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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Kim Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl ... TMZ has learned.

    Sources close to KK tell TMZ the baby and Kim are both in good health. We're told Kim delivered the baby at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning ... 5 weeks sooner than originally planned.

    Our sources say BF Kanye West was there for the entire thing. We're told Kanye cancelled his appearance at his own record release party last night when Kim told him she was feeling "a little off."

    It is the first child for Kim and Kanye.


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    Dragons. Swords. Battles. Adventures. Castles. "Game of Thrones" has plenty of these, but it also has a lot of fathers. And like the other characters that fill out the series, the dads are human -- in other words, they're flawed.

    No one's perfect no matter how hard they might try, but in the world of "Thrones," it's obvious that some papas try a heck of a lot harder than others to be as close to being the perfect dad as possible. So as we raise a sword in honor of all dads, we take a look at the fathers of "GoT" to see who deserves an extra hug and kiss on the cheek.

    The good
    It's a little sad to say, but there are really only two truly good dads on "Game of Thrones": Ned Stark and Davos Seaworth, and papas out there can certainly look to these two as examples of how to parent.

    Both men clearly love their children and have their best interests at heart. The illiterate Onion Knight was born incredibly poor, and worked as a smuggler who slowly rose to the ranks of King Stannis' Hand by being loyal and honest -- good virtues, both. Everything he did, he did so that his sons could have a better life than he had, and become the educated lords he hopes for them to be.

    As for Ned Stark, in a world where sons are valued over daughters, he loved all of his children equally regardless of their gender, whether they were trueborn or not. He accepted his kids as they were and encouraged them to follow their passions. (How many dads in Westeros would let their little girls learn the art of sword fighting over embroidery and songs?) When unpleasant life lessons came up, he didn't shy away. And perhaps most important, through his actions, he taught them that it is always best to do what is right and honorable -- even if that meant literally losing one's head.

    The mediocre
    Forgot Stannis Baratheon is a daddy, did you? It's pretty easy to do, seeing as how daughter Shireen is hidden away. (Is it because of her greyscale? Teach her that looks aren't everything!) But it does appear that he loves the little girl, despite rarely seeing her. And don't forget he fathered the shadow assassin -- thanks to Melisandre -- a creature that soon killed his brother Renley.

    The bad
    It almost seems silly to count Robert Baratheon and Jaime Lannister as dads. Yes, they fathered children -- a lot of children, in King Robert's case -- but that was about it. Neither man actually parented much. (Though we suppose Jaime had a good excuse for not stepping up, seeing as how incest and treason are frowned upon.) When the king did do his fatherly duties, it was obvious he'd rather be off drinking and hunting. He didn't bother to teach "his" royal kids right from wrong, and left the realm with Mad King Joffrey upon his death. And "Uncle" Jaime never had much to do with his "niece" and "nephews" at all.

    Then there's Randyll Tarly. Sure, viewers haven't met him, but they've heard of him through son Sam, a member of the Night's Watch. And it's Sam's presence on The Wall that makes Lord Tarly such a bad dad. As the well-read crow tells Jon Snow in season one, the mighty lord was disgusted that his firstborn son was more interested in books than manlier pastimes, and gave him a choice between The Wall or a "hunting accident." Way to love your kid unconditionally.

    Bad dads can't be discussed without a mention of Tywin Lannister, the biggest lion of Casterly Rock. Some might argue he's beyond bad, that he's the baddest of the bad, but hear us out about why he's merely just plain bad. Yes, he's a power-hungry lord who very obviously plays favorites with his children. (Is your name Jaime? No? Sorry, he doesn't really care about you.) But everything he does, he does to secure power, wealth and glory for Lannisters. ALL Lannisters. That includes Tyrion, whom he very clearly despises. And as much as he might hate his youngest son, he not only let the child live (albeit blaming him for his beloved wife's death as she birthed Tyrion), but let him live as a lord. That's got to count for something.

    The worst
    Yes, there really are worse dads than Tywin on "Game of Thrones," and their names are Balon Greyjoy and Craster. (You nearly forgot about them, didn't you?)

    Balon at first didn't seem too terrible. He obviously loves and supports his daughter, Yara, who is anything but a traditional lady. But the same affection was denied son Theon, whom he considers more Stark than Greyjoy despite the young man's sacking of Winterfell to regain his father's love. Even worse, when Ramsay Bolton sent captive Theon's manhood back to his papa, Balon declared that since his son can no longer further the Greyjoy line, he was useless. Harsh.

    As bad a dad as the Lord of Pyke is, Craster could beat him for title of the worst. The wildling fathers daughters of his wives, and when the girls are old enough, marries them and sires more daughters to repeat the endless cycle. As for the boys he fathers, they face an even more dire future: Craster leaves them in the snowy woods for the White Walkers to take. It doesn't get much worse than that.


    Happy Fathers Day ONTD!

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  • 06/16/13--08:11: Mario Götze on holiday

  • Not as ~revealing~ as last year's pics, obviously, but still nice.


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    It might not be the biggest surprise to know the queen thinks of the singer in the highest regards.

    Is there anyone who isn't a fan of Adele?

    The "Rumor Has It" and "Rolling in the Deep" singer received a special honor from none other than royalty Friday evening.

    As part of Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration, the pop superstar was named a member of the Order of the British Empire in the queen's annual Birthday Honors List.

    PHOTOS: Check out more fans of the "Rumour Has It" singer

    According to Reuters, the twice-yearly list rewards hundreds of people for their service to the community and national life.

    As one of Britain's best-selling artists, it might not be the biggest surprise to know the queen thinks of the singer in the highest regards.

    Those honored will receive their special awards from the queen herself at Buckingham Palace in the coming months. It will no doubt complement Adele's Grammy and Academy Award quite nicely.


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    Man of Steel, directed by Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, debuted to $125.1 million at the Father's Day box office to score the top opening of all time for June. That figure includes $12 million grossed Thursday night from special Walmart screenings, putting the actual three-day figure at $113.1 million.

    Either way, Man of Steel eclipsed previous June record-holder Toy Story 3, which debuted to $110.3 million in June 2010. All told, grosses for Father's Day weekend were up a staggering 53 percent over last year.
    Man of Steel is a notable win for WB and Legendary Pictures, which co-financed the $225 million tentpole. In 2006, WB and Legendary's Superman Returns did okay business at the box office, but not enough to mark a new chapter for the franchise.

    Man of Steel opens exactly 30 years after Superman III, the third entry in the wildly popular Christopher Reeve franchise. There was one more title in that series, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, although it fell flat at the box office in summer 1987.

    This time out, British star Henry Cavill stars as Clark Kent, aka Superman, which sees his character trying to hide his superpowers and live a normal life on Earth. Amy Adams stars as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon takes on the role of the menacing General Zod. Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane also star.

    David S. Goyer penned the script based on a story he crafted with Nolan. Warners and Legendary turned to Nolan as a producer on the project after he successfully revived the Batman franchise with his Dark Knight trilogy. In the summer of 2005, Nolan's Batman Begins opened to $48.7 million and had incredible staying power.
    Man of Steel, while drawing mixed reviews, earned an A- CinemaScore, portending strong word of mouth. The pic skewed male (56 percent) and was fueled by older moviegoers, with 62 percent of the audience over the age of 25.

    IMAX theaters did big business, taking in $13.3 million (12 percent of the total gross) to likewise score the biggest June opening of all time.

    Overall, 41 percent of the revenues came from 3D screens.

    Overseas, Man of Steel is opening day-and-date in 24 markets, and is did huge business in the U.K. and Southeast Asia. The film's take through Friday was nearly $30 million, but full weekend numbers weren't immediately available.

    It's a bird! It's a planet! It's an ad!
    Warner Bros. has booked a whopping 98 promotional partners worldwide — so far — that are providing about $170 million in support (on top of paid ads) for Man of Steel. That’s even more than The Dark Knight Rises’ $150 million in third-party promos last summer. In addition to those already on board, Warners sources say even more international partners are expected before the movie takes flight June 14 in the U.S. and elsewhere this summer.

    Warner Bros. would not discuss their third-party promotions or provide any figures but did confirm some of those who are involved. Sources say that Man of Steel has been a much easier movie to pitch to partners than The Dark Knight Rises, which was darker in theme and plot.

    PHOTOS: Superman Turns 75: The Man of Steel's Legacy in Pictures

    Clark Kent’s alter ego may not be as joyful as the singing penguins who created a marketing glow that helped propel Happy Feet into merchandising history, but Superman is seen as an all-American figure, a real hero and someone whom people of all ages can admire. That makes the reinvented hero someone advertisers want to associate with.

    Along with DC Comics regular partners like Mattel, with a line that includes a variety of action figures and collectibles (priced from around $10 to over $100), a partial list of partners includes toys from Lego, JAKKS Pacific (collectable figures) and Fisher Price (Super Friends for toddlers), shoes from Converse, costumes from Rubie’s, Hallmark cards, as well as apparel collections from Kinetics, Junk Food and Bioworld.

    In the U.K., Chrysler is offering two new series of vehicles inspired by Man of Steel. The S-Series comes with oversized black alloy wheels, a dark steel grill and interior accents and a matte-black roof and hood.
    Chrysler is also producing two, and only two, concept cars, that will have everything from embroidered carpet mats to a Man of Steel-branded key fob. They will be part of a contest in the U.K. with the cars going to two lucky winners.

    There are also Nokia phones and interactive apps, Carls Jr. Super cheeseburgers, Hershey’s Twizzlers on Facebook (where fans create and star in a personalized video) as well as two retail partners -- which is unusual -- Walmart (selling licensed merchandise and tickets to a special screening) and Sears (one of whose stores features in a dramatic twist in the film).

    Even the U.S. Army National Guard has enlisted with a Soldier of Steel promotion.


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    Don't worry -- Steven Irwin's daughter, Bindi Irwin, is alive and well. Despite a jumbled internet search term making its way to the top of hot search terms on Friday, June 15, suggesting that the the 14-year-old daughter of the "Crocodile Hunter" has died, the teen is A-OK.

    On Friday, a rumor on Twitter started that Bindi had died and became a popular term on various search engines, according to Social News Daily. The site called the situation a "trends hiccup," as the phrase "Bindi Irwin died" then became a popular term on various search engines.
    The site reports that searches including "Steve Irwin daughter" got mixed in with the death hoax searches, making some to believe the teen actually did die.

    According to Huffington Post, as people searched for information on Irwin's daughter (her new movie Return to Nim's Island was released on DVD May 21), search engines matched up the query with stories written about her following the 2006 death of her father. The searches then combined, creating the trending term: "Steve Irwin's daughter dies."
    The environmentally-conscious teen seems to be unfazed with the trending topic in her name, Instagramming a photo on Friday of the beach with the words "Unconditional Love" written in the sand.

    Her father, a famous TV personality who made a name for himself as a wildlife expert and conservationist -- in addition to wrestling crocodiles -- died in September 2006 at the age of 44 after being pierced in the chest by a sting ray.


    can the internet stop killing people off, damn

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    Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are all smiles at the premiere of the eighth and final season of their show Dexter on Saturday (June 15) at Milk Studios in Los Angeles.

    The co-stars and former married couple were joined at the event by Yvonne Strahovski, Desmond Harrington,Aimee Garcia, David Zayas, James Remar, C.S. Lee, and former show stars Julie Benz and Jaime Murray.

    The eighth season of Dexter will premiere on Sunday, June 30 at 9/8c on Showtime.

    FYI: Aimee is wearing a vintage couture dress, Fendi shoes, and a YSL clutch. Julie is wearing a Basler dress with Lanvin heels.

    Kween Jennifer

    Julie Benz aka Riiiitaaaaa ;___;

    Desmond Harrington looks so busted these days he might as well have auditioned for Daario tbh

    Yvonna Strahovski aka Hannah... yay?




    David Zayas aka Batista

    C.S Lee (Masuka)

    More pics @ the source

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    LOL I feel like she'd be like that in real life, just start yelling at you if you talk in the middle of a movie.

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    She's known her love of quirky fashion. And Rooney Mara carried on her self-styled tradition as she hit up the Ain't Them Bodies premiere in Los Angeles on Saturday. The 28-year-old actress was wearing a navy-blue skirt with ruffled border and a strapless and, let's face it, shapeless top to match.

    Outfit aside, Rooney's raven-black hair was a wonder, smoothly shaped into a tight coil on top of her head with no strands of place. The Bedford, New York native added a pair of retro-style heels which probably added three more inches to her petite five-foot-three frame. Rooney attended the film's red carpet event alongside Casey Affleck and writer-director David Lowery.

    Ain't Them Bodies Saints is a drama set in the 1970s, which centres around an outlaw who escapes from prison and sets out across the Texas hills to reunite with his wife and the daughter he has never known. 'I’m interested in the duality of people,' Rooney told The Daily Beast earlier this year of her penchant for playing offbeat characters. 'I have a lot of darkness and frenetic energy inside myself, so it’s easier for me to portray people with shades of gray.'


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    Kelly Rowland meets Kellz on the remix to “Dirty Laundry.” The Destiny’s Child diva duets with none other than the Pied Piper on her confessional single. Kelly pours out even more of her emotions (“Haven’t eaten for days, haven’t slept in weeks”), while R. Kelly takes aim at his haters and competition.

    “See the truth of the matter is everybody can’t do this/ And that’s why I got these shit talkin’ R&B singers on my hit list,” sings Kellz, who previously remixed “Motivation.”

    Kelly’s album Talk a Good Game will face off with Kanye West, J. Cole, and Mac Miller when it arrives on Tuesday.

    Listen to the radio rip below.

    This is my second time posting so i am not sure if we are allowed to post from rap-up.com, sorry "the man" is that even allowed here? please don't suspend my account i love me some ONTD

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    "Cougar Town" star Courteney Cox celebrates her 49th birthday party with family and friends at Giorgio Baldi on June 15, 2013 in Santa Monica, California.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    New Pics of Emma out with Ren, June 15th 2013


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    megastar Taylor Swift will appear on the 2013 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS airing live on Sunday, June 16 at 9E/6P on MuchMusic and Fuse. Currently on her sold-out Red Tour, this will mark Swift’s first appearance on the MMVAs, also known as the biggest block party in the world!

    Swift joins a red-hot, celeb-packed lineup as a presenter along with co-host PSY, and performers, pop star Demi Lovato, six-time MMVA nominees Marianas Trench, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, fan-favourite Avril Lavigne, East coast hip-hop artist Classified, AMERICAN IDOL winner Phillip Phillips, first-time nominee Serena Ryder, international hit-maker Armin van Buuren featuring Trevor Guthrie, and Toronto’s own Down With Webster.

    Swift rounds out an incredible presenter announcement today that includes The Big Jingle performers Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson, MMVA nominees Billy Talent and Mia Martina, Platinum-selling artist Danny Fernandes, viral sensations The Janoskians, singer-songwriter Nikki Williams, Revenge actor Josh Bowman, Degrassi star Luke Bilyk, and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin.

    Today’s star-studded list of presenters joins the amazing list of previously announced presenters, including Pretty Little Liars stars Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell, Arrow’s Stephen Amell, Pitch Perfect’s Brittany Snow, The Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar, Glee’s Naya Rivera, Suits’ Patrick J. Adams and MMVA winner Shawn Desman.

    Watch the 2013 MMVAs on Sunday, June 16 at 9E/6P on Much in Canada and Fuse in the U.S. Don’t miss The MMVAs RED CARPET SPECIAL, which airs just before the big show at 8E/5P.

    Sold Out Show in Toronto "Toronto. I love you."


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  • 06/16/13--11:59: 9 ‘Honest’ Disney Movies

  • Ah, Disney – an essential component of childhood. However, beneath the saccharine surfaces of these fluffy romances lies some truly disturbing content. Check out our “honest” takes on what Disney movies were really showing us in our youth.

    more at the source

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    Miley Cyrus Sends "Happy Daddy's Day" Tweet to Billy Ray Cyrus

    After sounding off on her dad on Twitter Friday, Miley Cyrus headed back to the social networking site to send him a sweeter tweet.

    "Happy Daddy Day ‪@billyraycyrus," the "We Can't Stop" crooner wrote Sunday, ending the message with a heart-shaped emoticon.

    After Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce from Tish Cyrus Thursday after more than 19 years of marriage, Miley appeared to be having difficulty getting in touch with her dad.

    "@billyraycyrus since your text and email obviously aren't working would you like to talk like this?," she tweeted (and later deleted) Friday.

    Billy Ray's filing marks the second time he filed for divorce from Tish. The "Achy Breaky Heart" singer first filed in Oct. 2010, but later withdrew the filing in March 2011 after an apparent reconciliation.

    It’s Father’s Day, and celebrities are taking to Twitter to share their wishes and give thanks to their dads.

    Check out what celebs had to say about the holiday below!

    Nicki Minaj: Happy Father’s Day fellas!!!! Mmmmuuuuuaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Olivia Wilde: Happy Father’s Day to my brilliant, kind, amazing dad, who still thinks I’m probably a little young to drink coffee. #dontlethimgoogleme

    Alec Baldwin: HFD to all the dads I know. And, especially, to my own. Wherever you are.

    Christina Applegate: Happy Father’s Day guys! And to the mommies who has to be both!

    Harry Styles: Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world. Whether you knew before today or not.. Congratulations!

    LL Cool J: Happy Father’s Day fellas… Stay focused.

    Demi Lovato: Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad on EARTH!!! @redraider30 I love you!!

    Kelly Ripa: Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful Lola! And Happy Father’s Day to @MarkConsuelos ,the greatest!

    Zach Braff: Dear Dads, thanks for fertilizing the egg with your seed.

    Rob Lowe: To all the men who love and inspire everyday, who commit and work and lift their families, Happy Father’s Day.

    Mandy Moore: Hope all the Dads out there are being properly honored and celebrated for all you do and are! #HappyFathersDay

    Kelly Osbourne: #HappyFathersday Dad I love you so much & I am so proud to be your daughter!

    Russell Simmons: Happy father’s day to all the amazing fathers out there! there’s no greater job in life than being a dad. spend #qualitytime with your kids!

    Carson Daly: I opted for the bloody over bike ride. #HappyFathersDay 2 all you pops out there. I was blessed w two great dads. With my dad and son 2day:)

    Alyssa Milano: Happy Father’s Day!

    Lena Dunham: Hey papa. You’re my best friend and my great inspiration and the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. I love you (and you hate twitter.)

    Ginnifer Goodwin: Happy Daddy’s Day, Daddies.

    John Stamos: Maybe i haven’t become a father yet cause deep down i know i could never compare to my own. hero, best friend, disciplined & hardworking.

    Katharine McPhee: Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome fathers out there. Have a swell day!

    Paula Abdul: Happy Father’s Day #Dad. I love you SO MUCH! xoxo Paula

    William Shatner: From one Father to all others: Happy Fathers Day! MBB

    Sarah Hyland: Happy fathers day to all you dads out there and especially mine! Xx

    Bethenny Frankel: Happy father’s day! My beautiful daddies everywhere! Enjoy today!

    Kat Dennings: Happy Father’s Day to all dads but a special shout out to my personal Gandalf-Dad.

    Tracy Morgan: Happy and joyjul DADDY DAY to all fathers

    Danica Patrick: Happy Father’s Day…..planet earth. I love you pops!

    Alicia Keys: Fathers are so special! One of ones! I wish all of the beautiful fathers out there a special celebrated day! WE Cherish you!!! #FathersDay

    Johnny Knoxville: Happy Father’s Day to my ol’ man and dad’s everywhere.

    Brooke Burke-Charvet: A father can never b a mother & a mother never a father. Lets celebrate our men today.

    Jeremy Piven: Embrace the time you have with your father today and always! Miss mine a lot, make yours proud…

    Catherine Giudici: Happy Father’s Day to my beloved pappy and future one! And to the pops of our beautiful pups @SeanLowe09 :) Cheers to all the daddies!

    Aly Raisman: Happy fathers day to all the awesome dads out there!

    source 1, 2

    What are your plans for father's day ONTD? And What did you get your dad for father's day?

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    Always a stickler on preventing leaks, Kanye West and his careful camp appeared to have changed their tune for the rapper's sixth studio album Yeezus, which leaked online Friday ahead of its June 18 release.

    The leak wasn't surprising. Let's take West's impromptu Yeezus listening party in New York City this week, for example, which Mashable attended. As the album blared from the speakers and his light gray T-shirt progressively turned darker as sweat secreted off his body, the 100 or so attendees inside Milk Studios freely used their phones to record their surroundings — most importantly, the sounds.

    When asked whether attendees could record audio and video, someone at West's label said they didn't have any qualms with the music leaking. West continued this nonchalant mentality when he grabbed the mic at several occasions to talk about Yeezus.

    "I have this new strategy. It's called no strategy," West said. "This album is all about giving. This whole process is all about giving no f*cks at all."

    In the past, this entire process was infused with precautionary measures to prevent online pirates from releasing his upcoming music. His team limited the number of people who worked on the album to avoiding transferring files via email, stored files on secure external hard drives and skipped the digital pre-order process.

    Those layers of security seemingly slipped up — or simply weren't employed this time.

    "The whole way this whole album was put together, the amount of producers that came together for it, and the way we worked on this shit really collectively, collaboratively, we really didn't give a f*ck what nobody else said — outside looking in or anything. We just wanted to make the best product possible," West said.

    Mashable reached out to Island Def Jam Music Group and the label's parent company, Universal Music Group, for comment about Friday's Yeezus leak and whether distribution plans will shift because of the leak. We will update this post accordingly when we receive a response.

    Daft Punk's Random Access Memories leaked in May, more than a week before its release, prompting Columbia Records to make the album available to stream on iTunes.

    At Monday's event, West said that Daft Punk produced four of Yeezus's tracks.

    West also slammed the music industry's marketing tactics in response to complaints he hasn't really promoted Yeezus in traditional ways for a major artist. There's no single for the radio or music video, and the album isn't available for pre-order (although it was listed on iTunes before being quickly taken down).

    "I've got an idea on how to sell more music, it's called make better music," West said, inciting loud cheers. "I've got an idea on how to sell more music, it's called make better music," West said, inciting loud cheers.

    "What I said last night is we drop this sh*t June 18," he added. "This ain't about waiting 'til August and having a big this and that. It's about delivering this shit for y'all now to go to work to, ride to, listen to and working out and sh*t or whatever ya'll doing."

    The listening party included the four songs already available online ("New Slaves,""Black Skinhead,""I Am God" and "Can't Handle My Liquor") — via Saturday Night Live clips and footage captured at last weekend's Governor's Ball — as well as the rest of the album.

    West's boldest statement at the event, which could reflect his changing attitude toward the distribution and security of his music, played off the "I Am God" track.


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  • 06/16/13--12:17: Celebrity Picture Post
  • Diane Kruger in New York

    Gwen Stefani in Beverley Hills

     Kendra Wilkinson celebrating her birthday at Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas

    Lake Bell at the Los Angeles Film Festival

    Alessandra Ambrosio and Anja at the "My Little Pony Equestria Girls" premiere

    Lauren Conrad at LAX

    Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne at the final day of "X-Factor" auditions in Manchester

    Cristiano Ronaldo in Miami

    Amy Adams in London and T

    Maroon 5 on the Today show

    Miranda Kerr at JFK

    Fergie in LA

    Gwynelth Paltrow attends Gene Siskel Film Center Gala Honoring Gwyneth Paltrow on June 15, 2013 in Chicago

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalia Vodianova during the 2013 Champs-Elysees Film Festival.

    Jessica Biel in Manhattan

    Cheryl Cole in London

    Dannii Minogue on Melrose Place

     Danielle Jonas and the Jonas brothers at LAX

    Parker Posey in NYC

    Kristen Bell in LA

    Jason Bateman in Tribeca

    Little Mix at the Isle of Wight festival

    Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen in New York

    Reese Witherspoon at LAX

    Serena Williams in Florida

    Gisele Bundchen promoting her lingerie line in Sao Paolo,

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    It's a pleasure that's usually reserved for the likes of Welsh crooner Tom Jones.

    But Lana Del Rey found herself on the receiving end of a fan's underwear after she was pelted with a pair of knickers while on stage in Dublin's Vicar Street music venue on Monday night.

    The 26-year-old singer was performing an intimate gig in the city as part of her European tour when she was surprised by an over-zealous fan throwing their pants at her.


    Chatting away to the crowd, the in-demand singer seemed to be chuckling to herself as she inspected the knickers in front of her fans.

    And it would appear the incident put a smile on her face for the rest of the evening, with the New Yorker delighting fans by leaning into them to pose for photographs and dole out hugs.


    more pics at the source

    ethereal goddess thanks you for your time

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    The Cyrus girls are sticking together. Three days after Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus announced their divorce, the ladies in the family seem to be doing just fine.

    The brood's most famous member, Miley Cyrus, shared a photo of herself, 13-year-old sister, Noah, and and their mom on Saturday, June 15, captioning the photo, "The baddest bitches in the WORLD."

    In the Twitter photo, the "We Can't Stop" singer. 20, wears a black beanie hat, black sunglasses and makes a peace sign with her left hand. Noah, in a denim top and a knitted beanie hat, sits closely next to Tish, who smiles broadly and wears a striped shirt and black sunglasses.

    Hours later, the former Disney actress posted another with her mom, captioning the photo with three hearts. In the photo, the singer dons a red jumpsuit and a dark shade of red lipstick. Tish, 53, looks happy, wearing jeans and a brown leather jacket.

    While Miley seems to be taking her mom's side in the split, the 20-year-old did send her dad love for Father's Day.

    "Happy Daddy Day @billyraycyrus," she tweeted with a heart on Sunday, June 16.


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    As we celebrate John Cho's 41st birthday today, we might ask ourselves: how in the fucking hell? Yes, the South-Korean born California native is, indeed, preternaturally youthful. But surely he must have changed a LITTLE over the past ~20 years?

    Well, take a look at our exclusive retrospective and decide for yourself.

    1997: First real role in "Shopping for Fangs," a $100k indie directed by Fast & Furious auteur Justin Lin.
    AGE: 25

    1998: A role in "Charmed" as Piper's doomed goast boyfriend in "Dead Man Dating."
    AGE: 26

    1999: Breakout role as "MILF Guy #2" in "American Pie," introducing the word to everyone's lexicon.  Truly a moment of cultural legend.
    AGE: 27

    2001:"Delivering Milo," where he played a full-grown angel opposite TINY BABY ANTON YELCHIN, who would later be his helmsmate Pavel Chekov in "Star Trek."  Are you creeped out yet
    AGE: 29

    2002: Justin Lin's breakout film "Better Luck Tomorrow."
    AGE: 30

    2004: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, bitches.
    AGE: 32

    2005-2006: Teddy in "Kitchen Confidential," opposite BCoop.
    AGE: 33-34

    2007:"West 32nd" and "How I Met Your Mother."
    AGE: 35

    2008: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
    AGE: 36

    2009: STAR TREK
    AGE: 37

    2010: FlashForward
    AGE: 38

    2011: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas
    AGE: 39

    2012: Total Recall
    AGE: 39

    2013: Star Trek Into Darkness
    AGE: 40

    2013: Last week
    AGE: ~41

    [Source: Zimbio, the google machine, my friend with a bike]

    So what's the consensus, ONTD? Black magic? Blood of virgins? Aegyo sal? Or simply a portrait in the attic? Theorize here. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN CHO!!

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