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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Amanda Bynes is telling everyone that she’s very much not crazy, but then the spiraling starlet did the most insane thing ever: gave an exclusive interview to a tabloid! She sat down with inTouch magazine and of course, I got my hands on an early copy of the ultra-odd convo. Take a look…

    Is it true you needed to shave your head after a bad dye job?
    AB: Yes, I had to shave my head. It’s so annoying to have no hair at 27. I have extensions that I love but I miss my own hair.

    Explain the facial piercings.
    AB: I wanted to look like [stripper] Blac Chyna.

    You’ve said you’re starting a fashion line.
    AB: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line…and I love how Justin Bieber dresses. My line will be a mixture of sick styles, and it’s going to be for everybody.

    Do you think you have any issues with addiction?
    AB: I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol.

    Where do you see yourself in five years?
    AB: Happily married!

    To recap, Amanda wants to look like a stripper, dress like Justin Bieber and find a man on planet Earth that will wife her up? Perhaps “insane” is too feeble a term…XOXO.


    That's also a new picture she posted earlier today.

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    Antoine Dodson tells TMZ ... he's no stranger to the ways of the vagina ... claiming he had real-life sex with women before he switched to guys ... and says,"It was fun."

    Dodson -- aka the "Bedroom Intruder" guy from YouTube -- said he's "no longer into homosexuality" ... and vows to live a straight life that falls in line with his new Hebrew Israelite religion.

    We shot Dodson a few questions about his decision, here are his responses:

    TMZ: "Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?"
    Dodson: "I feel like homosexuality is put on people at early ages the things we see and hear and what's exposed to us."

    TMZ: "How do you feel about sex with women?"
    Dodson: "Sex with women is not new to me. It was fun. I did get enjoyment out of it. I was hurt by a woman as a teen."

    TMZ: "Do you think homosexuality can be 'cured?'"
    Dodson: "I believe when you get to a certain age, you feel different about things and things change, you begin to want more."

    Dodson called into TMZ Live today...

    video at source

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    If you, like me, have never watched Toddlers & Tiaras, let me give you a quick primer on who Eden Wood is: she's a cute little girl who retired from beauty pageants at age 6 to become more involved in her acting and modeling career. (I swear I did not make up that sentence.) Eden's mother Mickie Wood has faced plenty of criticism for supposedly sexualizing her child and treating her like a pint-sized cash cow, but in a scathing tell-all book, the toddler’s former manager Heather Ryan implies that Mickie has no trouble throwing her fellow pageant moms under a bus. Particularly if they're more famous than she is ... like a certain Honey Boo Boo clan.

    Ryan claims that Eden's mom was not only incredibly jealous of Honey Boo Boo's success on TLC, Mickie called the entire family "vomit inducing" for their "ugly, overweight hillbilly" appearance.

    Damn! It must be true what they say: hell hath no fury like a stage mom scorned.

    In a chapter of Ryan's book called "The Honey Boo Boo Boom," Eden's former manager wrote that Mickie had little love for Alana Thompson or her mom June Shannon:

    The red neck pageant kid from Georgia and her overweight family are everything that Mickie hated — hated about herself, hated about the persona of pageant moms and hated about ugly, overweight hillbillies. Mickie was disgusted by the woman and her family’s less than stellar appearance. I mean disgusted — to the point where she would lament for hours about how vomit inducing the Shannon family was.

    She went on to say that Mickie was furious about the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show that made the family a household name:

    I’m pretty sure I heard a loud, distinctive BOOM from Taylor, Arkansas as Mickie Wood’s head exploded. The TLC spin off became an enormous success and suddenly the chubby little pageant girl, who had never won so much as a ‘Queen’ title, kicked our ass in the ratings and popularity with her own train wreck television show.

    Now, it seems to me that you have to take most "tell-all" books with a massive grain of salt, because the author usually is on less-than-stellar terms with the subject. Heather Ryan knows that the juicier her stories are, the better her book sales will be, so she's not exactly motivated to downplay any existing drama.

    Still, it doesn't seem all that farfetched that Eden's mother would have been upset by the fact that despite all her schemings, Honey Boo Boo is far more famous than her own little girl. Mickie made her intentions for Eden pretty clear in this 2011 interview:

    I don’t think we were trying to make (fame) happen. But when it did, we rolled with it. Why not? It’s the American way. If you know that somebody loves Eden, why not write a book? Why not make a doll? Why not record a song?

    Right? Heck, why not film a reality show episode where your child shaves her half-naked "adopted grandfather"? That certainly wouldn't create a negative persona about pageant moms or hillbillies. *cough*

    I think everyone already knew this, but yeah. They wish they were as beautimous as us.

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    No actress has ever played Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde in a live-action X-Men movie more than once. In the two X-Men movies she was played Sumela Kay and Katie Stuart (who had about twenty seconds of screen time each); and in X-Men: The Last Stand it was Ellen Page, who finally gave the character a chance to be more than background. Now that director Bryan Singer is bringing back the trilogy cast for X-Men: Days of Future Past, however, he has broken that streak - as seen in the above set photo.

    This image is just the latest that the filmmaker has posted on his Twitter feed -arriving with the message "Hello, Kitty @EllenPage #XMen #DaysofFuturePast" - and this is actually a two-for-one considering you can see Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) standing with Page. The details on the Shadowcat costume are fairly minimal, though it does look like she's wearing some kind of armor on her forearms (why an intangible mutant would need armor is kind of a mystery, but let's just roll with it).

    In addition to Page and Ashmore, the next X-Men sequel will also bring back Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry and Daniel Cudmore, as well as First Class stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. New additions to the franchise include Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, BooBoo Stewart, and Fan Bing Bing. Production has already begun on the film and 20th Century Fox is planning to have Days of Future Past in theaters on July 18th.


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  • 05/03/13--19:20: dumb dumb on Chelsea Lately

  • http://youtu.be/oxC0wDaK3rY

    he's a man in the morning and a man at night!

    btw can anyone guess where i got my reference 'dumb, dumb'? its from an old tv sho

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    Hannibal is coming to the UK - Casino Royale's Mads Mikkelsen plays the inimitable Dr Lecter in showrunner Bryan Fuller's (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls) new televisual take on Thomas Harris's horror novels. Digital Spy met with Fuller to discuss Hannibals of the past, casting his own Lecter and the cannibal killer's "bromance" with Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) - the man who will one day become his greatest nemesis...

    Given how iconic Hannibal Lecter's movie outings were, what made you want to tackle the character again for television?
    I felt that there was an opportunity to tell a chapter of his story that hadn't been told before. We've see him incarcerated, we've seen him post-incarceration having escaped, and we saw him as a young man, but we haven't seen him as a practicing psychiatrist and a practicing cannibal. That's the most interesting part of his life and for some reason, it hadn't been the subject of any of the stories. The backstory was the only indication that we got of what he was like when he was out in the world. It just seemed like it was rich, unexplored territory - so it seemed like that was valid. Also, for me… it was going to get done whether I was involved in it or not, and I am an enthusiast of the character, so I wanted to make sure that whatever was done with this part of the story would be something that I wanted to see. When it was broached to me, I thought, 'There are as many bad screen versions of this as there are good versions, and whatever version I do - whether it's bad or good - at least I'll know it's something that I want to watch' - so it was very selfish on my part!"

    You didn't want to see someone else do it badly?
    Or just in a way that I didn't want to see - cos there could be a version of it where it's all about the eating people and the one-liners... with a broader sensibility. I knew what I wanted to see was something that was as elegant as Hannibal's persona. He's somebody who was going to be wearing the beautiful suits and driving the beautiful car and having the beautiful home and office. I could imagine aesthetics for a show that was befitting of my interpretation of the character. So yeah, it was totally selfish!"

    I imagine Hannibal must have been the hardest role on the show to cast?
    Oh yeah, absolutely, because everyone - between the network and the studios and the international distribution - had an idea of what he should be. We all know Anthony Hopkins and most of us know Brian Cox, who had completely different approaches to the character... Brian Cox was cool, intellectual, almost python-esque - not Monty but the snake! He had this creeping, slithering menace in the cage. Anthony Hopkins was, of course, a little more demonstrative of what lies beneath. So what was easy about it was… I thought, let's not go to either of those places, cos they had been done before by very accomplished actors and I'm as big a fan of Brian Cox's performance as I am of Anthony Hopkins. People forget about Brian Cox, because Silence of the Lambs was the Best Picture [at the Oscars] and Manhunter was this kind of... quasi-art film for the time. It was so stylised that people were like, 'What is this?' - but Brian Cox's performance is fantastic. I just wanted to go someplace completely different - go back to the source material and imagine who Hannibal would be in this era of his life. In the book, of course, he has the sixth finger and red eyes... He's also Eastern European, so I thought, let's do something European - whether it's a British actor or a French actor or a Danish actor - let's do something that has a non-American aesthetic to him, because that's part of his appeal, I think, as a villain. It's the American perception and the threat of anything that's non-American... sort of like, 'Oh, you think you're better than us, so you're already scary'.

    Like how all villains are English in Hollywood movies...
    Right, exactly! So I guess there is a psychological aspect of tapping into that fear of the other in some way. But it was also just about finding the right actor for the role and Mads… I can't imagine anyone else doing it now. He's so made it his own. What I love about Mads's approach to the character is that, in our first meeting, he was adamant that he didn't want to do Hopkins or Cox. He talked about the character not so much as 'Hannibal Lecter the cannibal psychiatrist', but as Satan - this fallen angel who's enamoured with mankind and had an affinity for who we are as people, but was definitely not among us - he was other. I thought that was a really cool, interesting approach, because I love science fiction and horror and - not that we'd ever do anything deliberately to suggest this - but having it subtextually play as him being Lucifer felt like a really interesting kink to the series. It was slightly different than anything that's been done before and it also gives it a slightly more epic quality if you watch the show through the prism of, 'This is Satan at work, tempting someone with the apple of their psyche'. It appealed to all of those genre things that get me excited about any sort of entertainment.

    Hugh Dancy mentioned that you've planned out multiple seasons of Hannibal, with Red Dragon being the basis for a fourth season?
    Right. In Red Dragon, there's just a few pages of backstory and one of the things we had to figure out was... where are we on the timeline? We know that Red Dragon takes place 5 years after Hobbs [is involved in] the 'Minnesota Shrike' - then a year after he marries Molly... Our show is about the bromance between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal is so unique in his crazy and Will is so unique in his crazy, and these two crazy men need each other to understand themselves. It felt like we were delivering on the promise of that line in Red Dragon, where Hannibal says, 'You caught me because you're more like me than you're willing to admit'. That's the series, that's the story and that's the relationship between these two men. In the books, Will Graham met Hannibal Lecter twice - they didn't really know each other or have a relationship. Will Graham was so traumatised by the Minnesota Shrike that he goes into therapy and is committed to a mental institution. In our show, he's not in therapy with any old psychiatrist, he's in therapy with Hannibal Lecter! That's the main deviation from the source material. As a fan of the books, I wanted to be true to the novels and yet be able to go to new and different places with the characters. But you have to honor the source material, you have to respect it, because… it's great! If it's not broken, don't fix it!


    Idk how American TV works but if this is cancelled, can a cable channel pick it up?

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    It's been more than a month since "Secret Life of the American Teenager" star Shailene Woodley was cast as Hazel Lancaster in the big-screen adaptation of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars"—and with not one peep as to who would play her swoon-worthy love interest, Augustus Waters... That is, until now.

    Variety reports that five young actors comprise the shortlist for the highly coveted role of Hazel's fellow cancer support group member. Those men are: Brenton Thwaites, Nat Wolff, Nick Robinson, Noah Silver and Ansel Elgort. All five are relative newcomers to the film industry, and according to the report, none is considered a front-runner at this point.

    The role of Augustus is a meaty one, to be sure, one requiring a level of depth and sensitivity not often inherent in a teenage boy. With that in mind, let's take a look at the contenders:

    Brenton Thwaites
    Where you've seen him: The Australian actor starred in the made-for-TV movie "Blue Lagoon: The Awakening." Otherwise, unless you subscribe to The Down Under Channel (that's a thing, right?), you probably haven't seen too much of him.
    The hype: Brenton's already auditioned for a Shailene-starring movie, having been one of the strapping young men vying for the role of Four in "Divergent." He was also in the mix for the lead in the next "Transformers" movie.
    What he has coming up: He'll put his boyish looks to good use as the young prince alongside Elle Fanning's Aurora in 2014's "Maleficent."

    Nat Wolff
    Where you've seen him: The 18-year-old most recently appeared alongside Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in the comedy "Admission." Of course, most fans know him as one-half of the The Naked Brothers Band with sibling Alex.
    The hype: With his status as a double threat, Nat will likely be in the limelight for years to come.
    What he has coming up: Upcoming projects include "Behaving Badly" with Selena Gomez and James Franco's "Palo Alto."

    Nick Robinson
    Where you've seen him: Nick plays sensitive high-schooler Ryder Scanlon on the ABC Family series "Melissa & Joey."
    The hype: Fresh to film, the 18-year-old made his Sundance Film Festival debut in January to promote "The Kings of Summer."
    What he has coming up: Nick plays Joy Toy in the coming-of-age film, which follows three friends who run away from home.

    Noah Silver
    Where you've seen him: Noah plays Benito Sforza on the "Showtime" series "The Borgias."
    The hype: Not much, from what we can tell. (Guy doesn't even have a Wikipedia page!)
    What he has coming up: The actor will next appear in the Morgan Freeman-starring "Last Knights" and also play the titular character in "Jamie Marks Is Dead."

    Ansel Elgort
    Where you've seen him: Unless time-traveling to the future is your super power, you probably haven't seen him in anything: He'll make his feature-film debut in October's "Carrie," alongside Chloe Moretz.
    The hype: The 19-year-old recently landed a role in Shailene's "Divergent," which may give him an advantage in this casting process seeing as he's already working with the leading lady.
    What he has coming up: "Carrie" and "Divergent" are the only projects on his docket right now.


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    This is the most recent installment of a YouTube documentary series on Jinkx Monsoon started by Alex Berry in 2011. The subject for the post only scratches on the surface so if you have some time I would recommend watching.


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    -She talks about her part in Once Upon A Time

    -Lost costars she'd like to see on the show

    -Robert Pattinson who she costarred in Remember Me with

     photo tumblr_mm6ragH1Jc1qatyv7o2_1280.jpg


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    IN THE first episode of The Fall, Gillian Anderson’s police investigator Stella Gibbons is a woman on a mission.

    After spotting a handsome police officer she likes the look of, she demands to be introduced – and then purposefully tells him which hotel room she is staying in.

    It’s a far cry from prim FBI agent Dana Scully, who spent years in The X-Files refusing to get too close to her partner Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) before she finally gave in to her feelings. “When I’ve been asked about the differences between the two of them, suddenly it occurred to me that Scully was quite square,” says Anderson, 44. “She was quite prudish and always behaved correctly and wouldn’t necessarily be wearing lace panties. In comparison, Stella is quite comfortable with herself, comfortable in her skin, is a lot more feminine than Scully ever was.

    “For a long time, Scully felt quite childlike, and part of that was because I was a child when I started to play her and audiences got to see me grow up and grow into her. But whenever I see her, she seems like a 12-year-old pretending to be an agent.”

    Stella isn’t the only sexual predator in The Fall. The eerie new BBC crime drama, set in Belfast, is the story of a serial killer, played by the devastatingly handsome Jamie Dornan.

    The audience know Dornan’s character for what he is from the beginning, while Stella is the investigating officer trying to pin down her man.

    It’s so spookily shot that viewers are often left feeling like voyeurs. As well as watching Dornan’s victims, we see Stella alone, reading in bed, cleaning her bath and swimming – which is her escape from the unpleasantness of her job.

    “I’m actually not a swimmer. I don’t like water that much,” confesses Anderson. “I thought I was going to tire of it. But I enjoyed it. I actually thought I should start swimming, but I didn’t …

    She seems more comfortable with the sex scenes than the swimming. “There are always funny moments in sex scenes, just with all the tension and bits falling off and not protecting you properly,” she laughs. “They get very, very serious because they’re very technical and both parties get undoubtedly nervous.”

    The steely detective keeps people at a distance, gives little away and is completely focused on her work, munching an enormous burger while she looks at evidence photos of dead bodies on her laptop.

    “I love how you don’t really get to know who she is or what makes her tick, and yet you want to know,” says Anderson.

    The Chicago-born actress admits she is keen on Prime Suspect, the award-winning crime drama that starred Dame Helen Mirren as the hard-as-nails DCI Jane Tennison.

    “I was always a fan of Prime Suspect and had read other attempts at recreating that and always found them lacking. And there is something about this that felt like it had the depth and complexity, and yet simplicity, of that series.

    “The thing I found really fascinating about Tennison, she was quite self-centred and certainly had ego.”

    The Fall was shot on location in Belfast, but Anderson admits she didn’t see much of the city and didn’t socialise much with the rest of the cast.

    “I am a bit of hermit anyway,” she says. “But I become more of a hermit when I’m working and even if I have a few days off I generally just stay in my hotel room.

    “I don’t know if that’s necessarily keeping in character, it’s more keeping my mind on it.

    “I’ve worked with actors who keep in character all the time and I don’t do that,” she adds with a telling sigh.

    Anderson has been divorced twice and has a teenage daughter from her first marriage and two young sons, aged six and five, from her second. (wrong: no children with her second husband, two children with her last partner)

    She spent her early childhood in London while her father, a film producer, attended the London Film School.

    Around the time The X-Files ended in 2002 she moved back to Britain, where she has chosen to live and bring up her family. She has continued to act over here, appearing in British television shows including Great Expectations, The Crimson Petal And The White and Bleak House, and has been nominated for several TV Baftas.

    But back in the US it has been hard to shake off the ghost of Scully. “Whenever I do go back, there might be some who know I do other things, but the fact is, how much of this stuff airs for the masses?

    “I get people going, ‘So what have you been up to?’ I’m not really on the big screen over there and a lot of the small screen things they might not have seen.”

    Anderson is appearing in new US crime drama Hannibal which stars Mads Mikkelsen as Dr Hannibal Lecter. “They’re selling it as my return to television after ten years away!” she exclaims.

    But with a young family in the UK, Anderson has to both support them and be there for them. “Schedule is everything,” she declares.

    “I’m very picky about dates and the kids are the most important thing. If it’s something I want to do but it takes too much time away, then I’ll decide not to.”

    She also admits she’s extremely choosy about the type of scripts she’ll accept. “My daughter always says, ‘God mum!’ Game Of Thrones, Downton Abbey or whatever it is. She cannot believe I’ve turned things down that she loves to watch.

    “But if I’m going to spend that amount of time then I’d prefer to be working with Scorsese, do you know what I mean?”

    Anderson has always been wise with her selections, and it would be no surprise if Stella Gibbons becomes an iconic detective – like Jane Tennison and Dana Scully.

    She hopes the show will be recommissioned, noting: “We’ve been told it looks good.”

    Does she want to play Stella again? “Yes definitely,” she breathes nervously, and quickly changes the subject, wary of jinxing the role she has already taken to her heart.

    • The Fall begins on BBC 1 next Monday, 13 May and on Netflix on May 28.


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    Spirits were higher than ever as these three amazing actors sat down on Graham Nortons couch last night! Highlights of the evening was a massive Fandom hug off between Chris Pines "Pine Nuts" and Benedict Cumberbatch's "Cumber Bitches". Many of Benedicts "Cumber Bitches" flew half way across the world just to attend the live taping of the show.One of the devoted Cumber bitches traveled from Nebraska and another all the way from Hong Kong.Completely out doing Pines smaller "Pine Nut" fan base.


    My bb Benedict was just an absolute sweetheart and stole the entire show. He was so charming he just might warm ONTDs stone cold heart. If this interview doesnt do it,I dont know what will!


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    She is about to spend a few months embarking on a new as yet untitled movie project with comic Adam Sandler.

    So it was expected that Drew Barrymore would be making the most of some rare downtime by hanging out with her husband Will Kopelman.

    The former child star and Will were seen departing the Pikey Cafe and Bar in Hollywood, California on Wednesday evening.

    Still keen to show off her newly dyed blonde hair, Drew, 38, looked chic as she stepped out in a smart casual outfit.

    The Jack And Jill actress wore her mane down with a centre parting and continued to play with it as she ran her fingers through it to maintain the style.

    She kept warm in a camel colour coat which she teamed with a knee-length grey floral dress and black heels.

    The mother-of-one thoroughly out dressed her husband who opted for a more laid back style in jeans, brown shoes and a blue shirt.

    her hair looks a lot healthier than it did the other day <3

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    My husband’s cheating on me with three million people

    I’m tired of people I don’t know telling me stories of my husband’s Twitter escapades

    A couple of years ago at an Oscar party, I met Jack Dorsey. The rapper 50 Cent and Cameron Diaz were pushing through the crowds to pay homage to the co-founder of Twitter, but I could only think of one thing to say to him: “If my marriage dies, it’s your fault.” He laughed; I didn’t. I wasn’t joking. Diana had three people in her marriage – I’ve got more than three million. And I’m tired of it.

    I’m tired of people I don’t know telling me stories of my husband’s Twitter escapades. I’m tired of the dinner party conversation surrounding those virtual romps (never having used it myself, I’m oblivious to what goes on in the Twittersphere). I’m tired of the pitying glances of other women in restaurants as he sits there, tapping out cricket tweets to Kevin Pietersen in between mouthfuls.

    I’m tired of watching him miss out on little things like, oh, his daughter’s first step (too busy taunting Alan Sugar about the size of his “follower count”), sunsets (preoccupied, flirting with Cindy Crawford), meteorites (something happened involving Arsenal and some guy named van Persie), and birds of paradise (who cares about them when you’re in the midst of a cyberspace caper with Wayne Rooney?).

    When he walked into the kitchen recently, beaming, to tell me that he was trending worldwide – whatever that means – because “the members of One Direction tweeted 'Piers Morgan is smelly’,” I should have skipped the divorce lawyer and demanded the keys to the house right there.

    You know those Japanese tourists who walk around the National Gallery with a video camera glued to their right eye? That’s what Twitter is. It’s about forsaking the present moment, in all its freshness and its glory, in order to brag about it later. It’s about perceiving anything that is not shared with thousands of people you don’t know as being entirely without value. Saying you’re on Twitter because of the newsfeeds is like saying you read Playboy for the articles.

    There are plenty of Twitter widows out there. Gary Lineker’s wife, Danielle, allegedly banned the former footballer from using the site earlier this month, but Lineker’s red card was rescinded on appeal and he was back within a week. However ecstatic Lineker was, he was nowhere near as jubilant as my husband, who came running into the room, shouting:“Lineker’s back!” “That’s great darling,” I said. “Oh, and your daughter just said 'Daddy’ for the first time.”

    Is technology ruining your life, ONTD? How?

    I think it might be ruining mine.

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    They performed this song at Coachella :) I like it better than Diane Young.


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    Taylor Swift visited her new Rhode Island summer home on Wednesday, May 1. The singer-songwriter arrived in Watch Hill by private jet with her parents and bodyguards. Swift recently paid for the $17m beachfront mansion in full with a single payment via wire transfer.

    Located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, this marks the songstress' fourth property. She currently divides her time between a three-bedroom penthouse in midtown Nashville, Tennessee and a three-bedroom cottage in Beverly Hills, California. She also owns an estate in Belle Meade, Tennessee, purchased for her parents.

    Watch Hill has been unusually busy since news of Swift's real estate deal broke. Electricians, painters and moving vans have been spotted at the property, while TV Crews from Fox News and NBC 10 have been in town to interview villagers.


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    It’s almost like this weekend is a national holiday with regards to all the hoopla surrounding the release of Marvel’s first Phase Two film, Iron Man 3. We’ve already shared details and images for Thor: The Dark World and Ant-Man as well as new info and concept art forGuardians of the Galaxy, and now it’s time for some updates on Marvel’s foray into television:Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The pilot for the S.H.I.E.L.D.-centric potential series has already been shot (Joss Whedon co-wrote and directed), and now the series awaits an all-but-guaranteed greenlight from ABC.

    We know that Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson returns as the star of the show (under some strange circumstances) and the series takes place after the events of The Avengers, but further details about how Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would fit into the larger Marvel universe have thus far been unclear. EW’s recent cover story on Phase Two provides a closer look at the show, however, with Marvel’s Kevin Feige addressing the possibility of using the series to introduce new characters and Robert Downey Jr. talking about a possible appearance on the show. Hit the jump to read on.

    While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. certainly marks new territory for Marvel, many have wondered if the show could be used as a sort of “minor leagues” to test out new characters before incorporating them into the film universe. EW asked Feige if we could see some as-yet-unused heroes pop up in the show, and he sounded optimistic:

    “If that works the way everyone expects it to work I think that would open up another avenue, another outlet for some of those characters,” Feige acknowledes. “Maybe they guest star, I don’t know. I think they’re avoiding the cameo of the week on that show, which is very smart.”

    Speaking of cameo of the week, it’s difficult to imagine the entirety of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.taking place without at least some acknowledgement of the film characters, and while we’ve heard that Cobie Smulders will probably be popping up, Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. was asked point-blank if he would consider appearing on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in character, to which he replied:

    “You know what? There’s no telling. I am open to everything.”

    While it would likely be quite expensive and/or difficult to actually get RDJ on the show, it’s nice to know that the actor hasn’t entirely ruled it out. Before that’s even considered, though, there’s the matter of re-negotiating Downey’s very, very lucrative contract.

    Expect to hear firm word of a series pick-up or, however unlikely, a full pass on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot very soon as the networks are gearing up to announce their fall schedules in the coming weeks.

    RDJ could blow an entire season's budget, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he showed up on set just for the hell of it.


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  • 05/03/13--21:10: Sports News Post !!!
  • Sanya Richards-Ross supported by family

    Family has been a crucial component to Sanya Richard-Ross' success, whether it was her family growing up in Kingston, Jamaica or, these days, her Super Bowl champion husband.

    "I remember when our parents told us, my sister and I, that we'd be moving to the United States. We were kicking and fighting. We both didn't want to move. But actually, I think it was, in hindsight, the best decision my family ever made. I remember my transition, when I moved to Florida, was seamless. I got out there, got back on the track team, was the best in our county, helped our school win its first county title and just was able to really continue developing and growing as a track and field athlete. So I was really happy that my parents made the decision at that time. And I think it was, for me, what helped me to get to where I am today.

    "I would 100 percent say my confidence comes from my parents. Since I was a young child, my mom and my dad always told me I was beautiful. I was talented. I was the best. My dad a little bit too much at times, but he always just gave me that fearless courage to go out and be my best and even when I failed, I knew that my family would always love me. And so I definitely would say 100 percent my confidence is from my parents.

    "My family has played a huge role in my success. From the very beginning, my dad has come to every single one of my practices since I was in high school. And I learned along the way, after sometimes working with other people, that my family always had my best interest at heart. And so I kind of keep them really close. My mom and dad are my managers. My cousin does my PR and styling. My sister does my hair. And so it's just always great to have those people closest to me. And although I do have other people that I work with and enjoy working with, it's always great to kind of have that buffer, and that support. So I'm very, very grateful to have them in my corner.

    "When I was 16 would be the first time I thought I could do track professionally. I'll never forget my dad challenging me and asking me if I wanted to be the best at track and field. And it was pivotal point in my career because I realized at that moment if I wanted to be the best, it was gonna take a great level of commitment and dedication and I remember my dad, in that season, my senior year in high school, comparing my times to some of the times of professionals. And I ran faster than they did at their national championships. And I thought, well maybe in a couple of years I could definitely be doing this full time. And so I think that was the moment that I gave and dedicated myself to the sport.

    "... I couldn't ask for a better family. They come to every single track meet. They're totally in tuned with what I'm doing and they always want to see me get better and better. And so they really do help me to continue to pursue my dreams.

    "My husband, Aaron Ross, is a two-time Super Bowl champion and I just absolutely love being married to him. I think that we strike a perfect balance in our lives. Of course sports plays a huge role because when he's not competing, I'm competing. And we both love sports and [have] been doing it for a long time. But when we get home, we don't talk about sports much, we're just a typical married couple.

    "I cook, he takes out the trash. We go to the movies and we just have a wonderful time together. And so I really do think we do a great job. We don't compete much, unless it's like running to the bathroom or something like that. But we just have a phenomenal relationship. He supports me so much and wants to see me be the best that I can be and I do the same for him. And it's just, for me, like, he's been such a great blessing."

    Knicks beat Celtics, win first playoff series since 2000

    Sean Highkin, USA TODAY Sports10:07 p.m. EDT May 3, 2013

    New York Knicks beat Boston Celtics 88-80 Friday night in Game 6 of first-round playoff series
    Knicks closed out series for first playoff series victory since 2000, play Indiana Pacers next
    Celtics nearly came back from 26-point deficit with 20-0 run but stalled at finish

    The New York Knicks have advanced to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. The Boston Celtics, who were down 3-0 in the series before winning the last two games, nearly overcame another incredible deficit, but the Knicks ultimately won 88-80.

    Trailing by 26 in the third quarter, Boston went on a 20-0 run, but it wasn't enough to make up for poor shooting for most of the game. Through the first three quarters, Boston shot 31.9% from the field as a team, totaling only 47 points entering the final period.

    BOX SCORE: Knicks 88, Celtics 80

    Carmelo Anthony scored 21 points, but the Knicks' offense was carried by its guards. Iman Shumpert played a key role at both ends of the floor, scoring 17 points on 6-of-9 shooting and playing lock-down defense on Paul Pierce. Pablo Prigioni scored 14 points, and Raymond Felton added 10.

    The Celtics' fourth-quarter run was keyed by Jeff Green and Avery Bradley, with Bradley making several key defensive plays leading to fast-break baskets. Boston cut the deficit to four points with three minutes remaining, but a three-pointer by Anthony with 1:32 on the clock effectively ended Boston's run and season.

    This game marks the first first-round exit for the Celtics since Kevin Garnett joined the team in 2007. It may also be the last stand of Boston's big three. Pierce has a $5 million buyout for the final year of his contract, and the 37-year-old Garnett may opt for retirement if the Celtics go into rebuilding mode.

    The Knicks advance to the second round and will play the Indiana Pacers, who eliminated the Atlanta Hawks on Friday. The series begins in New York on Sunday.

    Dwayne Johnson - Mark Wahlberg Producing A New HBO Series, Starring Dwayne Johnson

    Right after releasing "Pain and Gain", Wahlberg and Johnson are gearing up to collaborate on a TV series.
    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - WrestleMania 29 Press Conference

    We already know Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson work well together, but for the very first time, the two are teaming up for the small screen. The project is a half hour dramedy series about the lives of retired athletes in LA and HBO has ordered the pilot, in which Johnson will star, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series is the brainchild of Entourage writer Steven Levinson, who has also signed on to write the script and executive produce alongside Wahlberg, Johnson, Dany Garcia and Peter Berg. Berg has also been named as the series’ director.

    As far as HBO dramedies go, this is pretty much the dream team, with everyone involved having a substantial list of achievements behind them. Johnson in particular is a perfect fit for the project, because of his long-standing involvement in the world of sports, having played college football before kicking off his World Wrestling Federation career and becoming one of the sport's best known personalities. The announcement about this next role comes right on the heels of the hernia operation he had, for the injury, sustained during a championship match with John Cena. Cena won, in case you were wondering.

    As for Wahlberg and Levinson, the two have a special relationship with HBO, having worked on numerous shows for the cable network, including Boardwalk Empire, How to Make It in America and In Treatment. If all goes according to plan, the pilot will be filmed in the fall.

    J.R. Smith Pretends He Doesn't Know Who Jason Terry Is

    Jesse Dorsey
    (Featured Columnist) on May 1, 2013

    The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are embroiled in a first-round series that's doing its best to get interesting, but J.R. Smith doesn't seem to care much for his opponents, at least not enough to pretend like he knows them.

    Smith was suspended for elbowing Jason Terry in the head back in Game 3, leaving him on the sidelines for Game 4, which is the only game the Celtics have won in the series so far.

    After returning back to New York and getting ready for Game 5, a few guys asked Smith some questions about Terry. Smith responded with confusion (via Boston.com):

    Smith was asked about the Game 4 performance of Terry (18 points, including 9 in overtime). His response?

    “Who?” Smith said. “I don’t even know who that is.”

    It didn’t stop there.

    Asked another question about Terry, Smith kept up the charade.

    “Who?” he said again. “Who is that?”

    I suppose the old saying "know your enemy" doesn't register well with Smith.
    Terry, being the Celtics' de facto foil for Smith, was on a collision course with the outspoken Knicks guard coming into the series, as they both work as their team's scoring spark plug off the bench.

    When Smith was asked if the Knicks would have won Game 4 if he weren't suspended, Smith didn't hold anything back: "Oh, yeah. It would have been over. I would have been playing golf today."

    In a series that was bound to be chippy anyway given the teams involved, this is sure to add a bit of fuel to the fire.

    Thanks to my bro we_eat_coldcuts for this article

    Ronaldo Leaving Real Madrid Is A Possibility, Says His Agent

    By Frank Tigani, Goal.com

    Cristiano Ronaldo could be on his way out of Real Madrid, according to his agent Jorge Mendes.

    Despite his tremendous goalscoring record of 197 goals in 195 games for los Blancos, Ronaldo has not always been happy in the Spanish capital, highlighted by his admission earlier in the season that he was "sad".

    Ever since, there have been rumors the former Manchester United ace could leave in the summer and Mendes suggests a move away is a possibility he will not rule out.

    “I don't know. Ronaldo would be an asset to any of the best teams in the world. We'll have to wait and see, he's at Real Madrid and I don't know if he wants to move. Maybe," he told Radio Mana Mana Sport.

    Mendes was also quizzed on another Real Madrid star, Angel Di Maria, and Paris Saint-Germain forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who have both been linked with a move to Italian giants Juventus.

    “It all depends on what they can afford. Italian teams can't pay as much as they used to for players these days," he continued. “As for Ibra, that would be very difficult.”

    Sidney Crosby returns vs. Islanders

    PITTSBURGH -- After missing more than a month recovering from a broken jaw, Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby returned to action Friday night in Game 2 of the Penguins' Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the New York Islanders.

    Crosby said he was medically cleared to play Thursday afternoon. He worked out with his regular linemates, Pascal Dupuis and Chris Kunitz, Friday morning at the team's morning skate, just as he did on Thursday during the team's practice. He also spent time working with the Penguins' top power-play unit and said he feels comfortable and ready to rejoin live action.

    "I think that if a doctor clears you to play, that gives you a lot of confidence going out there knowing that you can play and take a hit, so I'm not concerned," Crosby said.

    The Penguins won the opening game of the series Wednesday night by a 5-0 count, but the return of arguably the best player in the game -- he was leading the NHL scoring race by a wide margin when he was injured -- makes the talented Penguins an even more dangerous team.

    "It means a lot. He's the guy that sets the elite skill level out there and more important the competition level out there," said Pittsburgh defenseman Douglas Murray.

    "Obviously it's a confidence boost getting his skill back in the lineup."

    Islanders coach Jack Capuano said you have to accept that someone with Crosby's skill is going to get chances and that his return will give a boost to his teammates and to the hometown crowd at the Consol Energy Center.

    "It'll be electric, there's no question, but at the same time we've gone into some tough buildings this year down the stretch," Capuano said.

    "Maybe our team will rise to the occasion knowing that he's in. We just have to try and contain him the best that we can."

    Crosby, who finished tied for third in league scoring with 56 points in 36 games, talked about his excitement at rejoining his teammates in the playoffs.

    "I think every time you play in the playoffs there's always a little bit extra, especially coming back after missing some time," Crosby said. "I think you just want to make sure you're ready, but we're all excited to play in those kinds of games, you welcome that, these are the ones you want to be in."

    The Penguins' captain was felled by a deflected puck in a game against the Islanders on March 30. He will be wearing a protective plastic shield attached to his helmet to try to limit contact with his jaw area. It's obvious it will take some getting used to when it comes to accepting passes and handling the puck.

    I think you try not to think about it. I think once you get in a game and hopefully you get out there and get playing, it's not something you think about a whole lot. But I don't really know how I'm going to kind of approach that until I play, right? But I think mentally I feel confident I can go out there and play in a playoff game.
    ” -- Sidney Crosby on return to ice

    "Again, until I play I'm not going to really know how it feels. I'm not worried about it," he said.

    Assuming Crosby does play mostly with Kunitz and Dupuis, the comfort of familiarity should ease his return after missing this much playing time.

    "There's a lot of familiarity there. We should be able to find each other and create things. If anything my timing may be a little off, but I think that's something that comes pretty quickly," he said.

    As for being tentative when it comes to moving in high-traffic areas and in the corners, Crosby hopes that once the game begins it won't be a consideration.

    "I think you try not to think about it," he said. "I think once you get in a game and hopefully you get out there and get playing, it's not something you think about a whole lot. But I don't really know how I'm going to kind of approach that until I play, right? But I think mentally I feel confident I can go out there and play in a playoff game."

    Although coach Dan Bylsma won't comment on lineup or injury issues, he did say that the team is looking forward to getting Crosby back in the mix.

    He noted that Crosby has made an immediate impact when he's returned from injury in the past.

    "I joked that I should really plan on that; I could just hold him out until a really important game. But when Sid gets back on the ice you're going to see him in similar situations and similar spots on our team, and we're looking forward to getting him back with our group with our team with his line when that happens," Bylsma said.

    While Crosby returned to the lineup, forward James Neal, who missed most of the last two periods of Game 1 after taking a hit from Travis Hamonic, was a scratch.

    WWE Superstar Roman Reigns: Examining His Potential Future in the WWE

    Tyson Jones
    (Senior Analyst) on May 2, 2013

    Since bursting onto the scene at Survivor Series 2012, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have caused considerable chaos within the WWE.

    Turning the company on its ear, the three former NXT stars collectively known as The Shield have turned back some of the stiffest competition to date. Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena and even The Undertaker have tasted defeat at the hands of The Shield.

    Surely, one has to think a bright future is on the horizon for all three men. However, one figure stands above the others, clearly a trump card to the group's success. I'm of course speaking about Roman Reigns.

    I suppose it's only fitting that Roman would be the standout of the group. Fans and critics had been waiting with bated breath for the main-roster arrival of both Dean Ambrose and then-NXT champion Seth Rollins.

    Comparisons from everyone to The Joker to Roddy Piper to Brian Pillman have been made regarding Dean Ambrose, and the man formerly known as Tyler Black has a strong, cult following from his time in ROH. I think it's safe to say that nobody knew or even cared much for Roman Reigns—at least not compared to his teammates.

    Still, Roman has impressed a lot of people in recent months. At one point, there were rumblings among fans of Roman about him being the actual leader of the trio as opposed to Dean Ambrose (funny how nobody seems to have faith that Seth could have been the leader).

    More recent rumblings seem to indicate that many believe Roman could be the breakout star of the group. Personally, that wouldn't surprise me one bit. Roman Reigns is the impact player for The Shield.
    Which member of The Shield stands out most to you?
    Seth Rollins Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose Submit Vote vote to see results

    His time in the ring can generally be game-changing. Just when things look grim for The Shield, the Spear helps to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, as we saw Monday when said Spear pinned John Cena in a six-man tag match. Arguably the cleanest win anyone's gotten over Cena in sometime.

    No doubt, Roman has been a big part of the success of The Shield, even pinning Daniel Bryan at TLC last year to give the group their first victory.

    With so much stock going into this group and with no end in sight, it's fun to think about where exactly WWE is going with this group.

    As the article's title states, though, Roman Reigns is the one who has my attention the most. The Spear of Justice has helped to put away some tough competition.

    I don't think it's a question of "can" or "will" Roman be a star in the WWE. It's more a question of "how." How will Roman's time in The Shield (and The Shield in general, possibly) come to an end and force him on his own?

    So where do we go from there? A lot of people have thrown out scenarios for The Shield and their future, as well as the solo careers of the members, and there's a lot of branching ways to go with this. One personal favorite of mine is the Evolution route featuring Triple H.
    This scenario sees Ambrose downplaying Reigns at several points, both in public and in private, leading to dissension in the group. Noticing this (as assuming The Shield could feud with an incarnation of DX), Triple H looks to further instigate drama, informing Roman of Dean's thoughts on him (basing them off his thoughts on Batista during the dying days of Evolution), and encouraging Roman to forge his own path, much like The Animal did upon leaving Evolution.
    Now Imagine this is Roman Reigns, taking out Undertaker and Kane.

    This leads to Roman walking out on The Shield (turning face in the process) and allying with Triple H as a sort of mentor to him in the short run.

    Another scenario for Roman Reigns involves Roman beginning to realize just how good he can be with his own ability.

    A lot of you may (or may not) remember Mason Ryan's time on the main roster as a member of The New Nexus. WWE at one point wanted to emphasize his power, having him destroy both Kane and The Big Show almost single-handedly, before leaving without celebrating with the other members of The Nexus.

    Though that resulted in nothing, perhaps WWE could go that route with Reigns as a way of ending The Shield (or at least giving Roman an out).

    After deeming Roman to be getting a big head, having Dean or Seth confront him about his attitude (to be subsequently attacked by the other member, or perhaps a replacement for him), Roman could easily make a face turn, perhaps allying for a short time (or longer) with The Usos in a Samoan stable of sorts (with him at the head) or even someone else who may have a grudge against The Shield.

    Of course these are just ideas to be kicked around, and there are probably better ways to go about such a difficult and risky task. Also, I'd like to point out I'm not saying I want all this to happen Friday on SmackDown or anything like that. The Shield still has shelf life. I could easily see them coexisting peacefully until at least September, if not longer.

    All good things must come to an end, though. The Shield is no different, and when said end does come, I'll be curious to see where exactly Roman fits in the grand scheme of the WWE.

    Could he be the next face of the company? The next Batista? Who's to say? What about you? Where do you think The Spear of Justice will be years from now?

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    "Despicable Me 2" is set for theaters July 4, so it would be strange for a cast member to drop out so close to release. That's exactly what's happening, though, as Universal Pictures has announced that Al Pacino has left the project, Deadline reports.

    Pacino was cast to play the role of Eduardo, the film's villain. A statement from the studio reads, "Over the production of 'Despicable Me 2,' there were creative differences between us and Al Pacino, who had been cast as the voice of Eduardo in the film. We have mutually decided with Al to replace the voice of Eduardo with a new actor." They go on to thank Pacino, but note they look forward to a new actor taking over the role.

    This close to release, it's unclear how much of Pacino's dialogue was recorded. The movie features the returning voices of Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove. In the film, a reformed Gru (Carrell) joints the Anti-Villain League in their fight against the bad guys.

    So we're thinking "creative differences" is code for wanting more money right? I have a hard time seeing him have a creative issue with a cute little kids movie while being 100% on board for the cinematic gold that was Adam Sandler's 'Jack & Jill'...

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