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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - Melissa McCarthy is reprising her role as Sean Spicer, the real life Mike McClintock, on SNL this Saturday.

    - She was shown on the streets driving towards the studio with her podium and already dressed as Spicey.


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  • 05/12/17--06:54: NBC cancelles POWERLESS
  • The last two episodes stil haven't aired.


    It wasn't very popular (obviously) but it was the only live action show I watched.

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    - Rowling penned the short, unnamed HP prequel on a double-sided notecard for charity.
    - It was stolen from the buyer.
    - Rowling urges fans not to purchase the stolen copy.
    - The scribbles are said to be extremely valuable.


    What do you want in a prequel? Do you want a prequel?

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    Channing was given the opportunity to pen the editor's note in the most recent issue of Cosmo. He decided to dedicate it to his daughter.

    I thought about my daughter reading this article some day. I pictured her in her late teens or early 20s, hoping to explore and discover her sexuality and dreaming about finding true love. I tried to imagine the things I’d want her to read that would help her understand men and sex and partnership better, and at that moment, I realised a strange thing. I don’t want her looking to the outside world for answers. My highest hope for her is just that she has the fearlessness to always be her authentic self, no matter what she thinks men want her to be.

    I thought about when I first met Jenna. I knew our connection was really powerful, but I wasn’t sure what our relationship was going to be. Then one day, Jenna just blurted out that she knew exactly what she wanted in life and she didn’t have to look for it anymore because it was me. She had no idea what I’d say or how I’d react, but that was her truth. I remember feeling this incredible rush – it was the sexiest thing she’d ever done for me. I felt strength, because in that moment, she had accepted every part of me, the good and the bad. And I knew she wasn’t auditioning me or hoping I’d meet some set of expectations. That radical authenticity of hers was what made me fall head over heels in love. Before I experienced it, I wouldn’t have known how to ask for it. Now I know it’s what I was always craving.

    That’s what I want for my daughter – to be expectation-less with her love and not allow preconceived standards to affect her, to ask herself what she wants and feel empowered enough to act on it. We all know that every one of us is different and has a unique road map to our heart. We learn how to navigate it by leaping into love with both feet and giving our full selves without expecting anything in return. So I guess if there’s one thing that I think men wish women knew, it’s just that they alone are enough. When more women start to truly feel this power in themselves, the world will become so magical, it makes my head hurt.

    We live in a society that has trained men and women to play certain kinds of roles for a long time, and the beauty of this amazing moment we’re living in is that we’re finally starting to break free from those roles. Women, especially, are realising that they no longer have to conform to certain standards of social and sexual behaviour, and this changes what they need from men and the role of men in general. I want women to feel what it’s like to exist in a world where men really listen to them, where they treat them like goddesses.


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    Trigger warning: rape

    * Found guilty of aggravated and forcible rape

    * Took place over the course of 20 years

    * Oldest victim was 12-13 in the 90's when it happened, other victim was 12 when she was raped in 2014


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    Source: youtube

    for those who haven't heard the studio version of this bop:

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    Frankie Grande has shared the cover art for his upcoming single "Queen." The 4-minute-and-52-seconds long song will be released on 5/18 and it is already available for preorder on iTunes for just 99 cents.

    In a blog post, Frankie shared the cover art as well as multiple definitions of the word "queen," including "a male homosexual, typically one regarded as ostentatiously effeminate" and "a fierce song by Frankie Grande that you should pre-order on iTunes right now." Frankie's sister has not yet promoted the single on her socials.

    Source: Twitter

    Are you ready for a new queen to reign supreme?

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    Is Zara Larsson unemployed after this?

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    When asked in an interview if any of Brexit, Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump made it into his music, Styles confirmed that his single was commenting on 'things happening around the world' he continued, "For example, 'Sign of the Times' for me, it's looking at several different things. That's me commenting on different things."
    When the interviewer pressed about what kind of things he commenting on, while Styles refused to get specific he did say it was about what the interviewer mentioned before; Brexit, Black Lives Matter and Trump - "Everything you were talking about -- just the state of the world at the moment," he said. "It's very much me looking at that."
    He went on to say that there are a lot of bad things happening in the world but people were also doing some amazing things - whether it's Trump or BLM he thinks is the bad thing, he did not specify

    Do you comment on the state of the the world ontd? What about the stuff and things happening?

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    From their 2017 album 'Crack Up'
    love the witch vibes

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    Yesterday punk band PWR BTTM released a statement addressing allegations of abuse + sexual harassment of gay women by lead singer Ben Hopkins that had begun to circulate among DIY and LGBT internet communities.
    In the statement PWR BTTM say they have set up an email address in which any person who says they are a victim of abuse by Hopkins can register their allegation, at which point it will be handled by a “mediator” that the band is still currently seeking.

    The allegations began to surface Wednesday and Thursday morning, via a tweet that reproduced a post in a private Facebook group called DIY Chicago. It alleges that Hopkins has in recent months “initiate[d] inappropriate sexual contact with people despite several ‘nos’ and without warning or consent,”. More anonymized accusations of abuse were later released.

    Today openers T-Rextasy dropped out of PWR BTTM's tour as they 'no longer felt comfortable continuing' given the allegations.

    Hi everyone,

    Ben and Liv here. We want to respond to some very serious allegations that have been made against Ben. The allegations come as a surprise, but we are trying to address them with openness and accountability. With respect to the image included with these allegations, Ben previously addressed this matter on their/the band’s Twitter in January (https://ibb.co/dsNRRQ).

    Unfortunately we live in a culture which trivializes and normalizes violations of consent. There are people who have violated others’ consent and do not know. Ben has not been contacted by any survivor(s) of abuse. These allegations are shocking to us and we take them very seriously. Further, the alleged behavior is not representative of who Ben is and the manner in which they try to conduct themselves.

    To address this matter head on, we have set up an email address through which a survivor or someone working directly with a survivor can discuss the allegations being expressed on social media: pwrbttm.ask@gmail.com We are currently looking for a mediator with the necessary qualifications. This will be the only person with access to the account. Ben does not have access to the account, for two reasons: 1) because we acknowledge that certain individuals will not feel comfortable establishing a direct communication link between themselves and Ben, and 2) to protect Ben in the event that a malicious party attempts to use the address for anything but its intended purpose.

    Our primary goal here is to ensure that a survivor of abuse has a voice, that their story should be heard and that people who cross the line should be held accountable. What this means for the band, our album, our fans and our upcoming tours is, as of yet, unclear. Music is everything to us, but we feel strongly that this matter needs to be addressed first. Updates forthcoming.


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    If you watch Killjoys - and if you aren't then you should be - then you definitely remember Clara from last season. Since the season ended with the girl with the machine gun arm going off with Johnny it seemed like a no-brainer that she would be returning for season three. It turns out that an entire group of escaped Hackmods will be joining this season. For a bit of a refresher (for those of you that aren't watching) Hackmods, like Clara, are enslaved humans who are modified with cybernetic implants and then sold on the black market. These Hackmods have set up their own community in a neutral zone where they have each others backs and Basics (non-modded people) need not apply.

    The new additions to the cast include international pop artist Viktoria Modesta as Niko, "a lethal Hackmod surgeon with her own secret crusade", Prince Amponsah as Havigan who runs a bar for Hackmods in a neutral zone, Sean Fowler as Cutter, a Hackmod technician, and Tommie-Amber Pirie and Emily Piggford as (presumably non Hackmod) associates of Clara named Ollie and Yoki. Modesta, Amponsah and Fowler, who are playing Hackmod characters, are all actual amputees.

    Also don't worry about the new additions, Killjoys fans. In case you've forgotten Sean Baek and Thom Allison are returning as Fancy Lee and Pree respectively with Sean Baek supposedly receiving a bump up from the previous two seasons.

    Killjoys returns to SyFy and Space on June 30th.

    I really like that they cast actual amputees for these roles. I can't wait for the new season. Please don't hurt Johnny. And as always if you aren't watching this yet what are you waiting for?

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    Today's hosts: Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris, Jedediah Bila and Hasan Minhaj (GUY FRIDAY GUEST)
    Today's 🔥 topics:
    After 45's interview with Lester Holt, the panel criticizes the messaging of the administration. 45 surrogates have the same messaging but then 45 implicated himself during his interview with Lester Holt. Hasan thinks the White House is talking to him but he isn't listening.

    The panel talks about 45's tweet to Rosie. Joy wants Rosie to call in. Joy also says that he was so harsh on her and for him to change tunes. Joy doesn't believe it.

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  • 05/12/17--09:16: ONTD Roundup
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    • Antonio Marquis “L.A.” Reid is leaving his post as chairman of Epic Records

    • Reid signed such hit acts as Meghan Trainor, Future, Travis Scott, Fifth Harmony, and DJ Khaled, the latter of whom currently has the No. 1 song in the U.S. with “I’m the One”

    ok, can they fire Sylvia too now

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    - Talk about the reason why she's doing "Dancing with the Stars"
    - Normani's grandma is too pure for this world
    - Val talks about the secret affair he is having with Barb
    - They briefly talk about the changes the group is having and Ellen's #BeThe5thChallenge that went viral
    - Do a stripped down version of their "When I Grow Up" performance

    Simone face & Normani laugh at 1:01 sends me

    Female pro dancer Kym Herjavec also metionned Normani in recent interview and said about her: "I think she's unbelievable and I think she's probably one of the best female celebrity ever to be on the show"

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    *Despite being billed as a main cast member Josie has been largely a supporting cast member for her white friends, spotlight episode aside
    * Valerie got some spotlight but, again, was used more as a vehicle for Archie
    * Riverdale is just one of several teen soaps that sidelines their black girls like this, what the ef?!

    Do you recognize the CW's problem - Most networks problem LBR - with properly developing the majority of their black girl characters ONTD?

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