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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    *Streaming now on Netflix, Titus brings his own visual album to season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, including a riff on Beyonce's "Hold Up"


    How about a Season 3 discussion thread! Did Titus top Pino Noir with his Lemonade-ing?

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    Pippa Middleton and James Matthews leave after getting married at the wedding Of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark's Church on May 20, 2017 in Englefield Green, England.


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    Might be spoilery. Or not.

    1. Diana trains with General Antiope (Robin Wright) in Themyscira.
    2. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) gets compelled to tell the truth.
    3. Diana attempts to use a revolving door (ft. Etta Candy).
    4-6. Fight scenes.
    7. Diana argues with Steve.

    B-roll / Behind-the-scenes / Bloopers:


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    - FAUXTUS is on a trip to the Middle East and the Vatican with Malaria, Jare-Jare Binks, and Voldemort. FAUXTUS hopes to create peace + will be giving a speech on Islam. He tried to also have Muslim refugees banned from entering the country. While he was in the air, two huge stories were dropped by the NYT and WaPo. CNN tried to join in on the party as well.
    - Pence claims to be in the dark about everything going on in the White House and with Flynn even though he was head of the transition team. Democrats also warned Pence about Flynn back in November but Pence is claiming that he suddenly can't read.

    Patti Lupone, Broadway legend, sounds off on FAUXTUS and the country.

    sources: 12345678

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    - joseph kahn drags katy perry's new song swish swish ft. nicki minaj
    - he directed the snake's bad blood, out of the woods, wildest dreams and blank space
    - taylor‘s friends are already sticking up for her after the release of the song. read what ruby rose wrote on twitter while slamming katy‘s music

    source / source2 / source3

    do you think "swish swish" is about taylor swift?

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    Wynonna Earp season 2 premieres June 9th at 10/9C

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    The race took place last weekend (May 14, 2017)
    The 13 km race course was held in Jersey, Channel Islands
    Participants of over 500 people, from 17 different countries took part in the Durrell Challenge
    Money raised will go to the Jersey Zoo; Henry is an ambassador for the zoo.

    And they're off!

    Henry with his brothers Charlie and Nick.

    Henry, his brothers and a few fans

    Henry post-race pretty face


    Henry post-race with fans

    Ploughshare tortise and its biggest fan - this poor thing and its species are endangered and may go extinct in two years. Learn more here.


    Bonus Henry talking about gaining his confidence

    Another pic of his beauty :(

    Sources:x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x,

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    In Shonda’s first newsletter, she address why she decided to end Scandal. She said that she didn’t want her shows to go on and on and have people asking when will it end. Ending Scandal is a scary change for her.

    Season finale discussion?


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    Call the Midwife stars Bryony Hannah, Emerald Fennell and Kate Lamb won't be returning for series seven.  A spokesperson for the hit drama confirms that all three actors have quit the BBC1 show.

    Fennell and Lamb played nurses (and lesbian lovers) Patsy Mount and Delia Busby while Hannah has starred as nun Cynthia Miller since series one aired in 2012.

    Emerald Fennell had this to say on her Twitter.

    Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Black Mirror actress Leonie Elliott had been cast as Nurse Lucille Anderson, who will become the first West Indian midwife to feature as a regular character in the BBC drama.

    Her story will introduce viewers to the experiences of Caribbean nurses who came over to England in the 1960s to work in the growing NHS.

    Executive producer Pippa Harris said: “We can’t wait to introduce the audience to our new midwife, Lucille, played by the hugely talented and captivating Leonie Elliott. From her first audition, Leonie managed to embody the essence of this elegant, intelligent, witty character who Heidi Thomas has created with her customary skill.

    Filming has already begun for the 2017 Christmas special (guest starring Anita Dobson), which will be followed by a new series of eight episodes next year. There will be a white Christmas in Poplar as the festive special sees our Call the Midwife favourites dealing with a thick blanket of snow and the coldest winter in 300 years. This is 1963, when temperatures plunged and brought the country to a standstill.

    Series seven will also include:

    -tokophobia (fear of pregnancy)
    -Huntingdon's Chorea
    -Asian child bride

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

    ONTD, how bummed are you that flawless lesbian queen Patsy Mount will no longer be gracing your screens?

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    Everyone's favorite bar mitzvah boy and drunk uncle are leaving Saturday Night Live. Tonight will be their final appearance. Bobby has been on the sketch comedy show for 9 seasons while Vanessa has been on for 7.

    The season finale will be hosted by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with musical guest Katy Perry


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  • 05/20/17--13:27: NBc renews "Trial & Error"

  • NBC has renewed the comedy for a 10-episode 2nd season.

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    * has to pay her ex $31,250 per month in spousal support over the next four years.
    * in addition to a lump sum payment of $500,000.
    * it comes to a grand total of $2 million.
    * the former couple will split their joint assets down the middle.
    * The couple was married in 1992, separated in January 2015.
    * Tietjens filed for divorce in 2016.


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    - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales screenwriter Terry Rossio claimed that Depp rejected an earlier version of his script because it had a female villain.

    - He wrote, "My [early] version was set aside because it featured a female villain, and Johnny Depp was worried that would be redundant to Dark Shadows, which also featured a female villain."

    - He also added, "Usually when I go back to read a screenplay that wasn't produced, it holds up, often better than the film that was eventually produced. Sometimes it just takes a single decision by a single person, often just a whim, to destroy years of story creation and world-building."

    - Javier Bardem and Geoffrey Rush are now the villains in the upcoming movie.


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    Source: 12345

    I'm really worried😓

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    After it was announced that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was no longer under investigation for rape, M.I.A. said he should be thanked and that he will speak at her upcoming festival, Meltdown.

    Her caption:
    These times they are changing hear Julian speak at #MELTDOWN2017😁

    Every time I ve seen Assange I've asked him why he doesn't design an app for apple or sell out humanity and their data and rape them for all their money to be a rich and respected corporate humanity rapists . I mean he's as smart as any of the sili"con" valley respected celebrated humans. The "call of duty" guy or the guy installing gps systems into drones that's killed thousands of innocent people. Why not cash in ur intellect as most of us do? That type of collective social rape is ok. The porn images or fucked up weird shit my kid has popping up on YouTube every time he searches lego on the internet or constant peddling out of images and messages that say it's ok to be rampant fuck boys and girls , in this is modern society. system that perpetuates over sexualisation of women in the name of freedom wants to bomb countries where women cover up and killed how many women and children- Hilary and condoleezza rice joined forces to represent women and said the war in Iraq was to liberate women so they didn't have to cover up!!!! . Lets not ask questions about that because that's normal but dismiss everything this guy did because it hasn't occurred to you that we are not in the 60s and 70s where they just kill you like Malcom x or JFK , they just "slander" or "frame" you mostly use sex or drugs or money to do it, and sadly thats enough because humanity has become that complacent and is rapidly loosing critical thinking faculties. ‬ by now if you haven't be slandered and framed when you've hit the dollars 💵 or social reach it means your probably working for the system. Grab that pussy is a symptom of your broken system that was allowed to grow without question.
    He helped You to see hypocrisy you should thank him and fast fix your system not hide him or the cracks he exposed.

    SOURCES: 1 and 2

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    As 45 travels for his first official international visit, NY Times drops a bombshell. 45 told the Russian officials who visited the White House after the firing of ex-FBI Director James Comey that it had relieved him of "great pressure." The following are notes taken during the meeting.

    What 45 said to the Russians:

    “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job. faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off. I’m not under investigation.”

    SOURCE:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    - It was a Louis Vuitton show in Japan
    - She was told to drink only water 24 hours before her next fitting
    - Ended up being dropped by the agent

    I just returned from Tokyo/Japan, where Louis Vuitton held a beautiful cruise show in Kyoto, I just never made it to Kyoto cause I was canceled for the show due to being ‘too big’. (I’m a size 34-36)

    Ashley Brokaw’s caster Alexia had said that there had been some problems during the fitting. According to her I had “a very bloated stomach”, “bloated face”, and urged me to starve myself with this statement “Ulrikke needs to drink only water for the next 24 hours”. I was shocked when I heard it.

    I woke up at 2am and was extremely hungry. The breakfast started at 6:30am – I had the absolute minimum. I was afraid to meet Alexia so my luck she didn’t arrive until 8am, when my plate was taken off the table. She said good morning to me and the other girls and looked at me, then down on my non-existent plate and up at me again. She was checking if I had been eating food.

    At 7pm my mother agent from Denmark called my to tell the sad news that Louis Vuitton had chosen to cancel me from the show without the refitting and that I was going to be sent back home. Not only did I have a belly, my face was puffy now also my back was a problem.

    I am glad I’m 20 years old with an elite sports background and not a 15 year old girl, who are new to this and unsure about herself, because I have no doubt that I would then have ended up very sick and scarred long into my adult life. TO READ THE FULL STORY CLICK IN MY BIO!!!!!!! #LVCruise2018#mistreatmentofmodels#AshleyBrokaw#thefutureisfemale#sowhyeatingdisorders#youknowitstrue#shareifyoucare#jamespscully


    good for her for speaking out about it.

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    'Strangers' is a love song between two women and is described as outrageously good". The duet is a strong contender to become a single for Halsey upcoming album "Hopeles Fountain Kingdom"

    sources 123

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    - Orlando says the man he knows and loves is the man who's there tonight, and that Johnny does everything the right way

    - People go through all kinds of weird stuff and it's a shame it has to be dragged out in public because Johnny is one of the most private and stand-up people Orlando has ever met

    - Jerry Bruckheimer, the POTC producer, also defended Depp and said he's a fabulous guy who's excited to be there


    Oh, men.

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