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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest, much-anticipated cookbook hit shelves Tuesday, bringing with it all the healthy, high-quality recipes one might expect from such a svelte, wholesome-looking thespian-foodie.

    The tome has been the object of ridicule for many months now because of its premise of shunning all things good: No coffee, dairy, alcohol, sugar, shellfish, potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplant, corn, wheat, meat, soy or anything processed at all were to pass Paltrow’s lips following a health scare, including a migraine and panic attack, that led her doctor to prescribe an “elimination diet” to get herself back on track.

    The New York Post says “It’s All Good” reads like “the manifesto to some sort of creepy healthy-girl sorority with members who use beet juice rather than permanent marker to circle the ‘problem areas’ on each other’s bodies.” The Atlantic Wire calls it “the bible of laughable Hollywood Neuroticism.” And, according to Eater.com, the book is “drenched in a chatty faux-populism that could only come from a rich person fearlessly boasting about her life of privilege.… Paltrow casually writes that she overnights homemade vegan cookies to her manager and often has a surfeit of apples from the trees on her $5.4M five-bedroom Hamptons summer home.”

    To her credit, Paltrow has found clever ways around her restrictions (including occasional cheating). But, upon a close inspection of recipes and their ingredients, we have to agree with Eater.com on the point of privilege.

    The price of ingredients for her egg-white omelet recipe, for example? Assuming you're going to shop for the dish and stock your pantry from scratch in the Paltrow way (as we assumed for all prices here), it’s nearly $30, thanks mainly to her suggestion that you use duck eggs—which can be hard to find, but typically sell for $1 apiece. (Of course you could use standard hen eggs, though we tried to stick to how Paltrow would do it when we made our calculations.)

    But what about her muffins? What’s so expensive about a muffin, you ask? Oh, just the gluten-free flour she suggests you buy—not just any gluten-free flour (which is pricey to begin with), but Cup4Cup, a blend made by celebrity chef Thomas Keller and sold at Williams-Sonoma, which costs $20 for a 3-pound bag.

    Oh, and then there’s the $120 salad, featuring canned tuna packed in olive oil, roasted piquillo peppers and topped with dressing given a subtle sweetness thanks to one of her favorite sweeteners: Manuka honey, which averages about $25 a jar.

    Seriously, Gwyneth, we want to work worth you—even eat with you! But we can’t seem to afford it. Unless you’re buying, of course.

    And now, herewith, a sample of what is easily the “It’s All Good” $300-a-day meal plan (all recipes from "It's All Good"):

    For Breakfast:
    An Actually Good Egg-White Omelet, Spinach & Mushroom Version
    Duck eggs $10/dozen
    Garlic $ .80
    Crimini mushrooms $3
    Onion $ .50
    Baby spinach $3.99
    Coarse sea salt $3.69
    Olive oil cooking spray $6.29
    Total: $28.27

    Sweet Potato & Five-Spice Muffins
    Sweet potato $1
    Almond milk $3
    Xylitol (a sweetener) $10
    Gluten-free flour $20
    Five-spice powder $4
    Baking powder $3
    Baking soda $3
    Total: $44

    For Lunch:
    Spanish Chopped Salad with Tuna and Piquillos With Spanish Salad Dressing
    Chickpeas $3
    Olive oil $15
    Sweet pimenton $10
    Coarse sea salt $10
    Butter lettuce $4
    Scallions $1.49
    Roasted piquillo peppers $13.50
    8 oz oil-packed tuna $18.40
    Italian parsley $2
    Manuka honey $25
    Sherry vinegar $8
    Oil from anchovies $8.99
    Total: $119.38

    Raw coconut water (a suggested pantry staple)

    For dinner:
    Best Gluten-Free Fish fingers, Mustard + Old Bay Style
    Vegenaise $5
    Coarse seeded mustard $5
    Dijon mustard $3.50
    Gluten-free breadcrumbs $6
    Old Bay $3
    Fine sea salt $4
    4 sole fillets $45
    Total: $71.50

    For Dessert:
    Flourless Anything Crumble
    Apples (use any fruit) $5
    Maple syrup $14
    Sage leaves $2.50
    Quinoa flakes $6
    Cinnamon $5
    Total: $32.50

    GRAND TOTAL: $300.65

    Oh, and then there's the cookbook itself, of course: $55 with an autograph, $32 without.


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  • 04/04/13--17:24: 'Chew' TV Adaptation is dead
  • This is some tough news to swallow for comic book fans. According to writer John Layman on his official Twitter account, the proposed Chew TV series that Showtime was going to put into production is now dead. Here is the tweet:

    We haven’t heard much about the show in recent months, but with the success of The Walking Dead, we just assumed that the network would do anything to try and get into the comic book game. For those who don’t know, Chew is a series from Image Comics that was created by Layman and artist Rob Guillory in 2009. It centers on a detective for the FDA named Tony Chu, who has the ability to get a psychic impression from anything that he consumes.

    This power allows him to solve crimes by simply nibbling on some evidence. Of course this leads to some disgusting snacks and cannibalism along the way, but it’s all in the name of justice, right? We’re not too worried about the show's future because there are likely plenty of networks out there that would want to jump on the Chew bandwagon, especially with the cult following the book has gained in recent years.


    In a recent interview, Layman says that there are contingent plans for a Chew show to take shape in some form:

    HC: You’ve said Showtime isn’t happening for “Chew,” but are there contingent plans?

    JL: We had a writer, Brian Duffield, we have a director, Stephen Hopkins, who’s done a lot of Showtime stuff. And then we’ve got a half-hour and an hour script. We have all that stuff back from Showtime. They’re shopping it around…. And Rob and I are both very focused on “Chew”…. We’re just going to let Hollywood do its thing. If nothing happens by the time “Chew” 60 is out and we’re unemployed, then we take control and Kickstart a cartoon. We just can’t do it right now. So you’ve got 25 issues, Hollywood, to make a TV show, or we’re going to do it ourselves.

    Here's hoping. For more information on Chew, visit the official website.

    SOURCE 2

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     photo ScreenShot2013-04-04at53319PM_zps5cf04956.png

    There are a lot of things to laugh at in Tyler Perry's Temptation: Kim Kardashian's attempts to move and talk at the same time, Vanessa Williams's fake French accent for no reason (hoh-hoh-hohhh!), the alien dialogue, the blunt-force moralizing, the sheer ineptitude of Perry's filmmaking. (Worth noting: None of Perry's actual scripted "jokes" made the list.) But, that said, it is not a funny movie—it's a frightening one. Temptation is a movie about punishing women. Specifically, Perry is obsessed with punishing women who stray from the good woman/bad woman binary dictated by traditional Christian gender roles. That is the film's entire purpose. I watched it 24 hours ago and my skin is still crawling. And I'm starting to believe that Tyler Perry isn't just artless—he's reprehensible.

    Temptation is framed as a story told by a marriage counselor to her client. The client, some white lady, comes in and is like, "I'm thinking about having an affair! YOLO!" And the marriage counselor is like, "Well, let me tell you a little story, lady. About my, um, 'sister.'" (The first of a million spoilers: IT'S REALLY ABOUT HER. SHE IS HER OWN SISTER.)

    The "sister" in question is Judith—a nice, pretty, church-going "good woman" who wears ugly high-collared blouses, cooks dinner for her man every night, and only has married-sex in bed with the lamp off. Judith's husband, Brice, is a "good man." He works hard at a pharmacy all day, wears glasses, and is on great terms with Judith's mother. They are "happy." Except that they're totally not (spoiler #2: it's Judith's fault).

    The first hint of Judith's discontent comes when she and Brice are heading home from a romantic dinner. A group of ne'er-do-well youths on the street cat-call Judith as they pass. Judith flips the fuck out and has to be physically restrained by Brice, who tells her to calm down, ignore it, let it go. They get in the car and go home. Judith refuses to speak to Brice for the rest of the night, because he didn't defend his property her honor by fighting the cat-callers to the death. He didn't do his manful duty. "But honey, they could have had guns!" Brice says. THEN HE APOLOGIZES TO JUDITH FOR NOT FIGHTING THE YOUTHS. I didn't see the rest of the scene because my eyes fell out and rolled away.

    Meanwhile, at the Millionaire Matchmaking agency where she works, Judith meets Harley—the "third largest social media inventor since Zuckerberg!" (so, uh, LinkedIn? Christian Mingle?). Harley immediately fixates on Judith and begins scheming about how to get his penis inside her posthaste. Harley is rich, sexually aggressive (his dialogue highlights the inhuman weirdness with which Perry writes about sex: "Sex should be random, like animals!"), he believes in Judith's career (Brice, by contrast, told her that she should stay at the matchmaking agency for 15 years before starting her own practice—!?!?), and he goes jogging with no shirt so ladies will look at his muscles. "I bet you only have sex in a bed with the lamp off," he tells Judith. (Nailed it!!!) In a clunky counterexample to the cat-calling incident, Harley attempts to murder a doofy bicyclist who accidentally bumped Judith's knee with his bicycle. He is truly the best man ever.

    Oh, also Harley is literally the devil. Linemouth.

    You can tell he's literally the devil because he says things like, "Let me play devil's advocate," he drives a sinful red sports car, everything in his apartment is constantly on fire, and every time Judith's churchy mom sees him she starts screaming, "HE'S THE DEVIL. THAT MAN IS LITERALLY THE DEVIL." He is literally the devil.

    And because he's the devil, he manages to "seduce" Judith, lure her away from her good Christian life with Brice, nose-feed her mountains of cocaine, beat the shit out of her, and turn her into a cackling demon who hates Jesus and never, ever cooks dinner.
    Back at the pharmacy, Brice discovers that Harley has been running around giving HIV to all kinds of fallen women all over town. This discovery finally awakens his dutiful aggro side, so he runs to Harley's apartment to rescue Judith from Satan-AIDS, and then throws Harley through a window. Then Brice gets a new, better, non-HIV-having wife and Judith puts her frumpy clothes back on and goes to church, alone forevermore.,

    Cut back to this dialogue between the therapist and the white lady:

    "How does the story end?"
    "Well, it's still being written."
    "Did [Judith] get HIV too?"
    "Did Brice?"
    "Thank you so much for sharing this story with me I'm going to end this almost-affair and stay with my husband."


    Okay. Now. Okay. There are three main areas in which Tyler Perry is fucking over the entire human race in Temptation.

    1. Men Do Marriage Like This/Women Do Marriage Like This!

    Temptation is a feature-length Chick tract, only with slightly less artistry and nuance. Watching this film as an atheist, it makes absolutely no sense. If you don't believe in the devil, which I don't, Temptation is simply the story of a 25-year-old woman who got married too young, is no longer compatible with her partner, is frustrated with her stalled career, and is preyed upon by a charismatic sociopath with a drug problem. Then, because of Perry's fixation on Christian moralizing, the film portrays Judith's contraction of HIV (deliberately given to her by an abusive partner) as a fitting punishment for her "sins." From a godless perspective, this is bonkers.

    Outside the confines of traditional gender roles, Judith is just a woman trying to find her place in the world. She is confused, she is sad, she is frustrated. "I feel so dead with you Brice," she says. In the real world, women are not obligated to cook dinner for their husbands, or eschew casual sex, or put their careers on hold for their partners, or submit sexually to dominant men, or ignore cat-callers, or stand up to cat-callers, or swath their knees in modest hemlines, or be nice to their moms. Women are people. But in Perry's universe, women are women, and a "good woman" is a very specific and important thing to be.

    People can have whatever kind of relationships they want—if a traditional Christian marriage works for you, go nuts—but Perry's insistence on punishing women who don't follow his doctrine of subservience is harmful and oppressive. Compliance with gender roles doesn't make anyone a good person. People are good people because they're good people. Church doesn't make you good. Loving your mom doesn't make you good. Even fidelity doesn't make you good. Those are all just excuses, loopholes, cop-outs that signify "goodness" without having to actually do the legwork.

    When Judith stops being "good," she is punished. The moral of the movie is explicit: Stay in your unhappy marriage forever because the alternative is Satan-AIDS.

    Which brings me to my second point.

    2. People with HIV Are Not Your Toys.

    Three people in Temptation have HIV. One of them is literally the devil (see above), and the other two are black women who slept with the devil. That Perry would have the gall to use HIV as a punitive measure against black women who don't fit his idea of "goodness"—black women, by the way, account for 2/3 of new HIV infections among women—betrays a frightening selfishness and lack of empathy. It echoes, very plainly, the old Fundamentalist rhetoric that AIDS is a punishment from god for the sins of the gays. Perry expands that rhetoric, sure—now dirty, filthy women can sin just like gays do!—but the message is the same. Casual sex is a sin and sinners deserve HIV. That. Is. Crazy.

    The other woman infected by Harley is named Melinda (played by the Brandy), a saintly gal who works at the pharmacy with Brice. "I'm accepting my part in it," she says. She chose to stay with Harley even though he was abusive and she knew he was sleeping around. Besides, the film takes care to point out, she totally took Harley's private jet for granted—so of course he cheated! Temptation isn't a movie about Harley—who, after all, can't help his sin seeing as he is a demon from hell. It's a movie about Harley's victims. Only they're not portrayed as victims—they're sinners. They're to blame. And in the end, Melinda and Judith wind up alone, repentant and meek, while Brice finds himself a new, untainted wife.

    Apparently this needs to be said: People with HIV are people. People with HIV are not a rhetorical device that Tyler Perry gets to exploit to keep women in line. People with HIV have healthy relationships with other people, regardless of HIV status. Tyler Perry is a bad person.

    3. Harley Rapes Judith.

    Here are all of things that Judith says immediately before Harley has sex with her in his private plane: "No.""Stop it.""I don't want to.""Get off of me." Judith does not want to have sex with Harley. (There's another layer of nuance here—one reason Judith doesn't want to have sex with Harley is that she's deeply invested in Perry's beloved gender roles. But the reason for her "no" is irrelevant. Her spiritual weakness betrays her, Harley can tell she wants it, and she's punished for that weakness.)

    He does not stop. He just tries harder. He knows what she really wants, no matter what her mouth and body are saying. She never says yes. He says, smugly, "Now you can say you resisted." He has sex with her anyway. This is a rape scene. But, in Perry's universe, Harley is right. She did secretly want it. And that's the real problem.

    Afterwards, for a minute, Judith is disgusted with Harley and with herself. She pushes him away. She tells him never to contact her again. But then! Then! She's back on the phone with him almost immediately (while Brice is caught up in the football game—doofy doofy dur dur!), telling Harley he's the best she's ever had, begging him to have sex with her again. Judith, it seems, is addicted to what the dick did. And now she's like, "OMG I NEED MORE OF YOUR SATAN BONER AND ALSO COCAINE." Because that's how us fickle ladies work.

    This idea—that men know what women really want, that resistance can be fucked out of us (or consent fucked into us)—is DEEPLY NOT OKAY. It's not okay to telegraph this to young men or young women or victims of sexual violence or potential perpetrators of sexual violence or lawmakers or anyone. It's a paradigm that I was hoping had died out with Pepe LePew. It is frightening.

    I'm amazed at how efficiently Perry was able to roll back discourse, human rights, the basics of consent, and storytelling itself in just one shitty movie. Perry has done a lot for the visibility of black voices in popular culture, but that doesn't make his moralistic subtext in Temptation any less repellant and irresponsible. The world should demand better than Tyler Perry.


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  • 04/04/13--18:03: HuffPo Tries It, Again.
  • Beyoncé or Sasha: The Not-So-Fierce Feminist

    Beyoncé, featured in the latest edition of UK Vogue, offered some illuminating and wary thoughts on adding the mantle "feminist" to her growing array of titles. To be fair, she is already a wife, businesswoman, mother, pop superstar, sing/songwriter, fully realized performance character named Sasha Fierce, fashion designer, and producer. Her slate is a little crowded. "Feminist" might just be that proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. And because that camel might not have access to the same health care and

    do I detect a hint of shade?
    ... you get the gist. Beyoncé stated:

    "That word [feminist] can be very extreme. I guess I am a modern-day feminist. I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything? I'm just a woman and I love being a woman... I do believe in equality and that we have a way to go and it's something that's pushed aside and something that we have been conditioned to accept."

    Beyoncé, no one believes you are "just a woman" and no one believes you believe that about yourself, which is exactly why it is more important than ever to take the leap (more like one giant step, actually) and add "feminist" to your multifaceted identity. Feminist critics have pointed out that Beyoncé doth protest too much when she denies the feminist moniker despite promoting (for the most part) a positive image of women in her music, being critical of the economic disparities between men and women in the music business and elsewhere, and involving herself in charitable efforts that benefit women. As the saying goes, Queen Bey, if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and sounds like a duck... When Beyoncé and other successful, confident, intelligent, self-made women hold the feminist label away from them, pinched between their thumb and forefinger like a used Kleenex during a SARS outbreak, they send the message that feminism is both taboo and somehow distasteful. In Beyoncé's case, this posture diminishes her image as the "bold,""fearless" and extremely empowered woman that her pop empire rests upon.

    In her take on Beyoncé's recent remarks, Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams attributes some of the singer's "reluctant feminism" to what has become the defacto image of a feminist: a burlap-clad, man-hating-bra-burning-Lesbian-loving, broom-riding, humorless, angry shrew. And that is not taking into account the descriptors that are really pejorative. This in itself is a problem and not one that Williams' assurance to readers and, presumably, Beyoncé that "It's O.K. to be a feminist" will remedy. Feminism needs icons and advocates willing to challenge those perceptions through their words as well as their actions and that starts by self-identifying as a proud feminist.

    Williams also identifies Beyoncé's unwillingness to buy into pigeonholing herself within one representation or identity, which may come from her sensibility as a performer and artist. But that seems less likely when held up against the careers of other artists such as Madonna and Lady Gaga who adroitly demonstrate that there is no pigeonhole capable of containing them for very long. Instead, this feels like an instance where Beyoncé wants the gains of feminism without having to take responsibility for the messy, complicated, and, often, unpopular work that comes in being an advocate for the movement. It is a missed opportunity. Fortunately, feminism, like so many other movements, will continue to shift, change, and evolve with or without Queen Bey's blessing.


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  • 04/04/13--18:03: A statement from Chaz Ebert

  • CHICAGO, April 4, 2013 -- Chaz Ebert issued the following statement Thursday about the passing of her husband, Roger Ebert, a day after he celebrated 46 years as a film critic:

    "I am devastated by the loss of my love, Roger -- my husband, my friend, my confidante and oh-so-brilliant partner of over 20 years. He fought a courageous fight. I've lost the love of my life and the world has lost a visionary and a creative and generous spirit who touched so many people all over the world. We had a lovely, lovely life together, more beautiful and epic than a movie. It had its highs and the lows, but was always experienced with good humor, grace and a deep abiding love for each other.

    "Roger was a beloved husband, stepfather to Sonia and Jay, and grandfather to Raven, Emil, Mark and Joseph. Just yesterday he was saying how his grandchildren were "the best things in my life." He was happy and radiating satisfaction over the outpouring of responses to his blog about his 46th year as a film critic. But he was also getting tired of his fight with cancer, and said if this takes him, he has lived a great and full life.

    "We were getting ready to go home today for hospice care, when he looked at us, smiled, and passed away. No struggle, no pain, just a quiet, dignified transition.

    "We are touched by all the kindness and the outpouring of love we've received. And I want to echo what Roger said in his last blog, thank you for going on this journey with us."


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    Sources: 1, 2
    I love the slightly raspy sound of her voice.

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    Heidi Klum says raw maternal instinct led her into a life-threatening rip current to save her 7-year-old son.

    "I did what any mother would do," the supermodel told People magazine in an interview published Wednesday.

    Newly released photos of the harrowing Hawaiian incident show the "Project Runway" star pulling her young son Henry to safety through churning, waist-deep

    waters and then straining to drag one of his nannies out by the armpits.

    "People are used to seeing me on the beach in a bikini, smiling with the wind in my hair," Klum, 39, told People.

    The photos show a very different side.

    She's seen rushing into the choppy surf headfirst, struggling to keep a grip on her son's wrist, falling down as she hauls one disoriented nanny out of the terrifying tide and slipping out of her bikini top amid the chaos.

    Her bodyguard beau Martin Kirsten appears hunched over on all fours in one photo, apparently trying to catch his breath after the scary but successful rescue effort.

    "Henry swam out of it. I grabbed him at the shore. The nannies were the ones in much deeper trouble," Klum told People.

    "Never underestimate the power of the ocean," Klum warned.

    The blond beauty was celebrating Easter on Oahu with her kids - including Leni, 8, Johan, 6, and Lou, 3 - when the powerful undertow caught Henry by surprise.

    Henry is her eldest son with ex-husband Seal.

    She lamented the fact that a witness took photos instead of lending a hand.

    "The family was surprised that we were being photographed and no one would come help us," she told People.

    Klum and her family returned safely to Los Angeles Monday, and she quickly tried to play down her obvious heroics in the People interview.

    "These photos taken recently look much worse that it really was that day," she said.





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    (right: Magic's son EJ and his boyfriend)

    Magic Johnson made headlines this week after he announced his support for his 20-year-old gay son, Earvin "EJ" Johnson III. Although this was the public's first look into the Johnson family's life, Magic and his wife, Cookie, have long supported the EJ for exactly who he is.

    The former Los Angeles Lakers superstar said he knew EJ was gay before he told him. So when his son was about 13 years old, he sat him down to have "the talk."

    "I told him, 'Hey, we are here to support you, man. We are gonna love you no matter who you are, what you do. We just want you to love yourself and also make sure that you have all the information,'" he told TMZ's Harvey Levin in a candid interview. "And that's what I wanted to give him. Just provide him with advice and guidance."

    Magic explained that EJ was worried about getting his father's support. He admitted his son previously had some trouble coming out to those outside his family. After all, as the son of a public figure, the spotlight could be intense.

    The NBA legend had to deal with scrutiny himself when he announced his HIV-positive status in 1991. Still, Magic was able to stand tall in the face of adversity by choosing to spread awareness and promote tolerance. He says he hopes others -- including professional athletes -- will do the same.

    A representative for GLAAD said the organization was proud of the Johnson family.

    "Magic Johnson has been an exceptional role model throughout his athletic career, and now as the parent of a gay son," Rich Ferraro, vice president of communications at GLAAD, said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "Magic's and his wife's unconditional support for E.J. is a perfect example of the love and care that all of our children need, especially those who come to identify as LGBT."

    source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/04/magic-johnson-gay-son-coming-out-homophobia_n_3014163.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000009

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    LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 03: (L-R) Actors Matthew Gray Gubler, Dianna Agron, and Darren Criss attend Vogue's 'Triple Threats' dinner hosted by Sally Singer and Lisa Love at Goldie's on April 3, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/WireImage)

    LA, 04.04.2013

    Celebrating a New Video Series in L.A.
    by Jessica Kantor | photographed by Donato Sardella

    Last night a steady stream of guests packed into Goldie’s on West Third Street in Los Angeles for an intimate dinner to fete the upcoming launch of the Triple Threat video series on Vogue.com. The new restaurant quickly filled with the likes of Ethan Peck, Agyness Deyn, and Tallulah Harlech, who were joined by Jennifer Meyer, Poppy Delevingne, and CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Greg Chait, and soon there was barely room to stand. The cozy seating arrangements only made the mood livelier, though. “How about I sit there?” teased the triply talented singer-dancer-actress Alison Brie, cheekily pointing to a middle bench seat across one of the picnic-like tables before climbing over Brittany Snow and shimmying her way in between Chord Overstreet and Olivia Munn.

    “It’s a real pleasure to be in L.A. with everyone I love,” said Vogue’s Creative Digital Director Sally Singer, who flew in from New York to join West Coast Director Lisa Love in cohosting the occasion, which Singer explained was equal parts a celebration of the three “super-talented” actresses Anna Kendrick, Dianna Agron, and Brie, who star in the music clips, which were directed by Vogue.com contributor Jacob Brown, as well as a toast to the videos’ sartorial theme and L.A. style staple—denim. As China Chow pulled a light blue jean Theyskens’ Theory bomber jacket over her shoulders, Irene Neuwirth and Jessica de Ruiter debated their favorite denim looks: vintage for Neuwirth vs high-waisted Acne Studios for de Ruiter. Kirsty Hume’s favorite way to wear jeans? “Every day!” announced the model with a broad smile, and Nikki Reed, whose various talents include singing, acting, writing, directing, producing, and now designing (she launched her jewelry line, Matlin Era, four months ago) declared her favorite look, “a denim shirt buttoned up with a cute necklace under the collar.” Sounds like the perfect uniform for a real-life exponential threat.

    Source: GettyImages
    Article: Vogue

    Watermarks aren't so bad when it's not your fave's face they're covering

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    Target issued an apology today for an offensive color label on a dress sold online.

    An online shopper noticed today that a dress on Target.com was available in “Dark Heather Gray” for one size but “manatee gray” for the larger size.

    A photo of the offensive label started circulating around the internet causing many people to wonder if the picture was actually real. Well, it’s real. Thankfully, Target has already issued an apology for dress label saying that it was an “unintended oversight.”

    Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede told Forbes:

    “We never want to offend any of our guests. We apologize for any discomfort that we may have caused … We are in the process of fixing the discrepancy and updating Target.com so the gray dress will be available in all styles … We’re working on updating our systems right now.”

    Deede said that Target uses “manatee gray” for many products. Towels, rain boots, and shirts are all available in the color, which by itself, isn’t really offensive.

    While it’s true that Target uses Manatee Gray for many products, those products typically remain the same color regardless of size.

    Deede told Forbes that there were two teams working on the “Missy” and plus-size product lines and they obviously didn’t communicate with each other about the color. One team went with Dark Heather Gray and the other went with Manatee Gray.

    Deede said: “We are working to update the name of the dress to reflect Dark Heather Gray. This was an unfortunate oversight and we’ll take it into consideration moving forward.”

    Target has removed the dress for the time being.


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    In Danny Boyle's art-heist movie Trance, James McAvoy's character has a strong preference when it comes to women and pubic hair: shave it all off.

    This meant that Rosario Dawson's character — and Dawson herself — had some grooming to do for her full-frontal close-up. "Waxing hurts!" she told Vulture when we saw her at the Cinema Society premiere of the film last night.

    "I wasn't thrilled about that. The General, she was angry with me for a little while!" Then, clearly embarrassed, Dawson put her clutch bag up to her mouth — and kept talking.

    "I should say ... hold on ... Oh, I'm so embarrassed! ... I was thinking, it would be like she was gnarly. She was mad. I don't know. I can't think of it. I'm going to get myself in trouble."

    Since the Trance shoot, Dawson has given the General a break. "Got the winter do going on," she told us of her now-full bush. "I'm happy."



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  • 04/04/13--20:19: Scandal 2.19 Promo
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    ...B/c of a bit that was shown on Chelsea Lately.

    Here is a tweet of Conan's comment on the incident:

    And you can watch the video HERE and join in on the debate on whether those are their real bodies. Here's hoping Conan addresses it on his next show, and takes off his shirt for proof.


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    Blake Lively's rep has played down reports that the actress has snubbed plans for a Gossip Girl movie. The 25-year-old was said to be "desperate to avoid" reprising her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in a supposed big screen version of the show, 'infuriating' her former co-stars.

    "She's being pressured on all sides to sign on," a source told Star magazine. "She thinks it's a terrible idea and is desperate to avoid the project."

    Lively's rep told Gossip Cop that the story is untrue, explaining that the star "was unaware there was even a Gossip Girl movie" in the works. Lively starred opposite Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick in The CW series, which ran for six seasons until December 2012.

    She was recently rumored to be in talks to play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend Mary Austin in the upcoming biopic starring Sacha Baron Cohen.


    The only good reason to make a Gossip Girl movie would be to show Blair finally coming to her senses, and breaking free from that human version of a cane toad that she ended up marrying. Other than that, DNW

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    Amanda Bynes claims to be suing all media outlets peddling stories of "mental illnesses," reveals she has an eating disorder via Twitter

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Clearly hurt by the recent press stories, Amanda Bynes took to twitter to lash out against media outlets, claiming to be pursuing legal action against all who have insinuated she may have a mental disorder. A few minutes later, Ms. Bynes revealed that she has an eating disorder. This may clear up her vehement denials that recent photos of her looking a bit worse-for-wear were really her. Girl's self-conscious, just like the rest of us.

    Amanda's twitter

    don't make fun of my blurb, bitches. news outlets are slow
    hope she's seeking help of some kind, poor dear

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Fans of pop sensation Britney Spears want to colonise a tiny central Somerset village.
    Some of the more vocal fans of the American pop star, who shot to fame with the single ...Baby One More Time, have deemed her a figure of divinity and upgraded her from Britney to the nickname of Godney.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Having discovered the existence of the village of the same name – with a population of 219 people at the last census – her fans have joked on Twitter about uprooting en masse to live in the village in homage to their idol.
    While the town of Glastonbury routinely loses their tweets to a stream of those about the festival, and the village of Street stands no chance of getting noticed on the social networking site, the village of Godney is perhaps an unlikely contender for it’s own trending hashtag. The tags are used to a categorise messages and conversations on Twitter.

    “When we first took over the pub, I thought I’d use the power of social media to promote the Sheppey Inn,” said Mark Hey, landlord at the pub.

    “It made sense to use the hashtag Godney, but everything I wrote just got lost in tweets from Britney fans. And of course, the moment they found out that the village existed, that hashtag was full of people OMGing and saying they were going to move to Somerset.

    “It was quite funny, but it meant that everything was getting lost in a mire of nuttiness.”
    Mr Hey tried changing the hashtag to Sheppey, instead, but soon stumbled on another problem.

    “There’s a town called Sheppey in Kent that seems to be pretty lively, and our stuff got lost in a stream of what was happening over there.

    “It was really bad one weekend, when Britney was appearing on a show somewhere and there was a national news story when some girls were caught on video throwing a kitten around a bedroom in Sheppey.”

    However, Mr Hey is reasonably philosophical about things, saying that the village’s unlikely connection to the star means that when his tweets are noticed, they get a wider audience than they might have otherwise.

    “It makes me laugh, honestly,” he said.

    “And I’ve also made friends with a few people in Sheppey, Kent when they’ve tweeted their dislike for the place and I’ve thought they were talking about us.

    “Sometimes we’ve had some quite convoluted conversations about things.”
    Mr Hey also said he isn’t aware of any of her fans following through on their jokes about moving to village.

    “We tend to get a few American tourists passing through, but none of them have seemed all that interested in Britney,” he said.

    And despite the star accidentally hijacking the name of the village and his tweets getting lost in a river of admiration for her, Mr Hey says he would never change the name of the pub.

    “Obviously, we’re named after the river that runs alongside us,” he said.

    “If they changed the name of the river, we’d think about changing our name, but that doesn’t seem very likely.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    This Queen even has real lands!

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    Wednesday’s news that Walking Dead has upgraded a trio of actors to series regular ahead of Season 4 did not go over well with Melissa McBride fans.

    Supporters of the actress — who has played Carol since Season 1 — took to TVLine’s comments section to demand that AMC finally do the right thing and make her a regular as well.

    There’s just one problem: McBride is, and has been, a regular — a fact she confirmed herself on Twitter Wednesday. Responding to the “awesome outpouring” of support following news of Chad L. Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney’s promotions, McBride maintained, “I currently am a series regular.” She then chalked up questions about her status to, “legalese.”

    The legalese she no doubt refers to also happens to be the source of much of the confusion. Unlike the majority of Walking Dead‘s regulars, McBride’s name is not included in the main title sequence alongside co-stars like Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus. Instead, she’s listed in the secondary credits (aka “Also Starring”) following the first commercial break — a section reserved on most shows for guest stars.

    According to sources, the fine print of Walking Dead contracts gives producers (and AMC) the right to include series regulars in either section. To wit, Scott Wilson (Hershel) — who receives the same post-opening credits billing as McBride — is also a series regular.

    What’s not clear is how these decisions are made. For example, why was Danai Gurira — who joined the show as Michonne in Season 3 — given main title billing immediately, while an original castmember like McBride has yet to receive that honor?

    One person who (surprisingly) doesn’t have the answer is series creator Robert Kirkman. “There are a lot of executive producers on the show and that’s not my forte,” he tells TVLine. “I don’t even know what the series regular term actually really means when it gets down to it, I’m sorry to admit.”


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    So awesome and disgusting. Did I just see Eddie Izzard? OMG


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    Miami Heat player Chris Bosh and his wife returned home from his 29th birthday party to find they had been robbed of $340,000 worth of jewelry and purses, but his 2012 NBA Championship ring was left untouched, Miami Beach Police said Thursday.

    Police said they got the call about the burglary at 12:30 a.m.

    Bosh and his wife had left their two children and a teenager at home with two babysitters at 7:30 p.m. and they headed out to celebrate his birthday at Briza on the Bay on Bayshore Drive in Miami, the case report said. The Moroccan themed party included belly dancers and fire breathers. And a camel named Henri greeted guests. The festivities started at 9 p.m.

    When the Boshes got home, they realized their closet had been ransacked, police said. Bosh contacted his security director and assistant..

    No one who was home heard anything, and apparently the thieves handpicked the items they were stealing, police said. There was no sign of forced entry into the home.

    Bosh's Championship ring was spared, but they took what they wanted from jewelry box, including watches and rings, police said. Bosh's wife said purses totaling about $155,000 were taken, along with $15,000 cash and 12 watches worth $300,000.

    "We are leaning on the side of this being an inside job," said Miami Beach Police spokesman Bobby Hernandez.

    Chris Bosh: 'I've Been a Hall of Famer'

    Hernandez said police are checking to see if there had been any contractors at the home recently. The housekeepers were also being interviewed, he said.

    Bosh told police there was surveillance video and an alarm at the home. The alarm was not activated because the babysitters were home. But polcie did notice that a back door on the side of the home overlooking the bay was unlocked and the front door had been unlocked when the Boshes came home.

    Bosh joined the Heat in the summer of 2010 through a sign-and-trade deal with the Toronto Raptors, who drafted him in 2003. In his third season with the Heat, Bosh is third on the team in scoring and second in rebounding, averaging 16.7 points and 6.7 rebounds per game on 53.4% shooting. He also leads the Heat with 1.4 blocks per game.

    Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, have a son, Jackson. Bosh also has a daughter, Trinity, from a prior relationship.


    that ain't even cool

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    The flaw-free writers over @ELEMENTARYstaff live-tweeted several behind-the-scene pictures tonight showing how they created the Nor'easter in 1x19 "Snow Angels."

    Who would've thought!

    Remember that Elementary will return in two weeks on April 25th!


    lbr this is totally an excuse to have a discussion post for tonight's episode. What did you think of the fabulous

    ? Did you squeal when you saw the return of ??

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