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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    Fans of One Direction's Liam Payne noticed something strange in his house thanks to his best friend Andy Samuel's snapchat. His very own commander in Cheeto doll!

    While we don't know exactly Liam's thoughts on Donald Trump personally, fellow bandmate Niall Horan did tweet after election day to fans urging them to "grin and bare it" in the meantime despite their worries about what could happen.

    Maybe he got it at the Trump gift shop? Who knows.

    Source, Source, Source, Source

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    10. Dustin Hoffman slapped Meryl Streep (Kramer vs Kramer)

    8. Robert Shaw teased Richard Dreyfuss constantly (Jaws)

    6. Steven Seagal beat up John Leguizamo for no reason (Executive Decision)

    4. Shia Labeouf knocked out Tom Hardy (Lawless)

    2. Tommy Lee Jones relentlessly berated Jim Carrey (Batman Forever)


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    Model professional twitter troll Chrissy Teigen revealed something we already knew some more details about her body.

    "Everything about me is fake except my cheeks" Chrissy said at the launch of her new beauty palette. "Fake, fake, fake" she said while pointing at her forehead, nose and lips.  She continued by saying that the craziest procedure she has ever had was getting her "armpit sucked out", which apparently added two inches of lenght to her arms (???)

    thank you just444 for the link to her two tweets! :)


    ONTD what is your opinion on plastic surgery? Would you get your armpits sucked out? Beauty post?

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  • 05/05/17--15:10: The Leftovers 3x04 Promo

  • Source

    I can't wait for Sunday. This show is amazing.

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    • Scott is fuming after Kourtney, 37, went public with her model boyfriend Younes Bendimja, 23, on Tuesday. The two have been together since October 2016.

    • Scott says he feels like Kourtney lied to him. She told him if he got sober and was more respectful she would give him another shot.

    • Scott says he's been sober since their agreement and has made great strides. He admits he has hooked up with other woman during the time BUT Kourtney has hooked up with other guys; so neither are innocent.

    • He says he only hooked up with said girls out of hurt because Kourtney went public with Justin Bieber and other guys even though they were trying to work on their relationship.

    • Scott says the Kardashians are giant hypocrties because they attack him for hooking up with girls but give Kourtney a pass and he is sick and tired of being their punching bag,


    Team Scott tbh....

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    The 23-year-old singer seemed pretty psyched when four guitar wielding, sombrero wielding musicians entered, and started to sing classic Tweets from Harry, including "A bird pooped on me" and "Never make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana".
    But ours - and by the looks of his expression - Harry's favourite had to be when the band serenaded us with those fifteen magical words; "If Louis Tomlinson feels tired, he sits down to have a wee... I've seen it".


    what are your favorite Harry tweets?

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    Sheldon & Crew are slipping, “Bang” fell to a new series low in the 18-49 demo on Thursday night, down two-tenths of a point from last week in Nielsen overnight numbers. The cast are the highest paid ensemble on tv and has grossed over $1 billion in syndication for Warner Bros. The show has won nine Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2014.

    source= https://twitter.com/Variety/status/860588758432858112

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    -J.Lo talks about that time when she jokingly texted Leo while doing Carpool Karaoke and his hilarious reply


    What are some of the funniest celebrity tweets/texts/dms you've read?

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    • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is an actor who is best known for playing Adebisi on Oz

    • Has been working on a screenplay based on his youth growing up in Britain    

    • The film is called Farming and is based off of the fact that young Nigerian children were "farmed" out to white Brits in the '60s to the '80s in the hopes that they would get a better life. Because these were not official adoptions many children lost contact with their parents

    • Akinnuoye-Agbaje will direct from his own screenplay. Newcomer Damson Idris will play the character based on Akinnuoye-Agbaje who was neglected and joined his local skinhead gang. Beckinsale will play his neglectful foster mother and Mbatha-Raw will play the teacher who helped to change his life.


    !!! I've been hearing about this for years I'm so glad it's finally being made!

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  • 05/05/17--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    -Lilo-in-training (still 19) has found herself another man, Kendall Jenner's ex, Lakers star Jordan Clarkson.
    -Thorne has dated Gregg Sulkin, Sam Pepper, Charlie Puth, Chandler Parsons, allegedy Nat Wolff and other nobodies.



    ONTD, who should LIT date next?

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    After James gets every detail he can out of Jake Johnson about his experience of training with Tom Cruise for "The Mummy," Joel McHale puts his brute strength on display with a standing bicep curl of Jake.


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    • NJ.com reported this morning that the popular New Jersey banquet facility The Brownstone, which was featured prominently on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, owes $381,179.00 in back property taxes from 2014-2015.

    • The banquet facility is owned by Albert Manzo, husband of former Real Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo.

    • The banquet saw its property taxes double in one year from $70,000 to $143,000 after the city reassessed the venue's value.

    • The investigation gets zanier as Albert Manzo is now the Deputy Mayor of Paterson, NJ after the mayor, Joey Torres, was indicted for corruption. Torres appointed Manzo the deputy mayor right before the charges came down.

    • The investigation also revealed that the Manzo's owe the state of NJ $208,000 in back state taxes and also $37,000 in civil suit judgments.

    • The Manzo's previously owed $110,000 in back taxes for 2004-2005 and took them seven years to pay it off.


    ONTD, how much do you owe in back taxes?

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    * The doctor’s assessment measures a model’s overall health.
    * with special regard to their body mass index (BMI).
    * the new law aims to challenge eating disorders and inaccessible ideals of beauty.
    * the law requires digitally altered photos to be labelled as such.
    * Photoshopped images of models will have to be labelled “photographie retouchee”.
    * Italy, Spain and Israel have also already passed a law regarding underweight models.


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    the engagement is coming

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    Episode 2.01 Synopsis

    After a risky heist misfires, the boys blame Smurf, sending shock waves through the family. Baz copes with being a single parent, while Deran makes plans for the future.

    TNT's Animal Kingdom Returns Tuesday, May 30, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

    Sources 1, 2, 3

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    For the 25th anniversary of its release, Billy Ray Cyrus is releasing an EDM remix of 'Achy Breaky Heart'. The song apparently features Bootsy Collins.
    He's also planning on dropping the Billy Ray part of his name and going to the hospital where he was born (hospitals are not where people go to get name changes) to legally change it to Cyrus.

    Cyrus has experimented with putting out other remixes of his hit before:


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    In a follow up to my previous post, 5 Flop Albums From Big Name Acts, I now present 5 Flop albums that should not have flopped:

    1. Mariah Carey - Glitter (2001)

    -Glitter is the ill-fated and often mocked soundtrack to Carey's 2001 film of the same name (the soundtrack was released September 11, 2001).
    -Glitter was a disco-influenced album (something everyone now wants from Gaga).
    -While it is not Mariah's worst performing album, it was considered such a critical and commercial failure at the time that it led to her being dropped from Virgin Records.
    -The infamous TRL incident, the appearance of strange messages on her website, and subsequent hospitalization also preceded the release of Glitter.
    -"Loverboy", the album's first single, was to feature a sample by the Yellow Magic Orchestra, which J.Lo eventually ended up using on her track "I'm Real". Despite the fact that Carey had licensed usage for the sample first, J.Lo's album was released earlier, forcing Mariah to change "Loverboy" last minute.

    Why it deserved better:
    -The album is far from flawless and certainly has some tracks that need to be skipped ("If We" is a mess of a track and the vocals on "Want You" are not her best). However, the ballads are beautiful and the throwback disco sound works well in tracks like "All My Life", "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On", and "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life".

    2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion (2015)

    -One of ONTD's fave flop albums (buy Emotions on iTunes!), Carly Rae's follow up to her breakout smash hit "Call Me Maybe" was a critical success but a commercial flop (outside of Japan, where it went Gold).
    -In it's first week it sold a little over 16 000 copies in the states and just 2 600 in Canada (because Canadians are apathetic af).

    Why it deserved better:
    Because it's a great pop record with very little filler (I only ever skip "LA Hallucinations").

    Kelly Rowland - Talk A Good Game (2013)

    -While the album made it into the top 10, it has gone on to sell about 215 000 copies worldwide (Rowland's lowest performing solo album) and nobody talks about it anymore.

    Why it deserved better:
    -If you listen to the album today, it holds up well. It's cohesive, melodic, and honest. Rowland addresses personal issues like domestic violence and her jealousy towards Beyonce on the emotionally raw track "Dirty Laundry". The entire album is filled with pop bops and smooth R&B jams. Do yourself a favour and revisit it.

    4. Christina Aguilera - Bionic (2010)

    -Christina released 2 back to back flops - 2010's Bionic and 2012's Lotus - and while Lotus sounds dated today, Bionic not only holds up well, but it might have been ahead of its time.
    -Bionic had critics divided (making both worst-of and best-of year end lists) and commercially it failed to live up to expectations.

    Why it deserved better:
    -Aguilera embraces female empowerment and celebrates sexual desire throughout the album (like on tracks "Prima Donna", "Sex For Breakfast", and "Woohoo").
    -Her vocals are great (with very little of the over-singing she's famously mocked for).
    -The album is cohesive yet diverse sonically and is still listenable 7 years after it's release.
    -"Birds of Prey" is a smooth and haunting track that is undeservedly overlooked (and features a great subtle vocal performance from Aguilera).

    Britney Spears - Glory (2016)

    -The album did well critically and is not her worst performing album, however it failed to really make an impact with none of the singles breaking into the top 10 ("Slumber Party" debuted at number 86).

    Why it deserved better:
    -Glory is fun, catchy, fits in with the music trends of 2016, and features much better vocals and production than her previous album, Britney Jean. It's a major step in the right direction for Spears.

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    ''Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Michael Rooker may work together every day on set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but we wanted to see how well they really knew each other. So we put their friendship to the test in a new game show called 'Guess the Guardian.'''

    ''Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Kurt Russell and the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 take on the ultimate test to see how well they really know their fellow Guardians at the Marvel sequel's UK premiere!''

    ''Would you snog Star-Lord? Marry Rocket? Avoid The Incredible Hulk? Watch Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, and Pom Klementieff, stars of new Marvel sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, play a hilarious game of Snog, Marry, Avoid: Marvel edition! ''


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