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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    The American One Direction are set to find their fate tonight!

    "Single Johnny Maxwell is just 16 years old, but he’s got the swagger of his idols Justin Bieber and Drake combined."

    The California boy charmed judges with his original rap during his X Factor Season 2 audition, following it up with a bonus Bieber cover. Well played, kid. On Twitter during the show, judge Britney Spears called Johnny “adorable.”

    Johnny is a junior at Castro High, according to this Patch profile, and has been writing original raps for some time. Johnny also looks to be quite the ladies’ man, according to his profile page. We can’t wait to see more of this kid!

    He auditioned as a solo artist and made it to the boot camp rounds. At the end of boot camp, the judges decided to put him in the group category and advanced him to the judge’s home for rounds with a newly formed group called Playback. Playback consists of 6 young males aged 16-17 who all auditioned as solo artists.

    I spoke with Johnny Maxwell about auditioning for the X Factor. Here is what he had to say.

    Belinda: Thanks for taking the time out and talking to me. I wanted to find out what made you decide to try out for the X Factor?

    Johnny: I was so certain that I wanted to do music and I wanted to do it as a career, like something that I do as a living. And I knew that it’s so hard to get into that part of music where you are getting paid, doing it as a career. And then when my mom told me about the X Factor... she read it off of an email. When she told me that, at first I was kind of skeptical because there are so many great artists out there making all this. Then I told myself I am a great artist too and I think I really have a good shot at the show. Before we know it comes time for the auditions and I just go out there and do my thing.

    Belinda: You tried out back in June in San Francisco. Were you familiar with the show? Did you watch a little bit of last season?

    Johnny: I watched the last season. I was in and out. The main reasons why I watched the show was that I would tune in to see Astro’s new song that he was doing because I grew to really admire his lyrics. You know the stuff that he could really put together was just crazy, and it limits him to just his potential of writing and I respected that. And also Chris Renee – those are my two artists I really admired on the show. The main reason why I did admire them was because before they became these big stars they were just everyday people. Astro was probably going to school and Chris Renee was working his job. And I just thought hey I am in the same position right now so who says I can’t go out and do what they are doing. That was one of my biggest inspirations for doing the show.

    Belinda: That’s great. Now you are 16 years old and you did something that most people don’t do and they suggest you don’t sing an original song. What made you think to go with an original song as opposed to picking a cover song?

    Johnny: What made me pick an original song opposed to a cover was that I joined the show for one huge reason overall and that reason was to get my feelings and my message out to the world and my stories and because I just felt with my all heart that everybody out there was probably feeling what I am feeling. And listening to other artists, the really great ones that separate the good from the great are the ones that make songs music that people can relate to because that’s what people want to hear. It’s almost like for those who don’t have a father or mother figure in their life it’s almost like it’s a replacement for that because those stories or those lessons you have to be told except through music and a lot of people nowadays they don’t get that. They learn a lot through music. It’s a beautiful piece of art when you think about it because there are some people who probably don’t take speeches well and when they listen to music it’s as if they are taking a speech that says watch out or I feel you on this without them even knowing it because it’s been put in music.

    Belinda: It’s a great song. How long have you had the song? Did you write is specifically for the audition? Or were you already working on it before?

    Johnny: Originally, I believe it was a couple of months ago, I had found some beat on YouTube, I didn't know what beat it was and I was kind of vibing with it. And said okay. I wanted to make an inspirational song because I made a lot of songs in the past about girls and whatnot and I really wanted to expand and really show people my artistic side of the music and my creativity. I don’t know if that makes sense…. as far as lyrics go. That’s why the chorus… because I was thinking my head “What do I want tell them?” Basically what came out was I want to do it big in front of everybody…. I want to show everybody that hey this kid’s got something. From there I ran it because I had the chorus, and then from there I didn't want to use the YouTube beat or anything… I wanted to make it my own. I started sitting on, almost to the point where I just forgot about it. I think three months later I remembered the song “I am Coming Home” by J. Cole… by P. Diddy. I really liked the vibe of the song and just said hey I want to make a song with that kind of vibe.

    From there I said alright let me write some words so I ended up writing two verses to the actual “I’m Coming Home” track. Okay but I want to make it my own… how do I make it my own? I called up my boy and asked him… I want a beat that sounds cool. I talked to him about X Factor and I really think people would take something from this if I could get it to sound good because he is really good at what he does. I went to his house and he and I collab... on the beat and I gave him my input and he kind of puts it on the program and we just started from there.

    I know it’s a long story… but basically I get the verses on there and I needed a chorus and that was the chorus that I actually put in there because I was thinking alright let’s build it off of this I remember this chorus – I really feel that people could really take something from this. I just start singing the chorus and he starts building part of the beats from that chorus. From there we got the whole beat going. The progression of it. It all feels right and it kind of with everything that I was doing. I just had a great feeling about it. This is going to be the one. This going to be the one. I know a lot of people skeptical about me doing an original.

    Belinda: Yes LA Reid was the first one to say “Uh Oh” about you doing an original. What was your reaction to the judges when LA Reid, Simon [Cowell], Britney [Spears] and Demi [Lovato], all said yes and all had positive comments?

    Johnny: My reaction was… I was wowed. I mean I could not believe it. Because I see these shows, and I see all the great people that are on this show and that get all this positive feedback and get four yeses. You look at and you watch and it’s an amazing thing to see. For such an amazing thing to happen to me it left me speechless. I was barely able to say anything back to them. Is this really happening? Are they really liking my song? You know what I mean. Even LA said it’s great doing an original because you put yourself out there that much more doing your song opposed to a well known song. To get all that good feedback it just made me feel good so good inside because I wrote this song and here you have these high ranked music people enjoying the song, and liking it and vibing with it – it’s just crazy. It makes you feel that you are meant to do what you are doing.

    Belinda: There is a lot of good feedback about you online from after the show aired. How long have you been singing and rapping?

    Johnny: I started off rapping about a year and half ago I think with some iPod headphones and Garage Band, that my cousin had introduced me to. When I wrote my first song with him, I fell in love in with it. This is so fun, I want to go to house all the time. He lived in Heywood and I lived in Castro Valley. It was almost a 30 or 40 minute commute every day if I wanted to go there. My parents would say you are always going over there but I need to make sure you get back on time. I almost knew every time I wouldn't be back on time because I wanted to do music until the very last moment until my parents would say I am going to get you because you been there all night. That’s how I felt.

    Then my mom was singing with my church and I was vibing with the scene and thinking how cool would it be if I could say that I rap and I sing. So I think about four months ago I really got into the singing and rapping and I started trying to implement the choruses here and there. I really starting liking even though I didn't have any vocal training ever in my life but I really liked it. From there I just started progressing with both. And it’s been really a fun experience as far as the music world goes and making music. So I can expand my music that much more.

    Belinda: Wow that’s great. You sound like natural on stage. Did you ever perform live or do you just practice at home?

    Johnny: I performed live a couple of times. You know.. At a couple of schools or some at my church but nothing like the X Factor.

    Belinda: Who are your musical influences? What artists do you like?

    Johnny: The artists that are my inspirations would be Drake and second artist would be Justin Bieber.

    Belinda: Why Justin & Drake?

    Johnny: I have been a fan of Drake since he was on Degrassi …always been relatable that it’s just crazy, I like it and I saw his come up from the ground all the way to Young Money where he is right now. Almost the same thing with Justin Bieber. The main reason I admire about Justin Bieber, when he went he went through his phases of getting into the industry and locked in there - he didn’t let the hate phase him because there was so much hate. Let’s face it, not a lot of people like to see success. He didn't let it stop him from doing what he loves to do. And his music was also listenable … I felt I could relate…Respect for girls. And he made girls feel so special with his music and that’s what I want to do too. I want to make everybody feel like they are special. There are so many people out there. I want to make sure everyone knows they are capable of doing whatever they want, and that they should not let what somebody else is saying phase them.

    Belinda: That’s fantastic. I want to thank you Johnny for taking time out and I wish you luck and am looking forward to seeing what happens on your time on the X Factor.

    Johnny: No problem. Thank you

    Source S2 S3 S4 S5 S6

    X Factor Live Stream on Fox - Started 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm EST:


    Synopsis: The finalists for the live shows are revealed, finally.

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    I really like this show, negl. Also, Justin Harley should be shirtless more often. Thank you.

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    Oh, happy, happy day: "Happy Endings," ABC's smart, hilarious comedy, finally returns tonight (Oct. 23).

    Zap2it recently visited the "Happy" set and picked up some major scoop about what our favorite sextet are up to this season. (Besides general awesomeness , of course.)

    1. Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) are seriously back together. Oh sure, they're telling everyone they're keeping it "cazsh," but the couple actually plan to cohabitate. Expect much hilarity to ensue when they go house-hunting with a crazy realtor (Rachael Harris). "I think you're learning how dumb these two people can be with each other," Knighton tells us. "Two dumb things come together in a Voltron of stupidity."

    2. Penny lands a boyfriend. This might finally be Penny's (Casey Wilson) year! Once she's out of the full-body cast (which you'll see in tonight's episode) for which she can only partially blame boyfriend Chris (Brian Austin Green), she meets Pete (Nick Zano) -- who actually sticks around for a while.

    "They meet in a bike store," Wilson tells us about Penny's "very cute" BF. "She has to wear a helmet for a long time, and he's shopping for bike locks. I don't want Pete to know I've hurt my head so I arrange a lot of dates for us that involve helmets. We do a moped safety course, Segway stuff [and visit a] construction site." Of course they do.

    3. Max gets a replacement Penny. "Max isn't happy about" Penny's new boyfriend, Adam Pally reveals. "Max is a little jell. Although he's gay he has a really strong love for Penny and he's jealous of her attention." As we reported earlier, Max finds a substitute in Nicole (Kulap Vilaysack): "Max pronounces it 'Nickel' because it's five times as much as Penny," Pally says. "She turns out to be crazy. Five times as crazy!"

    4. The group stop being polite, and start getting real. Or at least they did back in the day -- in "Real World: Sacramento"! Yes, we finally get the backstory on the gang via an unaired reality show that brought them all together -- including Jane and Brad. The highlights: Brad's (Damon Wayans Jr.) dreads, Dave's long hair, Penny's Rachel haircut, Alex's Drew Barrymore-style, hippy look, Max's "late '90s Patagonia freshman in college look with a faux hawk and a wristband" and mistaken belief that he's the first openly gay reality star. Unfortunately, Max mumbles, so people mistake his revelation, "I'm gay," for "I'm Greg."

    5. Jane has a new job. "I deal cars with Rob Corddry," Eliza Coupe says, and he appears in at least two episodes. "There's been a lot of weird things that happen at that dealership," she adds.

    6. Thanksgiving is even bigger than Halloween this year. Although it seems impossible to top the gang dressing up as the Jackson 5, the zaniest holiday this year is Turkey Day -- complicated by the visit of Alex and Jane's parents, who don't know Dave and Alex are back together. The highlight: "Dave is 1/16 Navajo, so Dave is really intent on showing everybody what a true Thanksgiving is like," Knighton teases. "It's pretty great: Dave gets to experience the entire plight of the Native Americans experience in one episode of 'Happy Endings.'"

    "Happy Endings" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.


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    Do yourselves a favour and tune in on Friday.

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    Tony Bennett and Christina Aguilera have teamed up on a classic, "Steppin' Out With My Baby," in preparation for his latest collaboration collection, "Viva Duets." Listen below.

    "Viva Duets" follows "Duets: An American Classic" in 2006 and "Duets II" in 2011. "Viva" focuses on the Latin music community, featuring the likes of Marc Anthony, Chayanne, Gloria Estefan and Romeo Santos.

    Aguilera and Bennett have already united to perform "Steppin' Out" twice in the past -- once for Bennett's 2006 NBC special and then for the 2007 Emmy Awards. Watch their Emmy performance below

    An Irving Berlin-penned number, "Steppin' Out With My Baby" originally written for the 1948 film "Easter Parade." Fred Astaire's debut performance of the song is one to remember, complete with a massive chorus line and a several minute-long tap solo within the song.

    This particular Irving Berlin song is nothing new to 86-year-old Bennett -- he has recorded "Steppin' Out With My Baby" a number of times before, most notably on his "MTV Unplugged" album, which went on to win him two Grammy Awards, including the coveted Album of the Year prize in 1994.


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  • 10/23/12--19:41: New TV spot for The Hobbit

  • Advanced tickets go on sale November 7th!


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    I lifted this segment from a longer interview that Naomie Harris did with Huffington Post (press tour for Skyfall), published on their website earlier today. The question was asked about the possibility of a black James Bond eventually. And this was Naomie's response:

    I didn’t realize that there was this talk and then I did a film with Idris [Elba] and he said that he met Barbara Broccoli [James Bond producer] and that it does seem like there is a possibility in the future that there could very well be a black James Bond. And I would have to vote for Idris because I just finished working with him and he’s a great guy.

    She doesn't say what Idris met with Barbara Broccoli about specifically, other than to add that it does seem like there is a possibility in the future of a black James Bond, suggesting that the meeting between Idris and Broccoli may have included discussion of a black James Bond at some point.

    And as for whether Idris will be the guy, if that happens, well, again, considering Naomie's statement, we could also surmise that there might be interest from both sides - Elba and Broccoli.

    And it would make sense; if the producers do decide to go down that path, Idris would be a really good choice. He has the looks, the charm, the build (especially since the shift to a more rugged James Bond, with Daniel Craig), and, to top it all off, he's British!

    I can see him as a continuation of this new-age 007.

    But if it is to happen, it wouldn't be any time soon, since Craig is signed up for 2 more James Bond movies (after Skyfall). And given that, since the franchise under the Broccoli production era began in 1962, the company has produced a new James Bond film about every 2 years. Although there was a 4 year gap between the last one, and Skyfall

    But if that every-two-years trend continues, Craig's reign would continue through, at least, 2016 - 4 years from now - which means if the plan is then for a black Bond to replace him, the black Bond film wouldn't happen before 2018. Again, if the 1-film-every-2-years trend continues.

    So 8 years from now. 

    And assuming it's Idris, he'll be 48 years old by then; a seasoned age to begin your Bond career. Daniel Craig is 44 right now. When he started, he was 38; when Sean Connery started, he was 32; Roger Moore was 46; Pierce Brosnan was 42. And the others were all either in their early 40s or 30s.

    Of course it could be some other younger actor.

    But all of this is pure speculation anyway, until we know with certainty that Broccoli is definitely considering a near-future black Bond era.

    It's fun to speculate though! Conversations of a black Bond have been had for years now. 

    Finally, one other interesting thing that Naomie said in the interview is that, she didn’t know Idris Elba was British, until she started to work with him.

    She said...

    I thought he was an American based on his role on “The Wire.” [Laughs]

    Hilarious! Maybe I'm being too presumptuous, but I would've thought that black British actors would be a close-knit circle - especially the bigger names. Or they'd at least know of one another.

    You can read the full interview HERE.


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    Baby No. 3 is on the way!

    Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert, 20, is expecting her first child with husband Jeremy Calvert, 23, this winter, the MTV star confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

    "Jeremy and I are excited to be adding a new addition to our family," Calvert (whose maiden name is Messer) tells Us. "Being a teen mom was difficult, but I'm older and in a different place now -- married to Jeremy and excited for our family to grow."

    The reality starlet filed for divorce from her first husband, Corey Simms -- the father of her two-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah -- in April 2011. She tied the knot with Calvert one year later in Catlettsburg, Ky. in April.

    "Ali and Aleeah can't wait to meet their new brother or sister," Calvert adds. "We feel incredibly blessed and look forward to this next chapter in our lives."

    The third season of Teen Mom 2 is set to premiere Nov. 12 on MTV.


    she looks so young imo. she's a baby having babies...

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    Krysten Ritter, James Van Der Beek, and Dreama Walker attend the premiere of the second season of their show Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 on Monday (October 22) in New York City.

    The cast members are in the Big Apple right now to film exterior scenes for the show, which is set in NYC. Over the weekend, Krysten hit the streets in multiple outfits to shoot scenes with James and Dreama.

    Make sure to watch the second season premiere TONIGHT (October 23) at 9:31/8:31c on ABC!

    FYI: Krysten is wearing a Reem Acra dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Dreama is wearing a Naeem Khan dress.

    I don't really know tbh


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    Cole Sprouse has a Tumblr. 

    He went from this


    To this 


    (Him about to eat a duck fetus.)


    It's clear that he has turned into a hippie. His responses to his asks are hilarious. 

    Bonus pic of Dylan who is giving me Beiber vibes, but can oddly get it. 


    He reminds me of the kids I go to college with who sit under the tree in front of the freshman dorms and smoke, play the guitar and hacky sack in the middle of the street. 

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    SPOOKY NEW EPISODE: During a sleepover, Chi (Rico Rodriguez) discovers La Llorona, a terrifying evil spirit that feeds on negative energy. Watch R.L. Stine's "The Haunting Hour", this Saturday (6pm ET | 3pm PT), part of The Haunted Hub!


    Yes, it's Manny from Modern Family. I like that the show's using this urban legend.

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    Dita Von Teese seems like a woman who has it together. The burlesque dancer is rarely ever seen without her signature red lips, cat eyeliner, matte foundation and vintage curls -- that's dedication to a look if we've ever seen it.

    We're not alone in our Dita fascination though. Into The Gloss sat down with the former wife of Marilyn Manson to find out just how she achieves her pristine look. (Spoiler alert: the mole on her face is a tattoo!) We expected the usual laundry list of products and beauty regimen anecdotes, and the 40-year-old star provided plenty for us to mull over. What we didn't expect? Dita to offer up advice... about nipple hair.

    While plugging her upcoming beauty book, she describes it as a manual of things "that you just don’t do around guys." One of Dita's handy tips dealt with nipple hair maintenance:

    "My beauty book is going to be totally different from what’s out there. I’m going to tell you that you have to pluck the nipple hairs off your nipples before a date—I’m here to tell you that."


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    After Ewan McGregor was crowned King for a romantic comedy last week, he’s set for The Prince of Tehran, another project looking for pick-up at the American Film Market. Moviehole has news on the film, which would team the Beginners star with Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, The Ides of March) in a drama that follows the 1980 Iranian revolution — an event that was recently captured in Ben Affleck‘s Argo.

    Directorial duties would come from Kari Skogland, who tackled another historical drama with the IRA story Fifty Dead Men Walking starring Jim Sturgess, and recently helmed an episode of Boardwalk Empire. There’s also a major part of a teen girl, which could possibly get announced if there is traction at AFM. In the meantime, check out a synopsis of the story below, which is described as Midnight Express meets Bangkok Hilton:

    Set after the 1980 Iranian revolution where a 16-year-old Christian schoolgirl named Marina Nemat was, in 1982 after being arrested for leading a protest against the requirement to study the Koran , sentenced to death at the infamous Evin prison. Salvation came for the girl in the form of Ali, a young guard that falls in love with the girl, ultimately proposing they get married – which would involve her adopting Islam – to save her life. The tale has a rather tragic end, but Marina’s story has emerged a heroine with an important, much-heard voice.


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    There were mass layoffs at Zynga in Austin today, according to a former employee of the company, who said the announcement came during today's widely-publicized Apple iPad Mini announcement.

    The company allegedly laid off more than 100 employees and shut down The Ville, a neighborhood-based reality simulation game that was released in June, a former employee told The Verge in an email. The company also laid off the entire team for a new unreleased game; both games "are now done," the ex-employee said.

    The Ville had a strong debut, but its popularity dropped off drastically earlier this month. The game was also the target of a lawsuit filed in August by Electronic Arts, which alleged that Zynga had copied its game The Sims Social. Zynga counter-sued in September.

    The news comes a day before Zynga is slated to announce its third quarter earnings results, which are projected to be another disappointment for the company's slumping stock.

    A second source has confirmed there were layoffs in Austin, Chicago, and Boston today.

    Here's the memo from Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus:



    Earlier today we initiated a number of changes to streamline our operations, focus our resources on our most strategic opportunities, and invest in our future. We waited to share this news with all of you until we had first spoken with the groups impacted.

    As part of these changes, we’ve had to make some tough decisions around products, teams and people. I want to fill you in on what's happened and address any concerns you may have.

    Here are the most important details.

    We are sunsetting 13 older games and we’re also significantly reducing our investment in The Ville.

    We are closing the Zynga Boston studio and proposing closures of the Zynga Japan and UK studios. Additionally, we are reducing staffing levels in our Austin studio. All of these represent terrific entrepreneurial teams, which make this decision so difficult.

    In addition to these studios, we are also making a small number of partner team reductions.

    In all, we will unfortunately be parting ways with approximately 5% of our full time workforce. We don’t take these decisions lightly as we recognize the impact to our colleagues and friends who have been on this journey with us. We appreciate their amazing contributions and will miss them.

    This is the most painful part of an overall cost reduction plan that also includes significant cuts in spending on data hosting, advertising and outside services, primarily contractors.

    These reductions, along with our ongoing efforts to implement more stringent budget and resource allocation around new games and partner projects, will improve our profitability and allow us to reinvest in great games and our Zynga network on web and mobile.

    Zynga made social gaming and play a worldwide phenomenon, and we remain the industry leader. Our success has come from our dedication to a simple and powerful proposition – that play is not just something people do to pass time, it’s a core need for every person and culture.

    We will all be discussing these difficult changes more with our teams and as a company. Tomorrow, Dave and I will be hosting a post-earnings webcast (details to follow) and next week we will be discussing our broader vision and strategy during our quarterly all-hands meeting. I’m confident this puts us on the right path to deliver on the promise of social gaming and make Zynga into an internet treasure.

    If you have any immediate questions, I hope you will talk directly with your manager, Colleen, or me.

    I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.


    smh at them announcing this during the Apple event thinking that no one would be paying attention

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    -Talk about what keeps the show fresh
    -Belzer is funny and I always forget that he has played Munch for 20 years on like 4 different shows
    -Danny Pino doesn't speak
    -Mariska is flawless as usual and doesn't speak much
    -Matt asks some SVU trivia questions at the end

    Got hit with nostalgia feels when Matt started talking about what was going on when the show first aired (Britney was singing "Baby One More Time" Y2K etc) 


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    When Hollywood has two similarly themed projects brewing at the same time, it’s often a case of two studios competing to see which one comes out on top. In the case of two upcoming animal poaching movies, however, it’s actually a single studio joining forces with the same starry team for multiple projects centered around a single topic.

    Warner Bros. is planning two films about the illegal poaching of endangered creatures in Africa, both of which will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Appian Way, Tobey Maguire‘s Material Pictures, and Tom Hardy‘s Executive Options. One is said to be a star vehicle for Hardy, while the other could star all three.

    We got word of the three movie stars getting together for an animal trafficking/poaching film back in August, but Deadline‘s new report indicates that the trio are actually collaborating on two separate movies with overlapping themes. At least for now — it’s not clear yet whether both will actually make it to the big screen.

    The first is set to star Hardy, who came up with the concept for the story himself. Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air) is already on board to write the script, which revolves around an ex-special forces soldier (Hardy) teaching rangers how to fight off the rhino and elephant poachers lurking in the Zimbabwean bush. Over the course of the job the soldier comes to love the land and its animals, and begins to fight back against the people trying to destroy them. Dean Baker and Paul Grey will produce alongside Hardy, Maguire, and DiCaprio.

    The second movie has no writer or director as of yet. But it may have the beginnings of a really good ensemble cast, as Deadline says the A-list trio “might” appear onscreen. The narrative is envisioned as a sort of Traffic for the animal trafficking industry, exploring the shady business from a multitude of perspectives ranging from corporate execs to poachers to “others involved in the underbelly of a global scourge that occurs not only in the jungles but also the oceans, where illegal shark fishing runs rampant.” This project originated with Maguire and DiCaprio, with Hardy signing on after discovering that his interests matched well with theirs.


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    OMG, GEMMA. WHYYYYYYYYY. This episode gave me all sorts of feels. It's seriously stressing me out.

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    Preview of Ciara's new single, "Got Me Good


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