Comics series, is being considered by Warner Bros in the wake of Man of Steel's impressive opening at the global box office earlier this month. The studio would hope to mirror the success of Marvel's The Avengers, which took $1.5bn last year and currently stands as the third-highest-grossing film of all time.

    However, Cavill told ABC News he did not believe conditions were yet right for Justice League to go into production.

    "Justice League could be great if done correctly," said Cavill. "It's a very tough one to do because the DC Comic heroes are all god-like in their power. So in this real-world universe, real-world setting we're telling our story in, it's going to be tough to achieve that. It has to be done very delicately, with a lot of thought. So, it won't be right away. I hope it's not, anyway. It may take some time of building up other movies and other characters and introducing them together in one way or another."

    Warner has been planning a Justice League film for the best part of a decade. A version from Mad Max's George Miller, which would have starred The Social Network's Armie Hammer as the caped crusader, was canned in 2010. Warner's DC universe currently features only Superman, a Batman who has reached the end of his cycle (thanks to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy) and a Green Lantern whose film was hated by critics.

    Man of Steel, written by The Dark Knight's David S Goyer, and with Zack Snyder (Watchmen, 300) in the director's chair, has so far made just over $400m worldwide and looks on course to be one of the year's highest-grossing films. A second Man of Steel film is being fast-tracked into production.

    link to the video in case it isn't working
    Henry Cavill is at at the top of his game right now, playing Superman in the blockbuster film, “Man of Steel.” But in a new interview with Peter Travers, the actor, 30, reveals that landing huge movie roles hasn’t always been so easy.
    In fact, he tried out for the James Bond role that Daniel Craig landed, and also the role of Edward Cullen in “Twilight” and Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” – both of which went to the same man, Robert Pattinson.But Cavill harbors no sore feelings. In the case of Craig playing Bond, he said: “Daniel Craig was absolutely nailed that role and best man for the job. I don’t care if I don’t get the job if the best guy for the job gets it.”
    Had he practiced shaking and stirring martinis?
    “No, but I practiced asking, ‘shaken, not stirred,’ though,” he said.
    However, just a few years later, Cavill landed the role of a lifetime–though, he admits, he almost missed the call.
    When he learned he had won the part of Superman, he was playing “World of Warcraft,” the popular online game, and was so distracted that he ignored the ringing.
    “I looked down at the last minute and I see its Zach Snyder and I dive for phone,” Cavill said to Travers. “I was like, ‘forget you guys, I’m going for Zach!”
    Playing Superman is, so far, a dream come true. The film is a smash at the box-office and a sequel is already in development. For Cavill, the road to Superman was paved with several casting rejections.
    For more of Peter Travers’ far-reaching interview with the “Man of Steel” actor, where they discuss Cavill’s chubby childhood and the prospect of a “Justice League” movie, click on the video above.

    source 1234

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