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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    • Zac will star in the indie, Nicholl Fellowship and 2012 Blacklist-winning drama Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Apparently the script is solid, at one point Jodie Foster was attached to direct. Filming begins in October.

    • The movie will cover the dysfunctional relationship between Bundy and his longtime girlfriend Liz Kendall. The film will be from Liz's POV.

    • Zac is trying for that serious actor gold again. The film is supposed to be similar to Nightcrawler.


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    ABC has renewed the show for a 13-episode 3rd season.

    source: https://twitter.com/Snoodit/status/86428049196446105

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    • The story is about an island leader, Medal of Merit and Purple Heart recipient 'Benehakaka 'Ben' Kanahele' who is not white

    • Zach McGowan of Shameless, Black Sails and the 100 was cast

    • It plays into the white saviour trope and is especially terrible because these sorts of historical moments are rarely known or seen at all

    • The story goes, Ben saves the life of a japanese pilot after the plane crashed on Ni'ihau. Only to discover that the pilot had taken part in the Pearl Harbour bombing

    • The Japanese pilot gathered the help of 3 locals of Japanese descent and tried to escape, Ben and his wife 'Ella' killed him

    • Both the director and producer gave statements that were oblivious to the situation “there is a weight to be shouldered, and the material requires the utmost care and authenticity.”

    • The script was criticised as lacking in authenticity, atrocious in tone and setting. It was also misinformed about the connection between the incident and Japanese internment

    • The deadline article says that the incident was one that led President FDR to issue the mass internment of Japanese-Americans. This is a lie.

    • The article puts up a damaging narrative that discounts decades upon decades of anti-asian racism and discrimation that influenced FDR, governors, congrss and local govenemtns

    • The act is not only disrespectul towards 'Ben', its dangerous to re-write history that erases native Hawaiians from their own history by misrepresentation of real people


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  • 05/15/17--19:19: Who went home on DWTS? 24x09

  • David and Lindsay

    Simone and Sasha

    Simone and Sasha

    Me & my TV
    Pictures from DWTS Facebook Page

    All the dances can be viewed here

    So weird to see Forest, VA on national TV...my area usually never gets any non-religious attention. BULLSHIT RESULTS, David should have gone home

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    Reince Preibus

    John Cornyn

    Trey Gowdy

    Ted Cruz

    Marco Rubio

    Rand Paul

    Chris Christie

    Steve Scalise

    Mike Rogers

    Darrell Issa

    Lindsey Graham

    Sean Spicer

    Source: 123

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    So disappointed in them wasting Timothy Omundson like that :(

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    Based on L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables the CBC & Netflix bring you a new dark and gritty adaptation of the story. Sort of a feminist focused rewrite that shows more realistically what life would really have been like for an orphan. It's written by Emmy winning writer & producer Moira Walley-Beckett (Breaking Bad) and stars Amybeth McNulty as Anne.


    Finished all of it, I like the added realism, but it'll never beat the the 80s version.

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    Jimmy tries to settle debts; Nacho reunites with an acquaintance; Mike helps Stacey with a project and makes a connection.

    Jimmy races to change clothes in time for an important meeting


    Stevia anyone?

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    the ontd fave also sent fans direct messages on twitter with pieces of the cover art. it's not complete because she's a real artist..

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

    are you ready for karlageddon??

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  • 05/15/17--20:39: Lorde Covers Rolling Stone

  • On Living Up to Pure Heroine
    •Author points out how Lorde invented a sound that changed the pop landscape in 2013, and now, shades of "Lorde" are everywhere in new artists which makes her sophomore album more difficult to create
    •Says she had a freakout one night after not feeling inspired and thinking she wouldn't be able to create an album as good as Pure Heroine, and Jack Antonoff(her producer) sent her home from the studio. A month later, she broke up with her boyfriend which inspired her creatively.
    •Admits she no longer listens to Pure Heroine as it feels like being a kid, whereas Melodrama feels like being a young woman

    On Melodrama
    •Jack says that it was a hard album to make because she's able to notice if you change a breath on a vocal take and she either likes it or hates it. Admits it is a meticulous process with her, and this particular album was an intense journey. But, he thinks that's what it had to be.
    •Says she obviously wants people to like the music, but doesn't want to feel like she needs to push the culture forward musically like artists like Drake do
    •Says the album isn't a breakup album exactly, but one about the moments that come next, specifically "the party where you have the freedom to cry alone in the bathroom or to explore the contours of someone new."

    Read more here.

    Source 12

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    • The film was set to release in October 2018 but was pushed back to December

    • Ludi will play Murk, leader of the frontline army 'Men-o-War', he is also Aquaman's most trusted ally

    • The film co-stars Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson and Willem Dafoe

    • This role represents Ludi's first major casting since the 'Power Rangers' movie


    Ty mod for providing the tweet!

    I wanna do dirty things to him tbh!

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    • Liam says that he wanted a more traditional name, while Cheryl wanted a name that was more unusual

    • Cheryl chose the name Bear Payne (apparently Liam also confirmed to fans that his middle name is Grey) because it's a name you don't forget when you leave the room

    • Liam didn't like the name at first and said he wasn't really sure or understanding it

    • Now Liam sees him as Bear because "you become your name as you get older anyway"

    • Liam also says that Cheryl has been his dream girl since he was younger (*throwing up*)

    Source: Twitter
    I'm shocked. I thought Liam came up with the name since he is so dumb, but it was actually Cheryl. He should have fought harder for a different name. Poor Bear.

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    - pop icon rita ora has commissioned a portrait of herself to auction and raise money for one of uk’s largest organisations — breast cancer now
    - the artwork is likely to be sold for more than $25,778, to honour her mother vera, who has survived the disease
    - " i’ve always wanted to do something unusual to raise money for a breast cancer charity. i want to honour my mum and contribute to funding vital research into this terrible disease. art has always been a passion of mine and something which i love to appreciate in my spare time. the idea of using art to raise money for a cause and charity that is close to my heart came very naturally."
    - rita's new single ‘your song’ is coming on 26th may


    do you own a painting of mona lisa rita ora??

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    - (Starts at 01:40) When asked if she thought Justice League would be better than The Avengers, Diane Lane answered 'No. Short but honest... i hate to dissapoint'.
    - Diane reprises her role as Martha Kent in Justice League.


    LMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Give them the hard cold truth Martha Kent!!!

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    - Started filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians at 9 years old
    - Feels "constantly pressured" to keep up with her image and to not let anyone down
    - Can't do this forever
    - "This isn't Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is like a therapy session."


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    Archer and Trexler try to escape a rampaging Dutch by telling the world's worst knock-knock joke.

    Source: [1]

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    Albert Hammond Jr.:

    "Ryan would always come and wake me at two in the morning and have drugs, so I’d just do the drugs and kind of numb out. I knew I would shoot up drugs from a very young age. I’d been wanting to do heroin since I was 14 years old."

    "I remember Julian threatening to beat Ryan [Adams] up if he hung out with me, as a protective thing. He’d heard that Ryan would come and give me heroin, so he was just like, “If you come to my apartment again with heroin, I’m going to kick your ass.” I hadn’t really been doing it in baggie form until Ryan showed up. He was definitely a bad influence."

    Ryan Adams denies it

    Julian Casablancas kinda confirms it

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