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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Trumplethinskin complained on Twitter this morning that this is the biglyist witch hunt ever in history (hey, remember when we only pretended to burn people at the stake? lols good times!). Then he whined that Hillary and Actual Grown Up President Obama never had a special 'councel' investigate them, for which the internet promptly dragged his incorrect spelling (the tweet was deleted and retweeted with correct spelling).

    In other news from the New York Times, actual giant James Comey, who is 6'8, tried to hide in the curtains (VIDEO) from Trampolini at a ceremony but alas he was spotted. In addition to the dinner where Trumpkin asked for Comey's loyalty, and the meeting when he asked Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, he received 3 phone calls with PEEOTUS asking him to publicly say that Drumpf wasn't under investigation. Comey also received a similar call from Reince Prebus.

    Also House investigators get access to US Treasury data that could reveal possible Trump-Russia connections. AND Tiny Hands is still talking to Mike Flynn and wants him back in the White House.

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    The media embargo for Wonder Woman is still in effect but reviews should surface soon. In the mean time WB allowed those who've currently seen Wonder Woman post their reactions on Twitter.



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    2paynez shakur recently did an interview with the bizarre life podcast in which he was asked to share his thoughts on things like marriage with baby moms cheryl, the musical output of fellow band-mates harry and niall, and on the possibility of zayn reuniting with the band:

    despite being in the band together for five years, bear payne's father is apparently unable to remember the consistent and perpetual racism and islamophobia (and now ableism) that zayn experienced at the hands of fans and non-fans alike during his entire tenure in 1d.

    payne thugs 'n harmony also wanted to make sure we knew that everything we've seen of his recent style/chain-wear is 100% him:

    src one | src two | src three

    have you ever suggested to your friends that having a good time is enough to cure their mental illnesses and experiences with bigotry, ontd?

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    The actress — who made her final appearance as a series regular in Thursday’s Season 13 finale asked to be released from her contract after landing a starring role in Alan Ball’s new HBO drama series Here, Now. And series creator Shonda Rhimes approved the request.

    Even though it ended in a friendly manner, when asked about coming back in the future, Jerrika believes it would be very difficult for Stephanie to practice medicine again in the way that she had become accustomed to.

    Source 2.

    Are you sad to see [Spoiler] leave, ONTD? Because I am :(
    What did you think of the finale?

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    SUMMARY: "In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, 1987, a 6000 ton cargo train made its regular night run to Little Rock, Arkansas. The train was just over a mile long and was traveling at a speed of 52 miles per hour. As the train drew closer, the train engineer made the horrifying discovery that two teenage boys, Don Henry and Kevin Ives, were lying motionless across the railroad tracks. Despite the engineer’s frantic emergency stop, the weight of the heavy cargo train carried it for a full half-mile.

    The state medical examiner said the boys had been under the influence of marijuana and he ruled the deaths accidental. Don and Kevin’s parents, however, could not accept that ruling."

    CASE STATUS: Unsolved. Because the parents never gave up trying to find out what happened, they later discovered that Don had been stabbed and killed and that Kevin had been unconscious before the train hit them; however, the boys' killer is still unknown.

    “I’ve never run across anything as eerie as this tape. It frightened me. As a matter of fact, I thought about it that night when I went to bed.”
    SUMMARY: "On August 15, 1989, an overheated car pulled to the side of a road in Stockton, California. The owner was a man we’ll call Joseph Villa. Joseph inspected the damage while his wife and son looked on. He decided that he and his son should walk to the nearest phone. On the way, they noticed a camouflage jacket on the ground. Inside a pocket was an unlabeled videotape.

    Joseph and his son decided to take the video home and watch it. The video was of a house on fire."

    CASE STATUS: Solved, thanks to the episode. Two minors were charged; one served time at juvenile hall and the other was committed.

    SOURCES:Twitter; Case summaries pulled from: [1]; [2]

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  • 05/18/17--20:24: Grey's Anatomy finale recap

  • Owen and Amelia left to see "Megan" as she couldn't land on the hospital helipad because of the fire.
    Meredith told Riggs that Megan was alive. He was in utter disbelief and ecstatic but apologized to her for what this means for them. Mer said it's OK and told him to go to her.
    Minnick got fired by Bailey because she would rather follow protocol then look for Edwards and the missing girl and save their lives.
    Alex came back on told Mer he didn't confront Jo's husband and the trip was a waste (what was even the point?)
    After Maggie confronted Jackson Jackson for going in a burning building to look for Edwards, in front of April, April realized that the two had feelings for each other and gave Maggie her blessing. (ew, aren't they technically siblings?)
    Steph was able to escape the fire with the little girl but suffered a lot of burns. She later quit her job because she wants to live for self.
    The episode ends with Amelia and Owen looking at "Megan" being taken out of a helicopter onto a gurney


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    source: KatyPerryVEVO

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    Liam Payne just dropped his highly anticipated bop Strip That Down (feat. Quavo).

    Sources: @SPIN. YouTube.

    Summer can now officially begin! Did anyone even make music before tonight?

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    Source: Twitter

    I'm pretty sure all of Nick's shows are flopping right now, so they should create a movie or special for a Victorious finale since the creator and cast are all up for it

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    Do you cry in the club, ONTD

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    Remember that slightly classy, Bowie or Patrick Nagel inspired cover art for KP's upcoming album witness? Don't worry, that won't be the album cover!

    Here is the actual album cover:

    Various newssites have reported this as the actual album cover, and it is posted as the cover on Amazon. It's fitting that there are so many conflicting reports on the cover of this album, as Katy is clearly drowning in her own lack of identity this album cycle.


    What music are you actually listening to and enjoying right now, ONTD? I'm very fond of Baynk right now.

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  • 05/18/17--21:49: Rihanna at Chopard dinner

  • Rihanna at the Chopard x Rihanna event at Cannes Film Festival

    Julianne Moore

    Winnie Harlow

    Aidan Turner

    source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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    source / source / source / source / source / source

    This is the video in which the AAA Girls will make a guest appearance.

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    courtneyact: MY LIL'POUNDCAKE DOLL JUST ARRIVED!!! It's the greatest thing ever! @theonlyalaska5000 is a genius! This is way better than the Lisa Lionheart doll!

    willam: I hope Lil P here is a future generation's Chucky. Go get em, girl. Available now. Go look on @theonlyalaska5000's page.

    source / source / source / source / source

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  • 05/19/17--08:12: New Music Post

  • source123456

    ONTD, what music are you enjoying atm?

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    Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Paula Faris and Mark Cuban
    Today's 🔥 topics:
    It's Guy Friday and Mark Cuban is the guest host. Cuban thinks 45 is an idiot. We know Cuban. Cuban lays the smack down on how 45 has no self-awareness or contextual awareness. The panel comments on the mental health of 45. They transition to the upcoming international tour of 45 and how he might mispronounce names of the head of states he will meet.

    They delve into Mark Cuban possibly running for President. He says no. They then talk about The Rock for possibly running for president again. It lead to a conversation about Joe Biden considering running. However, they all worry about age in terms of Biden.

    SOURCE:1, 2, 3

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  • 05/19/17--09:32: ONTD Roundup
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    - The cast look back at the experience that was filming in Sao Paulo during Pride.
    - In case you didn't know, Sense8 is probably the most sexually and racially diverse show there is.
    - During Pride, one of their characters -a closeted mexican actor- came out and introduced his partner to the crowd in what's probably the most gorgeous and colorful scene on TV.

    source: 1, 2


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