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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    - Liam Neeson is currently in New Westminister, British Columbia (just outside Vancouver) filming Hard Powder
    - A local sandwich shop decided to write "Liam Neeson eats here for Free" and "Come in and get TAKEN away by our sandwiches," on their street sign. They shared the photos on social media with the caption "When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest."
    - And it worked! Neeson showed up a few hours later and posed for a photo! It's unclear if he actually got a sandwich.
    - Today the shop posted a sandwich on instagram of their daily special called the Neeson. Describing it as "Lot's of beef, a one-two-punch of bacon and hickory sticks, and spice that'll get revenge on you tomorrow! #AlwaysHearty#SandwichLife."

    Source + 1

    sorry for screwing up the embedding before mods!
    i've actually eaten here and they make pretty good sandwiches! this was so cute i had to share!

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    - Justin Simien, writer and director of the original 2014 film of the same name,is back with this this necessary look at race and white privilege in America.
    - Justin says"I made this project because the thing is, it's really tricky to figure out who you are in a society where your identity has already been decided for you."
    - Also, that the show is about tackling ideas of identity and self through black lens that tells a universal story that everybody can relared to.

    Right now, Dear White People has a 100% in Rotten Tomatoes.


    Are you watching, ONTD? Episode 5 made me cry.

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    After staying silent for so long, Christina released a clip that shows behind the scenes snippets of some of the projects she's working on, including the album. Collaborators like Sia and Tayla Part make appearances, and she even showed us some adorable moments with her family <3

    Source 1

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    Update 10:08 AM BST:

    Welp, that's all it was. No Elizabeth abdicating, no Harry and Megan eloping, and no Charles, William, and George removing themselves from royal succession to make room for Good Queen Charlotte. They summoned the royal staff from all over the country in the dead of night to announce a 95 year old man is retiring from being a racist embarrassment in public, to only being a racist embarrassment in private.


    Update 8:02 AM BST:

    Looks like a big old nothing. Maybe one of the corgis got into the Queen's rose bushes again. Maybe Charles got into the Queen's rose bushes again.

    Speculation is that The Queen or Prince Phillip has died. Crossing my fingers it's Phillip. Apparently royal deaths aren't announced until after 8 am London time. BBC will likely be the first and only source.


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  • 05/04/17--05:45: New Sense8 Trailer

  • ONTD, Are you ready for the New Season of Sense8?


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    saoirse deserves a better career than this lol

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    Stuart Townsend plays some type of mentalist who uses hypnotism to incapacitate a woman and rape her.



    ONTD PSA: last night had no Barba. Watch (or don't watch) accordingly. imo the episode was kinda wild and unintentionally hilarious (did Mariska Hargitay forget how to act? or is it the writing?), but not actually good. and lmfao @ that ending.

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    The House will vote today on Trump's American Health Care Act after determining they have enough "yes" votes from Republicans. Health care policy experts and groups such as AARP have railed against the bill, which would do little to protect those with pre-existing conditions and would create a multi-trillion dollar tax break for the wealthy.

    please, please if you haven't already CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES
    src 1234567

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    Ryan Tedder (songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of pop rock band OneRepublic) sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss in concise detail what it's like working with Adele, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Selena Gomez.


    Adele('Rumor Has It')

    • He wasn't down to write any ballads, so they did something tempo
    • Adele sang the entire song in one take

    Taylor Swift('Welcome to New York' & 'I know Places')

    • Describes her as "goes beyond talented"
    • She sent him voice memos of her on the piano, communicating how she's hearing a song
    • "With Taylor, you function more as an editor. She has a million ideas, and you're more like, 'this one, not that one', because she's so good."
    • Says, for Taylor, you're more producing than writing songs, "she can write everything by herself."

    Camila Cabello

    • Says she's one of the best new up-and-coming artists
    • Didn't have crazy expectations, since, "[on girl groups] you don't know what to expect; it's like, you're one fourth or fifth of a girl group, I have no idea how talented you are. And [Fifth Harmony] was manufactured."
    • Says Camila is a phenomenal lyricist who wants her music to have a nod to her Cuban origin

    Selena Gomez

    • "Sweetheart, amazing, the nicest," also says she is "so calm and confident"
    • She knows what she wants, "if she doesn't believe it, or feel it, she's not singing it. She's not keeping it."
    • Can't predict what will make her album, but is ecstatic about the tracks they worked on
    • She will have a different sound
    • Doesn't want to go into much detail, but says they "did a very, very heartfelt, goosebumpy mid-tempo."


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    Actor Ike Barinholtz, who had a supporting role as Officer Griggs in 'Suicide Squad', revealed what it was like working with method actor Jared Leto.

    "I do this scene with Jared Leto and he's supposed to be intimidating me. He comes in, he's the Joker, and he starts squeezing my t*ts. He's like [panting and moaning] 'You're a big guy'.

    "This is while we're filming. Then he f**king grabs me and kisses me. On the mouth, full kisses me.

    "I thought, OK, I'm just gonna go with it. But then he's like, [panting and moaning again] 'Did someone piss their pants?' I'm like, now I did because you said I did!"

    He said Leto was seeking a reaction and "he got it. He was so nice and normal and so cool - I was a fan of his. But then he throws in all this weird sh*t."

    Jared Leto previously explained his behavior with "The Joker is somebody who doesn't really respect things like personal space or boundaries."


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    -While promoting Alien: Covenant and being asked about Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien 5' Ridley Scott declared that his project will never see the light of day and was only a ten page pitch, nothing more nothing less. Scott goes on to say that he had to be a producer and Fox decided to pass on it because Scott already made Prometheus and was working on Covenant at the time.

    -Ridley Scott's statement contradicts what Sigourney Weaver said at SDCC a year ago saying that she read the complete script calling it "incredible" and would be very pleasing for fans of the Alien franchise.

    -The sequel would have brought back both Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn as Ripley and Hicks respectively while ignoring the events of the past two Alien films.

    This whole situation is very shady to me. I see you, Ridley.

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    • Breaking news coming out of the Cannes Festival: Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen have joined the film "Book Club"

    • The film's synopsis: "Set in and around California, Book Club is a heartfelt comedy about four lifelong friends in their 60s who read 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club and have their lives changed forever. For these successful and intelligent women, this is not the type of book that they typically read, but as they soon find out, inspiration can come in the most unlikely of places."

    • The film is in pre-production and is aiming for a December launch.


    ONTD, would you star in a film about how reading Fifty Shades of Grey changed your life?

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    * April 22, 2018 is their slated opening.
    * Their new home on Broadway will be at the newly retrofitted Lyric Theatre.
    * Spring 2018 will be a doozy as Disney will be opening it's stage musical adaptation of Frozen, the revival of Rogers and Hammerstein's Carousel and My Fair Lady.


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     photo imyoure_zpsapatf401.gif
    Favorite Sufjan song, ONTD?

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    Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry confirms her baby daddy of her 3rd child on twitter as Chris Lopez:

    Lopez reacted to the news via Twitter:

    Lopez is a student at Delaware University, and the two dated briefly before she divorced from husband Javi. Lowry has previously stated on the show that she will be raising her new baby alone.

    Source 12

    How many baby daddies do you have ontd?

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    - Film is about Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers, own a struggling shoe store and have an unlikely friendship with Kamilla, a street wise 11 year old African American girl. Kamilla ditches school, Eli stresses about the store, and Daniel tries to have a good time. It's just another typical day at the store until the Rodney King verdict is read and riots break. With the chaos moving towards them, the trio is forced to defend the store while contemplating the future of their own personal dreams and the true meaning of family.
    - Justin Chon (Twilight, 21&Over) also wrote and directed the film. Youtube person David So and newcomer Simone Baker also stars.
    - Was at Sundance and won the Next Audience Award at Sundance.

    - Also picked up by Samuel Goldwyn. Comes to theaters (limited) in August.

    Tweet Source
    Trailer Source

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    which character are you most looking forward to seeing again, ONTD?

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    Today the AHCA was passed in the House, however they'll need 60 votes in the Senate which is unlikely.

    (CA Lt. Gov)

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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    huell money breaking bad.jpeg
    Actor and comedian Lavell Crawford — best known for his role in the cult series Breaking Bad — spoke about homosexuality in an interview with VladTV (👀). Crawford called being gay "fucking weird,""redundant," said he was afraid of the “gay mafia,” believes gay men just need to find the right woman, and advised lesbians to try sex with a man.

    Here are some select quotes from the interview:
    "I don’t hate you because you gay… I think that’s a choice, I believe that’s a choice."
    "Every guy who’s gay, that’s a woman out there for him, he just must need to date a stronger woman, or a bodybuilder or somebody more butch."
    "I always see women with a chick, they got on the same outfit I got on. What the fuck is that about?"
    "Why you dating somebody who looks like me? You could be dating who’s got all the equipment!"
    "We gotta teach their kids how to be men and women before we try gay and lesbian and shit, because that shit is just redundant."
    "At 25 I think you can be gay. If you decide you want to be gay at 25, that’s fine. But try pussy for the first years – try pussy out."
    "Young ladies, try a dick out. You’re gonna find a good dick out there, try one!"
    "If TV gon’ make my kid gay, I’m not gon’ accept that. If you wanna be gay, see the world first."
    "I don’t think cartoons is a fucking venue for homosexuality. I just don’t think it. I don’t think I should have to see a gay character, they’re trying to put in your kid’s mind, oh I’m born gay! The jury’s still fucking out on that."
    "When you put it in there, kids are impressionable, they be thinking, I want to be like this."
    "No matter how much they’re getting accepted, it’s still fucking weird"
    "I don’t have nothing against gay people, because strange enough my father’s gay."
    "He married a white man… and I’m asking questions, what should I call him, step-dad or step-mom? I said, which one is the man? I wanted to know!"

    Watch the full interview below (pls don't):

    Soon afterwards, Crawford issued an apology on his Twitter:

    To the Gay Community I want to apologize for my choice of words if it offended anyone.I apologize not that I'm afraid but because I am man and a man of God and it's not my job to hurt or condemn but to entertain and inform my way. but if you watch the video (vladtv) without judgment and not so quick to be offended you will see I respect everybody and it's none of my business what you do in your private lives so I apologize not to save face or out fear but it's right thing to do

    To show everybody how truly sorry he was, he also went on a retweeting spree, retweeting messages from his supporters. Here are some of these tweets:

    Source: pinknews.co.uk
    Twitter 123456

    ONTD, 1. do you believe in gay mafia? 2. did cartoons turn you gay? 3. are you easily offended?

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    -Paired with 4 writers (Jane Goldman, Brian Helgeland, Carly Wray and Max Borenstein) to develop different series set inside the GoT world
    -Each would explore a different time period
    -No timetable has been set, HBO is willing to take as long as needed or just wait until one of the fishes bite
    -D&D and GRR would remain as Exec producers

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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