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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    When Amanda Bynes said that she is a "retired multi-millionaire," she really wasn't kidding.

    The former actress hasn't worked at all in three years, but said it doesn't matter because she's just as loaded as the Olsen twins! "I'm in the Mary-Kate and Ashley type of wealth [category]," she declared to In Touch magazine. Considering that the Olsen twins are worth about $300 million, that's a pretty bold statement.

    It's also very likely a delusional one as well.

    Nickelodeon hardly throws its child stars multi-million dollar deals. Even though she had a successful five-year run on What I Like About You and a few decent teen movies like She's The Man, that hardly adds up to $300 million in the bank.

    A source close to Amanda said that she is actually worth "$5 to $6 million, not anywhere near Mary-Kate and Ashley's money." The source also confirmed she doesn't have an income now, yet is still blowing through cash like she has Olsen twins money. Some of Amanda's friends are fearing that she could be broke within the next few years.

    Her NYC lifestyle has included month-long stays at luxury hotels that include daily room service and massages, $11,000 on hair extensions during a recent trip to a Queens salon and massive cab fares. She's also spending big bucks on her NYC apartment, but may not be there for much longer because her strange behavior is reportedly making other residents uncomfortable.
    "[Amanda wanders] the halls of her New York City apartment building at all hours of the night," said a source to Radar Online. "She talks to herself in language that is non-sensical and has been hearing voices. She looks completely disheveled and she is scaring some of the other residents in the building with kids."

    Even if Amanda is choosing to be a recluse, there are still ways she could make money. Countless celebrities use their Twitter accounts for product endorsements, often making thousands of dollars on a single tweet. And even though Amanda isn't exactly anyone's first choice to endorse their stuff these days, there are plenty of companies who would likely to be happy take advantage of her 700,000+ Twitter followers.


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    The last time Phillip Sheppard played Survivor, he played a crazy game, running around in pink underwear and wearing feathers on his head.

    Returning for Survivor: Caramoan, Sheppard played a more strategic game, but was still called out for his eccentric behavior.

    Now on the jury after getting eliminated on Wednesday, Sheppard chatted about his upper body strength, his fear of water and why he's not crazy.

    Hi, Phillip. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
    Before we start, I should mention that I have a book called The Specialist that came out on the day the series premiered, and I'm working on another book right now. But that's not what we're here to talk about. I know you want to talk about what just happened on Survivor.

    Okay. Did you know that you were going to be voted off last night?
    I knew I was going, so I thought this was a time to flush out both idols. I knew that it would mean the end of my game, but that is a compliment. They gave up two idols to get me out of there, because I was a physical threat. Everyone knew I was a physical threat and I was playing a very good game. So they had to get rid of me.

    You weren't a physical threat on the last episode, though. You sat out of the immunity challenge. Do you regret it?
    I'm not a phenomenal swimmer, and I wouldn't have won my challenge. Besides, based on what happened when I was a boy where I almost drowned, there were some reasons why I opted not to participate.

    Which is it? Because of your childhood experience, or because you knew you couldn’t win?
    My experience is what came to mind. And I knew I wasn't going to win the challenge. Brenda owns a dive company and even she couldn't win that challenge. And besides, I wasn't feeling well that day.

    In the previous immunity challenge, you were submerged underwater under a cage and yet you participated in that challenge.
    But I was the first one out. And for most of the challenge, my face was over water. My challenge strength is my physical upper body. I won challenges based on my strength. Physically, before the tribal swap, I was owning challenges for my tribe. And I'm very loyal to the people who are in my core alliance.

    Who do you think is playing a good game out there?
    I'm going to refuse to answer that question, because I don't want to give out any spoilers.

    On both seasons, the show classified you as crazy and annoying. How much of that is real and how much is editing?
    First, I would disagree with your characterization on how I came off this season. I came across as a physical threat, a strategic player. Until I was voted out, I only received one vote. Tell me, if I was really that annoying, why did they not get rid of me earlier?

    Perhaps the other contestants wanted to sit next to you in the finals, because they thought they could beat you.
    Then why did they vote me off? If I was really a goat, they would have kept me to the end. But they voted me off because of my physicality.

    But your main alliance didn't vote you off. They wanted to keep you. It was the three-member counter-alliance.
    Malcolm said he was voting me out because I don't let anyone have any fun. That's ridiculous. It's a million dollar game and he's going to vote me off for that? Tell me, do you think Malcolm is strategic?

    I suppose.
    Then if he's strategic, the only reason he voted me off is because I was a physical threat.

    So you're not crazy?
    You're listening to me talk right now, and it's obvious I'm not crazy. My novel was No. 70 on the Canadian Amazon bestseller site, and it was the No. 40 gift in Canada. It was the No. 1 selling book in Japan. There's a lot of Phillip Sheppard that you just don't understand. I came up with the idea of forming an alliance and calling it Stealth R Us, and CBS made it a centerpiece of the show. ... I leveraged that to be a memorable character – one of the most well known characters in Survivor history. And I'm leveraging it outside the game. You don't understand how I played the game.

    You're right, I don't.
    I can walk into a situation while other people are singing songs or talking about TV shows that they'll never put on the air. But I can come out there, make you laugh at home and publish a book! I have thousands of fans writing to me saying, "Give me a name in Stealth R Us."My brother is a police chief in Rochester N.Y., and I have a twin sister who is a Ph.D. I come from a very successful family. Tell me, do you think that makes me crazy?

    Well, we seem to be out of time. Thanks so much for the interview!
    Thank you. And remember, you can order my book on Amazon.


    mods, added a cut this time, sorry about that

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    When it was announced J.J. Abrams will direct the next "Star Wars," the news — for the most part — was met with positive reception.

    After all, the future of the franchise would be in the hands of someone known to be a big "Star Wars" fan and who was no stranger to sci-fi. However, the news was also unexpected.

    Just last year, Abrams confidently told both Entertainment Weekly and Empire magazine he wanted nothing to do with the franchise.
    "I wouldn’t even want to be involved in the next version of those things,” Abrams told Empire. “I declined any involvement very early on."

    So, what changed his mind? In the upcoming May issue of Playboy, Abrams reveals what occurred to change his mind about directing one of the most beloved franchises in Hollywood—and, it wasn't solely his secret meeting with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

    "It was a wild time. I was near the light at the end of the tunnel with my work on Star Trek. I felt I needed a bit of a breather, actually. But then Kathleen Kennedy [the new Lucasfilm head who oversees Star Wars] called again. I’ve known her for years. We had a great conversation, and the idea of working with her on this suddenly went from being theoretical and easy to deny to being a real, tangible, thrilling possibility. In the end it was my wife, Katie, who said if it was something that really interested me, I had to consider it."

    If it weren't for Abram's wife, we'd have someone different at the helm of the "Star Wars" franchise.

    And, don't worry "Trek" fans, despite his heavy workload Abrams told Playboy there's still a chance he may return to direct the next "Star Trek."

    "I would say it’s a possibility," said Abrams.""We’re trying to figure out the next step. But it’s like anything: It all begins with the story."


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  • 04/25/13--14:46: Ryan Lochte's Pool Water.
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    Simon Cowell'
    s search for a new X Factor judge may have a happy ending! A source tells Us Weekly that the Fox talent show creator, 53, hope that Jennifer Love Hewitt will join him and Demi Lovato on the panel this fall for season three. (Judges L.A. Reid and Britney Spears both departed after season two.)

    "Simon is very interested," says the source of the 34-year-old Client List actress and former pop star. (Hewitt's song "BareNaked" charted back in 2002.) Also in the running: Reba McEntire and Kelly Rowland, who judged 2011's U.K. X Factor.

    While an X Factor rep says "this is pure speculation," a Rowland pal assures Us: "Kelly's nearly a done deal!"

    Mario Lopez, meanwhile, will be back for his second season as series host, although his co-host Khloe Kardashian will not be returning.

    Tell Us: Would Hewitt make a good addition to X Factor?


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    Rupert Grint is poised to cast a spell on audiences in the new poster for CBGB, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The Harry Potter alum plays The Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome in the film looking at New York's punk scene and the famed club.

    CBGB was owned by Hilly Kristal, who in the late 1970s strove to create a venue for country, bluegrass and blues music. But after those acts became hard to book, he shifted the club's focus toward local groups. CBGB was frequented by The Dead Boys and also helped launched the careers of Patti Smith, Blondie, Talking Heads and the Ramones.

    This is the third of five posters THR will debut this week. Earlier this month, we unveiled CBGB posters honoring Joey Ramone, Debbie Harry, Smith and Chrome's bandmate Stiv Bators.

    Randall Miller directed CBGB and co-wrote the script with Jody Savin. The film’s cast includes Ashley Greene, Johnny Galecki, Joel David Moore, Stana Katic and Taylor Hawkins.

    Miller and Savin’s Unclaimed Freight Productions is producing, along with former senior vp at Warner/Chappell Music Brad Rosenberger and Kristal’s daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman.


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  • 04/26/13--12:05: ZQ on 'August Man' May Cover
  • Zachary Quinto suits up on the cover of August Man Malaysia‘s May 2013 issue.

    Here’s what the 35-year-old Star Trek actor had to share with the mag:

    On exploring more roles:“I am now in that place where I am responsible for myself. I am looking for things that are different, that are interesting, have diversity and a range of expressions. The only thing I want is for it to be good.”

    On having a dark side:“Everyone has one. It is just a matter of how you keep in touch with that dark side and tap into it. Most people never really get in touch with it but it exists in everybody. Fortunately, my work has allowed me to keep that in balance. I have been able to play characters which have given me the opportunity to live deeper and darker. It has given me a safe environment to explore it.”

    On American Horror Story:“It is interesting because every season you have a different story. It is rewarding because it is so innovating in the way the stories are structured. It’s really exciting.”


    He looks sooooooo good! Why couldn't he have styled himself/his hair like this for the press tour?!

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  • 04/26/13--12:12: NBC renews 5 shows!
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    NBC has jumped on the early pickup bandwagon, renewing five series for the 2013-2014 season including Parenthood, Revolution, Grimm, Chicago Fire and Law & Order: SVU. All have been given full 22-episode orders.

    No word on the fate of bubble comedies Parks and Recreation and Community, but an NBC rep says ”there will be more returning series announcements made in the next couple of weeks.”


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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey continues to dominate the UK’s Official Video Chart.

    Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has held onto its Number 1 position on the Official Video Chart for a second week running.

    The DVD and Blu-ray release of the first instalment of his new series of films based on JRR Tolkien’s 1937 fantasy novel of the same name, has now broken through the million copies sales barrier, selling over 1.16 million copies during its first two weeks on sale. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the second biggest selling video title of 2013, behind the home release of Skyfall which has sold over 2.7 million copies since its release in February.

    Musical comedy Pitch Perfect debuts at Number 2 on this week’s Chart, followed by Seven Psychopaths (which stars Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson and Christopher Walken) at Number 3. This week’s Top 5 is completed by Ted (4) and Disney’s Tinker Bell - Secret Of The Wings (5).
    High climbers

    The Die Hard Quadrilogy, which collects together the first four of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard films, is this week’s highest climber, up a massive 130 places to re-enter the Official Video Chart Top 40 at Number 27.

    Meanwhile, following former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral last Wednesday (April 17), Meryl Streep’s 2011 biopic, The Iron Lady, has also seen a massive surge in sales. The Iron Lady climbs 70 places from Number 90 to Number 20.

    You can see this week’s Official Video Chart here.

    The Hobbit's Dean O'Gorman answers all your questions!

    Ahead of Melbourne’s Supanova Pop Culture Expo next weekend, Dean O’Gorman gives Angela Allan a behind-the-scenes insight for his role as Fili the dwarf in The Hobbit.

    How did it feel to get the part of Fili the dwarf?

    Well, I’d auditioned for The Hobbit months and months earlier, so I’d sort of given up on getting through. They called my agent out of blue and said they were interested in me for a role. So they flew me down to Wellington [New Zealand] for an audition and the producer wanted to have a quick chat to me and I asked, “Do I have lines?” and she said, “Yes, you have a few lines,” and I said, “Is it a good role?” and she said, “Yeah, you’re in the whole thing,” and I was like, oh! I didn’t even realise until I did the audition that this was a good role. I had no idea. I had no idea what was going on. I thought I was going to be fourth goblin from the left or something. I was like, holy shit! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t feel real for me for quite a while.

    Were you a fan of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit novel?

    I’d seen The Lord of the Rings movies and I enjoyed those and I had read The Hobbit book as a kid, but that was it really. I wasn’t really knowledgeable about the Tolkien universe at all.

    Is this your first time as being part of a pop-culture expo like Supanova?

    Yes, it is! I’ve got no idea what to expect. I mean, I’ve done a couple of smaller conventions in New Zealand but I have a feeling they aren’t quite as big as this one.

    You know David Hasslehoff is coming…

    Oh, awesome! He is going to sing?

    Maybe we can encourage him to belt out a tune for us, I’m sure he’d be cool with that…

    Oh, yeah! That would be great.

    Well, you might not sing, but in addition to acting, you’re also an artist…

    Yeah, I grew up with it. My dad’s a painter, so I’ve always painted and taken photos as well as act. I mean, that was the plan to become a graphic designer or painter, but acting ended up taking a lot of my focus. I lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years, and to be honest, I had a lot of downtime [laughs], but I started painting again. It ended up that my paintings got used in Curb Your Enthusiasm for Larry David’s bedroom, so I ended up getting heaps of work from that. It was inspiring, so at a time when acting wasn’t paying the bills, painting started to pick up. Photography is also something I’ve always done and I’ve taken photos of my friends for their agents and it grew from that. Last year while I was doing The Hobbit, I did an exhibition in Wellington based on photojournalism of the ‘70s and used a lot of local guys from the cast.

    Do you have a favourite scene in The Hobbit?

    I loved watching the goblins scene when it was finished. Filming it was pretty gnarly because it was one of the hottest sets; I mean, you have flames burning and people running around wearing rubber. So it was quite a hot experience!

    Your costumes are amazing as well. How much work goes into making them look so authentic for the Tolkien world?

    There is so much work that goes into every single part of the costume. They have a special department that is called the break-in department that specialises in making sure the gear looked worn in and old. Our boots are made, and then all scuffed so they look like we have been wearing them for months.

    And your swords are very impressive too…

    Swords are cool! I love those swords.

    Did you have any training with the swords?

    I had to do a bit of stunt training in terms of learning how to use two swords. It’s like juggling really, you have to get your left and right sides of your brain and body working together. Once you get it, it’s not too bad. I’d never fought with two swords before; it’s not something you do in your normal life. What made it challenging it we had rubber hands as dwarves so gripping the handles was difficult. A lot of times, swords would go flying out of hands! As a wrap gift, they gave me my two steel swords – they are so heavy but very beautiful.

    Sources are here, and here

    Omg, when are we going to get a trailer! I know I can't wait, how about you all?

    This post has been brought to you by my glee at getting my promotion at work. Let's all celebrate this week!

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    This week, Fantasia has been in full promo mode, pushing her new album, ‘Side Effects of You’ Thursday night (April 25), she took her talents to Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live!’, sitting alongside actor Anthony Mackie.

    Andy Cohen asked Fantasia to create a song to the video of a woman twerking by cakes, ice cream and fish in a store.

    Sources: http://thejasminebrand.com/2013/04/26/watch-fantasia-sings-spanks-twirks-for-andy-cohen-on-watch-what-happens-live/#ixzz2Rb4ComO4;http://youtu.be/DkYN8IpWD3Q

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    Interviewer: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
    Trevor: Ice... chocolate... I'll stop there.
    Interviewer: Many people don't know that you sing, and you have a great voice by the way! (He does have a decent voice)
    Are you going to release your own music at some point?
    Trevor: Not professionally... I just do it for fun..
    (Check out: soundcloud.com/trevor-donovan)
    Interviewer: What type of roles would you like to play next?
    Trevor: Serial Killer perhaps, let's also throw in Superhero into that mix.
    Interviewer: Recently, we have seen you on "The Client List". What was it like to work with Jennifer Love Hewitt?
    Trevor: I had a crush on her in high school, so when I got this job offer, I couldn't say yes fast enough... She is very sweet and great to work with.
    Interviewer: You've met Jennifer Lawrence at the Glaad Media Awards! Did you remember to take a picture with her?
    Trevor: YES I got the picture and by the time this comes out, the picture will be seen by many. It wasn't taken with my camera, so who knows where it will end up.
    Interviewer: How important is it to you to participate in such events and show support for social causes?
    Trevor: It's very important to me. I feel blessed to be able to. My manager and I are friends with the Kennedy family and are very active in all RFK foundation cases.
    Interviewer: Who is the funniest person you know?
    Trevor: My friend Alan Ritchson. We have the same manager. Alan is one funny guy! See Blue Mountain State TV show and you will see what I'm talking about.
    Interviewer: You have launched your own blog today. What should we expect to read on it? How often will you be blogging?
    Trevor: Expect ramblings, and occasional insightful thoughts. There is no schedule as to when I am going to blog, I guess whenever I have something to say.
    You can read the full interview at the source
    He's hot and nice. Me likey.

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    Bringing back a show from the dead is no easy task. Especially when that show is Arrested Development. The highly revered cult comedy returns with 15 new episodes that will be released simultaneously on May 26 on Netflix, and it’s fair to say that a lot of care and thought (and more thought) went into them. Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz and his writers did not structure the episodes like typical Arrested installments: In telling the tale of what has happened to the splintered family over the last seven years, each episode will focus on one of the nine main characters, with a few other Bluths making an appearance. The episodes are crafted to work as a whole — the first act of a larger saga that is designed to play out on the big-screen –  and certain jokes and stories that are planted in one show bloom in another. “There’s never been a half-hour comedy with the level of complexity here,” says Troy Miller, who directed the episodes with Hurwitz. “The idea of how characters interrelate and the episodic arcs in A, B, C, D, and E story lines — it’s this crazy wormhole he’s created.” Several people in the Arrested family colorfully described their first visit to the writers’ room, but our favorite may come courtesy of David Cross.“You know the murder scene where they go to the psycho killer’s apartment and he’s got all this crazy s— mapped out? That’s what it looked like,” he says. “Post-it notes and index cards all across the three walls in this big conference room. Yarn stretching from one thing to another and pinned in one place, and then a sharp angular uptick to the Lucille character and down. And then there’s a different-colored yarn that intersects and weaves in. It took him 25 minutes to explain what I was looking at. And I still didn’t get everything. When you see that, of course it has to be a TV show. There’s no way else to do this.”

    Michael Cera was more than familiar with the challenges of that room: He did double-duty by serving as a writer on the series as well. “There were, at one point, three pieces of different-colored yarn that all led to a card that had a question mark on it,” he says with a laugh. “I think everyone — including Mitch and Richie [Rosenstock] and Jim [Vallely], these incredible minds that were navigating this whole thing — felt confused many times. But it helped the process, which was reassuring for me and for some of the newer writers who felt way in over their heads. It comes with the territory of doing a really ambitious story like that.”


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    After Davey's father is killed in a hold-up, she and her mother and younger brother visit relatives in New Mexico. Here Davey is befriended by a young man who helps her find the strength to carry on and conquer her fears.


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    The Emmy-winning Homeland star filmed 'Desire' during December 2012 in Chile's Atacama Desert. Speaking at the US launch of the F-Type sports car at Paramount Studios, in November Lewis said: "When Jaguar approached me about the F-Type Desire film, I was really intrigued. I then got to read the script and decided it was definitely a project I wanted to be a part of.

    "It promises to be an adventure. Jaguar cars have played some iconic roles in film for many years, and I'm looking forward to being the first to drive the F-TYPE in film".

    Lewis plays a man who delivers cars for a living. He runs into trouble in the middle of the desert after a chance encounter with a mysterious woman played by Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight's Tale, How to Make It in America).
    Spanish-born actor Jordi Molla (Colombiana, Bad Boys II) will also appear as a villain.

    Smith's previous credits include Doctor Who episodes such as The Eleventh Hour - introducing Matt Smith and Karen Gillan to the series - music videos for The Streets, episodes of Skins and Little Dorrit, Chemical Brothers concert movie Don't Think and a commercial for Nike featuring Wayne Rooney.

    The film is soundtracked by Lana Del Rey's 'Burning Desire'. Del Rey is also a brand ambassador for Jaguar, and the track featured on the Paradise Edition of her recently re-released debut album Born to Die.


    (wtf @ "excuse me, british! coming through!", 7min in)

    and one more pic from November:


    Claire Danes bought a new house 7 blocks away from her old one

    BUYER: Claire Danes
    LOCATION: New York City, NY
    PRICE: $6,876,000
    SIZE: 3,166 square feet, 4-5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

    On the very same day that Homeland actress Claire Danes sold her nearly 4000 square foot condo-loft in a re-purposed turn of the 19th century building in the heart of New York City's Soho 'hood for $5,850,650, she and her British actor hubby Hugh Dancy (Black Hawk Down, The Big C, Hannibal) shelled out $6,876,000 for a late 19th century four story Greek Revival-style townhouse eight or nine blocks north on a narrow, tree-shaded block in the south end of the fully gentrified West Village.

    The townhouse seller was David Shaffer, an enormously respected and impressively accomplished psychiatrist who was married to and procreated with famously autocratic Vogue head honcho Anna Wintour in the 1980s and 1990s. Doctor Shaffer, much to his pocketbook's delight, no doubt, acquired the house, according to property records, in late 1999 for $1,700,000. It is Mister Shaffer who is responsible for all the books and artwork and interestingly placed rugs seen throughout the house in listing photos.


    Morena Baccarin yesterday at the 34th College Television Awards Gala

    The Homeland actress looked gorgeous in a coral dress with plunging neckline and pleated skirt at the gala event in L.A. on Apr. 25.


    Mandy Patinkin reports for duty

    Prospective jurors were astonished yesterday to see Saul Berenson of “Homeland” report for duty. Mandy Patinkin, who plays the cerebral CIA division chief and mentor to Claire Danes’ character, Carrie Mathison, on the Showtime series, showed up at the Centre Street courthouse. We’re told, “He was questioned as part of the group for a trial. But it was a little awkward because the lawyers asked him very personal questions, like where he lived, what he did for a living. He said he was an actor but didn’t say what show, but in the middle of the potential jurors being questioned, the judge said he was a ‘big fan.’ ” Patinkin didn’t get picked, which was probably a relief to every defendant coming up for trial.


    ‘Homeland’ season 3 direction hinted with David Marciano departure(RIP VIRGIL/CARRIE FRIENDSHIP!!! and lol@ this "article"..)

    Homeland has revealed the news that David Marciano will be leaving the award winning series, and is slowly dropping hints at Homeland‘s season 3 direction. Where will Homeland season 3 be heading?

    David Marciano who has been with Homeland since its pilot has been given his marching orders, after the popular character of Virgil will only be returning to Homeland on a guest-starring basis from now on according to a report with Deadline.com. Fans will not be seeing Marciano as often as they may hope, but it’s still unclear of what future role Marciano will play.

    Marciano joins Diego Klattenhoff as the second regular to disappear off the roster aside from the characters who were killed off in season 2, with most notably David Harewood and Navid Negahban.

    Deadline.com also commented on the direction of season 3 with rumours stating that Homeland season 3 could see Brody resurface in Venezuela after his last sighting seen crossing the border into Canada.(huh?? that would be insane, how would he get there??) However, this is purely speculation regarding the direction of Homeland season 3 but we can assume that the series will be taking a welcomed change.

    Rupert Friend will reportedly step up to become one of the main Homeland characters as we reported as we can assume that he will be the man responsible for bringing Brody in. And with that, we can understand that Homeland is shrinking its cast to focus more on the characters that already exist, and to give room to introduce new characters to breathe new life into the show. This was definitely the case for 24 which was also fronted by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon. The Homeland executives may not be as ruthless as The Walking Dead, but Homeland does relish in the environment of not being afraid to spring a surprise on their fans.


    BONUS! Jackson Pace (baby Brody) skating:

    156 days until September 29!

    SOURCES:brody, carrie, the wife, the bear, virgil, baby Brody

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    Carrie Underwood, Tennessee Lawmaker Spar Over 'Ag Gag' Bill


    Carrie Underwood's tweets last week in opposition of the so-called "Ag Gag" bill did not go unnoticed in the Tennessee State Capitol. In fact, one lawmaker has publicly expressed annoyance at the singer's stance.

    Both the House and Senate in Underwood's adopted home state have approved the Livestock Cruelty Prevention Act, which declares that anyone who photographs or films video of acts of animal cruelty must turn their unedited material in to police within 48 hours."What we need to do is make sure and recognize that if animals are being abused it needs to come to justice, and it needs to come to justice quickly," State Rep. Andy Holt (R-Dresden), who sponsored the bill in the House, insists to Nashville's NBC affiliate, WSMV. "And that's the intention of this bill, bar none. No matter what anybody tells you."

    But critics of the bill - including the country superstar - believe that it actually helps animal abusers get away with their crimes. The 48-hour deadline, they argue, is too short for a thorough investigation and might even prevent someone from turning in evidence, for fear of prosecution. Other arguments include the violation of First Amendment rights, along with risks the act may pose to food safety.

    "Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill. If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who's with me?" Underwood tweeted Thursday.

    When asked about that tweet, Holt had stern words for the singer. "I would say that if Carrie Underwood will stick to singing, I'll stick to lawmaking," he quipped.

    After seeing Holt on the WSMV news report, the 30-year-old animal activist took to Twitter again to voice her frustrations. "I should stick to singing? Wow...sorry, I'm just a tax paying citizen concerned for the safety of my family. #NoAgGag," Underwood posted.

    The Livestock Cruelty Prevention Act is now in Governor Haslam's hands. The Republican has not made any public indications of whether or not he will sign it into law. Similar laws have already been passed in Iowa, Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Montana and North Dakota.


    Here in New York we have BUSTER'S LAW It was named after a cat that was doused in kerosene and lit on fire in 1997 in Schenectady.

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    Great news for "Vampire Diaries" fans -- next season on The CW, you'll be getting double the drama. The network has officially picked up "The Originals," lead by Joseph Morgan as Klaus, to go to series for the 2013-2014 season.

    "As soon as we saw last night's episode of 'The Vampire Diaries,' we knew we wanted more of 'The Originals' - Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have done a fantastic job with 'The Vampire Diaries,' which is as fast-paced and well-written as ever, and Julie has created an equally compelling world for 'The Originals,'" says CW President Mark Pedowitz.

    This week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" served as a planted spinoff backdoor pilot for "The Originals," as Klaus traveled out of the usual Mystic Falls setting to lusty, sultry New Orleans, where a group of long-oppressed witches are sowing the seeds of a supernatural revolution. In a polarizing moment, he was shocked to learn that, through a "loophole of nature," the werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is carrying his child.

    Now, in order to protect his family and lay claim to the city he once founded, Klaus is infiltrating the hierarchy with the intention of overthrowing the "king" of the quarter, his old friend Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). He'll be joined by his long-suffering siblings, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt).

    Daniella Pineda plays the vengeful witch Sophie, and Leah Pipes stars as the sole human series regular, the inquisitive Camille. Danielle Campbell did not star in the backdoor pilot, but will join the series as Marcel's favorite young witch, Davina, when it begins filming this summer.


    Even with last nights plot twist I still will watch for King Elijah

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    Holy moly. Actor Jung Seok-won (Rooftop Prince and Haeundae Lovers) makes hearts race in his latest editorial for Esquire Korea by showing off his well-sculpted body (those abs! that back!). Unfortunately the 28 year old is taken – he recently announced his upcoming marriage to singer Baek Ji-young (who’s 9 years older than him!). In any case, all we can do is appreciate his good looks (and body) from afar.

    Source: here and here

    Hot Asian men appreciation post, Y/Y?

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    The CW has officially picked up freshman drama "Beauty and the Beast" and fan favorite "Hart of Dixie" to return to the network for the 2013-2014 season. They'll join the already announced "Supernatural,""Vampire Diaries," and "Arrow," as well as brand new "Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals."

    In a statement, CW President Mark Pedowitz said the network is "very excited to bring back 'Beauty And The Beast' and 'Hart of Dixie' for next season - both series continue to be creatively strong and compelling, and their fans are incredibly passionate."

    This will be the second season of "Beauty" and the third season of "Hart," both of which have proven to be strong digital performers for The CWjavascript:void(0);. With lucrative online streaming deals in place, it was expected that The CW would pick up both series.

    As for "Nikita," a cult hit that is perpetually on the bubble, and "The Carrie Diaries," a wildly underrated "Sex and the City" prequel... don't freak out! The CW says that there are still plenty of decisions left to be made before their fall schedule is announced on May 16.


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    The Knocked Up actor and his wife Lauren Miller oversaw the second annual Hilarity for Charity bash, which they set up to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association in honour of Miller's mother, who was diagnosed with the condition at the age of 55.

    Comedian Kevin Hart took to the stage for a stand-up set, during which he joked about his recent Dui arrest, but the evening took a sombre turn when Samuel L. Jackson opened up about his own mother's battle with Alzheimer's prior to her death last year.

    He told the audience, "I have the potential to be one of the people you're raising money for. It's a pretty devastating disease... but (those who have it) can also be very funny. I enjoyed her life and I'm glad I had her. You're all here and you're all going to be able to do something for a lot of people."

    The Backstreet Boys provided the musical entertainment, performing a number of their hits, and Rogen revealed his director pal Judd Apatow had promised to match up to $15,000 (£9,375) in donations from the evening.

    An email sent from Apatow to Rogen read, "If you don't donate, I will keep my money and spend it on private jets and Botox for my children. (Daughter) Maude has a wrinkle between her eyes I would like to smooth out, and Iris has some crow's feet that look terrible on 10 year olds."

    Rogen joked, "He's had a lot to drink, so I just hope this is legally binding."

    Source 1 and 2

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