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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    She's also performing at the BBMA's tomorrow and afterwards will exclusively perform her new song as an encore only for online viewers

    i can't WAIIIT to show u my @BBMAs Encore Performance!!!! u can watch it after the #BBMAs tomorrow night on #XFINITYonDemand. #CAMILAxBBMAspic.twitter.com/BrCGMZb0If

    — Camila Cabello (@Camila_Cabello) 20 May 2017

    She teased the new song at the begining of her Crying In The Club video actually

    Are you digging the future princess of pop's new tune, ONTD?

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    - Jessica Chastain will star as Ingrid Bergman in the biopic Seducing Ingrid Bergman
    - she's also producing
    - written by Arash Amel who also wrote Grace of Monaco 👀
    - her upcoming films include The Division, Painkiller Jain, and The Death and Life of John F Donavon

    source: 1

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    Lady Gaga has lost one of her closest friends.

    Longtime friend and member of Gaga's creative team, Sonja Durham, passed away from stage IV cancer. Sonja's husband took to social media to share she died "peacefully and beautifully" at home.

    Gaga wrote on instagram: "Watching one of my best friends in the world show unfathomable courage, strength, and positivity while battling cancer has really changed my life. Thank you Sonja for inspiring me and all of us everyday with your joy. I love you so much it brings tears to my eyes just to think of all the years we've spent together backstage running the show, taking care of each other. You are one of a kind. I'm so proud of you. And you and Andre, your unbreakable beautiful love is what life is all about. You can see it in this photo. Wanted to share this with the world and show them what true beauty looks like. I love you girl. I love you so much."

    Gaga's album 'Joanne' includes a bonus track titled "Grigio Girls," which was written for Sonja and the illness's impact on their friendship. Sonja has been friends with Gaga for years and has been the Haus of Gaga's executive director since 2009 before she became very ill. Sonja was also the "Greetings Himeros" voice in the beginning of Gaga's 'G.U.Y.'

    Earlier this year, Gaga helped plan and attended Sonja's wedding to Andre Dubois. In a blog post, Durham called Lady Gaga her "guardian angel," thanking her for organizing her "dream wedding" and for years of support.

    😢 RIP Sonja

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    Arriving at Las Vegas!

    Scoping out Their Seats!

    Meeting the Chainsmokers!

    BTS Fans Waiting by the Red (Magenta) Carpet!

    Meanwhile, YG is still trying to bribe his way into Western Relevance!

    giiirl should have pushed 2NE1 in America while you had the chance


    Snowberry Tae
    BMAS official TwitterBBMA 2
    Jeff Benjamin
    The Softie Suga

    ONTD are you excited to see a Kpop group at the BBMAs or are you one of the salties that are trying to downplay it but would gladly lose your shit if it were your Kpop faves in their position?


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  • 05/21/17--15:04: 2017 Cannes Megapost - Day 4

  • Today in Cannes

    Films Screening in Competition:


    Un Certain Regard:


    Out of Competition:


    ’Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)’

    'The Meyerowitz Stories'

    Red Carpet

    ’Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)' Premiere

    Berenice Bejo, The Hotness and Stacy Martin

    Gregory Gadebois, Misha Lescot, Louis Garrel, Berenice Bejo, director Michel Hazanavicius and Stacy Martin

    'The Meyerowitz Stories' Premiere

    The Cast

    Greta Gerwig

    Agnes Jaoui, Jessica Chastain, Maren Ade

    George Mckay and Anna Taylor-Joy

    Olga Kurylenko

    Andie McDowell

    Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal

    Mary J. Blige

    Laetitia Casta

    Anja Rubik

    Coco Rocha

    Sonam Kapoor


    'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' Premiere

    Nicole Kidman, John Cameron Mitchell, Elle Fanning, Alex Sharp, Neil Gaiman and guest

    Nicole Kidman

    Elle Fanning

    Actor Pyuhei Matsuda, director Kiyoshi Kurosawa from “Before We Vanish”

    South Korean actor Jeong Jin-young, South Korean actress Kim Min-hee, French actress Isabelle Huppert, South Korean director Hong Sang-soo and French director and producer Claire Denis arrive on May 21, 2017 for the screening of ‘Claire’s Camera’

    Photographer Iris van der Waard (R) and French director Claude Lanzmann (C) arrive on May 21, 2017 for the screening of the film ‘Napalm'


    'The Meyerowitz Stories' Photocall - Emma Thompson, US director Noah Baumbach, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler and Ted Sarandos

    'Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)' Photocall - Stacy Martin, Berenice Bejo

    'Redoubtable (Le Redoutable)' Photocall - Stacy Martin, Louis Garrel, Berenice Bejo, Michel Hazanavicius

    'Before We Vanish (Sanpo Soru Shinryakusha)' Photocall - Ryuhei Matsuda and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa

    'Fortunata' Photocall - Actress Jasmine Trinca, Nicole Centanni, Director Sergio Castellitto and Screenwriter Margaret Mazzantini

    'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' Photocall - Elle Fanning

    'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' Photocall - Neil Gaiman, Aj Lewis, Alex Sharp, Elle Fanning, John Cameron Mitchell and Sandy Powell

    'Claire's Camera (Keul-Le-Eo-Ui-Ka-Me-La)' Photocall - Minhee Kim, Isabelle Huppert, Hong Sangsoo

    'Napalm' Photocall - Caroline Champetier, Camille Lotteau, Francois Margolin, director Claude Lanzmann and Iris van der Waard


    Brittany Snow Opens The AmPAv

    Vanity Fair and HBO Dinner Celebrating the Cannes Film Festival

    Jessica Chastain

    Mary J. Blige

    Charlotte Gaingsburg

    Eva Longoria

    Ben Stiller, Clint Eastwood

    Vanity Fair And Chopard Party

    Will Smith, Mary J. Blige

    Tilda Swinton, Bong Joon-ho

    Caroline Scheufele, Naomi Campbell

    Arizona Muse, Petra Nemcova, Isabeli Fontana

    Kendall Jenner

    Source: Getty | Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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    source 1

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    Zayn cancelled his appearance via Twitter but more importantly, is there any one watching Billboard Music Awards ?

    source: 1
    Idgi, winners are announced upfront ?

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    Ryan Adams and Metallica both covered Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun” in tribute to Chris Cornell, who committed suicide this week at the age of 52.


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    Drop streams for your fellow ONTD'ers!

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    In the French TV show Dix pour cent [Call My Agent], the lesbian main character had sex with a man and got pregnant, which naturally angered a lot of fans. The creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) spoke about the shocking plot twist with BuzzFeed France.

    The main character of the France 2′s TV show Dix pour cent, the second season of which just finished airing, is a breath of fresh air. Andréa is multidimensional, charismatic, stylish, outspoken, beautiful, caring, badass, funny and ... openly lesbian. A lesbian main character on a prime time TV show on a big national channel is something completely new for France.

    Andréa played by Camille Cottin

    In the third episode of the second season, Andréa is competing with her boss, Hicham, to seduce a model. During a party at a castle, Hicham ends up winning the game and leads the model to his room. Not to be outdone, Andréa decides to join them. "You didn't think you'd have her all to yourself?!" she asks. Andréa and Hicham immediately forget about the pretty blonde, kiss passionately and roll on the bed.

    @RomainBurrel: It sucks to see one of the few and best lesbian characters sleep with a guy... #DixPourCent


    @keedz75: #DixPourCent Of course the gay character can't be happy being a lesbian and must prop up heterosexual fantasy by becoming bi

    In an interiew with Buzzfeed, Fanny Herrero, the creator of the show, said: "I received a few harsh remarks. There are gay women who took it badly. I can understand it because it's quite rare to have a lesbian main character on TV, so we shouldn't make her sleep with a guy, I get it. The attitude towards sex is quite free in Dix pour cent, there's a freedom of tone, I thought that freedom of tone was enough and that it would let us play with the codes."

    Fanny Herrero pointed out that while she was straight, there were two gay women on the writing team.

    "Maybe I was too thoughtless. At that point, we did not realize that it could be hurtful. Maybe we should have been more careful, but we write characters, we do not write for an agenda. From a writing point of view, we have a chessboard of characters that we bring to life and sometimes we exaggerate a little bit for dramatic effect. Maybe we will push the characters faster to places where, in real life, they wouldn't go, where it would take more time to get."

    1 lesbian character out of 1000 and even she has to sleep with a guy. How original.
    Some homophobes harass lesbian women and are convinced that they can convert them. Thanks for perpetuating that cliché.

    Dix pour cent joins a long list of films and TV shows where a character who is clearly introduced as a lesbian soon ends up having sex with a man (e.g. Chasing Amy, The Kids Are All Right, French Gazon Maudit, Queer as Folk, American Skins, Netflix show Dear White People). (Some more examples here.) Similar plot twist applies to gay men as well (see, The Wedding Banquet, Toute Première Fois, Girls, French television series Clara Sheller). And we could go on and on...

    A scene from Chasing Amy (1997)

    This kind of storyline is often criticised as an overused trope. With this trope, the screenwriters also contribute to the invisibility of bisexual people. The idea that one must be either gay or straight is an example of casual biphobia.

    Of course, we could argue that, in real life, these kinds of stories can actually happen. It is possible that a person identifies as "gay" or "lesbian," because they think it's the label that represents their identity the best, but one night they might have sex with someone of the opposite gender. It's not about banishing such stories from our screens. But we should question their popularity: why do these stories appear so often in fiction? Why are gay people above all seen as hypersexual beings with wild sex lives? Why don't we see any straight male characters occasionally sleeping with other men?

    Above all, this trope is so annoying to the viewers because it also echoes the same old homophobic refrain we keep hearing all the time: "You'll find the right man/woman,""But how can you be so sure that you're not straight? Did you experiment at least?", "It's only a phase." Moreover, according to some people, a sexual relationship between two women can't be considered "real" sex, so they will eventually end up sleeping with a man at some point. If you Google "lesbian," you'll soon stumble upon many porn scenes where people of the opposite gender make an appearance. So annoying dudes think it's a good idea to try their luck…

    According to Fanny Herrero, "Andréa is gay but she's free enough to have a one-night-stand with a man and not have a problem with it, because she is confident in her sexuality and self-fulfilled enough to not ask herself questions. Right from the start, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and unfettered libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that."

    On Andréa's pregnancy: "I wanted to confront Andréa with this question, because she is more rough in her attitude towards motherhood. I wanted to paint a portrait of a woman who becomes a mother differently from what we usually see, I wanted her to be upset by this pregnancy." Andréa would've never agreed to become pregnant on her own volition, so it had to happen in a threesome. On the dubious upside, Andréa's ex-girlfriend Colette comes back because she sees how lost Andréa is in that situation. "I found that interesting to tell myself what the viewers would think: 'no she's not going to sleep with a man, we want her to go back with Colette'," says Fanny Herrero. "I like causing this kind of emotion."

    Andréa with Colette

    Sources: BuzzFeedYTTwitter 12345

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    edit: this happened as well, which makes me think that it's just a roundtable reunion

    sources 1234

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    -It is rumored that Jade is in the running for Princess Jasmine in Disneys live action adaption of Aladdin

    -Has allegedly has had emotional discussions with Little Mix about the bands future if she does get the role with everyone being supportive
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Do you approve of this possible casting? Who should play Aladdin?

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    - new promo shots released (go to the source to see, I'm not trying to get my account suspended)
    - this is written and produced by Canadian queen Sarah Polley, stars Anna Paquin
    - show is about an Irish immigrant accused of murdering her boss in 18th-century Upper Canada (Southern Ontario)
    - Coming to Netflix September of this year

    - tl;dr we should stop projecting so much about how Handmaid's Tale seems so close to reality, while aspects of it are reality for other women and we mostly ignore that.

    SOURCE 1 (Salon), Source 2 (also Salon)

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    Shadow's emotional reunion with his dead and unfaithful wife is interrupted when he and Mr. Wednesday are kidnapped by the New Gods.

    Stars Mousa Kraish and Omid Abtahi join Bryan Fuller to discuss Episode 3, "Head Full of Snow" with EW's Marc Snetiker and Orlando Jones.

    - Mousa originally auditioned as Salim for months until they asked him to try for Jinn
    - When shown the penis for Jinn, Mousa's reaction was that it was perfect but to make it browner (cue dap from Orlando to Mousa)
    - Omid discusses how easy it was doing the scene due to knowing Mousa for so long, and that this was not his first gay sex scene (check out this gifset from his scene with Michael Rady on Sleeper Cell : http://romy7.tumblr.com/post/77433353152/michael-rady-omid-abtahi-in-sleeper-cell Thanks to hypertwink for sharing this with me!) He was very happy with the result because of how beautiful it came out to be
    - Orlando Jones ships these two as his main ship for the show ♥
    - Fuller wants this to be a genuine relationship throughout the series, so we will see them again and more "We want everybody to root for Salim and Jinn"
    - Mousa discusses the idea of multiple Jinn in NY and their rarity : "Jinns are pre-Islamic, they were worshiped at one point"
    - Having the opening scene between Anubis and Mrs. Fadil was a happy accident pairing it up with the Salim-Jinn storyline for the episode. That opening was originally intended for the pilot.

    Pablo Schreiber, who plays Mad Sweeney on Starz' American Gods, talks Neil Gaiman, that time Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon) beat him up, leprechauns and why he loves the show! This interview has a bit of spoilers for tonight's ep as well as plans for his character's expanded role, so be careful if you're avoiding spoilers =)

    - He was not familiar with Gaiman's work nor the book until after he got the part
    - The show expands his role from the book and has his story paired up with Laura Moon whose role is also expanded in the series!
    - "He will spend most of the season chasing after her to get his coin back" a parallel roadtrip from Shadow and Wednesday's story

    American Gods' Pablo Schreiber, who plays Mad Sweeney, answers our incredibly important questions about the Lucky Charms leprechaun, what role he loves most and Porn Stache.

    - Plays Frak, Marry, Kill with Mad Sweeney, Leprechaun from the horror movie franchise, and Lucky from the Lucky Charms cereal
    - Reveals that his favorite role is Nick Sobotka from The Wire because of how proud he was to be a part of that series
    - And what he'd do to people who haven't seen The Wire? "Slap 'em."
    - Prefers Sweeney's facial hair compared to Pornstache's "Pornstache it's all isolated, y'know, right there on the lip. One little caterpillar thing."
    - He is a huge theater guy and if given a choice between TV, film, and theater, he'd choose plays
    - Discusses Ricky's attempts at pranking him and others on set, but they don't compare to Orlando's superior skills
    - Ricky plastered Pablo's trailer with tons of Ricky's headshots, then was told later that he needed them back to do the same with Kristin Chenoweth "He repurposed the prank?""I didn't even get to keep the headshots!"

    Love this guy =) Always enjoyed seeing his interviews. I would have loved to have seen Sean Harris in the role, but I'm super thankful that Pablo got to portray Mad Sweeney.


    Great episode! Especially nice getting to explore more of Laura and her life and death. Loving Emily in this role =) Thoughts on tonight's episode, "Git Gone"?

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  • 05/21/17--19:31: The Leftovers 3x07 Promo



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  • 05/21/17--19:47: Salma Hayek has pink hair

  • Hayek attended the Kering and Cannes Festival Official Dinner where she posed with other celebs and showed off her candy pink hair!


    ONTD what colour is your hair?

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  • 05/21/17--20:03: Veep 6x07 "Blurb" Promo

  • Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) tries to finish her book. Selina and her staff prepare for her portrait-unveiling ceremony, while Jonah (Timothy Simons) tries to weasel his way onto the guest list. Dan (Reid Scott) works on his onscreen-chemistry problem.


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    are you proud of your girl ontd??

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